Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 23:10:03 +0000 (UTC) From: Subject: Bowling League. (Off League Fun (6) This is a supplement story to my Bowling League tales. Just some hot fantasies with some of the other hit guys I have seen at the bowling alley while there during league games or just there for practice on any night of the week. This is of course fiction as antone else in the bowling alley is probably NOT gay. Although I wish some were. Enjoy. Bowling League. (Off League Fun (6) “Wes seduces me … … I stopped dead in my tracks as I stood there several feet behind the huge guy in the bathroom. The huge gorgeous guy that I had been staring at just a bit ago. I had come to the bathroom to pee and he seemed to come into the place not long after me. He also parked himself pretty close to me at the urinals. I then hadn’t noticed if he had peed or was peeing or anything like that. “Had he followed me into the bathroom?” I thought “I hope not.” Or maybe I hoped so. I wasn’t sure. This huge dude was quite intimidating to say the least. His size alone was scary. And he could be here to beat me to a pulp for watching him before. And he could too. He was utterly massive. I quickly shook my dick off and went to the sink to wash my hands. I then started to wash them. But that was when I looked up and he was behind me in the mirror. This very big man standing there. And he was staring at me through the mirror. “Oooh. Excuse me” I said as I tried to move aside. But he seemed to stay back there. So I started to feel a bit uncomfortable. Was this guy going to physically assault me? It was a serious concern bouncing around in my head. That was when he grabbed my ass. So very matter of fact just reached back there and grabbed it. I did freak as he did too. “What the..?!” I blurted “Just as I figured” he then said. “Nice fucking ass” He then moved up right behind me and shoved his body against mine. Reaching around to my stomach to pull me to him. “Yeah. Will definitely fuck you” he the stated. I then felt his crotch rub against my backside. Wes then leaned in behind me. His face at the back of my head. Then he said for me to come back there after bowling. That there was a locker room next door to the bathroom we had entered. I remembered seeing them as you walked into this area. Then he leaned even closer in to my ear. I could feel the hot almost stickiness of his breath on my neck now. “I am gonna tear up your shitter gay boy” He growled “Feel this here” “I am gonna crush your guts with it” Then he pulled away and stepped back. Then the big stud left me there in the bathroom. I looked back after he left the room. I could now feel my heart as it was thumping madly in my chest. All that pent up fear of getting my ass kicked by him. That and what he actually did. Bumping up against my backside. Pushing his big hunky body against me. Pushing and grinding his crotch at me. That and his heavy breaths on me and his manly voice telling me what he planned in doing to me. All these things were exciting me. All these thing were getting to me and my dick. I could feel as it quickly hardened in my pants. “Fuck” I finally sighed. I took in a few breaths and then I finished up. I grabbed my things and headed out to my car. I saw him, Wes. He was talking with someone near his lanes. Many people were already leaving the building. And I pondered leaving myself. But the hit man Wes was looking at me. I lifted my hand to let him know I was taking these to the car. And I left the building. I stood out there for a minute or so. Considering this huge man and that which I felt against me. His hot breath again. I then felt my dick throb again. And that was it. I put my gear in the car and turned back to the building. Stepping back inside and walking over to the bathroom and the locker room he had told me about. Again excitement filled me. Was I going to do this. Was I going to hook up with this huge muscle hunk there at the bowling alley. Not that I didn’t mind a hook up. And he was a huge hot hunk at that. But to have it there in a public building. That was new. “I don’t see him” I said to myself as I walked in “Maybe he left” “No. Here!” Came the hot mans voice. I was in the empty and very unkept looking locker room. A place that didn’t appear t get very much use here. Rust in many lockers. So it didn’t seem like a very clean place. Bit then as the huge guy came in and towards me he grabbed me and pulled me deeper into the locker room. There in the back were some curtained shower stalls. He dragged me into one and closed the curtain behind us. It was actually bigger than I imagined. Definitely enough to put two people in if needed. “On yer knees” he ordered of me. “Get down there and get ready to suck my big dick” I went down to my knees. Willingly, even though he was pushing me down with his big strong arm. I was now there on my knees in the shower stall. Down there at his crotch level. There was light that came in from above. But it was not the best. So he seemed dark and almost ominous standing there above me. “Come on man” he continued “Get to it fucker” “Take out my dick and suck me off” I looked at his crotch. There was definitely signs if his growing excitement as I could see the mans dick as it pressed to the crotch of his jeans. There just to one side of his zipper. I licked at my lips and reaches for him….. More to cum Danny: short Paul looking guy. Stripe shirt


Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 22:56:27 +0000 (UTC) From: David Auslander Subject: Tim’s Summer Vacation – Part 3 TIM’S SUMMER VACATION PART 3 Tim’s chance came the very next day. First thing in the morning, Mr. Johnson gave him the car keys and a list of things to get at the Hardware store. Tim drove into town in the camp station wagon, and got the things on the list. He then pulled out his cell phone and called the In-town house. After a few rings the phone was answered, and a voice said: “Coach Mitchel’s House, Mitch speaking. How may I help you?” Tim was greatly relieved to hear his lovers voice, said: “Coach, this is Tim; I can’t stay here and don’t have enough cash to buy a bus ticket home. I don’t know what to do?” At first the Coach thought he was dealing with a boy on his first trip away from home, and Poo-Pooed the homesickness. Then, a tearful Tim related what had happened the two previous days and nights, and his fears if he stayed. The Coach’s attitude immediately changed. He realized that Tim could not stay there, it was not a question of homesickness, but an unacceptable situation. He did some rapid thinking and said: “Do you have the camp phone number on you?” Tim answered: “Yes!” The Coach answered: “Call the camp and tell them that some of the things on the list would be delivered later that day. Tell them you thought it best to wait until the needed stuff was delivered rather than make another trip tomorrow. Wait for two hours and call me back. I will make arrangements from this end.” Tim called the camp and told them the problem and suggested solution. When he was told to wait, he did not know what to do for two hours. Two hours later. He called the Coach who said: “Here is what you are going to do. You will go to the bus line ticket booth, identify yourself, and explain that a ticket for you was purchased at the other end. Have him check his Email for confirmation, if necessary. He will give you tickets. Park the camp car behind the bus stop with the keys behind the visor.’ “You will get on the bus for New York City. There you will change buses for New Orleans. Use what money you have for food on the trip. Also don’t worry about your clothes left at camp; we will get you more. “In New Orleans you will be met at the bus stop by a car service. They will take you to the harbor and a ship. You will board that ship and ask for my cousin Roger whom you have met. He will take care of you and explain what is going on.” There was a pause, then the Coach said: “I think that is all. In the meantime, I will have a talk with my connection at the YMCA! Don’t worry about anything, Roger will take care of you.” The Coach hung up. Tim did with the camp car as instructed. He then went to the ticket both and explained the ticket situation. The man in the ticket booth punched some buttons, examined a computer monitor and a whole bunch of tickets came pouring out of a ticket machine. The ticket booth operator gave the tickets to Tim and said the bus for New York City would be in in about 45 minutes. Tim took the tickets and went into the waiting room. 45 minutes later, he boarded a bus, and began the next chapter of his adventure!


Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 23:42:36 +0100 (BST) From: “” Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Part 16 IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: There are references made to Schools, Castles and Aristocratic titled personages around England and Scotland. None of the story features about those places or named titles personages are true, none of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Every little helps. ———————————————————————- Lieutenant Farquharson’s head appeared out of the covers, `Well I don’t want to do that’ He grabbed me round the waist and pulled me over to him, pushing me onto my back between them, `God he is gorgeous, is the hairy hung one here too? **************** Operation Pied Piper – Part 16 I learned the next morning that Fort’s had spoken with Mr MacDonald about Carstairs, as expected, his parents hadn’t mentioned the trauma the little guy had been through, Mr Mac was really pleased to know, now he could take steps to ensure, little Edwin could be a bit happier. Next Forts had sought me out to tell me about the incident at the Burn, he had sat me down to tell me what had happened, he had looked really worried relaying the story explaining how he came to be wanked off by Carstairs, I was laughing my head off to be honest you couldn’t make it up, he ended up laughing too, but added, it was a nightmare at the time as he kept putting his foot in it about Carstairs brother Mark. We sat together on the bed, he had his arm round me, but I could sense he had something else to tell me, which caused a little heart flutter when he said. `Please don’t be cross, but I err…I errr… said… er… I promised…if it made him happy he could play with me like that anytime’ He gabbled out that last bit, and grabbed me `Please don’t be annoyed, I will tell him only if you are there’ I was trying not to laugh, eventually giving up… `So how many guys from the school is that now? Err Me, Carstairs, the twins, Dickens only another fifty seven to go and you will be performing for the whole school’ I couldn’t stop laughing, he eventually saw the funny side `Well you started it all off’ The next few days passed quietly well apart from the banging as the soldiers erected fencing and some buildings. Then after breakfast on Sunday the 17th of December, we were all told to go straight to the hall. `Settle down boys, I know it’s a Sunday, you won’t be here long, But I want you all to hear this bit of good news, settle down at the back, that includes you Wilkinson; YES YOU, stop pointing at yourself boy. Wilkinson, I seem to be saying your name a bit too often; I want to hear it less, settle down’ Mr MacDonald was standing at the front of the hall, the Masters to his right and the Prefects on his left; another change. With the exception of Mr G, who was in his RAF Uniform, the rest was a sea of Tartan. Lieutenant Farquharson was standing next to Mr G this time in his Black Watch dress kilt, he was becoming a bit of a fixture at the Castle. With the hall finally quiet Mr Mac turned on the radio, the time beeps had just started. `This is London, It has been announced that the Nazi Commerce raider the Pocket Battle Ship Admiral Graf Spee has been sunk off Montevideo in Uruguay following an action with Heroic British Forces, we lost no ships’ A cheer went up round the hall, Mr MacDonald turned off the radio `Great news boys I am sure you will agree, let me hear three cheers for our valiant brave Navy forces. `Hip, hip, hooray, hip, hip, hooray, hip, hip, hooray’ We all began clapping. `Thank you boys for your attention, return to enjoying your Sunday off’ Mr MacDonald, seemed very animated shaking hands with the other Masters and Prefects. I saw the Lieutenant take hold of Mr G’s arm, they exchanged a few words, which I couldn’t make out as I made my way to the front of the hall. `Hi Forts’ `Hi David’ `Are we going to get out of here?’ Forts nodded and started to walk out of the hall with me. `Err Fortnum, can you wait a moment please’ It was Mr G, Forts and I both stopped `Not you David, I won’t be needing you again today, don’t be late with my coffee in the morning though’ He smiled at me and winked, I was going to wait for Forts, but Mr G looked over at me `David I need to speak to Fortnum, we will be a while on you go’ I nodded as Forts shrugged his shoulders mouthing `sorry’ As I left the hall, I looked back, Lieutenant Farquharson had joined Forts and Mr G, whatever was being said Fort’s did not look too happy, Mr G began walking for the door, followed by Forts and Farquharson, I did see where they went. Fortnum takes over `While I appreciate it is Sunday, I am not entering into a discussion with you young man, I said follow me and that what I want you to do’ What could I do? Mr G turned and walked away, I had no choice but to follow him. Once in his room, the Lieutenant followed us in and closed the door behind him, my heart sank as he locked it, leaving the key in the lock. `Whisky Forts? `No thank you’ I was handed a tumbler full to the brim, he poured two more shot sized drinks and handed one to Farquharson. `Bottoms up Forts’ I took a sip `Did you misunderstand the instruction Forts? I said bottoms up, down it’ `But Sir’ `Do it’ I drank the contents of the tumbler which was promptly refilled once again to the brim. Mr G turned to the Lieutenant `Your toast Torc’s’ `Oh that’s easy, bottoms up’ He drained the inch of whisky in his glass and watched as I had to drain a full tumbler again. Mr G was arranging three chairs round the small table in front of the window, the morning sun was flooding into the room `Come and sit here Forts’ Mr G pulled out a seat for me, I sat down the sun beating down on me, It wasn’t long before I began to feel really relaxed and happy, I was aware I was laughing at the other twos jokes. Boy did they both look sexy in their uniforms too; maybe the Whisky was helping, Torc’s stood up and came over to me, he tilted my head up towards his and pressed his lips against mine, his tongue pushed into my mouth, he held me steady as he snogged me, I couldn’t resist; I wasn’t sure I wanted too, he was a good kisser. `Get him up and let’s get this Kilt off him’ It was Mr G, they helped me up and a few moments later I was naked apart from my shoes and socks. Torc’s and Mr G, both stood back watching me as they removed their own clothes `Very nice, very nice, kick off your shoes Forts, but leave the socks on’ I was quickly joined by Torc’s naked on one side and Mr G on the other, their hands roughly gripping parts of my body, checking me out, as first one and then the other snogged me, I was lead over to the bed, my arse cheeks receiving a stinging slap when I didn’t get on all fours quick enough. My knees were pushed wider apart and my head forced down onto the bed. `Fucking look at that’ A hand grabbed my balls tightly, stretching them as two other hand took hold of my bum cheeks and stretched them apart. `Look at that hole, I’m first in there’ I heard someone spit, it landed right on my arse hole, a finger pressed against me, I clenched my buttocks, stopping the finger from pushing in. I sobered up straight away, I was reaching back my hands slapping the others away `No, no, stop please, no, no, please, no’ I must have flipped, suddenly I was fighting with him again, desperately trying not to be held down, `no Mr Finlay, no’, lashing out slapping trying to punch him, he was trying to hold me down, he was so strong, gripping my arms, I was kicking and struggling, we fell off the bed onto the floor, I must have hit my head; I passed out. `Forts calm down, calm down, you’re okay, we are not going to do anything, calm down, your safe, you’re safe, you had better get MacDonald’ It was Mr G, I drifted out of consciousness again. Was it the effects of the large whiskies or that I had not fully processed what had happened to me that night with Mr Finlay, but I was there again, I was following Mr Finlay, he wanted me to do something, I went with him, we were in his room, he locked the door `Strip off you cocky wee fucker’ I had no choice, I took off my clothes, he stripped off too, I was frightened, he was stroking his hard cock it was huge. `Come here’ I shook my head’ `Get your fucking arse over here’ I slowly went over to him, he grabbed my arm and pulled me next to him then turned me so my back was against his chest ,he grabbed my cock and balls, then began squeezing them vice like, I was twisting trying to get away, he only twisted and squashed them harder, the pain was indescribable, I thought I was going to be sick, my mouth must have been open cos he spat into my mouth and then forced his tongue into me, licking over my teeth and lips and tongue. His other hand began to push between my arse cheeks `You’re a hairy fucker that’s for sure, I am going to enjoy this’ His finger pushed at my hole, I tensed my muscles, it was no good, he pulled back and rammed it into me up to his first knuckle. `Nice, lovely and tight and I thought MacDonald would have been here already’ He forced another finger into me, the pain in my balls and arse indescribable, he let go of me `Get on the bed you wee shite’ I shook my head and ran for the door, I frantically tried to turn the door knob, but the door was locked, he was laughing at me calling me a miserable faggot, I felt his hand on my shoulder, he spun me round, as he did he backhanded me across the face, I went to protect myself, trying to cover my face with my hands, he was just laughing, he drew back his left fist and lashed out punching me hard in the eye, another back hander across my mouth, I tasted blood felt my mouth wet, I had blood on my hands `I won’t tell you again, get on the fucking bed’ I slid down the door into a ball, I have never been so frightened, he laughed again and taking hold of the top of my arm, he dragged me over to the bed. `Now fucking get on it’ He forced me on to the bed, I went to lie on my back `On your knees you little cunt, I am going to fuck you not kiss you, fucking woman’ He manhandled me on to all fours and pushed my head into the bed, I heard him spit and felt wetness on my hole, he rammed a finger deep into me, I screamed into the bed, I looked back he was wanking his cock, it was huge `No, no, stop please, no, no, please, no’ He laughed again, I felt his cock head push at my hole `I am going to enjoy this’ He hissed as he rammed his nine inch cock deep into me tearing up my insides, I collapsed on the bed, I passed out, my brain unable to take the pain any more. I awoke on the floor, only able to see out of one eye, I had cum and blood around my arse and on my arse cheeks, my lip was bleeding and my head was throbbing, I touched my eye, it was practically closed. `Finally awake, get dressed and get the fuck out…till next time’ He threw my clothes at me, I managed to get them on before he threw me out into the corridor, I staggered down to my dormitory, tears flowing down my face, each step agony, every muscle aching, I had clambered on to my bunk, curled myself into a ball facing the wall. I heard the door open, I thought it was him again, my heart was pounding, I lay motionless, It was Thomas; I was safe. I felt myself coming round, aware before I could see, I was on a bed, I could hear Mr MacDonald, Mr G and Lieutenant Farquharson talking in hushed tones. `What the fuck were you thinking Gethin or you Torc’s, forcing Whisky down a boy’s throat’ `It wasn’t like that, he has enjoyed a drink before, I thought it would loosen him up lighten his mood. We weren’t trying to make him unconscious, please don’t think that of me’ `For Christ sake Gethin, listen to yourself, look at him’ `Athol, it might have been worth telling us he had been attacked, Jesus Christ, he went berserk, I thought he was going to have a heart attack, one minute he was fine and the next hysterical, lashing out like he didn’t know us, fighting with us till he fell on the floor knocking himself out’ `I didn’t think anyone needed to know, I knew, how was I to know, he would have a flash back’ `Well luckily he seems okay now, it is probably best if you leave now Torc’s’ As Mr G finished speaking I heard the door open and close, I still hadn’t opened my eyes, I felt someone come and sit on the bed near me, a hand rested on my face `Drageon, Drageon, you’re okay, you’re safe can you hear me? It was Mr MacDonald, I slowly opened my eyes, he was smiling, he stroked my cheek again. `Hello Forts, how are you feeling son? You gave us all a bit of a scare there’ Mr MacDonald helped me to sit up on the bed, Mr G was standing just to the side. `Forts, I am so sorry, we didn’t know, we were just going to have some fun with you, I am so sorry really, we didn’t know what had happened to you before, or we would never have…’ Mr G sat on the bed his voice fading `Forts, I want you to know, we didn’t do anything to you after you freaked out and passed out, I couldn’t have’ Mr G looked devastated, he took my hand and gave it a squeeze, I squeezed back. Deep down I knew Mr G would never have done anything to intentionally hurt me, I leaned into him putting my arms round him and hugging him, he hugged me back. `I am so sorry, so very sorry’ He pulled away, wiping his eye. Mr MacDonald, was picking up my clothes `How do you feel about getting dressed now? Or would you rather get to your own bed? `No I am fine, I will get dressed’ `Good man Forts, I’ll give you a hand it’s nearly dinner time’ I glanced at my watch, `How long was I asleep? `Over six hours, how is your head? `Wow, my heads fine’ `Thank god for good quality Whisky’ Mr MacDonald looked at the empty bottle, looked at Mr G and shook his head. I got myself dressed and Mr MacDonald suggested I eat with him in the staff room. We left Mr G and went downstairs, Mr MacDonald went to the kitchen to get us our food, it was liver and bacon with mashed potatoes, really nice as it turned out. With our meal finished we sat chatting about a few of the changes taking place and some of the plans for Christmas, Mr MacDonald put me in charge of obtaining a Christmas tree from the grounds, he would get the Army to help; he thought for a moment and looked at me. `Are you okay with that, it will probably mean being with Lieutenant Farquharson, is that going to be a problem?’ I shook my head, I meant it, I actually liked him, I think it was a combination of things which made me flip out, the Whisky, the position, the actions and words. I knew I had a bit to work through. `Good, then you can get the first years to decorate it. How does that sound?’ `Great Sir, I may make Carstairs my special helper, if that’s okay’ `Splendid idea and then we just have to have a think about some little presents for everyone’ There was a quick tap and the door opened and Mr G came in, he was in full uniform, Flat cap and swagger stick, he was carrying his case and was looking very subdued. `Sorry for interrupting, But…,er…Fort’s I just wanted to say again, I am truly sorry for what happened before I leave, I hope you know I would never have forced you to do anything against your will, well, …I just wanted you to know, all the best, you are an amazing guy and so is Thomas’ He turned back to the door, I looked at Mr MacDonald, he was looking at the floor, I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears. `You’re leaving? … No, no, you can’t’ Mr G stopped, but didn’t turn round `Forts, Mr Mac and I think it is for the best’ `No! No please don’t leave because of me, please’ I jumped out of the chair and ran over to him, throwing my arms round him `Please, no you can’t go, please stay, I want you to stay, you didn’t do anything, you can’t go, please, I would never forgive myself, Thomas would never forgive me either’ Mr MacDonald walked over as Mr G, removed my arms from around him, he kissed my cheek, I have never seen anyone look so sad. He walked to the door `Mr Mac please don’t make his go’ `Gethin wait, it sounds like he very much wants you to stay, I can live with that, if you can? The boys are very fond of you especially Thomas and Forts here, but there can be no more whisky games’ Mr G, seemed to think for a moment, I faced him again `Please don’t go Me G’ Mr G, took out a hankie and wiped his face, took off his flat cap and turned to me, he hugged me tightly `Your amazing Forts, amazing and I promise no more Whisky games’ Mr G took a deep breath `Now do you think Thomas will be willing to put my stuff away again? We all had a big group hug, I don’t think I was the only one who was relieved. `Forts can you give Mr G and I a minute please’ I nodded at Mr Mac, I left the staffroom, phew, my heart was racing, I stood getting my thoughts together, the thumping noise of someone running down the stairs made me look up, Thomas collided with me at full pelt `Forts, where is he, what’s happened, why is he leaving, one of the twins said you had collapsed after he attacked you, why?’ He slid down my body to the floor `Why is he leaving? Thomas had gone completely to pieces, he was sobbing on the floor `Come on Davy, up you get, calm yourself, Mr G is not going anywhere’ `But his room is empty, he never even said goodbye to me’ I took hold of him and got him to look into my eyes `David, listen to me, Mr G is going nowhere’, `Why are the twins saying it’s your fault? `David you know better than to listen to them…’ The staffroom door opened and there stood Mr G case in hand David launched himself at him grabbing him round the waist `Please don’t leave, please’ I looked at Mr G, `He won’t believe me that you’re staying’ `Hey Davy, Davy, I am staying, come on, calm, calm’ Mr G dropped to his knees, he ruffled David’s hair `I am not leaving, but I do need someone to unpack my case’ David grabbed it and set off for the stairs, I looked at Mr G `I had better give him a hand it looks heavy’ I took the case off David and he raced on ahead to Mr G’s room, we passed the twins on the fourth floor. `Liars’ David shouted at them as we passed, I was going to have to tell him everything that happened. I followed David into the room, Mr G seconds behind me, we both laughed as David now all smiles was emptying the case and putting things in draws and in the bathroom. He looked so happy. `Thank you Forts’ `It wasn’t your fault Mr G, in fact I wanted to have fun with you both, maybe it just went a bit fast for me after what happened with Mr Finlay’ I was overcome with a desire to kiss him, I leant forward and pushed my lips to his, he resisted `Please’ I gasped, pushing my lips to his again, this time his mouth opened and our tongues pushed into each other’s mouths, it was getting quiet heavy when David bounced back into the room from the ensuite. `Yeah, last one in the bed is a Mary’ David rapidly shed his cloths, Mr G looked at me `Are you sure? I stood back a bit, then pulled off the Fly Plaid broach undid my kilt belt and as the kilt slid to the floor, I pulled my shirt over my head and licked off my shoes, I leapt naked onto the bed next to David, Mr G stood laughing `Room for a Mary? ****************** Guy’s Thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that your enjoying my stories, please feel free to email me. Other stories by this writer: `NightCam Fun’ `Exploring my brother’ `Joshs Adventures series’ `An Army life for me’ `Grandmas Bedroom’ `Dominic Online’ `Vampyre’ `The Extraordinary Christmas Party’


New Kid in School Chapter 65

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“New Kid In School 65”

There’s a part of me that wished that I could be brave enough to say that I wasn’t totally losing my shit over the prospect over the idea of telling my mom that I was gay. I really wish that was the truth. But, if I really had to be honest…it terrified me. It has always terrified me.

Being different wasn’t tolerated. Being abnormal? Even more so. And maybe a lot of that had to do with growing up in this house with an abusive father who would rather beat me into submission rather than accept me for who I am…but I can’t pretend that the threat of exposure to, who I deem as, the only parent that I have left…doesn’t cause me to crumple myself up into a cowardly little ball and want to shrink down to a size so small that nobody could possibly notice me at all. I almost felt SICK at the idea of having to look her in the eyes and say the words out loud. What would she think of me? What would she say about me hiding it from her for this long? Would she call me a liar? I mean, technically…I really have been lying to her for years now. So she wouldn’t be wrong about that.

So many feelings. Conflicting emotions, all battling for a spot on my mental chessboard that would give me a definitive win without consequences. But…the only checkmate was the one created by my own fear and the denial of personal shame for not being what society wanted me to be. Or…at the very least…expected me to be.

And yet, even though I’ve been feeling this way for years now…confused and embarrassed…trying to make sense of it all so I could find a way to change it and get myself back on the ‘right’ path again…something bout today was…different.

I don’t know, maybe it was just spending some quality time with Ariel that did it for me, but I actually found the tides within me turning and shifting towards an ideology that would actually allow me to be even happier than I am right now when I really stopped to think about it. Ariel is PAINFULLY shy! I mean…he has to struggle and fight just to be able to lift his head and look you in the eye when he talks to you. But he’s still out there taking chances. Chances that will ensure his happiness for years to come. He put himself out there in the trenches of love and war, and he’s afraid…but not so afraid that it’s going to keep him from going after what he wants. Even after being hurt before. I think I kind of admire that.

I doubt he’ll even know how much his visit meant to me today. Because, even though I’m practically trembling with the impending horror of having to tell my mother that I like boys instead of girls…it still feels ‘worth’ it. It really does.

I just hope that she’ll understand. I want her to know me for who I really am. And a part of me wants to test my boundaries to see if who I am…inside and out…will be enough for her to love me anyway. She likes Ryan, right? He’s a sweetheart. It won’t be that much of an adjustment, will it?

Then…I suddenly became plagued with thoughts of all the things Ryan and I have done since he first moved here to the neighborhood, and I giggled to myself…but was wondering how my mother would look at those incidents once she knew the truth. The parties we went to together, or me visiting him in the hospital, or the hotel we stayed in that one time, or him climbing into bed with me when I was sick, or all of those afternoons when we started kissing just around the corner, out of her sight. The hidden jokes we’ve made, or kisses we shared in the car in front of the house, or going out to a fancy dinner…just the two of us. What a ride it’s been. Ugh…it seems like we’ve been a couple for so long that I can barely remember a time when we weren’t so obsessively connected to one another. I was forced to contemplate her point of view on the whole thing. I mean…did she know? Did she see? I really hope that our relationship didn’t come off as so transparent that anybody with a focused eye could see us being a gay couple and would have no doubts about it at all. But…I can’t deny that this big, inevitable, confession wouldn’t be much easier if she had already solved the mystery of the ‘extremely close, same sex, best friend’ on her own.

Dammit, Ariel. You have a way of making me crazy, even when you’re not around…

A million excuses. That’s what began to flood my mind. ‘Don’t tell her’, they said…the voices in my head. ‘Save it til later’, they said. ‘You’re not ready!’ they said. I found myself wrestling with my own common sense as it did everything that it could to postpone and prolong the agony of not telling my mother that Ryan and I were…together. But…I really wanted to do it this time. I wasn’t going to get a better opportunity than I would right now. If I let it linger, then I’m just going to come up with more excuses later on…and I don’t want that. Enough is enough. I need to do this. And I need to do it today.

I just…had no idea HOW!!!

After pacing back and forth a few times in my room, cell phone in hand…I finally dialed up Ryan’s number and prayed that he’d answer right away. “Hey!” He said, his cute voice expressing his joy over hearing from me again. “What’s up?”

I didn’t have any idea of how to sugarcoat this whole thing, so I just blurted out, “I’m telling my mom that I’m gay!”

There was a brief pause, and Ryan suddenly stuttered, “Wait…what??? Like, right NOW???”

“No! Not NOW! But, like…when she comes home from work.” I said. “i just…I feel like it’s time. And if I don’t do it now, I might never do it at all. So….I’m thinking…just do it, right? Tell me I’m right.”

Ryan asked, “Are…are you sure? I mean, if you think you’re ready then that’s cool, but…”

“I’m ready. I’m SO ready.”

“This isn’t because of you coming over for dinner last night or anything, is it? Because, I told you, it’s not something that you have to do for my benefit.”

“Awww, I love you so much. I really do. And thanks. But…this is for me. Hell, in a way it’s for the both of us. And probably for her too.” I said. “Better she hear it from me than accidentally finding out about us later and having to feel weird about me not telling her myself. You know?”

“Wow…” He said. “Ok. I get it. I totally get it.”

“Cool.” Then I added, “That being said…um…help!”

“Help? Do you want me to come over?”

“Can you? Please? Just for a little while. I’m kinda freaking out here.”

Ryan giggled a bit to himself, and just as I expected, he said, “Say no more. Consider it done, babe. I’m on my way.”

“Thanks, dude. I feel better already.”

“I love you.” He said.

“Love you more.” I responded. And I hung up, putting my phone down so that I could continue my nervous pacing until I heard the doorbell ring. I practically ran to the front door and yanked it open, causing Ryan to giggle with surprise. “Come in! Come on, hurry up!”

“Hehehe, are you sure you’re feeling alright?” He said, but as soon as I closed the door, I grabbed both sides of my boyfriend’s face and kissed him deeply on the lips. GOD, I needed that! It was like a sudden breath of oxygen to a drowning man at that moment. “Randy? What are you doing?”

“I don’t KNOW what I’m doing!” I said, trying to keep a mild panic from growing out of control. “Ryan…I’m feeling a bit…queasy right now. I know that I shouldn’t, but…”

“Dude, it’s ok. Seriously, it’s all a part of the process. Just…come on. Let’s go to your room and relax for a bit. Calm down.”

“Yeah…” I said, my head getting a bit dizzy. “…Yeah, that’s probably a good idea.”

We got to my room, and Ryan sat me down on the bed, his hand lightly rubbing my back in small circles while I tried to catch my breath. “Do you want me to go to the fridge and get you something to drink or something?” He asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t…think so. I just…” I was almost panting with anxiety at that moment. I was really going to do it this time, wasn’t I? I felt like I simply didn’t have a choice anymore. It was out of my hands. And that was the scariest part of all this.

“It’s ok. Shhhh…” He kissed me lightly on the cheek, and I felt his fingers softly run themselves through my hair. “Randy…if it’s stressing you out this much, maybe this isn’t the time to do this. You should feel good about coming out to your mom. Or to anybody, for that matter. It’s not some pressured requirement that you tell the whole world about your sexual interests. It’ll be fine.”

“I know, but…this time things are different.” I said.

“How so?”

I looked into those beautiful eyes of his, and something about his striking good looks and compassionate demeanor just hit me with a one -two punch that just…it seemed to soothe me. He makes me feel so normal sometimes. “I really wanted to bring you into the house last night, you know?” He seemed confused. “When you walked me home after dinner with your dad? We were standing outside and I just…I felt like a dick for not taking you inside to say hi to my mom. Or for her to know that we were spending time together. Or that…like…I mean…I almost lied to her yesterday about going to your house…”

“Ok, slow down. I’m having trouble following you here, Randy.” He smirked.

I tried to focus a bit better. “I feel kinda…’sour’ about hiding who I am.” I said.

Ryan nodded softly. “Ok. I totally get that.”

“It’s like…Ariel came over here a bit earlier today, and we were talking…”

“Ariel came over here?” He raised an eyebrow. “Are you two making out behind my back now, or what?”

“Just a little bit. Not much tongue. I did keep my hands on his ass the entire time though.” I giggled, relieving a bit of the tension inside.

“Well…Ariel does have one of the nicest asses that I’ve ever seen.” He joked.

“I know, right??? Lucky Tyler!”

Ryan laughed, “Lucky what? What is that supposed to mean? What did you two talk about?”

Shit. Clamming up now. “My conversations with my friend, Ariel, are strictly confidential.” Ryan squinted at me for a moment, obviously figuring out what I was getting at with that last statement, but he didn’t push. “Anyway, back to the matter at hand…” I paused briefly, but…it hurt me to say, “When he was over here, Ariel asked me if you and I were a ‘secret’. And I found myself feeling bad to say that we were. At least where my mom was concerned. And…Ariel knows. Tyler knows. Matt and Sam both know. Then I got to have dinner with your dad…and I started thinking about Cody and him never getting the chance to tell his parents before they were gone…I think it just hit me all at once. It was a bit heavier than I ever could have expected it to be.” Then our eyes connected again, and I added, “I have to tell her, Ryan. I have to just…take a chance on this. At first, I was afraid that everything between us would change. But the truth is…it already has. Everything has changed. We just weren’t aware of it because we weren’t connecting anymore.”

Ryan looked back at me, and that heartbreaking stare of his gets to me every time. “You’re really serious about this, aren’t you?”

I nodded. “It’s time. And I’m scared. I’m not ashamed…but I’m scared.” Ryan took a hold of my hand and gave it a loving squeeze. “You mean the world to me, Ryan. Since we’ve been together, you’ve become the reason I get excited to wake up every morning so I can see you again. Why I get excited to go back to sleep so I can dream about you again. And I just…I feel like you and I can’t fly at the same speed while I’m still carrying this weight on my shoulders.” Feeling a bit emotional, i leaned in to kiss my boyfriend’s tender lips, and I caressed his cheek, telling him, “I don’t want you to be a secret, Ryan. Not anymore. I want to be the love that you share with the rest of the world. I want everyone in my life to see you shine the way I see you shine. It’s unfair of me to dim that light for something as selfish as a fear of change.”

With his misting up slightly, Ryan kissed me deeply, and then he hugged me around the neck. “God, you’re awesome. You know that?”

A single tear dripping from my eye, I sighed, “Yeah. I am so totally out of your league. Heh…”

He leaned back, hearing me sniffle, and he used his thumb to wipe my tear away. “Ok…so, how are we going to do this? What’s the game plan?” He asked.

“That’s the part I need help with. I have absolutely no idea how to go about doing any of this. I’m so screwed up in the head. I feel like I’m running, blindfolded, into six lanes of heavy traffic, here.”

“Well, what strategy do you want to use? Do you want to sort of build up to it and ease your way in? Or do you just wanna be blunt and come right out and say it?” He asked.

“I don’t want to give the poor woman a heart attack or anything. But what kind of conversation could I possibly have with my mom that could smoothly segue into, ‘Oh, by the way…I, ummm…'”

“Like to suck dick?” He grinned.

“Ryan! Hehehe, please stop saying it like that! Come on, this is serious.” I said, trying to keep his cute giggles from being so contagious this time around. “How did you tell your dad that you were gay?”

“Honestly, Randy…I barely remember.”

“How can you not remember something like that?”

“I don’t remember. What do you want me to say? It just sort of ‘happened’, and I told him that I was gay. It was a spur of the moment sort of thing. Like ripping off a Band-Aid.”

I rolled my eyes. “Ugh! Some help you are!”

What? I was in the friggin’ HOSPITAL after an accident. I was just glad that my eyes could follow the doctor’s flashlight from left to right when he shined it in my eyes. Hehehe!”

“So that’s how you came out to your dad? A momentary, highly delusional, lapse in judgement? Great.” I teased. “Now all I need is a bonk on the head and some loopy medication.”

“I can help out with the bonk on the head part, if you want.” He snickered. “Look…Randy, just…say what you feel. You’ve got one of the nicest moms that I’ve ever met in my life. It’s not like you’ll be telling her anything that isn’t true. At the end of the day…she’ll just get to know a little bit more about you than she did before. That’s all. It’s who you are. The moment you become proud of that and accept it…the mere formality of saying the words out loud really doesn’t take much of a leap of faith at all. In fact…it becomes pretty easy after that.”

Thinking about it, I knew that everything he was telling me was the truth. But the voices in my head kept fighting me on realizing it for what it was. Wildly searching for more excuses. More delays. Drudging up as much shame and worry as they could to push back on my need to do this and trying to warn me against it. I was staring down at my feet when I told him, “You know…growing up…my dad really had convinced me that I’d never be a person of any real value. That I’d have to be crazy to be proud of who I am. And when you grow up like that…you look at every mistake, every mild disappointment, every harsh criticism…as a part of proving him right. You see your whole life through that muddy filter, and it takes an entire lifetime to finally prove to yourself that you can be more than what he ever gave you permission to be.” Then I lifted my eyes to make contact with him again. “Deep down…a big part of letting him abuse me the way he did was just a physical extension of the way that I was abusing myself. I allowed him to hate me and to hurt me because I truly felt like I deserved it. But…just having you love me is enough to break that programming. You’re my proof. And it’s time I stepped up and used the tools you’ve given me to be with you. Fully. No bullshit. I want to own this.”

“And then?” he asked.

“And then…you and I work on growing old together. Just like we planned.” I smiled.

Ryan and I spent some time together that afternoon, with him trying to take my mind off of ‘thinking too much’ like I always do, and me trying to humor him by pretending that I still wasn’t freaking out about all this. But it was still a good time. And, as always, Ryan gave me anything and everything that I needed to feel whole again. He was a treasure that most people never find in their lives. Certainly not in high school. But the more surreal and ridiculous our easy, committed, and totally loving relationship seemed at such a young age…the more I cherished it for everything that it was. Ryan is my miracle.

I want to be his too.

When it got close to the time when I knew my mom would be coming home from work, Ryan stood up and I walked him to the front door again. But he was hesitant to leave right away. “Randy? You know…you don’t have to go through this alone. You know that, right?” He said. “If you want me to stay…? I mean, I’ll be right here to hold your hand when you tell her. You know I will.”

I kissed him softly on the lips. “I know.” I said. “But, honestly…I think this is something that I’ve got to do on my own. I really want to know how she feels about…well…everything. And, no offense, but my mom loves you…and I don’t want her to pull any punches or suppress any feelings for the sake of…’company’. You know?”

“Yeah. I get it.” Ryan said. And he moved in to hug me tight. An affectionate embrace that helped me to shake myself free of some of the jitters in my stomach as I inhaled his candied scent and reveled in the warmth of his arms holding me with such concern. “It’s gonna be alright. K?”

“I hope so, babe. I really do.”

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Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 22:05:12 +0000 (UTC) From: Subject: Joey Schiavo – slave boy Joey – installment 15 That first day, indeed the first week , of Joey’s summer job, went by in a flash. Joey had never worked in an office before – working with his father had always been manual labor – and there were many adjustments. And, at home, Bill had begun to become a much more dominant, demanding lover. He had, truly, become the top. Joey loved it. He loved the job. Every day was something new. That first day at work, he did almost nothing productive, as he moved around with his mentor, meeting people, learning how to program the copiers, getting an email address, and then finally, at about 3 o’clock, they gave him 5 pages of Italian to translate. He looked at it. This was NOT literature. Far from it. It was a contract. He had a dictionary, and of course, he had an online dictionary, but he didn’t have a resource for Italian legal terminology. He did the best he could, and wound up being at the office past five. That turned out to be the reason he learned about one of Bill’s new rules. When he got home, he didn’t see Bill right away. He went to their bedroom and changed out of his office clothes. He hung his pants carefully, put his shirt in the hamper for laundry, and switched into a tight t shirt and some shorts. Then he called his folks to tell them about the job. “Te amo papa” was the last thing he said before he hung up. He looked up to see Bill, standing in the doorway. He held a paddle in his hand and he was slapping it in his hand. “Schiavo. You must have learned that word in first year Italian, didn’t you Joey?” “Yes sir. It means slave.” “Well, keep that in mind. I’m putting some new rules into effect here. First, when you come home, you don’t change unless I say it’s ok. Some days, I’m gonna want you as a preppy, hot young executive.” Joey smiled. “Yes sir. I understand.” “AND…” He smacked the paddle against his hand. “Sometimes you’ll be late at the office. I understand that. And you’ll understand that I’ll want to know. And if you’re one minute later than you say you’ll be..” He smacked the paddle. “Five of these. And five more for every minute more. And a minimum of 20.” Somehow, the thought of getting a spanking was getting Joey aroused. “Yes sir. It’s a fair rule. I should have told you I was gonna be late.” “You were 30 minutes late. That SHOULD mean 150, but you can’t take that. So tonight, we’re gonna start with 25.” Bill came over and sat on the corner of the bed. “Over here, handsome. Over my knees.” “Uh. Yes sir.” Joey hadn’t been spanked since he was about 9. It hadn’t been pleasant then, but now.. he was kinda looking forward to it. He lay over Bill’s knees and Bill slid down his shorts. “That ass of yours is so pretty. Let’s see how it looks.. RED.” The paddle came down. “OW,” slipped out of Joey, and he knew, right away it was the wrong thing to say. “You’ll get a freebie tonight, slave Joey, but hereafter, anything other than “Thank you Sir,” is gonna add five more.” Bill came down with the paddle again. Joey knew he could have been much tougher with the strikes, but Bill seemed to know just how to make it feel, well, good. After 15 strokes, Joey began to moan, and not out of pain. “Heh heh. I see my little angel boy is getting excited.” “Yes Sir. Thank you Sir. I was tired when I came home, and I didn’t think I’d be in the mood. I am Sir. I’m in the mood for whatever you want.” Bill said nothing, but finished the additional ten smacks. Then he pulled Joey up by the back of his neck, and stared into his eyes. “GOD you’re a beautiful boy Joey..” He kissed him hungrily, before he pushed him, face down on the bed, and pushed his reddened cheeks apart. They were still sensitive, and Joey winced. “Thank you Sir. I’m so HARD.” Bill began to rub a cooling salve on Joey’s ass, before he put his cock head at the entrance. “Handsome guys at the office, joey boy?” “Yes Sir. But I thought of you.” MMMMMMGGGGG” Bill had just pushed in, and Joey spread his legs. “Harder Sir. Please. Take your boy. FUCK ME like the slave I am..” Bill was, in fact, fucking Joey hard. REALLY hard. His plan was that if Joey were gonna stay, he’d have to step things up and satisfy some of Bill’s more kinky needs. And there was no time like the present. “Slave boy’s gonna have to do a LOT more around this house.. Now that daddy paid his tuition for next year.” It was the first time Joey knew about that. He bit his lip. He didn’t want to break up the scene, but he wanted to hug Bill, and thank him. It would have to wait. “THANK YOU SIR. FILL ME. PLEASE. FILL ME.” Joey had been taken by Bill enough times to know when he was at the edge, and Bill WAS , at the edge. He took a deep breath, and in a line he never used again, he yelled. “I’M GONNA FILL MY ITALIAN STALLION LIKE A FUCKING CANNOLO” Joey laughed a little at the line. He had heard his father refer to cocks as cannolo tubes, and he and his buddies had teased each other about who had too much cream. That night, Joey probably did.” When Bill was finished, he lay down next to Joey, put him on his side, and pulled him close. “I guess you know I missed you.” “I missed you too Sir. Know what I thought all day today?” “What , angel boy?” “I need a picture of you. Or us, for my desk. Can I take a selfie tonight?” Bill smiled. “How about tomorrow after we’re both looking more professional.” Joey smiled back. “That sounds good. I’ll keep the adult ones to myself. ” He didn’t tell Bill that one afternoon, when Bill was sleeping, naked, he had taken a picture of his lover, and every now and then, pulled it up while he played with himself. Bill had made a dinner of a roast chicken and potatoes that night. “Sorry I didn’t make a reservation to go out, angel boy. We’ll celebrate this weekend.” “Sir, it IS a celebration. I’m here with you. I have a job. Who needs a restaurant?” Bill smiled. “Well, you may be eating sausage later.” “I love pepperoni Sir.” Not that night, but we’ll get to things. When Joey woke up the next morning, he found that Bill had already picked out a blue shirt, and chinos, for his second day. “DAMN. I’m gonna be the best looking guy at the office ” Joey thought as he got dressed. He turned around, and didn’t see Bill coming up and circling his waist. “Morning angel boy. I hope you slept well.” “I was in your arms, Sir. I always sleep well there.” Bill messed his hair, and kissed him. “Now you’ll need a little more product. ” He kissed him again. “Tonight, before dinner, slave boy, you learn about laundry, but that’s after we have a little bondage fun.” “A little bondage fun.” That thought kept going through Joey’s head at the office that day. He LOVED it when Bill tied him up. He LOVED struggling and feeling helpless and controlled. “UH Joey, let’s go over this translation.” The head translation, Filippo had come to his office. ” Fliippo took him to a conference room, and began to explain some of the intricacies of legal translation. Joey smiled when he said “as a general rule, when you’re doing legal translation, pick the most boring alternative. It works better. Now, I’m gonna give you what you did yesterday, but WITHOUT my corrections. Retranslate it. Let’s see how it works.” Filippo had been with the firm for a long, long time. He thought that Joey had “potential”as the FIRST translator of documents, but he was never going to be a certified translator, and that was ok. He just reported all of that to Kevin, who had already thought about that, and called Joey to his office late in the afternoon. “JOEY. ” He reached out his hand to shake Joey’s. “I wasn’t here to greet you yesterday, and I’m sorry. Have a seat.” “Uh, yes Sir. Did I do something wrong already?” Kevin laughed. “You know, Joey? Bill told me you were gonna say that again. Trust me: around here, if someone is in trouble, I let someone else take care of it. ‘I’M THE FUCKING BOSS. I GET TO MAKE OTHER PEOPLE CLEAN UP MESSES.” And he laughed. “But seriously Joey, I wanted to talk to you about working here this summer, and who knows about the future? Billy is a good judge of character, and he wouldn’t have asked me to give you a job if he didn’t think you would work out” “BILLY?” Joey thought to himself. “I wonder what kind of discipline I’d get for using THAT at home.” “Let me tell you the news. I hope I’m not surprising you. You’re never going to have a job as a translator, and that’s a good thing.” “It IS Sir? My Italian is bad?” Kevin laughed. “No Joey, you’re Italian is good. Here’s the thing. There are a lot of people looking for work, who are better at Italian than you are. I think you know that. ” Joey blushed, and thought of his professors, and the authors he had read in class, and also , his classmates who aced every test, while Joey studied like a demon. “I guess I never thought about that, but you’re right, Sir.” Kevin laughed. “Save the Sir for Billy. I’m Kevin. ” “Ok Sir. I mean – Kevin.” “So, this is what I’d like to do, if you’re up for it. Yes, you’ll officially be a translating legal assistant. But I’ve asked the senior paralegals to start training you on things other than translation. Paralegals don’t make bad money, Joey, and if you decide you’re going to go to law school, they’ll love you having professional experience on your resume’ “LAW SCHOOL? You think I could get into law school, Kevin?” Kevin sat back. “I don’t know. I don’t really know you. But Billy thinks you’re a smart ass who also happens to be smart. He thinks that if we let you, you could get lazy, but with a lot of responsibility, you won’t be. And he thinks that your grades going up as you go through school will be seen favorably. I agree with him on that.” “I never thought about that Kevin. LAW SCHOOL? For a guy like me? I just thought I’d…” “Be a coach?” “Well, yeah.” “Joey, listen. Nothing wrong with being a coach, NOTHING. Believe me. If you went and coached and then applied to law school, they’d probably like you even more.” He smiled. “Look, take this semester to see what you like.” He smiled, and looked directly at Joey . “I think this year has been about learning that you like things you never even thought about.” Joey blushed. “Yeah, Adam is a talker. He’s headed to medical school.” He sighed. “I don’t know how I’m gonna afford that.” He rolled his eyes. ‘OF COURSE I DO. I haven’t done this shit for this long to not be able to pay for my man to go to school. Billy’ll probably want to see if you wanna hang around too. If you do, trust me – there’s your tuition.” Then he smiled. “Don’t tell him I told you that. I think you know, though, he’s head over heels for you.” “I’m head over heels for him too, Kevin.” “Yeah, I know. Another hint Joey. Don’t tell Adam too much. He’s a big mouth.” Joey smiled. “Understood Sir.” Kevin stood up. “OK. Now there’s a big project going on, and Sean is gonna get you on it, so you can learn what the legal assistants do. ” He buzzed his intercom. “Sean, Joey’s ready for you.” In walked a tall, thin, dorky guy with a bow tie and a big smile. “Hi, I’m Sean. I remember you from when you came in yesterday. Gonna be fun to work with you.” “This guy has the hots for me,” Joey thought, correctly, right away. At 5, Joey began to pack up to get home. Sean stood at his cubicle. “Hey, Joey, I was just wondering. Can I take you out for a drink or something before you go home?” Joey looked at the time. “Uh, gee, that’s kind of you Sean. Another night maybe? I promised… well… I promised my man.” He blushed. “I’d be home early tonight.” Now Sean blushed. “OH. I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were taken.” He paused. “And it’s just an invite to a drink. Anytime. ” He began to back up. “Hey, Sean.” Joey put out his hand. “Thanks for showing me around today. I really wanna be a help to you guys. And thanks. Let me talk to Bill at home. We’ll pick another night.” Sean smiled. “SURE. Maybe you can invite Bill too.” xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx When Joey came home, and came inside the house, he saw that Bill had put a bondage chair in the middle of the living room, and restraints on the table near it. Joey found his cock swelling right away. Bill wasn’t around, but Joey knew what to do, and sat in the chair, arms behind his back, chest pointed out. “You remembered a few things, angel boy.” He felt Bill tying his wrists. “Good day at work.” “Good day, Sir. Better day now.” It was the last thing he got to say, as Bill gagged him with a penis gag. “THERE’s my pretty boy. Look how HOT he is..” Bill opened a few of Joey’s shirt buttons. “Hmmmm. Chest hair is growing in. Wonder what it’s gonna look like when you have a full lawn. ” He moved his fingers over Joey’s chest, and circled his nipples. “MMPH MMMPH MMMPH.” Bill hadn’t played with Joey’s nips in a while, and he missed it. A small wet spot began to form at his crotch. Bill said nothing , but moved in and began chewing one of the nips. Joey’s moans got louder, more strident. He was plaintive, begging Bill with his eyes, to take him. But Bill had other ideas, and walked behind him and began to nibble on his neck and ears, while his hand drifted down and squeezed Joey’s crotch. “You’re gonna get FUCKED sweet boy. And fucked HARD.” Joey shook his head vigorously, up and down. He had been mildly aroused when he came home. Now he was desperate. He needed cock in the worst way. Bill took him, tied up and gagged, to the bedroom. Tonight, he pushed Joey’s legs apart, and Joey felt Bill’s expert tongue in him. “MMMMMM. MMMMM. MMMMPH. GGGGMMAMGAMAMAJ” was all that came out of Joey’s gagged mouth, as Bill began slipping in his fingers. “You wanna get a COCK in your sweet Italian ass, boy?” Joey shook his head YES again, as he moaned to try to beg “PLEASE.” Bill complied, and he felt ALL of Bill going into him, all at once. The full push was too much, and Joey shot in his pants right away. When it happened, Bill stopped, he pulled out the gag, and untied Joey, so he could hug him, because Joey had begun to cry.” “ANGEL BOY. Did I hurt you?” Joey hugged him closer. “NO Sir. NO NO NO. It’s just… well.. someone at the office came on to me today, and.. well, I said no, because there was no question. And Kevin told me you were head over heels for me. But it can’t be as much as I am for you. It CAN’T be. It just CAN’T be..” That’s when Joey broke into full tears. “Oh, Angel boy. I AM head over heels for you. Triple somersault head over heels.” Joey laughed at the gymnast joke. “You’re gonna have to get used to folks coming on to you, young man. Men and women. Both. ” He kissed Joey on his forehead. He whispered in Joey’s ear. “But you’re mine, studmuffin. You belong to ME. Clear on that?” Joey didn’t hesitate “Yes sir. Sono il loro schiavo. I’m your slave. Sono il loro schiavo d’amore. I’m your love slave.” Joey used an honorific form. Bill smiled. “Now I’m gonna get back to taking what’s mine. Te amo Joey.” Bill climbed on top of Joey again, and fucked him hard. The break didn’t seem to quench his enthusiasm, and he came, HARD into Joey. At dinner, Bill told Joey that he was going to have a photographer come over on the weekend. They’d do a set of photos, and they’d be suitable for the office – well, SOME of them would be. And he also put Joey on notice, that he was gonna be hogtied, and tickled on the weekend. From under the table, he produced a very skimpy pair of sky blue speedos. “You’ll be wearing this boy. ” “Yes sir. I feel sexy already.” “You should always feel sexy Joey. ALWAYS.” Then he paused. “Tomorrow, we have to talk about my nephew Nate. He’s gonna move in next week. I’ll fill you in.”

The Strap-on Lay Over

    With the main meal served and after dinner drinks consumed, most of the passengers had opted to try and get some sleep on the long overnight flight down to Cape Town. The 747 wasn’t full tonight, which meant that the cabin crew were not rushed off their feet and were able to look after the passengers well.  Deborah Thomas was working in the business class cabin with a couple

Jumping the Queue

She pushes open the bedroom door and sees her husband’s head busy between the au pair’s wide-spread thighs. The young girl is moaning loudly, her back arched above the rumpled sheets. His hands are squeezing her small breasts hard, making her big rust-red nipples pop out even farther.  “John! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”  He looks back over his shoulder, his mouth glistening


Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 05:02:24 -0400 From: Hank Subject: Private Lessons Please donate to at Your donation will allow stories such as this to be published. Private Lessons Prologue Sam Atkins was a best-selling author, and he was gay. He didn’t talk about it, nor did he advertise it. Most people were not aware of his sexual orientation, and nobody asked. He kept himself in the closet, and practically a virgin. He had been mildly successful in the past. The few books he wrote paid for his needs, and nothing more. He kept praying for the one book that would soar to the top of The New York Times best seller list, and make him rich and famous, but he hadn’t reached his goal yet, and he was thirty-nine years old. Then Sam published “Souls in Anguish.” He had no reason to believe that it would have great success. Although it was a main stream novel, as were all his previous books, it was gay themed. The plot concerned two closeted gay men who fell in love. One of them was married with children, and the thrust of the book was the anguish these two men endured every day. Although the story was full of angst, it was also very romantic. There was no explicit sex in the book, and it could pass the scrutiny of any censor. Because it was gay themed, Sam believed he would have a limited readership. Not only that, but the book did not have a happy ending. Given the theme, how could it have? How wrong he was about the success of the book. He got his wish, and “Souls in Anguish” remained on the best seller list for over a year. During many of those weeks, it was at the top. If it wasn’t at the top, it was high up the list. Not only did Sam become famous, he became wealthy. He lived a solitary life, and he wasn’t great in the kitchen. There was a posh country club not far from his home in West Palm Beach, Florida. He decided to join, so he could eat at the club, and have a good dinner at least a couple of times a week. He could now afford to cut his working hours, so he thought that maybe he would take up golf and tennis as well. He applied for membership, and the Board overlooked the fact that he had no sponsor. They were glad to welcome a famous author into their ranks. -1- The first week that Sam belonged to the club, he took advantage of everything. He had a drink at the bar every evening, followed by dinner in the dining room. Occasionally, a diner asked for his autograph. He really did feel like a celebrity. He sought out the golf pro to arrange for lessons, and he decided to hold off on tennis until he achieved some proficiency at golf. Will Barnes, the golf pro, was a hunk. He was about forty-one or two years old, tall, very good looking, brown curly hair, and brown eyes. He wore shorts, that were too tight, and left nothing to Sam’s imagination. He also had a wedding ring on his left hand. Sam’s libido and his horniness slipped into high gear. All his life, he had learned to hide these emotions, and this time was no exception. Without his pushing any buttons, his body automatically slipped into cover-up mode. Will looked hard at his prospective student, and concluded that he was one good-looking guy. Most of his students were retired, balding and had been around the block too many times. He was glad to take Sam on as a student. “You have options regarding your lessons,” Will said. “I could give you private lessons, as many a week as you’d like, but my recommendation is that you take my clinic every Saturday morning. There will be other students in the class. After the clinic we can have lunch, and then I’ll take you out on the golf course to play a real round of golf. That way, I can instruct you in actual playing situations. That beats a flat driving range by a country mile. Sometimes we’ll be alone and sometimes we’ll be a foursome. You don’t have to make a decision right now. You can call me.” Will had no intention of booking anyone other than Sam for this special private lesson. Sam pictured himself alone in a golf cart with this Adonis. “I don’t have to think about it,” he said. “I’ll go for the lessons on the course. After golf, I can shower and have dinner here.” “Yes, you can,” Will smiled at Sam. “We’re all set then,” Will said. “I’ll see you for the clinic at 10 o’clock Saturday.” “I’m looking forward to it,” Sam said, and flashed what he hoped was his most endearing smile. When Sam showed up for the clinic, he was disappointed. Will was wearing loose fitting, long golf trousers. Sam missed the pleasure of eying the bulge in Will’s shorts. The first game they played on the golf course was an eye opener. They both learned a lot about each other. Sam told Will about his struggles to write a best seller and how lucky he was to have achieved his goal. He told his teacher little amusing secrets about himself, but held back that he was gay. He preferred not to tell, if not asked. “I’m married,” Will said with a deep sigh. “I’ve got five kid, all boys. As you can imagine there’s always bedlam at my house. I love to come to work for a little peace and quiet. After my wife gave birth to the last boy, I got a vasectomy with my wife’s overwhelming approval. She knows that I give private golf lessons on the golf course every Saturday. Sometimes I lie and call her to say that the lessons ran late and I’m eating at the club. She doesn’t seem to care.” “I told you,” Sam said, “I’ll be having dinner at the club after our lesson every Saturday. I’d love for you to join me.” Sam’s cover-up gear was slipping into first, maybe even second, and he didn’t realize it. After their second lesson on the golf course, and every lesson after that, Will and Sam had a drink at the nineteenth hole. Then they went to the locker room to shower and change. At last they got to see themselves in all their glory. They were both six feet tall. Their cocks were uncut and about four and a half inches flaccid. They admitted to each other that they grew to seven inches. Sam’s hair and eye color were the same as Will’s, except that Sam’s hair was straight, and Will’s was curly. Sam possessed a seductive smile, not that he used it often. After the shower, they had another drink at the bar, and then had dinner together. The two men were becoming especially good friends. One day during a game, Will said, “Sam, you’re doing great. There’s not much more I can instruct you in. All you have to do is to keep playing and you’ll get better and better. Just sign up for a tee off time, and I’ll match you up in a foursome. Most of the guys in the club are really nice company.” “Can I hire you to play golf with me and give me advice on the golf course from time to time? I enjoy playing with you,” Sam admitted. “Me too. I enjoy playing with you. We’ll work it out.” “I also feel that we’ve become good friends,” Sam said. “Perhaps we can continue to have lunch and dinner together when it’s convenient for you.” “I’d like that. I’d like that a lot,” Will said, smiling an ingratiating smile at Sam. -2- Late in May, the two men were playing a round of golf. “Will was giving Sam sound advice regarding his game, but he was prompted to say, “I hate to charge you, Sam. It’s like I’m playing with a buddy.” “I feel the same way,” Sam said, “but you have to make a living, so forget about it.” “I have to tell you something,” Will said. “School lets out this Friday, and my wife is going up north to Albany to visit her folks. She’ll be gone all summer. I’ll be a bachelor, like you, until school begins again late in August. Let’s hang out together. We can go to a real bar on the outside, and tie one on occasionally. Frankly, I married too young, and I missed out on all that.” “Will,” Sam said, “I can’t think of anyone I’d rather hang out with more than with you.” Without conscious thought, Sam took hold of Will’s hand. Neither man noticed. The following Saturday as the two men played golf, Will was exulting in the fact that he was a free man. He didn’t have to hurry home or make excuses. “After dinner tonight,” he said, “I know a great bar downtown. It’s quiet and we can talk away the whole night, until 2 AM anyway. Would you like to go with me?” “Sure, I’d love to, but you’re married. What’ll you do if some woman comes on to you?” Sam asked. “I’d fuck her. Why not? I can’t get her pregnant so I don’t have to worry.” He got hysterical with laughter. “Tell you what,” Sam said, “we have to pass right by my house going down town. Follow me home after dinner, and leave your car at my place. Then I can drive you back at the end of the evening, and you can pick up your car.” Will just nodded, and smiled. They entered the bar that evening, and it was just as Will said it would be, dark and quiet. They found a table in a corner, and Sam said, “If you wanted to have a quiet conversation with me, this location is perfect.” There was no table service, so Will said, “I’ll go to the bar and get us a couple of drinks. The first one’s on me. Some rich dude paid me big bucks for a lesson today.” Once again, he broke out laughing. They sat quietly together for a while. Neither of them spoke. Finally, Will said, “I read your book, `Souls in Anguish.'” Sam smiled. “Did you like it?” he asked. “I loved it, but I have to ask. You’re the single gay guy, aren’t you?” Sam was stunned. He was so good at covering up that he couldn’t believe Will was outing him. “I’m not the guy in the book,” Sam asserted, “but I am gay. Do you still want to be my friend?” “I’d want to be more than that. I’d want to be your married lover.” Will lowered his head as if he was afraid of Sam’s reaction. He needn’t have been. Sam took his hand and said, “I want that more than you, but as you know, the story doesn’t have a happy ending.” “I know,” Will said, “but it’s okay. I will never leave my wife and sons. I’ll be grateful for whatever you give me.” “Right now, I’d like to give you a slobbery kiss,” Sam said, “but we’re in a straight bar.” “There’s a gay bar not far away. I’ve scoped it out often, but I’ve been afraid to go in alone. Do you wanna go there?” “Next time maybe,” Sam answered. “Right now, all I want to do is go home and nail you to my bed, so I can make love to you all night.” Will grabbed Sam’s hand and they ran out of the bar. They left their almost untouched drinks on the table. As soon as they got into Sam’s car, they began to kiss, and fondle each other. Finally, Will pulled away. “Let’s get this show on the road,” he said. When the car started to move, Sam asked, “I gotta know, Will, have you ever had sex with a man before?” “Sure, in college. I was on the golf team, and every time we went out of town for a competition, I roomed with a guy named Jim Murphy. The two of us had no trouble making each other happy. The difference is that Jim settled down with a guy, and I got married to a woman.” “Do you regret it?” Sam asked. “Of course, I do, but if I hadn’t married, I wouldn’t have my five sons. I’m really glad about that. I have a request, Sam,” Will said. “I don’t want us to have sex tonight. I want us to make love with each other.” “There was never a doubt,” Sam assured Will. Will never went home that night. They skipped the pre-love shower because they had showered after their round of golf. Will took the lead. He actually had more experience than Sam. He gave Sam a long and sensuous trip around the world. When he was satisfied that his tongue had bathed every part of Sam’s anatomy, he turned the reins over to Sam, who did the same to Will. When they were finally satisfied, they fell into a sixty-nine position. They were both too hot to stop themselves, and they came in each other’s mouths. They both swallowed. They lay side by side catching their breaths, and fondling each other. “Let’s fuck next time,” Sam said. “You bet,” Will mumbled, and they fell asleep in each other’s arms. The two men slept together almost every night until Will’s family returned. -3- Will resumed living at home. The anguish Sam described in his book, became the way they lived their lives. They did all sorts of crazy things. Will told his wife that he was going to keep the pro shop open an hour longer every day so that he could have additional income. Instead, he left earlier, and stopped at Sam’s on his way home. They made love quickly, and it wasn’t satisfactory for either of them. They suffered the anguish because they knew, from the time they began their relationship, that this would be the best they could expect. Will also told his wife that he was extending his teaching hours to accommodate working men. Of course, he spent the extra time with Sam. One time, Will was even bold enough to tell his wife that he had entered a golf competition and would be away for a few days. The problem these men had was that they weren’t fuck buddies, they had fallen deeply in love. Every time they had to separate, the anguish ate at their souls like the two men in the book. They knew they had to do something. They either had to stop seeing each other, or Will had to leave his wife. He didn’t care about that. His concern was for his children. The married lover in Sam’s book was faced with the same dilemma, and he chose to stay with his family. In the book, the lovers stopped seeing each other. One Saturday, Sam and Will were having a before dinner drink at the nineteenth hole. Very casually, Sam said, “I’m writing a sequel to `Souls in Anguish.’ I haven’t given it a title yet.” “How does it come out?” Will asked. “I don’t know, I’m waiting to see.” Will stifled a sob. He knew that Sam was telling him that it was decision time, and the decision was all his. “Let’s not see each other for a few days,” Will said. “I’ll spend as much time as I can with my family, and I’ll think long and hard about your sequel. As soon as I know, I’ll tell you how I think it should end.” Sam didn’t even try to stifle his sobs. All he could say was, “Okay, but try not to be influenced by the decision in the book.” They didn’t see each other until the following Saturday. After the clinic, Sam went to Will’s office at the country club. Will locked the door and they grabbed each other, holding as tightly as possible. “Well?” Sam asked. “I missed you so much, I could barely get through the week,” Will said with a slight whimper. “I mean, have you figured out how the sequel should end?” Sam persisted. “I have two endings,” Will finally smiled. “The first requires compromise from both of us. Let me explain, and if you don’t like that ending, I’ll give you the other one.” “I’m listening,” Sam said. “My boys range in age from fifteen to twenty” Will explained. “The two eldest are in college, and are not likely to live at home again. The third one starts his freshman year at Florida State this September. The fourth one has already informed us that right after high school graduation, he’s going to New York to pursue a career in the theater. He’s been in all the high school musicals, and he’s really very talented. The fifth one goes off to college in two years.” “Very interesting,” Sam said, “but I knew all that.” “Hear me out, my love. I figure we can go on for another two years like we are doing now. When the last of the kids goes off to college, I’ll leave Candice, divorce her, and move in with you. So, what do you think?” “I think it’s too pat and too sappy. That ending could be in a Hallmark movie,” Sam sniggered. “Okay then, here’s the alternate ending to the sequel,” Will sighed. “The next time we make love, let’s set up a camcorder in the room. I’ll send the video to Candice, claiming to be an anonymous friend warning her about her husband’s infidelity. She’ll kick me out immediately, for sure.” “Now, that I like,” Sam smiled. “It has drama. I’d have pages and pages to write describing the emotions of the wife and the two protagonists. I’d also spend a few pages on the wife trying to figure out who the anonymous friend is. I could also write more than a few paragraphs on how the men planned to set up the camera. It’s a really daring ending, and I think it might work.” “I’m glad you like it, because those are the only two scenarios that make any sense, and that I can see would get us together,” Will said. “I can get hold of all the camera equipment by next Saturday,” Sam said confidently. “Let’s do the deed in a motel. It will add a certain sleaziness to the whole adventure.” “That’s all well and good,” Will agreed, “but for now could we skip the golf game and go to your house instead?” -4- The next Saturday, as soon as the clinic was over, Will and Sam went to Will’s office again and locked the door. They kissed and fondled each other for a few minutes, then Sam said, “I have us booked at a motel up the road.” He reached into his pocket and took out a crumpled piece of paper. “Here’s a draft of the letter that I’ve typed to give to Candice with the tape,” Sam said. “Read it and make any suggestions you want to.” Dear Candice, Your husband has been cuckolding both of us. Let me explain why I said both of us. He and I have been lovers for more than eight years. Recently, I found out that he has been fucking someone besides the two of us. His lover is a guy. They do it every Saturday in a cheap motel. I know that he tells you that he’s giving golf lessons, but that’s a lie. Last Saturday morning, I bribed the desk clerk. He let me into the room he had booked for them. He told me that they always booked the same room. I set up the camcorder so that it was hidden, but it was aimed directly at the bed. You can clearly see the results of my efforts. After they checked out, the desk clerk let me back in to retrieve the camcorder. The reason I sent you this tape is to warn you that your husband is a bleeding faggot. I’d kick him out if I were you, but don’t worry, I won’t let him back in my life either. Your husband’s very angry, other gay lover, or more correctly, former gay lover. “It’s perfect,” Will said. “Let’s get to the hotel to set up the equipment, but more importantly, I want to make love.” “We’re not making love today,” Sam said adamantly. “We’re going to fuck lustily, and use gutter language. I want the tape to disgust Candice.” ***** Candice received the tape on Wednesday morning via UPS. She read the letter and slumped in a chair. She was more than shocked until she thought about it for a while. For some time now, Will had been avoiding making love to her. He always had some lame excuse. Now it made sense. Fortunately, she and Will still had a dual VCR and DVD player. She inserted the tape and pushed the play button. In seconds she was appalled, but she didn’t have the strength to eject the tape. She saw her husband rush into the room with some guy. They undressed rapidly and fell into a sixty-nine position on the bed. She could see that both men were hard and dripping pre-cum. Suddenly, Will pulled away. “I’m cumming,” he announced. He crouched on all fours and the other man began to suck his ass. Candice wanted to vomit. All the while the man sucked her husband’s ass, Will was yelling profanities. Finally, the other guy stopped sucking, and he fucked her husband doggie style. He did not protect himself, and he spilled his seed inside her husband’s ass. Since his vasectomy, Will had not used protection with her. It occurred to her that he could give her an STD, or maybe he already had. Then, they switched positions, and when Will started to suck the other guy’s ass, she finally had it. She gathered up her strength, and ejected the tape. ***** Will got home that evening, and found Candice sitting calmly on a kitchen chair. Her hands were folded on her lap. There was no hint that she had cooked dinner. He knew that the package had arrived, but he asked innocently, “What’s wrong?” “I think you can figure out what’s wrong.” She waved the cassette in the air. “I received this tape this morning, and it clearly shows you having sex with a man. It’s bad enough that you’ve been cheating on me, but with a man? That’s revolting.” “How could you have such a tape?” Will asked in shock. “We were always so discreet. Who could have photographed us, and why?” “All I know is that it’s another guy who got jealous because you were cheating on him too.” “I’ll pack a bag and get right out of the house,” Will said, acting stunned, “It’s for the best.” “You better believe I’m going to use this tape when I sue for divorce. I’ll take you for everything you have.” “Don’t do that,” Will pleaded. “It’ll traumatize the boys. I swear, I’ll give you everything you want.” “If I’m satisfied that I have everything I want, I won’t use this tape, but be warned, it’s my secret weapon.” A couple of hours later, Will arrived at Sam’s door. He looked frightened. “Our scheme worked,” he informed Sam. “Why do you look so apprehensive?” “I’ve still got to pay the mortgage, pay child support, and alimony. I don’t know if I can make it. I’ll do the best I can, but will you help me?” “Oh, so that’s it? You’re after my money.” Of course, Sam was joking, but Will took him seriously. “No,” he sobbed, “I swear, I love you.” Sam wrapped Will up in his arms. “I know you do, you big oaf. I was just kidding. You’ll manage just fine. You’re going to live with me rent free. That’ll help with your expenses. Have you had dinner yet?” “No, not yet.” “Let’s have dinner out to celebrate, and not eat at the club. Eat well, because I intend making love to you all night, and you’ll need all your strength,” Sam advised Will. Will smiled at last. “So, what are you going to name your sequel?” he asked. “I never intended to write a sequel, but if I did, I’d call it `Soul’s United,'” Sam laughed. One year later, Will’s divorce became final. With that behind them, Sam and Will settled into their very own domestic scene. Even if Sam never wrote the sequel to his best seller, they were still souls united. One evening, Sam decided to tease Will. “What does the tennis pro look like?” he asked. “I’m thinking of taking tennis lessons.” “You should take tennis lessons,” Will agreed. “Then you can take advantage of all that the club has to offer. As to what she looks like, she’s about twenty-seven and drop dead gorgeous, if you’re into that sort of thing.” “I think I’ll take lessons, even if I’m not into that sort of thing, so you and I are stuck with each other forever. We’ve already established that we’re soul mates.” Their love making that night was way more passionate than usual. From the day they met, both their lives changed dramatically. They both knew that, and each silently thanked their guardian angels for their wonderful gift.

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