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Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 21:44:58 +0000 From: Jack Nifty Subject: Finding His Boy: Chapter Two I’m trying to get into writing so would really love to hear your thoughts on the start to this story: both positive and negative. You can get in touch with me at: or by going to my twitter which is: I’ll be posting links to chapters and other materials on there so go check it out. ************************** Disclaimer: This story contains sex between consent adult men, all 18+. Any actors playing the roles of these fictional characters in your mind are also over the age of 18. This story will contain rough sex and interactions that explore dominance and submission as well as many fetishes and kinks. If any of this offends you, or if you are not legally allowed to read this, you should stop now. If you continue then any consequences are your own fault. This is fictional, although aspects may be informed by the real-life experiences of the author. Any similarities or resemblances are purely coincidental. ************************** Then: We met Tom, a twenty-five-year old, well-hung dom, in his penthouse suite whilst he was balls-deep in some random slut he’d picked up during a quick trip to a local bar. For the boy, it had been the fuck of his life but, for Tom, it was just another Tuesday night and he unceremoniously kicked the young lad out once he’d finished with him. Now: Finding His Boy: Chapter Two The boy had found the hour after leaving Tom’s suite quite embarrassing indeed. He’d had to approach the doorman and ask him to book him a taxi, fully aware that the older gentleman knew exactly why a skinny, little twink was leaving a man’s apartment at three in the morning. With his hole still gaping quite significantly, he’d been unable to stop himself from leaking Tom’s cum on the seat of the taxi: something that driver definitely noticed and he charged the young blond extra whilst telling him what a slut he was. However, the worst was when he’d arrived back home only to come across his father on the upstairs landing. His dad’s eyes went straight to the wet patch on his son’s bum and then to the lines of white leaking down out through the bottom of his shorts. To say that the twink wanted the world to open and swallow him whole would be an understatement. Tom, on the other hand, slept soundly in his bed: his urges sated and his mind at rest. Thomas Peter Cook was an exceptionally fortunate young man. His father, David, had been born to a single mother in a quite disadvantaged area. They had been dirt-poor when David had been a child, often wondering whether there was going to even be a next meal for his brothers and sisters. His mother did her best, working two jobs just to make ends meet but it was her determination and drive that had inspired the boy and, as soon as he was old enough, he began finding ways to make money on his own. Initially, it had been but a small thing: he’d use whatever money he could get to buy sweets and drinks which he then sold at his secondary school during the breaks. He was exceptionally shrewd and, other than investing in more stock, he didn’t touch that money for himself, although he would occasionally use his growing savings to ease his mother’s burdens. By the time he left school, he had enough to invest in a small van and market stall: he’d hunt out the best bargains on a wide range of items which he then sold on with quite significant profit margins. Over the years, his business grew from a stall, to a series of small shops and, eventually, into the multi-million-pound organisation that he still heading up to this day. Everything he had, he had earnt through his business acumen and the sweat of his brow. Given his own childhood, David was exceptionally keen to ensure that Tom, his only child, did not grow up knowing the same trials and troubles. Whilst his intentions had been good, that had ultimately meant that Tom hadn’t suffered at all. He’d grown up in a world where every single one of his needs and wants were met almost instantly. When Tom had been expelled from three secondary schools for fighting, his father had paid a fourth to take him and keep him, regardless of his behaviour. When, at seventeen, he’d demanded to learn how to drive in a brand-new Audi, his father allowed him to have it custom-made. And when he’d finished his education and had no possible prospects or any ambition to accomplish anything in his life, David had brought Tom into the company and given him a position overseeing one of the departments. Tom had been completely and thoroughly spoilt and it showed in the person that he had become. After a night of blissful sleep, Tom was driving into work at 11 in the morning. He didn’t always bother going into the office: he had people who ran the department on a day-to-day basis. In truth, his father had placed him in a position where any damage he could do would be mitigated by the highly competent employees who really ran that part of the company. Of course, that’s not what Tom thought; he believed that he had earnt this role and that he was, in fact, vital to the success operation of Human Resources. Yes, that’s right, the fuck ’em and leave ’em stud was in charge of Human Resources. As you can imagine, he’d used his power to quash a multitude of complaints made against him for inappropriate behaviour although he believed that those had come from a series of sluts who were pissed off at him for losing interest in them. The latest complaint had come from his old personal assistant. The nineteen-year old had taken issue with his firing and lodged an official grievance, which Tom had immediately dismissed. But, hey, it wasn’t Tom’s fault that he’d become bored with fucking the teen after the boy’s boyfriend had found out about the affair and dumped him: using the twink once he was single just hadn’t felt the same. That’s actually why he was heading into the office – he needed to interview for a new assistant from his hand-picked crop of applicants. “Good morning Tom,” he was greeted by Maria, a woman in her early forties and the second in the department, “You have three interviews lined up for this morning; the first young man arrived on time for his ten o’clock appointment and is waiting outside your office. The second has just been seated in the break room a few minutes ago.” “Great: I’ll start up then,” Tom replied, knowing full well that he had whittled down the applicants carefully and based upon very specific criteria. “The panel is ready whenever you need them.” “Oh, that’s fine. I’ll be doing these myself.” Maria paused for a moment, deciding whether it would be worth challenging her department head, but ultimately thought better of it: “Ok – give Anna a buzz when you want the second candidate.” As Tom walked away and towards his office, she rolled her eyes and sighed, wondering how many complaints she was going to have to make go away once the company president’s son got through with each of his hand-selected young men. Nervous but trying to not let it show, Jordan sat outside of the office of the man he’d come to interview with. At eighteen, he was fresh from a local sixth form college and eager to get started in the ‘real world’. Whilst he’d worked before, of course, it was only in voluntary or part-time positions. He’d been the secretary of his college’s LGBTQ+ society for the last year and was hoping that that would give him something to talk about in the interview. The young man had felt quite calm when he’d first arrived but had spent the last hour berating himself for getting the time wrong and arriving too early; he hoped it wouldn’t be taking as a lack of attention to detail and counted against him. Approaching his office, Tom gave the waiting boy a once over and smiled. He was exactly how he’d appeared on his social media profiles: a beautiful, baby-faced ginger with white alabaster skin. The boy was dressed well too with a fitted suit, although one of cheap quality. Not that it mattered: Tom intended to have the suit discarded across the floor within a few minutes. “Good morning,” the older man said, flashing a pearly-white smile, “Thank you for coming in.” Tom extended his hand as boy rose from his seat. Jordan could feel himself shaking as he reached out to take the offered hand and desperately hoped that his palms weren’t sweaty. Tom control the shake and then held Jordan’s hand for a few seconds more than one normal would, even after the young man tried to take it back. Locking eyes with him, he introduced himself: “Mr Cook – I’m the head of the department and the one looking for the personal assistant.” “J… Jordan,” the boy replied but the man just looked at him, “Oh, sorry, Jordan Adams.” “Pleasure to meet you,” Tom was making sure to maintain eye contact with the boy as much as possible. Between his piecing blues, his sexy smile and his charm, he’d have the boy ready to melt in no time at all. “I’m really sorry for coming so early – I got the time wrong,” Jordan blurted out in one quick sentence although that hadn’t been his intention. Tom stepped forward to open the door to the office, turning away from Jordan for a brief moment: “You didn’t. You were ten o’clock.” It took Jordan a moment to process but as soon as he realised that he hadn’t made a mistake, it was like a switch clicked. He’d been left there for over an hour deliberately and the man before him hadn’t even apologised. The nervousness vanished to be replaced with a seed of frustration inside of the young redhead. Still, he wasn’t going to say anything: this job was a great opportunity and he wasn’t going to blow it. Moving towards the door, he made the decision to hold his tongue – a rarity for the boy. Tom was holding the door open, though there was plenty of space for Jordan to pass through given how short and skinny the young man was but he didn’t want that to happen. As the little cutie came through, Tom pushed himself forward so that his hips, and thus his cock, grazed against the boy. Jordan didn’t say anything but he couldn’t have failed to notice what was being pressed into his back once he’d got into the room. “Sit there,” the older man said, indicating to the small stool in the middle of the room. His voice was firm and slightly deeper than it had been before. Of course, being the interviewee, Jordan complied and soon found himself being questions by Tom, who had taken the elaborate, black seat behind the desk. “Tell me about yourself, Jordan.” For the two minutes or so, Jordan went through a bit of a sales pitch for himself: he discussed his education, explained what his ambitions were and was about to start discussing his relevant experience when Tom interrupted him. “Oh yes, tell me about the gay thing.” Jordan hesitated: “The… gay thing, Mr Cook.” “Yes,” Tom said, shifting in his chair, “your society.” “Oh!” Jordan smiled, “I was the secretary of the society for the last year, although a member for two years. I’ve been responsible for organising…” Tom laughed: “Yes, yes but what I want to know is how much fucking did you lot do?” “Wh… what?” Jordan was certain that he had misheard. “Fucking, boy. I assume you get your little arse slammed at every meeting, didn’t you?” Tom’s voice was thick with the hunger he was experiencing as he looked at the pale boy begin to blush. Jordan couldn’t speak: his mouth was moving but no words were coming out. “There’s no need to be shy here, Jordan. I bet you just loved getting your twinky, little arse filled with as much cock as you could find. Probably a complete cum-junkie.” At that, Tom stood up from behind the desk, revealing his open trousers and the fact that all nine inches of his cock was jutting out from his body, the head flared with an angry red. Unbeknownst to Jordan, the older man had opened his zipper as soon as he’d sat down and had spent the entire interview working his meat whilst looking at the ruby-red lips of the delicious boy in front of him. He knew exactly what he was going to do to this one and he’d grown tired of waiting. Jordan’s mouth dropped open. Despite the suggestions in Mr Cook’s questions, the boy was actually a virgin and had never seen a cock like Tom’s in his life, let alone had one walking its way towards him. For a few moments, he was frozen to the spot with this monstrous cock getting closer and closer but, as it neared, he snapped out of it. “What the fuck!” he heard himself exclaim as he rose from the stool and moved backwards towards the door. He tore his eyes away to look Tom directly in his own: “What the hell are you doing? Don’t you dare come near me.” Tom paused – this wasn’t the response he had been expecting. “I mean… what on Earth is going on?” Jordan had certainly found his voice now and he could feel that little seed growing quickly into a mighty oak, “First, you keep me waiting for over an hour and then don’t even have the decency to apologise when you get there. Then, you start on with those stupid questions about sex and, what, now you’re trying to… I don’t know even know what you’re trying to do…” He walked quickly over the door and took hold of the handle. It was Tom’s turn to be stunned. You see, this didn’t happen to him. If he wanted a boy, he got that boy. At least, every time that the boy he wanted was gay or bi. He’d even had his share of ‘straight’ men on the end of his cock. And he’d gone through all of the applicants and reviewed their social media, deliberately picking three twinks that he knew would let him do whatever the hell he wanted to them. Sure, there’d be complaints later but that was only because all of the little sluts would be craving more of his cock and he would have already moved on. In his entire life, he’d never experienced someone reacting like this to him. As the handle to the door rattled, he found his voice: “Go on then, get the fuck out and you can forget about a job here, you fucking tease.” Jordan had pulled open the door at this point and had already begun to stop out but he stopped, turned around and looked Tom dead in the eye. “Fuck… you…” he said, slowly and purposefully. As the door slammed behind the boy, Tom sank down onto the stool where his peachy, little arse had been sat only moments before. For a second, he looked almost thoughtful but then reached over and hit the buzzer. “Anna, send the next one in.” It took no time at all for the next young candidate to be stepping over the threshold of Tom’s corner office. Of course, he hadn’t been expecting to see a complete stud waiting for him with the biggest cock he’d ever seen pointing right at him. “Hi, I’m Curtis…” he stopped mid-sentence and his jaw dropped to the floor. Tom wasn’t messing around now: he was horny as fuck and wasn’t interested in playing any stupid games. He looked right at the twink and simply asked one question: “How badly do you want the job?” Literally seconds later, Curtis had his lips wrapped around the huge mushroom head of Tom’s cock. Even that had been a stretch for the nineteen-year old but, fuck, he wanted that cock. Any thoughts of the job or the company were already out of his head: his focus was entirely on the task at hand and he began sucking for all he was worth. “Mmm… that’s a good slut,” Tom groaned out as he felt the twink’s tongue swirl around the head of his meaty uncut cock, “but don’t you fucking tease me. I know you can take it deeper.” He took hold of the boy’s head and pushed it down, feeling the first couple of inches of his shaft slide over Curtis’ tongue and hit the back of his throat. Curtis gagged as the engorged head tried to push its way through. “No, no,” Tom said, firm, “You can take this: I’ve seen your onlyfans, you filthy little whore.” With that, he forced the boy down, despite Curtis’ hands pushing against the stronger man’s thick and powerful thighs. Nothing was going to stop him getting balls deep in this boy’s throat and, regardless of how much the twink gagged and choked, he didn’t stop. He felt himself pop through the throat’s defences and into the boy’s neck. Curtis was completely helpless as his head was pulled back and forth along this huge cock. In truth, he didn’t mind being face-fucked but wasn’t at all used to guys just going straight into it like Tom was doing. His gag reflex was in full force and he could feel his neck bulging as his throat was violated. The meat was removed from his throat and Curtis felt the slime from his throat following it up and out of his mouth. It coated the shaft of Tom’s dick and splattered back against the young twink’s face. “Dirty slut,” Tom remarked as he forced his cock back into the boy. With a hand on either side of the twink’s head, he dragged him up and down his cock, never going all the way in but not removing it either. “Fucking take it!” he screamed out as he pulled the boy’s head tightly towards him, his balls hitting against Curtis’ chin. Tom didn’t give a shit whether the other employees in the office heard him or not – it wouldn’t be the first time nor did he intend for it to be the last. Besides, the splutters of Curtis’ choking and gagged were definitely going to be audible in the corridor. He held him there, the monster cock bulging out the twink’s throat and preventing him from breathing. Curtis’ neck and cheeks began to turn a deep red, the veins in his forehead standing out more prominently as Tom looked down at him. The filthy boy was looking so sexy with his face coated in throat-slime and his eyes red and streaming. Tom felt his cock twitch inside of the slut’s throat at the sight. After what seemed like eternity to Curtis, he pulled back and, giving the boy literally seconds to cough and gag before shoving his thick cock into him again. This time, he slapped the twink before taking hold of his head and keeping it in place as he began to move his hips. Tom knew that he could thrust much faster than he could move the boy’s head and his cock was hungry for a real throat-fuck. Curtis’ eyes rolled back in his head as the dick was, once again, fucked in and out of the depths of his throat. He’d never taken cock quite like this before: even on his onlyfans account, he’d never been used quite this harshly and, to be honest, he wished that he was being filmed right now as he had his throat abused by a real dom. He felt Tom’s rough hands on his cheeks and the man’s thumbs being forced past the boy’s lips and inside of his mouth. Tom used this hold to stretch open the twink’s mouth wide, focused only on the fuck of Curtis’ throat and enjoying the sensation of the boy’s throat slime spurting out from around his cock every single time the boy gagged. “Fucking gag, you little nasty whore!” Tom was getting louder and louder, “You fucking love this, you worthless slut!” He pulled his cock all the way out of the boy’s mouth; it was slick and shiny with the saliva and slime of the boy. Curtis looked up at the man, the disappointment at finding himself without the dick inside him was evident in his eyes. Taking hold of the base, Tom brought his heavy tool down on the twink’s pretty face, sending a slapping noise around the office and, likely, down the corridor. He did it again and again, covering the cute slut with slime until he couldn’t even open his eyes. Tom looked down at the mess he had created across Curtis’ face and, in truth, was proud of his handiwork. He grabbed hold of the boy’s neck, wrapping his hands around it with one at each side and, again, powered his cock into the willing slut. This time, as he forced it deep inside, he could feel his thick meat bulging through the boy’s neck. He squeezed, tightening Curtis’ throat even further again it: a hot, wet vice-like embrace. Holding for just a moment, he felt his cock pulse and cried out: “Fuck… yes! I’m going to fucking cum!” Pulling back, he ordered Curtis to stick out his tongue, which the boy did immediately. With the slime coating his cock acting as lube, he ran his hand over it only a couple of times before he started shooting rope after rope of thick, white spunk all over the waiting twink’s face. “Take it, Jordan. Take my fucking load you little ginger slut!” It splashed down across his skin, mixing in with the saliva and slime, but also landed in his hair; the white globs of cum standing out against the boy’s raven locks. Tom grunted and groaned for what seemed like a full minute: spunk had covered the boy in front of him and the last few droplets were oozing out of the head of his cock and onto Curtis’ tongue. Grabbing his phone from his desk, he took a quick picture of his victim, his cock resting on the twink’s outstretched tongue. Only then did he push the boy away from him. Curtis regained control of his breathing and wiped the cum and slime from his eyes. Looking over at Tom, he spoke: “Who the fuck is Jordan?” Tom didn’t answer. He only had one thing to say to the boy whose throat he’d just used: “Get out.” ************************** Thanks so much for reading this. If you think that this story is worth continuing, if you have any thoughts or if you just fancy a chat about it, please let me know. You can get in touch with me at: or by going to my twitter which is:

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Future and Lil Uzi Vert Drop New Songs "Over Your Head," "Patek"

The wait is finally over, and Future and Lil Uzi Vert have answered their fans’ endless questions on if they’re dropping a mixtape or a new song.

On Friday afternoon (July 31), Hendrix and Uzi delivered two new tracks: “Over Your Head” and “Patek.”

“Everything I said went right over your head, your head/Went right over your head/She keep tryna text me, leave her messages on read/On read, leave ’em on read/Fuck it off and end up with your best friend instead/Instead, your best friend instead/I just spent three million dollars, they fell in her bed/In her bed, they fell in her bed,” Uzi croons on the hook of “Over Your Head.”

On “Patek” the former XXL Freshmen trade off in the first verse. “392 switch it out with the K/I got it right here on my lap/Bought a new Spider, then take out the plastic/I step on that 48-8, hit the gas/Rico and Pens, the lay too relax/Crocodile Dundee Don C on my hat/Alligator shoe on the pedal when I press,” Uzi and Future rap, as they alternate on each bar.

Check out Future and Lil Uzi Vert’s new songs “Over Your Head” and “Patek” below.

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You Can't Take the Pleasure From Me

Samuel navigated his way through the narrow hallways of Tranquility, the Titan class transport ship that he was currently a passenger/crew member of. After about a minute, he arrived at his destination: Elysia’s quarters. The crew’s most recent “transport” job had nearly cost him his life, so he decided to finally do something that he had always thought about doing: hiring Elysia.

The thirty-four year-old Elysia was a Consort, a type of well-educated courtesan that was held in high-regard and treated as a much more well-respected class of prostitute that offered companionship to their clients, in addition to physical pleasure. It wasn’t uncommon for the Federation’s elite males, and some females, to go to high-profile events with a Consort on their arm.

After clearing his throat, and taking a deep breath, Samuel used the com unit on the door to buzz Elysia. A video screen mounted on the door displayed her face.

“Hello, Samuel. What can I do for you?”

The nervous twenty-two year-old doctor barely managed the resolve to say, “Can we talk for a, a bit? There’s something I was hoping to ask you.”

“Of course, Samuel, come on in.”

The vision of Elysia disappeared from the small monitor just as the door to her quarters whooshed open. Stepping inside, Samuel was immediately hit by the smell of incense. The room was lit by a collection of holographic candles, as the real thing would be unsafe on a moving vehicle. The doctor also noticed that the room was warm, but not uncomfortably so, and that it was decorated with a variety of East Asian, such as Indian and Chinese, ornaments. It was the first time in the year that he had been a part of Tranquility’s crew that he had ever been in Elysia’s quarters, and it was clearly the most lavish and inviting room on the roughly 120 tonne transport.

As he stepped inside, Elysia was humming to herself as she carefully trimmed a small bonsai tree on a table, her back turned to him. Finishing with the bush, Elysia turned and looked at the handsome doctor.

“Hello, Samuel. It’s delightful to see you this evening.”

As always, Elysia looked breathtakingly beautiful. The Consort was five-foot, six inches, with brown skin, brown eyes, and long, flowing black hair. Her breasts were slightly above average and always accentuated by the cleavage-revealing dresses that she wore. Her butt was probably considered average, but once again, thanks to her choice in clothing, her tight dresses highlighted it in all the right ways. It was her brown skin and long black hair which made her look so exotic, and that was why she was so attractive to him.

As Elysia looked at him, he instantly felt like he was on the verge of a heart attack. He had planned what he was going to say and do in order to solicit her services, but as soon as her eyes connected with his, his mind just turned to mush. Elysia smiled and could instantly tell what was happening to Samuel, as she had seen the exact same thing on he faces of many a young men.

Elysia knew that Samuel had lived a sheltered life and never had to take any real risks, at least until he found himself throwing in with a group of space pirates like Cal and his crew. Samuel always seemed to have trouble speaking whenever he was around her, leading many of the crew to poke fun at his persistent gaffes. Many would think that women are automatically drawn to men with confidence, which Elysia did in fact like, but she also liked how youthfully innocent Samuel was. There was something about knowing how nervous she made him feel that made Elysia feel content that she had the ability to make men waver nervously around her.

Samuel looked at the floor and ran a hand through his jet black hair as he struggled to come up with something to say. I’ve performed countless surgeries for stab wounds, gunshots and laser burns, yet I still can’t talk to a woman?

“Hi, Elysia.” Samuel practically choked on the words.

Elysia playfully rolled her eyes and shook her head.

“Nervous are we, Samuel?” she asked as she stood up and turned her whole body towards him.

Samuel gulped, and with good reason. Elysia was wearing a red silk robe with gold tree branches spread all over it, but that wasn’t what made him swallow so hard. What caused his throat to tighten uncomfortably was the fact that the front of her robe was not tied closed, allowing him to a view of the underwear that she was wearing. The undergarments in question consisted of a matching bra and panties made out of partially see-through reddish-purple material with red and silver lace flowers on them.

Although Elysia routinely wore tight dresses that showed off the impressiveness of her bust, this was the first time that she had openly showed off so much of herself in his presence. The fact wasn’t lost on the Consort, who intentionally exposed more of herself to the young man, and much to her surprise, he managed to start talking again.

“Elysia…” Samuel trailed off and gulped again. “After what happened with our last, uh, outing, I realized that I could possibly die at any time, no matter what plans I may happen to make for the future.” He reached into his pocket. “There’s something that I’ve always wanted to do so…” He removed a large wad of Coalition credits, the exact amount to pay for the services of a Consort. “I would like to beseech your services, as a Consort.”

Elysia giggled lightly.

“You have saved the lives of this crew far more times than I can count. The absolute least I can do to show you my gratitude is to offer my services for free.”

Elysia stepped forward while looking Samuel deep in the eyes and began kissing him. In a short time, he began reciprocating the kiss, even going so far as to place his hands on her hips and take the lead. Elysia was impressed; she had previously thought that Samuel did not have the confidence to assert domination with a woman, but he was, and he was a pretty good kisser too. After about a minute, she broke the kiss.

“My, Samuel, you’re actually pretty good, considering how normally you seem so nervous around me. I’m glad though. I’ve been wondering why you waited so long to take advantage of my services. In fact, you’re the last male member to do so. Cain was first, obviously, followed by Cal, Father Cook, and finally Cash.”

Samuel’s brow wrinkled in puzzlement.

“Wait, Father Cook obtained the services of a Consort? He’s a past- and wait, Cash? Cash is married to Chloe.”

His confusion was simply met with a playful giggle from Elysia.

“Samuel, you’re so old-fashioned. There are very few men that can resist the allure of a Consort. The fact that you waited this long to come to me means that you must be a man of great restraint and respect, if not a little shy. In fact…” She bit her lip as she smiled. “It’s all of these things that make you so attractive.”

Elysia brought her arms up and wrapped them around Samuel’s neck before starting to kiss him passionately. It had been so long since the Consort had met a man that she wanted to be with, regardless of whether or not he wanted to obtain her services. She opened her mouth and slipped her tongue into his, and to her delight, he responded to her immediately with his own tongue. The Consort’s mind cried out in a level of desire that she had forgotten she could experience. With a soft moan, Elysia’s legs began to buckle as the two kissed each other with a passion neither had ever felt before.

The two slowly opened their eyes to look at each other and get some much-needed air. The two soon-to-be lovers studied the sight of one another, sweat forming on their brows from both the heat of Elysia’s quarters, and the anticipation of the pleasure that was soon to come. Not wanting to let anyone in the crew interrupt them, Elysia nodded over to the door of her quarters as she continued to suck in gasps of air.

“Lock the door, Samuel.”

Nodding his heading perhaps a bit too enthusiastically, he went over to the door and selected the LOCK option on the datapad. Turning around, Samuel was greeted by the sight of a now robe-less Elysia in only her lacy floral panties. Her breasts looked perky and almost seemed to defy gravity they looked so firm. Her nipples were stiff, aroused by the unease that she was able to stir in the young doctor. As Samuel’s jaw dropped, Elysia smiled at him, but suppressed a giggle, so as not to make him feel embarrassed.

Stepping forward slowly, Elysia bit her bottom lip and stared at him with her deep brown eyes. She smiled warmly and spoke tenderly.

“Well, I’ve started to, disrobe,” she said, letting the pun hang in the air for a moment. She motioned with her eyes, towards his body. “How about you start as well?”

Nodding in agreement, Samuel undid the buttons on his shirt and placed it on a small table next to the room’s door. Next, he unzipped his pants and let them drop down to his ankles. Eager to get his clothes off, Samuel then pulled his black boxers down, perhaps a little too quickly. While pulling down his underwear, Samuel had to awkwardly pull the black material over his cock, causing it to spring free as he yanked down his shorts, exposing his seven-and-a-half-inch erect shaft to the Consort. He felt embarrassed by his over-eagerness, but Elysia was too distracted to notice.

The Consort’s eyes involuntarily went wide. While she had seen a number of different sizes among the many men she had taken to bed as a consort, Elysia had yet to see one that impressive on a man as young and handsome as Samuel. She couldn’t wait to have Samuel thrust it into her, but she wanted to do something special for the young doctor who had done so much for the crew. She stepped in front of him and slowly crouched down to her knees, sliding her hands along his sides as she did so.

A goofy smile appeared on Samuel’s face; he knew what was about to happen, and he didn’t even notice how awkward his smile was. Elysia slowly let the tip of his cock push passed her lips, letting every inch of him enjoy the feeling of squeezing into her warm mouth, until she had most of him in her mouth, save for a little over an inch at the base. Samuel’s head tilted backwards as his eyes did the same and he exhaled a long breath as the Consort slowly dragged her lips backwards to expose his shaft. Just as her lips were about to let go of the bulbous head of his cock, she reversed direction and devoured him again.

After about half a minute, Samuel managed to grow accustomed to the pleasurable feeling of Elysia sucking his cock and managed to look down at the Consort. He saw Elysia’s head bob back and forth, something he could never have imagined how good it would feel. Meanwhile, Elysia kept her lips closed as tightly as she could, a trick she used to maximize the pleasure for her male clients by keeping as tight a seal for their appendages to squeeze through as possible.

“Oh, oh my,” Samuel gasped out as he looked down at the beautiful Consort ‘s head bobbing back and forth along his cock.

Elysia ran a hand through her dark hair as she moaned over Samuel’s cock. Trained to ignore one’s gag reflex, the Consort forced herself forward and swallowed nearly all of Samuel’s cock. With about half a centimeter left, she grabbed onto Samuel’s left ass cheek and forced the remaining sliver of cock into her mouth. There was literally no other pleasure sampled by the young doctor in his entire life that could compare to the feeling he was experiencing just then, except maybe what was about to come.

“Oh, God, Elysia. My God, Elysia…” Samuel trailed off as he looked down at the unbelievably beautiful Consort sucking his cock.

The fact that Samuel was having trouble forming a complete sentence told Elysia that she was doing all the right things to please the young doctor. Temporarily suspending the blowjob, Elysia looked up at Samuel and smiled. Looking back down at the stiff cock in front of her, she opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and began licking up and down the dripping shaft. She lapped up all of the liquid dripping off it, whether it was her own saliva, or Samuel’s pre-cum. After a few licks, Elysia moved her head away from Samuel’s cock and looked up at him as she licked her lips, savoring the taste of the liquids she had just collected.

Elysia took a few seconds to admire her work before resuming with the blowjob, wrapping her lips around the large shaft. The Consort forced all of Samuel’s cock back into her mouth, forcing her to stifle any choking noises; a consort never let a client believe that they were being overwhelmed. As she moved her lips back and forth, Elysia moaned ever so slightly as she sucked Samuel’s cock.

“Uh, uh, oh! Elysia,” a panicked look appeared on Samuel’s face and interrupted his steady stream of ‘uhs.’ “I’m about to, unh!”

Before he could finish his warning, Samuel grunted and bucked his hips as he launched several streams of cum into Elysia’s mouth. Not wanting to waste any of the sweet liquid, Elysia pushed Samuel’s cock deeper into her mouth so that she could better swallow all of the creamy cum. Several streams in, the Consort began to wonder just how much semen the good doctor had stored up. Has this poor boy never even masturbated before?

Desperately needing to catch her breath, Elysia moved her head back and let Samuel’s cock slip out of her mouth. The young doctor’s cock shined in the dim light of her quarter’s, thanks to her saliva. Smiling, she reached out and began to slowly stroke him before speaking.

“Oooh,” she cooed. “That was impressive, Samuel,” Elysia said with a smile as she gently stroked his

“Yeah,” Samuel croaked. “I really, really enjoyed that.”

Elysia giggled and looked up at him playfully.

“So, what can I do for you now?”

As she spoke, Elysia slid her right hand down her smooth belly and into her panties, raising an eyebrow up at Samuel. She smiled innocently while Samuel smiled as well, but this time there was a devious, confident look to it, not the awkward, goofy kind he normally gave her.

Samuel carefully got down on his knees so that he was facing Elysia. Without breaking eye contact with her, he removed Elysia’s hand from her panties and replaced it with one of his own. His fingers were greeted with a small patch of pubic hair before reaching their destination: the smooth, warm lips of Elysia’s pussy. With his right hand buried inside of her panties, Samuel took his left hand and gently pulled at Elysia’s chin in order to slowly bring her lips to his.

Breaking the kiss, Elysia asked Samuel an important question.

“Do you know how to pleasure a woman, Samuel?”

A look of embarrassment crossed his face as he tried to come up with a dignified answer.

“Well, I, uh, I know the areas that woman are the most sensitive, and the kind of stimuli that will generate the most pleasure-”

“But what about technique, and experience?” Elysia interrupted.

The embarrassed look on Samuel’s face grew worse.

“Uh, I don’t really have any experience with an actual female, but I have seen it extensively in vid-porn, so I think I could recreate it quite well.”

Elysia loved Samuel’s innocence; it was time for her to take more of it.

“The best way to become good is to practice, not watch.”

She got up turned away from him. Bending at her knees, Elysia slowly pulled down her panties, exposing herself fully to Samuel. As she turned back towards him, the doctor noticed that the Consort’s pubic area was completely shaved, save for a very small, well-groomed patch of hair just above where her clit was. She walked over to her bed and laid down, spreading her legs as an invitation to Samuel.

“It’s time for you to learn through firsthand experience,” Elysia said as she began to rub the area just below her pubic hair.

The doctor got up and knelt over Elysia. Bending down as best he could, he started to kiss Elysia, while his left hand began to massage Elysia’s right breast. He ran his thumb over her nipple, causing her to purr in gratitude. Meanwhile, his right hand made it’s down Elysia’s warm belly and finally reached her moist pussy. Elysia gasped lightly as Samuel caressed his fingers gently up and down her wet slit. The Consort received very few male customers who were willing to orally stimulate her. Such an act could only be done if a client requested to do so, and most of the time they were only interested in themselves, so having Samuel do this to her was quite the treat.

Samuel slowly withdrew his fingers from Elysia and broke their kiss, eliciting a sigh of disappointment from her, but she knew that this was the first step to something even better. Once again he fell to his knees in front of her and Elysia let herself rest back on the bed, while Samuel took her legs and placed them over his shoulders. Leaning in, his lips just an inch from her pussy, he blew on her wet lips. The sensation caused her to shudder at the cool air as it chilled her fiery hot pussy.

Samuel was in awe over the Consort’s soft, flawless skin. He ran his fingers over the luxuriously soft skin of Elysia’s thighs and wound his way to her pussy. He rubbed the warm, wet lips of her pussy before he gently inserted his index finger into her and immediately felt the muscles in her pussy clamp down on it. The finger began to slowly slide in and out, slipping along the warm walls of Elysia’s pussy and making her moan softly at his gentle touch. She closed her eyes and smiled as Samuel continued to finger her. Her hands roamed all over her body and eventually settled on her breasts. Her thumbs and index fingers circled and gently pinched her nipples, causing them to stiffen further.

As much as she enjoyed the handsome young man’s fingers, there was something else the Consort wanted much more. Just as she was about to impatiently grab Samuel’s head and smash against her pussy, he leaned in the rest of the way and began licking up and down the swollen folds of her pussy lips. Elysia’s hips began to thrust themselves forward, while her legs wrapped around his head, keeping his face pressed up against her pussy. The Consort moaned as Samuel’s lips latched onto her clit and he began sucking on it. It had been so long since she had experienced a level of pleasure as tremendous as what he was doing to her.

Joyfully sucking away at her clit, Samuel continued to slide a finger in and out of her pussy. Switching things up, he replaced his finger with his tongue while he used his fingers to rub her clit. He savored every centimeter of her warm juicy pussy, as he heard Elysia moan out his name in praise. Each time his tongue happened to flick against her clit, Elysia would gasp out “Oh, Samuel.” Considering this was his first time pleasuring a woman, an experienced Consort at that, the boost in confidence caused encouraged him to speed up his fingering and licking.

Samuel smiled to himself as Elysia squirmed in gratification. Taking it to the next level, he inserted his tongue as deep as he could into Elysia’s pussy and began to wiggle it all around. Elysia exhaled sharply at the new sensations reaching deep into her pussy and she started to inadvertently arch her back. No man, or woman for that matter, had ever caused her to feel something like that before.

“Oh, oh, Samuel,” she almost screamed as the pushed her cunt into his face, trying to get as much of his tongue into her pussy as possible. “Oh, goram, Samuel, you eat me, eat me till I cum!”

The good doctor did as he was told and rammed his tongue as deep into Elysia as he could. After several seconds, and just as his tongue was about to start cramping up, the Consort threw her head back and cursed loudly to the sky. Cursing was something a Consort was never supposed to do, but the orgasm she had just had was definitely one of the best she had ever experienced in her career. Her breath became heavy and uneven as she rode out her orgasm, her warm juices splashing into Samuel’s face, which he happily lapped up as Elysia continued to thrash against him as he licked away at her.

Feeling satisfied that he had collected as much of the sweet juice from Elysia’s pussy that he could, Samuel pulled her legs over his shoulders and off of him. Grabbing hold of his achingly stiff cock, he aimed it at the warm, welcoming entrance of Elysia’s pussy. Just as he was about to enter her, she put out a hand and stopped him.

“No, allow me to fuck you.”

Elysia put out her hands, motioning for Samuel to help pull her up. He got up off of the floor and lightly tugged at her hands to pull her to her feet. The two looked deep into each other’s eyes, sensing the passion and desire burning within them. Elysia was the first to speak and break the silence by giving Samuel instructions on what to do next, considering that she was the more experienced of the pair, it made sense for her to take control.

“Place your hands on the lower curves of my ass and lift me up into your arms.”

Samuel nodded and did what he was instructed to do. He wrapped his hands around her and held her close. Slowly snaking his hands down her soft back, he came to the bottom of her butt and cupped her cheeks. With a big pull, he managed to muster enough strength to lift her off of her feet. On instinct, Elysia wrapped her arms around Samuel’s neck, while her legs wrapped themselves around his torso. His cock almost accidentally ended up inside of her pussy by mistake, but instead, it awkwardly slid up the slit of her cunt and ended up resting against her belly.

Looking deep into Samuel’s eyes, Elysia asked him if he had her, to which he nodded. She smiled and removed her left hand from his neck in order to grab hold of his cock. With his hard shaft in her hand, she slid it into her pussy. Both gasped in unison as his cock entered her. Given how her body was slightly tensed up due to being wrapped around Samuel, her pussy squeezed his cock so much that it was difficult to get all of the almost eight inches into her. Despite the trouble, Elysia was confident that Samuel could handle the position and proceeded to slide herself up and down his cock.

Having trouble maintaining his balance, Samuel stumbled as he tried not to fall over while continuing to have Elysia bounce up and down on his cock. Turning to his right, Samuel decided to place Elysia on one of the ship’s pipes. Gently setting her down on the large piece of pipe, Elysia gasped momentarily at the feeling of the warm metal on her ass before focusing instead on the feeling of Samuel’s cock plowing her pussy. Finally able to focus on Elysia instead of maintaining his balance, Samuel sped up his own thrusting, while the Consort simply leaned against the pipe, closed her eyes, and enjoyed being fucked.

“Unh, oh fuck, you’re so, so,” he groaned.

Opening her eyes, Elysia looked at Samuel and gave him a mischievous grin.

“You’re pretty good yourself,” she gasped.

The compliment eased Samuel’s worries that he was performing poorly, as it was well known that Consorts were supposed to provide honest feedback to their clients about their performance. He thrusted more forcefully into the cheerful Consort, feeling her pussy clamp down onto his cock and squeeze it as it moved in and out of her.

Still retaining her rapturous smile, Elysia wrapped her arms around Samuel and pulled herself close to
him. Her chest collided with his, their sweat causing their skin to slip against each other as their
lips connected for another long, passionate kiss. As they kissed, Elysia opened one eye and looked to her right at her desk. The Consort loved to be bent over and fucked from behind, but most of her clients simply wanted her to lay on top of them and ride them.

Unable to catch her breath long enough to instruct Samuel to move her to the desk, she spoke out in short raspy, breaths.


Samuel nodded and did what he was told, moving Elysia off of the pipe and carrying her to the desk. As he put her down, his cock slipped out of her pussy, her tight cunt tightly squeezing the tip of his cock before letting it go. Elysia placed her hands on the desk and spread her legs. Turning around to look at Samuel, she smiled at him and used one hand to spread her ass cheeks as an invitation for him to enter her. Samuel smiled himself and he positioned the tip of his cock at the opening of Elysia’s cunt. Slowly, he inserted himself into her, one inch at a time. His eyes widened at how tight Elysia was, even after the drilling she had just received.

Elysia’s eyes went wide as well, as Samuel’s cock penetrated her from behind. Despite the amount of sexual activity that she had taken a part of in her profession, her pussy was still remarkably tight. In fact, many of her clients had complimented her on it in the past, and she was immensely proud of it. It was her tightness that made her one of the most sought after Consorts in the Federation, and it allowed her to be more particular about the clients she chose to meet with.

Painfully slow for Elysia, Samuel started to remove his cock from her pussy before slamming it back in. Elysia’s mouth opened as wide as it could. She was glad that Samuel could not see her face, as she previously reflected on, Consorts were not to show clients that they were overly impressed or overwhelmed by their clients’ performance. Samuel placed his hands on Elysia’s ass cheeks and squeezed them tightly before he began to thrust more harshly.

Elysia started to rock back and forth on her heels in order to help Samuel bury as much of his cock as possible into her pussy. Elysia was so overwhelmed, both in terms of being fucked in her favorite sexual position, and the size of Samuel’s seven-and-a-half inches filling up her pussy, that she just let her head fall and remain limp. A smile remained stuck on her face as she felt Samuel’s stiff rod glided effortlessly in and out of her dripping wet cunt.

“Uhh, uhh,” she gasped. “Samuel, you’re doing so well, so very well,” Elysia moaned as she
pushed herself against Samuel’s cock.

“Goram, Elysia, you’re so beautiful.”

Samuel very rarely cursed, especially not in the presence of a lady like Elysia, whom he often was at a loss for words when it was just the two of them talking to each other. The Consort didn’t seem to mind the profanity though and continued to push herself back against him. With the pair’s combined trusting, Samuel managed to get all the way into Elysia, his testicles slapping against the area just below where her pussy ended.

Switching things up, Samuel moved his hands from Elysia’s ass to her hips and began to pull her towards him as he thrusted. He couldn’t go any deeper, but he was too lost in passion to think about anything other than wanting more of everything he was feeling.

Elysia turned her head towards Samuel and threw it back to get her hair out of her face, causing her dark locks to sail through the air majestically before coming to rest on her unblemished back. She moved her hips
back and forth in sync with Samuel’s thrusting until she felt yet another orgasm coming and this time she wanted to be riding him when it came.

“Uh, ohh, Samuel. Unh, let me, oh, God! Uh, uh, ride you,” Elysia barely managed to gasp out, her body threatening her with another incredible orgasm.

Samuel was all too happy to indulge Elysia and pulled out of her. She instantly spun around and pushed him onto her bed. His cock was so hard that it stared directly up at the ceiling, providing Elysia with an easy target to aim for. She quickly mounted him and his entire shaft disappeared back into her pussy, causing both to gasp in wide-mouthed bliss. Elysia closed her eyes, arched her back and let her head fall back as she started to ride Samuel and enter a state of total euphoria.

Deep breaths escaped Elysia’s mouth as she happily bounced up and down Samuel’s cock.

“Oh, Samuel, oh goram!” Elysia moaned as she slid herself up and down his shaft, occasionally stopping at the base of his cock and grinding it against the back of her pussy.

Samuel moaned as well as he placed his hands on Elysia’s hips, helping her move up and down. She looked down at him and smiled as she continued to bounce away, placing her hands on his chest to better balance herself.

“Enjoying yourself, Samuel?” Elysia half-questioned and half-chuckled.

Samuel nodded and exhaled deeply.

“Oh yes, Elysia. Oh, God, yes,” Samuel acknowledged as he took his hands and firmly squeezed her breasts.

While Elysia continued to ride him, Samuel leaned forward and placed his mouth over her left nipple. His lips wrapped around the little nub and he started flicking his tongue at the stiff mound. After a few seconds, he switched to her other nipple and duplicated what he did with the previous one.

“Oh fuck. Oh, Samuel. Oh.”

Elysia moaned louder as she picked up her riding speed. Her body rocked back and forth, sliding Samuel out of her just to have the end of his cock slam into the back of her cunt over and over again. Sweat poured off of their bodies, staining the delicate sheets of her bed as she engaged in a session that was at an intense level she couldn’t compare to any other that she had experienced. Elysia bit her lower lip as she rode Samuel as fast as she could, like an animal that did not act with reason, but pure sexual instinct.

Samuel started to thrust himself upward into her, his ass lifting off of the bed as he forced his cock deeper inside Elysia. Her breath became ragged and she wailed loudly in pleasure. Each time Elysia would drop down on Samuel’s cock, her tits would hit him in the face, but he didn’t care. In fact, he eventually managed to get one of her tits into his mouth again and hold onto it so that he could continuously swirl his tongue around her nipple. The added stimulation combined with their joint thrusting had pushed Elysia to her breaking point.

Curving her back and throwing her head back, Elysia screamed at the top of her lungs as she came once again on Samuel’s cock. It had been so long since a man had made her cum with such intensity. Having been trained to consider the pleasure of her clients above her own, she did not allow her place to slow, so as to keep Samuel in a constant state of gratification. Looking down at him, she smiled warmly.

“How you doing? Are you close?”

Samuel nodded; he knew he was only a few seconds from reaching his own orgasm.

“Soon, I’m almost there,” he grunted.

Elysia grinned and got off of Samuel, causing an almost horrified look to appear on his face, as if she wasn’t going to finish him off. Quite the opposite, she got off of the bed and knelt on the soft carpet next to her bed.

“Don’t worry, Samuel, I promise I’ll make you cum. There’s something specific I want you to do though. Stand in front of me.”

Samuel got up and got in position in front of Elysia. He looked down at the Consort gently wrapped her right hand around his cock. She lightly stroked it, just enough to keep him close to cumming, but not enough to push him towards it. After a few pumps, she swallowed his cock, licking all of her cum off of his shaft. Elysia kept her sucking slow, almost sensual. She applied just enough pressure so that he could cum, if she wanted, but not just yet. The secret was to keep a man on the edge of cumming, so that when he did, the blasts were far more powerful than if he simply raced directly to an orgasm, and she wanted Samuel to blast her right in the face.

It was generally considered demeaning and inappropriate for a Consort to allow a client to cum on their face, but Elysia didn’t care. The Consort was also a human being, and like any human being, she had certain desires that she needed to be fulfilled, and one of them was to feel the warm cum of a man on her face. Even sophisticated people like Elysia occasionally wanted to be dirty, and since Samuel technically wasn’t a client of hers, she didn’t think much of having him spunk all over her beautiful face.

As she continued to stroke the base of Samuel’s cock with her right hand, her left one went around his back
and grabbed his ass. Thanks to all of her training allowing her to relax her throat muscles and shut off her gag reflexes, Elysia was able to get almost seven-inches of Samuel’s cock past her lips. In an attempt to try and get the last half-inch into her mouth, she forced the remainder of his cock into her mouth, however this finally pushed her ability to control her gag reflex to the limit, causing her throat to tighten around the head of Samuel’s cock. Apparently that was the last straw for Samuel, who started grunting loudly as his hips started to thrust his cock even deeper into her throat.

Not wanting to have all of Samuel’s warm load end up in the back of her throat, Elysia quickly pulled his cock
out of her mouth and started to jerk it furiously. With a final powerful grunt, Samuel let his cum fly through the air towards Elysia’s face. The strong eruptions flew directly into Elysia’s face, several landing on her cheeks, one on her nose, and the final one perfectly just below her bottom lip.

Elysia began to slow her jerking after the last remaining bit of cum pooled into the palm of her hand. Her eyes were closed and she breathed out slowly as she enjoyed the feeling of warm cum on her face. After a few seconds of enjoying the warmth on her face, she sucked up the small pool of cum in her hand before she went to work using her fingers to collect the bursts that had landed on her face. Each time she scooped up one strand of semen, she licked it off before moving to the next one. Seeing a small drop hanging from the tip of Samuel’s penis, she playfully licked at it and smiled.

“Wow, Samuel,” was all that Elysia could say as she got up from the floor.

“Yes, that was, that was an experience, one that I don’t think could ever be replicated.”

Elysia smiled and took hold of Samuel’s hand as she guided him back onto her bed, where they both laid down and embraced one another. Turning to look at him, she smiled and whispered in his right ear, “That was amazing. Thank you, Samuel.”

She kissed him and Samuel embraced her tightly and nodded in acknowledgment.

A shrewd smile came to Elysia’s lips as she thought of an idea and broke the kiss.

“You know, Samuel. A Consort, while not often permitted to engage in such physical activity with anyone outside of clients, or a licensed instructor of the Consort Federation, we do have special discretion to do so in certain…” She paused and trailed the fingers of her left hand over his smooth chest. “Circumstances.”

Samuel’s eyes widened in curiosity.

“What, uh…” He had to clear his throat, much too loudly it seemed, as Elysia giggled playfully. “What kind of, uh, circumstances?”

“Well, a Consort is allowed to take on a physical partner in the interest of maintaining one’s sexual prowess and learning about new trends in sexuality. Would you be interested in taking on such a role?”

The young doctor smiled, no longer like an awkward youngster, but a confident man who knew what he wanted, and what he deserved.

”When do we start?” Samuel asked.

Elysia smiled. She was really going to enjoy working with her new partner.

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Out Of Darkness, Cometh Light

You come to my darkness

Disturbing the desolation of my heart

Seeking my depravity 

Urging those unspoken thoughts to be spoken

Granting me space to work out my humanity

Your fingers and lips unlocking my soul

You have given me courage and strength 

So that within your care 

I may fly 

To soar on thermals

I shall forever be in your debt

For my wings had been clipped, I could no longer fly

You brought me healing, when you brought me yourself 

For you brought life to my soul

And passion to my heart

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © This piece is dedicated to anyone who thinks I am writing about them, I am. If something touches you, then take the time to make it yours. These reflections come from moments redeemed from time and space and out of great pleasure. I would be honored if you wish to use my scribbles in whole or part I ask only that you keep the context clear

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Impregnated my sister inlaw

My name is sammy 26 years, i have been with my wife astar since september 2014. We finished together high school. She is a nice loving woman with every thing i deserve. We stayed together until 2015 whe she introduced her sister Annet to me.
My w…


Lusca is a Caribbean folklore, said to resemble a mix of octopus and squid.

The lower stateroom wreaked of sex. Jonas was asleep in the cramped bunk above her. She lay on her back, eyes closed, awake but just barely. Her unsatisfied pussy remained wet; candy-apple fingernails toyed through the wanton mess. 

Kara didn’t notice the boat shift as the beast’s girth slid aboard. Several purple-spotted appendages snaked across the teak deck as if they recognized and sought her scent. Twitching tips inched below until they found her heady warmth.

A scream would have woken Jonas, but oddly, intrigue stirred and stoked her arousal. The instant it penetrated, she came. And every time thereafter. 

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How It All Began

I remember when I met you, a long long time ago

I knew that once I’d found you, I could never let you go

We became so close together, we always got along

You meant so very much to me, I knew it wasn’t wrong

To love another woman, never thought I’d see the day

I simply fell in love with you, the day you came my way

Nighttime I would lay awake, just turning in my bed

Sleep would never come to me, with you inside my head

I knew that doing nothing, was not a master plan

I’d regret it all my life, I must do this if I can

I found it hard to choose my words, exactly how I felt

I played my hand accordingly, with the cards that I’d been dealt

I must make a stand I turned to you, my heart began to race

I really have to do this now, just tell you to your face

“I’m really very fond of you,” I mumbled and I gushed

I can’t believe I said that my face was really flushed

The smoldering in my heart had sparked into a flame

I knew the first time we made love, life would never be the same

Now we’re one you’ve changed my life, I really love you so

Hold me tightly in your arms, please never let me go

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Open post

Here Are Lil Uzi Vert's 25 Best Guest Verses

Lil Uzi Vert is one of the rappers who made it cool to be different. A stylistic anomaly in the Philadelphia rap scene, Uzi has gained a cult following since the release of his debut project, Purple Thoughtz EP Vol. 1, which debuted in 2014. In the last six years, he’s become one of the biggest young artists in the rap game due to projects like Luv Is Rage 2 and Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World, and celebrated singles like “XO Tour Llif3,” “Money Longer,” “Do What I Want” and “You Was Right.” 2020 has seen a resurgence in the Uzi brand, with an end to his three-year album hiatus by releasing the hugely successful Eternal Atake LP in March.

While his solo material is lauded, LUV has blessed us with some fire guest verses as well. Uzi’s collaborations with Playboi Carti on “wokeuplikethis*” and “Shoota” stand out as more memorable contributions. There’s also his ever-popular feature on Migos’ “Bad and Boujee,” his linkup with the late Juice Wrld on “Wasted” (“Rockstar, that’s our style, these boys can’t take it (Yeah)/Hatin’, but they’re still tryna take our cadence (Woah))” and teaming up with Young Thug on “Up,” on which Uzi boasts he’s a loner and a stoner. Even more recently, Uzi blessed Young Nudy’s “Extendo” with a noteworthy 16.

This year alone, Uzi has become even more sought after. He’s cranked up his guest star output with a dozen feature appearances already on projects from Lil Wayne, The Weeknd, Future, Lil Baby, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and more.

With Lil Uzi turning up and taking advantage of his star power in 2020, XXL highlights 25 of Baby Pluto’s best guest verses.

  • “Bad and Boujee”

    Migos Featuring Lil Uzi Vert

  • “Wasted”

    Juice Wrld Featuring Lil Uzi Vert

  • “Shoota”

    Playboi Carti Featuring Lil Uzi Vert

  • “Commercial”

    Lil Baby Featuring Lil Uzi Vert

  • “Up”

    Young Thug Featuring Lil Uzi Vert

  • “Reply”

    A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Featuring Lil Uzi Vert

  • “wokeuplikethis*”

    Playboi Carti Featuring Lil Uzi Vert

  • “Shells”

    Shabazz PBG Featuring Lil Uzi Vert

  • “Pose”

    Yo Gotti Featuring Lil Uzi Vert and Megan Thee Stallion

  • “PTSD”

    G Herbo Featuring Lil Uzi Vert, Juice Wrld and Chance The Rapper

  • “Extendo”

    Young Nudy Featuring Lil Uzi Vert

  • “Pull Up”

    Lil Keed Featuring Lil Uzi Vert and YNW Melly

  • “Who Run It (Remix)”

    G Herbo Featuring Lil Uzi Vert

  • “Watch”

    Travis Scott Featuring Lil Uzi Vert and Kanye West

  • “Wanted You”

    Nav Featuring Lil Uzi Vert

  • “Hotel”

    Gunna Featuring Lil Uzi Vert and Young Jordan

  • “Never Bend (Remix)”

    03 Greedo Featuring Lil Uzi Vert

  • “Too Much Sauce”

    DJ Esco Featuring Future and Lil Uzi Vert

  • “420 in London”

    Pressa Featuring Lil Uzi Vert

  • “What’s the Move”

    Young Thug Featuring Lil Uzi Vert

  • “Big Racks”

    Cassius Jay Featuring Lil Uzi Vert

  • “All Bad”

    Future Featuring Lil Uzi Vert

  • “Right or Wrong”

    Shy Glizzy Featuring Lil Uzi Vert

  • “WDYW”

    Carnage Featuring Lil Uzi Vert, A$AP Ferg and Rich The Kid

  • “Camera”

    DJ Drama Featuring Lil Uzi Vert, Mac Miller, Post Malone and FKi 1st

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