Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 15:33:14 +0000 From: man toy Subject: The Martins part 6 If you enjoy reading my stories and others, please consider donating whatever you can to Nifty. Your donations help keep the site maintained, up and running, and available to you whenever you want for your reading pleasure. Simply follow this link to do so: Any positive or constructive feedback is welcome — I have also enjoyed the pictures that have been sent of what Archie, Chip and Tim look like. Keep those fun, hot pictures coming. The Martin’s house — part 6 Tim and I walked into the party. It was a popular senior guy’s house and of course with a pool. It was a really nice house and it was kind of like every high school party you see in a movie. Cliques were in their little groups and you could tell who was and who wasn’t invited or fit in almost instantly. Somehow Tim and I were greeted like we were best friends with the guy that had invited me. I mean, I knew him and he was always nice to me. His name was Kyle, he was a varsity baseball player and a popular jock but he wasn’t one of the stuck-up, rude, ass-hole jocks. He was friendly and knew that he wasn’t going to be in the major league. He wasn’t the Big Guy on Campus, but he ran in that crowd. I would say that Kyle’s best feature, beyond being tall was his smile. He had a really nice genuine smile that made his whole face light up. I think I had been to one of the baseball games this year. I was surprised when Kyle came up to Tim and I and gave us a big hug and said to me that he was glad that I was here. He then told us to go grab a beer and said the keg was out by the pool. Tim and I went out by the pool and surprisingly no one was in the pool. You knew that at some point someone was going to get pushed in. Tim and I grabbed a beer and started walking around. I felt a bit awkward and I couldn’t really put my finger on why. Tim had bumped into me a few times kinda flirty, and grabbed my pinky a few times but something told my spidey sense that something was up. It was fun talking to people that were friends with Tim that I really didn’t know, so it was fun walking around and kinda being a couple but not really. We had both introduced people that we knew. I don’t even know how long we were at the party when Kyle showed up near us. He seemed a little bit drunk but I would say just tipsy. Kyle came up to me and Tim and the first thing that was off was that Kyle put his hand on my lower back. Not really odd but this was a graduating senior and the host of the party. There were about six of us in the group and Kyle was closer to me than Tim. I don’t even think that Tim caught on to the Kyle’s hand being right above my ass. There was a lot of joking around and laughter when Kyle’s hand slid down and onto my ass. No one noticed but me and he made sure that I felt that he was rubbing and squeezing my ass. The odd thing was that I liked it and that it was happening in front of Tim and that Kyle had nothing to do with what happened in the Martin’s basement. Kyle knew that I knew what he rubbing my ass crack and he was clever enough to move the group so he could keep it up. I was so fucking hard that I thought that at some point I would have made a pre-cum stain that everyone could see but even Tim hadn’t caught on. Everyone in the group we were in was laughing and talking that when Kyle slipped his hand down the back of my pants, no one knew but the two of us. We looked at each other and when he touched my hole, I knew why I was invited. Kyle wanted me. I instantly wanted Kyle in me. I felt myself arching my back as I laughed and felt myself enjoying the feeling of Kyle rubbing my hole. I had prepared for sex because I had cut both Tim and Chip off before exams, but this was unexpected. I never expected that Kyle was in to me at all. I had lubed my hole before I met up with Tim thinking that he would take me to pound-town but Kyle was a totally hot surprise. Kyle pushed his finger in and I looked at him. No one in the group of people we were talking with saw any change in how we were acting. We knew. Then it happened. The first person was shoved into the pool. Kyle shifted us never removing his finger from in my hole. He had been moving a finger in and out of my hole for a few minutes when everything started. I don’t know how but Tim was shoved into the pool, it wasn’t by Kyle but it happened. Then Kyle turned and looked at me and said “follow me”. Tim was splashing around in the pool and I don’t even know if he saw me walk off. I followed Kyle to the side of the pool-house. Someday I want to say I have a pool house, just saying. I was surprised that we didn’t go into the pool-house but I followed. We had rounded a tall bush and Kyle grabbed my hand and pulled me between two tall bushes that were in a row along the side of the pool house. I guess that no one was watching or paying attention since people were yelling and being pushed into the pool. Kyle pushed me against the wall of the pool-house and reached around me and grabbed my ass with both hands. He pushed his body against mine and then took one hand off my ass and grabbed my chin, turning my face towards his and started kissing me. He kept pulling back and looking me in the eye then kissing me again. I was kinda surprised by what was happening but not really. I was horny, Kyle was hot, he was turning me on, and nothing was saying `No’ in my mind. Kyle said “I want to fuck you” and then really started making out with me. I coulda popped my load in my shorts right then. He pushed his hand back into my shorts and straight into my crack and then a finger touched my hole. He started fingering my hole while we made out and I reached down and started stroking his hard cock through his shorts. It felt like a good size cock. I knew that I was going to let him and I wanted it and the danger of being outside at a party was making me even hotter. Kyle pulled his hand out of my shorts and started undoing his shorts. He suddenly stopped looked me in the eye and then started kissing me again. He pulled back again and said “I’ve been waiting all year to do this” and started kissing me again. He dropped his shorts to his knees and I got to see his cock and I wanted it. I turned around and faced the wall of the pool-house and started to slide my shorts down and over my ass. I heard Kyle say “oh fuck yea” and I looked over my shoulder and said to go slow. I spit into my hand and reached back and lubed my hole a little and then did it again when Kyle stepped forward and slid his cock between my cheeks. He missed my hole the first two times that he pushed forward but the third time was the charm. He started to slowly push into me and grabbed my face and started kissing me while he pushed the rest of the way in. We were both moaning into each other’s mouth until he was all the way in. Once he was all the way in, I said “fuck me”! He started fucking me and he surprised me by saying “we have to be quiet” and I just nodded. We were going at it and I couldn’t believe how turned on I was. Everything was turning me on, outside, being pushed against the wall, the danger of being caught, the size of his cock, his cock was hitting all of the right places in me, the kissing, the small bites on my neck, all of the things had me on edge. I don’t know how long we were going at it or how many times we had kissed. I told Kyle that I was close and he said “thank god, I can’t hold back much longer”. I said “come in me and I will cum” and Kyle grabbed my face again and started kissing me and started to really pound my hole. I had been stroking my cock the whole time and I started to cum on the side of the building. My ass clamped down on Kyle’s cock and he just kept whispering fuck, fuck, fuck into my mouth, then started blasting my ass full of his cum. I felt pulse after pulse of his load filling me and I was in extasy. I loved it! We stayed connected until we caught our breath. Kyle turned me around and pushed me against the wall and started kissing me again. He lowered himself down so that we were eye to eye and said that it was amazing. He said “that stays between us” and I said “absolutely”. We started pulling our clothes on and back into place and both checked each other for any signs of what we had just done. We were about to step out of the bushes when Kyle grabbed me again and kissed me and asked if we could get together again sometime. I said sure and he said “kinda like a date” and smiled the biggest smile. He checked to make sure that the coast was clear and we stepped out. We were walking back toward the house when two girls came running our way and started puking right by where we had just been. Kyle looked at me and said “good timing”. We were close to the edge of the party and visible but not close enough that people couldn’t hear what we were saying. Kyle said to me “that was the best sex I ever had” and before I could respond he said “that was the first time I’ve ever came inside someone”. Then he said “even with a condom on I pull out”. I laughed and said “well you better hope I don’t get pregnant” and we both started laughing. He said let’s get a beer and we started walking to the keg. I told him that I was going to grab a water or something and he asked if I was sure and I said I was. I suddenly realized that I had no idea where Tim was. I said to Kyle, do you see Tim and we both started looking for him. Eventually Kyle spotted him on a lounge chair kissing a girl and playing with her tits. It was kind of hot to see. Tim’s hair was still wet and he had taken his shirt off and his hot muscular body was on display. I should have liked looking at the girl’s tits since they were hanging out of her top for everyone to see but I didn’t. Tim seemed to be completely into it. Kyle asked if I wanted the nickel tour and I said sure. Then it dawned on me that Kyle didn’t seem drunk at all and I wondered if when he came up to us earlier it was just an act. I followed Kyle into the house pausing a few times to talk to people. This was Kyle’s party and he had been with me a long time. Granted there were a lot of people but still it was his house. We eventually went upstairs, which was roped off and I was totally expecting to see a couple laying on his bed when he opened the door but there wasn’t. He had a nice big room with a walk-in closet and bathroom. He said “want to go again” and I said `not here and not now’. Kyle grabbed my hand and pulled me to him and kissed me again. I pulled away and said we should get back downstairs. I asked if I could use the bathroom first and he said yes and that he would meet me back downstairs and left. I went into his bathroom, pulled my shorts down and sat on the toilet and pushed his load out. I couldn’t believe how big of a load it was, I am sure that if I was a girl, I would be knocked up just from the size of his load. I finished and went back down. I went back out by the pool to check to see if Tim was still there and I didn’t see him. I started walking around and looking for him and couldn’t find him anywhere. Kyle came up to me again and I asked him if he had seen Tim and he said that he hadn’t since we went inside. I said that I was going to look for him and Kyle said `he’s a big boy, he will be fine, he’s probably getting some’. Without Tim I felt a little out of place even though I had just had sex with Kyle. I wasn’t really friends with most of the people at the party, I knew them but wasn’t really friends with them. I made another lap through the house and around the backyard and didn’t see Tim anywhere. I decided that I was just going to head home. I didn’t say bye or anything to Kyle and just slipped out the front door. There were a couple jocks out front when I came out. I knew them but didn’t ever talk to them and they never spoke to me. They were in the senior jock crowd that thought they ruled the school. I was almost past them when Shu grabbed my arm and said how did you get in? I said that Kyle invited me and tried to pull away. There were four of them when I was walking by, the group was Shu (Rick Shumann), Gene, Colin and Skip. All were basic assholes, all had played football and other sports, all much bigger and I really looked small compared to them. Shu had a grip on my arm and wasn’t letting me go. He said “why would Kyle invite you to his party?” and Gene said “look at his ass, that’s why”. “Oh, you’re the kid with the big ass. I don’t think I ever paid attention to your face” then he spun me around so my back was facing the group. Gene said “there it is” and smacked my ass hard. It stung! “Watch it shake when I hit it” and he smacked it again. “FUCK Dude! Let me go” and I tried to pull away but Shu was really holding my arm now. Gene reached down and squeezed my ass, one cheek then the other. He said “feel this” as he squeezed a cheek with each hand. Shu reached down and grabbed really hard like he was trying to smash it like a beer can. I was starting to panic and was getting nervous. I wanted to get out of there and fast. I started to try to get free and couldn’t. I noticed that Skip walked away but Colin stepped closer. Gene and Shu were really being rough and were starting to hurt me. Gene said “I’d fuck that if it was a girl” and Colin said “I’ll fuck it, I don’t give a fuck” I started really trying to get free and was telling them to let me go. Shu started pulling me away from the front of the house. I could see that Colin was rubbing his crotch. Gene said “who goes first”. I was panicking. I didn’t want this and I couldn’t tell if they were joking. Shu still had a death grip on my arm and as hard as I tried to break free I couldn’t. Colin’s cock was the first one I saw and I couldn’t believe this was happening. He was hard and pointing to the sky. As soon as I saw his cock, I knew it wasn’t a joke. I broke free when Shu changed his grip and started running. I was a few houses down the street when I was tackled. The wind was knocked out of me as I laid there. Gene flipped me over so I was on my back and said “nice try freshman”. Then he said “I wouldn’t do that again if I were you”. I said “please let me go”. “no fucking way dude” Shu and Colin walked up to where Gene had me pinned to the ground. Colin said “we gotta take it somewhere” “where?” asked Gene. Colin said “I know a place, I’ll get my car” and disappeared. I said “come on guys, let me go”. We will let you go when we say was Gene’s reply. I started trying to get out from under Gene but I was totally outsized. He had me by almost a foot and a hundred pounds. Colin’s car pulled up. I was about to scream when Gene said go quietly or you will really regret it. I was full on freaking out. I was yanked up by my hair and once I was on my feet, I thought I would try to make a break for it again. I felt the grip on my hair loosen and was about to try to yank myself free when I felt a punch to the gut. It doubled me over and made me almost vomit. Gene got in the backseat of Colin’s car and then Shu pushed and Gene pulled me in. Shu climbed in and Colin started driving. Colin said `get it on your cock, have it suck you til we get there’. Gene grabbed my head and said `you bite and you die’. I said “please let me go…please” Gene just said `we will when we are done, now you are going to suck my dick’. Gene started to pull his shorts open and pulled out his cock. He told me to suck it and grabbed my head and pushed me down on his cock. I tried keeping my mouth shut and he was shoving me around smearing his cock all over my face. He smacked the back of my head hard and said open up and suck my cock. I still wouldn’t open my mouth when he punched the back of my head and said suck it you little cunt. My head was hurting, my stomach hurt and I opened my mouth. Gene started fucking my mouth and said “fuck yes, we have a cocksucker”. Colin said “cocksucker first then we get some ass”. Shu said `is it good’ and Gene said `a hole is a hole and this hole feels good, real good’. Shu said “where are we going?” and Colin said “almost there”. Gene was fucking my face and was saying things to me about being a cunt and fucking fag. Shu said are we going where I think we are going? Colin said “yep” I couldn’t see anything beyond Gene’s crotch. I could tell we were slowing down and then I could tell we were somewhere with lights on and stopped. I heard the doors open, I couldn’t really see since Gene had my face held down on his cock. I heard a garage door shutting. Colin said let’s go. Gene let me up and it was the first time I saw his cock, it was just sticking out of his shorts and I could see how long it was but it was veiny. Shu grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the car. We were in a garage. “Is anyone home?” asked Gene and Colin said “I’ve got the place to myself all weekend”. “Fuck yes!” said Stu. Gene and Colin came over to where Shu was still holding me. Colin came up to me and told me to take off my clothes. I didn’t move I just stood there. Shu still had a hold of my arm. “I said take your clothes off and I am not going to tell you again” and Colin slapped me across my face. I almost fell over from the force of it. I started to pull my shirt off and Shu finally let go of my arm. Colin told me to hurry up. Colin scared me. I started undoing my shorts and started to slide them down and Colin said underwear too. I stepped out of my shorts and underwear and covered my dick. I felt so small compared to these guys. Shu said turn around and I did. I didn’t want to get smacked or punched again. Colin said “Fuck! That ass is going to look so hot with my cock buried in it.” Shu spun me around again and I noticed that he had pulled out his cock and was stroking it. He pushed me down until I was on my knees. He said “open up” and I did. He started pushing his cock in and out of my mouth. I could see Gene and Colin step up. Shu pulled out and turned my head to Gene’s cock and Gene shoved it in and made me deep throat him. I choked and coughed. He was rough. Colin said my turn and pulled me off of Gene. Colin had a big dick probably bigger than Tim and Colin was a dick. His cock was thick and long. I barely touched it when he grabbed my head and started fucking my face. He shoved me down on his cock and made me take it all. He held my head down so long that I thought I was going to pass out from lack of air. I was pushing on his legs trying to get free. When he finally let me up, I started gasping for air and coughing. Gene said “who gets to go first?” Shu said `Fuck dude, how the fuck did you hide that fucker’ to Colin. Gene said “You should go first and stretch it out” and Shu said “fuck that, it won’t be as tight”. Colin said I’m fucking a hole tonight and I don’t care but I’m getting off and grabbed my head and shoved me down on his cock again. Shu said it isn’t a cunt but it will be when we are all done. Colin said hold this and moved my face off of his crotch. Shu stepped in front of me and pushed me onto his cock. Shu was the first one of them to tell me to go down on them and make me bob on their cock and not just fuck my face. It was a weird welcome release. Gene’s cock came into my peripheral vision. It was only seconds until I felt his cock pushing on my cheek. Shu wasn’t about giving up my mouth. Gene kept pushing his cock across my face hoping that Shu would let him in. Their cocks were about the same compared to Tim and Chip they were somewhere in the middle. There was a small part of me that was relieved but I was still scared. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me and a bigger part was afraid about after they were done and got off. Would they kill me, hurt me really bad, was I going to be there all weekend? Shu made the mistake of pausing and turning to look at Colin and Gene shoved his cock in my mouth and grabbed the back of my head to hold me in place. I heard a door open and close. I don’t know how long I was with just Shu and Gene but they using me or I should say my mouth. I heard the door again and Colin said bring it in and Shu grabbed me by the hair and yanked me up so I was standing. Gene shoved me toward the door where Colin was standing. I tried to stop and said “my clothes” and Shu said that I wouldn’t need those. I was pushed until I went up a few stairs out of the garage and into the laundry room. Shu said where we taking him. Colin said “my room” and I was shoved again. I was walked through the downstairs and to the steps heading upstairs. I was very alert about the layout of the house. I wanted to know how to get my clothes and get out. Colin opened his bedroom door and I was shoved into the room. It was a mess and stunk like a dirty sock. Gene said “damn dude when was the last time you cleaned this pig sty”? Shu said “make him clean it” and shoved me so hard that I fell down. Colin said “we need something to lube his hole, let’s go see what we can find in the kitchen”. I was starting to get up and Gene shoved me back down and he said “get cleaning cunt” and they left. I heard them walk down the stairs and I their voices got softer and I didn’t know where they were but I was alone. I was about to open the door when I heard them coming back. I hurried and started throwing clothes into a pile so it looked like I was doing something. I was afraid of what they would do if I hadn’t done something. The door banged open and Gene was the first one in and said on your knee’s cocksucker. I knelt down onto floor and Gene told me to get him ready cause he got to go first. I was glad it wasn’t Colin first. I was bobbing up and down on Gene’s cock and my goal was to make him close so if he did fuck me it wouldn’t last long. He shoved my forehead pushing me off his cock. He said give me the Crisco then grabbed my head and said turn around and stay on your hands and knees. I obviously didn’t move fast enough because Gene hit me across the face which knocked me off balance. “Move it” and I turned and got into position. Gene pushed my shoulders down and then I felt him smack a big glob of what felt like slime into my crack. Then he slid his cock in pretty fast. I cried out from the pain. He reached around with his slimy hand and covered my mouth. He started pounding and kept his hand clamped over my mouth. Shu and Colin were telling him to fuck me and nail that ass and stuff like that. Gene took his hand off of my mouth and smacked my ass really hard. He said “get my phone I want a picture of this” and that made me panic and I tried to get away. Gene said don’t worry cunt your face won’t show just your big ass and my cock. He kept fucking me and I heard the noise of the camera on his phone. He said here bitch look at my cock and shoved the phone in my face and I saw the picture. You couldn’t tell it was me or even if the ass belonged to a guy or girl. He said `my cock looks good in there’ and he picked up speed fucking me. Shu told him to hurry up he wanted his turn. Gene told Shu to use my mouth to get warmed up because he was almost there. Shu pulled my head up by my hair and I was surprised to see that he was naked. Shu pushed his cock into my mouth and soon was fucking my face. Gene announced that he was going to cum and he was starting to make short fast thrusts into my ass. “Looook at my cock in that asss, fucking big ass, big tight ass, FUCCKK! FUCKKKK!!” and he was balls deep and cumming in my hole. He let himself fall backwards and out of my hole and onto the floor. Shu pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to stand up. I started to stand up and was moving my arms in front of my stomach so I didn’t get hit again. Shu turned me toward the bed and said lean over. I put my hands onto the bed. Shu pushed me forward so I was flat on the bed with my ass hanging off the edge. Shu stepped up ran his cock up and down my crack and then I felt him line up and shove in. I grabbed onto the sheets and pulled them into my mouth and bit down. Tears ran down my cheeks and I started crying. It hurt really bad and he was being really rough. Colin saw that I was crying and told Shu “don’t killem but you’re making it cry”. Shu said “it feels so tight … best pussy I’ve ever had … fucking this a couple times tonight” and started picking up speed. He grabbed me by the hips and started pounding and ramming his cock in my hole. I was holding the sheet with all my strength and was breathing in and out through my nose because I was still biting the sheet. Shu let out a low long grunt like he was taking a huge shit and started blasting off inside me. He collapsed on top of me and smashed me into the mattress. He finally rolled off me and onto his back next to me. “Fucking tight cunt!” he said out loud to no one imp articular. Once he was off me Colin told Shu to get out of the way. Colin said to Gene and Shu, watch a man fuck. Then he told Shu to get the fuck out of the way. Shu sat up then got up and off the bed. Colin slapped my ass and told me to flip over. I started to roll over and Colin reached down and grabbed my leg and flipped me onto my back. He looked down at me like he hated me and he scared me. Colin said “hand me that Crisco” and next thing I new it was in his hand. He dipped his fingers in it and pulled them out and started stroking his cock. He never looked away from me. He told me to lift my legs and I did and he dipped his fingers back into the can and I felt him rub them up my crack. He stepped closer and pushed into me slowly, never breaking eye contact with me. Colin’s cock was stretching me and burning like it was on fire. I felt the tears well up in my eyes and when I blinked, I felt them run down the sides of my face. He was still staring into my eyes. He started pumping slowly but every thrust he bottomed out. Soon he was picking up speed. Then he spit right on my face. He was ramming his cock in me hard and kept changing speeds. He said “who is the best” through gritted teeth. I didn’t say a word. He said “I SAID WHO IS THE BEST” and slammed into me, then said “ANSWER ME”. I said `you’. He said “tell me” and I said “you” “Tell Me I am the Best” and he slammed into me again and again like he wanted to hurt me and yelled at me “TELL ME” and slapped me across the face. I started crying from the force of his hit and he said “TELL ME or I will hit you again you little bitch” and I said “you are the best” between sobs. “Say it again!” So, I did. He said “FFUUCCKK!” and threw his head back and howled out a crazed grunting noise and came. He kept pumping into me after until he caught his breath. I had to look away and saw both Gene and Shu watching. Gene spoke up first and said “dude you fucked the hell out of that ass … I need something to drink”. Colin pulled out and said I need a beer and Shu said “fuck yeah”. They started out of the room, then Colin turned and looked at me and said you better have this room clean when I get back. I was still laying on my back with my legs on the floor, my asshole was burning, my face hurt from being hit and I struggled to sit up. I stood and started towards the door since they hadn’t closed it. I peeked around the door to make sure they were gone. I looked around and found a pair of shorts on the floor and pulled them on. The shorts were big on me, but it was something. I still had my shoes on so I thought I could make a run for it, the shorts may be big but I would not be running naked. I slipped out of the room and started down the stairs. I knew that the front door was at the bottom of the steps and I knew I could make it. I could hear them talking and discussing fucking me and who was fucking me next and that they were going to put me in the basement after they fucked me again. I reached the bottom of the stairs and was only a few feet from the door. I could hear them talking about what it was like to use me. I tiptoed across to the door and it was bolted. I turned the deadbolt as quietly as I could and opened the door and it beeped. I started running as fast as I could. I didn’t know where I was and had no idea where Colin’s house was but I was out. I was running across front yards and kept looking back for them to be chasing me. I kept looking for places to hide while I ran. I looked at every tall bush and tall hedge. I saw a cars headlight coming from behind me and I fell flat to hide in a front yard I was in. I still hadn’t made it to the corner of the street and had no idea where I was. I knew I had to get away. I stayed flat until the car passed and I think it was them but I wasn’t sure. After it had passed for about 30 seconds I got back up and started running again. I saw that the car was stopped at the corner, my heart was pounding a hundred miles a minute. Did they see me, I was freaking out. I looked back the way that I had come from. I stopped in place, crouched down by a bush and watched the car. I stayed as still as I could and didn’t move or breathe. I held my breath as long as I could and watched the car just sitting at the corner. Then I heard it, someone was running. I laid down flat and pushed myself close to the base of the bush that I was hiding by. The car was about a house down from where I was and the sound of running was getting louder. I didn’t move and tried to calm down. It wasn’t long until I saw Gene run up to the car. He had been running up the street and he didn’t notice me laying under the bush. He went up to the driver’s side window but I couldn’t hear them. Shu got out of the passenger door and was looking back towards Colin’s house. I heard Shu say let’s double back you take one side, I’ll take the other. The car pulled away and Shu and Gene started walking back up the street. I didn’t move or breathe until they were past me and then the car came back by going slow. Once the car was a few houses past where I was, I got up and started running again. When I got to the corner, I saw the street names and new where I was. I was going to make it. I ran and ran. I don’t know where I got the speed or energy. I was finally close to home when I finally felt safe. I stopped in a yard a few blocks from my house. I was gasping for air. I started cramping up really bad. I laid on the ground and tried to catch my breath. I was aware of every noise I heard and had hid every time a car went past me or I even saw headlights. I had to hold Colin’s shorts on as I ran because they were too big. It hit me while I laid there that I wasn’t wearing the clothes I left the house in and I didn’t even have a shirt on or my house key. I was safe. I could barely stand and started walking towards my house. I eventually made it to the front of my house. I stood there looking at the front of my dark house. I started to cry. Chip! Chip can help me. I cut across the backyard and into the Martin’s backyard. It didn’t look like anyone was up and the door was locked. My parents were asleep and I didn’t have a key. They probably thought I was sleeping at Chip’s. I needed to figure out a way to wake Chip up. I stood under his window and it was closed. I was afraid to throw stones and was hiding every time a car went by. I tripped over the hose and I had an idea, spray his window with the hose. I don’t know how many times I blasted his window before he turned his light on and looked down. He gave me the one second signal with his hand and disappeared. I walked to the backdoor and watched as Chip appeared at the door. He opened the door and stepped out and I just bawling. Chip grabbed me as I went to the ground. Chip kept asking what was wrong and I was crying so hard that I couldn’t breathe or talk. Chip held me and was trying to calm me down. I wasn’t calming down and Chip was guessing what was wrong. He said `should I get my mom’ and I said no. He just held me while I cried. I don’t know how long it took me but I eventually got out what happened with Stu, Gene and Colin. Chip wanted to call the police and I said that we couldn’t because everyone at school would know that I sucked all of their cocks and that they had all fucked me before I got away. He said we have to do something and then he said where was Tim, and how did he let this happen? I told him that Tim was pushed into the pool and I never saw him again. I didn’t tell him anything about sex with Kyle. Chip pulled me up and said let’s go to bed and led me up to his room. Chip told me that I really needed a shower because I was covered in dirt and other stuff. I came out of the shower and Chip told me to go to sleep and he would just hold me and protect me. Chip was already awake when I woke up. He was sitting up and said good morning. He asked me how I was doing? I told him that I was ok. Chip told me that I had some bad looking bruises on my arms and face and asked how I was going to explain them to my parents. I said that I was going to need clothes to go home in. I told Chip I was going to say that I helped break up a fight and my shirt got ruined and that I lost my keys. My parents bought my story and I included that I was so mad about my shirt that I walked home and went to the Martin’s to tell Chip about it. I went up to my room and just laid on my bed for a while and fell asleep. I was exhausted and slept most of the day. My mom woke me up and asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner with her and my dad and I said that I was going to see what Chip was doing and to go without me. I went back to sleep for a while until I heard the phone. I answered the phone and it was Chip, he wanted to come over. Chip came over and when he saw me, he almost started to cry. He said that my bruises had got worse and he said he really thought we should tell someone and I told him absolutely not. I couldn’t be the guy that had sex with three seniors and then told. That is what it would sound like that I got them to have sex with me and if it ever got out, I would be ruined. He said, “what about telling my dad? He wouldn’t tell anyone.” “no one can know but as long as we are talking about it would you check me out? I can’t see my back.” I got undressed and turned around and dropped my shorts. Chip told me about how many bruises I had and that my hole looked really red. He ran his finger across it and asked if it hurt and I told him that it didn’t really. I reached back and touched my hole and slid my finger into it and was surprised that it slid in pretty easy. I slid my finger out and cum dripped out. Chip gasped and said “I hate to say this but that was hot”. I slid my finger back in and spread my legs out wider and squatted a little and more cum came out. I don’t know why but I was embarrassed and turned on at the same time. Chip said “can I jack off and watch you do that some more?” I told him to go for it and I started fingering my hole and then I started to jack off at the same time. Chip started to get undressed while he watched me. I don’t know how long we were doing this but I felt the tingling in my balls and knew I was close to cumming. I turned around and Chip was sitting on the ground and I shot a big load on his chest and face. It was a strong orgasm, shooting my load on him made Chip start to come on his stomach. I went and got a towel to clean up Chip and when I came back he suggested that we take a shower and do something. He didn’t think that sitting around would do me any good. Something told me that he was right. More to come . . .


Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 14:19:45 +0000 (UTC) From: Subject: Chapter 57, “The Fireman’s Son” Archive “The Fireman’s Son, Chapter 57” {Rob} Incest (MBs oral anal) More of Steve’s adventures at the hotel after the meet. More to come before the night is over. Hope you enjoy. Take note of Kevin Jones, the trainee assistant manager, who had a romp with Steve, the Captain and the Coach Friday night after they checked in. He’s a very needy young man. Would love to hear from old and/or new readers. Rob ( Copy rights 2020 mine If you too young to be reading this, please leave. Remember, this is just a fantasy. In your life Take Care, Be Safe and Don’t DO Anything You Don’t Want to Do and PLEASE DONATE TO NIFTY! The Fireman’s Son Chapter Fifty-Seven The bus arrived at the hotel and the team got off. As Steve looked around before going in, he noticed there was another bus disgorging a load of jocks just ahead. ‘Must be one of the other teams,’ he thought. As he was looking, he recognized his first opponent, the big-cocked, hairy teen who had taunted him about there being a cock-sucker on his team. He was talking to another teenager as they approached the hotel entrance. The three boys reached the door at the same time, and Steve stopped to let the other two go in ahead of him. Their eyes met and the boy Steve had wrestled grinned and gave his crotch a quick grope. Steve had been one of the last to get off his bus, and when he got into the hotel and looked around all his teammates seemed to have passed through the lobby. There were a number of boys he didn’t recognize 0n his way to the elevator. As he stepped in, two boys followed behind him. When he turned around he was face-to-face with Harry, the wrestler he had beaten in his first bout. At the door, he could see the other boy facing his teammates and stopping anyone else from getting in while pressing the “Close” button. Steve heard him say an authoritative voice, “This elevator is taken, get the other one.” The boys on the outside stepped back and the doors closed, leaving Steve alone with the two jocks as the other one turned so they were both facing him. “This him?” asked the boy who had kept their teammates from entering the elevator, who Steve recognized as the team captain. “Yeah. This is him! You the team cocksucker?” Harry said as he groped his full crotch. Steve didn’t say anything, but his gaze was riveted on the two big hands as both his aggressors’ groped their hardening crotches. Harry reached down with his free hand and squeezed the hard cock inside Steve’s pants. “Yeah. He’s the cocksucker. His dick’s hard he wants ours so bad,” he said with a sneer. Just then the elevator door opened with a bing. “Here’s our floor,” the other guy said. “Out we go! Get the room door open, Joe!” Harry ordered as he pulled Steve out of the elevator. The other boy slid his key-card in and opened the door to the room across from the elevator, and Steve was pushed inside and the door closed. He stumbled as he entered and fell on the floor. He looked up at his aggresors and watched as they stripped off their shirts and pants, kicking out of their shoes as they did so. They stood against the door in just the mini-briefs that were bulging and barely holding in the massive lumps in them. Harry was, as had been evident when he was in his singlet, very hairy. His muscular chest was covered with a mat of dark hair that swrilled up toward his throat and across in to his armpits before it moved down onto his hard belly. His dark nipples would have beenn hidden except for their large size. After spreading out around his navel, the thick hair disappeared into his briefs. His buddy Joe was of the same size, but his body was comparatively hairless, making his hard muscles more visible. A fine mist of blond hairs spread across the flat plains of his broad chest with its two pinky-brown nipples standing out prominently in the center of each pec. The fine mist of hair continued down the center of his six-pack abs before widening and, like Harry’s, being hidden by his briefs “Strip cocksucker!” Steve, still on the floor, scrambled to get out of his clothes. He was a little afraid, but excited too. His cock was hard and standing straight out from his crotch. “Look at the little fag, cock’s all hard, ready for what we got for him.” Naked and on his knees, Steve stared up at the two muscular wrestlers as they pushed their briefs down and began stroking their huge hard cocks. Harry’s trail of hair continued, spreading out to cover his crotch and down onto his thighs. The base of his huge cock was hidden in the forest of his pubic hairs. Joe’s widened out into a blond thicket around his equally large cock and balls. Steve unconciously licked his lips, wetting them in anticipation of sucking the thick poles. “Look at the fag licking his lips! You want these cocks, slut? You wanna suck on our big cocks and swallow our cum? That what you do for your teammates? You suck all their cocks?” “Just the seniors,” Steve mumbled. “Just the seniors! Ha! He’s just the seniors’ pussy-boy! Good thing we’re both seniors ain’t it, Harry?” Joe said with a sneer. “Yeah, if he went to Franklin he’d have to take care of the whole team.” “Fuck yeah! He’d have to put out for everybody.” “Get on these big cocks, fucker. We don’t have all night to fool around!” Steve eagerly crawled forward and took the dark-haired stud’s big hardon in his mouth. He worked his lips and tongue all the way down the thick shaft until his face was buried in Harry’s thick bush. He had no trouble deep-throating the big meat. His throat was relaxed and open from the fuckings it had gotten from the eight senior wrestlers in the showers. As he fucked the big head in and out of his throat, swallowing and massaging it with the walls of his gullet while caressing the thick shaft with his slippery tongue, the hairy stud groaned, “Fuuucck! This cocksucker knows what to do with a guy’s cock! Choke on that cock cocksucker!” he commanded as he rammed in and out of the mouth of the boy kneeling before him. After a few minutes, he pushed Steve off his cock saying, “Get on my buddy’s cock!” as he pushed his head toward the blond’s crotch. Steve knew he was going to get gangbanged by all the seniors later, but all the teen meat inside the singlets of all the studs he had wrestled during the day’s meet that had rubbed over his body, pressed into his face and against his ass had really heated him up. Yeah, he had gotten lots of teen cock fucking his throat in the showers, but he had hoped for more. He had wanted to get fucked in the showers. His ass hadn’t been fucked since he had been pounded last night by his dad, Coach and Kevin, the 24-year-old trainee manager, and right now his asshole was wanting to get it from these two hunky Franklin High wrestlers. As he was pushed toward the blond crotch, the kneeling boy asked, “Are you gonna fuck me with your big cocks. My ass needs to get fucked! Please!” “You want us to fuck you up the ass, slut?” “Yes please! I haven’t been fucked since last night! Please fuck me with your big cocks.” “You got it, bitch. Get on the bed, on your knees and show me that ass-pussy. Joe, go around to the other side and shove your cock in the bitch’s mouth while I check out his pussy.” Steve quickly did as ordered, knees spread, ass offered. The hard-cocked blond muscle-jock walked around to the other side of the bed. He grabbed Steve by the hair and pulled his head up, shoving his big cock into his mouth and straight down his throat. “Fuck! This mouth is just like fucking a pussy. My cock went all the way in in one shove!” Joe exclaimed as he started forcefully fucking Steve’s mouth-pussy while Harry was exploring his rearend. He was so turned on watching his buddy getting Steve’s ass ready to get fucked that it didn’t take the blond stud long to shoot his spunk down into Steve’s belly. Seeing his friend pull his softening cock out of Steve’s mouth and rub it around on his face, Harry said,”Hold his head, bro!. Reach around and pull your ass open if you want this cock, bitch! I wanta see that pussy.” Steve pulled his ass open for Harry’s inspection while Joe held his head and shoulders up. “This is one sweet-looking pussy,” Harry said as he drooled spit down into the hairless crack and ran his big finger up and down, causing the boy to moan as he raised his ass up to meet the pressure. “You like having your ass played with,don’t you, slut?” he said as he placed the blunt tip of his finger in the center of the younger boy’s little rosebud and pressed against it. Steve’s moans grew louder and more intense as the big finger forced its way through the tight guarding muscle all the way in and stirred around in the warm, soft rectum. “Ohhh yeees! Put it in! Stick your big finger in my asshole and get it ready for your cock!” Steve begged as he felt another glob of saliva fall in to lubricate his tight entrance as the invader pulled out before the thick finger pressed down to reenter him forcefully. “Oh yes! Yes! Please! Give me your cock! I need to get fucked! They wouldn’t fuck me after the meet! I was so horney! I need cock in my ass! Yes! Yes!” he cried as he felt the finger pull out to be replaced Harry’s thick hard cock. “Ohhh Yeess! So good! Fuck me! Stick your cock all the way in and fuck me hard! I need a hard fuck!” “Shit! This whore’s got a tight pussy! Tighter’n any of the sluts I’ve fucked at Franklin,” Harry said as he plunged his big cock all the way into the depths of Steve’s hungry asshole, pulled it out and rammed it back in, quickly establishing a forceful fuck rythm in and out of the moaning boy’s ass-pussy.” “Whatta ya expect. All those cheerleader sluts you been fucking are gettin’ it from every other jock dick in the school. By the time they get around to us wrestlers, they been dicked and used by every other team in the place. That Sammie Sue I was fucking last weekent keeps count. She’s sucked and been fucked by over a hundred cocks, taken ’em in her pussy and up her ass just since school started. She’s had all the young coaches and, with five of her girlfriends, was was ganged by the whole football team after their first practice” “The guys who told me about this slut said she’s been gettin’ fucked all summer at the pool and in the park by anybody that wants her, down in the barrio by street punks and mechanics in some Mexican garage. Half the Madison basketball team ganged her in some old restroom in the woods. She got fucked by Josh and Roger, those two crazy fuckers on our baseball team before they both fucked her on that freak Noah’s mule cock, and she came back to them begging for more. They picked her up in the park and took her into the woods to fuck her pussies three more times before school started. And they all swear her pussy stays as tight as a virgin’s.” All this time Steve was moaning and begging to the fucked harder and faster. “Oh yeah! That Noah’s was the biggest dick I’ve ever taken! It was soooo gooood, but so is your big cock, Harry! Fuck me you stud! Fuck me! I need cock sooo baaad! And Joe, you’re next. I want your big cock fucking my pussy. It was sooo gooood in my mouth and throat. God! I need cock!” “Let’s turn him over on his back so you can see that big cock of yours goin’ in and out of his slutty hole, and I can fuck his face again while I wait to fuck his asshole. How long you gonna be?” The two muscular wrestlers easily lifted Steve and flipped him onto his back. The younger boy was laid out like a sacrificial victim ready to be ripped open to satisfy the hunger of the gods. Harry grabbed his legs and pushed them apart and back as he rammed his thick pole deep into the boy’s guts while Joe grabbed his head, positioned it the way he wanted and plowed into his mouth. “Oh Yeah! Fuck! This is the way to go,” he groaned as he begain raping the supine boy’s throat with his big jock cock, so that his constant moans and pleas for more cock! more cock! came out as unintelligible whimpers. “Fuck! This is good! Except for that useless cock and balls it looks like a pussy I’m fuckin,” Harry said as he pumped his hard cock in and out of Steve’s ass. “Too bad she don’t have more meat on these titties so I could get a hold of ’em,” he laughed as he reached down and tried to fondle Steve’s hard pecs, then squeezing his nipples, pulling them roughly out from his muscular chest and making him whimper even more loudly. “Shit! I can’t believe I’m about to come again so soon! You about ready, bro!” Joe groaned as he rammed his hard cock more and more forcfully into Steve’s throat. I’m about to fill the little slut’s belly with my second load! Fuck! Fuck!” “I’m right with you, bro. Let’s fill the little slut at both ends! Uggh! Ugggh! Fuck I’m coming!” “Me too! Take it, whore! Take my jock load! Swallow all that jock load, sucker!” At the same time Steve’s cock, which had gone hard as soon as he knelt down in front of the two stud wrestlers and hadn’t gone down since began spurting onto his flat abs. Spurt after spurt shot up between his pecs and pumped out of his cumhole to puddle in the valleys dividing his six-pack. “Ohhh God! Ohhh Fuck!” he yelled as his two fuckers, having pulled their still-pumping cocks out of his holes sprayed the remains of their loads over his face and crotch. As the three calmed down and gradually relaxed, Harry asked his buddy. “You gonna fuck her pussy?” “Naw. My balls are empty. But I’m gonna get you another time, slut, and fuck that nasty hole. I know where you live.” “Okay, whore, get your clothes on and get out of here,” Harry ordered. We gotta clean up and get out to dinner.” Steve hauled himself off the bed, pulled on his clothes and quickly left the other boys’ room, checking first to be sure no one was in the hall, he headed towards the stairs to get to his floor. He had almost made it when a good-looking, young man dressed in loose nylon shorts and a tank top came out of the ice machine alcove carrying a full bucket. Steve slowed down as his eyes ran over the thirty-something man’s hard, muscular body, especially noting the thick brown hair showing where his chest and armpits were not covered by the tanktop and the long bulge the was flopping under the thin material of the shorts as he walked. The guy stopped and said, “Hey, kid! Aren’t you Steve Anderson from Madison?” Steve stopped and replied, “Yes, sir.” “You beat one of my best wrestlers, Harry Martin. I’m the coach at Franklin, Buck Morris. How long you been wrestling?” “This is my first year. Harry was my first. He’s really good. I had to work hard to beat him, Coach Morris.” “My guys just call me Buck,” the coach said. “Yeah, he was really pissed you beat him. He was griping and cussing to his best buddy Joe, the team captain.” While he was saying this, he absentmindedly ran his free hand across his chest and down his flat stomach. “I couldn’t hear clearly, but I think he was mad and muttering about gettin’ beat by a “little faggot…a cocksucking queer team whore.” As he said this, he ran his hand down into his shorts and gave his long cock a couple of tugs. “You the cocksucker, Steve? You the faggot Harry and Joe kidnapped in the elevator?” When Steve didn’t answer, just stared at the hot young coach, Buck said in a sexy, low voice, “You want to come into my room? It’s right here,” he said as he pulled his hand out of his shorts and opened the door, stepping inside. “You can show me what you can do. I’m here all alone. My wife’s at home, and I’m really horney. All my guys have gone out to eat where ever they want.” Steve figured he had enough time for a quick blowjob or maybe a fuck before he had to be down in the dining room to eat with the team, so he followed the sexy coach into the room. Buck pulled the tanktop over his head and pushed his shorts to the floor. Steve quickly got out of his clothes. “You want me to suck your cock or you want to fuck my ass,” he said as he reached out pull on the young coach’s big, almost hard thick cock and feel up his ball bag. “I hope these big balls are full. I want your cock in my mouth and up my ass. Your guys have already fucked me at both ends, but I want it from their sexy coach,” he said as he dropped to his knees and started chowing down on the now fully-hard eight-inch coach cock. When he bottomed out with the bulbous head in his throat and his lips and nose buried in the thick pubic forest, he began milking it with the muscles he had been trained by so many men to use to make them happy. “Oh! My god! How’d a kid like you learn to take cock like that?” Steve slowly pulled up, sucking and licking the thick meat as he backed off until only the big glans was in his mouth. After caressing the spongy mushroom head with his soft tongue, teasing with it into the gaping hole that was pumping out the jock coach’s sweet, slimy precum, he pulled off alltogether and gasped, “I’ve had lots of practice,” and immediately went back down fucking into his throat. After a few plunges, Buck took charge, holding onto Steve’s head and pulling it forward into his hairy crotch and holding him there before pushing him off. His fucking quickly became hard and rough, fucking hard in and out of the open mouth and throat with his thick manrammer, powerfully raping the willing young wrestler with his pile-driver. The only sounds were Steve’s moans of pleasure and the coach’s grunts as he fucked harder and faster into the welcoming hole. “Fuck! You like it this way! You like it hard and rough don’t you, you little slut! Fuck! If we had you at Franklin we’d give it to you every day. I train my boys to be men. Teenaged jocks need a cumdump to keep ’em happy. Iy’s not just the jocks! Their coaches need someplace to dump their loads! Fuck! Me and my assistant could fuck this pussy every day! Fuck! Take that mancock! Take my load, faggot! Take it down your faggot throat!” he shouted as he pummelled his hard, cum-spewing battering ram deep into Steve’s welcoming throat. Finished, he ripped his still-hard cock out and pushed Steve sprawling to the floor at his feet. Steve, slightly stunned, raised up on his elbows and smiled up at the bull-man standing astride him. Arms crossed over his powerful, hairy chest, thick cock standing out straight from his hairy crotch, balls dangling between his spread muscled thighs, he looked like a satyr out of a book of Greek mythology. Steve spread his legs, reached down and gave his hard cock a couple of swipes before moving down to gather his balls in both hands. Spreading his legs off the floor so his butt opened and raised up to show his pink asspussy, still slightly puffy from Harry’s rough fuck. “Oh, fuck! Fuck my pussy, Coach! I bet you can fuck me harder than Harry!” “I told you I was horney! I got plenty more in these balls! That what you want? You like to be fucked rough! To be used like a whore! Your pussy fucked with big stud cocks and filled with hot manseed?” “Oh god yes! I love cock! I need cock anyway you want to give it to me! Please! Please! Harry was great! My teammates are all gonna fuck me tonight, but please, Coach, please fuck me now!” “You got it, whore!” Buck, growled as he went to his knees, grabbed Steve’s legs and pulled them apart and down toward the boy’s chest. Pressing his big cockhead against he pink rosebud, he rammed his whole thick meat into the boy’s guts. “Fuck! Fuck! This is a tight asshole! Take it! Take my big cock, in your faggot cunt! I don’t know how, but I’m gonna be fucking this tight hole a lot!” he growled as he began pummeling his thick meat in and out of the moaning boy’s hole. “Uhggg! Ahhhh fuck me, Coach. Oh god yes! Fuck me hard! Oh! Yes! Yes!” Steve moaned constantly as his insides were pounded roughly by the man on top of him. It didn’t take long before the coach was pumping him full of his second load. “Shit! Take it, whore! Take that load! Take it! Take it, you little cum whore!” Buck growled as he rammed himself deep into Steve’s guts, filling them with his hot jism. Finished, he dropped down panting on top of the supine boy. When he stopped panting, he stood up and ordered, “Get dressed and get out, whore. Steve quickly dressed. Before he left, Buck demanded, “Give me your phone!” He took it and punched in some numbers. “I just called my phone. I have your number and you have mine. I’m gonnsa be gettin’ more of that hot pussy. Now, go!” When he got to his room, he was glad to see the connecting door between his and the coach’s and his dad’s room was closed and jumped in the shower. He quickly washed himself off and used one of the douches he had brought with him to clean out as much of Harry’s and Buck’s cum as he could. After drying off and putting on clean clothes, he left to go down to the dining room. Arriving, he spotted a table over to the side with all the senior members of his team. In the middle was Mark Deacon with an empty chair next to him. He stood up and waved Steve over. As the two boys sat down, Steve felt Mark’s hand on his thigh as the older boy asked, “Where’ve you been, buddy,” he asked as he gave Steve’s leg a possessive squeeze before running his hand up to cup the boy’s crotch. “Uh,” he hesitated as he felt the hand begin the fondle his cock and balls. “I was a little tired and went up to lie down. I guess I fell asleep.” “That’s good ’cause you’re gonna need all you energy tonight,” Mark said as he as he moved his hand off Steve and took the boy’s hand to move it under the tablecloth onto his own crotch. Steve was surprised when he felt his hand pressed against Mark’s bare cock and hairy balls beneath the thick pole. “I’m hard for you right now, and so are the rest of the guys. We’re all gonna fuck that pretty ass of yours and give you a night to remember, like the coach says you like.” As he was saying this, Steve’s other hand was taken by Mannie Lopez who was sitting on the other side of him and pressed down into his bare crotch! “We’re all bare and hard for you, puta. I bet you’d love to get under the table and get a nutty-tasting appetitizer from each one of us, wouldn’t you?” Steve didn’t know what to say. He just looked up at the sexy Latino hunk as he stroked the two hard cocks in his hands. Just then Kevin Jones, the cute young trainee manager Steve had had sex with in his dad’s and the coach’s room the night before, came up to stand across the table between Jack Smalley and Peter Russell. He was dressed in a blue blazer, tie and a pair of fairly snug khaki trousers that showed he was “dressed” to the right. Steve remembered he had a nice-sized cock and figured he was wearing boxers and was half hard judging from the bulge showing along the inside of his right thigh. He was standing across from Steve close in to the two jocks, just barely touching their shoulders. Steve saw Peter turn his head and Steve was sure he noticed the cock-bulge. He gave Jack a nudge and nodded his head down. Both boys looked up as the young man said, “Good evening, gentlemen, I’m Kevin Jones, the assistant manager. We’re pretty full tonight so I’ll be happy to take your orders. As the young man took the orders from the boys beginning at the end of the table, Steve, despite his preoccupation with stroking his neighbors’ hard cocks, kept an attentive eye on the three across from him. He noticed that as Kevin got closer to asking for the two wrestlers orders, both jocks’ hands disappeared into their laps and there was some movement evident. As Kevin looked down at Peter to ask for his order, Steve noticed a slight pause and a look of surprise. In the moment of hesitation, Steve also noticed Kevin’s eyes, still directed downward, dart over to Jack. He quickly regained his composure and asked for and took down Peter’s order before turning with a slightly crooked smile on his lips to take Jack’s. He quickly moved on the the boys at the other end of the table and then to Steve’s side. While taking the other orders, he continued standing between the two friends, and Steve continued to watch closely. He was sure he saw both Jack and Peter surreptiously running their hands up Kevin’s legs and into his crotch. Steve was pretty sure he saw Peter’s fingers mementarily stroke the young man’s cock, which had moved further down his thigh. Having taken everyone’s orders, he took one more quick look down to his right and to his left and went away. Shortly, their appetizers were brought out and served to them by two waiters in white jackets. Kevin came to the table with them and said, “Unfortunately, I’m going off duty now. However, the rush is over and Walter and Henry, two of our best waiters, will be able to take care of your needs now.” Neither Jack nor Peter had taken their napkins off the table. Kevin bent down and picked them up, placing them in each of the boy’s lap. Steve who was paying close attention heard him whisper as he did so, “I’ll be back on duty at 5:30 tomorrow morning. If there is anything you need after that, please do not hesitate to call the front desk. I’ll be happy to serve you.” The boys enjoyed their meals. There was an undercurrent of excitement at the table over their wins and a recklessness among the seniors as they thought of what they were going to do with Steve during the evening. However, they were reasonably well behaved even though the coach and Captain Andrews were not eating with them. Only Steve knew they were dining with the cute trainee manager and planning on spending the night using him. As the boys left the table, Mark said to Steve, “See you in my room in thirty minutes. Hope you’re ready to be used.” “Can’t wait,” Steve replied as he noticed Jack and Peter head toward the hall that led to the restrooms. He thought about following them until he saw Walter and Henry, the college boy waiters who had served them after Kevin left, headed in the same direction.


Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 16:47:55 +0000 (UTC) From: Robert Subject: (Gay/Incest) Boisynheat-5 Author: Robertx5sf (robertx5sf at Title: Boisynheat Part: 5 DONATE — Please donate to Nifty. This site is great and needs your support to continue being a resource for all of us. Donate at Obligatory Disclaimer and notes about the story — This story is fictional. None of these people are real and none of this happened. This story will contain sex between family members and sex between adults and minors (as well as minors with minors). (C) 2020 by robertx5sf, license granted to Nifty per its terms. Author’s Note: For those that have asked, links to all my nifty stories are at the beginning of Part 3 of this story. I really enjoy getting feedback and conversating with other nifty fans. Thank you to everyone that let me know they are enjoying the story. Please send any comments or feedback to me at robertx5sf at yahoo dot com Boisynheat — 5 – “I Feel Loved” Jason returned to the clubhouse and made Cody come with him. Cody wanted to go ride the water slides some more, but Jason insisted on putting a fresh layer of sunscreen on the boy before letting him go back out into the Las Vegas summer afternoon sun. Cody said he wanted to be tan like the other boys, but Jason knew from his wife’s experience that the boy’s fair skin would burn, turn red, then peel, without ever giving the boy a nice tan. David came over and offered to help. As the two men were rubbing the sunscreen into the boy’s pale skin, Cody let out a cummy fart, depositing a decent amount of Terry and Jason’s cum into the back of his speedo. Cody’s face turned beat red as both David and Jason laughed. David reached his hand into the back of Cody’s speedo and fingered the boy’s wet sloppy hole. “Someone’s been having fun today,” he said as he grinned at Jason. Cody let out a little moan as David fingered his still horny boypussy. Jason smiled, “Yeah, its been a good day so far.” David started rubbing the cum that was leaking from Cody’s ass into the boy’s butt checks under his speedo, “Some special lotion for your butt.” “Thanks Sir,” said Cody as he pushed his butt backward. He remembered how Terry had called his Dad `Sir’ and so imitated his new friend. “You are welcome Cody,” said David. After Jason was finished with the sunscreen, David pulled his hand out of the back of Cody’s little green speedo briefs and gave the boy a light slap on his ass, “Why don’t you go back out and enjoy the water slides.” Cody gave his Dad and David hugs, then ran out the door to go find one or more of his new friends to ride on the water slides with. “So how are you two settling in, from the sounds and feel of it, it seems like you two are enjoying yourselves,” said David to Jason as Jason was putting some more sunscreen on himself. “Really well, I can’t say thank you enough for providing us this opportunity to really get to know and love each other in a deeper way. I think I feel loved.for the first time for who I really am and it’s just amazing to see how much Cody enjoys it all,” answered Jason. “Good, I’m glad to hear it. You two are going to be worn out by tonight, so I’d suggest spending a relatively quiet evening at home. You two will have plenty of time for making the rounds of the community later. You still have two more weeks before you start working, and as you can imagine, just cause you will be working doesn’t mean you still won’t have plenty of time for extracurricular activities. Speaking of which, I would like for you and Cody to join my family and some special guests I’m entertaining tomorrow at my house around two. There are still a few more company benefits I need to go over with you that you might appreciate a little more now,” said David with a big smile. “There’s more?” asked Jason incredulously. He shook his head in disbelief, but he was smiling, “Okay, we’ll be there. Anything we should bring? Swimsuits? Food? Drinks?” “No. No need to bring anything. We won’t be using the pool, we got enough of that in today. Dress is casual, shorts and t-shirts. I expect Cody will want his ass fucked, so I’d suggest cleaning his ass just before you guys arrive. It will likely be a long afternoon. Now let’s go back out to the pool and watch the boys, shall we. I do enjoy watching the boys,” said David. Jason agreed and followed him outside to a shaded area of the pool that also had a mist sprinkler running. Jason took the opportunity to ask David a couple questions that he had after some of the things he had noticed so far today. “I notice there aren’t many older teens, has the community just not been around long enough or, um,” said Jason before David interrupted him. “We sell them as slaves to rich oil sheiks when they turn sixteen,” said David, his tone serious. Jason turned and gave him a shocked look. David maintained a straight face for a couple seconds before breaking out into a smile and chuckling. “I’m just teasing you, most of the older teens go off to boarding school for their junior and senior years of high school. It gives them some experience in a more traditional classroom setting to help them prepare for college, and also gives them a broader set of life experiences than they would get if they remained here,” explained David. “Oh, I guess that makes sense. Will I be expected to send Cody away at sixteen?” Jason asked. “That is and will be entirely up to you and Cody. He is your son, you are his father, you still get to make the decisions you think are best for him, like a father should. I expect he will be like most of the boys, and be looking forward to it. The older boys still come back for holidays and breaks, so they tell their friends and brothers how much fun it is and how much they enjoy it. Also I’ll be honest, I think a lot of the older boys start getting a little jealous of how much attention they see the younger boys getting here, so it is good for them to take a break and have fun with other boys their own age at boarding school, some even start experimenting more with girls. Our drugs can delay things, but they do eventually grow up and move on,” said David. Jason sensed a little bit of sadness in David as he talked about the issue. “Hmm, I hadn’t thought about that, but I’ll keep that in mind as Cody gets older. One other question I had is I see most of the younger boys wearing blue wristbands. Is that related to the access levels?” asked Jason. “Yes, those are the boys that are too young for adults to fool around with. They can still play with some of the other boys if their families allow it. For example you or I couldn’t play with a seven-year-old, but Cody’s nine and no one is too worried if he messes around with a kid a year or two younger than him,” said David. Jason laughed, “From what I’ve learned of Cody these last few days, I don’t think he has any interest in playing around with a younger boy, older boys and men, yes.” The two men shared a laugh together over how much of a slut for cock Cody was becoming. “So have you or Cody played with anyone else yet? From the amount of cum in his ass, I’m assuming he’s been fucked by more than just you,” asked David. “Yeah, we played with Terry in one of the waterfall caves. Terry and I both shot our loads into Cody’s ass, that’s where all the cum came from,” said Jason. “So you and Terry fucked Cody. How did you feel watching someone else fuck your boy?” asked David. “Hornier than I think I’ve ever been,” answered Jason. He continued, “There was something just so fucking hot watching my little boy with his lips wrapped around someone else’s cock, and then watching Terry’s thick teen cock pounding his ass, it was hard not to just stroke it and come all over the both of them.” “That’s good to hear. Cody is likely to be a very popular boy, and a lot of men and teens are going to want to have sex with him,” said David. “Including you,” stated Jason. “Yes, including me.” acknowledged David, “Although I’ll let you be the judge of when you think he is ready for my cock. I don’t want to hurt him or do anything you don’t think he is ready for yet.” “Thank you, I appreciate that,” responded Jason, glad to hear that his boss wasn’t going to take advantage of his position of authority to take Cody before Jason felt the boy was ready. “What about you? Did you fuck Terry while you guys were in the cave? I don’t expect you’ve had much opportunity to play with any other boys yet,” asked David. “No, Terry just played with Cody,” answered Jason. “I hope you don’t mind the suggestion, but I would find a boy or teen and fuck him in front of Cody tonight, I think you need to know how Cody will react to you playing with other boys before you come over tomorrow. We need to know if he is going to get jealous and react badly. If he does, you’ll need to just focus on him while you work on reassuring him until he gets over any jealous tendencies he has. Hopefully it won’t be a problem. Just better to find out sooner in the relative privacy of your own home than in a group setting. If you need any recommendations, I can help you find a boy to sleep over tonight,” said David. “Hmm, Terry has been pretty forward about wanting to play with me, I think I will ask him,” said Jason as he started to scan the pool looking for the nerdy teen. “Terry’s a good kid. He and Riley are boyfriends. If he does stay over at your place tonight, go ahead and invite him along tomorrow. Eventually Jason spotted Terry and Riley as they came flying out of the largest water slide. The boys had gone down tandem with Terry sitting behind Riley with his arms wrapped around the younger boy. Jason waved them over. After a bit of chit chat on if the boys were having fun, which they were, Jason got to the point, “Terry, do you have any plans for tonight?” Terry broke out into a big smile, “Not yet Sir.” Jason could tell the kid was eagerly waiting for him to invite him over, so he decided to tease the boy a bit, “Oh, I wish I had known you weren’t busy before I made other plans.” Terry got a confused look on his face, and it quickly started turning into a sad one. Jason regretted teasing the boy so pulled him over for a hug. “I was just teasing you, sorry about that. I would like you to come over and spend the night with Cody and me, if that’s okay with you.” Terry immediately started hugging him back, “Yes, I’d like that Sir. Do you want me to fuck Cody again? That was hot.” “If that happens it’s okay, but I was hoping that tonight I could fuck you, if that would be okay with you,” said Jason as he ran his hand down Terry’s back and slipped his finger down between the boy’s butt checks, only the nylon of the strap of the boy’s yellow thong separated his finger from the boy’s asshole. Terry pushed his butt back against Jason’s finger, “You can do anything you want to me Sir and it would be more than okay, I’d love it.” Jason’s cock started to harden at the thought of having his way with Terry. Since the pills from the company kept Terry hairless, he was like a bigger version of a younger boy, with the main difference being the large cock that seemed to dominate his small boyish body and which was now creating an obscene bulge in his thong as the boy got hard. “So should I come over after you and Cody eat dinner? You can message me to let me know when you’re ready for me,” asked Terry as he pulled away from Jason slightly. There was something different about Terry’s tone and body language when he asked that question, almost a bit of sadness to it. Jason suspected Terry often only visited other households after family time was over and it was time for sex. “How about you grab whatever you want to bring with you when we are done here, and you can join us for dinner?,” suggested Jason. “That’d be awesome, thank you Sir!” said Terry as he leaned back into Jason and hugged him tightly. Jason kissed Terry on the top of his wet brown hair and sent him off to resume having fun with Riley. After letting the boys have some more fun on the water slides, Jason eventually collected Cody and let Terry know they were going to be leaving, so the boy was welcome to come over as soon as he was ready. Terry gave Riley a quick kiss goodbye then rushed to collect his bag from the clubhouse and head to his Russ’s house to pack an overnight bag. Jason smiled at the teen’s excitement, collected his and Cody’s bags, said his goodbyes, and walked back home, holding Cody’s hand. When they got home, Jason started preparing dinner, while Cody turned on the TV and watched some cartoons. Terry arrived a short time later, still wearing just the skimpy thong, and carrying a backpack. Jason told the teen he could hang out with Cody while he finished cooking, but Terry insisted on helping Jason with dinner and setting the table. Before and during dinner, Jason chatted with Terry and gently coaxed information out of the boy about how he liked living in Paradise Creek. Terry seemed to be happy. He lived with Russ, who was one of the first orphan boys that came to live in the community. Russ loved computers and wasn’t all that social. He didn’t play around much, spending most of his evenings programming, but Terry was learning a lot about computers and technology which he enjoyed. Terry said that Russ identified as an asexual. After dinner, Terry offered to go shower with Cody and get them both ready for the evening’s fun. Jason agreed and said he would join them up in the shower after he finished the dinner dishes. Terry told Cody to go ahead and he would be up in a second, as soon as Cody was out of the room, Terry asked Jason to see his tablet. Jason gave Terry a curious look, but grabbed his tablet and entered the passcode, then handed it to the teen. Terry was quickly able to open the proper controls and soon had a live stream of the four cameras that were in the master bathroom’s shower pulled up on the screen. He set the tablet down on the counter for Jason, smiled, said “Enjoy the show,” then ran out of the kitchen to grab his backpack and join Cody upstairs. Jason cleared the table and set the dishes by the sink, then placed the tablet where he would have a good view of the screen. He saw Terry set his backpack down on the counter then inspect the shower. The teen looked into one of the cameras and said, “I thought you might not have a hose attachment set up yet, so I brought mine.” Terry then spent a few minutes changing out the shower hardware to add a diverter that had a hose attached to it. By the time he was done with that, Jason had finished the dishes. He then fixed himself a cocktail. Jason took his vodka tonic into the living room and sat down on the couch. He watched as two naked boys finally got into the shower. With a few commands, Jason switched the broadcast of the shower from the tablet to the big screen TV in the living room, eager to see what Terry had planned. “Do you have to pee?” asked Terry to Cody as they stood in the shower, “Cause I do.” Cody shrugged his shoulders, not really understanding what Terry was getting at. The younger boy watched as Terry grabbed his dick and pointed at Cody’s chest. Terry let out a slow and steady stream of piss splashing it on Cody’s chest, stomach, and legs. “Ewww, you’re peeing on me!” exclaimed Cody. Although the boy protested he didn’t bother to get out of the way. “Yeah, it’s fun,” said Terry. “But pee’s gross,” said Cody, although he was just expressing what he felt was the opinion everyone expected of him. “Did you pee when you were in the pool at the water park today?” asked Terry. Cody blushed and giggled, “Yeah.” “Well so did I, and so did most of the kids that were there today. So we were swimming in it earlier and that didn’t hurt you. This is the same, except it’s more fun. Try it,”‘ explained Terry as he continued to direct his pee all over Cody’s upper and lower body. Cody giggled again and pointed his small flaccid cock, which was about an inch and half soft, at the older boy. After a second to overcome his pee shyness, Cody was able to relax and launch a stream of boy piss at Terry. The initial stream splashed across Terry’s groin. The boys laughed and directed their streams to cross. Terry’s stream started to die out, so he dropped to his knees and grabbed Cody’s still pissing cocklet. He pointed the little boy’s dick towards his face and opened his mouth. Jason’s eyes got large as he watched this horny teen drinking his nine-year-old son’s piss. Jason had not really thought much about watersports, but there was no denying he was getting turned on seeing the two boys pissing on each other. He reached down and groped himself as he thought about having Terry and Cody on their knees in front of him covered with his piss. When Cody’s small bladder was empty, Terry got up off his knees and turned on the water. The boys both rinsed off under the water then Terry used a washcloth and body wash to clean Cody’s entire body and then his own. Jason noticed that Cody was stiff the entire time, and Terry’s larger cock was plumb but not fully erect. After washing and conditioning their hair, they rinsed off and turned off the water. Terry reached out to his backpack and pulled out a black rubber item that looked like a cross between a dildo and a hose. It was about six inches long and had a small bump an inch and a half up from the base. It also had two tubes leading into the base. One tube was connected to a small bulb air pump, while the other tube lead to a fitting that Terry attached to the hose he had previously attached to the shower. With the water shut off, Jason could hear what the boys were saying. “What’s that?” asked Cody. “It’s a toy that helps clean out your butt, and also helps stretch it out so you can take big Daddy cocks more easily,” explained Terry. He gave the bulb a couple pumps, which caused the shaft and knot in the toy to inflate. He then turned the valve of the bulb to deflate it back to its smallest size. He grabbed a bottle of silicone lube from his backpack and lubed up the toy. “Okay, bend over,” instructed Terry as he helped position Cody so that one of the cameras had a good view of Cody’s slightly puffy nine-year-old asshole. With the lube, the toy easily slid into Cody’s ass, which was still loosened up from the earlier fucking in the cave. Terry gave the bulb a few pumps, which inflated the toy a bit. He turned the water on and used the diverter to send some water through the toy and into Cody’s butt. With the close up, Jason could see there was also a valve on the toy that could control how much water flowed through the toy. “Tell me when you feel full,” said Terry as he used one hand to gently rub Cody’s belly while he had his other hand on the water valve. Jason noticed that Terry was starting to get hard. Jason reached down and gave his own cock a rub through the nylon material of his speedo trunks, which he was still wearing. “I don’t think I can take anymore water,” whined Cody as the pressure in his butt started to build. “Okay, just a little more, one more sec, you can do it, just a little longer, okay,” said Terry as he finally closed the water valve. “Good boy, here suck on my cock. It will distract you from the feeling in your ass,” said Terry as he positioned his seven-inch teen cock in front of Cody’s face. As soon as Cody wrapped his lips around the head of his cock, Terry gave the air bulb a few more bumps to inflate the toy and make sure it formed a nice plug to keep the water in the boy’s bowels. Terry gave Cody pointers on how to suck cock and how to fit more of a thick cock into his mouth. He could tell that Cody was still inexperienced, but the boy was an eager learner. After a while, Terry deflated the toy and pulled it out so Cody could empty his bowels. They repeated the process a couple more times, with Terry letting in more water and inflating the toy a bit more each time until Cody was thoroughly clean inside and out. “Okay now its your turn to help clean me out,” said Terry. He helped show Cody how to use the valves and guided the boy through the process. Instead of sucking Cody’s dick the two boys talked more while Terry was holding in the water. “Did your Daddy teach you how to do this?” asked Cody. “No, I don’t have a Daddy,” answered Terry. “What happened to him?” asked Cody. “I don’t know, I never knew him and I don’t think he ever knew me,” said Terry. “That’s sad,” said Cody. “Meh, I guess, but I’d rather have no daddy than a bad one. Some boys have bad fathers that beat them or hurt them in not fun ways. At least I didn’t have that. You’re lucky Cody, you have a good dad that loves you a lot,” said Terry. “You can share my daddy with me if you want, and he can be your dad too,” said Cody. On the couch in the living room, Jason almost choked on his vodka tonic when he heard his son’s offer. His first thought was that he guessed he did not have to get too worried about Cody getting jealous if he played with another boy if the kid was already offering to share him with this orphan boy. “Maybe, that would be nice, but I think your dad might have a say in that,” said Terry. Then he dropped the subject by returning to the task at hand of making sure his ass was cleaned out properly. When Jason saw that Terry was clean and was wrapping up, he headed up stairs, stripping off his speedo on the way, and joined the boys in the shower. The boys helped rinse the sunscreen, chlorine, and sweat of the day off him. After they were done, they all got out and dried off. Terry reached into his backpack and pulled out a box of Boy Booty Bumps. “May I?” he asked, looking at Jason, who smiled and nodded. Terry took one out and opened it up. He then had Cody lean over. He slid the suppository between the boy’s puffy ass lips. He then took two more and slid them up his own ass. “Two?” asked Jason. “Yeah, I’m hoping for twice as much fun,” said Terry as he gave Jason a sly smile. “What else do you have that bag?” asked Jason. “You’ll see,” said Terry with a wink, “now come on let’s go have some fun.” Jason liked the teen’s eagerness and willingness to initiate. It helped Jason overcome some of the reluctance he still had to be the one driving the action, as he still had not let go of the nagging guilt that what he was doing with Cody was wrong. Terry had Jason lie down on the bed on his back. He and Cody then climbed on the bed on either side of him and Terry gave Cody lessons in how to be a better cocksucker, using Jason’s cock for demonstration purposes. They started with the fundamentals course in the basics of licking, sucking, and stroking the cock with hands while using the mouth on the head. Jason got to lie back and enjoy the lessons as the two boys took turns playing with and sucking his hard cock. Having already had two orgasms earlier in the day, Jason knew he could last a while and was not in any danger of coming too soon. Cody was glad to have the older teen instructing him. He wanted to be the best cocksucker he could be for his dad. He knew his dad loved him, and he didn’t mind sharing his dad with other boys, but he was still a little self-conscious that the other boys might be better at sex than him, and that his dad would prefer them over him. Having an older boy that was more experienced, who he liked and was comfortable with, teaching him how to better please his daddy was exactly what Cody needed. “Okay, now that you got that down, it’s time to learn how to deep throat,” said Terry. “Umm, I think he might be too small for that,” objected Jason. “No, I’m not too small. I can do it!” exclaimed Cody, eager to prove he could do what he thought all the other boys here could already do. “Don’t worry Sir, I’ll make sure he doesn’t take more than he can handle,” said Terry, trying to reassure Jason. Terry was lightly stroking Jason’s cock as he started the deep throating lesson, “Okay, watch what I do and then you will have a turn to try it. The most important thing at first is the angle. If a man’s cock is hard, it doesn’t bend easily, so you need to make your mouth and throat into as straight a line as possible. Some men have more flexible dicks, which can bend down your throat easier, so the angle won’t be as important. But as you can see, your Daddy’s cock is really hard and stiff, likely cause although he is worried about hurting you, the thought of his cock buried deep down your tight nine-year-old throat really excites him.” Jason just moaned in response to the teen’s teasing him. He knew that the last part was directed more at him than at Cody. Terry shifted position so that his legs and ass were up by Jason’s head and his head was resting on Jason’s stomach, just above his cock. “So you want to make sure the man’s dick is nice and wet with spit and pre-cum,” said Terry as he squeezed Jason’s cock a few times causing a large amount of pre-cum to leak out the slit. He then made sure he had a lot of saliva in his mouth and took the head of Jason’s seven and half inch cock into his mouth. He bobbed up and down on it a couple times then relaxed his throat and slid his mouth down the shaft of Jason’s cock. “Oh fuck,” Jason moaned as he felt the head of his cock slide into the teen’s throat. He resisted the urge to reach down and grab Terry’s head so he could fuck his throat. Terry did not stop until he had swallowed all of Jason’s cock. Jason noticed that the teen did not seem to have any gag reflex as his cock made its way down his throat. Once his lips were wrapped around the base of Jason’s cock, he just held the man’s cock in his throat, letting his throat get used to the man’s girth. After about ten seconds, Terry pulled back and released Jason’s cock. It was covered in spit, with a string of spit still connecting the head to his lips. Terry coughed up some phlegm and spit it onto Jason’s cock then used his hand to spread it around. “So at first you will gag when it hits that little thing in the back of your throat, but you’ll get used to it eventually, just try to swallow to help get through it. Also make sure you take a deep breath through your nose before it goes down your throat. It’s probably going to be pretty tight the first few times, so you’ll need to really push down on it to get it in there,” said Terry before he demonstrated deep throating again. Cody’s eyes were wide as he saw the large cock disappearing into the teen’s face and down his throat. Terry bobbed up and down a few times before he pulled off and told Cody it was his turn to try it. Terry again spread his spit and Jason’s pre-cum around his cock while Cody shifted around on the bed. Jason reached out and used his hands to fondle the two bare boy butts that were on either side of his shoulders. As the boys were fondling his cock, he slipped a finger into each of their asses causing them to moan. “Okay, your turn,” said Terry as he held Jason’s cock around its base and presented it to Cody. Cody scooted into position and grabbed the shaft of his father’s cock, putting his hand just above Terry’s. He wrapped his lips around the head of his father’s cock then opened his mouth and started to slide it inside. The head scraped a bit against his molars and then it lodged into the back of his mouth, causing him to gag. He immediately pulled off his father’s cock, coughing. “It’s okay, just try again, but sort of try to open your throat, like you do when you swallow, when you feel it back there,” instructed Terry. As Cody again attempted to swallow his father’s cock, Terry held his head and pushed the boy further down on the thick cock as he started to gag. “Open your throat, you can do it,” he said, encouraging the small boy to take more of his dad’s cock into his throat. Cody started to choke and after a few seconds, Terry released his head and let him come up for air. “Okay, again,” ordered Terry after Cody had recovered. Jason was torn between wanting Terry to stop forcing Cody to take more and more of his cock, and being extremely turned on every time his little boy choked on it. The sight and feel of his son trying to force his cock down his throat, egged on by a teenager was so erotic to Jason. The thought crossed his mind that because he was attracted to Terry, he was letting him get away with being more brutal with Cody than he would if Terry were an adult. After about ten minutes of these lessons, Terry finally called an end to the practice session. “You did good little guy, you just need to keep practicing. You can also use a dildo to practice on, I’d start with a small one to help you get rid of your gag reflex. You’ll be deep throating like a pro in no time,” he said. Cody looked back at his dad, “Did I do okay?” To Cody the only thing that mattered was if he had pleased his dad. “Yes, baby you did great. Thank you,” answered Jason. He pulled his finger out of the boy’s ass and gave it a playful slap. “As a reward I’m going fuck this hot little ass of yours.” “Yes please!” Cody said in between giggles. Terry rolled off the bed and grabbed the bottle of lube from the nightstand. He quickly lubed up Jason’s cock while Cody shifted positions and climbed up on his father’s stomach. Terry held Jason’s cock in place as Cody sat down on it, facing his father. It slid in without causing Cody any pain this time, just pure joy as it pressed into his chemed up boypussy. “Oooohhhhh yeaaaahhhh, fuck me Daddy,” moaned Cody as he started to ride his father’s cock. As Cody bounced up and down on Jason’s cock, Terry took a large eight inch dildo out of his backpack. He laid down next to Jason, lubed up the dildo, pulled his legs to his chest, and worked the dildo into his own booty bumped hole. Cody fucked himself on his father’s cock while Terry fucked himself with the dildo. Jason reached down and grabbed Cody by his waist and started to guide the boy’s motion, pulling him up and down on his cock. Cody was in heaven and started to have another boygasm. It felt like he had one long continuous series of orgasms as his father relentlessly fucked him. When he started to tire, Jason rolled them over, so Cody was on his back with his skinny legs pinned against his father’s chest. Terry was enjoying watching Jason ravage Cody’s ass. He timed his fucking himself with the dildo to the timing of Jason fucking Cody. He was not able to last as long as Jason and shot a large load of watery teen cum all over his stomach, chest, and face as he climaxed without ever touching his own cock. Jason lasted about five minutes longer before he finally reached his own orgasm, pumping his load deep in his son’s well used boypussy. He collapsed on top of his son, momentarily spent. By the time Jason rolled off of Cody, the small boy was yawning and his eyes were drooping. He was still a young boy that before all the sex started was used to going to bed early each evening. The long day of sex and water slides was finally catching up to him. Jason recognized that his son was sleepy and needed to get to bed. So he grabbed the larger of Cody’s butt plugs and slipped it into his gaping boy hole to keep his load inside, and also help keep the boy stretched out for what was likely to be a lot of fucking tomorrow afternoon. Cody stretched out on the edge of the bed looking over at his Dad and Terry. “Daddy, you need to fuck Terry now. I told him we can share you and that you’d be his daddy too, since he doesn’t have one,” said Cody. Jason tousled his son’s hair, “Sure thing sport, but I’ve come three times today. I don’t know how much more I have in me.” Terry crawled over on top of Jason and pinned the man down on his back, “You’ve been taking Daddy’s Daily Helper, haven’t you?” “Yeah,” answered Jason. “Then you got plenty left in you old man,” snickered Terry with an evil gleam in his eye. He slid down the man’s body and took his semi-hard cock into his mouth. Demonstrating what he had said earlier about semi-hard cocks being more flexible, Terry sucked down Jason’s entire cock, which was still wet from fucking Cody’s ass. Terry demonstrated the skills he had developed in six years of regularly sucking men’s cocks. He soon had Jason’s cock back to full hardness. “Can you fuck me in the missionary position?” asked Terry once he had pulled off of Jason’s hard cock. “Sure,” answered Jason. The pair shifted positions on the bed. Terry pulled his legs up and to the side so Jason could enter him. Once the man had slid his cock into Terry’s ass, the teen wrapped his legs around the man’s waist. Jason was surprised at how tight Terry’s ass was still. He had expected the teen’s ass to be looser, considering how often it was likely to have been fucked over the years. As he slowly fucked the teen, he could feel the boy’s ass muscles squeezing his cock. The boy knew how to flex and contract his ass to milk a man’s cock. Terry smiled up at Jason and wrapped his arms around the man’s neck. Jason leaned down and kissed the boy as he fucked him. The boy’s added height compared to Cody made it easier to kiss the lad as he fucked him. He could feel the teen’s hard cock pressed between their stomachs. Jason broke off the kiss after a moment and looked over towards his son. Cody was facing them, on his side, slowly sucking his thumb and watching them through half-closed sleepy eyes. When Jason turned back to Terry, he noticed the boy seemed to be in a state of bliss, staring up at him. He leaned down again and kissed the boy, their tongues dueling. The boy moaned into his mouth and Jason felt a warm wetness spread between them as the boy came. Jason continued the slow, steady, intimate fuck. Terry whimpered under him each time Jason’s cock pressed into him and stroked his prostate. They fucked for an hour, changing positions several times, until Jason finally came again. Cody had long since fallen asleep. “Wow, thank you, that was incredible, you are a hot fuck,” said Jason as he lied down next to the teen. He was spent. Terry turned towards the man and kissed him on the cheek, “Thank you.” His hard cock pressed against Jason’s hip. “How can you still be hard?” laughed Jason. “I’m fifteen, Sir,” said Terry, laughing as well. “I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to get it up for a long while, and I don’t think I could take that big cock up my ass,” said Jason. “That’s okay, I don’t want to fuck you and if you’re done for the night, I guess I can just play with my own ass, unless of course you might want to play with it with something other than your cock,” said Terry, with a slight blush and starting to get a little shy. “Something other than my cock?” asked Jason, wondering exactly what the boy was hinting at. Terry reached over and took Jason’s hand in his own. He brought the man’s hand up to his face and kissed it. “You ever fist someone, Sir?” asked Terry. “No. Have you been fisted before?” responded Jason. Terry laughed, “Maybe. Do you want to learn how to fist a boy Sir?” Jason felt a slight stir in his cock as he thought about sticking his hand inside the fifteen-year-old boy, who still looked almost prepubescent, except for the large cock that was throbbing against his hip. “Yes,” he said, the lust evident in his voice. Terry rolled over and pulled a large water bottle filled with J-Lube out of his backpack, along with a little brown bottle of poppers. He had come prepared, just in case Jason might want to try it. He knew that most of the newcomers had not yet been with boys experienced enough to take an adult fist, but Terry had been taking fists for several years. He enjoyed the way it felt to have his chemed up ass stretched and his rosebud pounded by a man’s hand. He still loved a good fucking, but to have his hole punched until he came was his favorite way to end a session. Terry lied down on his back with his butt at the edge of the bed then pulled his legs up and was able to get his arms between his legs and hook his knees behind his shoulders. With the boy’s small size, large cock and youthful flexibility, Jason had no doubt the boy could get the head of his own dick in his mouth. Jason picked up the bottle of lube and squeezed some out on this left hand. This lube had a different consistency than he was used to, it clung to itself and created long strands between his hand and the bottle. As Jason was lubing up his hand, Terry started preparing his ass by taking a couple of long huffs off the bottle of poppers. He felt his asshole relaxing even more as the poppers sent him flying. Terry guided Jason, having the man start with just a few fingers and slowly start stretching his asshole out. It didn’t take long before Jason had formed his hand into a cone with his thumb in the middle of his four fingers. “Yeah, shove your hand in, I’m ready,” said Terry. The teen took another long hit from the bottle up each nostril. “Fuck this is so hot, take my hand boy,” said Jason as he pushed his hand in, watching the teen ass lips slowly expand around his hand. Terry let out a low guttural moan as the widest part of Jason’s hand pushed past his outer ring. Jason pulled his hand out and applied more lube then pushed it in again, getting it all the way inside as Terry’s ass lips closed around his wrist. Jason rotated his hand around inside the teen’s bubble butt. He enjoyed the soft warm feel of the boy’s ass as well as the look of pure lust and horniness on Terry’s face. At Terry’s urging, Jason applied more lube and started slowly pushing and pulling his hand fully in and out of the boy’s ass. Terry kept his hole relaxed, causing it to gape whenever Jason removed his hand. Eventually Jason was able to get his arm up into the boy’s guts so that he was halfway to his elbow. Terry seemed to be constantly inhaling the poppers as Jason turned the boy’s ass into a glove. After the boy’s hole was nice and loose, he had Jason start punching in and out of it with his closed fist. Terry was in another place, a place he flew too on the poppers, where there was nothing but the sensations coming from his chemed up ass as the man’s fist dominated his boycunt. He could not take much more, so he reached down and jacked his own cock until he reached his earth shattering orgasm and spewed his load all over his own face. Watching Terry’s intense orgasm while the boy’s ass spasmed around his hand had Jason hard again. He pulled his hand out of the boy and immediately shoved his cock into the sloppy open boypussy. Terry moaned as Jason entered him and fucked him harder than he had earlier. Jason was overcome with his own lust and pounded the teen’s ass as hard as he could until he came deep in the teen’s ass. On the bed next to them, Cody quietly played with his own hard little cock watching. He had woken up a few minutes before Terry’s orgasm and watched with wide eyes the end of the evening’s festivities. It had never occurred to the little boy that a fist could fit up someone’s ass, but the sight and thought of it made his own little ass start to itch.


Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 12:41:51 -0500 From: L Stone Subject: Leo Gives 14 Thank you for reading my stories. Questions and comments are always welcome at This is a fictional story, any similarities are purely coincidence. The story does involve intimate relations between men over the age of 18. Nifty has been able to provide this service for us to read and share our stories. Please consider donating below. Thanks! Levi Leo Gives Chapter 14 Leo awoke to flickers of the first light in the morning coming in through the window and the feeling of a tight, wet mouth on his morning wood. Leo let out a low moan as his hand reached down to feel the young athlete’s hair, looking down he saw the blond Ian working magic on Leo’s cock. Spreading his legs to let Ian get better access, he noticed that Russ was moving over to swallow his roommate Ian’s throbbing cock. Ian shared a similar moan when Russ’ lips touched down to Ian’s trimmed pubes. Leo laid his head back and just caressed Ian’s head and face while he was being serviced. Leo opened his eyes as he heard more moaning, looking down it appeared that the other trio in the large California king bed were now awake as well. Dan had moved between Russ’ legs and was bobbing his head up and down on the redhead’s cock. Thomas had his lips wrapped around Dan’s cock while Dan’s brother Mike was slurping on Thomas’ prong. � Shifting a little, Leo reached over and pulled Mike’s lower body closer to him. Mike felt the hand and shuffled over closer to Leo. Mike moaned around Thomas’ cock, when Leo licked the brown haired skier’s cock before sliding his lips down the hard shaft, sucking as he went. The sounds of slurping, moaning, and groaning were coming from the group’s impromptu circle suck. Hips were flexing, hands were teasing, balls were being stretched and played with. The sucking was not a feverish pace, but a slow, sensual rhythm. Ian’s body started to stiffen when Russ’ cock work pushed Ian over the edge. As Ian started to unload down his roommate’s throat, it started a chain reaction. Soon Leo was tasting Mike’s morning load pump down his throat. Leo gripped the skier’s tight body close and sucked the hard cock deeper. Leo began to feel his climax building, as Ian was the first to shoot he was recovering and had slipped a finger under Leo’s balls and was tracing the former model’s hole. Leo started to unload his load into Ian’s waiting mouth, Ian thrust a finger into Leo’s pucker and was tickling Leo’s gland. When Leo came back down he felt more than heard the circle had broken up. Leo opened his arms as Ian and Russ came back into his embrace, hugging them close. He gave each skier a deep kiss, sharing his tongue with each, tasting residual cum from each in turn. With a deep sigh, “I know of four guys who need to get ready to hit the slopes. I would imagine that you should hit the shower before breakfast.” Leo said as he surveyed all the guys in bed. “Yea, we should.” Ian replied, “Come on guys, let’s get started.” This was greeted with fake grumbling as the competitive skiers started to get up from the bed, leaving with kisses to both Leo and Thomas before going into the bathroom. Leo slapped both on the ass as they got up. “Why don’t we go down and start some breakfast?” Leo inquired as he looked over at Thomas, who had a smile on his face. Leo knew that the brothers can be a sensual workout, one which Thomas must have enjoyed a great deal. “That will be nice. Let me get my clothes and I can head down.” Thomas said. “Do not worry about your clothes. If I send you into that bathroom, those boys will have you with them in an instant. I will never get any help.” Leo laughed, then smiling, “We can go natural this morning.” Thomas grinned even more with that and got out of bed and nude as Leo was. Together they started downstairs. The pair paused at the door to the bathroom. Leo called in, “Breakfast in about 15 minutes guys!” As Leo and Thomas went down the stairs, they guys gave a cheer. College boys and food, a combination that never fails. Leo noticed that the door to the guest bedroom was still closed, a smile spread across his face. “There is some cut up fruit and bottles of juice and milk in the fridge. If you can grab those out, I will get started on some eggs.” Leo instructed. “Sure. I will make some coffee as well.” Thomas answered. “Great!” Leo said as he pulled out the eggs and put a large skillet on the stove. Out of a drawer he pulled an apron out for him and Thomas. He put his on and tossed the other to Thomas. “Hot Cooks! Watch out world.” Thomas joked as he turned to show his pert ass peeking out of the apron. Leo chuckled as he pulled out a bowl and began to mix up the eggs he was cracking and seasoning with salt and pepper. He added a touch of the milk that Thomas had pulled out as well, he liked his eggs a bit fluffy. When he put the egg mixture in the preheated skillet he saw that Thomas had made coffee and was bringing him a cup. “Thanks, that is what I needed.” Leo said. Looking at the guest room door that was still closed. “Why don’t you take a couple of cups in for Paul and Scott?” “Great idea, Leo.” Thomas said as he filled two cups and then headed to the guest room. Leo saw him knock and then slip into the room, closing the door behind him. � Leo smiled again as he returned his attention to the eggs cooking. Leo took a moment and pulled out some fresh bran muffins and set them out. He was starting to pull out the plates, silverware and cups when he felt a pair of arms reach around him and a kiss on his neck. “Ummm, smells good and looks better.” Russ said as he kissed Leo’s turned cheek. “Let me help.” � “Thanks, Russ!” Leo answered, “Would you get the rest of the plates and glasses down.” “Sure thing.” Russ replied, “I thought that Thomas came down to help.” “He did.” Leo said, casting his eyes at the closed guestroom door, “I sent him in to help with coffee to Coach and the Chef. I would imagine that he is being ‘helpful’ with other things too.” Russ started chuckling over that as he finished getting the needed dishware and silverware. He looked over and decided to make some more coffee as well. That earned him a kiss from Leo who was plating the eggs. They looked over the breakfast spread and were satisfied that it should take care of the skier’s needs this morning. � The other guys started coming downstairs. They were freshly showered and dressed. Russ started around and loaded his plate with food and filled his cup with some juice. The others started in as well. Leo was enjoying the coffee and watching the guys. “Nice apron Leo!” Dan said. “Even better is what is under it” Mike replied. “Just the way I like to have my breakfast! With a hot stud!!” Ian finished with a full kiss from Leo as he gave Leo a slap on the naked butt. “Yea, Yea!” Leo started, “You guys need to eat up so you are ready to hit the slopes today.” “Thanks Leo, the food is great.” Ian said, then asked. “Did the coach already head out?” “No, the Coach is waiting for you to move over so he can get some food as well.” answered Coach Scott. “Sorry Coach. I just did not see you out here.” replied Ian, who then leaned his head over to see Chef Paul and Thomas file out of the guest bedroom. He turned to see Coach turn a little pink. “No problem Ian.” Coach replied, “I have already had my coffee with a little sweet cream, I might add.” This caused both Thomas and Paul to blush a bit as well, but no more was said. Thomas came over to where Leo was standing in the kitchen and they watched the boys and Coach finish up the food. Paul came and put an arm over each Leo and Thomas. “Are you trying to make me change my dress code for serving breakfast now?” Paul chided as he lowered his arms down to pinch them on the naked butt cheeks poking out from behind the aprons. Laughing he continued, “I think we could charge extra for a brunch special.” “We’d pay extra for that” was the response from the table, followed by some good laughs. The guys finished eating and brought up their plates to the sink. Then they grabbed some of the snacks Leo had set out for them to take. “That was wonderful. Thank you for a great evening and breakfast, but I have to get these guys out to start training for the competition this weekend.” Coach said as he came and got hugs from the trio in the kitchen. With marching orders from the coach, the skiers got ready to head out. They all got a kiss and hug from Leo and Thomas. Paul headed back into the guest bedroom to get ready as he had to head over to the cafe to oversee the prep for the day. In short order the skiers had filed out and Paul hugged them a quick bye as he left as well. That just left Leo and Thomas filling the dishwasher and putting away a few items that were not eaten. Leo was just about to take his apron off when Thomas stopped him. “Let me.” Thomas said as he turned Leo around, running his hands down Leo’s nake back down to his ass. Thomas stopped a moment to undo the string before running his hands back up Leo’s body to grab and lift off the apron. The sensuality of his touch was making Leo’s body respond, his cock was starting to plump and rise. Thomas had stepped forward and closed in on the backside of Leo. Thomas rested his lips on the base of Leo’s neck with a kiss as his hands reached around and pulled Leo’s chest back towards him. Leo could feel that Thomas had removed his apron as well and that Thomas’ cock was waking up, as the hard member was pressing against his legs. Leo let out a moan when Thomas moved his hands up to rub Leo’s nipples and continued to kiss Leo’s neck and shoulders. Thomas ground his hips against Leo, rubbing his swiftly hardening cock against the former model. Leo felt a flush of desire as Thomas caressed his body. Leo turned around and held Thomas in a deep hug, lowering his head to kiss. When their lips met, their tongues started to dart and play. Both were letting hands move, rub and play with backs, necks and asses. Leo was grinding his hips into Thomas, as Thomas had gripped Leo’s ass and pulled them closer together. Both were moaning in each other’s mouths. Thomas broke the kiss and started to slide his body down Leo’s, kissing the smooth skin as he did. Thomas flicked both of Leo’s nipples briefly before licking around and in Leo’s navel. By the time Thomas was on his knees, Leo’s cock was pointing straight out and starting to leak pre-cum. Thomas kissed down Leo’s shaft, moving down to the head. Thomas’ tongue lapped around Leo’s corona collecting the sweet nectar, swallowing it before he placed his lips around the cock head and sucked. Leo dropped a hand down to rest on Thomas’ sandy blond hair, as Thomas slid Leo’s cock in and out of his mouth. A glottal moan came out of Leo’s lips as Thomas pushed his head deeper and Leo’s cock pushed into Thomas’ throat. Thomas began to knead and play with Leo’s balls as he pushed Leo’s cock in and out of his throat. Leo held Thomas’ head steady as he began to thrust in and out, brushing in and out of Thomas’ throat. Thomas moved his hands to pull Leo’s ass tight, forcing Leo’s thrusts deeper still. Leo began to feel a building climax. Thomas still had his hands on Leo’s ass cheeks, but had slid his hands in closer and was brushing into Leo’s crack. Leo moaned, but pulled Thomas up to his feet and pushed his tongue in Thomas’ mouth. They kissed while pressing their hard cocks together. “Come upstairs with me.” Leo said as they took a brief break in kissing. Thomas smiled and took Leo’s pre-offered hand. The naked pair walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs in the great room, up to the master suite. Leo pulled Thomas on the large California king that they had shared last night with the skiers. Leo flipped around and began licking towards Thomas’ hard cock. Thomas settled in and sealed his mouth again around Leo’s cock. Each was moaning around the cock in each mouth. Leo could feel that Thomas was getting close, but he wanted to extend the pleasure for the younger man. Leo pulled off Thomas’ throbbing member, using his grip on Thomas hips Leo pushed Thomas down a bit and opened the tight ass cheeks. Driving his head forward, Leo began to lick and kiss Thomas’ crack and pucker. Thomas slowed the speed of his oral skills on Leo’s cock while Leo was tongue fucking his pucker. Thomas moaned while he thrust his hips back into Leo’s tongue trying to get it deeper in him. Thomas started to get Leo’s cock sloppy wet when he felt Leo thrust two fingers in his pucker. Thomas’ body shivered when Leo’s fingers brushed his gland, his cock dripped pre-cum onto Leo’s chest. Thomas was focusing on getting Leo’s cock fully lubed, he knew he wanted to ride the former model hard. Leo had slipped a third finger in and was stretching Thomas’ as he could. Thomas pulled up onto his knees, he turned and straddled Leo on the bed. Scooting back, Thomas reached around and took Leo’s slicked cock and lined it up at his entrance. Thomas lifted up on his knees slightly and pushed back and down. The stretching from the rimming had prepared Thomas well enough that it was easy for Leo’s engorged cock head to slide into Thomas’ chute. With a hand on Leo’s chest, Thomas worked his body lower until his ass lips were touching Leo’s trimmed pubes. Leo laid back and moaned as he felt the hot, tight insides pulse around his cock like a glove. Thomas had lifted his chest up and was using the additional weight as he ground his hips, burying Leo’s cock deeper still. Thomas ground down and around until he felt himself loosen up some more. Thomas then started to lift up and push back down slowly, riding Leo’s hard cock. Thomas worked higher each time before sliding back down. He continued until just the tip of Leo’s cock was still in him, when he slid back down, he reached forward and grabbed Leo’s hands. With the new stability in their joined hands grip, Thomas shifted into a squatting position with his legs. Now he was able to move up and down more quickly and with more force. Leo held on to Thomas’ hands as the younger man was lifting and pounding on his cock. Sweat was flinging from Thomas as he bounced on Leo’s fuck stick. Leo began to thrust up as Thomas was dropping down, their bodies slapping together in loud, wet noise. The men were grunting from the workout. Thomas’ cock was flapping up and down, stringing pre-cum all around, as the hard thrusting was pummeling his gland almost every time. Thomas started to feel his climax build from the soles of his feet, like a tidal wave of fire. His body flushed as his breathing began to get short. Thomas shouted wordlessly as his cock started to shoot ropes of cum. The first jet went past Leo’s head, the next few hit his face and the rest coated his chest and abs. Thomas continued to bounce but the rhythm was now erratic. Leo was surprised to feel Thomas’ load spray on him, he blinked when the cum hit his forehead and then lip. Leo was close to his climax before Thomas shot, but the tight grip on Leo’s cock from Thomas release, pushed his past the boiling point. Leo released Thomas’ hands and gripped the man’s waist as he began to thrust up hard into Thomas’ wildly moving ass. “I’m Cumming!!” Leo yelled as he let loose volleys of boiling cum deep in Thomas’ ass. Leo continued to thrust hard as he shot more cum in Thomas’ quaking chute. Thomas was flailing like a ragdoll from pounding, whipping his body to and fro. With a final hard thrust, Leo buried himself as deep as he could go for the last few pulses of cum spewed in the younger man. Thomas collapsed down on Leo when the thrusting stopped, his breathing was heavy, his body twitching. Leo gathered Thomas in his arms, even though his cock was still deep in Thomas’ ass. Thomas laid his head on Leo’s chest and just breathed in raggedly. Thomas’ breaths finally evened out and Leo looked down to find the man asleep in his arms. An exhausted smile was stretched across the slumbering man’s face. Shortly Thomas had started to snore lightly. Leo pulled his arms tighter around Thomas and closed his eyes as well.


Steel & Thunder: Chapter 5

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After a rough day and rougher night, David wakes up next to his not-so-favorite captor and gets ready for his first day in this new city full of orcs.

Chapter 5

Click here to see the art for Steel & Thunder: Chapter 5 – Art created by @ne0ncamo

I wake up gently, barely hanging on to the threads of a dream. Something about eagles and a storm? I snuggle into my pillow. Man, this bed is warm. I haven’t been this comfortable in months. I wonder if I can convince Adam that we should stay in town another night…

My eyes shoot open when I feel the arm around my waist tighten, and I remember I’m not sleeping in an inn with my teammates. A glance down at the green, hairy, muscular limb confirms that, yep, I’m still in Captain Ironstorm’s bed in the middle of…wherever we are. I should probably ask about that when he wakes up.

I guess at some point in the night we both migrated to the center of the bed. Or, seeing as I’m still tied up, he probably grabbed me once I was asleep and pulled me here himself. Whatever. The sun is up and I’m awake now, and I can’t exactly go anywhere thanks to these cuffs. Some quiet time to think would be nice.

I run through the events of yesterday in my head. Everything started so normally. Had a shitty breakfast of beans and jerky by the campfire, then we packed up and started looking for that stupid cave. And then everything went to hell. That shitty jail cell, the fight in the arena…what happened right after the fight. What was that? Not what we did, I know what sex is, I mean my reaction to it. I was hard before he even had all my clothes off. Not to mention the complete lack of fighting I did after I was naked. Pretty much the exact opposite. Why did I do that?

Look, maybe there’s been a time or two in the past where I’ve looked at a guy a little differently than you’re supposed to, but it was never like that. I never imagined getting tied up, or stripped or…fucked out in the open like that. And certainly not by a stranger, an orc. But even thinking about it now, I want to do nothing more than grind my morning wood into the bed until I blow.

Some movement behind me serves as a good reminder for why I’m not going to be doing that. Ironstorm shifts in his sleep, his arm tightening around my waist again as he pushes one of his legs forward, between mine. I can feel his own hard cock grinding against me, and I bite my tongue to hold in a hiss at the contact with my sore ass. Fuck.

The spanking… That is something I would like to forget. I haven’t been spanked since I was like nine years old. Maybe longer. And it was never like that! He’s some kind of ass-slapping expert. Fuck, if I had been spanked like that as a kid I’m not sure I’d even be alive right now. Sitting down today was going to be a pain in the ass. Ha. See what I did there?

“Mmmf.” My own stupid joke distracts me, and I fail to hold in a whimper when there’s another shift behind me.

I go stone still, nearly forgetting to breathe before realizing that would be even more suspicious. There’s more movement, and the arm around me goes slack. There’s no other movement at first, until I soon feel his hand drifting up and softly rubbing my stomach. Then he dips down, carding his fingers through my pubic hair before wrapping them lightly around my shaft.

I can’t help but hump forward a little at the contact, biting my lip and hoping to pass the movement off as involuntary. If he notices, he doesn’t say anything, but his fingers are still wrapped around my dick, stroking softly, slowly against the smooth skin. His touches are light, almost too light, bordering on ticklish. Probably would be if they were on any other part of my body. But he seems to be content to keep his playtime relegated to my cock, and I’m finding myself surprisingly okay with that.

“You know, some people would consider rude to make me do all the work.” I jump when I hear the voice whispering in my ear, immediately batting his hand away from my dick and rolling forward and off the bed. I stand at the bedside, unable to do much more than glare thanks to the chain still connecting me to the headboard. None of that seems to have phased him, lying there in all his glory with a shit-eating on his face. Stupid sexy orc. No, not sexy! Asshole!

“I am hungry. Do you like eggs? I think I want eggs for breakfast.” He scoots on the mattress towards me and stands, acting like none of that just happened and like our two hard dicks aren’t pointing at each other. He reaches down and unlocks the chain from my cuffs, ruffling my hair and walking out of the room. What the hell was that?

I hear the telltale sounds of someone peeing, and when he doesn’t come back in the room, I figure I should follow him. After waiting for my hard-on to go down. I follow his lead, relieving myself before padding out to the living room. I think about grabbing a sheet to wrap myself in, but what would even be the point?

The stove is already lit and I can see the captain with a large bowl in his hands, mixing something. Presumably eggs, since I see a number of broken shells on the counter. My stomach growls. I like eggs. So do my teammates, I bet. What am I doing thinking about breakfast? I need to get out of here. I look down at my still cuffed wrists. My last two escape attempts didn’t exactly work out. I need to bide my time and wait for the opportunity to present itself. And I guess in the meantime, I can try to learn more about where we are exactly.

“Can I… Can I ask you some questions?” My request has him poking his head up.

“I do not see why not.” He steps over to the stove and pours the eggs into the heated skillet.

“Where are we?” This is mostly just curiosity, it’s not like I can write to someone for help. “Like, what’s the name of this city?”

V’rok’sh Tah’lj,” is what I think he says, “Though you may find that hard to pronounce. It translates to ‘Home Among the Trees’ in Common.”

“Vorekish Talj?” I do my best to repeat that back.

“Close enough.” He responds without looking up.

“What about your name?” I know ‘Ironstorm’ can’t be his first name. At least I hope not.

“What about yours?” Touché.

“Cerano.” It’s not like holding onto it was doing me any good. “David Cerano.”

“Cerano. I like that.” My name rolls off his tongue easily. “My name is Khazak Uzi’gar.”

Yeah I’m gonna butcher that. “Can I just call you Zak instead?”

“No, you will refer to me as Sir, or Captain.” His tone leaves me little room to argue.

“I thought your name was Ironstorm?” Just gonna blow past that sir nonsense for now.

“A rough translation of my last name.” He looks over his shoulder at me. “Human tongues seem to have problems with Orcish, at least from your part of the world.”

“Human tongues are just fine.” I narrow my eyes at him. “Maybe your language is just overly complicated.”

“Yes, perhaps.” Sarcasm. “Anything else?”

“What happens now?” I wrap my arms around myself suddenly feeling a chill. “Like, is this it? Am I just yours forever now?” Stuck in this town in the middle of nowhere for the rest of my life.

“More or less.” As he speaks he takes the pan off the stove. “You are mine until I decide to release you.”

“And I’m guessing you’re not planning on doing that anytime soon.” I sigh, mostly to myself.

“Do you have somewhere to be?” He jokes as he empties the pan onto a plate. Again only one.

“My friends–“

“Are still in jail.” He moves to the table and takes the same seat he did last night, pushed away from the table, leaving his lap open. “Come eat breakfast.”

“I’m not sitting on your lap again.” I eye him warily.

“No, I suppose your ass is a little too tender for that right now.” Hadn’t actually thought about my sore ass until he mentioned it.

“I more meant because I’m a grown man.” Why can’t I just have my own seat?

“You’re free to kneel on the floor instead.” He spreads his legs and gestures to the spot between them.

“Seriously?” I grit my teeth. “Fuck off then, I’m not hungry.”

He cocks an eyebrow and taps his fingers on the tabletop, reminding me a lot of my last sergeant. “I am fairly certain the entire city could hear your stomach when you walked in, so I know that is a lie. I was happy to let us sleep in a little today, but we do still have some things to take care of before it gets late. So, you can either take a seat where I have told you, or you can spend another day with your arms bound. One that will start with you being force-fed a plate of cold eggs.”

I squeeze my hands into fists and think about fighting him. Then my stomach growls again. With a sigh, I step into his space, lowering myself to my knees in front of him. I figure this will be less humiliating and save my sore ass from some pain. When Ironstorm adjusts his seat and I look up, I see I’m only half right.

The first thing I notice is my proximity to his dick. Is he always this naked at home, or is it because I’m here? His legs are spread wide, soft green cock splayed over one of his thighs. It would be really easy for him to grab my head and… Maybe I should have gone with the lap. Oh fuck, how long have I been staring at his dick? My eyes shoot to the floor.

“Maybe I can feed you some of that later,” the orc laughs and takes a bite while my cheeks burn red. Lifting my head to retort, I am greeted with my own forkful of scrambled eggs. With a sigh, I allow myself to be fed. Fuck, those are good though. Seasoned and everything. He can cook. I wonder if he’ll ever let me…

Why am I thinking like I’m going to be here long enough for that to happen?

The rest of breakfast is eaten in relative silence, and finishes rather quickly since there’s not much to it. Once we finish, he helps me to my feet and guides me by the shoulder to the bathroom to clean up. Still can’t get over the fact that orcs actually brush their teeth. I guess when you have tusks dental care is pretty important. Before we exit, the captain grabs a small jar and pushes me towards the bedroom.

“I’ll show you later where the well for drawing water is. Now lay on your stomach.” My hackles are raised instantly.

“What? Why?” I turn to face him. He’s not about to beat my ass again for not sitting in his lap or something, is he?

“Calm down.” He holds both his hands up in front of them, one of them holding the jar. “I just want to put some of this on you. It will help with the soreness.”

I eye the small container warily but allow myself to be turned around and bent over the bed. I prop myself up on my elbows, looking behind me as Ironstorm opens the lid, using two fingers to scoop out a glob of white cream. Lotion or something I guess. I hiss at the coolness as it touches my inflamed skin, then mostly just try not to whimper as he spreads it around with both hands. He seems like he’s trying to be gentle, at least.

“Just lay there for a minute while it dries.” He rubs his hands together as he steps around the bed.

“What are we doing today?” I ask as he starts to rifle through one of his chests.

“First thing is to get you some clothes since I don’t have much that will fit you.” He pulls out a long-sleeved shirt and holds it aloft. “I think this belong to my brother. Or maybe my sister?”

Good, he can replace what he tore off me yesterday. “Then what?”

“Then there is some paperwork we need to fill out in regards to our current situation and our battle yesterday, and then we just need to make one last stop at a shop run by a friend of mine.” He holds up a pair of shorts big enough that I could stand in one leg.

“Is there a word in Orcish for paperwork?” I’m very impressed with his Common.

“Hr’klor.” He tosses the clothes in front of me on the bed. “Which directly translated means ‘sad wood’.”

I bark a laugh. “Sad wood?” I can’t tell if he’s kidding but I really hope he’s not.

“Poetic, yes?” He deadpans and bends over, finally unlocking my cuffs and starting to dress himself. “Okay, I know these will not fit well, but I promise it is only for the next hour.”

I push myself up with a sigh, grabbing the shorts first and pulling them on. I’m swimming in them, and if it weren’t for the rope belt around the waist, there’s no way these would hold up on their own. The fabric is a little rough on my ass, though I’m not sure how I’d feel about wearing underwear right now to be honest. The shirt fits a little better, but the arms are a bit too long, and I have to pull them up at my wrists to stop them from covering my hands.

“Probably need to get you some new shoes as well.” He examines the worn-down sole of one of my boots before handing it to me with some oversized socks. I’m not gonna complain about some new shoes.

“Do I get to use my hands today?” I ask, probably a little too smartly, as I tie my laces.

“Are you going to behave today?” He asks as he buttons his shirt.

“Yes.” There’s that eyebrow again. “Sir.”

He smiles at the appellation. “As long as you do not give me a reason otherwise, your arms may remain free today.” He grabs the discarded cuffs from the bed and puts them in a small leather pouch slung over a corner of the bed. “These will be coming with us, so that can change at any time.”

“…Yessir.” I try not to glare daggers at the bag. The threat is clear enough.

I watch as he finishes straightening his clothes, and I attempt to do the same with mine. I feel absolutely ridiculous in these, I really hope he’s not lying when he says I’m getting new clothes. Satisfied, he grabs the bag and slings it over his shoulder and we head into the living room. I move towards the door, but he aims for the kitchen counter – and the damn leash.

“Oh come on.” I whine as soon as he walks towards me with it in his hand. “Why do I have to wear that?”

“We are going to be walking around the city a lot today, I do not want you getting lost.” To his credit, he doesn’t sound like he’s fucking with me.

“I’m not going to get lost.” Why does he insist on treating me like a child? “Everyone will be staring at the human on a leash.”

I will feel better if you are wearing this.” He crowds me against the door and clips the leash to my collar before I can fight him. “Besides, I think everyone will be staring at you for entirely different reasons.” He steps back to look over my ‘outfit’ for emphasis.

I glare, seeing as the only reason I have to wear this oversized bullshit is because of him. Then he pulls me away from the door so he can open it, and we walk outside. He takes a right once we hit the road, and I have no choice but to follow. He’s not moving fast, but I kind of wish he was so I could hurry up and get out of this fucking get up. The rope belt is doing a really shitty job of keeping my pants up and I have to pull them up more than once.

Between the distraction of my pants and me not wanting to make eye contact with any passersby, I don’t do a great job of paying attention to where we are or where we’re going. I just focus on Ironstorm (Khazak? Sir? Asshole?) in front of me and making sure my pants stay up.

At some point, I notice that the amount of people around us growing, and a quick look around reveals a street full of carts and stalls selling all sorts of things. Fruits, vegetables, even weapons – it’s a large open-air market. There’s a lot of people around us talking, all of it Orcish, so I don’t really notice when one orc in particular calls out to the Captain.

He walks up and they greet each other loudly, like old friends. Can’t understand a word of what they’re saying though. It’s all smiles until the new orc notices me and what I’m wearing, and I wish the ground would just swallow me up right here. He says something – about me, I think – to Ironstorm, who turns to look at me in response. I just stare at my feet. Why did he have to run into a friend here?

I hear Ironstorm say something in response, and then I’m being tugged along again. I look up and after passing a few more stalls, he enters a building with me right behind him. As we stand in the entrance, I immediately notice two very detailed wooden mannequins to our left. It’s a clothing store. Thank gods. I let out a sigh of relief.

“I apologize for that,” he turns to face me and clasps my shoulder. “I did not expect to see anyone I knew here. I also apologize again for the clothing. I assure you, I did not choose this outfit intentionally to humiliate you.”

“…Thank you.” I’m uncomfortable with the sincerity and eye contact, so I turn to look at the rest of the shop.

It’s not too large, there are a few tables with folded clothing on top, some shelves with more of the same, and a few more mannequins. They all seem to be of different builds and genders, all with the same level detail. It’s not their faces, those are all blank, it’s the rest of them. Their bodies, the proportions, the musculature, it’s all very lifelike. Whoever carved these is very talented.

A clerk behind the counter notices us and walks over, speaking animatedly at the two of us. She does a double-take when she sees my outfit and then says something else.

“Do you speak Common?” Ironstorm asks before responding, gesturing to me as he does.

“Oh, yes. How can I help you?” She asks as if it isn’t obvious.

“As you indicated, we are in need of some new clothing for this one.” He clasps a hand on the back of my neck. “Some shirts and trousers.”

“Was there anything in particular you are looking for?” She looks me over as she asks. “Any colors in mind?” She’s speaking Common but both questions are directed at the orc. I guess the collar and leash clued her in.

“Hmm.” Ironstorm turns to look me over. “Blue would go well with your hair, but green would match your eyes.” I shift uncomfortably at the comments about my appearance.

“I think I have a few options you may like.” She turns and walks towards some of the clothing and begins to pull different articles from different shelves. “Could you bring him over here?”

The Captain turns to me and unhooks the leash before walking me over to the clerk. She holds up a few different shirts in front of my body, each a shade of blue, green, or tan. The first few seem oversized, but she seems to figure it out. She puts the shirts down and from a pocket on her hip, pulls out what I’m guessing is measuring tape. She quickly wraps it around my waist, before dropping down to measure the length of the outside of my leg. Thankfully she doesn’t check the inseam, just turns to grab a few pairs of pants, browns and tans. She stacks some of the shirts on top before handing me the pile.

“There is a changing area right over there.” She points at a wooden divider against one wall, her voice still directed at Ironstorm and not me. “Please let me know if anything does not fit well.”

“Thank you.” The Captain gives her a nod of appreciation before guiding me towards where she pointed, clothes in hand. Unsurprisingly, he follows me behind the divider and takes the clothes from my hands. There’s a large mirror against the wall.

“Go ahead and get undressed.” He nods to me with his arms full.

“Come on, I can ge–” A raised eyebrow cuts me off, and with a sigh, I pull my shirt over my head. I throw it over a chair to my right, before kicking off my shoes and bending over and following suit with my pants. No reason to fight something I know I won’t get out of anyway. Standing as nonchalant as I can, I hold one hand out for the first item, which ends up being a pair of pants.

“Uh, we didn’t get any underwear.” I point out, holding them in front of me but not stepping into them.

“We will be taking care of that later.” He nods at me to continue. I feel kinda weird about my dick flopping around in pants that aren’t actually mine yet, but I don’t really have a say in the matter.

After the pants comes a dark green shirt, with buttons down the middle. I pull it on and start to button it up, and Ironstorm sets the clothes down on the same chair. He looks me over as I finish adjusting, before turning to check for myself in the mirror – not bad, honestly. Then I see his figure stepping behind me and turn.

“It looks good on you.” He reaches forward to fix a button I missed on my collar bone. “I was right about your eyes.” He runs his thumb down the side of my face.

I’m blushing more now than when I was naked.

This process repeats with another five shirts and three pairs of pants, all of varying shades and cuts. There’s even a couple of pants that are cut off at the knee that feel kinda nice, leaving my legs open to the air. Wouldn’t mind if the shirts could do something to hide this collar, though. The Captain seems to like everything, or at least doesn’t have anything negative to say. When I hand him back the last set, he rehands me the first.

“Go ahead and change into those.” He picks up the clown clothes I walked in here wearing. “I am not going to force you to wear these the rest of the day.”

“Thanks.” I give a genuine smile as I redress for the final time.

Gathering the clothes together, Ironstorm leads the way out of the changing room, moving towards the counter the shop keeper had returned to, placing them all on top.

“Everything he tried on was perfect. We will take them all.” I see him reach into his leather pouch, producing a smaller pouch.

“Very happy to hear that, sir.” She looks and points at me, then sorts through the clothes on the counter, before she begins folding them. “How about twenty-five talj for everything?”

“Seems more than fair.” I watch as he produces two golden coins and five silver ones and drops them in her hand. They are all inscribed with symbols I can’t make out from here but it’s not like I don’t know how money works. She deposits the coins in her own pouch and gives her fellow orc a small bow.

Ironstorm returns her bow and gathers up the folded pile of clothes, stuffing them and his pouch into the larger satchel. She must have been good at folding them, the bag doesn’t seem to be bulging out like I would expect. Throwing it over his shoulder, he makes his way towards the exit. I try to follow his lead, giving the woman an awkward wave before chasing after him.

I guess I have a sugar orc now.

Yay, new clothes! How long til he gets them all stripped off?

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Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 13:00:40 -0700 From: Kyle Weaver Subject: Crush My Bubble – Part 30 Part XXX — Make the Yuletide Verse Gay I started to live with gaps in my memories. No. That’s not quite right. It’s more like gaps in my identities. I once had this self-image of myself as this cohesive composite–this complete thing that understands himself in his totality. But that wasn’t exactly it. There were facets of me that didn’t communicate completely. I think everyone kind of knows that, and everyone kind of doesn’t. The part of me most capable of taking over operations and making a halfway sensible narrative of what I do–Tyrant–Godric cut that part off from my time with him. So when I was with Godric, the experiences got stored in a part of my mind isolated from Tyrant. Tyrant damned large swathes of me to the back of my mind. That’s what is needed, in order to respond to influences pulling in different directions–and do what I have to do. So when Godric caged Tyrant–parts of me were set free. For a long time, Godric helped Tyrant keep my lust at bay. But with Tyrant falling apart at the seams, Godric had no choice but to back another horse. Tyrant protected my pride, and in doing so, he suppressed my humiliation. Godric, on the other hand, embraced my humiliation. He made my humiliation feel good. Much of who I am has craved to be Godric’s bitch forever. Godric was finally willing to explore these parts of me. And I was going to explore every inch of him. — As I reached my room, a haze fell over my eyes, and I chuckled, trying to walk straight. It was odd. I hadn’t been drinking–had I? I stopped at the door, reaching for my neck, grasping the pride necklace, and lifting it up past my head. The moment I did, all the stress in the world seemed to vanish. I draped the necklace over the doorhandle–then turned the knob. Godric was splayed out on his bed. His indigo jockstrap had become a mainstay. If he was alone in the room, or it was just the two of us, he would be wearing it, and only it. I closed the door behind me, walking over to Godric slowly, pausing just as I reached the foot of the bed. I wanted to get in with him, but it was like an invisible wall had materialized, and I couldn’t walk through. “Forgetting something?” Godric asked. “Godric–sir,” I said. “Can I get into bed with you?” “Not yet,” Godric said, turning the page of his book. I stood there, silently staring at the man of my dreams. What a sight to behold. His hazel eyes, focused on his book. His strong arms that seemed to beckon me, his pectorals that were my favorite pillow, his abdominals that splintered the light and shadows. His filled-out indigo jockstrap. His diamond quadriceps branching out on each side, drawing my eyes to their convergence like a road to the horizon. The light glinting off the bridge of his smooth feet. My mouth watered. What had he said? “It’s Study Week,” Godric said, turning the page of his book. “Do you know what that means?” I nodded. It meant a week of no classes, no games, and no practice. “It means Finals are coming,” I said. “And we are supposed to study hard.” “That’s right,” Godric said. “And I have a plan in mind. You WILL spend each day studying for your classes. You WILL do well on your exams. But what is life without a bit of winding down each night. So I’ve decided–each night, you get to study a bit of me. One piece of me, each day, when you are done with your day’s work. So every day this week, from now on, when you get back to the room, you are going to strip down to your underwear and let go of the outside world. No more climbing into bed like everything is normal, only to clamp your ass and face around my cock at every possible turn. You are going to show me more.” I stripped down. I reached out, tracing Godric’s foot with one hand. He didn’t spare me a glance. I brought my other hand over and started to rub circles into the lateral arch. Godric whiled away the minutes, the only noise the occasional crinkle of paper against paper as Godric turned another page. Eventually, Godric reached a spot in his book that made him chuckle, wiggling his toes. I gasped, letting go, my eyes trained to those little dancers. I sunk down to my knees, bringing my face close to them, until his toes stopped moving like they’d been spooked. Then, I took a deep, audible breath. Godric pushed his foot into my face. I closed my eyes, sniffing and nuzzling into it. He dragged his feet across my cheeks and lips, one after the other. “I love how you fuck my mind,” I whispered, my lip catching the skin of his foot. “I know you do, Jayden.” Godric swung the marble and chain in front of my eyes, and they drooped over. He didn’t even have to mention Blackberry Creek anymore. He’d broken me. I mean honestly, how much control did Tyrant have over the situation anyway at this point? Without Pride, Tyrant was powerless. Pride was the only thing that kept me off Godric’s jock. And that had just been a big silly mistake, hadn’t it? How much more control could Godric take from me. Why even bother with the marble–anymore? I dragged my lips over the bottom of his foot, breathing it in with an open mouth. Over and over I brushed my lips against him, making him twitch and growl. I was already his sex slave. But I knew what he wanted. I lolled my tongue out and lapped the bottom of his foot from heel to toe. He wanted to lock in place this mental configuration, so I didn’t get antsy. If he didn’t, I would want to find a way to get his cock inside me within the hour. He wanted to drag this out… I closed my lips around his toes, one after another, giving each dancer a warm bath, slurping everything clean. He wanted his faggot to enter a dreamlike devotion, worshipping his feet in unconscious bliss for hours on end. Godric would get exactly what he wanted. What must that be like? — Holes gaped in my awareness, just like they did in my body… It was like there were two versions of myself. The outside self, the one that wore pride, the one governed by Tyrant. And the inside self, the one that took glee in Tyrant’s downfall. They hardly communicated with one another. Why would they. They were enemies. To another observer, I might appear mad. But ask any version of me and I’ll tell you: I’m just as sane as anyone else. There may be more mes than there are yous. But none of them are crazy. Godric understood. I’d leave my pride on the doorknob, and he would keep Tyrant awake, just long enough to understand… Tyrant was being overthrown in the most humiliating, emasculating way… My body betrayed the ruling segment of my own mind–until it fell from power–and all that remained–was all the suppressed trash. Godric made small talk. He let my nerves run. He toyed. Eventually, he let me crawl into bed. “I left my pride on the doorknob again, Godric,” I whispered. “I know.” “That means I can be your faggot.” “Is that what you’ve always wanted?” I kissed up his ankle and leg, making my way along the trail of fuzz toward his bulging jock. I stopped, inches away, burying my face between his quadriceps. “Not going any further?” Godric asked. “No,” I murmured, my voice muffled by his hot skin, my lips sticking to his sweat. “See, Jayden. You are showing control already. As long as I tell you exactly what to do, you can do anything.” I nodded into his legs, nuzzling between them. Godric split his legs out a bit, letting my head sink. Then he tightened his warm, smooth, thick quadriceps–I got a glimpse of a single vein darkening–as he clamped his muscles around my head. He chuckled as my vision went black. “You like it in there?” he asked. “Yeah,” I whispered. Of course, to him it would just sound like a low gasp. I swiveled my head, his sweaty brawn coating me from all angles. Then, I plastered my lips against the lithe leg muscle–and sucked. “Just like that, Jayden,” Godric said. “Just like that. Let your mind fade…” — After the third day of studying, Godric looked a bit different, splayed out on the bed–as though someone with lipstick had kissed his legs, trying to get a tag in Fagball. No–not lipstick. Hickies. He had a big red hickey on each quad, where I had sucked each leg for at least an hour, my mind going numb. “May I?” I asked at the edge of the bed. Godric nodded, not turning away from his book. I crawled between his legs, making my way up the road they shaped, towards the indigo bulge on the horizon. I pressed my lips against one of the red marks. “Does it hurt, sir?” “Nah,” Godric said.”But leave it alone. Different body part each day, remember?” I caught his eyes for a second, shimmying slightly further forward. Then, I planted my face in his jock, nuzzling against the bulge. “Weren’t you listening, bitch. NEVER.” With one hand, I gripped his jockstrap fabric, pulling it slightly away from his body, making a little gap. With my other hand, I dug for treasure, easily finding his balls (they took up much of the space) and softly pulling them towards me. They wouldn’t come easily–the gap wasn’t so big–but I kept at it and they came out, one after the other, popping back to life after squeezing through the stretched gap. They just kept sliding too–they weren’t small, and the sack hung low. My hand greased over with ball sweat and I brought it to my nose, my eyes rolling, as Godric’s balls swung free. I leaned forward–and dragged my tongue over Godric’s bulbous left nut. Godric growled. “You know I’m not going to let you suck my cock, Jayden.” “It’s not your cock, Godric,” I croaked. “It’s your balls. Different body part.” “How long do you expect me to keep letting you get away with that?” Godric asked, cocking an eyebrow. “Given that you always go for my cock a minute later. It’s clearly a gateway drug for you.” Keeping his gaze, I closed my lips around his nut, rolled my tongue around, and siphoned ball sweat straight from the source. Godric clawed my hair. His breathing grew labored, like an animal; his pectorals jut out; his eyes flashed then twinkled, and he bit his tongue. I opened wider, my jaw clicking, and wrapped my lips around both balls at once. I peered straight into Godric’s eyes–and sucked. “This is really what you wanted, all these years?” Godric asked, flexing as he breathed. I nodded–my eyes widening as I gazed upon my idol–and gulped his ball sweat down. Godric’s abdominals swamped my face, tightening as he leaned in. I could feel what the fuss was about. He had no chance of hiding it. His cock had expanded to half-mast. The jockstrap could barely contain it. The cockhead stretched the fabric in a little bulb, and he was leaking through it. I nudged my face against it as I tongued his balls. He was right. Something about sucking his balls made me want to suck his cock more. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe if I pleasured his body just right–he’d relax this whole no-sucking-cock thing. He couldn’t sustain an outrageous rule like that, right? I swiveled my head around, trying to worship his balls from every possible angle. Eventually my head was sideways. Godric cupped the back of it. Maybe he was thinking of finally jamming my face where it belonged? As Godric’s cock got bigger and harder, it stretched his jockstrap away from his body. The gap I’d ushered his balls from expanded just enough for me to make out the trunk Godric’s mammoth tree. I slid my tongue past Godric’s balls–sweeping under them–and prodded the barely visible base of Godric’s perfect shaft. Retribution came swiftly. Godric backhanded my face with a crisp slap. Then, he leaned back a bit, dangling the marble and chain in front of my eyes. I shook my head. “You need to learn, gay boy,” Godric said. “You are lucky I’m not kicking you out of the room.” I wanted to make a few more memories before he stripped my consciousness from me. I whimpered, lapping at Godric’s balls, slowly tracing the line between them. “Look to Blackberry Creek, Jayden.” I paused. “Part of me–wants to remember.” “Blackberry Creek, FAGGOT. LOOK INSIDE.” “I see it, Godric,” I whispered. “It’s calm today. The snow is gone.” “I know. I made it that way. Now–take the leap. Plunge into it.” — The next day, as I draped my pride on the doorknob, I knew where I would be headed today. I had thought I’d keep moving up his body, piece by piece, going slow enough to not use up his whole body before the week ended–in order to keep my promise. But now… I figured I would go a bit slower than I’d originally thought. NO, Tyrant fumed. I SAID NEVER AGAIN. IT WAS SO DEMEANING, SO GROSS… I salivated as a dumb expression spread across my face. Sure, it boiled Tyrant. But the rest of the trash would be so happy–wouldn’t it? When Godric let me into bed, I crawled up along his leg, pausing, pressing my face into his jock, breathing slowly. “Alright, gay boi,” he said, smirking. “You’ve exhausted everything below the waist.” “Not everything,” I said. “My cock is still off limits.” I nuzzle my face between his quads. “And you tried those the day before.” I kept pushing. “You know,” Godric said. “I’m getting an inkling where you may be headed.” “Does it turn you on?” I asked, turning my face up for a moment, still framed between his strong legs. “Dominating your best friend completely? Turning me into your slave?” “I’m not sure yet,” he said, cocking his eyebrows, stroking my hair. “Really?” I said. “It makes me so happy Godric, getting to be the first person to do this for you.” “Who says you are the first?” Godric’s hazel eyes bore into mine. “But I thought,” I said, “that you only ever did stuff with Winter…” “What’s your point?” “Hell,” I whispered softly. It shouldn’t have affected me. But somehow it did, knowing he had this kind of kink, this kind of dominance, in the past, even with a girl. It just was just his nature. I guess that’s where the leather jockstrap came from. I twisted between Godric’s legs until I was on my back, shoveling my head under him. I pressed my head against his jock-clad balls, pushing his thighs a little bit into the air. I wiggled into place, pinned by my idol, Godric’s ass cheeks resting on my face. “What the fuck?” Godric said, his ass flexing with the rest of him. “You serious?” I held one ass cheek with each hand, rubbing my face back and forth. “FUCKIN’ BITCH.” I pushed my tongue out and prodded his hole. “FUCK!” Godric croaked, a bit higher pitched than usual. “Fuckkk… Just when I thought I’d seen it all…I mean…Winter never crawled under my ass like THAT. Are you for real?” I dragged my tongue slowly along his crack. “You really are a fag for me–aren’t you?” I pressed my mouth against his hole and smacked my lips. “Well–I might as well ride the wave.” I dragged my tongue around the ring of his hole, basking in the manly musk that swamped my face. “I suppose I can’t hypnotize you down there.” That was debatable. I pushed my tongue through the ring, and it held tight to me. Hell. Was there any part of him that wasn’t strong as iron? I breathed through my nose, taking in the delicious, masculine body that crushed me. I moaned, drawing my tongue out and lapping at his ass. “Unh. UNNH! OH, FUCK! Fuh-uh-uck! Wh–what have I created?” We had no idea…did we? — The next day, sliding into bed, I figured I’d finally make it above the waist. Not without a bit of a fight though. One more time, I froze, pushing my face into his jock, his warm cock grazing my face through the fabric. He had to know. He had to know that my mouth was an empty home, ready for his cock to move in. He had to know that I existed for him to live inside me. He had to know that I’d do anything for him, do anything to be his. Godric gripped me by the back of the head, pulling my face up past his jock and into his abdominals. I nibbled on them, licking at the sweat there, occasionally getting a read on his facial expression. It hardly changed. After a bit, I journeyed back down. His midsection had a kind of gravity. I nibbled his jockstrap. “No,” Godric said, chuckling.”No sucking my cock. Why is that so hard to get through your head?” I kissed his jock and earned another hard slap across the face. “It’s like you don’t even mind getting hit,” Godric said. I raised an eyebrow, licking my lips. “You could hit me as much as you wanted, if you let me suck your cock. I wouldn’t even fight it.” “It seems like you wouldn’t fight it either way.” “You are right, Godric,” I say.”I won’t fight you. I just want to serve you. Did you like how it felt, when I worshipped your ass? How do you think my gay boi mouth would feel–on your big fat donkey cock?” Godric snarled. “Shut up,” he said, “and get back to my abs.” He tightened his grip on the back of my head, pulling me upwards again. The next time I drifted downward, he sighed, dropping the marble and chain in front of my eyes. “Godric…” I whispered. “You still need a little push, Jayden. There’s still a little bit of fire inside you I need to tame. You’ll need one more push to give all your will to me. A push past Blackberry Creek… And into the ocean.” “Godric…” “Do it, Jayden… OPEN YOURSELF.” — My pride necklace felt lighter as I took it off on the sixth day. Godric looked to be almost done with his book. “May I?” I asked. Godric nodded, and I crawled into bed. I approached from the side today, to avoid the temptation of gluing my face to his jock. Instead, I buried my face between his pectorals, pausing, looking into his eyes. “What are you waiting for?” Godric asked. I licked my lips, opened my mouth, and dragged it around his skin. Then I formed a vacuum, drawing the sweat from him. Godric ran his hand through my hair. His pectorals inflated as I slid along them. When I hooked my tongue on his nipple, light slashed through his eyes, he gasped for breath, and he clutched my hair tight. I nibbled his nipple, groaning, and our eyes locked. “You like sucking on my nipple, gay boi?” “Mmnh.” I journeyed along, pressing my lips into his shoulder, and then his arm. He flexed for me, as I dropped little rings of moisture on his muscles. I kissed under his arm and then–when I reached his armpit–closed my eyes and took a slow sniff. “Is that what you want?” Godric asked. “I feel safe like this,” I said. Godric massaged the back of my neck and I closed my eyes. He moved his arm down, draping it over my back, and we softened together, me falling into a haze in his clutches. “Go ahead, gay boi,” Godric breathed in my ear, “RELAX.” He gripped my ass till the tension weakened. “It’s yours,” I whispered. “My body. My mind. Anything you want.” “I know, Jayden. At some level, I’ve known forever. I just…didn’t quite know what to do with you.” I flexed my ass tenderly into his strong hand, my mind melting away. — On the seventh day, Godric was a bit more lax. “Wanna go to Gay Burger with some of the others?” he asked. Godric seemed to read my frustration at not interacting with the redshirts. Granted, they might just think I was busy for Finals, but there never really had been a reckoning for me snubbing them. Twice. I would fear retribution, except there seemed nothing to fear with Godric by my side. “Okay Godric. Should I text the redshirts?” “I’ll text Kai and Gizmo. Dustin and Colt can sit this one out. They haven’t been good for you.” “Yes sir.” An hour later, we walked inside. The waiters were all dressed as slutty Spandex Santas with little Santa hats. “Hi! I’m Spanda, the Slutty Sexy Spandex Santa Panda!” The waiter said. “Can I take your order?” “Sure,” Godric said. “Can I have the Powertop Works, with a side of the French Kiss Fries. And to drink I’ll have the Fudgepacked Slap.” “Did you want your French Kiss Fries straight or curly-rainbow?” “Straight.” “Oh, I’m sorry, we stopped serving straight when we opened in 2012. But the curly rainbow ones are even better. Everyone says so.” The waiter turned to Gizmo. “And for you, ze?” Gizmo turned the menu page. “Can I have the Santa Baby-back Ribs, with a side of the Worst Brat Bratworst and the Twilight Twinkie Shake?” “All that for a skinny bitch like you?” “I like tempo,” Gizmo said. The waiter nodded knowingly. Then he turned to me. “Can I have the Tenderly Pounded Bottom Burger, with a side of Brown Sausage, and to drink, the My Soda Sodamy.” “Of course. Would you like any flavors in your sodamy. We have cherry, chocolate, or lemon.” “Surprise me,” I said. “That would be best. Sometimes some of that gets in there when we don’t really mean it. And you sir, last but definitely not least?” Kai thumbed his menu. “Can I have the make the Yuletide Verse Gay Burger, with a side of sweet Snow-Globes, and to drink, water.” “…Water. Just…Water?” “Yeah.” “Hey Mona Lisa!” Spanda yelled to someone in the back. “Do we serve water?” “WATER! Just WATER!?” “Yeah?” “They have to call it Water & Sports!” “Okay, FIIIINE!” Kai said. “To drink I’ll have the Water & Sports.” — On the last night, perhaps because Gay Burger took me out of my haze a bit, I had a bit of difficulty taking off my pride. It got stuck around my ears and I had to shake my head like a dog to get it to come off. I bent over, picking it up off the floor, before draping it over the doorknob. Then I made my way inside. The door clicked shut behind me; Godric turned the page of his book. I crawled in from the bottom, kissing his body parts one more time: his foot, his quads, (I had to twist him a bit to peck his ass cheek), his balls (through the strap), his abdominals, and his nipples. What today? I crawled a tad higher, and closed my lips around his chin. “Really. My chin?” Godric said. I raised my eyebrows, moving my lips a bit higher, and puckering out. Godric laughed, pushing my face away. When Godric let go, I tried again, lunging for his lips, but he pinned my face against the pillow. He nibbled my ear softly before whispering, “Very funny.” I twisted out of his grip, making another move. This time, Godric did little to stop me–except barricading his lips from mine with his hand at the last second. Undeterred, I kissed and licked the palm of his hand as though we were really kissing, Godric’s eyes inches from mine. Godric stroked my hair, the fire in his eyes growing. I licked his fingers, before tracing his ear. Then I whispered, “so when you said you would fuck me at the end of the week–did you mean today?” “I said you had to go seven days without putting your hands in the cookie jar,” Godric said, his eyes flickering to his jock.”You know as well as I do I meant seven FULL days.” “Well–if that sentiment evolves over the course of the night–you know I won’t mind.” I placed Godric’s hands on my ass cheeks and sucked softly on his neck. Godric played along, massaging me. My ass cheeks flexed before taking whatever shape Godric molded them into. I moaned into his neck, stealing a glance up at his eyes, pleading. “Soon, gay boy,” Godric said. “But it was supposed to be a reward after finals.” I wrapped my arms around Godric, shivering, trying not to sniff. “What is it?” Godric asked. I buried my face into Godric’s chest, obscuring a tear. “What is it?” Godric asked again, tapping my face. I tore my face away. “Every shard of what’s left of me wants you. And I never thought I could feel such complete, overbearing desire–it hurts, Godric. I want you so badly it hurts. I love you Godric. I’ve loved you ever since the moment I met you. And I built a life around loving you. Around learning how to love you without losing it. Loving you without losing myself. I–I needed Tyrant. To exist. Tyrant–that bossy simpleton–was my crutch for not feeling this vulnerable. Because otherwise, your gravity is so addictive… So dominating… So powerful… It would rip me into little bits. And Tyrant, for all his stupid overbearing clamping down–Tyrant held me together.” “I know, gay boy. You put me in an impossible position. Because how could I help you–if you are your own enemy? If you split yourself up like that, and go to war with yourself, I can only ever be your friend AND your enemy.” “So then don’t be my friend,” I whispered. “Be my Master.” “I never signed up for this kind of responsibility.” “I’ll make it worth your while. I’ll do anything for you, Godric. Anything, anything, I swear.” “If I’m your Tyrant, there will still be a part of you that sees me as an enemy.” “No there won’t,” I say, trying not to cry. “Because the only reason I was at war with myself was because I couldn’t have you. The only reason I miss Tyrant is because he helped me hold back from you, and he helped me fake confidence when I needed to. I can fill that void–fill any void–with you.” Godric sighed, squeezing my ass. Then he swung the marble and chain in front of my eyes. “It will take training. To unlearn that emotional clamping–and learn to let yourself feel everything again.” “I’ll do it,” I said, my eyes following the marble back and forth.”Teach me to feel–as you feel.” Godric stroked my hair, a sadness filling his eyes. “Don’t be a fool, Jayden. You may not need a Tyrant–but one of us does.” “Maybe not–” I said softly. Godric nibbled on my ear. “Take a swim in Blackberry Creek. C’mon. Spread your legs and swim for me…” I spread my legs, shoving my ass up into the air. “Please, Godric. Don’t make me go just yet…Please…” “And what would you have us do, first, Jayden.” My ass bloomed open behind me, I could feel my hole clenching… I reached out behind me, groping at Godric’s jock. I found what I sought and carefully slipped it out the top, holding it tight. It felt almost sacred, holding his big, warm, veiny cock in the palm of my hand. I sensed his heartbeat. I pulled his huge cock in towards my ass, mashing it around near my hole, whimpering, hoping he would understand what I was going for. “Why do you embarrass yourself like this?” “I’m not embarrassed, Godric. This is me.” “And what is that?” “Yours. Yours to do with what you will.” Godric drooped the marble in front of my eyes, like a spider hopping free and hanging by a thread. “Look at the marble Jayden. 1…2…3…4…Heaven knows the Storm in Store.” “Heaven knows the Storm in Store.” “5…6…7…8…Godric’s Clock Rigs Tickled Fate.” “Godric’s Clock Rigs Tickled Fate.” “You are mine now, Jayden. So you better go hard on those Finals. Then, I can go as hard on you as your heart’s desires. Maybe even a little too hard.” “No such thing,” I whispered. But moments later, I was under his spell. And while parts of my body stayed as hard as possible, my mind became softer than a Fudgepack Slap in the sun. Though….that didn’t sound too bad. Melting, melting, melting, like snow into a stream… Where do we go? — —


Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 14:13:21 -0600 From: Chris Lee Subject: My Khmer Nephew Part 4 My Khmer Nephew by Clee Do not read this story if you are under 18. This story is a product of the author’s imagination, any resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental. Please consider donating to Nifty, this site depends on support from its readers. My Khmer Nephew Part 4 That night I had a dream about Vinh. His beautiful face was directly in front of mine, he was exactly as I remembered him before he got sick. He spoke first, “Chris, do you miss me?” I started to cry, “Vinh, I miss you every day. I miss you so much. Why did you leave me? We’re so young.” “You know I didn’t want to leave you, but it was my time.” His voice was calm and gentle, “Chris, you have to move on. You have a long life in front of you, do you want to be alone forever?” “No, of course not, but I feel so guilty.” I knew this was going to be about Sam. “Do you love him?” he asked me, his narrow black eyes staring intently into mine. “Yes, I do. I feel like he’s my second chance at love, but I can’t shake the guilt.” “Chris, don’t feel guilty. Don’t lose him. I love you and I love Sam. Yes, he’s young, but in your heart you know how he feels. Be good to him and teach him what love is. We’ll see each other again one day, but until then always remember that I love you and I want you to be happy.” Then he was gone. I screamed out, “Vinh! Vinh don’t leave! Come back, please!” I awoke with a jolt, my room completely dark and silent. I was alone, tears streaming down my face, crying like an abandoned baby. I knew immediately what I had to do. I had to fix this before it was too late. I couldn’t let this chance pass me by. I grabbed my phone off the nightstand and sent Sam a text, “Call me when you wake up, we need to talk.” My phone rang five seconds later. “What are you doing awake?” I was so surprised. “Do you think I could sleep?” He sounded awful. Tired and cranky. “Are you crying?” “Yeah. No. Don’t worry about it. When can I see you?” I was trying to pull myself together. “I have to be at the shop at ten, can I stop by before?” The next day was Saturday, so I was off. “Yeah, sounds good. See you then.” He hung up. I tossed and turned, then forced myself to sleep for a few hours. I got up at 7:00, took a shower and made some coffee. I wanted to be ready when Sam got there. He arrived at eight o’clock, letting himself in through the kitchen door. One second I was alone, the next second he was standing in front of me in those damned sexy coveralls. “Sam,” I began, not sure exactly what to say. I didn’t have to say anything, he grabbed me and pulled me to him, holding me tightly. “Please say we can make this work,” he whispered into my ear. “Sam…I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t ask you what you were feeling. I just knew that you wanted me sexually. I shouldn’t have underestimated you.” I was talking into his shoulder, his big arms were enveloping me. He slowly released me and sat down at the table. I got us both some coffee and sat down across from him. He reached out to me and took my hands in his. “Everything I said last night is true. I’m an open book, I love you and I want you to love me. I don’t want to replace Uncle Vinh, but I want to be part of your future.” I squeezed his hands in response, “I know that now. Don’t worry about your uncle, I’m at peace with it. But I do think that maybe we jumped into bed too quickly and it messed things up.” “Yeah, probably, but it sure was fun,” he had a mischievous smile on his face. “How much time do you have?” I suddenly needed him urgently. “About an hour, why?” That’s all I needed to hear. I grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him toward the stairs, heading up to my room. “Wait, don’t you want to use the guest room?” He began to pull me in that direction. “You’re not a guest here,” I replied, my fingers already working the zipper on his coveralls. “Get naked.” Now that I knew exactly how Sam felt, I felt empowered, emboldened. Sam did as he was told and I pushed his naked body down onto my bed as I shucked my tee shirt and boxers, pouncing on him and kissing him passionately. His hands roamed my back and ass as we kissed and I started grinding my hard cock into his. Keeping our limited time in mind, I moved down as I continued to thrust onto him, moving my hardon between his legs and spreading them with mine as I continued to kiss him passionately. “Uncle, I mean Chris, what are you doing?” Sam asked, this was different and new to us. “You can call me Uncle once I’m inside you,” I whispered into his mouth, “Or better yet, call me Daddy.” He laughed nervously, “Once you’re inside me? Wow, what’s come over you?” I moved the head of my cock up and down his hairy crotch, I wanted him badly. “Now I know exactly where we stand. You’ve made me yours so many times, now I want to make you mine. All mine.” I bumped the thick head of my cock against his hole as I said this. Sam wrapped his arms around me and pulled me down onto him, “I want it, I want you. Put it inside me.” I grabbed the bottle of lube from my nightstand and began to pour it all over my erection, now so hard it was painful. Kneeling between his legs, I lowered my face to his dick and began to lick the shaft, smelling him at the same time. Sam always smells so clean, but there’s a heavier, muskier scent lingering behind it that drives me crazy. I continued to inhale him as I took his dripping tip into my mouth, tasting his salty precum before rolling his skin back with my lips, exposing his slippery, pink head. He groaned as I took the entire thick shaft into my mouth and down my throat, burying my face in his dense pubes and inhaling that hidden scent that is known to only me. While I had his cock in my mouth, I put some of the lube on my fingers and found his brown hairy hole. I began by massaging it gently, eliciting moans from Sam’s mouth. After a few minutes, I slid a finger inside, then another one. He clamped them tightly so I held them still for a moment before slowly sliding them in and out, finger fucking him and preparing his virgin hole for something much bigger. “I’m ready to try it Chris, put it in me. I’m so fucking hot for you.” Sam was almost breathless as I stimulated his hole and cock at the same time. I stopped sucking him and brought my mouth to his, kissing him deeply. “Are you sure you want this? We can always try it another time when we’re not rushed,” I really needed him to want it as much as I did. “I want it, I want it now. I want you.” He was staring directly into my eyes longingly. I turned him onto his side and bent his legs slightly so that his dark, hairy hole was exposed to me. It was slick with lube and slightly opened from my fingering. The sight of it made me want him so badly. I looked at my thick head, now dripping precum, as I placed it at his opening and slowly pushed it into him. Moving forward slowly, it popped through his muscle ring and he gasped. “Are you okay?” I looked up at him to see him wincing. I laughed to myself as the usual cocky and confident Sam now looked like a kid who was receiving a spanking. “I’m good, go slow. I want this.” He smiled up at me wanly. I continued to slide myself in slowly, marveling at the site of my pink cock as it disappeared into his darkness. Finally I was all the way inside, my brown curly pubes pressed up against the black hair that surrounds his hole. I held myself there and leaned down over him, bringing my face to his. His forehead was glistening with sweat and he was breathing quickly, this was obviously hurting him. “Sam do you want me to take it out?” I asked, kissing his cheeks, chin and finally his soft, thick lips. “Don’t take it out. I want you, all of you. It will get easier, I Googled it.” He was still wincing. I burst out laughing, “You Googled it? Oh my God you’re the cutest, sexiest thing alive.” I buried my face in his neck, still being careful to keep my dick as still as possible. “Yeah, I knew we’d do this eventually, I wanted to know what I was in for.” He managed another smile. “You can start to move now; I’ll try to relax.” “I promise if you relax it will hurt a lot less, and eventually not at all. I really want you to come to enjoy this, as much as I do when you’re on top.” I didn’t want him to get discouraged by this experience, dooming me to a life of bottom exclusivity. I picked his arm up and put it over my shoulder as I began to thrust in and out of him, slowly at first. He held me to him as I lowered my face to his chest and began sucking his hairy nipple. It became stiff in my mouth and Sam began to moan softly. I could feel him loosening slightly on my cock as he relaxed, enabling me to thrust into him more and more deeply. My movements became faster as he started to enjoy the feeling. I straightened his legs and turned him slightly so that he was on his stomach, my body on top of his. I licked his ear and panted, “You feel so good Sam, is it okay? You’re so warm inside.” He responded breathlessly, “I can feel every inch of you inside me…so deep…don’t stop…” Now that he was enjoying having my cock buried inside of his hole, I put my arms around him, holding his body to mine and began to thrust deeply and intensely into that warm, wet, amazing boy pussy. It had been a very long time since I had topped and I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I moved my face to his and kissed him, forcing my tongue into his mouth and tasting his sweetness as it wrestled with his. “I’m gonna cum Sam, I can’t hold it much longer,” I was pumping quickly in and out of him, my sweaty, hairy chest plastered to his broad, smooth back. “Cum in me Chris, I want to feel you shoot into me. Make my hole yours!” Sam was now arching his back, moving his ass up to meet my every thrust, pulling me deeper into him each time. Upon hearing his words, I held him as tightly as I could and hunched my body, rutting into him and exploding, my thick semen coating his insides and primally marking my territory. I grunted into his mouth over and over as my body spasmed with each contraction of my cock. “You’re mine Sam, this makes you mine,” I whispered breathlessly as my orgasm waned. He reached his hands behind us, grabbing my ass and holding me in place, deep inside of him. “Holy fuck, who are you?” He began to laugh into my mouth. “That was amazing! When I was younger I used to fantasize about this, but holy shit, you blew that fantasy out of the water!” I collapsed on top of him and moved my face away, suddenly embarrassed. “I’m sure of us now, I needed that so badly. I know I don’t have to hold back anymore.” “So, you were holding back on me hmm?” He suddenly turned, forcing my softening cock to pop out of him as he jumped up, pinning me on my back. “Maybe just a little…” He was straddling me now, his thick, brown cock semi-hard and dangling, a long string of precum hanging off of its tip. “I want that,” I said as I pulled his hips toward me, engulfing the pick, shiny head with my lips and greedily sucking in all of his fluid. I leaned back onto my elbows as I began sucking him, marvelling at the sheer mass of his heavy, spongy cock as it began to harden in my mouth. “Feels good, uhhh so good,” Sam whispered, looking down and watching me suck as he slid his wet, slippery cock in and out of my mouth. I reached up and held his heavy, hairy balls in my hand as they swayed back and forth with each of Sam’s thrusts. My other hand found his crotch, wet and full of matted hair from our intense love making. He groaned as I stroked it, slowly moving my finger back toward his opening. I slid my index finger up and into his hole, it was looser than before and soaking wet with lube and my cum. Sam moaned in appreciation as I slid another finger into him, hooking them and caressing his insides as I continued to suck him. His pace quickened as I found his prostate, my fingers stimulating him from the inside. He pushed his cock deeply and screamed out, suddenly ejaculating forcefully into my throat. My eyes were watering and I tried my best not to gag on him, relaxing as best I could. He unloaded powerfully, feeding me his cum. “My cum,” I thought to myself, “this is made for me.” When he was finished, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and collapsed next to me. We turned and faced each other, kissing and sharing the remnants of his seed that was still on my tongue. “You’re amazing,” he whispered, stroking the side of my face. “We’re amazing,” I said, unable to keep from smiling as I gazed into his coal-black eyes. “Chris, I…I want to live with you.” Sam looked away shyly as he said this. “I know, I know,” I put my arms around him, drawing our bodies together. “I want that too. Let’s wait until school starts for you and see what your new life is like. I’ll think of some way to bring it up with your parents.” “Okay, I’ll try to be patient,” he said, kissing my forehead tenderly. “Oh my gosh, what time is it?” Reality intruded suddenly. “9:15” I replied lazily. Sam jumped up and grabbed my wrist, “Come on, let’s take a quick shower. I’m gonna be late for work!” I followed him to the bathroom, staring at his sexy, brown ass as he walked. “I just busted that open,” I thought to myself proudly. Sam was beautiful, sexy and loving. The gears in my mind were already turning as we showered, working on a plan for us to live together. I wanted to see that face every morning when I woke up. End of part 4 If you’re enjoying My Khmer Nephew, check out my other story here: Your feedback is welcomed, email me at

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