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I have been able to let go of things I have kept hidden since I was a little boy. Your parents have made me fully aware of just how much they love and support me, and they have made me grow in ways I have wondered if I ever would. Jenny has helped me to realize how many good people still exist in the world we have grown to question. Our synagogue, our friends and family there, they all have lovingly pushed us to be the very best we can be.” “Jason and David have taught me so much about love and trust and that is all because of your love of them and your desire to make them the best, most successful people they can be. You walked into my world and changed my life forever.” “The challenge I made and you accepted the first night we roomed together was so pivotal in the happiness we both have today. You have been so awesome and I owe everything I have accomplished in the last 4 years to you and you only. I love you so very much and I am so blessed that you love me back the way you do. Thank you for that.” Peyton looked a bit awestruck when Jaiden said that and then leaned in and lovingly kissed him. It was electrifying. It was their last day in Orange Beach before they would fly home to Erie and Jaiden was finally on top of the world. When he went down to breakfast with Peyton, Mom and Dad noticed he was very upbeat and they asked him what was up. Jaiden told them he had let go of a lot of sadness and hurt that he had held in since he was a little boy; how he had come to realize just how much they loved and respected him; and he had come to realize he loved Peyton so intensely he couldn’t describe it. He said life had taken on a whole new meaning for him and he could now see himself accomplishing everything he had planned for his life. He said he had the best spouse in the world, the best new family, and the prospect of having children which he had never imagined being possible. I am and have been so blessed and to finally realize just how much has set me on top of the world and I refuse to come down. My goal at this point is to make Peyton the happiest person in the world by whatever honorable means I have to use. He picked Mom up, kissed her on the cheek, and swung her around, and said only Hashem knows how much I love my family! He had a smile on his face that even Peyton had never seen. Yes, he had a smile that Peyton loved, but this smile was different. It was truly a happy smile and Peyton was enjoying it to the hilt. Jaiden told Peyton he wanted to ride to Mobile and have lunch with him today. He didn’t let anyone know he had rented the room at the hotel that he and Peyton had stayed in on the first night of their honeymoon. Rose petals would be scattered around the floor, and, on the bed, there would be a dozen long-stemmed red roses for Peyton. This was going to be a romantic day and night Peyton would NEVER forget. When they got to Mobile, Jaiden took Peyton to the most loved and respected restaurant in town and fed him the finest of foods. Then he took his love and walked arm-in-arm down the beach with him. The smile Jaiden had on his face when he awoke this morning was still on his face. As they walked down the beach, Jaiden stopped at an ice cream stand and bought Peyton a cone of his favorite ice cream. Peyton enjoyed his treat as they turned and started walking back to the hotel. When they got to the hotel, Peyton started to walk to the car. Jaiden told him, “not so fast,” there was one more thing he wanted them to see. They went inside the hotel and Jaiden gave the desk clerk his ID. The clerk then handed Jaiden a key card. He took Peyton by the hand and said, “come with me, Sweetheart!” They got on the elevator and Jaiden punched the button of the floor to which he wanted to go. When they got to the room Jaiden had the key for, Peyton realized what room it was and tears started welling up in his eyes. When Jaiden opened the door and Peyton saw all the rose petals scattered about, tears began pouring from his eyes. He looked up at Jaiden and said, “you did all of this for me without me having so much as a hint?” “Yes love I did. You deserve today and I wanted so badly for you to have it.” Peyton put his hands behind Jaiden and then over the back of his shoulders and held him as he laid his head on Jaiden’s chest and cried from his heart. “Peyton looked up at Jaiden and said, “I can’t believe you did this for me, Jaiden, you are such an awesome man and I am so glad you asked me to marry you. You are so special! I hope we have 50 years and then some together. Jaiden walked over to the bed, picked up a dozen long-stemmed red roses, and handed them to Peyton. That was all it took to push Peyton over the edge. He truly cried at that point and Jaiden held him close and kissed the top of his head while rubbing his back. When Peyton had calmed himself, he walked over to the nightstand and picked up a gift-wrapped box. The card read, “To Peyton with all my love, Jaiden.” Peyton looked at Jaiden in total shock. Jaiden was beating every day that Peyton thought was romantically unbeatable. Jaiden didn’t say anything when Peyton picked up the gift box. He kept his eyes on Peyton’s. When Peyton finally opened the box, it contained all the supplies they first used to make love and a new bottle of the lotion that he loved to smell on Jaiden. It was also the lotion that Jaiden loved to smell on Peyton. As Jaiden watched Peyton, Peyton turned the covers back on the bed. Afterward, he began slowly removing all his clothes. When he was fully undressed, he walked to Jaiden and began slowly undressing him. When Jaiden was completely undressed, Peyton took his hand and led him to the bed, laid him down, and then turned him on his stomach. Peyton took the bulb in the gift box and went into the bathroom and filled it with warm water, put a bit of lube on the tube, and walked back to Jaiden. He reached down and parted Jaiden’s cheeks a bit, inserted the tube on the bulb, and filled Jaiden with the warm water. Without saying a word, Peyton went back to the bathroom, cleaned the bulb, filled it with warm water, and laid on the bed and filled himself with warm water. Both lovers laid there for a few minutes when Jaiden took the bulb, cleaned it, and refilled it with warm water. After he voided himself, he laid back down on the bed and filled himself with the warm water. Still, not a word was said. 10 minutes later, Peyton repeated the routine on himself and laid on the bed for 15 minutes. Jaiden had voided himself and was lying on his back on the bed. Peyton got up and went to the bathroom to void himself and then went back to the bed and snuggled up to Jaiden. Jaiden reached over and got the lube from the nightstand. He put a moderate amount of the lube on his hand and applied it to Peyton. Still not a word said. Peyton was pulled on top of his lover and his phallus was placed where Jaiden wanted it and Peyton slowly pushed in. After a minute or so, he began slow, rhythmic movements inside Jaiden and edged himself over and over. He did this for 45 minutes before allowing himself to climax inside his lover. When he did, he leaned up and lovingly kissed his husband and then laid his head on Jaiden’s chest. They laid there for almost an hour before Jaiden rolled Peyton over on his back. Jaiden did say one thing at this point: “Peyton I love feeling you, all of you, inside me without a condom or anything else. It feels so amazing to me!” It was Peyton’s turn to put some lube in his hand and apply it to Jaiden. When he had done that, Jaiden slipped between Peyton’s legs and began to enter him. Jaiden laid there for a few minutes to give Peyton time to acclimate to the love session that was about to begin. When he began making love to Peyton, he noticed a tear falling from Peyton’s eyes. Scared he was hurting Peyton, he stopped and asked Peyton if that was the case. Peyton hugged Jaiden tightly and then told him he was thinking of how far he had come in trusting himself and he was realizing how much he truly loved him. Jaiden continued making slow love to his mate taking his time to be gentle and make it last. After almost an hour, Jaiden allowed himself to climax inside Peyton. When he did, Peyton softly cried. He looked up at Jaiden and said, “thank you for this wonderful surprise, sweetheart, you have truly made my day. My love for you is a hundred-fold more today than it was yesterday. I love you so very much, I hope you know that.” “I do, sweetheart, I do, and I hope you understand I love you even more.” I do Jaiden, it is too evident for me not to know it.” Peyton rolled Jaiden on top of him and asked Jaiden to make love to him again. Jaiden did as tenderly as he could as he continually kissed Peyton. When the flood gates opened, Jaiden just laid there until he naturally slid out of his lover. He looked at Peyton and said, “Your turn sweetheart. Peyton rolled on top of Jaiden and began to make love to him gentler than he ever had before. When he allowed himself to climax, he kissed Jaiden and laid his head on his lover’s chest and they laid there until they fell asleep. A few hours later, they awoke, showered, dressed, and took a long walk down the beach. They went back to the beach behind the hotel and Jaiden sat on a chaise styled wooden chair and pulled Peyton onto his lap. Peyton laid his head on Jaiden’s chest and, without a word uttered, Jaiden rubbed Peyton’s face and twirled his fingers in Peyton’s hair as he laid his head on top of Peyton’s so he could linger in Peyton’s scent. They fell asleep together in their embrace only to wake up when the rain started pouring. They ran back to their room in the hotel, removed their wet clothes, and hung them up to let them dry a bit before they headed home. After dinner, Peyton told his parents what Jaiden had done for him earlier in the day and asked if they would mind picking them up at the hotel and taking them to the airport so one of them could drive his car back to the house. His parents said they did not mind doing that at all, so Peyton took Jaiden’s hand and they got in the car and headed back to the hotel. Tonight was going to be a marathon night of making love and giving massages until they had to head to the airport in the morning. When the sun rose, they got up, showered, dressed, had breakfast, and put their luggage in the car and checked out of the hotel. They sat on a bench in front of the large windows until they saw Dad come in to get them. When they got to the car, Jenny was waiting for them. Jaiden, Peyton, I talked to my friends at the temple and it looks like there are going to be four pregnancies this summer. Peyton and Jaiden hugged Jenny and sobbed. When they composed themselves, Peyton asked Jenny if she had called and let Dale and Charley know. She said she hadn’t but she was going to tell them at the airport when they met up. When everyone arrived at the airport, Dale, Charley, and their parents were there. Jenny looked at the parents and asked, well how are the grandpas and grandmas doing this morning. They were stunned as they looked at their sons. Dale, Charley, I talked to my friends at the temple and it looks like there will be four pregnancies this summer. Dale let out a deep, loud, guttural cry and his Dad grabbed him before he hit the floor. It was the same with Charley. When they were composed, they asked Jenny. “They love us that much that they are going to carry our children?” “Yes, you guys, they do and they are.” Guys, the four of us will be coming to your house at the end of Spring to see Dr. Schrader. He has mailed us prescriptions for the medications he wants the four of us to take before the procedures begin, and they will begin when we get to your house. He also said to tell each of you guys that he is honored to be able to help all four of you at no cost and that however long it takes for the pregnancies to occur, he will be there to help. There were now four young men, three sets of parents, and one sister crying their hearts out in the middle of the airport. Security came over to make sure everybody was ok. When we told them yes and what they guys had just learned, damned if they didn’t start crying. People we didn’t know hugged us and said congratulations. It was so awesome. We all kissed goodbye and the guys took off to TSA to check-in. As they went through TSA, word had spread through the airport, and the TSA agents hugged or shook hands with the guys and said their congratulations. The guys boarded the plane and took their seats next to each other. When the door to the plane was closed and it was time for the stewardesses to give the safety briefing, the pilot came on the speaker and said, “ladies and gentlemen, an issue has arisen that we need to address and I will let the stewardesses advise you of what is going on. “Ladies and gentlemen, we need the following individuals to come to the front of the plane: Jaiden Riley-Reynolds, Peyton Riley-Reynolds, Dale Jacobs-Anderson, and Charley Jacobs-Anderson. Gentlemen, please bring any items you brought on-board with you. As the guys got to the front of the plane with worried looks on their faces, the stewardesses asked them to turn and look at their fellow passengers. “Ladies and gentlemen, we have just learned that these four young men are soon to become Daddy’s. Please help us honor them at this time. Everybody began applauding, whistling, and yelling congratulations at the guys. You may also be interested in knowing these four young men are brothers. The applause and shouts got even louder and lasted at least 15 minutes before everybody quietened down. In the meantime, the push back had already taken place. The stewardesses told the guys that in honor of what they were facing, the Captain told the attendants to seat them in first class. They were shocked. When their luggage had been stowed and they had taken their seats, the passengers were asked to pay attention to the video about to begin playing on the screens in front of them. The flight attendants took their seats for takeoff and the safety briefing began. Tears were still streaming from the brother’s eyes. They got first-class treatment all the way home. When they arrived at the airport in Erie, Jaiden removed a large envelope from the back of the seat in front of him. As they were preparing to deplane, he handed each flight attendant a card with a small gift inside. As before, the flight attendants were dumbfounded that four young men would be so thoughtful in recognizing them for the service they had provided during the flight. Before anyone was allowed to deplane, the Captain and co-pilot came out and shook hands with the brothers and personally congratulated them. The guys thanked the Captain for allowing them to fly in first class. The Captain looked at them and said, “gentlemen, I live in Pensacola and I know all about each of you. You deserved to fly first class and anytime you fly on a plane on which I am Captain, and there is room, you will always be upgraded to first class. Thank you for all you have done for the six counties and three states that have honored you for your accomplishments. Have a great day! The flight attendants were totally in awe of the young men and asked to have a group picture taken with them and they agreed. The head flight attendant said we already have your address, so we’ll send each of you a copy of the picture. The guys, who were completely floored, thanked the attendants and went to retrieve their luggage. Peyton said, “Guys can you believe all that happened on the flight home? It was AMAZING! I can’t wait for our parents to find out. As soon as they got home and visited with the Kravitz boys, they called their moms and dads and told them about the flight. All the parents were overjoyed for their sons. Dr. Mom cried a bit when they told her. They called the Rabbis and Pete and Allison and asked if they could come over for coffee and horderves tonight, that they had something they wanted to tell them. At about 7 pm, they all arrived. Rabbi Kravitz, the most inquisitive of the bunch asked, “So what is the news you wanted to tell us?” “Rabbi, you may want to sit down first,” Jaiden said rather deadpanned. Rabbi got a worried look on his face when Jaiden said that. Jaiden commented about the look of dread on his face and said, “Rabbi, your look of dread may very well be in order. Now the Rabbi truly looked worried. Rabbi, you may be called upon to do seven bris ceremonies instead of three. We won’t know until around the end of summer. He was floored at the news and Pete and Allison started crying. The Rabbi said, “Guys, this is such awesome news. When did this all come about?” “This past week, Rabbi, when my sister and her sister-in-law, Jennifer, Rabbi Rob’s sister, said they were ready to be surrogate moms for my and Peyton’s children. Mom Riley said it was a shame that someone hadn’t offered to be surrogate moms for Dale and Charley.” “My sister told mom that several women her age in their synagogue had offered to be surrogates for Charley and Dale and she called them and they were ready and willing. Dr. Schrader has mailed each of them the prescriptions for medicines he wants them to take before the IVF procedures begin. Please, don’t tell anyone until we know the ladies are pregnant and everything is ok. Pete, Allison, we talked everything over and we each said how neat it would be for our children to be able to play with your children and how fun it would be to watch them. We are going to get Ginny to choose one of her friends to help us raise the children while we finish med school and go through our internships and residencies. Pete and Allison said, “that is going to be so neat to experience together.” The Rabbis and Rebbetzins agreed. Everything said Charley yelled, “Let’s p-a-r-t-y!!!” And we did just that, we partied for a good two hours. The guys danced the traditional Jewish dance of celebration and the ladies did their dance. What a night! When we got to class Monday morning, there was a pop-quiz to see who had read the assigned material. It was scored on Hollerith cards so the professor’s assistant ran them through the grader and we got our scores at the end of the class. Jaiden and I had perfect scores. So, folks, what did everyone do over spring break? I have a feeling that Jaiden and Peyton probably had the most interesting break, so let’s start with them. “Jaiden, what did you do?” “Doc, I did whatever Peyton told me to do.” The class howled at my answer. “Doc, we spent the first week with my mom in Abingdon and had the most restful week in a long time. The second week we flew down to Orange Beach, Alabama, and spent the rest of the week with the most wonderful family I could ever become a part of. I let go of a lot of pent-up feelings I had harbored since my Dad was killed in the plane crash in Africa. Peyton’s Dad, Dr. Jim Riley, has been so awesome to step in and be a real Dad to me. And Peyton’s Mom, she is the best Mom a person could ever hope to inherit through marriage. She helped me through a lot while we were down there. I also had the privilege of having some time to talk to Peyton-the-Jackass.” “Jaiden, did I hear you correctly, Peyton-the-Jackass?” Yes, sir, he’s the mule Peyton’s Dad named after Peyton. He didn’t want to miss talking to Peyton whom he said could be a jackass at times, so he bought a mule and named him Peyton-the-Jackass.” Again the class howled. “Doc, the most special thing we did to me was to go back to the hotel where our wedding occurred, spend the day, and that night in the room we spent our first wedded night in. I got to relive our wedding night. Friday night was a night I will never, ever forget.” “The day before when the family had dinner at the hotel to celebrate the most awesome news Peyton and I could ever receive, I finally let go of the years of hurt and loneliness from my Dad’s death and I realized how loved I have been and am from Peyton’s family. Last weekend, I found the Dad I never had.” Instead of applause, everyone was wiping tears from their eyes, including the professor. “Well, Peyton we know a part of what you did, what else did you do?” “Thursday morning, Dad had a full slate of surgeries and he asked Jaiden and me if we could help him, so we did. As he finished the surgeries, I pulled the muscles back together and sutured them. That is the part Jaiden helped me with. Then I stapled or zippered the incisions closed on the horse and cow and sutured the small animals.” “Very interesting! How long have you been assisting your Dad in surgical procedures?” “Gosh Doc, I have been doing it so long I have about forgotten exactly when I started. I guess it was around the age of 14 when I had watched him so much, I asked if I could try a suture or two. That would be…8 years ago. Dad said the work I did was so perfect he had me start closing most of the incisions he made on weekend surgeries. I became extremely good at doing that.” “What I enjoyed most, though, during the break was the quality time I got to spend with Jaiden. Hours-long walks on the beach; watching sunsets; holding each other; and not saying a word. That was the most awesome part of the break to me, the quality time I got to spend alone with Jaiden.” “All the professor said, was “WOW!” “Professor, there is one bit of news that I don’t think can be topped by anything we did during Spring break.” “We talked with my sister and her sister-in-law, Jennifer, brother-in-law’s wife, about the most wonderful thing that could happen to a couple. These ladies want mine and Jaiden’s children to be our biological children. My sister has agreed to be a surrogate for Jaiden and that would make the child he fathers have my bloodline.” Jenny’s sister-in-law has agreed to be a surrogate for me so Jaiden and I will both have a child we fathered.” All hell broke loose in the class when I announced that. “One last thing, professor, you have met and know our adopted brothers, Dale and Charley. Several women in the temple where Jenny’s bhusband, Rob, is the Rabbi, offered and have agreed to undergo IVF for Dale and Charley at the same time Jaiden and I are participating in the procedure to have our children. I just don’t think that can be topped by anything we did on break except the last night Jaiden and I spent together.” Neither do I Peyton, neither do I! Congratulations to the both of you.” “Thank you, sir.” When he got to the other students and asked them what they did, they all said, “Professor, it isn’t worth talking about, we can’t even come close to comparing our time off with Jaiden’s and Peyton’s. We don’t even want to try.” The professor said, “I fully understand.” What I would like for you to think about in the next few weeks is this: If what you did on Spring break was not comparable to Jaiden’s and Peyton’s time off, what could you do to make it comparable?” Write a short essay on that and be ready to turn it in two weeks from today. Jaiden and Peyton, you are exempt from doing this assignment. It will not count against your grades unless you fail to do and turn in the assignment. It will count as extra credit for anyone who needs it.” This exercise aims to help you think about what you would tell a patient who needs to up their life’s game plans and possibly save them from suicide. Since there is no use in continuing class today given what we have learned from our two classmates, the material will be covered on the next test. Make SURE you read and understand the material that was assigned for Spring break. The next day, the professor walked in with a large piece of human skin tissue and muscle fibers. He put it on a bio-hazard mat on the lab table at the front of the class, took a scalpel and made two separate large, deep incisions in the sub-cue tissues and the muscle fibers. He told the class that part of the assigned reading over spring break covered pediatric surgery. You should know the procedure we are about to witness and how to do it. Peyton, would you please come to the front and show us how to do a proper surgical closure.” Peyton walked to the front of the class and scrubbed up as if he was going into surgery. He had me go up and place the surgical gloves on his hands. The professor had laid out a zippered closure and several packs of different stitches with different needles attached. Peyton looked at the stitches and told the class that absorbable stiches were needed in muscular abdominal closures and he liked to use polydioxanone stitches on muscle fibers since they would be absorbed and cause the least probability for infection. He picked up a couple of packs of those stitches and laid them aside. The next thing he considered was how to close the sub-cue part of the first incision with the least amount of scaring. He chose poliglecaprone stitches there. For the second incision, he would use the polydioxanone stitches to suture the muscle fibers and then use the zipper closures on the sub-cue tissue. Once he started suturing the muscle fibers, he was extremely quiet and focused on the task. As he pulled the muscle fibers together and fit the two sides perfectly together, the professor said, “Damn!” Peyton explained to the class that the material used to bring the muscle fibers and sub-cue tissues back together was called the stitches and the procedure itself was called suturing. The professor took a step back in amazement at what Peyton said. Once Peyton had sutured the muscles evenly back together, he picked up the poliglecaprone stitches, opened one pack, and began to insert the needle very carefully so he could pull the sub-cue tissues together without a ridge which would leave a scar. Peyton also explained to the class that individual stitches would be the strongest method to hold the incisions together until they healed. If one stitch broke, the others would hold the incision together. As with suturing the muscles, he was very quiet and focused as he sutured the sub-cue tissue back together. When he finished the professor asked everyone if they had watched both procedures on the magnetron at the top of the front of the class. All students answered affirmatively. He looked at Peyton and told him that he had sutured the muscle fiber and sub-cue tissues back together better than most surgeons he knew, even the plastic surgeons. He added, your father has taught you well. Congratulations, Peyton, you passed this procedure with flying colors. When he got home, he called his Dad to tell him what happened in class. His Dad said, “Congratulations, son, your professor has already called me and bragged on you like nothing I have ever heard before.” “You have certainly made me one proud papa!” “Dad, was he that impressed?” “Son, he was so impressed with your skill level he was almost giddy.” “He also talked about how focused you were during the procedure and how well you looked at all the stitches and chose the right ones. He said that in the second procedure, you brilliantly aligned the muscle fibers and sutured them together with the skill of an accomplished surgeon. And when you applied the zippered closure, you blew his mind the way you did that.” “When your Mom and I come up the weekend after next, we are going to have one heck of a celebration at Tony’s and the professor is going to join us. I am so damned proud of you I don’t know what to say except hold on a minute, your Mom wants to speak to you.” “Phyllis, Peyton on line 3.” “Hey, son, I am so proud of you for the accolades your professor lavished on you when he called your Dad today. You made your Dad so proud that after he hung up from talking to your professor he sat at his desk and cried. He was so proud and amazed about what your professor had to say about you. We’ll celebrate the weekend after next at Tony’s since that is where you and Jaiden like to celebrate. We’ve never celebrated anything there with you two before. Kiss Jaiden for me and tell him your Dad and I love him to Mars and back.” “Mom, I’ll give Peyton a kiss for you, but as I told you before, it may lead, well, probably will lead to extracurricular activities.” “Peyton, stop being so bad.” “I am not being bad, Mom, I am being truthful. The last time I gave him a kiss for you we didn’t get out of bed for three hours!” “PEYTON!!!” “Mom, just being truthful. You taught me to always be truthful!” “Yea, I guess you’re right. But sometimes the truth can be TMI.” They both laughed at that comment. “Mom I need to go so I can kiss Jaiden for you and reap the benefits.” Mom heard Jaiden say, “Peyton, I heard that now apologize to your mom and get your butt in the bed.” Mom howled when she heard that. “Son, you two study hard and we’ll see you at the conversion ceremony the weekend after next. I love you two to Mars and back. Study hard!” “Yes mam, we love you too.” Jim, you should have heard your son. I told him to kiss Jaiden for me and he said he would but that I knew it would lead to extracurricular activities. I said, “PEYTON!!!” Then he told me that the last time he kissed Jaiden for me they didn’t get out of bed for three hours. I heard Jaiden say, `Peyton, I heard that! Now apologize to your mom and get your butt in the bed.’ I told him to stop being bad and he shot back, “well, Mom, you taught me to always tell the truth and that’s all I did.” I couldn’t argue with him after that. Jim said, “Damn” and started laughing as he walked off shaking his head. “Damn it, I wanted somebody to fuss at.” Ashley, the clinic’s billing clerk, died laughing when I said that. Life is so wonderful when your spouse is your best friend and you have six of the greatest, most loving children in the world.


Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2020 23:53:36 -0500 From: Eric Trager Subject: It Is What It Is: Chapter 73 Please don’t forget to donate to Nifty if you enjoy reading the stories! Email feedback can be sent to � 2015 by Eric Trager. *** Since Yahoo has taken down their groups pretty much, I was thinking of creating a group for the story on Facebook. Would there be any interest in that? Let me know…. Thanks! CHAPTER SEVENTY-THREE The week away from their husbands for Sean, Brad, Tim and Brett had to come to an end as all good things must. Brad didn’t feel like driving back to Janesville from the Lodge so he let the Governor take the wheel of the big Buick Electra. Brett marveled at the big car’s silent smooth power, it’s creamy ride and its buttoned-down road manners. Staring at the all-analog instrument panel he felt like he’d stepped back in time thirty years. “It’s been a long time since I’ve driven… Well, I’ve never really actually driven anything like this,” Brett said. “You can buy one… They’re available ya know…” Brad deadpanned. “I just might.” “Here’s something better, though… I read in Motor Trend that GM’s about to bring back Pontiac for a few special model runs to see how it goes and this same basic chassis will be offered as the Pontiac Grand Prix. Coupe only and they’re saying maybe with a 2+2 seating package option they’ll call the Ventura.” “They got any pics yet?” “There’s renderings out there. Looks pretty sharp to me anyway… Looks a lot like the 1965…”* “Maybe once I’m out of office…” “I’d order one as soon as they start taking orders if I were you and I wouldn’t wait. Have someone from your office call down the plant and find out. Who cares if you order it and you’re still the Governor? It’s your money… Anyway, you know how GM is… They’ll sell `em for a year, maybe two, and that’ll be it. They already said it’s s’poseta be a special model… Meaning collectible… And I’d order it with everything on it if I were gonna buy one… Just like this one is. Always best. Maybe see if you can get a COPO** for a paint that you pick and maybe some special wheels. It’d be a factory and one-of-one.” “Sounds like a plan… Tim won’t care. He likes his little base-bitch shitbox you know…” “Kinda like that car myself,” Brad giggled. “So whadya think Sean and Tim have been up to all week?” “Jock shit `n’ sex,” Brad deadpanned. “I think so, too.” “Maybe we should have a four-way sometime…” “I’m in…” “You’re easy, Mr. Governor.” “That’s not what the legislature says…” “The way you run them assholes around is classic. You push `em around like feckin’ shopping carts. `Sides I’d fuck yer husband any day… He’s the biggest bottom I’ve ever seen… And he’s built…” “Tim’s all of that. I never thought I’d snag him. You know I had a crush on him all during high school. Maybe even in middle school, too, now that I think back… I’ll never forget when we met that day at the mall. It was magic. I knew right then that I had him. And I knew I could handle him… And I knew he was the one.” “You’ve handled Tim alright… I mean… So, whadya think they’re gonna do after you go? I mean in Madison. I mean, you know, when you’re not Governor anymore.” “After a little while prolly the same old shit they did before me, at least after a while. Prolly won’t take long. That’s what. That’s why I guess I’m glad you told me not to quit. I got a couple of ideas since then that I know I could get through, but I want them as amendments to the state constitution. Stuff like finance and elections and stuff. I don’t think anyone but me can get that shit done, but I don’t wanna bore you with that shit right now.” “Good `cause I don’t wanna hear about any o’ `at shit,” Brad laughed. “You know I don’t know nuthin’ `bout that shit anyways…” “You knew enough to help Sean with his campaign for City Council, and you knew enough to advise me on both of my campaigns…” “Toldja how I thought you guys would win and I kept the press off yer backs. That was fun. Don’t know nuthin’ `bout runnin’ stuff, though…” “You knew what you needed to know.” “I stay in my own lane. I help Sean. That’s my lane.” “He is so lucky to have you…” “I know,” Brad giggled again. “Are you really happy, Brad? I mean happy as Sean’s husband?” “Happier than I’ve ever been. And wanna know something? I knew I would be, too. He was so broken, Brett. But the guy he once was, well, I knew that guy was still in there somewhere. I knew it. I knew it all along. I could tell… And in case you’re wondering, yeah, he’s kind and attentive, and even though I know, because I can see through him, that he wonders why I took a chance on him I wonder why he took a chance on me. Me. Poor white trash. With the shitty clothes and bad teeth. Me. Who couldn’t even say a sentence without sounding like a damn moron, maybe with some extra book learnin’. Like just enough to hold down a job that’d pay my way maybe… If I was lucky… “Shit, I know if I wasn’t working with Kevin I’d be somewhere working for nowhere close to what I get now. I know all that. I know what Sean and Andy and all you guys did for me. Me. And I wonder why. And then I know why. It’s all because of that one day, that day when Sean saved me from those thugs at school. He saved me and then the rest of you guys helped me. My life was instantly better. I have you guys to thank for everything. “But that’s not why I’m with Sean…” “I know it isn’t. And Tim knows it, too.” “I can’t help it. I love him. I’ve never known anyone like him. I didn’t marry him as a charity case…” “I know that, too…” “I am what I am…” “No more and no less, Brad, and that’s always been your beauty. You’re `what you see is what you get.'” ***** BACK AT THE ALAMO ***** Sean bade good-bye to Tim as they were both expecting their husbands home later in the day. Sean and Tim were genuinely sorry to leave each other, but they both knew that’s how it went. After Tim left, Sean made himself a drink knowing it wouldn’t be as good as what Brad would have made and then he retired to the Library. He sat down pensively drumming his fingers on his desk. Inhaling his drink, he got up and made another. He took it with him to the patio, sat down and watched the mid-day sun with his drink and a bong hit. Wizard jumped up on the table demanding Sean’s attention. Sean rose, went back inside with Wizard following and protesting loudly, fixed himself a third drink and returned to the library where he sat back down at his desk. Sean took a journal book out and opened it. He picked up a pen. At the top of that first page he scrawled out “THAT FUCKING YEAR.” On the next line he wrote “2027!!!!” He then put his pen down. He picked it back up and on the next line wrote, “The last to go shall see the first three go before her.” As so often happened before when he wrote, a tear coursed down his cheek. He didn’t wipe it away. He took a swig of his drink and lit a Camel straight. ***** SEAN’S POV, WRITING IN THE JOURNAL ***** “December 31, 2026, New Year’s Eve. I guess that’s where I’ll start this book. Makes about as much sense as anywhere else, right? Anyway, that night Andy and I had the whole family in. Dad and Mrs. Cheadle came up from Florida, the boys were there as of course they were since they were just kids then, although the twins were both getting awfully close to six feet tall by then as puberty was about to hit. “Ginny was there. Even in her old age and with her health and wits a shadow of what they once were, nobody could hold a room like Ginny Miller. She was as garishly scintillating as ever. She was a one-off. God, I miss her guidance but as she always said, “Life moves on.” Jesus… Ginny… Nobody who knew her will ever forget her… “And I remember George and Peggy Dickson that night, too. I wish Dix and Brett had come but they were still in D.C. and I understood they couldn’t be here. Can’t remember the last time they were in town, actually. George and Peggy were the same as they always were and still are. Time never seems to move much for them… “Billy Dean and Eric Trager were there, too. So were Brad and Kevin Dickson. And Tory Trager but he and Kevin weren’t a couple yet, not for a lot of years after that, although I remember they left together at the end of the night. Tongues wagged a little bit over that one… “Cunns and his wife came over, and so did Scott and Kevin Masterson. Coach Slater, too, for just a little bit. He was getting old and he never really did fully recover from his stroke. God what a great man. “It was a wonderful evening. And it would be the last New Year’s Eve at the Alamo. Maybe Brad and I will do it again. In some way I guess we should. Well, if Brad wants to. But that was the last New Year’s Eve… “The next day, New Year’s Day, the year 2027 started out the same way as any other year. With the experience Andy and I had gathered we now ran the Consortium like a well-oiled machine. The asset value had increased smartly and even Ginny, when she was on the ball in those days which was becoming less and less, said we did the job that she knew she would. “Once we were past the Holidays, we settled down to our family life at the Alamo with our four boys. T.J. and Scott were the most rambunctious as I remember. Typical boys. The twins were a different story. Eerily cerebral they were. Great basketball players, though. Never did take to football. Seems like they basically toyed with their classes in school and made all As, too. Always stayed together no matter what. We offered them both their own rooms when they were about eight years old, but they said no and neither they nor we brought it up ever again. “Andy and I were both looking down the barrel at our thirtieth birthdays, mine in August and Andy’s in December. Thirty. Seemed so old back then. Can’t believe I just made myself laugh… Maybe that’s a good sign, I dunno. “Anyway, Brad and Dix will be glad I finally started to write this. I guess I’ll tell them once I get a little bit farther. Well, I’ll tell Brad anyway. Funny how I miss him. The house seems empty without him here. Not that he says much. He never did. But I miss him just being here just the same. If someone would have said that to me three years ago I’d have thought they were insane. “Brad’s different from Andy. Not as outgoing. Not as talkative. But he does something that Andy never ever did and that’s that when he thinks I’m fucking up he’ll tell me so. In one sentence. Or less. Or even just with a look. He’s never lost that unvarnished way of his. I think I need that. I don’t think anyone but Brad could have snapped my Black Dog. I probably owe him my life. “Anyway, Brad’s gonna be home soon so I better start prepping dinner. I want to give him something special tonight. I got us each a prime grade New York Strip that I’ll charcoal grill. To go with that we’ll have a classic Caesar Salad, Potatoes Anna, baby asparagus saut�ed in butter topped with Hollandaise sauce, and for dessert the Key Lime pie that I made yesterday. To drink we’ll have a red wine that I asked Tommy to select from the wine cellar at Monterey. The kid’s come a long way from the scared little waif Joey and Lennie took in, and even though I know that he asked the Sommelier to pick out the wine, it shows he knows what he’s doing by asking someone who’s an expert. “I guess I have a pretty nice life. I don’t have anything to worry about. I live in a great house. I have a great husband. Four good sons. And I have money to literally give away. I should thank God. Which I’m sure would please Archbishop Taylor. Or maybe Archbishop Taylor should thank me. I guess I’ll find out which is which when it’s my time to go, but I gather that time is not now. Or maybe for a long while yet anyway. Who knows…” Sean put his pen down and rose from his chair. He did not get himself another drink but went to the kitchen, poured himself a crisp San Pellegrino on the rocks as he prepared the welcome home meal he would serve to his straightforward sincere husband. Sean carefully peeled and sliced the potatoes and placed them in cold water. He peeled the asparagus shoots so that they’d saut� quickly in the butter and when cooked remain fresh in color and flavor. The Caesar dressing he would prepare now and Hollandaise sauce he would prepare just before service, but he could separate the egg yolks and clarify the butter in advance. Finding himself with some extra time, Sean prepared a yeast dough for nice, crusty rye rolls and let it to proof. Never a top-notch table decorator, Sean nevertheless laid out a nice plain white tablecloth with matching cloth napkins. He set each dinner plate on a charger, salad bowl next to the plates, and had glasses for both water and wine. He placed two candleholders with plain beeswax candles and forwent a centerpiece. Brad wouldn’t be impressed by a centerpiece anyway. Or by fancy candles. Brad was Brad. Satisfied, Sean went back out to the patio. He knew he hadn’t written all that much, but it was a start and he needed to mull things over in his head about where he would pick back up. He thought about just writing the CliffsNotes version of `that fucking year’ but decided against it. If he would write it, he would write all of it. He didn’t care how long it took. That wasn’t the important thing. But he did think he shouldn’t dally when it came to finishing it. And he decided that he would let two people read it. Those two people would be Brad and Tim. He got up, went to the garage and retrieved the bag of charcoal briquettes. He filled the grill with just enough for the two steaks so they would have a nicely seared crunch on the exterior but remain as he and Brad both preferred, medium-rare. Sean laughed as he recalled the time way back when Ginny ordered steak tartare just to be macho and get up Rose Kennedy’s nose and Rose turned around and ordered the same. “God!” Sean thought as he laughed. After sitting a bit, Sean went back inside and decided to write some more. Sitting back down at his desk he began again. “Yeah, so I got dinner all prepped and maybe I can write some more stuff down before Brad gets back. “Anyway, there was me and. Twenty-nine years old. Had the world by the tail. What could go wrong, right? “I remember it was right around this time I thought that I’d done enough on the City Council and never thought that I wanted to be on it forever, anyway. Ginny always said to exercise power from the shadows. I’d give it one more term, maybe two if I had to, but I had a guy I could put there in my place. Older guy. City worker was going to be retiring one of these years. Greenskeeper at Riverside golf course. Always had a word for us when we went to play a round. “Oh, not playing the Country Club today, Councilor?” he’d say. Anyway, he retired and I coaxed him into being on the Council. He got his pension and a little extra for voting the way I want him to, and life is good. I’d been there long enough to know that’s how things work in this town. Always have. Always will. But the time the meetings and committees took up was time I felt that I couldn’t spare any more back then. There was my work running `The Firm’ and we called it, and then the boys were starting to grow up, too. “I could see the differences between the boys starting to come out that might tell who they would be as men. It was easiest with the twins, being the oldest. I was going to say that we thought the twins were too dependent on each other but that’s not the right word. Maybe too supportive is better? Anyway, neither one of them would ever let the other one get hurt in any way. Thicker than thieves those two were. Still are. There was the time when Joey was sick with the flu and Lennie went and took his test in school for him. No one ever found out. Hell, I only found out about six months ago. Ah, who cares. It’s funny now anyway… “We could tell the twins would be quiet, studious men and that’s just what they turned out to be. Thank God they didn’t inherit the personality of their mother or Bill Kennedy. They were even placid as little boys. They never gave us any trouble. “And they were so helpful with T.J. and Scotty. When they all sat down at the dining room table to do their homework, and me and were sticklers about that, the twins finished their work fast and then helped their younger brothers. So much so that we were told both of the younger boys could skip a grade. We said no to that because even though the twins were accelerated in their coursework achievements and that acceleration rubbed off on T.J. and Scotty there was also physical and social development to think about. We didn’t think it was good to let their quickness to learn outweigh socializing with other kids who were maybe more advanced that way. They got along well with their classmates and so we decided to let that sleeping dog lie. “So, T.J. and Scott were both different stories and both different than the twins. T.J. more so than Scott I guess. I can understand that. T.J. knew from an early age that he’d been adopted. We thought he knew it when he asked about his mom. When we made up what sounded like `ask us in a few years’ except in little kid speak we knew we weren’t fooling him. So we told him. It never wore badly on him but it’s a feeling we had that he never felt quite a hundred percent family. Not always, but every now and then it would show up. And at that point there were still the teenage years to look forward to. “Andy and I would laugh and one of us would say, “Yup, we should have had MORE kids…” “That I missed, more or less, most of their teenage years because I was drowning my own sorrows I have only to blame myself for. I can’t really do that too much anymore, I mean blame myself, because blame isn’t what I need to do. I need to stop beating myself up over it, accept that I checked out, and move on. And I guess I have Brad to thank for that, too. That my own sons don’t hate me. “And that leaves Scotty. Out of all the boys, Scotty was the most engaging. Always with a quick smile and the right answer. Not as introverted as the twins or as touchy as T.J. sometimes was, Scotty was an easy boy to raise. Dad once told me that Scotty was me all over again. I suppose that’s probably right. In the end he turned out to be personality-wise the most like me. He was a bright boy, and unflappable. Scotty could be the naughtiest of the three, though. He lacked the forbearance of the twins or the meticulous planning of T.J.. He was the runt. The little brat. And while that was not like me because I had no siblings it very well could have been me at that age. I suppose it would have. After all, like dad said, he was just like me… “But as `That Fucking Year’ came they were ages ten to twelve. I hadn’t thought about it until now, but none of them ever needed braces on their teeth like so many kids do. So much less hassle for that I suppose… “I don’t really know where I was going with that, but I guess it’s just to say that at the beginning of that fucking year we had the perfect family, the perfect house, the perfect life. Everything was perfect. And it was also supposed to remain perfect. “Except it didn’t… “Nothing about that year was perfect. As they say, the show goes on until it doesn’t… “And after that year the show didn’t go on, but I guess this is where I finally tell the tale of THAT FUCKING YEAR…” Sean put his pen down again. He could see the time for Brad to return was drawing near, and he’d spent time preparing a nice meal for his return and that’s what they were going to have. Sean missed Brad. Again he thought about how the Alamo wasn’t the same without him. Brad had breathed life back into the old place. Sean went out to the patio and lit the trusty classic Weber kettle grill. That’s what he always used for charcoal grilling, just a plain old Weber, and charcoal was the only thing Sean would use to grill good steaks. After lighting the coals, he went inside to preheat the ovens. 425� for the Potatoes Anna and 375� convection on the second oven for the rye rolls. He took the steaks out of the fridge, salted them, and put them on a plate to lose some of their refrigerator chill. Remembering how Brad liked to eat his steak, he went back to the fridge and retrieved the bottle of Lea & Perrins steak sauce. Sean didn’t care for steak sauce, preferring a simple pat of butter on top of a good steak, but Brad liked a small dish of sauce on the side that he could stick each bite into, or not, before he ate it depending on what he wanted. Sean knew some people said never put sauce on a steak, but Brad didn’t actually put it on the steak. He used it on a bite-by-bite basis, and not on every bite, which in a strange way Sean considered to be somewhat sophisticated. Another one of Brad’s conundrums he thought. About twenty minutes later Sean heard one of the overhead doors on the garage opening and sure enough when he glanced at the security monitor he saw the big Buick Electra gliding into the garage. Sean hurried to the door and ran out into the garage. He enveloped Brad in a warm lovers’ hug. “I missed you!” Sean whispered into Brad’s ear. Wizard had followed close behind and meowed and trilled at Brad’s return, brushing up against his legs, purring and swishing his tail. “Missed you, too,” Brad whispered back kissing Sean on the lips. “We had a great time, but I missed you something awful.” “I got a great dinner planned for us tonight,” Sean said. “I bet you need a shower, don’tcha…” “Yeah, and I need someone to soap me up.” “Taking applications?” “Nope. You’re hired. Help me get my shit in and then you can soap me up. Or…” “Yeah. Or.” In the shower, Sean lovingly soaped Brad’s long lean body paying special attention to his erect penis. Brad groaned under Sean’s ministrations. Sean fingered Brad’s hole feeling the sphincter pulsate as Sean masturbated him lightly and slowly. “Fuck me, Brad!” Sean said. “I want you to cum in me.” Brad then soaped up Sean paying special attention to his crack and hole. He rinsed Sean off. He then got on his knees and began eating Sean’s ass. “Oh God!” Sea gasped, jerking his own dick. Sean shuddered and his knees buckled when Brad took his tongue away, inserting his index finger and milking Sean’s prostate. Sean reached up to a shelf and handed Brad a tube of lube that he strategically placed there earlier in anticipation. “Grease me up and stick it in!” Sean panted. “Now!” Brad did as he was asked and rode Sean hard. Sean bucked and hissed as Brad impaled him. Sean came hard as Brad rammed his cock home. “Fuck! Shit! I fucking came! Keep fucking me! Fuck me harder, Brad!” Sean yelled. “Harder! Make me cum again! Make me fucking cum!” Brad, horny, complied and fucked Sean for all he was worth and then some. Presently Brad’s breathing became ragged. He fucked Sean even harder and faster. Brad mumbled, he groaned, his body shook, he felt his dick swelling inside of Sean just as Sean felt it, too. “Cum in me, Brad!” Sean whimpered. “I want your cum!” Brad grabbed Sean’s hips and fucked even harder. He fucked Sean like a rag doll. Sean jerked his steel-hard dick wanting to cum a second time. “I’m close,” Brad gasped. “Oh God! I’m gonna fuckin’ cum…” “Cum in me! I wanna feel your cum inside me!” “Here it comes, Sean! Here it comes! Oh God! Oh fuck! Fuck! Shit!” Brad pumped Sean’s ass full of his cum. His load was big as he and Brett hadn’t had sex the last two days at Glen Muick Lodge anticipating that their husbands would want rogering once they got back home. Sean shot a second load all over the shower wall. The shower reeked of ass and lube and cum. Sean and Brad’s chests were heaving. Their bodies quavered. Sean turned around. He put his head down on Brad’s chest. His hands roamed up and down Brad’s shoulders and sides. “God, I love you,” Sean said. “I know. I love you, too.” “More later?” “More whenever you want it…” Once dried, they both donned gym shorts and t-shirts and made their way downstairs. Sean found the coals at perfect readiness for the steaks, and Brad volunteered to make Sean the new cocktail he’d invented up at the Lodge. Sean drank the cocktail and pronounced it so good that it would be on the menu at the Orleans Room. “Hey, wanna learn how to cook a steak?” Sean teased Brad. “You don’t think I can?” “Of course I think you can once I show you how…” “OK, then show me,” Brad said as he palmed Sean’s semi-hard penis through his pants. “So, here’s whatcha do…” Sean then proceeded to have Brad do the grilling of the steaks while he illustrated for him how to get the sought-after crunch on the outside while the inside came out a luscious medium rare. “OK, now bring `em inside and put a pat of butter on top of each one. Then just let `em sit. While they sit, we’ll dress the salad, it won’t take but a minute for me to finish the Hollandaise for the asparagus, and the potatoes should be just another couple minutes. It’ll be perfect.” “So I did OK with the steaks?” “They look good to me,” Sean said. The dinner turned out to be as good as Sean wanted it to be. Brad said little while he ate other than to congratulate himself on how good the steak was, and that he enjoyed the wine. “This good,” Brad said as he took another bite. “I’m glad you like it. I wanted a nice dinner. I really did miss you, you know…” “I know. I missed you, too. I mean, Brett’s good company, the best, but he ain’t you.” Wanna help me clean up?” Sean asked when they were finished. “I gave Ethel the night off.” “That’s fine. I’ll load the dishwasher. I do it better’n you anyway.” “OK, and when we’re done let’s sit at the bar. With no clothes on. I want another one of those cocktails. And I want you naked. Whatcha wanna call that cocktail anyway?” “Hmmmm… Thought about callin’ it the `Glen Muick,’ but I don’t want the name of the lodge out there and prolly neither do you. `Monterey Mojito’ sounds really feckin’ corny. There’s a lot of ginger in it, so let’s just call it a Ginger Martini. That last little dusting of the white pepper, just a dusting, really makes the ginger come through I think…” “Gingers will steal your soul, you know…” “So’d Tim steal yours?” “Nope. Only you.” “You sure?” “You know the rule…” “Yup. We all know the rule. I’m glad you and Tim had a good time. He’s your best and oldest friend you know…” “That he is, Brad… That he is… I’m lucky to have a friend like Dix.” “And I’m lucky to have a friend like Brett.” “We’re both lucky. I’m lucky, anyway… And I wantcha to know something else…” “What…” “I started writing a new journal book. I started writing what I have to write. I got a little ways, not very far really yet I don’t think, but I did start it…” “I’m glad. But that’s something you have to do for you. Not for me, or not for you and me, but for yourself.” “I know… Kath lectured me about it more than once…” “Figures. She’s so not like her sister…” “You knew Colleen?” “I knew OF her… What I knew wasn’t any good…” “How’d you know of her?” “Well, she went to the same school as I did, Sean… God! Anyway, I just remember people sayin’ she was this crazy bitch and shit. Slut. Did drugs. I seen her around. She looked like a slut. I never talked to her, though. I wasn’t in that circle of people, and you know me, I just stay in my lane…” “She was a crazy bitch. And everything else you said. And her dad was no better.” “Oh, I knew him alright…” “I’m aware of that.” Sean laughed. “Well, yeah, but…” Just then, Sean and Brad heard a car squeal around the corner from Court Street onto Garfield Avenue and the loud staccato crackle of what was unmistakably gunfire sounded like it was hitting the side of the Alamo. Instinctively, just as he had done that time long ago when John Berrifield was pointing a gun at the car he and Andy were in, Sean grabbed Brad roughly and threw him to the floor covering him with his own body. Wizard sprung three feet off the floor with his tail bushed up over his back and scrambled into a shelf behind the bar, his eyes like saucers. “Stay down!” Sean barked over the Alamo’s red alert alarm. “Red Alert! Shots fired exterior. Apartment area. Repeat. Shots fired exterior. Apartment area. Securing measures initiated. Repeat. Securing measures initiated,” the security system announced. “The apartment?” Brad said, sounding flummoxed. “If that’s what it is then whoever it was, they weren’t after us. They were after Sir Stafford. One guess who that might have been…” “We need to pack!” Brad said rather nervously. “We need to go back up to the Lodge.” “I know what you’re thinking, but we can’t.” “What?” “We can’t. Go. They’re not after us. Yeah, we’ll get Sir Stafford out of here and hide him somewhere else, but we’re not going anywhere. I’m on the City Council. I can’t go. That would look weird, And you’re my husband. I need you with me. How would it look if we high tailed it out of here? It would mean we’re part of whatever it is that Sir Stafford really does with his time when he’s not pretending to run a brewery. I don’t want that look…” “I’ll hafta think about it, Sean…” No sooner had Brad said he would think about it then enough sirens so that it sounded to be half of the Janesville Police Department converging on the Alamo. Presently, Sean let two of the officers in as other officers marked off the property with police line tape. There wasn’t much Sean or Brad had to tell the two policemen. All they could really tell them was that they heard shots, the alarm went off and they hit the deck. “Sirs, we’ve swept the property and haven’t found anyone. If you could come outside please?” one of the officers said. The officer showed Sean and Brad where the bullets had hit the Alamo, just where the alarm computer had said. Brad pointed to Sean where a couple of the bullets had hit the garage doors, but due to the armored nature of the doors had simply bounced off. The only clue was scratches on the paint. “Funny thing. The windows don’t look broken upstairs there,” the officer said. “They shouldn’t be,” Sean said. “The windows in this house aren’t glass. They are, well let’s just say they’re not glass… My dad had that done years ago for security. They are proof against rounds up to a certain size and velocity and apparently these rounds must have been under that specification.” “I see,” the officer said. “Can you think of why anyone would want to shoot up your house?” “Technically they didn’t,” Brad said. “That up there over the garage is a separate apartment. They never shot the house at all `n’ we were in the house with all the lights on at the time.” “OK, well, can you think of why someone would want to shoot up that apartment?” “Officer,” Sean said, “Let me put it this way: I might be able to think of why someone wanted to do that, but you’ll just have to trust me when I say that the only reason that might be is way above my pay grade.” “You’re not being very cooperative, Sir,” the office muttered. “Officer Murphy, I’ll take over here!” they all heard the imposing figure of Chief of Police Wendel Washington boom out as he made his way toward Sean and Brad. The Chief was a big man, about 6’4″ tall, probably at least 260 or 270 pounds, and built like an NFL Lineman with a tree trunk for a neck and muscles popping and bursting as he spoke. He was, as he always was, immaculately turned out in his Chief’s uniform complete with black leather boots, a Luger as his side arm, and sporting his custom-made Stetson in lieu of the standard police officer’s hat. “Is everything secure here, Officer Murphy?” the Chief asked. “I believe so, Sir!” officer Murphy answered. “I see these two men are unhurt. Was there anyone else home during the incident? “Not that we know of yet, Sir!” Officer Murphy replied. “They were the only ones in the main house. We still have to enter the apartment but it doesn’t appear that anyone was there at the time.” “Very well, Officer Murphy. Allow me to introduce you to Sean Wyman, the President of our City Council, and his husband, Bradley Fletcher. They own this little shack.” “I um, I hadn’t ID’d them yet, Sir. Pleased to meet you, Councilor Wyman and Mr. Fletcher.” Sean and Brad nodded. “That’s quite alright, Officer,” the Chief said. “I’ll handle these two. Now get some men upstairs and look through that apartment. Look for anyone who might be in there. And I want the entire area inside and out photographed. I want notes made. And video footage. And I want this block of Court Street and this block of Garfield Avenue cordoned off. For now, block them with squads but get some Jersey barriers up here. Keep the cherries on the squads off. Just block the streets and have a couple of officers with flashlights direct traffic. If any media show up they are to be turned away if they attempt to cross the barriers. I don’t wanna wake up the whole fuckin’ neighborhood.” “Right away, Sir!” Officer Murphy said as he scurried to carry out the Chief’s orders. “Alright, gentlemen, they’ll have a look through that apartment up there. Doesn’t look like anyone is home, though.” “Prolly not,” Sean said. “But we don’t really keep track of him.” “That is wise,” the Chief replied. “Sir Stafford. And you can relax. I know all about Sir Stafford. Or I know what I’m told, let’s put it that way. No one else on the force knows about him, but I do. Anyway, we’ll begin our investigation and I’ve already notified the State Police and the FBI. I would imagine the FBI might end up taking this one over.” “Um…” Brad said. “I believe that you were probably about to ask me how much I know, is that correct, Mr. Fletcher?” “Yeah.” “Enough to know that this is either a couple of assholes out for a joyride, or it might be something way out of my, shall we say, `area.’ I know enough to know when to step back if I need to. The FBI can determine that. For now, my men will seal off the crime scene and begin a standard, by-the-book investigation. Most of the men should be leaving shortly other than to direct traffic and then a couple of detectives will take over.” “You do realize that just by my alarm going off that Great Lakes Security’s already been notified.” “Already been in touch with them in a preliminary fashion, Councilor. I’m adding one of their men to augment our detective detail. He’ll be working out of downtown HQ. If the FBI takes over then that’s it for us, and for Great Lakes.” “That’s fine,” Sean said. “You think we should get out of here for a little while?” Brad asked. “Well, it doesn’t look like from what I can see that they were after you. It looks like they were after your tenant there. Doesn’t look like anything hit the house proper, it all hit the garage and apartment. It looks to me like they knew what they were aiming at. The shots are pretty concentrated. Otherwise there’d be bullet marks everywhere. It also looks like a rather crude attack which puzzles me, but as I said unless it turns out to have been just a bunch of random assholes I’ll probably have to leave it to the FBI. Should you guys get out of Dodge for a few days? That’s up to you. I would say, though, that you might wanna find a new location for that tenant of yours…” “Yeah, I guess you’re right about Sir Stafford,” Sean said. “I could find a place for him fast.” “I still think we need to go away for a few days,” Brad said. “OK, you win,” Sean said. “Chief, we’re gonna go inside and pack. We’ll be, shall we say, `away,’ for a little while. We’ll notify you when we’ll be returning. Besides, you know how to get a hold of me…” “What about Sir Stafford?” “I’ll have my sons handle the relocation. Something temporary until we can find a permanent place for him.” “That’s fine. I know your sons. Tommy’s their boy, right?” “Yup.” “Good kid. I got a boy in his class over at Craig. Aaron’s my boy’s name. I gather Aaron and Tommy have become pretty good friends.” “Didn’t know Tommy knew Aaron,” Sean said. “Tommy comes over after school, but he’s never brought a friend with him. I’ll be coaching Aaron next year ya know…” “Yup. Aaron was the QB on the JV team this year. You’ll see him next year.” “I’ll look forward to that. Kid’s got an arm on him like a cannon… And he’s smart. I’ll let Tommy know he can have him over if he likes. The boy needs friends. He, well, he had a hard start in life.” “I’ve seen Tommy’s file. Showed up in a lump on your driveway scared for his life as I recall. Damn shame about his mom and that guy she was shaking up with having died like that and all, you know, a drug overdose and stuff… Your sons did that boy a huge favor. He’s a very lucky young man. I think that’s about all what the file says if I remember right,” The Chief said, giving Sean a wink and a nod. “We better go pack now. We’ll take the cat with us, too.” Brad said. “Sean’s gonna look forward to coaching your boy next year.” Unusually for Brad he grabbed Sean’s arm and said, “Let’s get packed and get on the road.” “You’ll be wanting a rental car, gentlemen. Just in case…” the Chief said. “I’ll have one of my Officers pick it up for you and meet you at the airport. Take one of your vehicles to the airport. Then drive the rental up north. I’ll have them get you something plain one that no one will notice.” Sean, always knowing when to hold `em and when to fold `em, simply obeyed. He would have preferred to stay at the Alamo as a show of not being cowed by an attack that he knew wasn’t meant for him and did not seem directed at him in the first place, but even if it had it still would have brought his defiance to the surface. Neither did Sean wish to be absent from the City Council for any length of time due to certain projects he had underway. Besides, it would look weird and people would talk. They wouldn’t be gone for any more than a week or so. Or so Sean thought. It was to be sixty-three days before Brad and Sean returned to the Alamo. Sean and Brad took the Suburban and parked it in a small hangar at the airport. Sean made the flight back to Janesville when he needed to for Council meetings so as not to raise any suspicion about being gone for such a long period of time. He made the flights alone as, like Brad, he now had a full pilot’s license, and took the Buick into City Hall from the airport by a circuitous route so that no one would see him exiting onto the main highway. Brad worried about Sean flying alone, but Sean stayed in radio contact with Brad when he was in flight. In addition, Great Lakes Security detailed two of their men to live at the Alamo during those sixty-three days one of whom was disguised as Sean and the other as Brad. Not that they were body doubles, but from a distance and being inside the Alamo a person on the street wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Brad fully enjoyed the return to the serene quiet of the Northwoods while Sean chafed a bit at the confinement. He didn’t understand what was taking so long. Then again, he didn’t really care to find out. As it turned out when they got back, the initial suspicion was correct. The perpetrators were two, a driver and a shooter, and they had been after Sir Stafford, not Sean or Brad. It took almost three weeks to apprehend the two that sprayed the Alamo apartment that night. It took a little while longer to get them to talk, and when they did they didn’t know much. They were a couple of hired small-time thugs from Chicago paid to pull off a hit. And they’d bungled it. As far as anyone in law enforcement understood, they were happier to be in jail as out on the streets. They were well aware of what would happen to them. The investigation had been quickly taken over by the FBI, who bundled the shooters off to an undisclosed location, and by the CIA. It boiled down to spending the time it took to solve the puzzle by good old-fashioned detective work and following the money. The work involved use of some state-of-the art computer systems, some of the engineering for which was ongoing by T.J.’s company. While T.J. feared that the barely-tested systems might prove to be useless, or worse, in the end they were instrumental in cracking the money trail which led back, as far as Sean and Brad were told, to a foreign country whose identity was classified. It was another feather in T.J.’s cap that he would use to gain new contracts with the Navy and with the DIA. The fact that Benton Saunders was still T.J.’s employee didn’t hurt the acquisition of new contracts either. Sean and Brad were convinced that since the real target here was Sir Stafford, a British operative, then it must have to do with the situation causing Brett to run for a second term as Governor that he hadn’t wanted which of course limited the number of foreign countries that could be involved to a handful. That limited amount of knowledge was fine with them. They knew what they needed to know and didn’t know what they didn’t want to know. In the end, Sean had the twins get Great Lakes Security to team up with British MI6 to find a more secure temporary place for Sir Stafford. It was decided also that this would be a good excuse for Sean to invest some of the Consortium’s assets to buy a farm. Sean had always wanted a farm and as luck would have it a 640-acre dairy farm just a little east of Janesville was being divested of by its corporate owner and the purchase was made. An Article in the Gazette did not name the purchaser but quoted “a spokesperson” as saying that considerable investment was planned for the production facilities at the dairy. One such investment was an addition to the main farmhouse, which had gone unused for some years, of a large, secure residential unit. And of course the entire farm would have security and surveillance provided for by Great Lakes. The expansion of the production facilities would also neatly disguise a special structure designed to hold the expanding amount of computer processing power present. It would be housed in what to any passerby along the County Highway appeared to be just another prefabricated steel utility building. It wasn’t. It was fully shielded and protected by eight inches of reinforced concrete. It was proof against an EMP attack. It had its own well, septic and electrical power supply. It had a spartan living quarters should the need ever arise. In short, Sir Stafford would be hidden in plain sight. In order to throw anyone who might look into it off, on paper Sir Stafford continued to own the downtown brewery, but just didn’t live at the Alamo anymore. It was put about that he was living in a house somewhere in town and after Sir Stafford vacated the Alamo it was thought best for the time being to let the apartment stand vacant. At any rate, no one quite really knew where Sir Stafford was. Other than his name on the deed to the brewery property, his name was on nothing else. Not a telephone number, not a bank account, not a credit card, not an internet or cable television account. Nothing. Not even a driver’s license as his MI6 credentials obviated the need for that. But Sir Stafford continued to do his work and to report back through channels to his headquarters in the United Kingdom. Sir Stafford rather fancied himself to be a sort of Alan Turing character. For all their work, the FBI rounded up twenty-seven foreign spies, confiscated almost fully intact all of their information and computer hardware, and the CIA with no one being the wiser gained information allowing them to perform several useful foreign operations that no one suspected they were behind and to know where to install monitoring hardware where it was bound to do the most good. It was deemed a successful and efficient operation on all fronts. In the end, though, it took sixty-three days before Brad and Sean were told the coast was clear and that they could return home. After that length of time even Brad thought it had gone on too long and was happy to be back at the Alamo. “I love it up north, Sean, but this will always be home. I know you didn’t like having to go for that long, but I guess it was for the best. Or at least that’s as much as they’ve told us…” “I know as much as I wanna know. I wonder, though…” “What?” “Well, if they whisked us off like that I wonder if there’s more security around Dix and Brett’s house…” “We wouldn’t know just by looking” “Why not?” “Because they bought the house next door and that’s where their security detail stays. It’s not like there’s gonna be guards marching up and down a residential street, right?” “As usual, you’re right, Sweetheart. Wanna make us some drinks?” “I thought you’d never ask…” “It was nice of the Chief to let Tommy go to his place after school while we were gone, too. I think we need to thank him.” “Let the twins thank him. He’s their son…” “Well, just a little phone call never hurt anyone. Plus, I’ve been hearing that the Chief wants to put in an in-ground pool in his backyard and zoning’s been giving him shit about setbacks, or whatever and won’t issue a permit. Maybe I’ll stop down the zoning office tomorrow morning and kinda get them to see clear to getting the Chief’s permit approved. Ginny told me a long time ago that people remember small favors.” “That they do… Maybe later you can do me a small favor?” “What’s small about it…” “When it’s time for bed I want you to just shut up and stick it in.” “We’ll use the sling room.” “We better… And before you go to City Hall in the morning you better make me a really good breakfast!” “Slave driver…” “You love being my slave.” Sean and Brad spent an evening of memorable decadence after Brad plied them with some of his best cocktails, and Sean got out his old Gatling bong he’d kept since High School days. It had been Andy’s favorite, and Brad knew that it took a lot for Sean to bring it out. One of the renovations Brad did to the Alamo was to redo the entertainment facilities in the basement. Gone were the more modern finishes and the basement areas that were finished in the style of the rest of the house. Just as he had been with Glen Muick Lodge, Brad was painstaking in his selection of materials. The architecture work was done by Billy Dean and the general contracting by Saeth. It was so well done that a person wouldn’t even realize that they’d descended into the basement of the home. It was a masterpiece. As an additional improvement, there was a secret room only adjacent to the theater and music room well disguised and accessible only to Sean and Brad where they could see the screen and hear the sound but was equipped for other things much the same as the sling room on the upper floor of the Alamo but also equipped with a small bar, a shower and a sauna. They made good use of it while playing tasteful porn on the theatre screen. At breakfast the next day Sean didn’t put on a big production, but he did put on a meal jaw- dropping for its depth. To begin with, there was Irish oatmeal cooked in milk with dried cherries and topped with brown sugar and real English double cream. There were perfectly toasted scones from the Dualit toaster with clotted cream and cranberry jam Sean had made the year before and Sean served caf� au lait. But the main dish was a stunning seafood quiche featuring fresh shrimp and scallops with the eggs richly flavored with a mild swiss cheese and Coleman’s English mustard. With the quiche, Sean served flutes of champagne. Brad had never eaten such a breakfast. “I can’t believe you did all this,” Brad said. “I promised. I keep my promises.” “Yeah, and that’s something I wanted to talk to you about…” “Keeping my promises?” “Yeah. Look, Sean, here’s the deal. I know you said you’d write more of your diary of `that year.'” “That Fucking Year.” “Yeah. Anyway, look, I never meant you had to do it all the time, work on that diary. Or finish it in a certain amount of time. You did it for a few hours every day when we were up north. I knew what you were doing in your office…” “I don’t understand…” “There’s no rush to finish it, Sean. That’s all I’m saying… And maybe if you do rush it then it won’t do you as much good as if it were a real reflection and you took your time…” “I never thought of it that way. I thought I needed to show you that I wasn’t ducking it. You know that I was being diligent and all… I love you, Brad. You saved me. I need to do this as much for you as I do for me.” “Sean, you need to do it for you. Don’t think you need to do it for me. Or for anyone else. Even a little bit. You don’t. I’m your husband. I love you. And you have a good old friend who loves you, too. For everything that you are. Warts and all. All I’m saying is that you’re doing that writing for you. And you know that Kathleen would tell you the same thing. I knew damn right well what I was getting into when I married you. The boys tried to fix us up years before that and I always told them `your dad needs a special kind of guy and I’m not sure I’m it.’ It took me a long time to realize that I was the right guy. For years I admired you from afar, and then when Andy died and I was helping the boys out, I guess we can put it that way, I got to observe you closer. Not because you were around, but because you weren’t…” “I’m not following…” Sean said. “It’s because you weren’t around that I got to find out what you weren’t. I always knew what you were. Everyone did. You name anyone, anyone at all, and they knew what you were alright. The State Champion quarterback, the successful businessman, the guy who lives in the Alamo, the City Councilor, the guy who did the Monterey, and all the rest of that shit. “Everyone knows all that…” “But in the years after Andy passed only I knew what you weren’t. I’m sure Andy knew that, too. And because I was the only other one who knew that, then it meant that I had to be the right guy. Me. Brad. The retard. The hick. The charity case. Yeah, that’s who I was. And I knew that only I could save you. And I knew you were worth it. And I had to make a bet with myself. The bet was that you might love me. As much as I loved you. And as much as you loved Andy. Nobody else but me could have saved you, Sean. And no one else but you has ever really loved me like you have.” Sean sat gob smacked. He knew Brad was right. About everything he’d said. Sean tried to speak but nothing came out. He buried his head in his hands. “Don’t do that, Sean,” Brad said. “I said what I said as much for me as I did for you. I never really told anyone else what I thought of myself before now…” “You think you’re a retard a hick and a charity case?” Sean whispered. “You have college-level training in Accounting and experience probably worth at least an MBA. Everyone else has a degree. Andy had a degree, too. I’m the only one who doesn’t have a degree. I never went beyond High School. You a retard? Far from it, Bradley… Ever think of it that way?” “Not so much anymore because I worked to better myself and I found out – thanks to you if you recall when we were in High School – that I did have SOME talents… Or areas where I could learn I guess you could put it that way. And I did. It was hard, Sean. I was so poorly educated. All my life the schools just pushed me along in the lowest classes. They never gave a shit. And I never had a chance to find out if I had anything to offer or not. After so many years of that what was I supposed to think? But I did it in the end, didn’t I? “Yes, you did. And you helped me. To see that I did have some raw material to work with. Nobody else ever saw that. I’ll never forget that Sean. Never.” “You really think that of me? That I helped you? All those years ago?” “Yeah. You did. All of you guys did. You. Andy. Tim. Brett. You all did. I mean, look at it for how I saw it. Here you guys are, OK? You’re like the top jocks in the school and I’m frickin’ nobody. Worse than nobody. I know how I was. I know I had shitty teeth and couldn’t afford decent clothes, or a nice haircut and I probably smelled, and what’s the first thing you guys do? You take me out and give me a makeover. New hair, new clothes, nice shave everything. Tim even made you buy me a washer and dryer, you remember that? And I was like, well, OK but these are just rich guys and they’ll just kick me to the curb once they’ve had their fun with me. Butcha didn’t. You guys kept me as a friend. Sean, I’m not bullshitting, it took me years to realize that it wasn’t some kind of a fantasy. And I hadn’t done anything to earn it. I was just some loser that you ran across one day who was about to get beaten up by a couple of other losers and, well, I don’t need to keep going on and on about that, but you know what I mean…” “That’s how you saw all that? For years?” “Yeah. What do you think someone like me would have thought… You guys were so far out of my league… I thought you guys were just having fun and you’d have your fun and kick me to the curb or figure out some way to make me look like shit to everyone else…” “Wanna know what I saw back then?” “What…” “I saw beauty. And I saw potential. And grace. The beauty was plain to see and the potential was something I felt. And if I’m gonna be honest, I saw that dump as Ginny called that you lived in and I thought that was no place for such a noble person. I’ve always thought you were that, Brad. I’ve always in one way or another loved you… And when we decided to get married I couldn’t believe that you would actually take a chance on me… The wreck that I was. That was grace.” “I knew you needed balance in your life. And I knew that I might succeed. If I didn’t think so I wouldn’t have done it. I wouldn’t have put either one of us through it if I didn’t think it would work.” “I know you wouldn’t. And I wouldn’t have agreed to marry you if I didn’t think it would work. I was ready and you reached out, or I guess it’s better to say that you cut through the crap. I think we make a pretty good team you know…” “So do I. We’re such opposites, Sean…” “I guess so…” “Get your ass down to City Hall or we’ll sit here wasting the whole day talking! Come back as quick as you can, though… I gotta go down the office for a little while myself at some point, Neither Kevin nor I have physically been there like we should, you know, but I don’t imagine that there’s any issues. We’d have been notified. Go! When you come back I wanna do you…” “OK…” “Cut the shit, Sean, I always knew you like to be a big old bottom. And that’s fine. You come back as soon as you can from City Hall, but not before you’re done with your business, and I’ll fuck you. I love fucking you. Who would have ever thought that I’d be fucking you…” “What if I wanna do YOU?!” “We’ll have to determine whose cock is the hardest and whoever is the hardest has to top.” “What? You have some kind of a Dick-O-Meter?” “Yeah. I do. And you’ll see it when you get back. Now get out of here. We’ll leave the dishes for Ethel. You know how she was worried when we were gone…” “Yeah, but we continued to pay her…” “She’s Tommy’s friend from school and her family’s kinda poor ya know, Sean. She’s insecure that if she doesn’t do something for her money, or even if we just feel like it, that means we’ll decide to get rid of her at some point for whatever reason. Can’t blame the girl…” “Who the hell named her Ethel anyway?” Sean asked breaking into a hideously exaggerated rendition of There’s No Business Like Show Business. “Sean!” Brad laughed almost in tears from laughing. “That was HEINOUS! Look, Ethel comes in every night at 6:30 at night and does all the dishes, puts them away and cleans the kitchen and the bathrooms. We pay her $500 a week. That’s big money to that family and we went ahead and left town and didn’t tell her. Of course she was scared she was gonna lose her job, never mind that we paid her. Don’t forget, I used to live like that. I know what it’s like to have no money. We should have offered to take her up to the Lodge and had her do all the same there. `S what we shoulda done, Sean…” “Couldn’t. School’s still on… Well, maybe next time… If she’s not in school and shit… We paid her. She’ll be fine. Why don’t you sit her down and make sure she knows everything’s OK? She likes you better’n me anyway.” “OK, well you better get going now…,” Brad said with a rare smile. Sean left out for City Hall taking the Suburban. Once at the zoning office it only took him a couple minutes to get the zoning chairman to see it his way once Sean promised to support a department recommendation that was having a hard time with the City Manager. “I’ll have a word with the Manager,” Sean said, “but as far as the Chief’s swimming pool let’s just git `er done and get the permit out today, OK… In fact, type it up and give it to me now. I’ll deliver it to the chief myself.” That was done, and Sean did as he promised, too. He got the City Manager to agree to give the zoning people what they wanted if Sean would bend a little bit on some of the city’s other spending wishes that the Manager was told weren’t going to be on the cards this year. “Fine, but no bonding for it,” Sean, a noted budget hawk, told the City Manager. “Spend a little more here, cut back a little there. We’ll make it work for ya but you know how I feel about slapping people with more taxes or running up debt. You know why? It’s because I might have `Fuck You Money’ but most people don’t. You send me a bigger tax bill and for me it amounts to a rounding error that I’ll prolly never notice. But for a lot of people it could be the difference of making a mortgage payment on time or paying some other bill or maybe making an investment for the future… That’s how ya gotta look at that shit. “Look, I can pick up some slack for ya,” Sean continued, “maybe with stuff like a gift to the city for what you always whine at me about, or those improvements to the library and stuff like that that are always hanging around, you know, that kind of stuff. Anonymous private contribution and all that… And it’ll be a nice little tax write off for me. “But this has gotta be only a `this year’ deal only, and ya gotta remember that for your everyday Joe on the street his only contact with the city is the tax bill he gets in the mail once a year. And he doesn’t want a bigger one unless it’s for something that’s important to him that he can see and touch every day. `S just how people are ya know… It’s what people tell me. `No big tax bills just for extras.’ I’ve heard that a million times if I’ve heard it once. And as a Councilor it’s my job to listen to what people tell me. That’s how come I win elections. I realize that I work for them. We all do.” “You’re smooth, Councilor Wyman. You always have been…” “Hey, one hand washes the other one, ya know? That’s how it goes… Anyway, we got a good Police Chief here and we don’t wanna take the chance on losing him over something as trivial as giving him a load of crap over something like a fucking back yard swimming pool because the zoning people have a hair across their asses about his setback being off by a foot or whatever it is. Little dictators some of `em are… That’s bullshit. It’s a bad trap to fall into.” “Well, yeah it is…” The City Manager shrugged with a half-smile. “Let’s not have this conversation again, shall we? Something like this comes across your desk just pick up the phone and call me, will ya? Prick You and I’ll take care of it…” Once Sean left, the long-time City Manager marveled at his City Council President. A guy who was, in his mind, a pinch-penny with public money but who was also unbothered by bending, although if one really thought about it to an immaterial degree, a city zoning measurement as long as the city’s budget worked out and everyone got a little bit of what they wanted. For his part, Sean admired the Manager’s competence as an administrator but beyond that competence Sean thought him to be somewhat of a pedantic bureaucrat who would, if he had the chance, not watch the books as well as he should in the form of needless buildings or programs or whatever as long as his face was on TV. Sean didn’t feel it was part of his brief to make the City Manager a media star. For both of them the solution to the Chief’s swimming pool was “comme si comme �a.” It was their usual agreeable modus vivendi by which they had reached agreements over so many years. Sean gave generously to the city coffers while the City Manager agreed, where necessary, to curb extravagances. The Manager knew at the end of the day that he served at the pleasure of the Council which was for all intents and purposes owned by its President, Sean Wyman. Once back home, Sean didn’t see Brad anywhere. But he knew where Brad would be. Sean took the stairs two at a time, running into the sling room where Brad was already in position. Nude. Languidly masturbating. Brad scooped some clear pre-cum onto his index finger and put it in his mouth. He leered at Sean. “Fuck me, Sean!” Brad said. END CHAPTER SEVENTY-THREE *1965 Pontiac Grand Prix **COPO: General motors shorthand for Central Office Production Order. Denotes an otherwise production model equipped with items of any nature that are not RPO (Regular Production Order) items.


Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 01:45:40 -0400 From: Mark G Subject: Reassuring My Straight Roommate Reassuring my Straight Roommate This story is a work of fiction based loosely in my own experience. Read at your own leisure, and if this type of writing offends you, you are in the wrong place. As always, please consider making a donation to Nifty, this site is fantastic source of fantasy, inspiration, and an outlet for so many. Happy reading! My name is Mark. This story takes place a few years ago when I was living in a student dorm with a few friends. At the time, we were living in a four-bedroom house, and I was there with two friends I had known for a few years, and a guy named Zach who was a friend of a friend. I had the master bedroom with the ensuite bathroom, Zach and our female roommate shared a bathroom between their bedrooms, and my other roommate was one floor down. This bathroom situation comes into play later on, but that might have to wait for another story. I was spending a typical Friday night in my room watching some TV while half-heartedly working on something for school. I was wearing some cut-off jogging shorts and a graphic tee which I was desperately holding onto even though it was several years old and a size or two too small. Oh well, I still loved it and it was comfy to wear around the house. Back then I was completing a degree in health sciences, and was really into fitness. I had realized the year before that I actually had the type of body that responded well to weight training, so I had been focused on beefing up for about 8 months. I’m average height, brown hair, blue eyes, and at the time I was well-muscled with the remains of a paunch for which I can thank my love of a stiff rye and ginger. I’m pretty hairy all over, something that I’ve always enjoyed, primarily because I find hairy men so attractive and masculine. I’m not quite sure when this started, but from a very young age I had been drawn to men’s body hair. I remember sneaking glances at my dad when we would go swimming, and enjoying the sight of his super hairy chest, legs, and thighs. My favourite time was when we would spend time in the hot tub, because my dad had a “no bathing suits allowed” policy for that. Again, that’ll have to wait for another time. Back to the night in question. I was doing my work and, quite frankly, looking for any excuse to give up the fa�ade, when Zach came home from the hockey game he had gone to with some buddies of his. He came up the stairs, and to get to his bedroom he had to pass mine, so he stopped in on the way. I could tell he’d had a few beers because he was more talkative and chipper than usual, which was fine by me. Zach is a little bit shorter than me, with thick, curly brown hair usually hidden under a ball cap, and a stocky build that he spent most of the time hiding under an oversized jersey and baggy jeans. He had just enough extra weight on him to make him the perfect size for cuddling (I had often imagined), but it was also enough that it really hurt his confidence level, which was a bummer. He was also about as straight as they come; not in an in-your-face, macho, douchebag kind of way, but in the drinks beer for breakfast on weekends, laughs at farts, doesn’t know how to do laundry sense. Which, needless to say, turned me on immensely. “Are you seriously doing work on a Friday?” He chuckled as he walked himself into my room and sat down in the armchair. “I wanna say yes, but honestly I checked out like an hour ago so I’ve just been sitting here watching TV. How was the game?” I paused the show I’d had on, Spartacus. Zach loved the show because of the fight scenes and the naked chicks, I loved it because of the fight scenes between mostly naked men. To each his own. “Oh man, it was fuckin’ awesome!” He began to launch into a detailed explanation of everything that had happened, and although I tried to follow along I quickly lost interest; I had no idea which player he was referring to or who they had beef with or why a certain play was such a game-changer, and I didn’t really care. I was just happy that Zach was happy. As he was telling his story, he got to a point where he and a fan of the other team began heckling one another, which I found hilarious, until he mentioned � “And he wouldn’t stop talking, so finally I stood up and yelled out “Listen, faggot, just shut the hell up!” which did the trick.” He again chuckled, and looked at me, waiting for me to do the same. In case you somehow hadn’t realized by this point, I’m as gay as the day is long. I’ve always tended to be quiet and reserved, more of a listener than a talker, so often times people don’t realize this until I tell them. But for some reason, the word faggot always stung, even though I knew it wasn’t directed towards me. I also wasn’t specifically closeted, I just didn’t tell people I was gay unless it came up in conversation or I felt they should know. So my reaction was not what he expected. “Dude, seriously? It’s one thing to argue and swear at some ass-hat as part of the game, but you don’t have to call someone a faggot to get your point across.” This caught him off guard. He didn’t react defensively, but rather with genuine curiosity. “Really? Why do you care?” “Zach, buddy� I’m gay.” This really caught him off guard, and he started laughing. Not in a cruel, derogatory way, but as though I was making a joke. A few seconds later, when I hadn’t cracked up, he realized I was being serious. “No way, seriously?” “For real,” I assured him. “Man� no offense or anything but� you don’t really seem that gay. Are you sure?” This is when I started laughing, because I knew he was sincerely shocked with what I was telling him. Despite his choice in language, I also knew that he was by no means homophobic, he was just so far entrenched in his own idea of sexuality that it never dawned on him that someone he knew might be gay. “Sorry, I should probably be wearing my pink go-go boots and blonde wig to be having this conversation.” For a second, he appeared shocked that I might actually own such an ensemble, before realizing I was subtly calling him a dumbass. “Fuck off,’ he laughed. “But seriously, I had no idea! Does everyone else know? Why didn’t you tell me before?” I could sense he had a bunch of questions coming, and I thought, fuck it, it’s Friday night and I’m not doing my work anyway. “Listen, man, I’m happy to tell you all about myself, but you’re definitely a few drinks ahead of me. Mind if I catch up?” I didn’t wait for a response, but instead walked over to the min-fridge by my closet and pulled out a bottle to mix a drink. Zach laughed again. “Hell no, I’ll grab myself a beer too!” He left to grab a can from the beer fridge he kept in his room, and as he did I took a quick shot of my whiskey before mixing myself a drink. Zach came back in, I gave a facetious but obligatory “Cheers, Queers” toast, and we both sat back down, him in the arm chair, me on my bed. As expected, he launched into a series of questions about how long I had known, had I ever hooked up with any girls, had I brought anyone back to the house, and so on and so forth. I was happy to answer his questions, because I was comfortable with him and knew he was a good guy. The first night we had met, we shared a joint and a six-pack of beer in Muskoka chairs in the backyard while chatting about everything and nothing in particular. He was easy to get along with, and was unassuming and open, more traits I found ridiculously attractive. As his questions went on, we each poured another drink. His questions began to get more daring, and my answers more scandalous. Soon he was asking me about my preferences, who and what I found attractive, what I liked to do with other guys. It got to a point where I started throwing the questions back at him; if I was gonna tell him the kind of guys I was into, he had to give up the details on what he was into. As you might expect, it didn’t take long for the conversation to steer in a direction wherein we both admitted that we were total “ass guys,” albeit with different tastes. Once we reached a point of mutual interest, the questions again began to get bolder. “So, like, do you like to be the guy fucking, or the guy getting fucked?” He asked me. “Honestly, I guess it depends on the day. Some days I’m in the mood to take a cock, some days I’m in the mood to stick my dick in someone. It’s usually about that simple.” We both laughed. “Man, to be honest I’m a bit jealous! I’ve tried to get girls to try anal, but they never seem into it. Is it easier with gay guys? I mean, aside from a blow job it’s basically the only other option, right?” Like I said, the guy was so straight his only concept of gay sex was either oral or anal. “Not necessarily. I kind of go back and forth, so some people would label me as versatile. I like fucking, I like getting fucked. Some guys are strictly tops, meaning they are the ones doing the fucking, and some are strictly bottoms, meaning they’re the ones taking the dick up the ass. But even then there’s all different types of both. For a group focused on equality, us gays certainly enjoy labeling and categorizing ourselves” I chuckled, and after a moment of deep thought so did Zach. “Ok, so you’re versatile. But how did you figure that out? Do you like both the same, or does it depend on your mood? I mean, say you’re hooking up with another guy who likes to give it and take it, how do you decide who fucks who?” I laughed again; as a guy who’s known he was gay from a young age, I had never thought of explaining the dynamics of gay sex to someone straight who, through no direct decision-making or exploration process, was expected to be a top. “I guess I just realized early on I liked both. I didn’t always know, I definitely had to do some exploring and figuring things out when I was younger.” He seemed a bit confused by this. “What do you mean?” I sighed, and sat up to make another drink. “I’m happy to tell you all about it, but I’m gonna need another drink first. You sure you want to hear about this?” Without hesitation, he responded. “Abso-fucking-lutely! You’re blowing my mind, man! I’ve never had a gay friend before, so this is all new to me.” “None that you’ve known were gay, anyways,” I joked. I sat back down, took a swig of my drink, and tried to figure out where to start. “Since I was young, I was always drawn to guys, even before I knew what sex was. As I got older, I realized that I didn’t just prefer to hang out with my friends who were guys, but I was attracted to them as well. I grew up in a small town with zero diversity, so I always felt this need to keep things secret, meaning if I wanted to figure things out, I had to do it myself. I don’t remember when it started, but I know that before I even knew what jerking off was, I knew that I liked playing with my ass. When I was on my own in the pool, I’d shove my hand down my pants and put my finger in my ass when nobody was watching. If I was alone in the hot tub I’d stand up just a bit so the jets would tickle my asshole. And as I got older I tried other things, until eventually I hooked up with someone and tried bottoming. And I loved it.” After this, there were a few moments of silence, during which we both took a swig of our drinks. “I’m sorry,” I said, “that might have been a bit too much information.” I was worried I had told him too much, even though that was really only scratching the surface. “No man, not at all, I’m the one who asked! And to be honest�” he trailed off. “What?” I asked, totally unsure where this was going. “�Well, growing up we had a hot tub too�” Another moment of silence, before he finally exhaled and said “I used to pull the back of my bathing suit down so the jets would hit my asshole and my balls too!” He laughed at this point, and I did the same. “I’d stay in for so long the bottom half of my body looked like a raisin!” We both cracked up at this, and it seemed to ease any lingering discomfort. It seemed like being able to talk openly about something he had probably never told anyone else about was opening up doors for him. It also got my attention pretty quick, and my dick pretty hard thinking about him in his hot tub. “I think the hot tub jets are a pretty common rite of passage, I mean what guy could resist?!” I laughed. “Did you ever try anything else? It sounds like you enjoyed it!” He laughed again, and tilted his head up to drain the last few sips of his beer. When he brought his head back down his face was a bit red; he was smiling, but blushing with what seemed to be a bit of embarrassment or hesitation. “Listen, Zach,” I said, as I got up and walked across the room, shutting the door, before sitting back down. “Whatever you say in this room stays in this room. I don’t get to judge you or what you like, because chances are I’m into freakier shit. And I hope you realize I’d never tell anyone anything about you unless I knew you were totally open about it, and I’m pretty sure none if this conversation falls under that category.” This relaxed him somewhat, and after a minute his blushing subsided. “Yeah, I know that. Shit, until tonight I never even knew you were gay, so obviously you can keep a secret. Not that it was a secret or anything, but, you now what I mean. It’s just� do gay guys talk openly about this stuff? I’ve talked with my buddies about hook-ups and stuff, but never anything really personal, like the thing with the jets.” I took a few seconds to collect my thoughts. “Sometimes, gay guys can be pretty judgy and bitchy; it comes with the territory, especially for guys who needed to use that type of personality to survive growing up gay. But when it comes to sex and talking about kinks and interests, I find we’re a bit more open about it because we’ve had to figure things out for ourselves. I still remember my dad giving me the sex talk, and he might as well have been speaking Russian because none of it applied to me or really helped at all, except for him telling me where I could always find condoms in the house.” “Yeah,” Zach said, “I guess that makes sense. To be honest, I guess I’ve always wondered about trying butt stuff, but I was worried what girls would think if I brought it up, so I never did. I mean, I have a hard enough time asking them to try anything involving ass play, so I can’t even imagine asking them, especially with�” He trailed off, and his head sank just a little bit. “Especially with what? What do you mean?” After a few seconds, he finally answered. “Especially with an ass like mine!” This caught me totally by surprise, and I was genuinely confused. “What are you talking about?” “Dude,” he said, “I’ve got a big, hairy ass! Not exactly something people find attractive.” At this his head hung a bit lower. I was floored; even through the baggy jeans he favoured so much, it was always obvious that he had a nice, round bubble butt. In fact, I was sure he had caught me checking him out a few times, but I guess I had been more discrete than I’d realized. After a few moments of shock, I began to laugh. “Zach, man, I can’t speak for the ladies because I’m not one, but as someone who appreciates a good ass, I’ve gotta say, you’ve got a nice one. No homo�..Well, I guess a bit homo�” We both laughed at that, but Zach shook his head. “Nah, you’re just saying that to cheer me up. Seriously, it’s really hairy, to the point that I keep baby wipes hidden in my room because toilet paper just doesn’t cut it. It’s not a good look.” “Whatever, man, everyone has things they’re self-conscious about. For some people it’s height, or weight. Some guys want to be hairier, some guys want to be less hairy. Or more muscled. Or skinnier. Or more freckled. Or less. Just because you worry about how you look doesn’t mean other people see you the same way. Again, as someone who spends a lot of time focusing on guys’ asses, you’ve got a great one!” This didn’t seem to convince him. “I don’t think you realize how big and hairy it is.” “Then show me,” I challenged. He laughed it off as a joke. I chuckled a bit, before persisting. “Seriously, let me see, and I’ll give you my honest feedback. The door’s shut and there’s nobody else even home right now.” He looked at me for a few seconds, seeming to be judging if I was being real with him or trying to embarrass him further. Finally, he blushed and shook his head. “Nah,” he said, “I just� I’ve never been comfortable with anyone looking at me like that� it’s not because you’re gay or anything!” At this point he was stumbling over his words a bit, a mix of being self-conscious about his body and trying not to offend me. “I just� I’ve never�” At this point, I was getting a little tired of the modesty. “Dude, it’s just an ass, we’ve all got one. I’ll prove it!” And with that, I jumped up, turned around, grabbed my shorts at the waist and pulled them down until I was bent over, hands and shorts around my ankles, my bare ass two feet from Zach’s face. I looked around to see him staring at my ass, open-mouthed, too surprised to react in any other way. I chuckled, and after a few seconds I stood back up, pulling my shorts back up to my waist before turning and sitting back on the bed. Zach was still stunned, but eventually started laughing and shaking his head in disbelief. “See, there’s nothing to it! Don’t overthink it, man, it’s just an ass!” This seemed to embolden him a bit. He set his empty beer can down and stood up before slowly turning around. He hesitantly unbuckled and unzipped his jeans, and began to pull them down around his thighs. His hands moved slowly, and he was clearly incredibly nervous about what he was doing, but he kept going until his pants cleared his thick thighs, and fell down to the ground, leaving his ass bare but for the back of his oversized jersey. “OK,” I said, “partial credit. But you’ve got to lift up the jersey so I can see the full thing.” He chuckled, and slowly reached his arms back, grabbing his jersey, and lifting it up, revealing one of the most beautiful, hairy asses I’d ever seen. His thighs and ass cheeks had clearly never seen the sun, leaving the skin super pale, but both round mounds were covered in a light mat of brown fur which grew thicker and more pronounced as it approached his ass crack. The extra weight he carried seemed to perfectly frame his ass against his thighs, and his cheeks jiggled ever so slightly as he breathed in and out. I was in heaven, and without realizing it I had slowly moved my face closer to his ass until it was only a few inches away. I slowly, deeply inhaled through my nose, and I could smell an intoxicating mix of sweat, soap, and the musty scent an ass develops after a few hours. I don’t know how long I sat there staring at Zach’s beautiful ass, it felt like hours but was probably only seconds, before he spoke. “Well, there it is� what do you think? I told you it was hairy.” He laughed. It took me a few minutes to shake myself back to the moment and to answer, and when I did my voice trembled a bit. “Zach�buddy� I hope you don’t feel weird about me saying this, but you have the hottest ass I’ve ever seen.” He laughed again, causing his ass to shake a bit more. “Yeah, right!” he said in disbelief. “You’re just saying that.” I shook my head, my eyes never leaving his hairy crevice. “No, I’m not just saying that, I seriously mean it.” He turned his upper body to look at me, ass still in my face, or rather my face still leaning towards his ass, and saw the expression on my face. Before I could hide it, he looked down and saw the tent in my pants from my rock hard dick. This seemed to convince him a bit more, and he remained where he was. “Seriously?” he asked, “You really think it’s that hot?” “�Yeah” was all I could muster. My mouth as watering, and I was losing all sense of inhibition. Zach seemed to be doing the same, because he bent over the slightest bit, causing his ass to move closer to my face. “This might be a weird question, but you’re staring at my ass so who cares. If you like asses so much� what do you like to do with them?” I wasn’t sure if he was simply curious, or probing for a certain response, or still in disbelief, but I didn’t really care. What I wanted was staring me in the face, his ass begging me to explore it with my eyes, hands, tongue� “�well… I� um� I could�” I stammered, desperately wanting to dive face first into his glorious ass, but terrified of his reaction. “I could show you�” I left the offer unfinished, the silence hanging in the air daring one of us to make the next move. “OK�” he said quietly, “show me.” I didn’t need any further invitation. My hands slowly came up and began kneading and caressing his ass, my fingers swirling through the thick curls of hair. With my thumbs I traced his ass crack from the bottom of his spine down to his thighs, before slowly pulling the cheeks apart. As I’d expected, and hoped, his beautiful, pinkish-brown asshole was covered in a thick coat of hair. As I pulled his ass cheeks apart, his hole puckered from being suddenly totally exposed, both to the cool air and to me. “Oh my god�” Zach said, breathing heavily. “Oh my god�” I mirrored, taking my own deep breath, until I couldn’t wait any longer. I wanted to act tentatively and carefully, but that part of my brain had been overpowered by lust. I thrust my face forward, tongue first, and began to devour his asshole, first licking with the broad flat of my tongue through his coarse hair, before tickling his butthole with the tip of my tongue. I could hear him gasping, and his hands let go of his jersey, moving down to grab his own ass cheeks to spread them further, granting my better access to the most intimate parts of himself. I reached forward and pulled his hips backward, hardening my tongue enough to shove deep into his asshole, causing another set of gasps and exclamations. I shoved my tongue in and out of his butthole until it seemed to loosen up a bit, allowing me to stick my tongue in further and to let it soften, wiggling around, teasing him from the inside out. I could taste the soap he had showed with, the sweat that covered over that, and the faint remnants of what his baby wipes hadn’t been able to clean away. I thought I had been in heaven before, but this was something altogether different. I had to pull myself away from his ass to gasp a breath, before plunging back in with renewed gusto. At that point in time, I don’t think anything could have happened that would have prevented me from exploring Zach’s asshole with every millimeter of my tongue. Part of me was hoping it would never end. Part of me was hoping for something dirtier, more carnal and basal. If he had farted in my face I would have inhaled every molecule. If my exploring tongue had found something unexpected I might have savoured every taste. As it was, it was just me, my tongue, and this beautiful ass in front of me. I couldn’t stand it much longer. “Dude,” I breathed out, pulling myself away from his hole, “I’m about to cum, this is so hot!” “Me too!’ Was all he could muster. I quickly stood up, flinging off my shirt and shorts before laying on my back on my bed. “Take off your clothes, and straddle my shoulders facing my feet. I need my tongue in your ass again right now!” He didn’t hesitate this time, throwing off his jersey and stepping out of his jeans. As he turned around I could see his cock was rock hard. It was a bit shorter than mine, but thicker, and very hairy. He hopped onto the bed, and put his knees on either side of my shoulders, before slowly easing his ass down onto my face. I grabbed his hips and pulled them down until he was sitting on my face, my skull absorbing most of his weight, my tongue lodged firmly into his asshole. As he sat back and rocked against my face, I reached around with one arm and found his thick cock, and started to stroke it. He made no effort to reciprocate with my own solid cock, but made no effort to stop me, so with my other hand I reached down and started jerking off. We were moving in tandem, my tongue darting in and out of his hole, my breathing timed with the rocking of his hips back and forth, stroking our cocks in unison. After a few minutes which felt both like eternity and not nearly long enough, I could feel his ring tighten around my tongue, and his cock pulsed before he began shooting cum all over my abdomen. He was moaning either in agony or ecstasy or both, and he shot pulse after pulse of hot cum all over me. This just about sent me over the edge. With my tongue still planted inside his musty, hairy ass, I wiped my hand through the semen he had covered me with, and used it as lube to jack myself off. It only took a few more seconds before my own cock exploded, adding to the pool of his cum that covered me. As my orgasm subsided, I continued to lap at his asshole, more slowly, leisurely now, licking back and forth, in and out. Zach continued to move his hips back and forth, more lowly as well, relaxed, content. We stayed like that for a few minutes until our breathing settled down. To prevent any tension about what had just happened, I simply asked: “Do you believe me now?” We both laughed, and he got off of me. I told him I needed a shower, and to my surprise he followed me into the bathroom and stepped into the shower with me. There was no touching or fooling around, we just both stood underneath the flow of water, enjoying the cleansing warmth, not saying anything. Somehow it was more intimate than if he would have turned me around and shoved his cock up my ass. It was simply peaceful; we were both enjoying a shower after a solid ejaculation. After a few minutes, we both got out and got dried off. Zach threw on his pants and tossed his jersey over one shoulder, and headed for the door. As he opened it he looked back, bid me “goodnight” with a coy smile, and stepped out, shutting the door behind him. I fell into bed naked, too spent to bother putting on clothes. I fell asleep soon after, the smile on my face still smelling like the most gorgeous ass I had ever seen. I hope you enjoyed this story! I’d love to hear feedback about it, you can write me at I’ve got a few more stories here on nifty, so if you want to hear more let me know!


Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 01:13:14 -0500 From: Sam Subject: Young Again: The College Years – Chapter 3 Please support Nifty to keep this free service going. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Comments are welcome. The following is fiction. Any resemblance to real people, places or events is coincidental. This is a romance story in many parts. If you are looking for a quickie, this isn’t it. This story is a sequel to Young Again in the gay/scifi category. Please read that stroy first or you will have no idea what is going on. From Chapter 2 When my classes were over I went over to the student center to meet up with Dennis. He was there sitting and reading the school paper. When I joined him he asked if we could go to the gym so he could work out. I didn’t have a problem with it. So we went over and he got on some weight equipment and started working out. I just got on the next one and sat and watched him, I don’t work out. I love the curves my body has and don’t want to ruin them with muscles. Besides, Dennis likes being the strong man in the relationship, and I like being his little femboy. After Dennis was done at the gym we went home and he took a shower. I went in the kitchen and made a stew while Marty watched to make sure I didn’t mess it up. Alex came home while I was cooking and when I was done we all sat down to eat. After dinner, we did the reading our classes required, and then we cuddled on the bed while he played his game. At bedtime Dennis made love to me and after I cleaned us up and finished in the bathroom, we cuddled up and Dennis pulled me tight to him as I drifted off to sleep. * * * * * Young Again: The College Years – Chapter 3 by Sam The next day Dennis and I only had afternoon classes. We decided to sleep in. When I woke up Dennis was already awake and watching me as he held me tight to him. “Good morning, baby,” he said. “Morning. How long have you been awake?” “About an hour. I figured I’d let you sleep. You looked so beautiful.” “You are such a romantic, you know. But we should probably get up and get moving. Dad will be wondering when we will be getting up.” “We can always let him know we are up the fun way.” “Did I ever tell you how much I love you?” “No, how much?” Dennis said smiling. I grabbed the lube and laid on my back and pulled my legs up. Dennis crawled on top of me and lubed us up then I felt him enter me as he started to rock back and forth. I put my arms around his neck and held him to me as he made love to me. I screamed his name as I came. He thrust into me a few more times before filling me up with a grunt. Once we came down we got up and took a shower together. Dennis got hard again in the shower so I got on my knees and took him in my mouth and worked his hard member until he filled my mouth with his second load of the day. Once we came out, Marty had breakfast on the table waiting for us. I guess we have an effective way to signal we are up. After breakfast I watched some TV while Dennis played video games until we had a quick lunch and headed out to go to school. Dennis and I had the same class at 1pm. We went to it and it was another large class. The professor was ok, not boring, but also not all that enthusiastic. I then had two classes and Dennis only had one. We kissed as we parted and I went to my class. This was a very small class, only about 10 people. I was wondering if I went to the wrong room as freshmen classes are never this small. But I was in the right room, we are an overflow class as the other one is full. It was fun, it was an art class where we got to draw and paint and learn how to do things like forced perspective. I enjoyed it. The teacher also said they would be having a few classes at night throughout the year where they bring in live models for us to paint. I know those from TV, it’s where they bring in nude men and we get to paint them. Well I hope it is men. Once that class was over I had an hour break before my next class so I went to the student center to grab a drink and relax. Dennis dropped in half an hour later and said he would be at the gym while I was in my next class. I told him to not overdo it and be careful. When it was time to leave for my class, Dennis kissed me then we parted. After that class was over I went back to the student center and 10 minutes later Dennis and Alex showed up. Dennis met Alex at the gym and they worked out together. I warned Dennis about picking up guys at the gym with a chuckle. Dennis smiled but then said with a serious tone that he would never do that again and I was the only one for him, then pulled me to him tight and kissed me. We headed home, Alex followed us in his car. When we got inside, Marty already had dinner cooking. I went in to see if I could help while Dennis and Alex went to shower (separately). Marty had me make the mashed potatoes and gravy. I always worry when making gravy that I’ll either get it too thick or not thick enough. Marty finished the rest himself while I fretted over that. When Dennis and Alex came out clean we all sat down to dinner. After dinner, me and Dennis worked on our reading for our classes before he made love to me and we turned in. I fell asleep quickly with his strong arms around me. The next day we have the same classes as Monday, except Dennis has an additional class in the afternoon that only meets once a week. It is an athletics class. We wake up early and get a shower, Dennis gives me my wake up fuck from behind and once we cum I clean the shower wall then we get dressed for school. I wish this teacher in our first class would turn this class over to someone who cares, it is torture. I can see Dennis is trying his best and making many notes. After we have lunch in the dining hall, Dennis gives me a kiss before we head off to our afternoon classes. When I finish my two I head to the student center to wait for Dennis. He will be later today due to his 4pm class today. I’m reading the paper when Alex comes over and sits with me. He and I chat about our classes and I talk about torture class and he laughs. Dennis eventually meets up with us and we head home. Marty already has dinner ready and we sit down and eat before going and reading today’s chapters. After we are done, I cuddle up to Dennis while he plays his game. The next morning we get to sleep in. I wake up and watch Dennis sleep, enjoying the feeling of cuddling up to his body. When he wakes up he pulls me to him tighter. We lay together for a while enjoying each other’s presence. When we got in the shower, Dennis fucked me from behind. After we came, I washed Dennis and he was still hard. I smiled and lubed him up again and he fucked me again. I love this shower. Afterward, Dennis cleaned me out then got down and rimmed me. It felt so good I needed to cum again. Dennis said he was spent so he sucked me off. Once I gave him his reward we finished up and got out. We ate lunch then headed to school. After our first class, Dennis kissed me as we parted to go to our other classes. Once we got home we ate dinner then did our reading before cuddling up for bed. The next day after school Alex comes up to me when I’m alone. “Sam, I’m going on a date with Sally tonight. Is it ok if I bring her back here and have her sleep over?” “Of course you can. You live here too so you can have any girl or guy over that you want.” Alex chuckles, “I’ll leave the guys to you and Dennis, but thanks.” “Well I already have the only guy I want.” “Yeah, I know. I hope me and Sally will someday be as good together as you and Dennis.” “You never know, it isn’t always love at first sight.” “It was with you and Dennis.” “Was it?” “Yeah, I could tell. When I first walked in on you and him cuddling in his bed that first week, I could tell you two were in love. I didn’t want to accept it though. I knew you were gay, heck the whole school did, but I didn’t know Dennis was. He was a jock like me and didn’t act gay so I didn’t want to believe he was. The second night I didn’t look up because I didn’t want to see you two together in the bed. “After that I chose to just believe my brother was being the nice guy he always is and was treating you how you wanted. You being gay, wanted to cuddle, so that’s what he did. That worked until Dennis came out to me and dad and told us you two were dating. Then I thought maybe you turned him gay or something. “That Monday I talked to my friends and they told me I was stupid. You can’t turn someone gay, they either are or they aren’t. One of my friends told me his brother was also gay and it was ok. You love who you love, some love girls, some love boys, and that is all there is to it. So then I worried about Dennis getting beat up. He wouldn’t be the first gay jock to have that happen to him. I studied you and him and saw you didn’t act like a couple so I figured there was no need to worry. “That is until you wore that hoodie and stirred everything up.” “I didn’t want to wear that hoodie, Den told me to.” “If you didn’t want to wear it, why didn’t you say no?” “Um… well… I’ve never been able to tell Den no. If he asks me to do something, I do it.” “OMG do not tell Dennis that! That kind of power would go right to his head.” “I won’t, but don’t you either.” Dennis and I will be going to the movies tonight too. There is a new movie out, and while I hate going to theaters for new movies as they are always packed with people, Dennis really wants to see this movie so I agree to go. I’m right and the theater is packed. We find two seats together and take them. Dennis is enjoying the movie. I’m not really because I’m so short I can’t see over the head of the guy in front of me. Oh well, we are here for Dennis anyway. When the movie is over we go to a restaurant to eat. It’s pretty nice. We then head home. Alex and Sally are in the living room watching a movie. Me and Dennis head to our room and Dennis makes love to me 3 times. To be continued…


Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 11:06:58 +0200 From: Marin Giustinian Subject: Light In the following story, all of the characters are totally fictive and the setting is real. For whomever it would be illegal, immoral or prohibited for any other reason whatsoever to read a story about love between two young men is kindly requested to refrain from continuing. A free picture album illustrating this story (pdf) is available upon request at . Please remember to help Nifty stay online by sending your contribution. This being said, I hope you enjoy the tale. ———- LIGHT by Marin Giustinian ———- Fort William, Scotland then Stormolla Island, Norway, 2018 ———- Marcus Sutherland and his son Joel were having their Saturday night homecoming dinner together in their favourite restaurant, the Grog and Gruel, on High Street in downtown Fort William, Scotland. After the usual small talk, towards the end of the meal, Marcus cleared his throat and stated, “Son, I’ve got some news for you.” Joel swallowed what was in his mouth and waited for his Dad to continue. “There’s a new woman in my life now… and I think it’s serious.” Joel coughed, then uttered, “That’s great, Dad. Do I know her?” “Not yet. She’s our new French teacher in the High School. She replaced Mr. Durand after his heart attack. She arrived with her son just after Christmas… I’m sure you’ll love her. She’s quite an impressive lady!” “And what about her son?” “He’s seventeen, a smart lad. He had no problem adapting from his former school in Glasgow. “I suppose then that she’s either a widow or divorced…” “Neither. She’s a single mother…” Joel eyes widened as he inquired, “And the lad’s father, does he fit in somewhere?” “The father is totally unknown. Nelly told me that she had been a big time party girl in college. She and two other girls were doing their summer course in Paris, to work on their French… So to get to the point, they met up with a group of Italian fellows their age taking the same course — it was a one-night fling — once back home in Glasgow, she realised that she was pregnant. With her parents, she decided to keep the babe and raised him alone…” “I get the picture…” interrupted Joel, a bit annoyed, “when can I meet them?” “I thought it would be nice for the four of us to have lunch together in Mallaig tomorrow, take a look at the boat, have lunch, and go for a stroll somewhere.” “But I just got here.” “Is there a problem?” “Not really… It’s just that all that’s pretty sudden! Listen, Dad, I’m happy for you if you’re happy. What else can I say other than I love you? I’ll be happy also to meet them tomorrow.” They lifted their glasses, looked into each other’s eyes and toasted. “To love, Dad!” “Yes, to love! I love you too!” ———- Joel Sutherland, nineteen years of age, studied photography at Inverness College. He was finishing a one year, full time course entitled: Photography Higher. He had just arrived back home for the two weeks’ Easter holiday. His father, Marcus Sutherland, was the head teacher at Lochaber High School in Fort William, Scotland. Joel’s mother was a victim of breast cancer. She passed away three years before. After that, Marcus devoted all of his spare time and affection to his teenage son. Father and son together stood steadfast with each other, as they recovered from their mutual loss. Once back in his boyhood room, a sudden sensation of emptiness hit him in the guts. Nausea and grief. The face of his mother flashed again in his mind. His throat felt swollen. He wanted to weep. Accustomed to his father’s hugs, his tender words, and their sailing times together, the news of outsiders violating their intimacy seemed silently unbearable. The bonds he shared with his father were sacred and exclusive, leaving no room for anyone else but him. And yet, mumbling to himself as he crawled naked in bed, he sighed, saying, “I’ll get used to it, I suppose. I guess it’s normal for Dad to adapt, now that I’ve sort of left him here by himself… But… but… and shit!” He turned off the light and waited for sleep to overtake him. ———- Life was better the following morning. Downstairs at breakfast he asked Marcus, “Dad, how do we dress for the luncheon? Normal or formal? Jeans or kilt?” “Clean jeans and a shirt are fine. Let’s save our kilts for weddings and such!” Joel swallowed, wondering why his father was talking about weddings… Joel studied for an hour or so before taking his shower and dressing. When he joined Marcus downstairs, ready to leave, Joel noticed that his father smelled exceptionally good. He was well groomed and perfectly dressed in a casual, country way. They exchanged a quick hug and drove to pick up Nelly and Jeremy for their day in Mallaig together. Five minutes later they pulled up in front of Nelly’s house. Marcus went up to knock on her door, leaving Joel standing beside the car. When Nelly and Jeremy came out, Joel nearly gasped. She was absolutely gorgeous… and so was her son. Marcus made the introductions after which Nelly stated, looking directly into Joel’s eyes, “Marcus, when you talked about your son’s qualities, you neglected to mention that he’s so stunning.” Of course, Joel blushed, glancing at his father. “You’re right, Nelly. He is a very becoming young man and seeing Jeremy beside you, I discover how lucky he is to take so much after you, also.” With that, Jeremy pertly sided up to Joel and exclaimed, “We two are without a doubt the best looking lads in the Highlands, aren’t we, Joel?” The parents laughed and Joel mumbled, said with a sheepish smile on his face, “Could we change subjects?” Joel was taken aback by Jeremy’s free, uninhibited ways. He didn’t know how to cope with the lad, but when he found himself sitting close to him in the back seat, Jeremy’s presence had a strangely soothing effect on him, almost warm. During the hour’s drive, Marcus explained that he had always enjoyed sailing. He went on saying that when Joel turned fourteen, he bought a Beneteau 25, a nice medium sized French sailboat that he kept in Mallaig. “I prefer sailing in the open instead of being confined in the lochs around Fort William. He finished by admitting, “Sailing is what Joel and I share the best together; we’re a great team, aren’t we, Son?” “That we are, Dad!” “I love sailing too,” exclaimed Jeremy… Nelly added, “From the age of nine, he belonged to a sailing club on the Clyde. That was his favourite activity. But I must admit… I’m not much of a sailor girl myself…” “When we arrive, we’ll go down and take a look at Gaol, that’s the name of our boat,” concluded Marcus. Nelly inquired, “What does Gaol mean?” “It’s Gaelic for Love…” “That’s so sweet!” Jeremy smiled at Joel and said, “Maybe we could go sailing sometimes…” Cutting short to any further intrusion, Joel simply replied, “Maybe…” The lads in the back seat didn’t say much after that. “How are you two doing? You’re both so quiet,” stated Nelly, taking a look in the back. “We’re fine, Mum,” declared Jeremy. “Quite fine, indeed,” added Joel. “We’re almost there,” continued Marcus, “I’ll try to park near the ferry. On a clear day like today, we can walk. I’ve reserved at the Cornerstone. It’s a nice, quiet restaurant for a family lunch. They’ll hold the table until 1:00 PM.” ———- They left the car and strolled over to the marina just beyond the boatworks down by the harbour. Giving Joel the keys, Marcus said, “Boys, run ahead and open up the boat. Let her air out some.” Arriving, Jeremy exclaimed, “She’s beautiful, Goal. Great name, Love can take you anywhere!” “Well said, Jeremy…” replied Joel, feeling a little more at ease. “Did your mother enjoy sailing too?” “She was like yours…” “I see.” They stepped aboard. Jeremy immediately checked out everything on deck as Joel opened the companionway. “Does our little yacht, so to speak, please you?” inquired Joel opening the motor hatch. “She’s splendid. Not too big, twenty-five feet at the most. Rakish modern lines. Good balance, clear and sleek. She barely moved when we stepped onboard. How is she beneath?” “You’ll see.” They leaned in the companionway, shoulder to shoulder. Joel explained, “The navigation desk and electronics are just beside the entry, behind there’s the loo with a little shower nozzle. On the other side, behind the galley, there’s the door to the overnight cabin. In the centre, a folding table, benches, and a nice big V-berth in the bow. Go snoop around and take a look for yourself while I wait for our parents.” Nelly preferred staying on the pier. Marcus jumped aboard, “Looks like everything’s in good shape. Start the motor, Joel, just to wake her up a little.” After several tries, the motor sprang to life. Jeremy was paying close attention. The little Yamaha sail-drive hummed like a sewing machine. “Sounds good. I’m going back up with Nelly now.” “Can we stay on the boat a wee bit longer? I want to check the sails.” “And you, Jeremy?” asked Marcus. “I’d like to stay!” “Fine with me, boys. Meet us at the restaurant before one o’clock at the latest,” replied Marcus. “Brilliant! We’ll be on time, Dad!” Joel shut off the motor and showed Jeremy the sail bin. The sails were still white as snow. No mould, no stains, little odour. “What’s that?” inquired Jeremy, indicating the roller furler for the genoa. He explained, “With that, you can unroll the genoa sail from the cockpit. Also you can reduce it underway. You see, that way everything can be handled from the cockpit.” “You mean you can reef it by just rolling it up, pulling on this line…” commented Jeremy, quite impressed by the modernity of Gaol. “Exactly!” “And is your anchor capstan manual or electric?” “Manual, less threat of a breakdown!” “I agree; simplicity above all — I noticed that you attach the fenders with clove hitches instead of bowlines…” “Easier to undo. I see you know your knots.” “I’m not bad… but I miss sailing… You know, Joel, I’d really like to go for a spin with you on Gaol, just to see how she handles…” laughed Jeremy as he took out his phone, “Can I take a selfie of us onboard.” Joel complied. They stuck their heads together, Jeremy stretched out his arm, and pushed the button. “I hope I didn’t offend you with a selfie. I know that real photographers hate them,” added Jeremy. “Don’t worry… I’m not THAT temperamental, not this time at least,” he jested. “What subjects interest you the most? Landscapes, portraits, still life?” “Light — Only light really interests me. We’d better go now…” Jeremy didn’t really understand what he meant by being interested only in light. ——– They arrived at the restaurant just behind their parents. As they ate, Nelly’s conversation was light and witty. Joel was fascinated by Jeremy’s resemblance to his mother. His laughter, the smile in his eyes when he glanced at Joel, the way he held his glass, everything about him seemed so natural, almost graceful, and self-assured. The food was delicious and duly enjoyed. When everyone had finished, Marcus suggested that since the weather was holding out, almost warm for an April day, that they take a leisure stroll along the banks of Loch Morar. They parked at the church just after the village and took the road along the north shore. When they arrived at a little pier, Marcus said, “Why don’t you two go on for a while… get to know each other better… and leave us here to sit some in the sun?” Nelly nodded, flashing an irresistible smile at both the boys. They got the message. As they were walking, Joel asked, “Is she always that charming, your mother?” “She’s in a special mood now with your father.” “I get the feeling that they’ve had enough of us around and just want some time alone, like silly teenagers?” commented Joel. Jeremy giggled and added, “We should be the silly teenagers, shouldn’t we?” “You’re quite right, but not for the same reasons!” A few minutes later, Joel inquired, “Tell me, how do you really feel about them falling in love together? Are you ready to let your Mum live her life with my Dad?” “Listen, she’s happy. More than I’ve ever seen. Your father’s a great man… When he talks about you, it’s always with love!” “Really?” “Yes. So I’m adjusting to them. I’m used to adjusting, but to be honest, I was sort of dreading meeting you…” “I was dreading meeting you too…This is all so sudden for me. But I agree. They’re SO MUCH in love that I can’t blame them… even if I feel a little, how can I say, a little ‘excluded’. Anyway, I’ve been off already for a year and now used to being on my own… well, almost on my own. So I guess I’m ready to let my father change lives too…” “I see…” uttered Jeremy as they ambled along in silence. Joel kept glancing at Jeremy, feeling closer with every step. Then he said, “You know, I’ve been thinking about you and I going on a cruise together. I think my Dad would be delighted about that. As you know, there’s no better way to get to know each other. How about us taking two or three days off and go down to Coll and back on Gaol? That is, if the weather holds.” Jeremy immediately stopped in his footsteps, nearly shouting, “Oh, my God, YES!” “Will your mother agree?” “She’ll say yes, if your Dad does… She’s like that…” Jeremy was so excited that he almost stuttered, adding, “I’ve only been on day sails, sometimes in rather tricky winds, but I’ve dreamt of sleeping on a boat, going out of sight of land. You know, going to sea on real voyages and so on.” “Next week, we’ll always be in sight of land. It’ll be just a wee voyage… but it could be fun. Listen, I’ve got to catch up on some studying, so I’ll cram for the next two days. We could leave Wednesday on the 8:30 AM train. How does that sound?” “Sounds absolutely wonderful!” “Do you have a sleeping bag?” “I can get one!” “Okay, let’s inform the parents about our… our ‘voyage’ together right now. Turn around, we’re going back!” Joel felt a bit excited too over their impromptu plans. He felt he could trust Jeremy. He had never experienced sailing without his father, but the idea of now being the captain aboard really appealed to him. Twenty some minutes later, they found Nelly and Marcus still sitting on the wharf, their feet dangling over the water. Joel and Jeremy exchanged an amused glance as they approached. “Hey there, lovebirds! We’re back!” exclaimed Jeremy. “That we hear!” quipped Marcus, standing, followed by Nelly. “Did you have a nice stroll together?” inquired Nelly. “We’ve made plans…” replied Jeremy. “Really?” Nelly commented, “About what?” Joel smiled at his father saying, “We plan to go on a little cruise with Gaol next Wednesday. Just three days over to Coll and back, if the weather holds. We thought it would be a good way to get to know each other better.” “I think that’s a brilliant idea! That way Nelly and I can have some holiday time on our own without you two around…” “Marcus, are you sure that they can handle that boat by themselves? I’ll be worried sick!” “You can trust Joel. He’s a better skipper than me. And as for Jeremy, don’t you think it’s about time to ease up on the leash some?” he said, winking at Jeremy. “I repeat, Marcus, I’ll be worried sick!” “I’ll take care of you, dear. Give them your blessing! I’m sure they’ll come back like brothers — or a least know if they can’t stand each other or not. As for us, we’re free to do as we like… So?” “Listen to me, boys! I want you to be careful and I mean really careful, both of you… and you must call every day! Am I clear?” “Youpee!” shouted Jeremy. “Then it’s a deal?” stated Joel holding out his hand. Jeremy answered, “It’s a deal… and by the way, Mum, you’ve got to buy me a sleeping bag,” Returning to Fort William, the back-seat passengers didn’t stop jabbering about what to take… and what not to take on their outing: the food they liked, the pictures Joel wanted to take. A definite bond was in the making. Up front, Nelly’s hand caressed the nape of Marcus’s neck. It had been a lovely day! ———- They dropped Nelly and Jeremy off at their house. “Want to go grab a fish and chips before going home?” suggested Marcus. “Good thinking, Dad!” They went into the café and claimed a booth overlooking the water, Marcus inquired, “So?” “Jeremy’s sort of special, but I think we’re going to get along anyhow…” “And Nelly?” “I like Nelly a lot… I can understand that you fell in love with her. She’s really smart too… that helps!” “I’m glad you approve. Are you still girl-shy?” “Let me mind that on my own, Dad… I can tend my love garden without your help. Maybe it’s my destiny to be a playboy, a monk, a gay loner, or just a wandering photographer…” “And why not a gay playboy monk photographer always wandering…” “No future!” “As you like, my Son!” They downed their second pint, paid and left. Back in their house, before climbing the stairs to his room, Joel said, “Thank you for the treat of meeting your new love.” “You’ll always be my deepest love, Joel.” “I needed to hear that, Dad…” They hugged for a long moment, shared a quick peck as usual, and retired. When Joel came out of the shower, there was a message for him on his phone. He took a look. It was from Jeremy. He smiled as he admired their selfie. The text read: ‘Glad we met’. Joel texted back: ‘Me too, a lot’ with a big smiley. ———- In spite of the drizzle, a feeling of spring hovered in the air that Wednesday morning. Marcus drove Joel to pick up Jeremy at Nelly’s house and go to the train station. Nelly was on the heels of her son as they walked down to the car, lecturing him to stay safe, stay warm, call at least every day, etc. When the boys saw each other, they beamed. Nelly finally was quiet as she and Marcus kissed. “Good morning Jeremy, hope you don’t mind being wet! The forecast is for showers…” “April in the Highlands!” was all Jeremy replied as he put his bag in the car. Nelly waved as if her son was leaving for the moon. “I have a feeling that you’re glad to be on your way, Jeremy,” teased Marcus. “You have no idea, Sir! I couldn’t wait a minute longer.” The train left on time. Seated side by side, they really didn’t know what to say to each other. They simply looked out the window as the little train swayed, lumbering along through some of Scotland’s most beautiful scenery. At 9:53 on the dot the train screeched into Mallaig station. They ran across the street into the Co-op Food to fill up on supplies. “There! I think we’ve got everything on our list. Do you want to splurge on a bottle of Glen Moray? It might be useful in case of a gale… Keep us warm!” suggested Joel as they were checking out at the till. “We don’t need a gale for that, do we?” giggled Jeremy. They split the bill, put as much as they could in their backpacks and carried the rest in sacks down to the marina where Gaol was waiting for them. They were strangely quiet as they opened the companionway door. Their silences together were never heavy. Jeremy put his things up front and unrolled his sleeping bag, assuming that he was to sleep there. Joel dumped his things in the aft cabin and began to stash the food. “Let me finish that, Joel, while you prepare the sails. I’ll be right back up.” Once the sails were in place Joel warmed the motor. The weather was a bit gusty and damp, but not too cold. Two happy young men cast off the lines. As soon as they cleared the breakwater, they hastily hoisted the sails. Gaol caught the wind, heeled and picked up speed. Joel turned off the motor. The wavelets splashed and hissed as they veered around on broad reach and clipped along, heading south by southeast. Jeremy was standing at the mast, smiling in the wind, obviously the happiest lad on earth. Joel admired his youthful passenger, the delicate features of his smooth face, the damp locks of his bangs dancing on his forehead. He too was relaxed, excited, and very happy himself. Jeremy smiled at Joel with admiration as he disappeared beneath. A few minutes later he came back up into the cockpit with a plate of sandwiches. “The soup is heating on the burner… I’ll be right back with the mugs,” exclaimed Jeremy, perfectly at ease aboard. “You’re a great matey, Jeremy.” “And you’re not a bad captain either!” he replied laughing. As they finished their snack, little by little the Isle of Rum became clearer as they sped along. They spoke with few but pertinent words, always relying on a kind of telepathic intuition between each other. It was close to half past two when they left the lee side of Skye on their starboard and entered the open waters. The winds picked up as white caps danced on the swell. Gaol leaned a bit more and began to gently pitch and roll. Jeremy was even more excited. Joel gave him the tiller as he went to reduce the genoa and reef the mainsail. Jeremy steered with a master’s hand, swerving on the top of the waves, avoiding the side splash as much as possible. He began singing like a lark. His soprano voice played with the harmonic hum of the wind in the riggings. It was magic. Joel looked at him, awestruck! “I didn’t know you could sing like that, Jeremy! That’s awesome.” “I only sing well when I’m happy,” he replied beaming. Joel slid up beside Jeremy, still under the charm of his song. The lad knew all kinds of folk ballads from the seventies and his high pitched voice could be taken for that of a young boy or even a woman. “Not only you’re an ace with the wind, but also a talented folk singer at that. Gaol is loving your touch and I’m beginning to be jealous,” joked Joel. “If you teach me everything you know, I’ll teach you how we can sing along together, you, tenor, and, me, treble. My grandmother taught me how to sing duets. My voice was higher than hers and when my voice began to change, she taught me how to keep it high. Grandmother called it ‘falsetto’. Later on, our school choir master gave me lessons, but it was my grandmother who helped me the most in training my voice.” “I’m ready to learn, so now, let’s sing!” “Really?” replied Jeremy. “Really!” They both beamed as their eyes locked for a moment. Time no longer held them in its grip. They both felt that the instant they were living was something eternal. “Listen, you sing this tune along with me…” Jeremy taught Joel the lower voice of a duet and then sang the higher voice with him. It worked! They were singing as loud as they could when they fell under the lee of the Isle of Rum. The wind had eased up to a nice breeze. Joel quickly released the reefs in the mainsail and unfurled the genoa. When he returned next to Jeremy, he asked, “Do you want me to take the tiller?” “If you want; I’ve got to pee. Do you mind if it if I just piss overboard?” “Of course not! Enjoy!” When Jeremy returned, he sat opposite Joel, and leaned back. Then, with pensive eyes, he simply stated, “You’re really lucky to have the father you have. I’m glad my Mum’s in love with him. I really enjoy being around him… and around you too. I never knew what it was like having a man in my life. My grandfather had a heart attack when I was five. He was quite wealthy, happy, and carefree according to my grandmother. He left her with a very comfortable fortune which she hasn’t yet dilapidated, even if she’s an authentic survivor of the Hippy revolution and totally useless for work. You know the kind: a distinguished old lady in long skirts, Indian prints, and a cloud of marijuana floating around in her hair — one hundred percent peace and love… free and willing… My Mum takes after her in many ways — and not at all in others…” Then he looked at Joel straight in the eyes, and added in a rather provocative manner, “I guess you know that I’m an illegitimate bastard.” Joel didn’t lower his eyes. He simply replied, “Jeremy, the term ‘bastard’ doesn’t sound worthy of you. You’re too refined, too racy and too beautiful to call yourself a bastard. And you sing like an angel! Shit, man! I refuse to hear you say you’re a bastard. Of course, I know about your family situation — but never had given it a second thought — so don’t call yourself a ‘bastard’ ever again — PLEASE!” He immediately reacted, almost pleading, “But what can I say? If I say fatherless, it sounds like I just happened to have been conceived by a ghost or something — like Jesus.” “I’m motherless and so what!” “That’s different. She’s dead and she loved your father and you and… and even if I know he’s out there somewhere, alive, I know he doesn’t even know I exist. I’ll never have a father to hug and to love, a father to protect and guide me…” Interrupting, Joel shouted, “Whatever be the circumstances of you being conceived, you can’t do a damn thing about it, so face the facts, Jeremy. Your mother and father loved each other at least for an instant, and since you talk about Jesus, maybe your — your ‘genitor’ was an angel. From the way you sing and look, he had to be somebody very special.” As Joel spoke, tears swelled in Jeremy’s eyes. He didn’t even bother to turn his head nor wipe them. Joel suddenly felt a surge of compassion well from somewhere deep inside. He held out his hand as to invite Jeremy to come closer. Jeremy rose and faintly smiled, uttering, “Can I hug you?” Joel grabbed Jeremy’s arm and yanked him over, making him fall in his lap. “Of course you can!” he shouted as Jeremy held him tight, burying his face in the damp of Joel’s neck. Joel felt his young companion slowly release hold of a shadow that had been dimming his soul for way too long. Sliding off of Joel, Jeremy blushed, saying, “I’m a bit embarassed. Thank you, Joel, for your care. I needed that hug.” “I know what you mean. I sort of needed it too…” ———- They passed the southern tip of Rum and began to tack upwind towards McLean Rock, then they veered onto port tack heading to the small Isle of Canna. “We can anchor in Sanday bay for the night. The sky’s clearing some. Maybe we’ll have stars and a full moon just for us.” They eased into the bay. No other boat was anchored. The setting sun cast an array of colour under the scattering clouds. “Okay, Jeremy! Release the anchor,” shouted Joel as he furled the mainsail. Jeremy took care of the genoa and joined Joel in the cockpit. They went down into the cabin. Joel poured them a shot of Glen Moray and together they toasted to a wonderful day! As Jeremy called his mother, Joel uncorked a bottle of Chianti and began to prepare a spicy sauce for their spaghetti supper. Fully satisfied with their abundant meal, they cleaned up the table, took the wine topside to top off the evening. Several lights could be seen on the island. The water was like a mirror. The stars rivalled with the rising full moon. The night was clear and full of promise. Jeremy sighed as he uttered, “I can’t believe how beautiful all this is. The light, the air, the sailing we did, you…” “And you too, Jeremy; are you always that… angelic?” “Angelic? Hell no! I’m flesh and fire deep down inside!” “Whatever, you’re a great mate! Can we sing again the song you taught me?” “Aye, aye, captain!” They sang, laughed, toasted, and finished the wine. “Joel, that was such a wonderful day! Can we hug again!” “Why ask? Just do it!” he replied, opening his arms. Expecting a quick brotherly hug, Jeremy squeezed Joel in his arms and then released him. Joel didn’t release. Both of them sort of melted yielding to the energy flow between them. Jeremy nudged a little kiss in Joel’s neck, making him melt even more. The fact that both their cocks were erecting didn’t seem to bother them in the least. Instead they instinctively pressed them together ever so slightly, as if to let each other know how good they felt. Slowly they separated and sat shoulder to shoulder in silence. Then placing his hand on Joel’s knee, Jeremy whispered, looking into the glowing sky, “Joel, I’m not ashamed to tell you that you make me feel real! We never talk about what we feel in general and even less, if possible, about how we feel about each other.” “Jeremy, we’re fine together… no need to talk about it.” “But, I need to talk about it. If I love and can’t say I love, then I don’t love all the way. It’s like beauty. When I see something beautiful, I like to say to somebody, ‘Look!’ and if I can share the beauty I’m seeing, it becomes even more beautiful.” Joel looked over at Jeremy with a certain look of fear in his eyes, like a small animal sensing danger. Then he smiled, saying nothing. “Joel?” “Yes, Jeremy…” “Would you mind if I told you that I like you a lot?” Joel stared at Jeremy. He opened his mouth but nothing came out. Jeremy was suddenly petrified. Had he gone too far? Was his frankness going to ruin everything? Very slowly, Joel took the lad’s delicate chin between his fingers, gently pulling him closer, and with quivering lips, kissed Jeremy’s with infinite tenderness. Jeremy gasped. “And, Jeremy, would you mind if we kissed again?” asked Joel. “Good God in Heaven! NO! I wouldn’t mind AT ALL!” They kissed again and again. Joel had played around in his university life, exploring sex with girls and boys. It was fun… that was all. But what he was experiencing with Jeremy was something more. A deeper, stronger surge rushed back, like the turn of the tide, as his tongue danced with Jeremy’s. His soul was touched. The action was familiar, but somehow, it was suddenly new. Their kisses were so full of meaning, so true, the feelings so deep, that he almost swooned. Those same kisses triggered Jeremy’s virginal fervour. The discovery of passion overwhelmed him. He was all over Joel. Joel gasped, then whispered, “Let’s bathe each other now, and turn in. If you want, I’d be glad to share my berth with you. Would you mind?” Jeremy broke out laughing! “Not at all, Joel! I wouldn’t mind AT ALL!” ———- That night the world changed for both. Once nude together under the covers, nature took over. They become soul-and-body-bonded lovers. Their caresses and kisses were musical, their embraces were warm. Their silken skin slid, moist with lust as they writhed, clawed, and clung together. Joel had the knowhow but had never understood the meaning. Now he was discovering a new virginity, setting their flesh afire with true, soul-melding love. Jeremy shivered, quaked, and throbbed as Joel swallowed his perfect cock. Joel needed it. Jeremy did too. The dim moon-glow through the wee window lit their entwining bodies as they fed each other’s thirst with their oozing lust, their love, the lightning of their orgasms hitting them at the same moment. Satiated, they kept each other’s cock in their mouths, gently nursing them back into action as they suckled and hummed. The sky was the same. Tiny wavelets continued to splash against the hull like distant children laughing. What had changed? Nothing — and everything. ———- In the chill of dawn, Joel didn’t bother to dress when he slipped out of the bed. Jeremy barely moved in his deep sleep. Joel was still under the charm of what they had shared the night before. He felt no guilt, no remorse, no afterthoughts. It all happened so naturally as if they were meant to let happen what did. Joel lit the heater and began preparing a good hearty breakfast. Jeremy’s scent lingered on his skin even if there was no trace of semen. They had partaken of each other to the last drop. Joel smiled as he recalled the glow he felt inside, swallowing Jeremy’s sweet semen. Suddenly, Jeremy bolted out of the cabin and darted up on deck. Joel heard the steady stream of piss as it arched overboard, sparkling and gold in the morning sun. Shivering, Jeremy came back in and grabbed Joel from behind, kissing him in the nape of his neck. “Good morning… that smells good!” “Me or the sausage?” “Both!” Joel twisted himself around in Jeremy’s embrace. They kissed, with their confused erections crossing. “Hungry?” inquired Joel. “Very hungry, for breakfast and then for you!” “Breakfast first.” “That’s what I said.” They laughed, ate, drank coffee and decided that they could take some quality time before raising anchor. Indeed, they took their time. No haste, just tender loving led them to another massive orgasm together. Breathless, Joel let Jeremy’s cock slide out from between his red lips. He rolled his head back on Jeremy’s thigh. He admired the drop of semen gleaming in the corner of Jeremy’s smile as he leaned over, giving him a long tender kiss. Later, they leisurely washed each other in the warmth of the cabin. Joel admired Jeremy’s lithe body as he bathed it. His unblemished skin glowed under the skylight. He savoured that magic moment, be it the beauty of the light, the texture and form of the flesh, the delicate curls of Jeremy’s pits and pubic fluff. Then there was that peculiar, new sensation he couldn’t define… “Maybe it’s love,” he said to himself, hardly understanding what he was slowly conceiving. As for Jeremy, when it was his turn to bath his captain, he was almost methodical. He wiped, scrubbed, and caressed every crease and square inch of Joel’s body. He paid special attention to the foreskin, making Joel cringe a little from the hypersensitivity of his glans. Jeremy apologised, smiled, and finished by bathing between the toes. He stepped back to admire his work. Joel felt like a Greek god being worshiped by a devoted ephebe. “Let’s get underway now! Don’t you feel that the wind’s back. Today, we’ll have a perfect day under sail.” “With you, Joel, even a gale would be a perfect sail!” “I love it when you flatter me, you beautiful rascal!” Jeremy laughed as he pulled up his jeans, going commando, just for show. ———- Jeremy called the marine weather forecast number: steady westerly winds, force three. They trimmed the sails for a perfect broad reach. They hoisted the mainsail and flew a jib, billowing from the mobile bowsprit that Joel had installed before raising anchor. The breeze was such that they left without the motor! Between them, they shared a form of mutual awareness. Their teaming was flawless. Gaol felt it. Perhaps because her name meant love, and that was what was happening. They clipped along, sharing the tiller. Jeremy taught Joel another song. Then he made sandwiches and soup. Sailing to the edge of the world, just the two of them, enjoyed being themselves, free and alive and even a bit in love. As the light danced on the surface of the waves, or beamed through the clouds, sometimes revealing a distant fragment of a sudden rainbow, Joel grabbed his camera. When he was taking pictures, Jeremy was impressed by Joel’s concentration as if he could actually be absorbed by what he saw. Seeing Joel like that, as if he were suddenly entranced, Jeremy said nothing, daring not to pry into something so obviously private. It was close to sunset when they dropped anchor in the Loch Ethama near Ariagourin on the Isle of Coll. “The tide’s rising enough for us to moor at the jetty and go dine in the Island Café if you want. They have very good fresh seafood, as I was told.” “I’m sure it would be better than the Spanish omelette I was planning on doing for us this evening. I’m always ready to eat out!” cheerfully sang out Jeremy. They motored in and tied up. Jeremy rang up his mother as they changed clothes. Together, arm in arm, they strode up to the café. “I feel a bit dizzy,” stated Jeremy. “You’re land-sick! That happens after two days on a boat. I’m sort of off balance myself. Once inside, just hang on to your chair until you finish your first pint and everything will be fine,” joked Joel as he wrapped his arm over Jeremy’s shoulder. The guffaws of laughter and loud talking hit them as they went through the door. They were greeted and placed at a table for two in the middle of the room. As Jeremy was emptying his first pint, he exclaimed, “You’re right, captain. No more swaying… and here come our plates!” The waiter placed in front of them two mountainous servings of mixed fried seafood with peas and chips. Seconds of ale followed. Conversation was impossible because of the noise. The smiles they exchanged replaced all possible words. Some others noticed them, nodding as if to compliment their radiant good looks. They toasted as they finished their plates, totally full, and went to the bar to pay. The silence outside was as surprising as the noise inside was before. The tide was full when they stepped aboard. “It’s good to be back on Goal,” stated Jeremy as they were untying the lines, “we’ll be better at anchor.” “With some Glen Moray for a nightcap,” added Joel. That evening they decided to stay inside. Joel lit a candle on the table. Jeremy put two glasses and the bottle on the table. The glow of the flame through the amber whisky cast a wonderful pool of light of liquid gold on the white tabletop. Joel immediately took his camera and made several pictures. When he had finished, Jeremy felt brave enough to ask, “I hope I’m not prying, but when you take pictures, like that, out of the blue, could you tell me what you see?” Joel looked puzzled and then smiled at Jeremy, suddenly understanding the question. “I told you. I’m photographing the light.” Jeremy thought a second or two and then replied, “I never thought about light being something… for me, it was just something that let us to see things.” “That’s what most people think.” Joel poured them a glass each, settled down next to Jeremy in the cushions piled up on the bench and began to express his obsession with light. “Photo and graph in Greek mean light and writing. Photography is writing with light. But what is light? It’s the vital energy of the universe. Light created life in many ways. From feeding plants to spiritual elevation as well as so many other things, light is life and being life, it’s also love. But light is invisible in itself. It needs to be revealed by something it illuminates. We can’t look at the sun, but we can feel its presence. The gentle flame of this tiny candle creates a world for us at this very moment. It draws us together. In fact, light is more of an experience than something that can be described in words. For the mortals that we are, we need to experience darkness to understand light, just like we need to know loneliness in order to really feel the force of love. It’s like we need to experience our body in order to reach the light of our soul. When we ejaculate — in simpler terms, when we shoot off — our cum is a kind of life-giving liquid light striking in our flesh. I don’t know what else I can say.” “I could listen to you for hours, Joel. Even if I don’t understand everything you tell me, what I do understand is so beautiful, so deep, so true that I feel a need inside. I’d love to learn your way of seeing thing, seeing the light in things, seeing the love in…” “Finish your sentence…” “Seeing, feeling the light of our love inside me.” Joel leaned over and kissed Jeremy, caressing his cheek. Jeremy melted. Joel then uttered, “I’m going to tell you a secret. This coming autumn, I want to sail up to somewhere like Norway and spend the winter photographing the aurora borealis. I want to live through the Arctic night until the return of dawn.” “Are you really going to sail that far?” “Yes,” declared Joel “All by yourself?” “All by myself… unless you want to come with me.” “Is that possible?” exclaimed Jeremy, hardly believing what he heard. “Don’t you remember what you said? When love’s there, everything’s possible. Love can take you everywhere…” “Oh Good God, I love you, Joel!” “I love you too, Jeremy. You’re my light inside!” “Then let’s celebrate the Light with our light for and in each other.” Joel gasped and then replied, “Do you understand what you’re saying?” “I perfectly understand. I want you in me tonight, now. I want you to fill me with your light. I want to feel the strike of your lightning radiate inside me. Fuck me, please! I trust you were protected when you fucked before, weren’t you, Joel?” “Yes” “I’ve never fucked nor been fucked. So we’re free.” “But, aren’t you afraid?” “Yes, I’m afraid… but I don’t care!” Jeremy began to unbuckled Joel’s trousers. Joel took over and in a flash they were both nude in the candlelight. Jeremy climbed up on the large open berth in the bow. Joel hovered over him, kissing him, licking him, nibbling him, forcing his tongue into the most intimate creases of his skin. He licked the sweat from around Jeremy’s balls. Jeremy whimpered from impatience. His cock was drooling. Joel gathered Jeremy’s precum with his tongue and spread it with his saliva around and into Jeremy’s twitching anus. Jeremy writhed, breathless from lust. He pulled Joel over him, wrapped his legs around him, clawed his back. Joel slid out of Jeremy’s hold and fetched the sun lotion stashed in the galley. He returned to the berth. As if he were in worship, he knelt between Jeremy’s sprawled legs. Both were glistening in sweat. Joel slathered his cock with the lotion and squirted some into Jeremy’s anus. Then he pulled Jeremy up, pointed his glans, and slowly slid in. Jeremy reeled, gasping, his mouth agape as Joel’s cock easily found its home inside Jeremy’s vibrant body. His entering seemed to never end as Jeremy’s bowels actually sucked Joel in. Their breathing shortened; a deep growl rolled in Joel’s throat like the distant thunder of an approaching storm. Jeremy whimpered as he began to sink into ecstasy. Their dance of melding was like waves of music as they pulled and pushed. Gaol gently rocked on her anchor line. The rhythm of their fucking accelerated. Then the beloved lightning struck inside both. Jeremy howled his orgasm as his cock spewed in sync with each squeezing blast of Joel’s inside him. They arched together, trembling as they spasmed, clearly out of control. Then they collapsed, inert, panting. Jeremy began to chuckle, then giggle. Joel laughed and then they both shouted, over and over, Hallelujah! Both were still totally erect. “Joel, I saw the light you spoke about. It’s still glowing in me. Is that what you call the light of love?” “To know, I need you in me too.” “The night is young and so are we!” he mumbled. The light proved to be the same for both. ———- The following morning, they knew that their lives were entwined, that their love was real, and that their flesh was love and light embodied. On their way back to Mallaig, they spoke about their future trip into the northern lights, the endless winter night, the Arctic dawn. Oblivious to any possible obstacle, they were certain that they were meant to make the voyage. The Arctic night and their cosmic ritual of liquid light, would be their communion in the flesh of love, celebrating the light of life with their own Light of Love. Before arriving in Mallaig harbour in the sunset, they called home, tied up at their berth in the marina, and ate enough to carry them over to breakfast. They stripped and climbed in bed having decided to sleep late and be as lovingly lazy as possible the next morning. Then they would indulge in a restaurant lunch, clean up the boat, refill the water and fuel, and take the 4:19 PM train to Fort William. ———- Nelly and Marcus waited for them at the station. “You two really look like a pair of happy sailors!” exclaimed Nelly. Marcus gave them each a big hug and asked, “How did it go? Did you get along well?” Joel replied, “We understand and appreciate each other perfectly now.” Jeremy nodded, adding, “Joel just said it all…” Nelly announced, “Tonight we’re having dinner at my house. I think you boys could enjoy a good shower and unpack. Come on home Jeremy. Marcus, Joel, see you around six!” Marcus put his arm around Joel’s shoulders as they walked back home. “I’ve not seen you so open and at ease for a long time, Son. It must have been a great cruise.” “Give me some time, Dad. Right now, I can’t find the right words… if they exist.” ———- During the dinner, Marcus and Nelly informed their sons that they were planning on getting married in July. Neither Jeremy nor Joel seemed surprised. “We hope you approve…” uttered Nelly, looking a bit worried at their mute reaction. As she took a sip of her wine, Joel looked at Jeremy, smiling. Then calmly looked at Nelly, saying, “I would like to ask my future stepmother for the hand of her son in marriage too — that is, if he agrees.” Jeremy screamed, throwing himself on Joel, “Oh, YES, for God’s sake, KISS ME!” “That means he accepts your proposal, Son!” Nelly just sat there stunned. Then she looked over at Marcus with pleading eyes. Marcus shrugged, smiled, and tilted his head. Jeremy finally calmed back down and declared, “We can have a joint wedding ceremony. Grandmother is going to love this!” “But you two, married, gay and everything. That is really too much, too complicated for me…” uttered Nelly. Marcus spoke, “Darling, in fact it’s not complicated at all. Our boys are in love. We can’t do anything about it. We are in love like them, and they can’t do anything about it. So let’s just go with the flow…” “But we were in love first!” “Listen, Mum! If you’re afraid of us stealing the only marriage in your life, we can postpone ours,” teasingly suggested Jeremy. “Shut up! That’s not the problem…” barked Nelly… And Jeremy barked back, “What IS the problem, Mum?” There was a long immobile silence while the three men stared steadfast at her. She looked at each one and began to giggle. Marcus repeated, “Nelly, your son asked you a question. What IS the problem?” Then she began to laugh out loud, raised her arms to the sky and declared, “I don’t know where there’s a problem! In fact, there is no problem!” All four broke out laughing and raised their glasses. ———- After dessert, they retired to the living room. Marcus asked the boys. “And, where do you plan on living?” “On the boat, Dad! We want to finish our studies with flying colours and then, if you could help us financially, we’d like take a winter long honeymoon to the Arctic Circle, probably in Norway, and live the experience of the northern lights with the return of the sun in the spring. We’ll write, take pictures and see what life has in store for us up there.” “As for your honeymoon, we’ll talk about that later. For the time being, I want you to concentrate on finishing school, getting married with us and by then we’ll know how your expedition can be handled.” Nelly interrupted, “But, Jeremy, I thought you wanted to go to college…” “I want to learn with Joel. He’s willing to share with me all he knows… and that’s a lot! His philosophy of light is awesome! That’s better than any college education… and less expensive!” assuredly replied Jeremy. With that, Marcus gave his son an inquisitive glance and said, “Your philosophy of light?” “Yes, Dad… we’ve got another week before the holidays are over. We’ll talk about that later…” “You’re right, now’s the time to celebrate… By the way, where are you two going to sleep tonight?” “We were thinking about sleeping in my room, Dad. Jeremy’s single bed is too small for the two of us.” “There’s room in my bed tonight, if you want Marcus,” smiled Nelly as she put a bottle of rare whisky on the table. Jeremy’s chin dropped as she said, “Men, how about some serious drinking!” “Mum…” mumbled Jeremy, completely dumbfounded by his mother’s sudden informal behaviour. “My loving young son, it’s time you shut up, relax and enjoy! You’ve got your life… I’ve got mine! I love you!” ———- Marcus was impressed by his son’s thoughts about light and his recent photos were objectively outstanding. The day before Joel took the bus back to Inverness, Marcus had Nelly and Jeremy over for lunch and gave them his opinion on their idea of an expedition. He observed that Gaol was not suitable for Arctic winters. “Just in case, you still want to get married and actually want to go on your arctic honeymoon, I’ve explored the market and found a boat which I consider more appropriate for the both of you. She’s more comfortable, in wood, with a good stove and a powerful motor. The broker claims he can guarantee that she’s sound and in perfect condition. He also says that he can get a good price for Gaol. So listen to what I’m going to say. Jeremy, you go up to Inverness with Joel Friday. You can be back Sunday evening for school the next day. I’m sure you and Joel can squeeze into his student bed. You have an appointment with the broker’s agent Saturday morning at ten. You both go to inspect the sloop. You give her a thorough look-over, and ask every question that comes to mind. If she’s suitable for you, I’ll take out an option for them to hold her until you’re married.” Nelly spoke up, “And let me add, that your grandmother plans to contribute to the purchase in case the sale of Gaol isn’t enough.” Jeremy was again completely taken off guard. Nelly continued, “Marcus and I have done a lot of talking and your grandmother said she always wanted a gypsy in the family. So, deep down inside, I’m extremely proud of you both… and… and what the hell! I need a hug.” Joel and Marcus also had tears in their eyes as they witnessed the ones they love, expressing with such open simplicity their unconditional love for each other. ———- Jeremy joined Joel on the bus to Inverness Friday evening. Saturday morning at ten they arrived right on time at the boat yard. The agent was there. As they were walking over to where the sloop awaited them, the agent explained that the boat was a Friendship Sloop, custom built in Maine and launched in 1996. Her owners sailed her to Scotland, via the Azores, in 2008. She was sold to a rich business man from Edinburgh who kept her in Inverness. He didn’t have time to go sailing as much as he wanted and put her up for sale. “There she is!” he proudly stated as they approached. She was on land, in her cradle with a brand new antifouling paint job under the waterline, her bronze propeller gleaming in the morning sun. They took their time to check out the boat from mast to keel. They climbed aboard to discover a very sober interior, all in acacia and ash paneling. A small enameled coal stove could heat the entire boat. A hand pump stood beside the copper water basin in the galley. Copper oil lamps doubled the electric lights inside. The boat gave a welcoming, no-nonsense feeling from the start. The main cabin was in the bow, and aft, there were walk-in storage spaces on either side of the companionway. The galley was simple and well equipped. The navigation desk had all the latest electronics. They asked about an autopilot connected to a GPS navigation system and were assured that it could be immediately installed. She had all the safety devices necessary for off shore sailing. She was a perfect compromise between classic boating and contemporary commodities. There was ample room for two in live-aboard conditions. However, Joel pointed out that there was a good month’s job of thoroughly cleaning, sanding and revarnishing the inside woodwork and polishing the copper. He had the art of pointing out all kinds of little flaws here and there, which lowered the asking price. At any rate, she was a very sound boat, with a totally rehauled motor and above all, she was a pure marvel to behold! They made their report to Marcus who took over the deal. All in all, she was an affordable investment and the perfect home for the future newlyweds, now more determined than ever to get married and go. ———- Time fled. School was over. Both Jeremy and Joel graduated with flying colours. The men wore kilts for the wedding and both Nelly and her mother wore flaming red dresses. The civil ceremony was held in the Fort William registration office with Jeremy’s grandmother as sole witness. She behaved like a lady during the ceremony, but at the luncheon, she entertained the whole restaurant with her guitar and folk songs from the seventies. Jeremy and Joel sang along with her, much to the surprise of everybody. As the party went on, she winked at the boys and said, “I love singing with you, but don’t you have something more important to do as newlyweds now?” “I think you’re right… but…” “Don’t worry about me. I’ve found somebody to get me back on the train to Glasgow, now run along, tear up the bed, and have fun!” ———- As their wedding gift, Marcus and Nelly promised their sons a monthly allowance for the following four years pretexting that it replaced their college expenses. Once the papers for Gaol II were signed, and the navigation electronics installed, Joel and Jeremy sailed her down the Caledonian Canal and moored her in Ballachulish the time to do the inside refurbishing. Their departure required a very detailed planning which they handled quite well. Two months later with all the insurances paid, the banking taken care of, the passports issued, the arctic clothing bought, the supplies and coal loaded, etc., they hoisted the sails. ———- They made stopovers in the Orkneys, then the Shetlands, and a layover in Bergen, Norway. The sea was often suave and friendly. But twice they faced some really wicked weather and sang through it suffering no harm. A month later, they were moored in the heart of the Lofotens, Svolvaer. As they were buying groceries, a young fellow came up and asked, “Is that a Scottish accent I hear?” “It certainly is,” replied Joel, smiling. They struck up conversation. The stranger introduced himself saying he was English, but had grown up in France. He went by the name of Tristan Ramsay. Jeremy and Joel introduced themselves saying that they were from Fort William in the Highlands and that they were each other’s husband. Tristan laughed saying, “I’ve got a husband too and we live over on Stormolla, a neighbouring island close by. Are you here on holidays?” “Not exactly. We live on a boat, the small Friendship sloop tied up at the visitor’s pier. We’re looking for a protected place to spend the winter, without too much street lights in order to photograph the aurora borealis.” “You mean the Gaol II? We noticed her coming in. Splendid boat. She had to belong to some very special people! You could come to Brettesnes. It’s the small harbour on the south of our island, not far from our house — oh, here comes my husband, Gabriel…” Both Jeremy and Joel were immediately struck by Gabriel’s pale blue eyes and gentle smile. Tristan introduced him and explained, “These two young Scotts live aboard the Goal II and are looking for a mooring for the winter. I told them that they should come to our place.” Gabriel looked at them, nodded, and said, “Yes, Brettenes sounds like a good idea. Our long winter night can sometimes seem endless… You two glow!” stated Gabriel. Joel was surprised over Gabriel comment on light. Jeremy just beamed. Tristan added, “Once you’re in Brettenes, just ask anybody how to find us and they’ll put you on the right path.” “Can you give us a phone number?” inquired Jeremy. “Phones don’t work where we live… If you tie up in Brettenes, tell the fellow at the pier that Gabriel sent you.” ———- Two days later, stocked with food and coal for at least six weeks, they were in Brettenes, and like Tristan said, they were given a royal welcome, and the mooring was for free! They found their way to Tristan’s and Gabriel’s home. When Jeremy saw Gabriel’s harp in the corner of the room he asked what kind of music he played. “Sing me a theme and I’ll take it from there…” Jeremy smiled and began to sing ‘Pur ti miro’ the duo from Monteverdi’s Coronation of Poppea. Joel joined him. Gabriel’s harp immediately blended with their voices, giving them more colour, a deeper vibrance. Tristan grabbed his flute and, echoing Jeremy’s treble, created a quartet. From that moment on, they were bonded as if by magic. As the days became weeks, Joel and Jeremy took turns with Gabriel and Tristan going over to Svolvaer for shopping. They were introduced to other islanders and were immediately accepted by most. Twice a week they indulged in a good sauna, followed by fresh fish for dinner with chips and beer galore. They explored many musical horizons and they even began to work on a programme for a little concert in Svolvaer. During the Easter holidays, one year after their sons had met for the first time, Marcus and Nelly flew over to Svolvaer. Joel and Jeremy met them at the airport and sailed them to Brettenes where they had reserved for their week long visit a room in the only, but comfortable, little guest house in the village. The quality of life their sons had found impressed their parents. Tristan and Gabriel made a very positive impression on them. Marcus bought a little bronze statuette of Freyr that Tristan had cast, and when they played some of the music they were working on for their future concert, Nelly wept, overwhelmed not only by their talent, but above all by the sensitivity of their interpretations. Nelly and Marcus were conquered by the quality of Joel’s pictures and Jeremy’s texts. Joel informed them that after the series dedicated to the aurora borealis, they planned to work on the magic of the midnight sun and create a book. However, he added, “We don’t know how to find a publisher.” “Let me take care of that,” declared Nelly and, of course, they accepted. Brettenes on Stormolla Island became their home port. All that happened to them happened as if it was simply meant to be… and of course, it actually was. The mystery of light is infinite, just like open-handed, authentic love. Jeremy’s first line in the preface of their book went like this: We simply followed the light that shines for all but seen by few… ———- (See “Gabriel’s Island”, May 23, 2018 in the Gay/Beginnings section of Nifty’s archives) ———- A free picture album illustrating this story (pdf) is available upon request at


Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 15:42:53 +0200 From: Owen Davis Subject: Schoolboy Cell Phone Violation – Chapter 27 (Gay – Adult Youth) Schoolboy Cell Phone Violation Chapter 27 *** From Casey’s point of view *** “Hi Mom!” I said a bit too excitedly, as I ran up to her out of breath. Then I gave her a hug for some unknown reason. “Hi, pumpkin. A hug from my teenaged boy!? What did I do to deserve that?” “Don’t ruin it, Mom.” She looked me up and down. “Why are you in JJ’s clothes? They are way too tight on you, baby.” She looked directly at my crotch. “You can practically see your…um…ya know.” “Mom!” I covered up my bulge. She was right, though. Even though I was soft, you could still clearly see the outline of my dick. “See what?” Mr. Davis came walking into the kitchen. I gave my mom a death stare. She laughed. “Oh we were just talking about how those clothes didn’t fit him. Anyway, hello Mr. Davis.” They shook hands. “Yeah, your boy has grown a lot this year.” “Tell me about it!” “I noticed he started shaving.” My mom laughed. “He doesn’t actually need it, but it’s cute.” She stroked my face with her fingers, and I immediately pulled away. What the fuck was going on right now? Why did they feel the need to embarrass me this much? “Can you guys please stop?” “Aww, I think we’re embarrassing him,” my mom said. Mr. Davis ruffled my hair. “Sorry, buddy.” I wanted to disappear. “You never answered me about why you’re in JJ’s clothes.” “Um…” “That’s my fault,” Mr. Davis chimed in. My mom got a confused look on her face. “Oh?” “Yeah, after Casey spilled juice all over himself, I offered to get him new clothes from upstairs, but I guess I went into your other son’s bedroom by accident. I didn’t know whose room was whose.” “I see. So what were you guys doing just now? You both look really flushed. I’ll get you guys some water.” “Video games,” I answered. “Must have been pretty intense to get you both all sweaty.” “Dance Dance Revolution,” Mr. Davis added. “I didn’t know we had that one,” my mom commented as she handed Mr. Davis a glass of water. “I borrowed it from a friend,” I replied nervously. “Sounds fun.” She handed me some water. “Mr. Davis…” “You can call me Owen.” “OK…Owen. I’m so glad you are staying for dinner. We can’t thank you enough for everything this year. The rides you’ve given Casey, taking the kids to the science fair, just being a great mentor. He really looks up to you.” “Mom!” “Well, it’s true, honey. In my day, we would never have had a relationship with a teacher like this. I went to a huge public school. I’m really glad we are sending you boys to this school. It feels like a real tight community, ya know.” “Definitely, tight.” Mr. Davis patted me on the lower back, right above my butt. Shit, I was gonna bone up again, and there was no hiding it in these shorts. “I’ll be right back.” I ran upstairs to change back into my own clothes. I needed something much baggier if I was going to come out of this alive. I checked my phone, and there were a bunch of texts from Peter saying he needed to talk to me. I wrote back to him. Me: hey sry mr davis is at my house for dinner and i cant talk rn Peter: oh wow but we need to ltr its important Me: k I went back downstairs. My mom and Mr. Davis were sitting on the couch chatting like they were friends. This was sooo awkward. “OK, I’m going to get dinner together. Dad is picking up JJ at his friend’s house on his way home. They’ll be here soon. You guys can watch some TV while you wait.” Even though you couldn’t really see the couch from the kitchen, when Mr. Davis brushed his leg up against mine, I got up and moved to a chair. I didn’t trust him to keep his hands off of me, and definitely didn’t want my mom seeing anything weird. ***** Half an hour later, the five of us were sitting around the kitchen table digging into spaghetti and meatballs. I was sitting next to Mr. Davis, and JJ was across from him. My mom and dad were at the ends. My mom was asking way too many questions like she always did. “JJ, did you have fun at your friend’s house? What’s his name again? Parker?” “It’s Tucker. It was good. We had a catch, then video games, and he helped me with my math homework.” I didn’t understand why he was going to Tucker’s house. It didn’t make any sense. I mean, they are both on the baseball team, but JJ was two years younger than Tucker. I didn’t know why I actually cared so much, but it annoyed me. “He’s not your friend.” “Yes he is,” JJ insisted. My mom jumped in. “Be nice to your brother, Casey.” She turned back to JJ. “That sounds like a very nice play date, sweetie.” “Mom! It’s not called a `play date.’ I’m 12 years old.” I laughed at him. “And Tucker’s almost 15. I don’t know why he’s hanging out with you. It’s weird. You’re in 6th grade and he’s in 8th. He’s probably up to something.” “No he’s not. You’re just jealous. Tucker is cool, and he doesn’t treat me like a little kid.” “Even though you are.” “Shut up, I could kick your ass!” My dad spoke loudly. “Language! Boys, we have company. Stop fighting.” “Anyway,” JJ said, “I’m hanging out with him again tomorrow after school.” “Don’t you have a game? It’s Tuesday tomorrow.” my mom asked. “Nah. I think we originally did, but the other team cancelled or something. Just practice.” “Well, feel free to invite him to our house,” my mom offered. “Cool. We’ll be at his house tomorrow again.” “Doesn’t he have to ask permission first?” I said to my mom, referring to my brother. “You worry about yourself, young man,” my dad answered. My dad liked JJ better than me. Just because he was more athletic. It was so obvious. I wish I could just be alone with Mr. Davis right now. *** From Owen’s point of view *** It was actually amusing listening to Casey and JJ argue about Tucker. I was pretty intrigued myself, though. It seemed like an odd pairing to be hanging out. Tucker was probably not the best influence for JJ. But then again, who was I to judge? The conversation turned to Casey’s mom asking me a bunch of questions about my life. At one point, JJ and I accidentally bumped feet underneath the table. But then, about a minute later, JJ was clearly touch my feet with his on purpose. I realized that he was trying to lift my leg up with his feet. I was curious what this little devil was up to, so I let him do what he wanted. Once it was high enough, he took my foot in his hand and tried to rest it on his chair between his legs. It was a bit of a stretch, so he pulled his chair in, which allowed my entire foot to rest comfortably on the chair. I was purposely not looking at JJ and trying to answer his parents’ questions without arousing suspicion. I could feel JJ staring at me, though, and when I did finally look over, he quickly stuck out a little bit of his tongue and licked his lips. Holy shit, I loved this family. Such horny boys. JJ was pressing my foot into his groin. I could feel his hard prick. To make it reach easier I pulled my own chair in a little more. Next, JJ lowered the front of his shorts and underwear so that my foot was resting against his naked boy parts. Reading my mind, JJ slipped my sock off, so we could get skin on skin. Oh fuck, my foot had never felt something so amazing. Just as I started to rub his 12-year-old tube up and down with my toes, I realized that his mom had asked me something. “Sorry, what was that?” I asked her. “I asked what made you want to teach middle school boys?” “Oh, um, well…I actually applied for all sorts of teaching jobs in middle school and high school, boys, girls, co-ed…and this was the one I landed.” That was a lie. I applied to a dozen jobs across several states and every one was an all-boys middle school. My only disappointment was that it wasn’t one of the boarding schools that I applied to. “But it seems like you are enjoying this school?” “Oh yes, very much. The boys…keep it interesting. Never boring. I mean, they might smell a bit, but they are fun in the classroom. You should hear them during our current sex ed unit.” Casey and JJ’s dad broke in to the conversation. “You teach them about sex?!” At that moment, JJ pulled my foot hard into his crotch and started making me jerk him off with my foot. I could tell by looking at his face that he was feeling good. “Yes,” I said in a breathless way that accidentally sounded sexual. I gathered myself. “Yes, sir. Well, anatomy, STDs, consent, …” “What’s consent?” JJ asked. “Consent is making sure that your partner gives permission before you engage in sexual acts,” I answered. “Oh,” responded JJ. “Like I’d say to you, `Mr. Davis, I give you permission to have sex with me.’?” “JJ!” Both his mom and dad yelled at him in unison. JJ tried to wedge his dick between my big toe and second toe, but it wouldn’t quite fit. “Get your head out of the gutter, Mom and Dad! I was just practicing what you would say to someone. Jeez.” “Anyway…” I said, “Casey has been really impressive during this unit.” Casey shot me a look that said he wanted me to shut the fuck up. It was too much fun, though. “Oh yeah?” his mom inquired. “Definitely. He always seems willing to share with me and the boys in his class.” JJ was rubbing his precum between my toes. I decided to pick up the pace with my foot and see if I could make him cum. Meanwhile, I reached over and lightly brushed Casey’s inner thigh with my fingers. He jumped up from the table and announced that he wasn’t feeling well, walking out of the room quickly. “I’ll go see if he’s okay,” his mom announced as she followed him out. “Please excuse me, Mr…um…I mean Owen.” As I continued to pleasure JJ with the secret foot job, his dad was asking him about his progress on the baseball team. It was extremely dangerous territory, of course, sexually molesting this man’s son just a few feet away from him. He didn’t seem like the type of dad you’d want to mess with. But that made it all the more exciting. I was determined to make JJ climax. I could tell he was getting close, but I decided to make him wait another minute or so. Moving my foot down, I gently poked at his little ball sac before digging my foot underneath his boy junk, trying to get at his hole. At first he let me do what I wanted, but then when my big toe made contact with his precious boy pussy, he started trying to get my foot back on top. JJ’s dad was asking me about my athletic experiences, and we were discussing high school basketball. Meanwhile, JJ and I fought back and forth, with my new favorite version of “footsie.” “What is wrong with you, son?” JJ’s dad demanded. “Stop squirming around like a child and sit still for a minute.” I gave up on trying to access JJ’s asshole (hoping I’d be able to make up for it later), and decided it was the perfect time to make him cum. JJ had a hand on my foot helping to get the feeling just right for himself. Things were getting a little sticky as he released some 6th grade precum. And then he made a really cute involuntary whimpering sound as he shot his load all over my foot. “Oohgnnn!” “What the hell was that, John Junior?” JJ was suddenly out of breath and couldn’t even answer for a moment. He took a big gulp of his water. “Sorry, Dad,” he finally said. “I think I, uh, swallowed something wrong.” “OK.” JJ’s dad got up and announced that he had a phone call to make in his office. He told JJ to clear the plates. “Maybe I should go see if Casey is okay,” I said, still seated in my chair with a foot full of preteen jizz. “No,” their dad replied. “Thank you for your concern, but you can leave. You can let yourself out, right?” He shook my hand and walked away before I could even answer. “Put my sock back on,” I instructed JJ quietly. “Did you enjoy that, kiddo?” “Yeah, that was fucking hot,” he whispered. “But keep away from my butt, man. I’m not gay.” “We’ll see about that.” I winked at him and went to put on my shoes, which were by the door. “Shut up.” I walked up to him and squeezed his shoulder, smiling at him. Then I turned and left. Before I got to my car, the house door swung open and Casey’s mom shouted out to me to have a good night. “Thank you for a delicious dinner! Good night!” After getting in my car, I texted Casey. Me: Sorry you had to leave dinner. Casey: no prob Me: You good? Casey: Yeah. Pete is freakin out abt something tho so I gotta call him. ttyl ***** When I got home, I texted Casey again to ask about Peter. He didn’t reply right away. After changing into basketball shorts, I collapsed onto my couch and turned on the TV, trying to find something with a cute boy. I was really horny, and started playing with myself. I was kinda proud at how well I was keeping up with these hornball kids. It didn’t matter how many loads I had already dropped earlier that day, I could still get hard in an instant. Flipping through channels, I came across a Dateline special on “catfishing.” They did a story on a high school girl that was fooled by some 40-year-old man into thinking she was talking to a boy her age. Of course you were meant to feel bad for the girl or be scared for the children of your community, but instead, watching the show was just making me harder and harder. While my first contact with Casey online was technically catfishing (or “baiting,” another word they used on the TV show), I hadn’t yet tried it on a straight boy. Immediately an image of Tommy popped into my head. And then I started thinking about Tucker. Or maybe it would be easier to do a gay kid like Liam, since I had underage boy pictures I could use to bait him. Well, I definitely wanted to do that at some point, but tonight I’d start with the straight boys. After grabbing my laptop, I was frantically scanning straight porn sites looking for photos of women that could pass for a girl in the age range of my students. After about 10 minutes, I hit the jackpot. There was an entire photo set (100+ pictures) of the same girl, who looked like she could be 14 years old. Perfect! I downloaded the whole thing. I made a new Snapchat account (calling myself Lexi), and then quickly found Tommy and Tucker, after a simple search for their first and last names. I wrote “Hey” to both of them, and waited. Tommy responded almost immediately. Tommy: who this? Lexi: lexi Tommy: uh i dunno a lexi Lexi: wait is this tommy mills?? Tommy: no Lexi: oh sry i was looking for someone else Tommy: ur good Lexi: how old r u btw i’m 15 Tommy: 14. where u from Lexi: ohio Tommy: cool Lexi: u? Tommy: ny Lexi: nice Tommy: what do u look like Hmmm, hopefully this was a good sign. I described what I looked like based off of the photos I found. Tommy: send a selfie I sent one of only a couple photos I had where she was wearing some clothing, though it was a pretty skimpy nightgown-looking thing. Tommy: fuck ur hot I replied with a blushing emoji. Lexi: hbu Tommy sent a photo of himself lying in bed. It was just his face and the very top of his chest. Enough that I could see he wasn’t wearing a shirt. Oh my god. This was amazing. Tommy was a very good looking boy. I loved his brownish-reddish hair and smooth face. He was thin, but I knew he had strong arms from our basketball games at recess. He was about 5’6” or 5’7”. Lexi: ur hot too Tommy: thx Lexi: show me ur abs Tommy: ok He sent a super-hot picture of his sexy chest, including V-lines pointing you-know-where under his basketball shorts. It looked like maybe he wasn’t wearing underwear… Lexi: damn i wish u went to my school Tommy: lmao. what size tits do u have? I didn’t even know how those sizes worked being someone that couldn’t care less about women’s breasts, so I decided to just send him a picture of her naked above the waist. Tommy: fuuuck lexi nice Lexi: u hard? Tommy: gettin there Lexi: show me Tommy sent a picture of his bulge, stretching the fabric of his shorts around it, so that there was little left to the imagination. Lexi: lose the shorts While I waited for his response, I moved to my bed. I was jerking myself when the next notification came in. But it wasn’t Tommy. And it wasn’t Tucker or Casey either. It was an email…from Clay. And all it said was “When?” It took me a second, but then I realized that he must have been talking about when he could fuck me, which I had promised him when we were in the nurse’s office. It was too dangerous to email him back, especially since it was on our school email accounts. I decided to find him on Snapchat, but I wanted to message him on my other account, not as “Lexi.” I grabbed my iPad to see if I could download the app on there. Yes! It worked. I was getting so worked up with Tommy, but wished I could have a boy at my house right now. It was almost 10:00. Was there a chance Clay could come to my house? Fat chance. That wouldn’t stop me from trying though. I sent a Snap to Clay. Me: Hey. Got your email. It’s gotta be tonight. Clay: how Me: My house. Clay: dude imma 8th grade my rents wont let me out at this hour Me: You gotta sneak out then. It’ll be a 10 min ride on your bike. Clay: i dunno Me: Think about how good my tight ass will feel grabbing your amazing cock. Clay: fuck i rly wanna I sent my address. Clay: y can’t u pick me up Me: Been drinking. That wasn’t even true. But I wanted to see if I could get him to come by himself and show up in my bedroom. Clay: i dunno Me: Listen, what’s the worst that can happen? Even if you get caught sneaking out, maybe you get grounded. Worth it to get some sex right now, yes? Clay: ok imma do it Me: Good. I didn’t want him to know how excited I was. But holy fucking shit. The middle school boy with the best cock was about to sneak out of his house on a school night and come to his teacher’s bedroom. Clay: I gotta wait til they go to bed Me: How long? Clay: dunno maybe an hour Shit, I didn’t want him to lose his nerve. And I wanted this now. But I knew I shouldn’t push it or I’d risk messing it up. Me: OK my door is unlocked. Come in my house and upstairs. Clay: k I went back to my phone to check on Tommy and tapped on a missed Snap from him a few minutes before. Holy hell. It wasn’t just a photo. It was a video, and he had indeed taken off his shorts. What a view. It was everything I would have asked for at this stage of the game, but all I had said was “lose the shorts.” He was completely nude, and the angle of the video showed his smooth balls, his beautiful dick, a small patch of reddish-looking pubes, and a view of both his chest and face as well. His mouth was slightly open as he jerked himself. His boy cock looked to be around 6 inches and average thickness. He was cut and his mushroom head was perfection, peeking out above his fist. I saved the video to my phone. Lexi: nice. u cum yet today? Tommy: yah twice Lexi: when Tommy: before school and after school Lexi: can u again Tommy: if u show me ur pussy i can Lexi: ok but first show me ur ass Tommy: nah its ur turn Lexi: just give me a good ass shot and i’ll show u two of my pussy Tommy: there He sent a pretty boring picture of his butt. I mean, it was a beautiful set of smooth boy buns, but I wanted to see between the cheeks. Lexi: no i gotta see ur hole Tommy: im not gay Lexi: i kno i just wanna see Tommy: y Lexi: cuz it turns me on ok? don’t u wanna see my pussy? Tommy: fuck yeah. fine hold on Lexi: make it a video While I was waiting for Tommy, I got a text from Casey asking if I was sitting down. Me: you hear from pete? what happened? Casey: first of all I found out he has been meeting men on grindr Me: oh wow that’s kinda hot actually Casey: yeah well something bad happened Me: shit. what? The video came in from Tommy right then, and I immediately clicked to watch it. He had propped up his phone on his dresser or something. Then he had bent over for the camera and spread his cheeks with his hands. It was the perfect view. This kid was damn good at make porn videos of himself. His hole was completely smooth. Didn’t look like there was a single hair. It looked so inviting. Fuuuck this was a hot kid. Suddenly my thoughts became obsessed with getting him to stick something in there. Tommy: send ur pussy now I sent him one of the photos of the girl’s vagina. Tommy: u said 2 Lexi: wow rude, i thought you’d tell me that u like how i look first Tommy: sry yeah thats fucking hot thats why i wanna see more of u I sent another one that was practically the same thing. Then I read what Casey had just written back. Casey: well one of the men was from our school. you know someone named mr. eckert? security guy…anyway pete says he’s ugly af but wants to hook up. pete doesn’t want to. the man showed pete that he has video of him and u in the trainers room!!!! he’s trying to make pete hook up I had to read what Casey wrote several times before it sunk in. My heart was beating very fast. This was the end of my life. I was too reckless. What the FUCK was wrong with me? Me: Wait so what’s happening now? Casey: Pete left but eckert is giving him another chance and will send him a message soon Me: OK. You, me, P need to talk at recess tomorrow morning. Casey: If he has video of you and pete do u think he also has u and me??? Me: Honestly maybe but lets stay calm. we’ll talk tomorrow and i’ll take care of everything I was trying to play it cool for Casey, but I was freaking out. What other videos did what’s-his-name Eckert have? Should I try and talk to him? Or should I just tell Peter to suck it up and do what Eckert wants? My iPad lit up with a notification. It was Clay letting me know he was leaving his house. I should have called it off right then but didn’t. If my life was ending, maybe I should enjoy tonight. I returned to my chat with Tommy. Lexi: wanna role play? Tommy: wdym? Lexi: like pretend we’re other people. it’s fun. i can be your daddy and ur my little boy Tommy: idk that sounds gay Lexi: u like thinking abt 2 girls together right? Tommy: yeah so Lexi: well I like two guys Tommy: uh but this is a dad and kid Lexi: don’t judge what i like. ok u need to make a video and finger ur butt and say “oh daddy fuck me” Tommy: WTF bruh Lexi: don’t worry i’ll send you something else after Tommy: Im not doing that unless u send u squirting and ur face Lexi: ok u send first Tommy: no u Lexi: ok ill send before that one but meanwhile can u just send you talking dirty to daddy then u can do the butt part after i send Tommy: ok I immediately started scouring porn sites to see if I could find something that looked like a 15-year-old girl cumming. I didn’t know about the face part. Tommy sent a video. It was him slowly stroking his cock and talking at the same time in a whisper: “Oh daddy please suck my cock. Pleeeease daddy.” Fuuuuuuuck! Once again a perfect video from Tommy. I was going to have a nice collection…if I could stay out of jail. After a few more minutes of searching the web, I found the perfect video. It was a girl who could pass for 15, her face could have been the same as the other girl, and she masturbated until squirting cum all over the place. She was shaved just like my other girl. Gold. I took a screen recording and started breaking it into smaller clips, so I could hopefully trade for additional videos from Tommy. I sent the first part. Tommy: daamn lexi wud u fuck me Lexi: yeah. ok send urs Tommy: r u virgin Lexi: yeah hbu Tommy: sadly Lexi: send me the vid Tommy: what vid Lexi: the one we talked abt omg… Tommy: lol chill i’m just playin…daddy Lexi: k Tommy: but i still don’t know abt finger Lexi: its supposed to feel good for guys Tommy: holy shit i just remembered we learned that in sex ed Lexi: see? Tommy: wait u didn’t send squirting Lexi: ur turn to send Tommy: that wasn’t the deal Lexi: fine hold on I waited a minute and then sent the clip where the girl…finished. Tommy: fuck that is sooo hot Lexi: thank u. ok send It was worth the wait. He finally did exactly what I asked, including stuffing his middle finger in his smooth virgin hole while groaning and telling “daddy” he wanted to be fucked. I watched it like five times in a row. But I held off shooting my load, knowing that Clay would be there any minute…hopefully. Lexi: that was awesome…did u like it? Tommy: umm Lexi: so yes? Tommy: no comment Lexi: ok u gonna cum now? Tommy: i want to Lexi: watch my vid again then vid urself shooting Tommy: ok That’s when I heard a noise downstairs. Oh my god, Clay was actually in my house. I quickly ran into the bathroom to make sure I looked good. Yup, I’d do me if I were into 24-year-olds instead of middle schoolers. I could hear Clay coming up the stairs. I laid down on the bed and waited for my student to enter his teacher’s bedroom. And then…there he was. When he walked in, I could tell he was attempting to hold back a smile. God he was hot. Blond, a few inches shorter than I was, unblemished face (which not all 14-year-olds could claim). Part of me wanted to enjoy this for as long as possible, but by that point, I was so worked up that I needed him to start fucking me as soon as possible. He was on the same page, kicking off his sneakers and taking off his shirt. Wow, what a body. I stripped nude and lay back with my legs spread, inviting the horniest and most well-hung kid in my class to do what he wanted with me. We hadn’t said a word to each other yet. Clay took off his shorts and socks, leaving him with just a pair of underwear: light blue plaid old-school boxers, but too small on him. His monster cock was outlined beautifully. I stared at his crotch and licked my lips. Clay responded by grabbing himself and showing off his impressive tube. I reached over to my bed table and grabbed some lube, tossing it to him. This time he didn’t even try to hide his grin. Before I knew it, Clay had ripped off his boxers, climbed on my bed, lathered up his cock, and was pointing it at my hole. On a fully-grown adult, 7 inches didn’t look that big, but on a skinny 8th grader who hadn’t had his high school growth spurt yet, his dick looked enormous. This wasn’t gonna be like Casey fucking me. It was gonna hurt. But I didn’t care. Holding onto my legs for leverage, Clay pushed in. A couple of inches went in, but it felt like a lot more. He and I both groaned. I spoke for the first time. “Come on and fuck me, kid. All the way. Do it now.” He pushed harder this time, and before I knew it, he was balls deep. I felt so full. My cell phone vibrated, but I ignored it. Clay let out a moan that definitely sounded like a boy his age. Then he started trying to pump it in and out. After only a minute, he was able to get in a rhythm, but then stopped with his cock fully buried inside of me. “Why’d you…” I started to ask. He interrupted me with a scream. “Ahhhhhh!! Fuuuuuuuck! Ooooh!!!” His body convulsed as he couldn’t control his orgasm, shooting his boy seed deep inside of me. After he was finished unloading, he collapsed awkwardly, his still-hard dick slipping out of me. The whole thing had lasted less than 3 minutes. “That didn’t take long,” I commented. “Sorry,” he answered groggily. “Can you go again?” “Yeah.” His eyes were closed. “Just need to…” He fell asleep before finishing his sentence. I stared at his beautiful face as I fondled myself. I was throbbing and needed release. Stroking Clay’s chest with one hand, I started furiously jerking my cock with the other. Clay rolled onto his side, facing away from me, his perfect little butt inches from my dick. I grabbed his hips and pulled him even closer to me. He was so light-weight, I could move him however I wanted with very little effort. Now in a spooning position, I lifted his top leg a little bit and got ready to penetrate this sexy child. As soon as I forced my own 7 inches inside of the boy, my whole body started tingling. Clay let out a noise that sounded like a protest, but he didn’t have the energy to fight me. It felt so good to be back inside his pussy. So tight. I reached over, picked up my phone and tapped on the new Snapchat notification form Tommy. Watching Tommy stroke his young, teen cock, I started thrusting mine into Clay. Without trying, my pace was synced to Tommy’s. Before long, I knew Tommy was close, by the cute little sounds he was making and how his body started twitching. I was close too. At the moment that Tommy thrust his hips in the air, waiting for his boy juice to shoot, I slammed into Clay one final time. Tommy and I released our loads at the same time, both of us grunting as it happened. I dropped the phone next to me on the bed and rolled onto my back, my dick making a squishy sound as it slipped out of the 14-year-old boy sleeping next to me. I remember watching my cum start to ooze out of Clay’s hole and down his butt cheek, and then I must have dozed off. *End of Chapter 27* Hope ya’ll continue to enjoy! Owen Link to my other story: Don’t forget to consider donating to Nifty!


Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 13:35:37 +0100 From: Hamouda Officiel Subject: Joshy Saga: Chapter 1 Hey everyone! Just a reminder that if you love all of the fun and sexy content on Nifty, please feel free to lend your support and send a donation. Joshy Saga: Chapter 1 I was on my way back from school drenched in sweat because it was a extremely hot and sunny summer day, approaching our neighborhood I saw my brother mowing the lawn in our yard with nothing on but loose basketball shorts, Rogan was 17 years old, almost eight years older than me, he’s pretty popular in school since he played a lot sports mainly football, which helped him acquire his physique, he had a thick neck on top of broad, wide shoulders, but his waist was really thin which just accentuated his upper-body , but his best feature was his thick thighs and tree trunks legs which he got from my dad, his didn’t compare to my dad if we’re being honest, but for his age they were pretty impressive. He was too distracted by the music he was blasting through his headphones, swaying his head from side to side, I knew what kind of music he was playing it was really loud and screamy music that I disliked a lot, he blasts that music in the house when my dad isn’t home, that’s the only thing I dislike about him, but as he carried on mowing the lawn, he was basically glistening under the summer sun with sweat cascading over his tanned body, once in a while it would drip from his chin, I watched as he swiped the back of his hand over his forehead and wiped it on his shorts making the spot almost see-through from the amount of sweat. Watching him as I got close to the house made me think of how I’ve always admired my big brother, we didn’t get along a lot because he hates it when I want to hang out in his room, but I wanted to be like him, he teaches me how to do pushups and how to exercise from time to time, he’s somehow really nice when it comes to things he likes and is interested in, but most of the time he’s too busy to hang out with me. As I got to the front yard he didn’t notice me at all I just went ahead and got inside because I was parched, I flung my school bag on the couch and took off my shirt and ran to the kitchen, poured myself a glass of water drank it in light speed, it was refreshing. “Hey lil buddy” said dad as he entered the Kitchen “Daddy!!!” I said as I ran and jumped on him he caught me and flung me up into a tight embrace “you little rascal, you just wiped your sweat all over me” “sorry daddy” I said smiling at him kissing him on the cheek He kissed me back put me down and ruffled my hair “You need to go wash off, I will be making some lemonade in the meantime buddy” “but daddy I showered this morning” “you are drenched in sweat buddy, go take a shower” dad said as my brother entered the house “did you finish already” said dad to my brother with a surprised look “Uh huh, I did, hey Joshy when did you get here? Anyways I’m off to shower” my brother said as he ran past me towards the bathroom. We lived in a quite small house, but thankfully I had a room of my own as did my brother and dad, while my dad had his own bathroom in his room, my brother and I had to share a bathroom but that wasn’t so bad after all, except for cases like now, when both of us need to take a shower, one of us needs to wait until the other is done. I was going to my room since I knew my brother was not going to let me shower before him, but as I was approaching my room, I noticed down the hall that the door to the bathroom wasn’t locked, it was wide open, suddenly I started getting ideas, even though we shared the same bathroom for a long time I had yet to see Rogan’s naked body, although he didn’t leave much to my imagination since he likes to walk around the house in basketball shorts and occasionally in form fitting underwear. Standing there in the hallway I was trying to listen if the shower was on, all I could hear was my brother humming then the shower curtain being pulled and then he turned it on, I crept my way up to the doorway and hesitantly peeked my head through to take a look. There was my brother standing under the shower with his wide back turned, his muscles bugled and rippled as he stretched under the running water, it was running down his skin cascading over and in between the two mounds of glutes he had, I’ve always thought he was attractive but seeing him wet and naked and unaware of me staring at his body just made me realize and confirm some things that were going on within my head, I was definitively attracted to him, and I was starting to rack my brain to find ways to get closer somehow. I stood there in awe at what I was looking at, almost zoning out until I snapped out of it with an idea, I was going to pretend like I really had to take a wee and barge in, he wouldn’t mind, seeing how he never has an issue showing off in his underwear around the house I thought I would test my luck, worst case scenario he would tell me to leave. “Roger I really need to take a wee are you going to finish soon” I said after mustering enough courage “Hell dude, no I just started” he said while grumbling under his breath “It’s going to be quick I need to wee or else I’m going to doing it on myself” I said whining in the process to make it seem believable “Go ahead I don’t care” he said I took no time and walked in he was still facing the wall with his back to me, I walked in slowly and he looked over his shoulder to me as I approached the toilet. I was feeling really bold in the moment and I didn’t know what gotten into me I decided to lower my short all the way down and expose my bare little bum, the moment they hit the floor I looked back at him and was looking at me with a raised eyebrow eyeing me up and down as he reached for the soap bottle. Standing there I had a roller-coaster of emotions and thoughts running through my head, the situation was so overwhelmingly exciting I had finally seem my brother naked granted it was just his backside, but not only that I was so close to him since the toilet was right besides the shower, I could feel splatters of water hit my bare-skin as I stood there almost naked except the shoes and socks on my feet. My brother cupping his crotch turned towards me and said “are you going to stand there all day” with a snort “I .. I never did a wee in front of someone” I said hesitantly I looked at him and realized that he was facing me now which made my cheeks flash red and further flustered me Surprisingly my brother stepped out of the shower and nudged me with his hip making me move a little aside as he moved the hand cupping his crotch away freeing his penis, I stood there in disbelief as I looked directly into his uncut cock, it hanged so low even though it looked completely soft, he had such a long over hanging foreskin that he just peeled all the way until the head peeked out, but like a deer in the headlight I stood there stunned by what was happening not sure how to act or handle the situation, I forgot how long I have been staring at his cock I jolted my head forwards feeling a mixture of shame and excitement I’ve never felt before. “maybe this will help you take a wee” he pointed his cock into the toilet as a stream of piss hit the water Somehow that did help me since right after him I joined in quickly glancing at him standing there with one hand on his hip the other on his cock, I didn’t think he would feel so confortable doing such a thing but I was glad he did. We stood there not saying anything, I finished before him because I really didn’t need to a wee that bad, he continued pissing and I just stood there beside him, I looked up at him and he was looking at me with strange look I never seen on his face “Seems like I have a bigger bladder than you” he said laughing The stream turned into a trickle and he flicked his cock side to side as droplets of his piss flew everywhere, I felt one hit my lip, with a swift jump he got back into the shower as I flushed the toilet, still unable to process what just happened I was reaching for my shorts to pull them back up “you were going to take a shower too? Right” he said “uh huh” “take off your shoes and jump in” he ordered me I obliged without saying anything, sliding my shoes off then socks I got into the shower, he moved aside giving me access to the shower head I got under the water tilted my head up and closed my eyes I felt a hand working shampoo into my hair, I just stood there in silence, then I heard a bottle pop followed by his hands lathering my neck, shoulders then back with soap, he was always so rough when it came to how he acted towards me, contrary to what was happening here, he was rubbing soap gently across my body kneading my soft skin as he went. I felt like I was in trance, water streaming down my face, eyes closed, as my brother Roger kept on soaping my body up, I felt his hands reach my thighs as he was working his way down he slightly nudged my feet which made me slightly spread them, he went to my calves, then up back to my lower back. I stood there frozen as I felt his slightly calloused hands on both sides of my butt, he ran his hand down my back until he reached my puckered little hole grazing it ever so lightly and lingering on it for a second, I swore I could feel a finger probe and push slightly at my hole, I just shuddered in place not knowing how to react, I leaned back a little to make sure I wasn’t imagining things, right as I did that his finger almost sank into my bum, I bit my lip but he quickly gave my butt a few gentle squeezes lathering it up quite well then with a playful slap he told me I could do the front on my own. I did just that as he worked on soaping up himself Everything was so distracting that I didn’t think to look at him until he stood under the shower head facing towards me washing his short black hair with his eyes closed, I was in shock, his cock was actually stiff and poking forwards with his long foreskin pulled back a little with his bulbous head slightly showing since he had such a long foreskin, I looked so big and enthralling, I also had a clear view at his balls for the first time, they were quite big and heavy by the look of it since they hung low stretching his sack way down with the left one hanging a little lower than the right one, they bobbed and swung like pendulums. I averted my gaze quickly before he caught me,but I could’ve sworn I seen him peek at me under his hands as he washed his face, but it all ended too quickly when we finished rinsing off, we dried ourselves and he went straight to his room as I stood there still trying to figure out what just happened. things went way better than I had hoped for, I was aiming to get a quick glance at my brother’s naked body I ended up with way more, I didn’t complain though, I actually was thinking how I could make this not be a one time thing as I went to my room, I flung myself on my bed laid down face down still butt naked and too tired to move. To be continued <3 … I really hope you like this little story, be sure to send me a message, a suggestion, a critique or anything you feel like sharing with me about this, I would love to get any kind of feedback, I reply to EVERYONE I will shortly be writing more chapters, be on the lookout.

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