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Draya Wants to Be Liked Enough to Be Shot in Foot, Megan Responds

Former reality TV star Draya has weighed in on the recent shooting incident involving Megan Thee Stallion that took place prior to Tory Lanez being arrested for a gun charge in Los Angeles last week.

During a recent episode of Steelo Brim’s podcast Wine & Weed featuring Draya and Van Lathan, which began circulating the internet today (July 22), the former Basketball Wives star shared her thoughts on Megan and Tory’s incident and predicted that the two are involved romantically. However, Draya condoned the shooting, likening it to a display of love and affection, and it appears that Megan has responded via Twitter.

“I predict that they had some sort of Bobby and Whitney love that drove them down this Snapped-esque type of road. I’m here for it,” Draya said when speaking of the shooting that took place on July 12. “I like that. I want you to like me so much you shoot me in the foot too.”

When asked to repeat what she said, Draya didn’t double back. She expounded on her point. “I want you to like me so much that if I’m tryna get out the car and you’re like, ‘No, sit your fuckin’ ass in the car,’ she explains. “And I’m like, ‘No, nigga. I’m fuckin’ gettin’ out the car.’ ‘No, you’re not.’ [pow, pow].”

Draya then adds, “I want…If my man tells me to sit down or don’t get out this car, I wanna be like, ‘I’m not about to get out this car ’cause this nigga might shoot me.'”

Draya was quickly hit with backlash via social media for her comments and began trending on Twitter. At that point, she recanted her statements. “I truly don’t glorify domestic violence…,” she wrote. “I was trying to say just love me deeply. But while trying to be funny, I offended many, including meg. And I’m sorry.”

drayamichele via Twitter

Megan hopped on Twitter this afternoon and got a few things off of her chest. While she didn’t namedrop, it looks like her message could be directed at the reality star. “Dumb bitch that shit ain’t fucking funny who tf jokes about getting shot by a nigga,” she tweeted.

theestallion via Twitter

In a follow-up tweet, she wrote, “And fuck all the hoe ass niggas making jokes about it too🖕🏾 I’ll talk about shit when I get ready.”

theestallion via Twitter

The Houston native spoke out on the shooting last week, tweeting that she is “traumatized” from the ordeal.

“Black women are so unprotected & we hold so many things in to protect the feelings of others w/o considering our own,” she wrote. “It might be funny to y’all on the internet and just another messy topic for you to talk about but this is my real life and I’m real life hurt and traumatized.”

Unconfirmed reports surfaced the internet last week claiming that Tory shot Megan in the foot after she attempted to leave the chauffeur-driven SUV that they were riding in following an argument.

As previously reported, Tory Lanez was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle after the shooting took place. Tory is not considered a suspect at this time. However, the LAPD confirmed to XXL last Friday (July 17) that Hollywood detectives will be conducting an assault with a deadly weapon investigation following Megan releasing a statement, which said that she “suffered gunshot wounds, as a result of a crime that was committed against me and done with the intention to physically harm me.”

The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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Jermaine Dupri Teams Up With Plant-Based Company The Beet

Jermaine Dupri is taking his veganism to another level and has formed a partnership with a media company to assist those interested in embarking on a vegan journey.

The rap mogul has joined forces with plant-based media platform The Beet to serve as an informative source that will disseminate information on the vegan lifestyle. The partnership will “focus around creating content that’s accessible and inclusive, newsworthy and supportive of anyone who wants to eat a more plant-based diet for the sake of their health.”

The Beet, which launched back in January, appeals to those interested in immersing themselves in a plant-based diet, but “might not identify as strictly vegan but is purchasing more plant-based products and interested in learning more about plant-based diets.”

“When I went vegan nearly 15 years ago, there were no Beyond Meats or Impossible Foods, and it was a commitment,” JD said in a statement. “The struggle was real and you had to be committed to find vegan food to eat, especially in the South and a city like Atlanta. Now people know that they should eat vegan or plant-based for their health. The reason I chose to do this collaboration with The Beet is to help people who want to eat plant-based but are not as far along as I am have access to plenty of informative information.”

The Beet was created by New York-based startup studio 25madison in collaboration with plant-based venture firm Gather Ventures and Lucy Danziger, former editor-in-chief of Self magazine.

Jermaine Dupri is such a thought leader in the vegan world, and of course the music world,” Danziger says. “We have been in discussions with him to work with The Beet since our launch, and it’s such an honor to collaborate with Jermaine to promote how to live a healthy plant-based lifestyle. At The Beet, we are dedicated to covering healthy plant-based living in an inclusive way, welcoming anyone who wants to eat healthier and achieve their personal well-being goals by adding more plant-based foods to their diet.”

The official partnership announcement between Jermaine Dupri and The Beet was made today (July 22).

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Fourteen Chapter 48

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Anton and Daniel 11

Chillicothe, Ohio

May 19, 2018

Reverend David Kennedy from the Gates’ Church, the United Methodist Church, had chosen to come calling in a polo shirt and slacks to keep the tone light and informal.


“Reverend, hello, won’t you come in?”


“Thank you Remy, hello Greyson, it is good to see both of you,” he reaches out to shake their hands with a friendly, warm clasp.


“Likewise, I’m sure.” The greeting is muted.


The church had been a major supporter for the couple during the dark days of the past fall and winter. This generation of the Gates family is Methodist by tradition rather than conviction; they are not particularly religious, but in this small Ohio town it’s a social necessity to belong to some church. So they do, appreciating the tone and environment it provides for their son, and being themselves only vaguely believers they find the generally laid back congregation friendly and useful.


Remy is a local girl, educated well and married well; raised in a casually nondenominational way as a Congregationalist, reflecting an independent streak in Remy’s family. Greyson’s father Herbert is a devoted Methodist lay minister in Cleveland, an altogether different proposition.


To Remy growing up, church was about good people gathering in a social way or doing some good works project. It was never important to her which church; she understood the role of church in family life in south central Ohio far better than her big-city husband does a decade and a half later.


Remy and Grey settled on the UMC in deference to tradition — and to Herbert in the interest of family peace.


In the way of small towns, Remy and Greyson Gates have been given to understand that not many people approve of the way they are managing their family’s all too public affairs these days. The Gates resent people thinking they understand or should even have an opinion on the matter of Jeremy; and they were wary as soon as Reverend Dave called to set up this visit.


A fair amount of time is spent on social chitchat before the Reverend gets down to business.


“Folks I want you to know, to remind you I guess, because I’m sure you do know, that your faith community is here to support you in any way we can. I can only imagine that things are still pretty heavy on your hearts.”


“Of course. When we gave our public statement we should have mentioned the church specifically; I’m sorry we forgot.”


“Oh, Remy that’s—”


“Not to take issue with what Remy just said, Dave, but quite honestly we’ve recently found a lot of people seem to think help is to tell us what we’re doing wrong,” Greyson interjects, keeping his temper contained. “And a lot of others are not willing to talk to us or associate with us at all. We seem to have stepped on everyone’s toes.”


“I think you know I’m not much for that approach, Greyson. I’m here today to see if I or the church can help you in any way.”


“Yes, well, it hasn’t been feeling good; it hasn’t been a help; all I’m saying.” Greyson is determined his anger will not spill out, but is wondering if maybe it should….


“I am sensitive to the thought that I may be butting in where I’m not welcomed”—a pause—”but as pastor I wanted to present myself to you; if you need someone to talk to, or if you are struggling with right action, with what is right for you two, for your family, with what is right for Jeremy, I am available to talk. And you know I am not prone to judgments.”


“And I appreciate the thought but the fact is, we are not feeling it serves Jeremy’s best interests for us to tell people where he is, or in fact what our plan is for him at the moment. And I’m afraid, as much as I respect you, Dave, I don’t feel any weakness in my resolve about that.”


“Well, I cannot really argue with you, but being honest and being that I care, I have to say you two don’t seem terribly at ease with whatever the situation is. I don’t know why you haven’t reunited with Jeremy, and I know you two well enough to know you’ve not taken that lightly. You clearly have your reasons. I also know you as sound people and sound parents. I owe you to believe you have good ones. So I want to respect your decisions and I have no doubt at all you have Jeremy’s best interest as your highest priority.


“Since you know where to find me if you want my help, I can leave you to your day.”


But as he starts to rise, Remy asks him a question.


“Reverend Kennedy, what is the position of the church toward gay people?”


“Well, Remy I am sure you already know the answer to that. The church is straining to deal with it mightily. It has been an issue ever since the church united nationwide in 1968 and it has grown since then; it has become a huge challenge for us and we seem headed to a serious confrontation over the questions of gay clergy and gay marriage. I fear it may split the church, if we cannot find a resolution. Both sides seem determined to draw a line. Compromise eludes us.”


“Exactly. Gay people are welcomed as long as they keep quiet and don’t marry and don’t try to be clergy and agree to, to, to accept biblical … censure. Perfect second class citizens. They have to compromise their very natures to be included at all.” Her anger is less contained than Greyson’s.


The minister takes a deep breath. “Remy is there some reason you ask that at this moment?”


“It’s been on my mind. That’s all. I guess … that’s all.”


“I assume it’s on your mind because of the Chattanooga pastor who was defrocked in March for performing a gay wedding?”


“That caught our attention.” In fact it had happened only a few weeks after Sophie told them their son was gay.


“Remy, I think you know where I personally stand on these matters. I am not happy with the hardline stance. I will have some painful choices to make if the hard liners don’t soften their stance this year or unless some sort of a compromise arises.”


He breaks for a moment then resumes, “I don’t know that I can in good conscience refuse to marry a gay couple should one come to me seeking that ordinance. And I would not hesitate to accept a gay person as fellow clergy, or support their ministry as proper. But if I don’t refuse I may lose; I could be defrocked for doing that. I am deeply distressed to see some gay clergy being defrocked or in fear of it; they are deeply spiritual and good people. We will be poorer without them.”


“I’m sorry Reverend, I should have known better. I did know better. Just, well someone I care about happens to be gay, and … ”


After the Reverend leaves, Greyson said “Still think we should talk to Herb about it?”


Shaking her head, “Sorry that was a dose of reality. Your dad is not exactly on the flexible side. His lay ministry; he’ll feel he has to take the hard line and frankly that’s where he’s most comfortable. He won’t understand it and it will just divert everyone from the real issues we can do something about. We will leave it out of the discussion.”The


She paces the parlor impatiently. “Actually, I don’t know that it has much if anything to do with Jeremy’s plans or his actions anyway. If he is gay, does it matter, or at least matter now? In these circumstances? But I don’t know how we bring it up when the time comes.”


“Don’t worry about it, Dad will have lots to condemn without even going there. And unless Jeremy tells us, technically we don’t have to go there either.”

Bella Vista, Costa Rica.

May, 2018

Daniel leads with his tongue, inviting Anton to part his lips. Their mouths pause in the mingling of their currents. Daniel withholding the penetration and Anton wanting to submit to the tongue. Tease the lips with a moist tip. Circumnavigate Anton’s parted lips before darting in. Anton bites Daniel’s tongue. His teeth saw the surface gently as if to circumcise Daniel’s probing member. Their lips are resting lightly together. Daniel pulls free and tries another penetration.

Daniel kisses the smile on Anton’s lips. The curl-corner where it lifts to Anton’s heavy-lidded eyes, then there is a kiss on a close-shaved cheek. Daniel’s palm fingers the bangs receding from Anton’s forehead. There are beads of sweat cooled by the Costa Rican night. Daniel strokes his lover, then glances at Fourteen.

A heavy rain pounds on the stateroom cabin roof. It is a palm-slapping thunder that resonates into the three men’s bloodstreams. The afternoon shower is a shared hoofbeat charge accelerating to some inevitable maelstrom of weapon-wielding bodies. 62°F out on the Gulf of Nicoya, getting hotter by the minute in Surocco’s stateroom. Daniel and Fourteen are cooking Gallo Pinto on the bed. If the rain lasts, they will all stand in the cockpit, pitting spent cocks against each other, and wash the sex off in the fresh flood.

Fourteen pulls out of Anton. When he stands, his manhood is proudly naked like the rest of him. He swipes his length with a Wet One, then squeezes fresh lubricant in his palm. The self abuse brings a smirk to his lips and a glimpse of tongue. There is some messaging between Daniel and Fourteen. A length of eye contact, a shift in Fourteen’s stance that lifts his shaft towards the flesh-knot of his navel.

Daniel resumes kissing Anton. Fourteen watches while his fingers pleasure himself a moment. When Fourteen has sex, his bobcat mouth closes hungry against either man’s lips. He tried making love with mouths before. First with Cameron Krueger in North Platte, then with Rafael Martinez in Topolobampo. Butterfly-kisses, Tuan-Levi kisses with Levi. This is too jackrabbit-heart-hurt for Fourteen, he wants the kisses fucking hard. The lovers kiss soft-tender.

Fourteen’s shaft slides back into Anton with the requisite result. Anton’s smooth body wants to lift up off the bed as Fourteen presses in. It is a ripple that reaches his mouth and leaves it slack for Daniel’s attention. Breath caught, Anton resumes mating with Daniel’s mouth. Their tongues are a slow twine echoing the push and pull of Fourteen’s cock. Stroke Mister Christian, God damn your eyes! Put your back into it!

Daniel betrays Anton’s lips to be unfaithful with his turgid cock and the hard muscle of Fourteen’s belly. He can see the boy’s shaft pump between Anton’s flung legs. Daniel lets his hand rest on the small of Fourteen’s back. Muscles flex, perspiration lubricates. It is a tangle-tango, so Daniel eats Anton’s crotch for a bite, before licking his way back to Anton’s mouth.

Anton took Fourteen’s first mindless load as Daniel fucked him. The young mastered him in unique ways. “You’re my sweet bitch, aren’t you?” Daniel always reminds him. “I need you so much!” his young lover always adds, and Daniel’s voice is earnest-honest. They gift each other in the coupling. “Oh yeah!” Daniel tells it like it is.

Anton has to watch Fourteen’s face, feel the hands tell him what to do. Fourteen’s eyes say, You may take me. His finger along Anton’s jaw says, Open your mouth. A tickle of Anton’s stretched throat says, Your mouth can have me. Then Anton worships the fucking perfection of Fourteen. He can lay his hands on Fourteen’s flanks, cup his scrotum so the sweat-heavy-hairy balls can be tasted like the zest from a tangerine rind. Fourteen’s hands run across Anton’s back to join Daniel’s at his hips, just to say, You please me.

Anton took Fourteen’s first mindless spurts on his grateful tongue. Deep throating is for the Queen of Hearts, Ishmael. Anton has a taste for his salty cabin boy. Sometimes, Fourteen gives it to him, sometimes he has to take it. Fourteen strokes the soft skin beneath his jaw as the pulses peanut-butter his mouth. First mindless spurts; the hard shaft is oh-so-deliberate in Anton’s ass.

Anton can luxuriate in Daniel’s reassuring kisses as Fourteen proves his staying power. Sometimes, the strokes are so slow, reaching so deep, that Anton believes the boy really is fourteen. Anton’s knees are at his chest as the boy’s fingers dig into the back of his thighs.

Fourteen watches the lovers. They are a study as their bodies talk to each other and their mouths break to whisper in each other’s ears. Daniel has shot that look at Fourteen. The one that praises-owns his adolescent body, and warns Fourteen that before long, it will be his turn to take Daniel’s cock. I’m going to breed you, you cocky little bitch. Fourteen’s anus tingles in anticipation, like his glans begins to tingle in Anton’s rectum.

Fourteen squeezes Anton’s cock, milking the soft flesh with the rhythm of his fucks. It is all so gentle that Fourteen’s heart beats unnoticed in his sweating chest. The rain-cooled air wicks the lines of sweat coming from Fourteen’s armpits. Anton is a pleasure to fuck, because it is all pleasure to the middle-aged Millennial. Anton will luxuriate in the orgasms Fourteen generates. He barely breaks his kiss with Daniel when Fourteen’s cock induces another climax.

Fourteen pulls out and wipes his shaft a second time. He interrupts the mouth-coupling to pull Anton’s face onto his waiting cock. There is some rearrangement on the bed. The sass needs to be fucked out of Fourteen by Daniel. Maybe the youth’s cum needs to be fucked into Anton’s mouth a second time. Fourteen welcomes being taken from behind.

His stretched cock welcomes the anal probe and the strong hands owning his waist. Daniel’s hand slides across his chest and up to his shoulder. It is like the man thinks. He has to hold Fourteen down on his cock or he will jet up through the open skylight into the Costa Rican monsoon. Oh god! Anton is eating him alive.

Fourteen comes in Anton’s mouth. First duty done, Fourteen falls in his turn on Anton’s excited member. Anton might take a turn fucking him, but for now, it is Daniel driving his Top-Dom pride into Fourteen’s stretched anus. Fourteen adjusts himself so his splayed knees have him in a cobra-pose on the bed. He can just be open to this invasion and his spilt-milk junk can udder free with after-drops dripping off his tip. “Fuck me,” Fourteen snarls at Anton. The man nods a promise.

Anton moves away from Fourteen’s head to stand beside Daniel. Daniel is busy breeding the sassy little bitch. Anton praises every muscle-crevice on his partner’s body. He hugs Daniel from behind. Anton fucks the boy through Daniel’s unrelenting movements. He kisses Daniel’s back; tastes the fluids passing from his lover’s commanding body into the smooth boy on the bed. Queen of Diamonds, King of Hearts, and the Joker in the pack; Fourteen likes to switch up games. He is the utility player on the field.

Daniel empties himself into Fourteen, then pulls out quickly. The boy’s anus is half open, waiting for Anton. He never moves a muscle, just finger clutches at the bedding, Fourteen’s head tosses once or twice. It is a pleasure taking the boy, and from the way Daniel leans against the desk and watches, Anton thinks his lover might like fucking Fourteen’s fresh cum into Anton’s ass a second time.

“Where did you find those?”

“Find what?” Anton asks innocently.” He takes a sip of beer and shifts his legs so he can rest more comfortable on the cockpit bench. He adjusts his dark glasses, careful to keep the grease off his lenses. The humidity is spectacular and he is glad to sit in the shade.

“The bag of Doritos, Anton. I’m pointing right at the bag of Doritos.”

Anton glances between the half empty bag and his partner. “I bought them, of course.” And waited until the little Soup Nazi was off the boat, Anton adds to himself. Anton pops another Dorito into his mouth. There is something humiliating-nostalgic-exhilarating about hiding things from Fourteen. It is like sneaking things (boys-to-men) past the gimlet eye of his mother and all of her loyal minions. “You look so serious. Are you going to rat me out?”

“How are you going to hide the empty bag?”

“Fourteen is not the boss of me.” Which is so not true! There is something sensual about the way the teenager hands over a plate of measured rice and beans, heaped greens, and grilled fish. Anton gets the silent warning in Fourteen’s mothering command. Positively Oedipal, Anton admits. “Oh god! He is out there now on that fishing boat discovering fresh health foods to starve me with. Do you remember the buffet in Acapulco?”

“The men in the club, or the brunch we had in the morning?”

“Ha, ha, ha!” Three Doritos go in at once, as if there is some danger Daniel will side with Fourteen on the matter of Anton’s diet, and confiscate the bag. Three-egg omelet sizzling in butter, the bacon and cheese! “I’m vanishing before your eyes.”

“You’re looking damn good to me. Fourteen is a good cook.” Daniel snags a few chips from the bag. “You get all your favorite foods.”

“What kind of teenager eats like this?” Anton is aggrieved.

Daniel laughs out loud. “That’s just how he feeds you, Anton. Sit down with him in a fast food joint. He’ll inhale half a pound of beef and supersized fries between sucking down a chocolate shake. Ten minutes later, he has to try pupusa that some street vendor is grilling.” Then Daniel has to wait while the boy charms the old woman into teaching him her street food tricks. Then it is off to source pork rind paste and pickled cabbage.

“Stand up, love.” Daniel commands huskily.

Anton slithers into Daniel’s arms like a queenly cat. They kiss, then Daniel’s lips travel south along Anton’s clean chest and he pulls Anton’s shorts down. A hand comes up to cup the liberated scrotum. Anton’s nacho-lips are passionate against Daniel’s mouth.

Daniel gently takes Anton’s dark glasses off. His hand runs down Anton’s back in a possessive familiarity. The back of his other hand feels the lean torso. Then with a quick smile, Daniel lifts Anton easily into his arms. Anton is cuddling into him when Daniel drops him into the water.

There is a choice between a shriek and a last drawn breath. Anton opts for the shriek. He goes under. Opening his eyes, he orients his body in the slightly murky water of the sheltered gulf. After the stultifying heat of the cockpit, the warm water is perfect. Anton pushes once and heads for the light.

Daniel is naked on Surocco’s deck waiting to join him. “You needed a swim.”

Daniel does this regularly with Fourteen. It has been a ritual between them since the Gulf of California. Very amusing, Anton thought when he was watching from the deck.

“True sailors never learn to swim. We see no point in putting off the inevitable.”

Daniel jumps on top of Anton and they go down together. This is bliss, Anton assures himself. The long sail down the California coast to San Diego, the long troubled wait for Daniel to finish his doomed interviews in Chicago, this time with Daniel is why he sabotaged Chicago. Anton and Daniel coil around each other in sinuous rapture. Daniel is Poseidon and he is Eros, which is inscestous, but what does that matter? The gods were free of that curse.

Daniel has no idea how long Anton can hold his breath when passion is involved. Anton lets his Daniel propel them to the shining surface while he wraps himself about the man. Neither is hard, this is the intimacy of affection between them.

“Race you to the beach.” Anton challenges as he breaks free with a back kick against Daniel’s chest. The playful thrust forces Daniel under again. Anton does not stay to watch. With three powerful strokes, he is off to the sandy strip of beach backdropping Surocco’s idyllic anchorage. Daniel admires his lover’s form a moment before setting off in chase.

Anton waits prone for Daniel on the margin of sea and sand. From here to eternity, Daniel, Anton’s heart sings. Poseidon rises from the sea and there are earthquakes as they come together in the caressing surf. Sand tends to grate the teeth after that.

“So now you are worried we might have an audience?” Daniel laughs at Anton as they recline together in the sand.

“I’m checking for velociraptors.” Anton replies. “They escaped the island, remember?” The clouds are looking pregnant with the inevitable late afternoon shower.

“That was Hawaii, I think.”

“Of course it was.” Anton smiles. “It was supposed to be Costa Rica. Perhaps Fourteen will skip the fish and serve us plesiosaur. That would probably be like fishy quail. I’ve eaten alligator, did you know that?”

“What haven’t you swallowed?


The mention of Fourteen, and their resting on the beach so far from Surocco, reminds Daniel of their conversation hiking up Cosinguina above Potosi. “Fourteen thinks you are going to beach him.”

Anton frowns a little at this change in conversation. “Well, that’s an accusation.”

“I told him we were his friends, although, I’m not certain that we are.” The boy definitely wants to be on board, quite eager for the men’s attention. Adolescent enthusiasm does not negate the sense of guilt Daniel feels.   Anton seems quite unaffected by the perilous arrangement.

“You do know how this works?” Anton asks, thinking Daniel really does not.

“I can see how it is going.”

“Jeremy asked to crew.” Anton begins. “He wanted to leave San Diego, his reasons, we learned them later. Daniel, each port we stop in, there is a decision to make. Didn’t you realize that? There is no contract.

“He said he wants to get to Antigua. Do you know why?” Daniel sits up and rests his arms across his knees. “You would let him walk away in say, Panama City?” Daniel looks at Anton.

“Antigua and Barbuda is his business. The passport, I don’t know.” Anton shrugs. He lets some sand trickle through his fingers.

“Do you care?” Daniel challenges.

“Perhaps,” Anton concedes. “I care enough to let him stay on board. What did you think we are, a throuple now?”

“No, not that.”

He is crewing, Daniel.” Anton emphasizes this. “He and I understand this. If he is tiresome, I leave him on the beach — some port, not a deserted island like this.” Anton waves his hand vaguely. “If we are tiresome, or he changes his plans, or we change ours, then he will wave cheerio and off he goes to find his own way.”

“You’ve done this before.” Daniel realizes.

“I have, I did.” Anton nods firmly. “My mother, well you can imagine. I crewed when I could, before I had a boat of my own.” Anton understands the differences between them. While Daniel summer-jobbed his adolescence, Anton cruised. “I cruised during my holidays.” And when I say cruised, darling, I mean cruised. Jared Hogan’s Atlantic crossing was not my last voyage by a long shot. Anton loves Daniel for his earnest work ethic.

“Cut him loose at fifteen?” Daniel challenges Anton again.

“If Jeremy asked me for a plane ticket home, I’d send him first class. Do you know where his home is?” Daniel nods. “I’m not oblivious, Daniel. I think he handles everything very well, bar an illegal gun now and then. Age of consent is fifteen years here. But that is not the point. He has more than earned his place on my boat. When the time comes, I will see that he gets where he needs to be.”

“I know you think he is just like you were. You see yourself in him.” Another sex god revelling in the ocean.

“Okay, I do, but you are projecting too. Not every family is like yours Daniel. Oh, don’t get me wrong. You have a wonderful, supportive family. Not everyone does, and you need to remember that. Not everyone wants…” Anton has to stop there. Not everyone wants a career.

“Friends come and go.” Anton offers this for Daniel’s consideration. “Our young friend will go his way.”

“That is what he said to me.” Daniel frowns.

“And he is right.”

A silence builds between them. Anton thinks about how much Daniel means to him. The lengths he has gone to keep Daniel by his side. The perilous things I’ve done. He should not broach the subject, but their conversation driving around Ometepe Island in Lake Cocibolca comes back to haunt him.

“Stay with me till the Keys; at least till the winter. Then, I promise I will do everything in my power to get you started.” I can fix my mistake in Chicago.

“”I’m not Beckett!” Daniel is quarrelsome. He flings a handful of sand towards the water.

“Of course you’re not!” Anton quickly assures him.

Daniel looks at his lover. Damn! Fourteen has whipped him into shape! The long cruise from Seattle is so obviously what Anton needed. Daniel did not recognize the transformation till now. He’s thirty-six. The anxieties pressed down on Anton by his business, the break-free partying, it was not what Anton needed. Anton needed this. Perhaps he even needs Fourteen. Someone he can share his love of sailing with.

Daniel’s appreciative glance is reassuring. It helps to ease the panic Anton feels at losing Daniel. “We will reach Key West, maybe take the coast to St. Petersburg. Then, we can see. You’ll get a job, or I can help you start your own firm.” This is hard for Anton. He was willing to cross the continent and moulder in Maryland just to satisfy Beckett’s ambitions. Maryland for Christ’s sake! He was going to do that for Beckett. Then, Beckett dropped him like a used condom.

Anton stares anxiously at Daniel. God help me when he learns I made those phone calls. Anton can fix his mistakes with phone calls too. They say, “I love you,” when Daniel is deep inside him, but what does it mean? Anton is Anton, rich, generous, and available. Valerie Avakian was a beauty too. Anton’s first heartbreak (age twelve), his mother warned him. Your love will not always be returned. Sometimes it seems too soon to say he loves Daniel. Sometimes it seems the words will come too late.

“I love you, you know.” Daniel looks at the older man.

Anton blinks a few tears. I’ll fix it! He promises himself.

“He’s back.” Daniel points to the oily-rust-ravaged hull peeling paint. It clatters around the point and slows as it reaches Anton’s gleaming sailboat. Fourteen is animated with a boy about his own age. Anton is right. Fifteen is a man, some places. They are content to let Daniel’s confession be the last between them for a while.

“Fish for supper, again.” Anton sighs heavily. Fourteen is holding up a large trophy.

It is good. Fourteen can make it tasty for the men. He gestures for them to stay on the beach. When he joins them, he has brought a bounty of fish battered in crushed Doritos and spices. The three men fry it on the beach and roll the fish in flour tortillas still hot from the pan. Fourteen grins at his friends and they grin back.

Chillicothe, Ohio

May 26, 2018

In Southern Ohio days that aren’t hot, cold, rainy, or humid are rare enough to mandate recognition and enjoyment. So Greyson and Remy Gates are sharing a long moment on the wide glider on their wraparound front porch, enjoying the rare spring day, the bright flowers Remy has planted along the walk; the freshly mown grass of the emerald lawn; trees leafing and blooming; neighbors doing the same thing on their porches or stoops or walking by, outwardly friendly if subtly not as effusive as the Gates have come to expect over the years.


Chillicothe is a small town, connections run deep, neighbors are important. And the Gateses’ neighbors want to be there for Greyson and Remy, but the relations are more strained these days, there is doubt, there is a darkness that threatens everyone’s children somehow; an unconventional, really, inexplicable resolution to every parent’s nightmare which doesn’t go over well. Questions go unasked; are rebuffed subtly; and certainly go unanswered.


No matter how strained the relationships, nor how lovely the day, these people can’t absolve themselves of the responsibility they feel for the life of their absent boy.  Greyson takes the initiative, reflecting on the phone call the day before.


“I’ve been thinking. If we can’t get him home, and we both agree we can’t at the moment; we must try to set up some kind of structure for him. Support and guidance. He’s too young to live without. And in my mind he needs it even more because of the San Diego thing.”


They speak in code, it’s always the San Diego thing or the Arizona thing or the RV thing, or the County Fair thing. Never in public, and rarely in moments of private candor, do they talk of abduction or rape or kidnapping or murder or bullets or arson; matters that lie so close to those things for their son. The neighbors won’t understand, the FBI might; and either way it’s a dangerous problem. Their isolation is palpable. They ward off well-meaning curiosity of small-town-FBI-nosiness; they resent being told they are fumbling the ball, a metaphor people think their son can be reduced to.  Unspoken accusations; even darker suspicions; even the unspoken unspeakable ones, make themselves felt. Anger builds and there are few outlets for it.


They can only rely on each other.


“There are a number of questions that come to mind,” Greyson continues, “He may not agree, but I think we ought to see if we can get him to see sense? What can we offer that makes sense, and that a boy of his age having the damage he’s carrying will see as sensible? Can we get him to tell us more at least and then make him see that his reality is unsuitable?”


Greyson sounds more uncertain than she has ever heard him.


“You’ve decided before he answers, that won’t fly. You have to ask him to evaluate his situation, say it seems problematic maybe but you need to ask him if it’s really suitable, and if not, you say why not. You can’t dictate this. He’s a teenager, so I don’t know. What if he doesn’t agree? How much influence do we really have?”


He pauses in reluctant agreement. “OK, I think we have to be willing to throw out the book, Remy. This isn’t going to be a conventional parenting experience unless he decides otherwise. We have to give him more leeway than I really want to.” A pause. “But I’m convinced this is necessary. On the one hand we have to have some agreements about accountability. We give him something, we create an expectation that he gives us something.” Greyson thinks to himself, it reminds him of some very tricky client relationships…engineering is precise, people are not. The obvious courses of action, the simple plans, sometimes don’t work for reasons of personality.  “And I guess we need to brainstorm a little here, what do we want to start with, what is most important and how can he achieve it? And again be accountable?”


“Good, I agree with all that, Grey, I think, well, we’re going to have to figure out how to talk to him about it once we get clarity on what we want. But figuring out what we want, what we can really hope for comes first. I’ll start, I know this will be hard to get a fifteen-year-old to agree to, but we need to ask him to think about a real education for sure, not just this GED thing, and that did not sound to me very well planned out, I got a pretty haphazard vibe about it. I am not willing to forego his education or delay it for years and he needs more than a GED, longer term.”


“Let’s say I agree.”


“Do you not agree, hun?”

“No, of course I do, just saying it’s nebulous. I think we have to give him credit for doing the GED, in some ways it really is more than most kids in his situation would be doing. But I feel there is more, an even higher priority,” her husband says. She waves to the unresponsive neighbor pulling weeds across the way. Mr. Poulson, he thinks. Never has much luck with that lawn for all the trying. Sometimes effort just isn’t enough.


“For instance?”


“For instance I want to have some talks with him about safe living, maybe structure around who he has for companions; you know how important peers are to teenagers, how easily they can be led into dangerous decisions; and about having people around him he can trust and rely on. That’s the real reason for San Diego after all. Though, I suppose he had no way out of Arizona so maybe it’s not fair…”


He continues, “…and maybe more to the point, ones we can trust and rely on. This is what parents do at this age, isn’t it? Watch out for the dangerous kid, rein in the peers that present a potential danger? Veto the really bad ideas. Validate the right decisions, point out the dangers of the wrong ones? Show him which companions are not good…but what kid pays attention to that advice? I guess I’m thinking of the RV thing. Anyway how can we possibly do that….”


He is lost in sad thoughts for a moment and resumes, “Then this is probably lower priority than the other issues but shouldn’t we be offering money if we want him to stay away for the moment? How does he make his living? But how do we take it back if things change, without his feeling betrayed? I have the sense,” Greyson starts over, “It sounds like he’s taking pride in taking care of himself but at that age, well we should be prepared to at least backstop him financially, don’t you think?”


“Mixed bag that…” she responds, “if he is responsible with what money he has then sure, to some degree; and it’s not unrelated to the peer problem, Grey. If he had money would he be free to choose better companions? Or find worse? But it seems so –  daunting to ask a boy of his age to really understand how to manage money. If he was here in Chillicothe I wouldn’t expect it, that’s for sure. It would be our job to teach him that; and while it’s more necessary there,” as if I know where there is, she thinks, “I’m not sure it’s practical without someone there to guide him. Sort of takes us back to the problem of his companions and peers.”


And in a moment of frustration she flares, “Who the hell is he with anyway? Why don’t they just return our boy to us!”


For a few moments they both commiserate silently. The anger subsides. These are practical people, they can endure the pain, the frustration, they can’t let go, won’t let go, for their boy.


“For that matter I always thought he chose his friends well. Shay, Wade. Maybe those two are a bit goofy, but there’s nothing about them that seems reckless or dangerous, or even unkind. And Shane, well I always thought he was pretty passionate about his friendship with Jeremy. And solid. He’d go to the mat for Jeremy,” says the father in him.


Greyson continues, “To be fair to Jeremy, he’s never been careless with money, he always saves part of his allowance. When he has a goal, he can be pretty single minded about it in fact. Remember when he saved up for the concert thing, that singer, and he even said he’d pay us back for your ticket if you had to go along; yeah, he’d pay back your ticket? And the bike, and his phone, he worked hard to come up with his share. And remember when he went to summer camp after sixth grade, and how he saved up for some of that, to have spending money at camp, when he knew we’d give him some anyway? I’d say Jeremy is good at saving money and conscious of his spending and that shows he wants to take it on. I don’t know another kid I’d trust with a chunk of money – he’s not impulsive about it at all.”  From the practical father.


“Keep talking, but keep in mind there’s a fifteen-year-old at the end of the rainbow, not a pot of gold.”


“I suggest this is our best plan. We talk generally about structure, – let’s call it a plan, not structure, less likely to hit a sore spot, teens don’t like structure but a smart one likes to have a plan – not try to nail down anything in his next call, but see if he will agree that he needs a plan and see if he’ll agree we can offer our guidance. Then if there’s time we can ask him what his educational goals ought to be, since he’s already working on that. It will validate that we are giving him credit for what he does,” she continues.


“Rem, even that seems pretty ambitious, but it’s a start. I like it. Let’s see how he reacts, we’ll see where we go. I agree, but we have to recognize something – he’s more in the driver’s seat than we are, and at best it’s all three of us collaborating on Jeremy’s next steps; on his future.”


“Grey… it is the right thing, of course, but.” Tears start to drip slowly from her face.  “It’s just that it puts it in my face.  He is not the boy who left for the County Fair on his bike that day, and he’ll never be that boy again.”


Greyson takes her into his arms, she sobs silently for a moment. “But he is still our boy. He is the boy we made, the one we raised. He has that boy’s good heart, I’d bet it. Even if he’s not the same. He’s done as well as anyone could hope to with adversity that would challenge anyone.”


Besides, he thinks, he’s a teenager, no one gets through that without changing. I mean, isn’t that the whole point?


May 2018

Anton had watched the WX reports with a mind on the strength of a Papagayo. The weather report predicted a four-day window. He chatted with some other skippers and found himself deciding to cut a corner on the coast. Ten miles offshore, Surocco began experiencing eight to ten foot swells from the west. The winds about 25 knots from the east. Not liking this, Anton turned back to the 15-fathom line where the seas came down to two or three feet.

“Look, Fourteen,” Daniel shakes the youth’s shoulder. “There is a pod of whales out there.”

Fourteen is stretched on the foredeck cabin where the mainsail offers shade from the afternoon sun. He sits up and turns to where Daniel is pointing. “I don’t see.”

“They are pretty far out.” Daniel admits.

“Okay, yeah, I see something. Which way are they going?” Fourteen stays on the forecabin roof where he has a height advantage. He wants to see the breaching whales better.

Fourteen scrambles across the pitching deck and dives down his berth to grab his phone. When he reappears, he punches Anton on the shoulder. “I’m going up the mast.” This is a fact-request.

Anton feels the sailboat’s conversation with wind and wave. “Not without a harness,” he concludes.

Daniel wraps the line around a winch so he can pay it out as Fourteen climbs the main mast. The men watch Fourteen monkeys confidently up the footholds. In a way, Jeremy Gates is climbing for his life.

At the top of the mast, Fourteen scans the ocean between Surocco and the Panamanian coast. The whale pod is too far away, he has had better shots. Despite that, Fourteen takes his phone out and tries a video. He is gyrating wildly on Surocco’s heights. No Six-Flags-Disney ride compares. Months on from San Diego, this is a comfortable-familiar thrill.

Too far, Fourteen decides. He looks to the horizon all about. Clouds building, corrugated ocean, a cargo ship and a like-minded regatta of sailboats bound southward. Fourteen thinks he might recognize Mary Rule’s Gravity if he saw her.

Everyone born in Jeremy Gates’ generation expects a platform. His grandparents’ generation was expected to be seen and not heard — maybe the Boomers saw (TV) and were not heard. Unless, of course, they were young anti-Levis taking to the hippie streets to protest Levi and Tuan’s everything-was-unfair-in-love-and-war. Fourteen is GenZ and tired of being seen and not heard.

Fourteen Instagrams his life for after-sharing. The trickle-down news from Chillicothe makes it seem like there is a lot of seeing Jeremy Gates going on in the generational backchannels. Every imagined thing he does lies between the light and the darkness in those before-people’s imagination. People, family-friends who must be pausing in their day-to-day to SnapChat impressions of the silent, missing one. Every little thing you do is between light and darkness.

Mary Rule’s questions come back to Fourteen, echoing his parents’ halfspoken concerns. GenZ’s can pursue their passions anytime, anywhere, at any level. Education shifts below Fourteen on the sailboat. It is out there under-on-above the water and the shoreline passing by. Education is YouTube accessible. Fourteen knows better than his elders. He can do it all, even from Anton’s ketch.

Fourteen risks dropping his phone to take a selfie on the mast: hair distressed, cool Oakleys shading the eye-sparkle, but not the tangerine grin on his firm jaw. So cool in this awesomeness of his now.

Jeremy Gates is used to his own brand since his parents planted his cherubic smile on Facebook. First everythings, first branding, the normal footprint of his generation. What are you going to do? does not rest on walking the high school halls to the university door. Fourteen is living beyond the box. This new world around him is maturing him in ways beyond his connected friends. He does not feel that there are any limits.

Colby Island, Panama

May 31, 2018

“KE7 Queen Of Diamonds, ketch Surrocco calling VE7NXW, sloop Gravity, Gravity come in.”

Mary checks the Automatic Identification System at Gravity’s compact map station. The three companions on Surocco are not joining her, the AIS plots the ketch 25 miles away in the Secas Island Archipelago. She is on the west coast of Pride Island waiting for her batteries to recharge.

She wonders if Anton has been calling her for a while. Mary is back from stretching her legs on the crescent beach, sharing the palm groves with Kate. Gravity could have taken Mary to the Polynesian Islands. Sail to India like that girlfriend of Jeremy’s, Sophie? 

Mary ate on the shore the night before. Fried steak and French fries, her dad would have loved that. It was lonely by herself. Kate was there, in her way, but Mary had a passing thought about spinning away a winter’s evening with the crowd in Vancouver.

Kate social-butterflied for the both of them, kept Mary connected. Anton’s cheerful banter on the VHF and young Jeremy’s visit off San Juan del Sur felt like her first connections since the goodbye party in Victoria. Not five minutes sparring with Anton (Queen of Diamonds) Schroeder, and Mary Rule got the picture. Kate was the social butterfly, but Mary’s Automatic Identification System could tell a hawk from a handsaw, or a pink flamingo at any rate!

She goes out, exchanging tropical heat for tropical drizzle. She shakes hands with Anton using the remote-control microphone beside the tiller. Mary imagines Anton sitting at his helm. For some reason, she is imagining Jeremy swimming off the long ketch’s stern.

“Thought you would be off to the local fleshpots, Anton. Have you found yourself a Sandals with tinker bells there, over?

“You wound me!”

Anton swivels at the map station in the corner of the salon. He smiles at Fourteen over in the galley.

“Hey Mary — over!” Fourteen tosses out. To please Anton (and Daniel), Fourteen is keeping the next meal to a simple pizza. Daniel reaches over and takes another sausage.

“Good to hear your voice, Jeremy, over.”

Anton is gregarious and the deprecating humor of Mary Rule’s responses reminds him of best company. Friends like Tyrone Casey. They chat pro forma about the voyage south.

“Why don’t you come this way, you old vagrant. We could travel in company a while, trade insults?” Fourteen grins agreement. “I’ll let you set the pace, over.”

“Set the pace indeed! Like you ever set the pace when someone stuck their oar near your dark waters. Anyhow, Gravity will leave your pansy scow in its wake.”

“I’m afraid not, you old dyke.” This is a stab from miles away. If Mary takes offence, she will drop the line. Ships passing in the night with just a soft collision. Anton waits out the reply. His Automatic Identification is fairly sophisticated too.

“She has electric, Anton. With the right conditions, Mary brags she can boost sail speed forever. She told me!” Fourteen advises.

“What, that old bird?”

Fourteen nods back confirmation.

“Are you afraid to follow a slip of a girl, over?” Mary chimes in.

“Always, in every way! Over.” Anton replies. Valerie Avakian is no easy act to follow.

“I’ve got a transit date to make, else I would be your fag-hag dearie. That’s why you find me on the move.”

“My agent in Panama City can arrange a date we can transit the canal together. Let’s meet and talk about it, over.”

Mary hears the sound of laughter from the beach-side restaurant where she had her lonely dinner. She knows she is bound for the frigid banks of the Nova Scotian shelf. Once back in Dartmouth, she might slip south of the Georges Bank and let Gravity taste the Carolinas some winter. She could not stay far from Kate; once you find her, never let her go! Mary is saying a slow goodbye to the Pacific. No rushing it, Kate seems to tell her.

“I’ve seen the Pearl Islands, you unrepentant old queer.” Mary almost said chicken queen. They had each other’s measure, and it was nice to talk without restraint.

“Say yes!” the boy adds from over the water.

Anton’s handle Queen of Diamonds and this boy Jeremy, troubling. You let it go, Kate. Teach the day, do what you can, then go home for goodness’ sake. She told her Kate this year by year, helping her to rock the tears away.

Only, once and awhile, they came to perch on the tables Mary fought so hard to get. Maybe they lay down on a table like they were at the end of things and something about Miss Rule made it better. The hurtful-precious moments when they lingered in her room. Mary hears the diamond in Anton’s world chattering brightly.

“I’ll meet you at Contadora. Lord knows you’ll be picking up diesel or fresh men. We will haggle double dating Lake Gatun together then.”

Isla Secas, Panama

June 2018

“My god, I could get behind that!” Daniel marvels at the 106-foot Westport when it first joined the collection of craft in the island’s shelter.

“I’m sure it has more bedrooms than my Seattle condo.” Anton grunted, unimpressed. “Mejor Tiempo, Ecuadorian registry.”

Then met up with Alvaro Isaias on the Secas Island pier, both parties curious about the island’s sprawling resort. The men found it family-friendly-disappointing. It took a brief exchange on this for Anton to sense Isaias’ petro-power arrogance and Alvaro’s kindred-spirit with his mother. The Ecuadorian businessman had the same heavy wears the crown persona Valerie Avakian had. It was the c’est moi assurance Anton was born to. Style and opinion, no right way, wrong way, just my way. 

Anton thinks he despises-rebels against this born-refined arrogance. Giving up Mirage Property Advisors was his part-parcel of his antipathy for throwing his weight around. Unless it involved Surocco. “Clear the line,” Anton will snap at Fourteen, and the boy is gratifyingly on the problem.

The melding of the two entourages on the pier is fortuitous. Daniel and Fourteen balance the winsome decorations at Alvaro’s side. The hetero-homo symmetry begs a frown or self-deprecating smile. Alvaro and Anton like looking into mirrors, and the Secas Island Archipelago is a mingle-moment at life’s endless LinkedIn-cocktail party.

The young ladies draw their judgements on Anton’s young men. Daniel is eye candy like themselves. Fourteen is an adorable mascot. The rent-boy beside the hunky man is someone girls pet and tease, allow to paint their nails, seduce perhaps for the story-telling value. Daniel’s bed-qualities are a given, the tawny-tom-cat more interested in the Panamanian beach-boys is just memory-moments from lost school days.

The three boys beside the runabout are probably tourists at the nearby resort. Brothers? The eldest is about Fourteen’s age, too well fed, but friendly to the others. The youngest points to the Westport, then Anton’s sleek sailboat. There is a discontented stir as Fourteen thinks he would rather be on the beach with those boys.

There is a Tyrone-Casey-vibe to this coming together on the resort pier. Alvaro Isaias’ decorative companions, Anton’s Daniel, the wrong-right interests. Fourteen is simply crew, friend, crew-friend. He could not explain this three-way accommodation to his parents. Crew with benefits? It is not a very adolescent thought, but Jeremy Gates is not like the very adolescent Panamanian beach-boy staring hungrily at Alvaro’s curvaceous companions.

The Islas Secas Spa rejected by the men (after pitchers of margarita), Anton and Daniel accept an invitation to Mejor Tiempo. Fourteen begs off, or perhaps he is not invited. Crew more than friends for the evening. He takes the tender off in the direction of the Panamanian boys. Everything is private-spectacular here. He could flood his growing Instagram page with sea birds floating over blood-orange sunsets, iguanas, patterned sand, and palms bowing to the beauty of it all. If you could see what I have seen, dad. Someday he will share the Instagram link, some safe-day.

Motoring-moody back, Fourteen can see the large hemisphere of what Anton explains is a satellite link. Surocco could easily have that, when hell freezes over, Anton’s next words on the satellite-internet subject. The serenity-now of Surocco plying the Pacific current as dawn rises over the American coast, and then mother calls, or Anton’s minions demanding access. “Bugger that sort of thing,” Anton explains tartly. Bugger the 100-foot luxury of it all, too. Fourteen shares Anton’s chauvinism for sailboats. Anton has him somewhere between New York harbor and Liverpool, manning up in a North Atlantic gale, or some man’s bed. Fourteen prefers Surocco’s scale.

He listens to the swell of party white noise drifting from the anchored yacht. The Fourteen-designate young woman jetted to the neighboring boats with friendly invitations. She passed close to checking Fourteen-possibilities. Unless she has a strap-on, I’m not interested, Fourteen smirks. This is not what he really wants right now.

The GED science textbook feels particularly pointless in this private eco-haven off Panama’s coast. Be ready for Chillicothe is an exhausted earworm from Fourteen’s frayed superego. He tries a while longer, then nearly bats his tablet off the salon table. Positioning the young woman or the teenager from the beach ready-willing in the V-berth fails to rouse him. Sex comes too easily, and it is not what he needs.

“KE7QOD, Surocco calling VE7NXW, Gravity; Mary come in, over.”

Surocco, Kilo Echo 7 Quebec Oscar Delta, this is Gravity, Victor Echo 7 November X-ray Whiskey; I read you Jeremy, 5 by 5, how me, over?”

“Umm, Mary, I read you, ah, over.”

“What are you boys doing, disturbing an old woman’s bones at this hour, over?”

“Oh! Sorry, were you sleeping? Umm, over.”

“Not at all.” Mary is in her cockpit with the concertina and two fingers of rum (who’s counting?), more interested in the flexing-former than the liquid-latter. “It’s a rare evening for a talk.”

“I think it’s going to rain again Mary, over.”

“Then I’m singing in the rain, boyo.” Mary tries a few bars on her concertina, but they rapidly transition to Stan Rogers again. The boy’s voice lifts her spirits. She takes a lick of rum. Stan Rogers conjures Kate almost as well as K.D. Lang. The boy at the other end of the VHF likely knows neither artist better than the old show tune. “So what are you boys up to on this fine night, over?”

“Anton and Daniel are across the way on this Gucci yacht. Anton doesn’t even speak Spanish!”

“That won’t stop the likes of him, over.” Mary feels a few drops. She moves down to the cramped map station at the end of the couch she uses these days. The boy has come to talk, but Mary gets there is nothing particular on his mind. “What’s this Daniel like, over?” Mary primes the boy’s pump and settles with her rum.

Jeremy’s young voice flows over Mary, a-certain-slant-of-light oppressive with its heavenly-hurt of missing Kate. Mary always thought Kate had the heart to read these boys-to-men better than she could. She primes the pump as Jeremy’s admiration for the younger man spills out. Sure, and the strapping man might be the natural pattern for this boy. Not Anton with his Queen of Diamonds swish.

The voice across the ether goes on about university and architecture. “My dad’s a civil engineer, sort of same, no it’s different, isn’t it?” There is a pause as the family from his undisclosed before intrudes. So tempting to ask questions, Mary stops the impulse with another taste of rum. “School is important.” Oh, so tempting! She waits because the boy has not ended his transmission.

Fourteen stares at the VHF, “VE7NXW” breaks the silence.

“KE7QOD,” Fourteen replies automatically. He knows they want more from him. The GED ebook Daniel found for him. The math textbook he stole from Barry Gordon in Michigan. Fourteen knows he makes this effort sound like he is registered in school, making progress. He is saying it to put his parents’ fears to rest. Mary Rule’s silence just reminds him that learning celestial navigation or how to troubleshoot a diesel is not going to cut it. That is Sophie’s world and Jeremy Gates within says, not the plan, dude. “So, I guess Daniel is pretty smart. He has a notebook stuffed with cool ideas. Anton says he is ready to have his own architectural firm, work for himself, over.”

She cannot resist, “What would you like to do?”

Everything! Fourteen thinks. “Grandpa and dad, civil engineers. Dad has done cool stuff, maybe. I’m a good cook! I could do that.”

You have to have a plan, this message is so between-the-lines in his phone calls with his parents. Mom mostly, when his dad gets at him, Fourteen knows they are going to have the talk. Mom asks about Fourteen’s companions, the immediacy of moms. “I have a job, it comes with my own place.”

Things are going well. Hell, since August, this is the best I’ve ever done. How sad is that? He has his berth. He could Sophie Wright back onto another boat. Fourteen admires his friend for that. Nothing could trip Sophie up. Rafael in Topolobampo, even stupid Raul bumbling on Surocco. The friends Rafael brought on their road trip; too far, too much in between. Fourteen feels that. (Fucking) Cordell and the waiter, just poison bites, salt water drying your throat. Anton and Daniel are his friends, but no time for friends his age. All snatched away in the sheet-lightning-terror of an August street. He is desperate to explain this to Mary. It hurts in the dark sometimes.

He catches his breath, because it seems he has been holding it. “I,” he pauses, then tries again. “I was in this place, they only had solar power. I learned a bit about it. I could do that! Tell me how you rigged Gravity. Did you name her? Kate, is that the woman in the picture on the wall? Is that you and her?” Jeremy Gates does not want to think about before, the pressures on his all-alone after, he needs Mary to distract him now. You’re doing your best, Fourteen assures Jeremy.

Sophie Wright      2:43 p.m.

to Jeremy

  Show pictures

Well now I’m in Concepcion. That is in Chile. Graham said, “I’m going to land you in Conception. Never thought I’d be back to this.” Thought that was pretty funny, he did. Thought San Diego should have been named Conception by the bloody Conquistadors. Too funny, he thinks.

Graham pulled Born to Run out of the water. We are going to take a look see around Chile while they do the once over. Next is the long passage to the islands. Climb a mountain, me.

Thought I’d do that in India. You know how you can climb a mountain to the Kwik E Mart and talk to some old Abu about the meaning of life? Some dirty old man with a beard? Guess we both know that type. Maybe I can find one with some answers. I don’t speak Spanish like you say you do. Hope the old Inca knows some English.

Graham’s a sport, thank you very much for asking. Doesn’t know what to do with me. Don’t know what to do with me either, if it comes to that. I could use a bloody drink and a fag! Well, I’ve got you stuck in my business, don’t I? Hahaha

Seriously Jemz, keep talking to me. Talking to the ‘rents is good. How’s your mum and dad? Maybe we can face up again, now I’m on the beach. They say Chile has good wines too, what a cock up.

Chillicothe, Ohio

June 3, 2018

They sit in the large country kitchen at the big Victorian rustic table, the cell phone lies on the table between them as they wait for his call.

“Hi mom and dad.” His voice is cheerful.

“Hello son how are you.” Perhaps Grey’s pro forma carries a little of the tension he feels.

“I’m just fine. Things are going pretty good. Are you guys ok?”

“That’s good to hear, Jeremy. We are well. Your mom and I would like to discuss some things with you.”

Uh oh, the boy thinks. That doesn’t sound good.

“Uh, OK, what’s up?”

“Nothing bad… we want to talk about our relationship with you. See, we’re your parents, but where you are, we can’t really parent you. It is a concern for us.”

“Well… well I can’t come home, I told you.” He is ready to argue.

“I understand and we agree with that. You can’t come home. We both agree that at the moment it is not possible. We are just wanting to work with you about how to deal with it as it is. We’d like to have a plan, or some plans we can all agree to.”

“What does that mean?” Defensively.

“Well would you agree, don’t you that you still need us, that you aren’t yet ready to be an independent adult?”

“…Uh—yeah sort of,” he is hesitant, ‘but I am taking care of myself—”

“No doubt, Jem. In fact dad and I are very impressed at how you’re so able to do things without us. But there are some ways in which we think you might need help with it. For instance, do you need money?”

Good idea, lead with something he’s likely to find attractive, Greyson thinks.

“Oh mom, well, no I am ok with money. I have a job, I don’t need anything more.” He is proud.

“Sure, ok, but realistically son, maybe we have some experience here, jobs go away, pay doesn’t come in. What if you get sick and can’t work?”

“Well…I’m  healthy I’m OK.” Jeez, parents…

“Sure and we sure hope that doesn’t change but certainly you might be in a position where you can’t bring in enough money at some point. And if that happens we want to be here to backstop you, to help you along, as long as you’re being responsible with your spending. And I’m sure you will be, you’ve always been responsible about money.”

“Um… ok I guess I see that.” He’s cautious.

“We also want to talk about your education plans.” She shifts topics quickly since money hasn’t elicited the positive response she was hoping for.

“I told you I’m working on a GED program.”

“Jem, I want to give you credit for that, we were really pleased to hear you were doing something, and we support that. But we think it’s not enough, at least, not in the long run. One day you want to go to college don’t you?”

“Um—” he is fumbling, “well, yeah, I guess…” Truth is, college is a priority of the past, a more or less assumed life path for the boy on the bike, but not for the one snatched off it.  “I mean, honestly, I don’t know if I’m sure about it anymore.”

“Some things have gotten lost in the past year, son,” says Greyson. “I am sure if you think about it, in the long run your future lies in having a college education. No matter what you do, education will give you better choices and better opportunities. And it’s not just about getting a job, it’s about understanding the world you live in better, being able to make the most of it.”

There is a long, thinking pause.  

“Okay, Dad, I suppose so, it’s just not like the top thing in my head right now. Besides I can’t go to high school.”

“We aren’t saying that at all son, that you have to go to high school, or even that you must go to college. But we want to be sure you are in a position when the time comes, to do the things in life you want to do. We are doing what parents do son, we are making sure your future is right. And we do have a better picture of what school can do for you, don’t you think?”

“So…what do I do?” He’s not closed to the idea but it’s confusing him.

“Honestly, right now we don’t know. We don’t know where you are, or what’s possible for you. But if you will start to share more with us, we can try to find answers. And,” he pauses, “it will be something we understand must be a joint process with you, not us just telling you what to do. We want to guide you but we want you to participate in planning your future,” he concludes.

“Jem, you know we love you, we want to work with you not force you into something that isn’t right for you,” his mother offers.

“Um. OK. OK. I like that. I still don’t know what to do.”

“Well I think we can do this if you can share some information with us, like where you are, what you do, what is your day like? That will help us figure out how to help you.”

He thinks for a moment.

“I’ll send you something. A picture is worth a thousand words. I’ll call you next chance I get.”

As the call ends the parents are unsure whether it was successful.

“Look, we got him engaged on the idea that we need to be a part of his life as parents, that we will support him and work with him, that he needs a plan around education. I think that’s the goal we really needed to achieve don’t you think, Grey?”

“I suppose so.” He is reluctant in his agreement; Grey is the civil engineer, to whom accomplishments are measured against mileposts, literally. “I suppose it’s a start,” he’s also an insightful man, “I guess we can’t push too hard too fast or he could get his dander up, dig in his feet.”

The phone pings. He’s sent his photo.

I have written a variety of short stories and novellas. You can follow this safe link to my Body of Work.


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Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2020 19:58:21 +0800 From: Fist Bump Subject: Foster Slut Chapter 17 Chapter 17 Thank you again for all the emails. I enjoy writing because of your compliments. Knowing my story gets you hard and cumming makes it all worthwhile. So if you enjoyed my story, don’t hesitate to email me – Please donate to Nifty. It’s an incredible site and it needs your money and support to keep it going. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It has been five days since Mark left me in that hospital. Five days of no contact. Not from him, not from Julie. Ryan and I drove to the hospital because the doctor has called to say that Dave has finally woken up. When we got there, we were delighted to see Dave regain his color, as opposed to the pale and sickly sheen he had the past few days. “Lucas? What are you doing here?” Dave immediately asked when he saw me enter the room with Ryan. His face lit up, which made my heart stutter. Seeing him well enough to smile served as a big remedy to my aching heart. “Why wouldn’t I? You got shot, Dave. Of course I’ll be here.” I replied. Ryan chuckled beside me, before he turned to Dave and suddenly turned solemn. “You really scared us, man. I thought we’d lost you.” Dave stared at Ryan for a long moment, gauging the other, until he realized how rattled Ryan must have been for him. Dave grabbed Ryan’s hand and nodded. “I’m here, man. You didn’t lose me.” He said resolutely. Ryan gave a deep sigh, finally finding relief in knowing that Dave is actually alive and will be okay now. He squeezed Dave’s hand back before letting go. “How was everyone at the station?” Dave asked. Ryan cleared his throat, “Everybody was worried when it happened, obviously. But they were all relieved when they knew you survived the night. They had faith that you’d be okay. The chief said you’re one tough son of a bitch. As for me, they gave me a week off. That’s why I’m here taking care of this little bastard while he stays with me.” He said with a smirk, while gesturing towards me. Dave frowned, before asking, “Where’s Mark? Why are you staying with Ryan and not your parents?” The smile on my face vanished, and I looked away. Suddenly hit with a jolt of anger. You want to know? It’s been five days Dave, and I’ve heard nothing from them. My `supposed-to-be parents’. They’ve probably decided I was not worth keeping. But I restrained myself. Taking a deep, calming breath, I turned back to Dave. “Julie was cheating on Mark this whole time. And I told Mark about it. It’s been five days since, and I haven’t heard anything from them. I bet they’re getting rid of me now. I’m just expecting Claire’s call any moment now.” Dave turned to Ryan, assessing if it was all true. When Ryan nodded, Dave looked back at me. “I’m so sorry, kid. I wish I can do something. But I’m glad you didn’t run away, I’m glad you stayed with Ryan.” I smiled at that after a moment, realizing that he was right, I could have ran away. Which was something I always did when things go to shit with my previous foster families. But now it was the farthest thing from my mind. “Don’t worry about me, just focus on getting better. I’ll be fine, Ryan’s been great.” I said. This seemed to put Dave at ease, who was clearly starting to tire out again. His eyes were starting to drop and he looked ready to fall asleep in a minute. Turning to Ryan one last time, he pointed a finger. “And you, no funny business while he’s staying with you. Leave the kid alone. You know what I mean, Ryan.” Dave admonished. Giving Ryan a piercing look. Laughing, Ryan looked around to check whether someone else had come inside the room. When he saw that it was still just the three of us, he said, “Sorry, man. But the kid begged for my cock, I couldn’t say no to that.” Then he laughed again. “Isn’t that right, Lucas?” He threw the question to me. When Dave looked at me to see if Ryan was telling the truth, the blush on my face pretty much answered his question. He shook his head lazily, as if disappointed at our actions, then his eyes slowly closed before murmuring, “Fucking horny bastards…” Then he was asleep. Ryan and I came out of the hospital room chuckling to ourselves. Feeling light, like life has some semblance of normalcy again. If I choose to forget about the issue with my so-called `family’. We were at the hospital parking lot, several feet away from Ryan’s car when a man behind us suddenly called my name. “Hey, Lucas!” He shouted. I turned around, and much to my surprise, I saw Caleb walking towards us. “Caleb? What are you doing here?” I asked. “I need to talk to you.” He said quietly. I turned to Ryan, who gave me a nod in understanding, before continuing towards the car and getting inside. Leaving me alone with Caleb. Taking note of his body language, the way he tilted his head and looked at me with unmistakable sympathy, I have already surmised what Caleb wanted to talk to me about. “Is it about them?” I inquired. `Them’ being very vague, but Caleb understood me perfectly. “Yes, I’m sorry about it all. What a crazy week it has been. Especially at the station. Mark told me everything. Poor guy, he’s been inconsolable when he and Julie had the big fight. After that he went straight to me. He’s been staying at my place since and refusing to go back home. Even though Julie took her things out and moved out of state.” My eyes widened at that. “Wait, what?” I asked. Caleb looked at me in confusion. “You didn’t know?” Shaking my head, I looked away to hide the anger bubbling inside me. Great, they didn’t even tell me. Am I really that dispensible? That they can just fucking forget about me and walk on with their lives? “No. They didn’t fucking tell me.” I replied, jaw clenched. Caleb winced. “Oh, I’m sorry. But yeah, she moved out. And Mark filed for divorce. And that asshole Owen was fired too. Vanished right after the chief told him he doesn’t have a place in the station anymore.” Serves him right. The fucker. I looked back at Caleb, expecting him to say something more. But he seemed at a loss of words. I cleared my throat. “Right. Is that all you have to say?” I said to him, keeping my face blank to hide all the emotions that have been threatening to burst out. “It seems they’ve already decided to move on with their lives without me in it. I should thank you for telling me, actually. At least now I can move on too.” I added. Before turning around and starting to walk away. But Caleb grabbed my shoulder. “No, wait! Lucas. You don’t understand. I actually came here because Mark’s been asking for you.” That immediately made me turn back. “What did you say? Mark asked for me?” I asked. Caleb scratch his head, looking flustered and out of depth. “Well, yes. But not really…” He said. Seeing the confused frown on my face, he swallowed and continued, “The man’s been hurting, Lucas. He’s barely eaten, barely moved. He just spends every day staring at nothing. I don’t know what to do anymore. And frankly, he’s scaring me. It’s the lowest I’ve ever seen him. He’s barely slept too, and in the times where he did sleep, he would just have nightmares and call for your name until he wakes up.” It took a long time before it registered what Caleb had just said. “Mark calls my name?” I asked incredulously. He nodded, “Yes. Every night since. He misses you a lot.” “Then why isn’t he talking to me? It’s been five days and I haven’t heard anything from him.” I exclaimed, a bit of anger showing through. “I don’t know, Lucas. I really don’t understand why he’d leave you out of it. But I do know one thing, that ever since you came along, he became a different person. Better, happier. So if there’s anyone in the world who can help bring Mark out of that funk, it’s you. I have no doubt about it.” Caleb sounded so adamant I found it extremely difficult not to believe him at that moment. The thought of Mark like that, it’s too much. I gave up resistance. “I miss him so much. What can I do?” I asked Caleb. The longing in my voice hard to miss. “Well, we can start by getting you to the house. He doesn’t really know I’m talking to you. I’ll give you my address. You can come by.” That sounded a good enough plan. Maybe I should do this. Apart from the fact that I miss him so much, I felt sorry for Mark too. I realized that this whole time I’ve been too self-absorbed, getting hurt about being ignored when I failed to realize that Mark has been going through a lot worse, losing his wife and marriage. Fuck, now I feel bad. “Okay. I’ll ask Ryan to drive me there.” I said. Caleb gave me his address and phone number, before giving me a pat on the shoulder. After everything was sorted I expected Caleb to turn around and walk away but he surprised me when he remained standing there and just stared at me. He didn’t speak, just continued to stare at my eyes. Which in turn, made me stare at his. I forgot how incredibly handsome he was. If only he smiled, because right now he seemed subdued and gloomy, a huge contrast from his usual, easygoing self. He was clearly concerned about Mark, which was admirable. I could tell that this thing affected him too. “Thanks kid. Mark’s important to me, and it makes me feel better knowing I have your support.” Caleb said solemnly. I nodded, then told him I will do my best to help. It’s the least I could do for him. He saved Dave’s life after all. Ryan was on board with my decision to visit Mark. Several hours later, evening has come and we found ourselves in front of Caleb’s house. It was a small white bungalow in the suburbs, perfect for Caleb who last I checked, was still a bachelor. “Remember, the guy is hurting. He just lost his wife. I may not have experience on that area but I’ve seen enough men get torn apart by divorces. It can really destroy a man’s pride.” Ryan said in the silence of the car. “I’ll come back in a few hours to pick you up.” He added. “Thanks, Ryan. I really hope I can help him. I don’t like him being miserable. It’s not like him, you know. He’s always been cheerful, never letting anything or anyone bring him down. It’s heartbreaking.” I said. Ryan nodded in sympathy. “Just take it easy. Sometimes it takes a man to go through something as painful as this to become stronger and wiser. He’s a tough man. He’ll be okay. Especially with you on his side.” Nodding my thanks, I grabbed Ryan’s hand and gave him a squeeze then got out of the car. I knocked on the door and waited until Caleb opened it and let me inside. He gave me a hug, before saying, “He’s in the living room, watching tv.” He led the way towards the living room, where I saw Mark sitting on the sofa, eyes glued to the tv. He looked unkempt, unshaven, and gaunt. Like he hasn’t eaten anything today and hasn’t slept properly in days. Oh, Mark. What happened to you. The image of him dejected like this hit me with full force, and I fought back the tears that started to well up in my eyes. He didn’t even notice me as I came into the living room. He just stared at the tv. Caleb cleared his throat. “Hey man, look who’s here.” It took a few seconds before Mark turned, looking at Caleb, before he noticed that I was standing beside him as well. His eyes widened as he took me in. “Lucas…” he breathed. I felt like I was glued to the floor, unable to move, as much as I wanted to run to his arms I held back because I was not sure if it would be welcome. Instead I settled for a weak reply. “Hi, dad.” I said, feeling lost. I don’t even know if I should still call him that. “Lucas, what are you doing here?” Mark asked. I gauged him for any anger or irritation, but his tone didn’t give me any indication that he was miffed by my presence, he just seemed genuinely surprised to see me there. Figured I should just be honest, I walked a few steps and sat beside him on the sofa. Not entirely close to him, but still within reach. “I’ve missed you so much.” I said. Caleb, who was still standing behind us, cleared his throat again. “I’ll give you guys some time. I’m gonna run to the store and buy some stuff for dinner.” Without waiting for an answer, he grabbed his keys and went out. Leaving Mark and I alone in the house. It was so quiet in the house, not a sound to be heard except from the ticking of the clock above the tv. And the sound of our breaths as we sat there awkwardly, staring at each other, not speaking. When I heard Caleb’s car drive off, I gave a deep sigh. “I heard about Julie.” I said meekly. It wasn’t really a question, just a statement. One that didn’t actually warrant a response. But still I was glad when Mark responded. “She left. Moved back to her condo.” There were still so many questions I wanted to ask, but I remembered what Ryan told me. To take it easy. “So what will happen to the big house?” I asked. Mark frowned and turned his attention to the tv. “It’s hers. Always been hers. So I’ll be moving out.” He said. I kept looking at him, willing him to look back at me. At the same time, I was gathering enough courage for myself to ask the question that has been on my mind ever since I sat down with him. “A-and…” I stuttered, feeling the nervousness creep up my chest. Filling me with anxiety and dread. “And me… what about me?” I asked. There, it’s out. The big question. Mark glanced back at me and my breath caught as I saw a flash of despair cross his eyes, like a brief glimpse of the deep, deep pain he was feeling, but just like that it was gone already. His face became blank. Impassive. Making me think I have only imagined it. He looked down, and stared at his hands. A moment passed, then another, then another. He just kept staring at his hands, unmoving. Then several minutes passed and still nothing. Keeping the tears from falling down my face, and the heartwrenching pain I was feeling buried deep in my chest, I was about to ask him another question when he suddenly spoke up. “I called Claire. Right after I told Julie I’m filing for divorce. She packed her things and left, then I called Claire to ask what will happen with you. She said this is a special case. Since legally you’re already adopted by us, it’s just a matter of custody that we need to figure out now. Whether you’d stay with Julie or me.” he looked at me this time, and I could tell he was trying to hold himself back as well. From his shaking hands, the tense shoulders, the heavy breaths, it was as if he was physically fighting against what he was going to say. “But she said since you’re over the age of thirteen, and have only been under our custody for a short time. You have the liberty to decide to have the adoption nullified if you want and you can go back to the foster system and she’ll find you another family. Which is what you should do.” He said bitterly. All the emotions bubbling inside me had burst to the surface at that point. “What?! Why would you say that?” I exclaimed. He looked back at me, surprised by my sudden outburst. “Lucas, you need to be with a family. I’ve failed to give you one. Julie’s gone. You need a mother and a father who can raise you with love and happiness. Claire already told me she found a new family who can take you as soon as you want. This time, you’ll have siblings. You’ll be happier with them.” I stared back at Mark in horror, not believing what he was saying. “No! What are you talking about?” I shouted. Then realization hit me. “Is… is this why you haven’t tried to contact me? You were hoping I’d just… vanish and run to the next family?” I asked. Mark just shrugged. “I’m just thinking about you, Lucas. You deserve to be with a real family. Now that this one is broken.” I stood up at the point, I couldn’t bear it anymore. I was so mad and hurt about it all. “Don’t you get it? You ARE my family. You ARE my home! So what if Julie’s gone? She doesn’t matter to me! The only thing that mattered to me this whole time was you! How could you say I deserve that? A family with siblings isn’t going to make me happy, Mark.” The tears that welled in my eyes stared to fall down my face this time and I couldn’t help it as I stared into Mark’s eyes and opened my heart for what could be the very last time. “I love you, Mark. And I’ve said that many times. But I don’t think you really understand just how much. I love you not like a son should love his father. I love you way more than that. It took me this long to find someone who can love me back like that, and you think I’d throw that away for something as little as the promise of a what, a traditional family? I’ve been with a lot of families, Mark. I’ve been transferred many times, and one thing I’ve learned in this fucking sad example of a life is that family can be anything. And you are it for me. Not Julie, not that big beautiful house, you. Only you. So don’t tell me what I should and shouldn’t do. I will hold onto you and love you as much as I can if I want to and damn it, no one’s going to stop me. I will hold onto you even if social services drag me away because there’s nothing more painful than the thought of being separated from you.” I regarded Mark with a steely, determined look. Breathless, from the long speech. I breathed heavily, and when I’ve calmed down, I wiped the tears from my face. Then I waited. I waited for him to say something. He was still sitting on the sofa, while I stood in front of him. Towering him. He looked up, met the glare of my eyes with his thoughtful ones. I made it clear to him, as I glowered at him with my unyielding eyes, that I will not change my mind. So either he accepts it, or he accepts it. That’s it. No other options. He took a breath, before I saw the corner of his mouth twitch. “You have a way with words sometimes, you know that?” I detected a bit of amusement in his voice, which deflated the bubbling anger in my chest a bit. Serves me right for being too melodramatic. But you know what? Fuck it, I’ve said nothing I didn’t mean. It all came from my heart. I plopped down on the sofa with a heavy sigh. “And you can be frustrating as fuck sometimes.” I quipped. He chuckled softly, before he turned serious and spoke again. “But Lucas, you have to think about your future with me. I don’t know if you remember, but I’m currently homeless. I have nothing in me besides my car and my measly savings from being a fireman. The life you’ve had with us, most of it was because of Julie. Julie had the money. Not me.” I leaned closer, until my face was in front of his, and I took his hand in mine. “I don’t need a fancy life, Mark. I came from the foster system, remember? I’ve had worse. Everything will work itself out, I just know it. As long as you let me be with you, that’s all I need.” I squeezed his hand, the desperation in my chest hard to ignore. “Please, Mark. Let me stay.” He sat there and stared at me, for a long moment, I could almost see the wheels turning in his head. “Just the two of us?” He asked. I nodded, “Just the two of us.” He glanced at our entwined hands, then he smiled and looked back to me. “I guess that’ll be okay.” I heaved a sigh of relief. Fuck yes. Grinning, I moved from where I was sitting and jumped into Mark’s lap. He grunted in shock. But immediately after, he wrapped his arms around my waist and hugged me close. Pressing me into his body. “Oh, Mark. I’ve missed you.” I said, then I grabbed his face with my hands and pressed my lips against his. His mouth opened instantly, giving me access to push my tongue inside and taste him. “Lucas….” he moaned into my mouth. His warm breath ghosting across my face. I’ve truly missed everything about him. His taste, his smell, his hands, and his cock. I coaxed his tongue out, then proceeded to lick and suck it aggressively, pouring all of the want and need in me. I ground my cock against the tent in Mark’s shorts. “Get naked. I want you to fuck me so bad.” I got off his lap to give him space to shed his clothes, while I did the same. As soon as we were both naked, I jumped back into his lap and attacked his mouth again. Skin to skin, tongues fighting for dominance, spit mingling. We were both gasping for breaths, but neither one of us were intent to break the kiss. Mark’s hand went down to grab his hard cock and shifted a bit to press it against my rim. Not quite entering me yet. “Did you miss daddy’s cock?” Mark breathed against my lips. “Yes, I missed it so fucking much.” He continued to rub and tease my hole with the head of his cock, which was already spurting copious amounts of precum, making it easier to slide against my hole. “Please, put it in daddy. Shove your cock inside me.” I said, which made Mark shiver in return. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard, baby. I missed this pussy, now that it’s just the two of us, you’ll be sleeping beside me and I’m going to fuck your hole every night.” He said. I groaned loudly, then kissed his open mouth with as much passion and heat as I can give. I was so close to cumming. The way Mark’s tongue licked and sucked at mine, the way his cock rubbed against my puckering hole, add the words Mark had just said, the promise of pure, uninhibited, father-and-son sex every night from now on, with nobody to stop us, it all filled my brain into overload, dulling my senses. Making me unable to hear the sound of a car that’s parking in the driveway, nor the sound of keys jingling as it opened the front door, nor the footsteps as it entered the living room. It was too late when Mark and I realized we were not alone anymore. Not until we heard a loud gasp and- “Oh my god! What the fuck is going on?” Caleb shouted.


Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2020 01:38:27 -0400 From: Athair Mic Subject: Quarantine Emergency (Gay/Incest) This story is a work of fiction, the characters are not real, and any resemblance to anyone real or imaginary is purely coincidental. It contains sex between underage boys and sex with family members. If you are offended by such material, please stop now. If you would like to contact me to discuss story ideas, your fantasies, and your own memories of family fun, or you just want to chat with a big-dicked Daddy who loves incest stories, email me at Also, remember that Nifty needs your donations to provide these stories, so please donate. Notes: All of my stories take place in the same universe where teen boys are insatiable, and men like it that way. This story is told in text messages. For this to not take hours to read, I have noted the writer at the beginning of each message. If a character has sent multiple texts in a row, those additional messages will be marked by a dash “*” Please let me know if you think this is difficult to follow. Ray: JD, SOS. Need Help!!! JD: What’s going on, Ray? Talk to me, Dude. Ray: I need advice. I’ve been mulling options for days now, and I can’t decide what to do. JD: Lay it on me. Ray: OK. Here we go…. Should I fuck Kevin? JD: Yes. Next Question. Ray: I’m serious. JD: OK. OK. Just kidding. That was not the question I expected. * But my answer stays the same. Yes, you should fuck Kevin. You should have started fucking your son a long time ago. * P.S. Let’s stop beating around the bush. You chose me to ask this because you knew I would say yes. I think that tells us exactly what you want to do. Ray: I asked you because you’re the only person I know who is perverted enough to not immediately shun me for life for even thinking about this. JD: Love you, too, Babe. * OK. You know my answer. What’s brought all this up now? Ray: Excuse me, you have heard about this little thing called a “pandemic,” right? * We’ve been stuck in this fucking house together for the last four months. I haven’t had sex in fucking weeks. It doesn’t matter how much I jack off, I’ve still got blue balls. We’ve known each other for, what, 20 years? You know what my sex drive is like. JD: You’re the biggest fucking horndog I know. Well, after me, that is. Ray: Right. Before this COVID bullshit, I was getting laid 3-4 times a week. JD: Congratulations. 😉 Ray: Thank you. * You can’t go from 60 to 0 that quickly without consequences. * And Kevin has been following in his old man’s footsteps. We’ve never kept secrets from each other. He knows how often I bring hook-ups home and how often I stay out all night. And since he turned 16, we’ve actually been swapping stories about our hook-ups. It’s kind of been a bonding thing. At breakfast, I tell him about the woman I had fucked the night before, and he tells me about the guy he was fucking. Not to brag, but we’re both tall, muscular, and pretty fucking studly, and we can both get any piece of ass we want. JD: Question. Ray: Yes? JD: You tell him about the women. Do you tell him about the guys? Ray: Good question. * I’d say no. But since we’ve been swapping stories for the last six months, there haven’t been any. I mean, I’ve always been open about talking about how hot some actor on the T.V. is. But I think he thinks I’m just speaking theoretically, like when he says he thinks Scarlett Johannson is sexy. JD: So he doesn’t know how much you enjoy fucking twinks too? Ray: Well, 95% of the time, it is a chick. JD: But you really fucking love that other 5%. A. LOT. I’ve been there, and the look on your face when you’re sliding your cock in is one of such pure ecstasy. I’ve never seen it on your face at any other time. Ray: It’s a rare treat, so when you get to have it, you really enjoy it. JD: How is Kevin handling all of this? Ray: We haven’t talked about, but I think he’s climbing the walls. He’s a horny teen and used to getting it on the regular. JD: It’s refreshing that you aren’t one of those parents who think their kids won’t have sex until they’re 18 or that they shouldn’t, even if they want to. Ray: I don’t want to be a hypocrite. I was fucking on the regular when I was his age. He should be able to as well and not have to keep it a secret. JD: Dad of the Year 2020. Ray: Anywayyyyyyyy. I’m so fucking horny. He’s fucking horny. We keep accidentally walking in on each other while we’re jacking off. There’s a lot of “Oh, sorry, man!” and hurrying out of the room. But recently, I’ve noticed that Kev is much slower to back out of the room. And a few times, I think I caught him licking his lips while eyeing my cock. JD: 9 inches is pretty impressive. Ray: I think you mean 10. JD: No. You mean 10. I mean 9, you fucking liar. Ray: THE POINT IS, the last few days thinking about the idea that he might want my cock has been getting me really hard. C’mon, I might be his dad, but I’m not blind. His tight little body is sexy as hell, and he has an ass sculpted by God. JD: And no gag reflex. 😉 Ray: And that, too. JD: OK. Here is what I’m thinking. * 1. You need to fuck, and he needs to get fucked. Period. Regardless of who with. * 2. If you’re going to have sex after such a dry spell, you’re better off doing it with a man. You’re going to have to fuck hard and rough to scratch that itch. You can’t be worried about hurting a bitch at a time like this. * 3. Who else are you gonna fuck? * 4. So, what’s the issue here? Ray: He’s my son. JD: Yeah, and that’s fucking hot. You just said that the idea of fucking him was getting you hard. * You didn’t have any issue when we were tag-teaming my nephew last summer. Ray: He wasn’t my nephew. JD: But the fact that you were watching an uncle fuck his nephew was a massive turn-on. You told me. Ray: Do you think he is too young? JD: Ahhh…now the real question comes out. * No one is going to be calling the police, least of whom, Kev. You and I both know that that fucking cockhound is always hunting Daddy Dick. * Fuck. You walked in on him sucking me off when he was 13. I’ve never told you, but he’d been begging me to let him do it since he was 10. * But I put him off until he was 13. * You know, out of respect for you. Ray: If I remember correctly, you waited until exactly his 13th birthday. JD: I didn’t have time to pick him up a present. Ray: You are such an asshole. JD: Listen, let’s get to the point. I’m 99.9% sure that he is going to want you to fuck him. And you’re going to fucking lose your mind when you do. * Anything else keeping you here texting me rather than boning your son? Ray: I’m not sure how to make the first move. JD: You’ve come to the expert. Take notes. * Whatever he is wearing, wear less. If he’s in shorts, you’re in boxer briefs. I guarantee shortly he’ll be in something skimpier. * If you have to walk past him, make sure you touch him. * Keep your door ajar. * Actually, scratch that–Jack off in the living room. Ray: You and your lists. Do you think that will work? D: Money-back guarantee. You know last summer wasn’t the first time my nephew and I played. Didn’t I tell you when it started? Ray: No. How? JD: I was visiting for his bar mitzvah, and Seth was sniffing around me hard. Sweet kid thought he was subtle, but he was super handsy. I decided to get him an extra gift and paid for him to fly out to the big city to spend winter break with his favorite uncle. He arrived Sunday morning, and by Tuesday afternoon, he invited himself into my post-gym shower, and we fucked for the rest of the week. Ray: Fuck. Now I’m hard again. JD: Trust me. It will work. But you’re not going to need it. Kev is going to jump at the chance. * And on your cock 😉 * Now stop texting me and go fuck your son. * P.S. No condoms. You aren’t going to get him pregnant. Also, it’s a well-known fact that skin to skin contact is vital for child development. ; -) Ray: Pervert. JD: I’m not the one about to nail his son. Ray: You really are an asshole. JD: Pics or it didn’t happen. Ray: You are determined to get me killed or incarcerated someday. JD: You’re on to me. * Love ya. Mean it. Ray: Ass. ******** Ray: Well, that escalated quickly. JD: Dude, it’s been 4 hours. Did you just go and jump on him? Ray: No…well, not really. It just happened so fast. JD: I take Venmo or PayPal. I told you it would work. Ray: Gloating isn’t a good look on you. JD: Everything looks good on me. * No more stalling. I want details Ray: So, after we stopped texting, I went to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee, and Kev was in there getting a snack. When I went to get a cup of coffee, I made sure that I squeezed past him, and I swear I felt him push back against my cock while I was doing it. As he left the kitchen, he definitely was eyeing my crotch. JD: Hot. So what was he wearing? Ray: He had his boxer briefs on. JD: And what were you wearing? Ray: I was wearing sweatpants. JD: Boo. Ray: I know, but that was what I was wearing when I was talking to you earlier. * Once Kev left the kitchen, I immediately went to change. JD: Good boy. So what did you put on? Ray: I put on a pair of actual briefs. One of those that really show off my ass and my package. JD: The purple ones? Ray: How did you know? JD: Because I’ve seen them, and it gives me an instant erection. Ray: Ahhh. Little Buddy. I knew you wanted my cock. JD: I want all cock. Ray: And water is wet. JD: Fine. Fine. Once we get out of this thing, you can pay me back for my advice by letting me blow you. Ray: I may just take you up on that. JD: …., Ok. Awkward. Back to the story. Ray: Oh, yeah. So I could hear that he was watching something on the TV in the living room. I “wandered” in looking for my book. JD: You can read? Ray: Do you want to hear the story, or do you want to insult me. JD: Both. But I’ll settle for the story. Ray: So Kev looks over at me and goes, “What the fuck are you wearing?” * I was worried I’d gone too far too fast, and I had ruined it. * But I just said, “What? It’s hot. I’m just trying to stay cool.” * Then he gave me the up/down and said, “Yeah. It is hot.” So I was pretty sure it was working. I sat down next to him on the couch and watched the rest of the episode of “The Office” Kev was watching. JD: I love that show. Which episode? Ray: NOT THE POINT, JD! JD: Right, sorry. So…. Ray: Not much happened. JD: IF NOTHING HAPPENED, WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT ME? Ray: Well. I did sit closer to him than I usually do, and he kind of spread his legs to push his leg against mine. And I thought it looked like he was eyeing my crotch out of the side of his eye. * And it looked like he was getting a semi. * But when the episode was over, he just got up and went to his room. JD: Anticlimax * Pun intended * Clearly, that isn’t the end, right? Ray: No. But I sat there for 30 minutes or so trying to figure out what to do next. * I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do the next thing of jacking off in the living room or leave it for the day to do more of the slow burn kind of thing. * But then Kev came back to the living room. JD: The suspense is killing me. Ray: If it doesn’t, I will. JD: Sorry. Continue. Ray: So, I’m sitting there, kind of watching TV, and mindlessly rubbing my crotch through my underwear when Kev wandered in asking if I had seen some video game he wanted to play. * I turn to answer him, and he’s fucking standing there in a jockstrap. He can see me just sitting there with this question on my face, and he goes, “What? It’s hot,” with a smirk on his face. JD: That’s my boy. Ray: He then saunters over to the TV right in front of me and gets down on his knees and bends over to “look for the game,” and his naked ass is just sitting there staring me in the face. JD: Can an ass stare? Ray: Then I say, “Kev, Dude. I may be your Dad, but I’m also a man, and you can’t just put your hole in a man’s face and expect him not to do something.” JD: Well done. Ray: But then the little shit looks back at me and says, “What if I want you to do something?” JD: Ok. I’m hard now. Ray: I took a second and thought, “You wanted this. Either take this opportunity, or you’re never going to do it.” * So I grabbed him by the waist and pulled his ass back at me, and I just shoved my face in his ass and just started to go to town, sucking and licking and eating his ass. JD: He’s delicious, isn’t he? Ray: So fucking tasty. * And Kev just kept moaning in pleasure, making me harder and harder. He said, “Fucking eat that ass, Dad,” and I nearly came. * I was getting him so wet and loose. I just knew I had to fuck him, so I pulled out of his ass and told him, “Turn around and get my cock wet.” JD: So we’re going with Dom/Sub here? Ray: It felt like the right choice at the time. * He turns around on his knees and nearly rips my underwear off, trying to get to my cock. * Then he grabs it and spits on it before putting it in his mouth. JD: He’s very talented, isn’t he? Ray: I nearly died. He just kept bobbing up and down while staring me down. He wanted me to watch him take my cock. It was so warm and wet. * I’ve fucked a lot of people and seen a lot of hot stuff, but I swear there was nothing sexier than seeing my son’s mouth stretched around my cock, slurping, and moaning. JD: Ok. Now I’m the one about to come. Ray: I was so close, but I didn’t want to come before I had a chance to fuck his tight hole. * I pushed him off my cock, stood up, and then grabbed him by the arms to get him to stand up. Then, I don’t know why, but I wanted him wrapped around me, so I grabbed him under his ass and lifted him off the floor. * He wrapped his legs around my waist and his arms around my neck. JD: Hot. Ray: You were right. I needed to throw a hard fuck into him. I wasn’t going to be gentle. I needed to slam him. * So I carried him a couple of steps and just pushed his back into the wall. I grabbed my cock and just pushed it into him. His eyes rolled back in his head. And I went to town. His tight hole felt so good as I just kept rocking into him. His legs were so tight around my waist. * He grabbed my head and dove into my mouth with his tongue. Everything was rough and hard and fast. We were just devouring each other. JD: Boy Hole: It’s what’s for dinner. Ray: We were rutting like pigs for like five minutes, moaning and yelling. I’m pretty sure the neighbors must have heard us. * I had no idea how hearing Kev say, “Fuck my hole, Dad,” would make my brain melt, and I’d just become a cock built for fucking my son. JD: Fuck, Man. I’m so close. Ray: And then I started shooting into him. * If the neighbors hadn’t heard us before, they heard me then. * And he just started shooting against my stomach. * I was literally fucking the cum out of my son. JD: Give me a sec. Ray: …. JD: Sorry, I was cumming. * You were saying? Ray: Well, that was it. Once we were both done cumming, I pulled out and let him down. * I wasn’t sure what to say, but Kev just said, “We’re going to do that again, right?” * I just said, “Yes, anytime you want.” JD: I get the feeling that once this pandemic is over and you have access to pussy again, the percentage of fucking boy hole you do is going to stay pretty high. Ray: Kev’s hole was better than any cunt I’ve ever fucked. * Right now, I can’t imagine why I would ever want to not keep fucking him. JD: I told you you should have been fucking him before now. He’s wanted it for so long. Ray: Wait. He told you that? JD: Umm…I plead the fifth. Ray: You are such an asshole. JD: Guilty. So, where is Kevin now? Ray: He went to get cleaned up, and he’s taking a nap. He was pretty worn out. JD: So, what’s next? Ray: I’m not sure. But if I have my way, after dinner, we’ll be fucking again. JD: I’m sure he’d be up for that. * How are your blue balls doing? Ray: They’re a little less blue. But it’s going to take a lot more fucking before I’ve had enough. JD: Have you ever had enough? Ray: No. JD: Anyway, I’m waiting for a “Thank You.” Ray: ….Thank You. JD: There. That wasn’t so hard, was it? Ray: OK. I’m done. Go away now. JD: Kisses. ******** JD: I hear congratulations are in order. Kev: Yeah. It was fucking amazing. * Thanks for helping to make it happen. JD: No problem, kid. I’m always here to help. * But next time, I want you guys to FaceTime me so I can watch. Kev: I’ll see what I can do.


Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2020 03:06:57 -0500 From: Sam Subject: Young Again – Chapters 51 & 52 Please support Nifty to keep this free service going. This is my first attempt at writing a story. Thank you for taking the time to read it. Comments are welcome. The following is fiction. Any resemblance to real people, places or events is coincidental. This is a romance story in many parts. If you are looking for a quickie, this isn’t it. From Chapter 50 Eventually we got tired and got out of the pool. We dried off and Dennis walked me back to my room where I cuddled up to him. That evening Dennis helped me pack a bag of clothes. I even packed my Speedos. Dennis said he would just take his trunks as he didn’t need the clothes he already had here as he had plenty more still at home. I also packed a set of pencils and a sketch pad. Once packed up I had Dennis make love to me before we went to sleep. Young Again – Chapter 51 by Sam When we woke up Dennis made love to me then we took a shower together. I held onto him as he washed me. Then we dressed and went to breakfast. After breakfast Dennis took my bag and his PS4 and swim trunks over to his house. Then he came back and I walked over to his house holding onto him. When we got to his room he made space in his dresser for my clothes and unpacked my bag. He put my sketch pad and pencils on his nightstand. He then hooked up his PS4 before getting into bed so I could cuddle up to him. At lunch we went and sat at the table and Mr. Peters asked us how we were liking the new pool. I told him we’ve only been able to use it twice but it felt great to be able to go swimming whenever we wanted. Alex asked if he could go swimming too. I told him he could go with me and Dennis whenever we did. Marty said he would put the chemicals in at night so we could swim anytime we wanted during the day. After lunch I wanted to go swimming. Me and Dennis changed into our swimwear and met up with Alex in the living room before we walked over, me holding onto Dennis. We went in and told Marty we were going swimming before heading into the backyard. Dennis got in first and helped me in then Alex got in. We swam around and played tag. Then me and Dennis teamed up on Alex to dunk him. We had fun for about an hour and half then got out and dried off before heading back to Dennis’ house. Once there me and Dennis showered together then put on shorts and got in bed. The next day after lunch we went swimming again. While we were swimming around Alex swam up to me and said his birthday was next week and asked if he could have it here so it could be a pool party. I liked Alex so I had no problem with it and said he could. As we were walking back through the house to go back to Dennis’ house I told Marty next week was Alex’s birthday and he wanted to have the party here. Marty asked what day and what time and if he needed to do anything for it. He said it was Thursday and it would be 6pm to 9pm. Marty didn’t need to do anything as his dad would take care of buying everything and Alex would set it all up. Marty said that was fine then. The rest of the day Alex was excited that he was going to have a pool party. When their dad got home from work Alex told him about the pool party and his dad said he’d get everything over the weekend. The next Thursday me and Dennis were at my house for the week. At around 3pm Alex showed up carrying a folding table. Me and Dennis got dressed and helped him carry things from his house over to my backyard. There was the table for the refreshments, some chairs to sit on and food and drinks. Mainly different chips and bottled water, juice and soda. (It’s a party, soda is allowed) We also got a bunch of towels as everyone would be in the pool. Mr. Peters came over after work to help with the setup and we all had dinner together before the first party guest arrived. Alex introduced all his friends to me. He had a mixture of boys and girls. I’m not sure why straight boys always want girls at parties. What is wrong with having only cute boys at your party? When he introduced me to them he told them I was his brother’s boyfriend. Nobody reacted negatively to this and all were cool. The party was underway and everyone was in the pool. Around 8pm Mr. Peters said it was time for cake, so everyone got out of the pool and dried off then Mr. Peters lit the candles (14) then we all sang happy birthday. We all had cake and ice cream, then Alex opened his presents. Dennis got him an Xbox game. Alex looked at him funny then said, “We don’t have an Xbox.” Dennis and I were smiling and trying not to laugh. Then Alex came to my gift. When he opened it his eyes nearly popped out of his head. I got him an Xbox One S. Alex jumped up and hugged me so hard I couldn’t breathe. Mr. Peters commented that now both his boys had their own video game systems he’ll “never get them out of their rooms.” At nine Alex’s guests started going home and we helped him carry all his gifts to his house. Once everything was cleaned up Alex thanked me again for the use of the pool and for the Xbox before he returned home. Me and Dennis went to my room and made love before cuddling and going to sleep. The Saturday of the next week was the fourth of July. We were staying the week at Dennis’ house but would be moving to my house the next day. The city was putting on a patriotic festival and then they were going to light fireworks at sundown. Me, Dennis, Alex, Marty and Mr. Peters all went to the festival. It wasn’t bad. They had many booths set up like a carnival and junk food stands. We had fun and I think Dennis would be great at baseball too as he won me a stuffed animal at the stand where you knock over the bottles with the ball. At sunset we found a spot to sit down. Dennis propped himself up on his arms and I sat in his lap and laid my back against his chest. It was a great firework display. The grand finale was very bright and loud. When it was over we went back to Dennis house and Marty went home. Dennis made love to me before bed. Young Again – Chapter 52 by Sam As we started August I was sad that the summer was coming to an end and soon me and Dennis would have to live apart again. Also we’d have to go back to school. On Saturday, Marty and Mr. Peters took Me, Dennis and Alex back to school shopping. We started at the mall where we bought new clothes. Dennis had a growth spurt so he needed clothes that were a few sizes bigger. I barely grew at all and most of my clothes still fit. I did get pants that were one size larger. I wanted new shirts too but got the same size as last time as they still fit. I also looked at the underwear section and looked at what they had. I saw thongs and was interested in them. Dennis came over while I was looking at them. When he saw what I was holding I saw a rising in his pants. That made my decision for me and I put them in the cart. After we got clothes we went over to Wal-Mart to get the school supplies. They had the lists of everything we would need so I just went down the list and got everything needed. I also added some more colored pencils and sketch pads as I would be using them more than any of this other stuff. I also looked at book bags and got a nice one that looked Tie-dyed. We then went home and I put all my new clothes in the laundry room and put my new school supplies in my book bag. I then walked over to Dennis’ house as we were staying there this week. When the new class schedules came in the mail me and Dennis went over them to see if we had any classes together. I was surprised. We had all but 2 classes together. The classes before and after lunch were reversed on our schedules, but all the others were the same. I was getting happy about going to school now. The morning before the first day of school Dennis made love to me before we got up. After breakfast he had to head home to get everything ready to go to school the next day. We’d only be allowed to sleep over on Fridays now that school would be in. I didn’t need school or time for homework but Dennis did so I had to give in. Morning came. The first day of school was upon us. This year me and Dennis would be in 7th grade. Alex was in 9th grade at the high school. After breakfast Dennis and Alex came over for a ride to school. Marty would drive me and Dennis to the middle school then take Alex to the high school which is only 3 blocks farther. When we got out of the car Dennis took my hand and led me to our first class. We found two empty desks next to each other and took them. One of Dennis’ friends came over and asked about his summer vacation. He talked about the camping trip and me twisting my ankle and getting a pool. His friend wished he had a pool. After roll call the teacher handed out the books then started talking about chapter one. I opened the book to the homework questions for chapter one and did them. I then pulled out my sketch pad and started drawing. I keep my drawings clean in school, no nudes. When the bell rings Dennis holds my hand as he walks me to our next class. We also find two empty desks together. Susan is in this class and she comes over and we talk about our summer. The teacher calls roll and hands out the books. She starts her droning about chapter one, I do the homework questions then pull out my drawing and continue working on it. As Dennis is taking me to my 3rd period class he mentions that I don’t pay attention to the teacher in class. I tell him I already know what they are teaching and don’t need to, so I do the homework then draw quietly. I don’t disturb the class but I don’t need to listen. He asks how I already know the answers. I just tell him I’m really smart and could be in college right now if I wanted. But with him here, I don’t want to leave this school. Dennis gives me a kiss outside my classroom before going to his class. At lunchtime Dennis picks me up at my class and we hold hands to the cafeteria. We sit together. After lunch he walks me to my class then goes to his. After school Dennis walks me to his house. We make love before taking a shower and getting ready for dinner. At dinner Alex and Dennis talk about their first days of school. Dennis reveals that I don’t need to pay attention in class and already know all the answers. Mr. Peters is intrigued by this news and asks why I don’t skip a grade. I tell him I’d rather stay with Dennis. “But isn’t it boring at school if you already know the subject matter?” “Yes, but with Den next to me I’m not bored. Plus Dad gets me lots of sketch pads.” “But you could skip a grade and be challenged and not be bored.” “I could skip 4 grades and would still not be challenged and would still be bored, but then Den wouldn’t be there with me.” “So you are that smart?” “Yes, I could be in college right now. But I don’t want to be. I’m happier where I am right now.” “Ok, well, if you are sure I’ll drop it then.” After dinner Dennis walked me home and gave me a goodnight kiss. That night Mr. Peters called Marty and told him what happened at dinner. Marty explained that he was well aware of how smart I was and explained that I could indeed be in college if I wanted, but that I was happy where I was and moving me would only upset me. He said as long as I’m happy he isn’t going to try to force me to advance. The next day in 3rd period I was told the school counselor wanted to give me a placement test. I explained to the counselor that no matter what the test said I would not be skipping a grade. He said that was my decision but still wanted to give the test. That was the easiest test I’ve ever taken. When he graded the test he said it placed me out of high school. I told him that makes sense and can I go back to class now? He tried to make me understand that my scores meant that I could graduate high school today. I told him I know and can I go back to class now? He relented and let me go. At lunch I told Dennis about the counselor and the test and what he said the results are. Dennis was confused. He asked how I could possibly already be able to graduate high school and why I wanted to stay in 7th grade instead. I told him if I graduated high school I couldn’t see him in class every day. I have a feeling it’s going to be another dinner of talking about this. After Dennis walked me to 4th period he went to his class and I texted Marty about the counselor and the test. His reply was short and simple, “Fuck”. I texted back that he should probably come to dinner with us as this is going to come up and he should start thinking of what to say. After school Dennis walked me to his house and we made love before showering and getting dressed for dinner. At dinner, Marty was there. To be continued…


Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2020 11:37:38 +0100 (BST) From: Peter Brown Subject: Last of the Line Chapter 77 Last of the Line by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. NOTE to the reader: “Peter Brown” aka badboi666 is, as you might guess, not in the first flush of youth: indeed he is well into the you’ll-die-if-you-get-this-fucking-thing age cohort. It has been his habit in all his stories published here to be two or three chapters ahead of publication. If he gets a nasty cough and a temperature he will post all outstanding chapters together with a synopsis of what is still to come. Then, if he snuffs it, you can at least have some idea of what befell Dab in the end. A bit like Edwin Dro Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. =============================================================================== Chapter 77 After I had given Hamish the promised fuck I said it was time to talk. “We talked earlier,” he said, surprised. “Yes, but when you get to my age you find you can do two things at once. While my cock was busy fucking you my brain was having a quiet think to itself about you and your problems.” “You’re weird, Dab.” Jack chuckled, “you’d be surprised you many people have said that to him.” “Including you on several occasions. Now be serious, the pair of you. When are you seeing Ogilvie?” “10 tomorrow. Why?” “Can you come here again tomorrow afternoon? I mean without your parents getting suspicious.” “Can’t see why not. They don’t know I come here unless they send me with a message. They think I’m away fishing.” Jack wondered whether they might think it strange that he never seemed to catch anything. Hamish was scornful. “I’m not fishing for anything you could eat, Jack, just tiddlers.” “OK. Go home now and be back here at 3 tomorrow. You can tell me what Ogilvie thinks.” I kissed him and with a show of reluctance he got up off the bed and dressed again. “Off you go. See you tomorrow,” I said. Jack went downstairs with him and it was some minutes before Jack came back upstairs. “He loves what we do,” he said, “I just hope his parents don’t notice that he’s grown up so much in the last fortnight. What are you planning?” “I’ll tell you if it works. Tomorrow you’re on your own as I have people to see.” Jack knew me well enough not to waste time trying to get any more out of me. Changing the subject I asked him how he was getting on. “I’ve done nearly everything I can do here. I’ll be finished by tomorrow night. But I need to talk to people as well,” and he played me at my own game. I could guess what he needed to find out, but I didn’t want to steal his thunder so I said nothing. ***** The following afternoon when Hamish came up the track and barrelled into the kitchen I put a beer before him. “I’ve earned this,” he panted. It was even hotter than it had been the day before, and a storm wasn’t far off. He swallowed half the beer. “Ogilvie said that I can defer land-service until I’m 16 provided I stay at school. That’s a new thing, apparently, because a lot of boys of 15 were not strong enough or something, and the farmers and people paying them got stroppy and said they needed proper workers who – and this is what Ogilvie said – wouldn’t fall down and wet themselves at their first encounter with exhaustion. You and Jack exhaust me, but I haven’t wet myself – well I have, of course, but only because you want me to. Can we wet ourselves again?” and he swallowed the rest of his beer.” “Doesn’t your mother smell the beer on you when you get home?” He shrugged. “I don’t suppose she’d mind too much as long as I’m not stotious.” This was a new one. “Explain.” “Drunk.” You learn something every day, I thought. “Where’s Jack?” “Out somewhere. He’ll be in soon – he knows you’re coming.” Hamish smiled happily. “I’ve news too. I’ve been talking to the local cops about you. Well, not about you personally – I didn’t say your name. What is your name anyway? I only know the Hamish bit.” “Hamish Gunn.” “Well, Hamish Gunn, I asked at the police station about the conditions in Scotland for land-service. I told them who I was and that I planned to have a lot of work done in the land round Inverthrum. I wanted to know how the system worked up here. I told them I was familiar with the English system, but I knew nothing about up here.” “You played the daft laddie, you mean.” That seemed a good description. “What did they say?” “They gave me a leaflet, but I got the impression that they knew about as little as I did. I was obviously the first person who’d asked.” I gave him the leaflet. It was quite straightforward. A land-service boy (or girl) had to be 16, had to be employed by a registered land-service employer, had to have a land-service contract for a minimum of 12 months, had to work an average of 35 hours a week, and had to be paid not less than the appropriate figure from a long list of different criteria. Hamish read it carefully. “Does this cover you employing me?” I nodded. “But whether I employ anybody depends on Jack’s report, and whether his boss thinks it makes sense.” “What do you think, Dab?” .I’ve no idea, Hamish. Jack is here to do a job of work for me. He knows far more about this kind of thing than I do. It’s not a game we’re playing. Upstairs is one thing; out in the garden it’s all business.” That was when Jack appeared and grabbed a beer. “Hello Hamish. I’m finished, Dab. All I have to do now is see someone and write it all up. We’ll sort out about seeing someone later.” Evidently this was not something to be discussed in public. I turned to Hamish. “Can you bear it if I ask you to bugger off home now? I’ve a good reason for asking, I promise. I’ll zip you tonight and let you know if it’ll be OK for you to visit us tomorrow afternoon, and if it is I promise we’ll go upstairs.” His dismay at being dismissed was soon supplanted with the prospect of a proper session tomorrow. “OK, Dab. I’ll see you both then,” and away down the track he went. “You’re being very mysterious,” said Jack. “As are you. Who are these `people’?” “I’ve got to talk to someone – I’ve no idea who – who knows about fruit and vegetable crops here. What grows and what doesn’t. I can do the soil chemistry, but there’s much more to it than that. Climate, wind, all kinds of things.” “I think that shouldn’t be too difficult. Go and shower and put on something decent and we’ll go into Lairg.” While he wax upstairs I consulted the local phone listing. I couldn’t see anything useful, but I was fairly sure that in a small place like Lairg the village shop would be a useful repository of local knowledge. When Jack and I went in the shop was quiet and Hamish’s mother was on her own. I managed to avoid calling her Mrs Gunn (for of course I didn’t know her surname officially) but I explained our need for horticultural advice. She said that we should go and talk to her friend Mrs McCallum, and gave us directions. “Tell her Rose Gunn sent you,” she said. Mrs McCallum appeared unfazed by a visit from such a strange pair as us. On hearing that Rose Gunn approved of us she welcomed us in. Tea and scones appeared, and I told here who we were and what our need was. “Och, I know fine who you are, and I’m pleased that Inverthrum will be lived in again. When I was a wee girl I used to sneak in and play in the grounds. That would have been seventy and more years ago. The third earl had it then.” I explained that Jack had questions and that Mrs Gunn had told us that she would know all the answers. She chuckled. “Aye, well, I’ll do my best. Ask away, Jack.” Jack, who had hardly said a word, came out of his shell and asked very detailed questions from his notebook. I could tell that Mrs McCallum went from being superior, if friendly, to impressed at the sort of things Jack was asking. He had assumed that if she was the person to whom these questions should be put then he should treat her as an intellectual equal and just plunge in. I was much amused, and to my delight I watched at Mrs McCallum started to warm to her interlocutor. After half an hour and another scone Jack pronounced himself finished. “Thank you,” he said, “I think I understand what’s possible.” Mrs McCallum chuckled again. “You mind and tell Rose Gunn that I enjoyed being made to think so hard.” We went back to Mrs Gunn to thank her. “Was she able to tell you what you needed to know?” I assured her that Jack had received answers to all the questions he has asked, “and there were plenty of them.” I made an instant decision. “When you sent Hamish up with details about the garage we had a talk about what he wants to do now that he’ll soon be 15. Apparently he was to see a teacher about his choices.” “Aye. Mr Ogilvie. He’s seen him, and the poor boy is afraid he’ll have to do National Service. His father and I are worried too, but I expect all parents feel the same.” I told her that I was a land-service registered employer, and I pointed to Jack. “He works with the gardener at home, and we’re up here so that he can do a report on Inverthrum, as I told you. Would it be possible for me to talk to you and your husband about Inverthrum before we go back south again?” She seemed surprised, but said that she would ask her husband when he got in from work. I thanked her again – Jack had said nothing throughout – and we went back up the track. “What was that all about?” “Can’t you guess? If Hamish is going to come here to play – or even to work – it makes sense if his parents get to know me as a potential employer. No-one likes the idea of Hamish in an army uniform.” Jack and I were still eating when Hamish appeared yet again. “What are you cooking up with my parents?” “Why? Are you here to tell me about a meeting?” “Aye. I’m to tell you that 11 tomorrow morning is convenient. Dad’s shift doesn’t start till the afternoon and I’ll have to cover for Mum in the shop. It’s OK, I’ve done it before. It’s not as though we were ever all that busy.” “Tell them I’ll be there, and be sure to thank them for being so quick.” “Talking of being quick,” said Jack, “do you fancy ten minutes upstairs?” Ten minutes stretched to fifteen. I thought it best not to put Hamish in too high a state of excitement, so I merely sat in an armchair and watched the two of them 69ing. Hamish certainly came in Jack’s mouth, for Hamish made no effort to conceal his cock’s performance, but I didn’t think Jack had come. Still, that didn’t matter as we had all night to deal with his need. Hamish got dressed again. “Do I look presentable?” he said. I said it was more a question of whether he smelt presentable, and I assured him that as he had come where he had there was no risk of any tell-tale scents to alert Authority. He grinned. “I like coming here,” he said. Two minutes later he was away on his bike, leaving Jack (still naked) and me to our own devices. Although it was nothing like dark I decided to join Jack in his nakedness, and I took Hamish’s place in the 69. This time Jack came gloriously, as did I a few minutes later. As we were lying together afterwards Jack looked at me. “Are you really going to get him here to work?” “I don’t know. I’d like to. He’s a nice kid and he’s fun in bed. Whether he’s be any good on land-service is a different question. That’s what I want to see his parents about. Now let’s make the most of the other things in here.” Together we put the sling together. It was a more luxurious one than we had at home, and must have cost Seb and Dodo a fair whack, even with a staff discount. “In you get,” I said. Jack shook his head. “More beer first, Dab. We want to christen it properly.” Two beers each and an hour later we did just that. There is something about piss glistening on black skin that is enormously sexy. Jack felt the same, I’m glad to say. There’s something about lines of spunk on the same background too. ***** The meeting with Mr and Mrs Gunn went well. Before we got down to the serious business we found out about each other. I told them who I was and the arrangements (omitting certain details) in Uttoxeter about the gardens and the other land holdings. I explained that I still had two more years at university but that I still ran the Estate, and had done following my father’s death. Mr Gunn told me he had worked on the railway since leaving school. “There was none of this land-service or National Service then, thank goodness,” he said, “you left school and found a job. My father had been on the railway and he pulled a string or two and got me a job at the foot of the ladder. I’d like to do the same for Hamish, but the rules nowadays don’t allow it. But we mustn’t waste your time,” and they waited for me to say my piece. I told them about Jack and the report he was writing, and that if the report recommended it I would be turning Inverthrum to growing food crops of some kind. “It will need a lot of work preparing the ground – it’s been completely neglected for decades – and then looking after whatever we decide to plant. Do you think Hamish would be a suitable boy to work there on land-service? Under someone who knows what to do, of course?” They looked at each other. “I’ve no idea,” he said, “but if it’s a choice between that and the army I don’t think there’s any doubt.” She looked relieved. “Have you spoken to Hamish?” she asked. I shook my head. “No. I thought I should talk to you first. It wouldn’t be right to get his hopes of avoiding the army up if his parents had other views.” “Quite right,” said Mr Gunn. “I’m on duty soon,” he said, “but you have my agreement to employ him if he’s suitable. Will you sort out what’s needed with my wife,” and he got up, shook my hand and left. “Thank you,” said Rose simply, “I hate the thought of him going into the army. What will you do?” “I’d like to talk to Hamish about it. I’d like to get to know him a bit better, and for him to get to know us. Then, if he’s interested and Jack’s report says what I hope it will, we can meet again and make it all formal. There are forms to fill in and all kinds of nonsense.” “When will you know? What should I call you anyway?” Until then we had avoided calling each other anything. “Everybody calls me Dab,” I said, “unless they’re being very formal. Jack and I will be going home in a few days. He will do a soil check and write his report. His boss – that’s my head gardener – will go through it and she’ll see if it makes sense. I’ve no doubt it will, but although Jack is very keen there are still things he doesn’t know. I would expect to make a decision about Inverthrum in two weeks or so. I will let you know as soon as I do.” We agreed that Hamish would appear that afternoon. “He does a lot of fishing, but I’m sure he can drag himself away to take about his future.” This was said with a twinkle in her eye, but I had no idea whether the twinkle signified any awareness of any interest of her son beyond fishing. ***** Jack had spent the whole of that morning writing. When he gave a great cry of ‘finished!’ around 2 I went to see, taking him a beer and something to eat – I felt he’d earned it. “If it wasn’t for Hamish,” I said, “I would seal that in an envelope and made sure you gave it to Hester before I saw it. But there’s Hamish to consider, and it’s not fair to keep him hanging on. Tell me, are you going to encourage him or not?” “I think so, Dab. Mrs McCallum told me a lot and given the heat I reckon we could make a go of a lot of fruit – trees as well as berries – but it all depends on the soil. Still, they grow some berries here, so I’m pretty optimistic.” “That’s all I need – well done. Now seal it up and give to her yourself. Hamish’ll be here soon.” “What will you tell him?” “You’ll have to wait, just like he will.” Hamish appeared. The storm still hadn’t broken and it must have been in the high 80s. He was pouring with sweat and I had a beer in his hand almost as soon as he was in the door. “Bring it upstairs,” I said, “it’s cooler there.” This wasn’t strictly true, but at least upstairs we could all take our clothes off and there was always the possibility of a shower. We found Jack sitting at the end of the bed. “Hello Hamish,” he said, “you look knackered. I know just the way to cool you down.” Hamish saw the sling. “What’s that?” he said, putting his beer on the floor while he stripped. “It’s called a sling,” I said, “and Jack will show you what it’s for.” Jack made a great show of reluctance, but he too stripped (as did I) and stood in front of Jack. “This is grown-up stuff, Hamish, so let’s pretend you’re 15 already,” I said. He grinned. “Only a few days, Dab.” “Good, because I’ve got another present for you – a real one this time. I’ll give it to you later.” Hamish was no stranger to the idea that if he wanted something upstairs he just got on with it, so he knelt in front of Jack and looked up at him, all puppy-dog-eyes. “Please can I suck your cock, sir?” Jack looked down. “If you’re good.” “He’s learned very quickly, Jack,” I said, “and I reckon he’s good already.” Hamish reached out and drew Jack’s foreskin back. I don’t think he’d examined Jack’s cock before: it had usually been in his mouth or up his arse – and I watched with amusement as he studied it (an amusement shared by Jack). “It’s fascinating how it’s pink inside, just like mine,” he whispered, “I love it,” and it disappeared – some of it, anyway – as his lips caressed the wet glans. Jack shuddered and Hamish, no longer a beginner, didn’t draw back. His tongue bathed the under-surface of a cock rapidly hardening in his mouth. Jack bent his knees slightly. “That means you can explore his arse,” I said quietly, offering him a jar of lube. He put two fingers in the jar and soon had them where Jack wanted them. “Oh fuck, Hamish, you’re good at this,” he sighed. Hamish’s tongue had better things to do than form a reply. After a couple of minutes I put my arms on his shoulders. “Come on, we don’t want him to cum just yet. It’s your turn now.” He stood up. I pointed to the sling. “In you get. Hoist yourself on the chains and wriggle your arse in the leather … that’s it.” I lifted his ankles and put them in the stirrups. “You won’t hurt me?” “Don’t be daft,” said Jack, “Dab wouldn’t hurt anybody. Just lie back.” Hamish giggled. “My arse is all exposed.” “That’s what the sling’s for, Hamish. It makes for better fucking and if you remember where it is it makes for other things at the same time.” Hamish’s giggle continued. “If that means you’re going to piss on me does that mean I can piss too? ‘Cos the beer will want out soon.” I nodded. “You can piss when you like, Hamish, and you don’t need to warn anybody. Same with us.” Hamish smiled. “I like it, Dab.” Jack approached Hamish who grinned seductively. Jack bent forward and began to rim the boy. The boy began to moan softly. I passed Jack the lube and a finger disappeared. The moans became more insistent. A second finger joined the first and Jack found Hamish’s prostate. Hamish groaned and, somewhat to my surprise, a golden arc leapt from his cock. “Oh God!” he muttered, “I can’t help it.” “Relax,” I said, “let it out – that’s why you’re in there.” More piss followed – a lot more – while Jack scrabbled around inside. Hamish’s cock was like steel. “I’ve never pissed with it that hard before,” he whispered. “Welcome to the sling,” said Jack, keeping up his assault on the boy’s prostate. All too soon a silver arc – a series of silver arcs – leapt from him. As soon as he had come Hamish – whose eyes were tight shut – felt Jack’s cock thrusting into him. “Ooof! oh … yes … yessss,” and Jack began a hard rhythmical ploughing. I went behind the sling to hold it steady. Hamish opened his eyes and smiled up at me silently. I leant over him and kissed his nose. “Enjoy it,” I whispered. “I am, Dab.” Jack had wisely decided that pissing up Hamish’s arse wasn’t something to be enjoyed on Hamish’s first visit to the sling: let such joys be spoken of so that days – weeks, even – of anticipation would heighten his appetite. Jack therefore didn’t hold back from his own orgasm, and as he grew more and more urgent I had to hold the sling hard against his pounding. “Ah! yes Hamish here it is,” he groaned. Hamish’s eyes were wide open as his arse received Jack’s spunk. I was amazed that the boy could take the whole of Jack’s cock so readily, for he seemed to be suffering no discomfort at all. He put out his arms and Jack lowered himself onto the boy’s piss-soaked belly. After a few moments his cock slipped out – the lubrication up there was pretty efficient – and I let go of the sling and shoved him out of the way. “Oh! God, Dab, that’s so hot,” moaned Hamish as my lips found his still-tender arse lips. He was even more overwhelmed when my tongue went about its business of cleaning him up, so much so that he lost – or perhaps surrendered – control of his bladder again. “Sorry, sorry.” “No,” said Jack from behind Hamish’s head, “nothing to be sorry for,” and Hamish felt a stream of piss into his chest and belly coming from a cock so recently up his arse. The piss ran down onto me, of course, as Jack intended. Hamish was horrified, but only for a second. “Doesn’t Dab mind?” he said softly. “No, Hamish, he loves it. We all love it, don’t we?” Hamish nodded, his poor brain exhausted with all the new ideas and new erotic signals it was having to cope with. I stood up. “By the way, Hamish, I think I’ve got a job for you. Out you get and I’ll tell you about it.” =============================================================================== The fun continues in Chapter 78 as Hamish has something to look forward to, and Jack and I go back home. Drop me a line at – that is after you’ve dropped nifty a few quid. ===============================================================================

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New Star Wars Series to Reportedly Star Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino does the acting and rapping switch up rather well and he could possibly be showing off his thespian skills in an upcoming series on Disney+.

On the latest episode of the Kessel Run Transmitions YouTube show, which premiered this afternoon (July 22), it was reported that Gambino will be reprising his role as Lando Calrissian in his own series. The series will be available for streaming on Disney+, if things go as planned. The report has not been confirmed, but the rumor mill has been buzzing rather intensely with fans eager for Childish to make his return. No other details were offered regarding the multi-hyphenate’s comeback to the acting world.

Childish Gambino starred as Lando in the 2018 film, Solo: A Star Wars Story film, originally played by Billy Dee Williams, alongside Alden Ehrenreich (Han Solo), Woody Harrelson (Tobias Beckett), Emilia Clarke (Qi’ra), Joonas Suotamo (Chewbacca) and more. The movie grossed $213.8 million in the United States and Canada and made $170 million at the box office in the U.S. and Canada in its opening weekend, which was Memorial Day weekend two years ago.

Gambino is no stranger to seeing successful numbers in projects he releases or contributes to. Back in June, his 2018 hit song “This Is America” saw a major spike on Spotify during the nationwide protests against police brutality following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minn. Floyd was killed by a former Minneapolis police officer, who kept his knee on George’s neck for over eight minutes.

“This Is America” catapulted to No. 2 from No. 97 on the U.S. Spotify chart. The record also garnered 1.117 million streams.

Childish Gambino hasn’t spoken on the unconfirmed recent development that has been making its rounds on the internet, but it looks like his supporters and Star Wars fans are hopeful.

Check out the conversation about Childish Gambino possibly reprising his role as Lando Calrissian around the 56:23-mark below.

See 7 Movie Roles That Rappers Turned Down


Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2020 09:54:00 +0100 From: PCW Tosh Subject: F1 World – Surrey Holiday 2 Disclaimer: Hey folks, this story is just a fantasy and I have no evidence that this actually happened, but we can all dream. Happy reading. Previously: Surrey Holiday Billy pulled Lando in for a hug and the pair of them lay there naked just listening to each other breathe. F1 World – Surrey Holiday 2 “Did that live up to your expectations?” Lando whispered. “Absolutely, that was probably the best orgasm I’ve ever had.” Billy beamed as they lay in each other’s arms. “Best you’ve ever had, and Lando wins again.” Lando beamed, Billy could only laugh before pulling Lando forward by his chin and kissing him gently again. After 15 seconds of soft gentle kissing they parted again, Billy looked down Lando’s slim body and ran his fingers over the McLaren driver’s smooth skin. “Do you think George or Pierre would do stuff with me as well?” Billy asked Lando timidly. “Oh yeah, George for sure, I won’t repeat what he said, but you not being able to run away was part of his fantasy.” Lando explained sniggering, Billy’s ears burned pink with embarrassment. “How did you end up there?” Billy asked, “we were just talking about fantasies and stuff. George wanted to fuck you, but you’re straight so he never tried anything.” Lando continued, Billy watched the words as they left Lando’s lips. “I had no idea, and now he still would?” Billy asked thoughtfully, “yep!” Lando replied without hesitation “and Pierre is a horny slut so I’m pretty sure he would give you the business.” Billy sat deep in thought, feeling on top of the world. Lando’s words gave him so much more confidence, Lando liked being with him, George had a long-time crush on him, and Pierre would probably have a go on him. He grinned to himself silently rubbing his hand over Lando’s smooth stomach. Billy pushed himself upright and sat up looking down on Lando. The McLaren driver’s smooth body called for his attention and the 20-year-old’s curiosity spurred him on. His fingers gently took hold of Lando’s flaccid penis and held the soft meat in the palm of his hand. The McLaren driver’s cock reacted instantly, practically doubling in size. Billy watched in awe as Lando’s pole grew to full mast, the teenager’s beautiful cock looked delicious. [Only one way to find out how it tastes!] Billy steadied his legs and lowered himself down, [3, 2, 1!] Lando’s thick head met his tongue, the first time Billy ever had a cock in his mouth and felt interesting. The feeling and texture of a cock on Billy’s lips, the way that even as he tried to close his mouth around the shaft it felt like his mouth was still wide open. Determinedly he pushed Lando’s 7.5 inches to the back of his throat and immediately was overwhelmed by the urge to gag. Billy pulled off gasping for air as the McLaren driver watched on patiently. A tear rolled silently down Billy’s face as he took a deep breath and tried again. Lando’s head slipped between the youngster’s lips followed by the top half of his pole. Billy began to move his neck muscles, sliding his warm mouth up and down the hard cock. As Billy reached the top he took a shallow breath through his nose before sliding back down again, [that’s it, that’s it!] He told himself triumphantly as he could feel the confidence rising. The Euroformula driver began to increase his pace as he devoured the throbbing shaft. The sound of Billy’s throat expanding to fit Lando’s cock was the only sound in the room as he sucked his sexy friend. [This feels nice] he thought to himself and trying to smile, a little dribble rolled down to his chin before he pursed his lips again. Lando’s hand stroked Billy’s back as the Euroformula driver performed his very first attempt of oral sex on a guy. [This is easier than it looks!] Billy thought as his lips pulled up the sensitive skin of Lando’s shaft before he swirled his tongue around the head. Lando gave a sigh of satisfaction as Billy held the base of his cock and removed it from his mouth. This time Billy was able to force himself a quick smile before planting a kiss on Lando’s thick head. “You’ve been practicing that on someone! ” Lando giggled, Billy looked around and shook his head, maintaining his light grip on the teenager’s shaft, “nah, first time.” Billy blushed, “well you’re bloody good at it, you’re a natural.” Lando beamed, “is there anything else you wanna try?” He continued speculatively, watching Billy’s reaction closely. Billy deliberately avoided Lando’s gaze as he replied for fear of being rejected still, “well we’ve come this far, so I guess we could do the other thing?” Lando burst into laughter and reached up to grab Billy, pulling him back down to the bed. “Ask properly!” He demanded before planting a long hard kiss on Billy’s lips. As they kissed Lando stroked Billy gently before their lips parted again, “fine, Lando will you have sex with me?” “Ewwww, too formal. But hell yes!” Both boys chuckled. Billy felt incredible as Lando’s hands wandered across his soft skin. Lando’s tongue rolled across Billy’s before pulling away, “liked the taste of my dick?” he smirked, “yeah, it was pretty hot.” Billy beamed, Lando surveyed his cute face, “now for the main course.” Lando smiled malevolently raising himself off the mattress, Billy gulped nervously. Shuffling down to Billy’s lower half, Lando moved between the Euroformula driver’s legs and held them open. The 20-year-old smiled up at Lando before the McLaren driver lowered his face into Billy’s warm hole. The teenager’s tongue poked out eagerly with the tip grazing Billy’s ring. Billy could feel his senses heightening as Lando teased his hole again this time swirling around his friend’s ring before the third pass where his fingers gripped Billy’s cheeks and spread them wider allowing Lando’s tongue to penetrate the 20-year-old’s entrance. There was a sharp intake of breath as Lando pushed past Billy’s ring and his tongue began to poke around inside him. The Euroformula driver began to enjoy Lando’s tongue work verbally, “oooh fuck yes.” he breathed as the teenager swirled around his tight ring again. Lando lapped at Billy’s soft walls before pushing his tongue in as deep as he could, pressing his cheeks up against Billy’s. The 20-year-old groaned harder as Lando tongued his hole harder, his legs squirming in Lando’s hands in response to his friend finding new realms of pleasure for him. Lando could taste the innocence in Billy’s hole, [I’m gonna enjoy breaching this!] he grinned whilst his hard cock pulsed viciously below him. Billy reached down taking his cock and jerking himself as Lando swirled his tongue around his ring. The 20-year-old was already rock hard and pulled himself slowly to increase the stimulation, [not too fast Billy you’ll shoot your load] he warned himself. Billy felt a presence at his ring as Lando’s finger traced around the soft pink skin. The teenager pressed two fingers at Billy’s entrance, “push out” Lando whispered to Billy. The Euroformula driver obeyed, gently pushing his hole outwards before gasping as the reverse sensation began to occur. Lando’s fingers began to advance in the opposite direction entering Billy’s ring and moving up inside him. The McLaren driver’s fingers slipped further into Billy’s hole, Lando could feel the 20-year-old’s ring squeezing tightly around his two fingers as his knuckles entered him. Billy moaned again experiencing his ring expanding around the teenager’s knuckles as he jerked himself. The Euroformula’s 7.5 incher pulsed hard in his fist as he struggled to control his excitement, pumping his pole Billy could feel his balls beginning to churn again. Lando watched Billy’s face screw up in angst as the older boy wanked himself harder, the McLaren driver’s fingers slid in and out of Billy’s hole faster, the 20-year-old’s pale cheeks were now a rosy pink as he puffed. “Oh fuck! Lando, I’m gonna cum!” Billy cried suddenly, Lando watched on in wonder as the 20-year-old’s legs began to kick, his breathing became light and shallow and as Lando’s fingers stroked his hole, the Euroformula driver’s jizz fired out of his swollen purple head. His second orgasm in a matter of hours Lando watched as his friend’s cum shot across his smooth, pale chest. Billy threw his head back and groaned again as his balls tightened within their sacks, squeezing his cum up his thick shaft. As Lando’s fingers continued to work Billy’s ring, the 20-year-old’s cum flew across his body, the thinner ropes of jizz landing on Billy’s abs. A final huff followed by a long moan told Lando that Billy was empty again. “You enjoyed that then!” Lando beamed, “That was pretty fucking awesome yeah, I can’t wait till you stick your dick in me!” Billy grinned. “Do you want a break?” Lando replied, “Nooo, you’ve loosened me up and I’m looking forward to it.” Billy giggled, McLaren driver beamed at him, “you’re the boss!” Lando dribbled down in his hand and smeared his spittle along his cock. Lando turned to Billy, “spit on my hand.” He grinned, Billy gave him a strange look before shrugging his shoulders and allowing a large glob of spit to fall into Lando’s palm. The teenager beamed as his mixed Billy’s spittle in with his own, his long 7.5 inch cock shone in the light. “Sure you’re ready?” Lando asked one last time, “yeah, fuck me Lando.” Billy replied with conviction. Billy watched Lando’s eyes as they focused in on his pink hole. He felt the McLaren driver’s head pressing into his entrance and like before gently he pushed out. “Oh Jesus fucking christ!” Billy whined, this was nothing like Lando’s fingers, this felt like his whole fist. “Ohhh.” A higher pitched squeal came from the Euroformula driver’s mouth, Lando giggled down at him as his head slipped beyond Billy’s ring. “Billy darling, are you ok?” His mother called from the other side of the door. “Yeah fine!” He croaked back as Lando shuddered with silent laughter at him. “What would mummy think if she saw us?” Lando teased, “she’d be delighted, she loves you.” Billy replied panting gently as Lando resumed pressing into the bottom. After the first few inches slid somewhat freely into Billy’s loosened hole, Lando’s thick cock began to struggle as it probed parts of Billy that had never been touched before. The 20-year-old’s pink cheeks ballooned as he desperately sucked in air. Lando stroked Billy’s leg and continued up to his hip whilst his head moved further inside. Looking down he could see he was visibly closer to Billy’s hole, close enough he thought. Reaching out for Billy’s soft cock the McLaren driver pulled gently at his foreskin. After two orgasms the 20-year-old’s cock was a little slow to react but gradually he began to grow again. The Euroformula driver squirmed as his meat expanded in Lando’s hand, the teenager jerked Billy with increasing speed as his cock buried itself deeper inside his friend. Lando’s slim hips pulled his cock back before sinking back into Billy. Watching the 20-year-old breath, Lando began to rock his hips smoothly sliding his 7.5 inches into Billy’s tightness. The teenager’s skinny tanned frame moved closer to Billy’s pale hole, his hand stroking the Euroformula driver’s now fully erect cock. Billy’s deep exhales began to soften as the McLaren driver’s cock penetrated his tight hole. Lando’s face beamed with an expression of deep enjoyment as his head pressed itself deeper inside Billy’s hole. The teenager watched Billy’s face as he increased his speed, Lando’s foreskin pulled back against the 20-year-old’s tight walls. They both cooed in unison as the McLaren driver slid the full length of his horn up into Billy. The Euroformula driver’s cock throbbed in Lando’s hand, Billy’s enjoyment was evident, his body quivered each time Lando’s cock plunged into him. “How does that feel?” Lando asked softly between thrusts. “Yeah, it’s amazing.” Billy breathed, his friend’s cock felt incredible, “kiss me again.” he begged. Lando beamed back at the 20-year-old moving over him to kiss. Their lips clasped tightly and their tongues danced together, the sweet saliva merging between them. The rising heat between them shifted between their tongues, the passionate teenager let go of Billy’s cock and moved down to his legs. The McLaren driver pressed down on Billy’s legs as he began to slam into the Euroformula driver’s hole. Lando’s skinny hips bucked into Billy’s arse, his weight on his knees, the teenager ploughed his cock into the warm tightness. The new experience felt amazing to Billy, the first time a cock entered him and he felt comfortable, happy, aroused. Lando’s body thumping into arse made the 20-year-old hard, “can you cum in me?” Billy asked sweetly, Lando beamed, “of course I can.” He panted, increasing the velocity of his thrusts. The teenager’s skinny calf muscles squeezed tight as his smooth legs thrusted his slender frame off the bed and plunged into Billy’s hole. Billy could feel his balls churning again, responding to the McLaren driver’s head stroking his G-spot. The Euroformula driver moaned as Lando’s pole travelled the length of his tunnel and slipped out with a pop. Billy gasped feeling his ring tighten then suddenly the teenager grasped at his legs spinning Billy around on to his front. The 20-year-old’s smooth pale back was mildly toned, Lando could trace the blue veins across Billy’s back. Lando took the youngster by the legs and spread them open, Billy’s ring showed signs of Lando’s abuse where it had become pink and a little puffy. Lando’s tip pressed against Billy’s ring and breached the 20-year-old easily. The teenager’s hard cock sank deep into Billy’s belly, the weight of the top pushed his pole balls-deep inside him. Lando held Billy’s hips as he controlled the bottom’s slim frame slamming harder. The McLaren driver knew he was closing in on his orgasm and it was now or never to show Billy the time of his life. Lando pulled Billy’s hips to point the bottom’s arse upwards, the teenager crashed down into his hole. Billy took hold of his cock and stroked, whimpering softly loving the feeling of Lando’s spear splitting him. Billy stroked himself faster, Lando’s thrusts pushed Billy’s cock deeper into his own fist. The Euroformula’s 7.5 inches pulsed with excitement, feeling the onset of a third orgasm approaching. The sound of skin hitting skin rang louder with the increased power of the horny teenager’s affection. Lando’s shaft travelled the length of Billy’s tunnel, his crotch colliding with the smooth pale skin of Billy’s arse cheeks. The teenager could feel himself getting closer still, Lando’s arse muscles powered him forward into the bottom. He lowered himself down to kiss Billy between the shoulder blades as he pumped and then again on the back of his friend’s neck. The 20-year-old moaned warmly, moving his hand and allowing Lando’s weight to press him back up against the mattress. The top’s cock had nowhere else to go, burrowing deep inside Billy’s warm belly Lando could feel the tingling sensation in his balls. As the McLaren driver thudded into Billy he gave a deep grunt, “I’m gonna cum.” he panted. Lando’s hips slowed but continued to pump as the skinny top felt his seed start to spew out of him. Billy gasped with a grin feeling the amazing new sensation of a live-action creampie. Lando’s hard 7.5 inches spasmed uncontrollably, firing his load into the 20-year-old’s hole. The shots were accompanied with yet more thrusts, the teenager pulled his cock from Billy’s hole again to survey the damage he had done to Billy’s hole before pushing it back into his friend’s hole one more time to the hilt and relaxed. “That feels really nice.” Billy grinned with Lando pressed deep inside him. “You gonna cum again?” Lando asked thoughtfully, “I’m still hard.” Billy replied. Lando rolled Billy on to his side and then rotated so they were end to end with the 20-year-old propping himself up. Billy jerked himself rapidly with Lando’s cock still pressed deep inside him. The teenager watched Billy’s fist working furiously as he pleasured himself. Lando could see the streaks of dried cum across Billy’s chest from his first two orgasms. Billy’s blue eyes swirled excitedly as he felt his third orgasm begin to take hold. The 20-year-old gave a deep sigh as his balls tightened once again and his hard cock spasmed once more. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” he beamed as his tool throbbed and pulsed, deep moans of relief and a final shudder before the hot and flustered youngster released his cock. “Are you dry?” Lando grinned up at the satisfied bottom, “Looks like it.” Billy sniggered looking down at his dry chest, he nodded towards Lando and slowly pulled himself off Lando’s cock. His hole shrank shut once more and he dropped himself down onto the mattress. “I need to get you out of me don’t I.” Billy sniggered, “Probably for the best.” Lando whispered lethargically. The teenager nuzzled against Billy tenderly as they lay next to each other naked. Lando’s eyes travelled across Billy’s beautiful body, his smooth pale skin, his toned abs, his curly pubes and his short legs. A smile crept across the McLaren driver’s face, of all the hookups he’d ever had, this was by far the most enjoyable, [Probably shouldn’t tell Pierre or George.] “Thanks Lando” Billy murmured, “thanks Billy.” Lando replied. “I was saying thank you cos….” Lando placed his finger on Billy’s lips, “And I was saying thank you because this was awesome.” Billy’s eyes turned to jelly. “Can I stay with you next time Channel 4 want me at a race?” he replied. “You can stay over anytime you like.” Lando sniggered cuddling the 20-year-old. “What’s your mum gonna say?” Lando giggled looking up at the ceiling. “Pretty sure mum loves you more than she loves me.” Billy scoffed, “you’re fine. And dad won’t care. Ever since the accident, the only thing he wants is for me to be happy, racing and everything else! And he likes you too.” Billy smiled, patting Lando on the head. They lay there in silence just breathing together naked drifting off once again. END Thank you for reading, I really hope you enjoy the story. If you have any thoughts, comments or suggestions about this story or any other scenarios drop me a line on I write these stories for fun, but I would greatly appreciate any contributions you are willing to give as a result. If you would like to make a donation then feel free to contact me on the email above. Here is the rest of my collection: After party at the OSCARs – featuring Cole Sprouse & Tom Holland Happy 18th Bro — featuring Nick Robinson & Ty Simpkins The Diving Squad – featuring Matty Lee, Tom Daley & Jack Laugher England Cricket Boys – featuring Joe Root, Sam Curran & Chris Woakes From Rapid to Star – featuring Pat Brown & Adam Zampa Gymnastics Fantastics – featuring Max Whitlock & Rhys McClenaghan Scrum Down – featuring Owen Farrell & Romain Ntamack Swim Team – featuring Adam Peaty & Duncan Scott Swimnasium – featuring Tom Daley & Nile Wilson Vamp-ing — featuring Dougie Poynter & Brad Simpson One Direction to Dunkirk – featuring Harry Styles & Elliott Tittensor Football series: Chelsea Training – featuring Mason Mount & Kepa Arrizabalaga Winter in Portsmouth – featuring Mason Mount & James Ward-Prowse Welsh Cherries – featuring Harry Wilson & David Brooks Cherries Go Blue – featuring Mason Mount, Harry Wilson & David Brooks King Power & Three Lions of King Power – featuring Harvey Barnes, Demarai Gray & Callum Hudson-Odoi Loving Gunners – featuring Hector Bellerin & Kieran Tierney Bad Boys Gone Naughty — featuring Brandon Williams Football World Series: Lilywhite Hoops – featuring Tom Carroll & Jack Clarke From Paris With Love – featuring Kylian Mbappe & Julian Draxler F1 Series: F1 World – featuring Charles Leclerc & Max Verstappen Magic Monza – featuring Lando Norris & Pierre Gasly Marina Bay – featuring Pierre Gasly & George Russell Surrey Holiday — featuring Lando Norris & Billy Monger Ice Hockey Series: On Ice – featuring Mitch Marner & Brendan Gallagher On Ice Mighty Ducks — featuring Troy Terry & Sam Steel You can show your appreciation for all the guys at Nifty by donating here,

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