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Lil Uzi, Pop Smoke Producer JW Lucas Disrespects Breonna Taylor

JW Lucas, producer responsible for tracks for Lil Uzi Vert, Pop Smoke, DaBaby and more, is catching major heat on social media after making some disparaging comments about Breonna Taylor, who was killed by police officers in Louisville, Ky. back in March.

A now-deleted tweet Lucas posted, which began circulating via social media on Thursday (July 30), shows the producer questioning why people are seeking justice for the 24-year-old emergency room technician. Taylor was shot and killed by police when they raided her home on March 13 while conducting a “no-knock” warrant as part of a narcotics investigation.

“Why is the world asking for justice for #BreonnaTalyor….,” he tweet began. “Ofcourse she shouldn’t have lost her life….but do you realize that she was involved with multiple drug dealers who were using her house as a trap spot? If you sign up for that life there are consequences.”

Lucas quickly received backlash via social media over his comment for disrespecting the #JusticeforBreonnaTaylor movement, which has been launched because the three members of the Louisville Metro Police department responsible for her death—Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly and officers Brett Hankison and Myles Cosgrove—have not been arrested.

The producer continued to share his thoughts on Taylor’s murder in a series of follow-up tweets.

“It is terrible Breonna lost her life, and as I said earlier I believe the cops may have mishandled the raid and been aggressive after being fired on,” Lucas tweeted. “With that being said what is the punishment the world is calling for. Those men were on the job and have families as well.”

He continued: “If I angered anyone with my tweets regarding the Breonna Taylor case I do apologize. My intent is to point out the [misinformation] regarding the case and to bring awareness that this case is being sensationalized for political purposes and to cause confusion near an election.”

Lucas concludes his tweets saying that there “has to be consequences for people selling crack or any hard drugs in our communities” and that he has removed his initial tweet.

702jwlucas via Twitter

702jwlucas via Twitter

702jwlucas via Twitter

702jwlucas via Twitter

702jwlucas via Twitter

702jwlucas via Twitter

702jwlucas via Twitter

However, Lucas didn’t end the conversation with the aforementioned tweets. He also spoke on people calling for him to be canceled and artists who have worked with him to end their professional relationships with him.

“There’s nothing racist about me,” he said on Instagram Live. “You ever hear me speaking on White…do you think I have any connection to my ancestry? To the color of my skin? No, I don’t. And there needs to be reform on policing. They should’ve never gone in the house. I’m against raiding, but these are the laws that are passed. Ain’t no finishing me.”

He then asserts that he won’t be a victim of cancel culture.

“’Cause you cancel someone else doesn’t increase your own certainty,” he adds. “The fuck? Y’all ain’t canceling shit. I’ma be out here. I’m much bigger than music. This is bigger than music, period. You muthafuckas is some sheep. Ain’t nothing done about me. I’m out here fighting for the cause, for real. All of you talking about canceled, talking about culture vultures. You muthafuckas is some goofies.”

This afternoon (July 31), Lucas issued an apology on his Instagram page, saying that the “timing and nature” of his comments were insensitive to Breonna Taylor, her family and those fighting for justice in her unsolved case.

JW Lucas’ Twitter bio says he is responsible for production on Lil Uzi Vert’s “XO Tour Llif3,” Pop Smoke‘s “The Woo,” DaBaby‘s “Can’t Stop” and Jack Harlow’s “What’s Poppin.” However, a tweet is circulating online of Jack claiming Lucas didn’t actually produce the record. He says the beatmakers for the track are Jetsonmade and Pooh Beatz. Los the Producer is also listed on the production credits for the track.

“I’ve never met or spoken to that JW Lucas person,” Harlow wrote. “And he didn’t even produce WHATS POPPIN. Jetson and Pooh made it. That’s all.”

Rapper Nessly hopped on Twitter amid the controversy to request that his record label, Republic Records, remove his track “Bungee Jump! (Interlude)” from all streaming services, suggesting that Lucas was responsible for making the beat.

“Regarding JW Lucas,” he began in the tweet he posted today. “I am calling Republic Records / Universal to remove my song “Bungee Jump” from all platforms. I don’t want any associations to anyone who can’t empathize with what’s going on in the black community yet profits from it.”

However, according to Tm88, who produced the track with Cubeatz, Lucas didn’t contribute to the track, unbeknownst to Nessly.

“He ain’t make bungee jump kidd,” Tm wrote to Nessly.

To this, Nessly replied, “Even worse.. he been tryna claim that from day one saying he did the melody with y’all. Bra Is clout DEMON. Getting what he deserves now.”

Activist Tamika Mallory has called Lucas out as well. Mallory, along with YBN Cordae, Mysonne, Trae Tha Truth and reality TV stars Yandy Smith and Porsha Williams, were recently arrested while attending a protest in Louisville, Ky. demanding justice for the murder of Breonna Taylor.

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Cum On, Sis

“Damn it, Sis,” I yelled as my nineteen-year-old sister walked into the bathroom without knocking. It was a Jack and Jill bathroom with a door leading to her bedroom and one opening into mine.  I had covered my privates with a towel.

”Fuck, Terry, ” she laughed, ”I used to help Mom change your diaper. Get over yourself.”

The bathroom was small, just a toilet, a small shower, and a vanity. She pushed her panties and shorts to the floor and sat on the toilet. I heard the tinkle of her piss splashing in the bowl. She sat no more than two feet from me. I tried to wrap the towel around my sixteen-year-old ass but she jerked it from my hand. 

”Sis,” I yelled, ”Stop it.”

She laughed as she held the towel on her opposite side. I stood there cupping my young penis with one hand and reaching for my towel with the other. She held it at arm’s length as I tried to retrieve it. 

”Your not man enough, Bro,” she teased, ”I’ll just keep it.”

”Come on, Sis,” I nearly begged, ”It’s the last clean one.”

”Show me,” she demanded, ”Then ill give it back.”

”No,” I sternly refused, ”I’m not going to.” I reached for the towel again but she held it back. To my surprise, she grabbed me by the wrist and pulled my hand away from my penis.

”Nice dick, Brother, ” she teased, ”I don’t know why you’re so ashamed of it.”

”I’m not,” I argued, ”It’s just, well, you’re my big sister.”

”So what, ” she laughed, ”You can see my pussy.”

Without thought, I glanced between her white thighs. Her pussy was bare and on display. I watched a droplet of piss fall from it and ripple the yellow water in the toilet.

”You like it, don’t you, ” she teased as she sat back and spread her legs. She pried it open with two fingers on her right hand.

I couldn’t look away. I mean, it was like I was hypnotized.  My sister was teasing me by playing with her pussy in front of me. I could hear Mom, clanging pans in the kitchen, and Dad on the mower. 

”I knew you liked it,” she squealed, ” You’re getting hard.”

There was no denying the fact that my penis was starting to reveal its interest. She held my wrist so that I couldn’t cover myself. To be honest, I didn’t want to. Sis stood up from the toilet without her shorts.

”I’ll let you watch me masturbate if you let me watch you, ” she offered. 

I watched her as she pushed herself up on the countertop. There was not enough room beside the basin for her to sit, so one of her asscheeks was halfway in the sink. She put her feet on the countertop and spread her legs. My view of her tight young pussy was uninhibited. My dick was at full attention now. 

Sis twirled her fingers around the nub at the top of her slit. I think that’s what they call a clit. I found myself

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First Time

Your fingers are feather-soft tracing patterns across my teenage chest. Your lips fleetingly brush mine and I open my eyes to gaze up at your face: dark brown eyes, aquiline nose, and those full cupid lips. I lick my lips as if tasting your kiss and your eyes shine.

“I know it’s your first time, Colin but I think you’re ready,” you say, smiling while lightly twirling fingers among my pubic hairs. “Am I right?”

My burgeoning erection automatically twitches and I nod and croak, “Yes,” as you swoop to suck my purple crown. “Oh yes, Richard, I’m ready.”

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The Governor's Meeting – Chapter 5 – Mrs Vero

Sarah Lonsdale’s day of discipline changes her completely, giving her a new perspective on life.

I knocked on the door that was clearly marked: “Mrs Sheila Vero, Senior School Governor”.


I opened the door and stepped into her office. It was very much like the Headmistress’s study, with a desk, sofa and two armchairs, as well as a series of wooden cabinets.

‘Ah, Mrs Lonsdale. I’ve been waiting for you! Come in, come in! Sit!’

Mrs Vero pointed to an upright chair in front of her desk. I sat, with my hands in my lap, unsure what to expect.

She looked at me over the top of her glasses. She still looked every inch a school mistress, with her dark skirt falling just below the knee, her crisp blue and white striped blouse, and her sensible low-heeled black court shoes. Her grey hair was done up in a bun, and though she must have been over sixty, she looked considerably younger, and attractive in a severe way.

‘I spoke to Mrs Dickinson earlier this afternoon about your request. Very irregular! In these circumstances, I thought it best that I be added to your itinerary.’

I didn’t know what to say to that. What circumstances did she mean, exactly?

‘May I see the note that Mrs Dickinson wrote for you?’

Obediently, I handed it over.

I watched her reading it, her eyebrows rising as she absorbed the words which had led me to an afternoon of pain, humiliation and such an incredible range of feelings, that I still didn’t know what to think.

I would like to introduce Mrs Lonsdale, the new school Governor.

As part of her induction, Mrs Lonsdale, who is a psychologist, wishes to increase her knowledge of discipline at this school, particularly with regard to the ‘Walk of Shame’, and humiliation. You should know that Mrs Lonsdale is a firm believer in ‘experiential’ learning.

Whilst this is not an instruction to discipline Mrs Lonsdale, your fullest co-operation in this matter is requested in order to meet the requirements of this note. I encourage you to show imagination in deciding what, if any, punishments are merited. Under no account should you hold back in your duties because of Mrs Lonsdale’s status – she has expressed a desire to be held fully accountable for her actions, and I believe an example needs to be set.

Any discipline that is carried out should be recorded in the Punishment book as soon as possible, along with any demerit points awarded. I have explained the demerit system to Mrs Lonsdale, and she fully understands the penalty for incurring excess points. I am keen to ensure she learns an important lesson!

You should be aware that I found it necessary to punish Mrs Lonsdale myself today, for poor behaviour and tardiness. She has additionally earnt a detention for questioning my judgment.

Mrs Dickinson


‘Hmm. Well, from what I’ve heard, you’ve had an eventful afternoon, Mrs Lonsdale!’

I nodded ruefully, acknowledging her insight.

‘Yes, Mrs Vero, I think I can safely say that I’ve had an eventful afternoon.’

I could feel her looking at me. I knew I had bloodshot eyes, from all the crying I had been doing. I was probably a little more disheveled than I was used to. Not exactly what you’d expect from a professional school governor.

Looking at her, I thought Sheila Vero was the epitome of a strict grandmother. She was still very trim and exuded confidence and competence. At the meeting yesterday, I’d been afraid of her, thinking her a medieval old bat.

Now, as I sat looking at her stern features, I felt drawn to her power.

She picked up the letter and waved it at me.

‘You engineered this, Mrs Lonsdale, and the Headmistress is livid with you, for questioning her judgment.’

Sheila Vero’s eyes bored into mine.

‘Are you enjoying being punished?’

‘I, um – no, Mrs Vero, of course not!’

‘I’m not so sure about that. Show me your bottom, Mrs Lonsdale!’

I was startled.


‘I said, show me your bottom! I want to see what state it is in after your visits to the Headmistress, Miss Haworth, and the Head Girl. Don’t be shy – and be quick about it. Just take off your skirt and lower your knickers. It’s not exactly the first time today is it, Mrs Lonsdale?’

My face reddening, I stood and followed her instructions. I unzipped my skirt, folded it and placed in on her desk. Mrs Vero stood and stepped round her desk until she was behind me. I pushed my knickers down round my thighs, exposing my well-punished bottom to her.

Mrs Vero was quiet as she inspected me.

‘Well, Mrs Lonsdale, you seem to have achieved what you wanted. You have experienced almost the full range of punishment at this school. I believe you’ve also set a new record for the number of demerit points earned in a single day. More than anyone else in a month, in fact.’

Sheila Vero finished her inspection and stood in front of me.

‘Though, I understand that the punishment you earnt in detention has been postponed as your bottom is considered too sore?’

Mrs Vero’s expression clearly indicated how ridiculous she thought that was.

‘Is that correct, Mrs Lonsdale? Is your bottom really too sore, and too marked for any further punishment, hmmm?’

God – what was she asking? Surely, she wasn’t thinking…? I could feel a trembling starting up in my tummy again.

‘I – I don’t know, Mrs Vero.’

She glared at me.

‘I can see why Mrs Dickinson is so annoyed with you. You have been extremely manipulative.’

She paused.

‘What I’d like to do is have you stripped, and bent over my desk, Mrs Lonsdale. I’d have no hesitation in giving you the longest and hardest caning I could deliver! It is what you deserve – to be treated like an insubordinate, disobedient schoolgirl. I don’t care how hard you’ve already been punished.

Oh my God. I could feel my pussy literally flooding at these words. This old woman wanted to cane me and the thought was making me excited! She wanted me naked! As I thought that, I couldn’t help wonder what she looked like undressed…

‘Unfortunately, however much I would like to do that, I am no longer authorised to use the cane at this school.’

Oh! I should be relieved. Part of me absolutely dreaded being caned by this strict disciplinarian, but now she said that she couldn’t, I felt strangely disappointed! Did I want to be caned naked over the desk of this rigid old lady? What was I feeling?

‘What I can do, however, is make recommendations. And if anybody – student, or teacher – had turned up in my office as Headmistress with the number of demerit points you have, I would have had no hesitation in having you caned in front of the whole school. Indeed, it is the recommended course of action in the school rules for anyone accruing over forty points in any three-week period.’

She glowered.

‘You have earnt double that! Eighty demerit points in a single afternoon!’

I quailed in front of her.

‘For your manipulative behaviour, I am going to recommend a caning in front of the Board. Closed doors. That sort of thing is only ever recommended in special cases, but I think you are a special case Mrs Lonsdale, wouldn’t you agree? In need of a special punishment? And as the senior member of the Board, my recommendations are usually approved. I strongly suspect Mrs Dickinson will be making a similar recommendation after your behaviour today.’

‘What you say and do now, Mrs Lonsdale, is likely to have a strong bearing on my recommendations. As I say, I would dearly love to cane you myself, to teach you the lesson you so richly deserve. But unless you voluntarily removed the rest of your clothes, bent over my desk and asked me to cane you, I couldn’t do that!’

A long silence followed as I considered her words. Then, almost without thinking, I started to remove my remaining clothing. First, I took off my blouse, then my bra. I folded them neatly and placed them on a chair. Finally, I removed my shoes and rolled off my stockings until I stood in front of Mrs Vero, completely naked with my hands folded in front of me and my feet together. I looked down, passively. For some reason, I desperately wanted to submit to this woman.

I felt her eyes roaming over my nakedness, then;

‘I see. Are you going to bend over my desk as well?’

Taking a deep breath, I leaned over her desk, and took hold of the far edge in the exact position I’d been in that morning, when the Headmistress had caned me.

Mrs Vero walked round her desk until she was facing me. She leant down and looked into my compliant eyes.

‘I need to hear the words, Mrs Lonsdale. Tell me what it is you are asking for?’

Lying there naked, across her desk, I felt my submissiveness take over completely.

‘Please, Mrs Vero, will you cane me,’ I said quietly.

The light in Mrs Vero’s eyes shone wickedly, and she smiled broadly at me. ‘It will be my pleasure, Mrs Lonsdale. I will cane you, and keep caning you until I’ve had enough!’

She straightened, and I heard her walk to her cabinet. A door opened and, a few moments later, closed again. More footsteps, the sound of her shoes loud on the parquet floor, then quiet as she stepped onto the rug.

And then the swish of her chosen cane through the air, her practice strokes making me breathless with anticipation, my buttocks clenching with each swing.

I waited in trepidation for the first stroke on my bare bottom, my stomach in knots. I didn’t have to wait for long.


‘Eeeesh!’ Oh bloody hell! That was hard! The pain seared across my buttocks, my head snapping up as the sharp hiss escaped my gritted teeth.


‘Arghhh!’ The cane bit into my already abused bottom, damaged skin protesting at this new onslaught.


‘This is what you wanted, isn’t it, Mrs Lonsdale?’


She wasn’t wasting time, laying the strokes on in a steady rhythm, only a second or two between each one.


‘You wanted me to cane you, because it excites you…’

Thwack… Thwack… Thwack!

After the first twelve strokes, I felt Mrs Vero move behind me. Her hand stroked the red-hot ridges layered across my poor bottom.

‘Spread your legs, Mrs Lonsdale, I want to see your cunt. I want to see how excited you are!’

Ohhh – my God! What was she saying!

Obediently, I parted my legs, offering her a view of my hairy, and very wet pussy. My state of arousal would be so obvious.

Mrs Vero’s fingers caressed my buttocks. I felt her fingertips graze over my puckered hole. Closing my eyes, I gasped, then moaned, telling her everything she needed to know.

Her fingers withdrew, and peripherally I could see her take up a caning position once more.

Thwack! Everything was starting to feel hazy – I felt like I was walking through a cloud of cotton wool.

‘Anyone would think you were enjoying the pain, Mrs Lonsdale.’

Thwack! My buttocks were burning, but it was my pussy that felt like it was on fire…

‘Your cunt is a disgrace!’ Oh God, she had noticed! Of course she had…


‘Tell me this excites you, Mrs Lonsdale!’


‘Talk to me Mrs Lonsdale! Does this excite you?’

Thwack! Yes! Yes it excites me! Oh God, I couldn’t help it!

‘Y –Yes, Mrs Vero!’

‘I thought so! It’s obvious!’


‘Caning is a punishment, Mrs Lonsdale. It’s not supposed to be exciting.’


‘Not unless you are a certain type of person, Mrs Lonsdale.’


‘Still think there are no benefits to Corporal Punishment, Mrs Lonsdale?’


‘N – No, Mrs Vero!’


‘Do you know what you are, Sarah?’

‘N – No, Mrs Vero!’ Her sudden use of my first name threw me.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

‘You are a slut!’


‘You are a slut, Mrs Lonsdale!’


‘Say it, Sarah!’


‘I can’t hear you…’

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

‘I – I’m a slut, Mrs Vero!’

She stopped. My bottom was on fire, but also numbed by the number of strokes. Through the incoherent haze in my head, I realised I was crying and quietly sobbing. I was also more wet than I’d ever been. Mrs Vero’s words made my pussy quiver every time she spoke. I felt her fingers caress my buttocks again. This time they ran down my crack, and I shuddered. I felt her fingers on my pussy lips…

‘You like the humiliation, don’t you, Mrs Lonsdale?’

I couldn’t deny it.

‘Y – Yes, Mrs Vero!’

She leaned over me.

‘You have saggy tits, Mrs Lonsdale, and a fat arse!’

I gasped


‘You don’t keep in shape do you, Sarah?’


‘N – No, Mrs Vero!’

‘You deserve to be caned, don’t you Mrs Lonsdale!’


‘Yes, Mrs Vero.’


Yes, Mrs Vero,’ she mimicked.


‘What kind of tits do you have, Mrs Lonsdale?’

Her tone was deliberately demeaning. I was getting more and more excited.

‘S – saggy tits, Mrs Vero.’


‘Yes, Mrs Lonsdale, big, saggy tits. And a fat arse, Mrs Lonsdale. Don’t forget that!’

‘No, Mrs Vero.’


‘Your arse needs punishment, doesn’t it, Mrs Lonsdale?’


Arghh! ‘Yes, Mrs Vero…!’

‘Your cunt is soaking wet, Mrs Lonsdale – did you know that?’

‘Y – Yes, Mrs Vero.’

‘Of course you did. It is a naughty cunt, Mrs Lonsdale.’

Her fingers were on my cunt now, stroking the lips. Oh my god – her fingers had found my clit!

‘Do you like me stroking your cunt, Mrs Lonsdale?’

Ohh… ‘Yes, Mrs Vero!’

Mrs Vero leaned over me, and whispered in my ear, ‘you are a slut, Sarah, a humiliation slut.’

She thrust two fingers right inside my cunt and my legs started to shake as I came instantly, screaming silently as my orgasm washing over me.

As the waves subsided, Mrs Vero’s fingers continued to slip noisily in and out of my sodden snatch.

‘Beg me,’ she said, ‘beg me to recommend a public caning in front of the whole school.’

I moaned, my next orgasm imminent.

‘Beg me, Mrs Lonsdale – I know you want it, you slut. You want the pain and the humiliation, don’t you? You want your naked, fat arse caned in front of everyone, I can see it in every pore of your being…’

My second orgasm pulsed through me and I started making animal noises as I came again.

When I looked up, Mrs Vero was standing in front of me on the opposite side of the desk. She leant over and offered two very sticky fingers to me. I opened my mouth and she pushed them inside so I could lick my cum from them.

‘I’m waiting, Mrs Lonsdale…’

Our eyes met.

‘Please, Mrs Vero – please, I beg you, please recommend that I be caned in front of the whole school!’ I quivered as I said the words, wondering how I’d ever found this woman irritating. Right now, I would agree to anything she said. In the last few minutes she had utterly and totally made me her bitch, and she knew it…

‘Tell me why, Sarah. Tell me why I should?’

‘B – Because I’m a naughty slut, Mrs Vero, and…’


‘And – and I want to be humiliated…!’

Mrs Vero smiled at me. ‘You are, Mrs Lonsdale, and I know you do. Shall I keep caning you?’

She was standing behind me again.

‘Yes – yes please, Mrs Vero!’

Oh God – her fingers were on my arsehole, stroking…

‘Beg for them, Mrs Lonsdale…’ I felt a finger slide into my back passage – ohhhhh!

‘P – Please, Mrs Vero, please keep – keep caning me!’

‘How many?’

‘As – as many as you like!’

Her finger withdrew, and she moved back into position.

Thwack, Thwack, Thwack, Thwack, Thwack!

Thwack, Thwack, Thwack, Thwack, Thwack!

Ten strokes, all delivered to the same spot, hard and fast – and I came again, legs shaking.

I heard Mrs Vero moving away. I stayed bent over the desk, breathing heavily and totally drained. I don’t think I moved for several minutes.

Eventually, I heard Mrs Vero speak.

‘You may turn around now, and approach me. But I want you on your knees, slut!’

As I turned, I saw that Mrs Vero had moved to the armchair at the far side of her office. She had removed her own skirt and knickers, and was sat with her legs wide apart, and her pussy exposed.

‘Now it’s your turn to please me, slut. Crawl over here on your knees, Sarah.’

I crawled. I crawled submissively on my hands and knees and knelt between her legs, admiring her poise and confidence as she looked down at me.

Sheila Vero had not let herself go like I had. Her thighs were firm. She had on black stockings with a suspender belt that framed her gorgeous, mature, grey-haired pussy.

Before today, I’d never been with a woman. Never realised how erotic another woman’s pussy could look. Now I’d seen two in a matter of hours!

I wanted to make Sheila Vero cum.

I put my lips to her mound. She, like me, was sodden. I kissed her pussy and she groaned with pleasure. She reached down and pulled her lips apart, exposing her sticky hood with its hidden treasure. I started to lick her, up and down, seeking out her little bud with my tongue. She gasped, and It wasn’t long before she, too, was coming. And when she came, she bucked her hips in my face. She grabbed my hair and pulled me into her. She flooded my mouth as I reached for my own pussy, one quick touch setting me off, joining her in a panting, wild orgasm…

As we caught our breath, a devilish thought came into my mind, and I smiled to myself.

‘Slut!’ I said clearly.

She almost choked.

‘What did you say?’

‘I said, you’re a slut, Sheila, and a bitch!’

Her mouth opened in a big ‘O’. Then her eyes blazed and she slapped my face, hard.

‘You need to know your place! Get over my lap, trollop! At once!’

Shocked by the ferocity of the slap, I did so, and found myself being spanked over her knee with a hand like teak. I was sobbing again in seconds, and totally regretting my impulsive comments. I was being taught a lesson – one of many that day – that I would be hard-pressed to forget.

‘I think I should introduce you to my tawse!’ she said stonily, as she continued to spank me with her hand. ‘Get back over the desk and I’ll teach you not to push me!’

Without thinking, I quickly scrambled to my feet and obediently assumed the now-familiar position.

She rose from her chair and went to her desk. I heard her rummaging.

‘Your desire for punishment does not excuse your rudeness and bad language! I will beat it out of you!’

Sheila Vero didn’t waste any time. This time there were no delays, no pauses to think.

Thwap, thwap, thwap, thwap, thwap, thwap!

I yelled, taken aback by the ferocity of the blows.

‘Please – please, Mrs Vero – please stop, I beg you. I won’t do it again!’

Thwap, thwap, thwap, thwap, thwap, thwap!

‘You certainly won’t, Sarah, I will make sure of that!’

Thwap, thwap, thwap, thwap, thwap, thwap!

Thwap, thwap, thwap, thwap, thwap, thwap!

Breathless, she stopped.

‘Stand up and look at me!’

Not wanting to raise her ire any further, I swiftly stood. Standing in her shoes and stockings, her sexy pussy framed by her suspender belt, she looked like an angry Goddess. All I wanted to do was worship her.

‘You did that on purpose!’ she accused.

I nodded tearfully, ‘yes, Mrs Vero.’

‘Don’t do it again!’

Then, taking me by surprise, she stepped forward and kissed me forcefully on the lips. At the same time, she twisted and pinched one of my nipples hard. I gasped in pain.

‘I will see to it that you pay for that dearly…’ she breathed into my mouth, ‘in front of a full gathering of the Board of Governors.’

I made a sort of mewling sound as she pinched even harder.

‘As for being punished at a school assembly, I think that will ultimately be a decision for the Board. But I’m fairly sure Mrs Dickinson will take one look at your record today and recommend that it happens at the earliest opportunity. And I know where my vote will be going!’

I gulped. I couldn’t help it. Sheila laughed.

‘Get dressed – this meeting is over. I need to get home, slut.’

Whilst Sheila returned to her desk sans skirt and panties, I rapidly dressed and prepared to leave, my mind once again in turmoil.

‘By the way, Sarah, Mrs Dickinson asked me to tell you that she expects you in her office on Monday at 0900 – and not to be late this time. I wouldn’t be late if I were you, Sarah. Not unless you want to incur even more of her displeasure!’

She smiled at me.

‘You may even find yourself back in here – you wouldn’t want, would you?’ she said mischievously.

Sheila chortled as I gulped without replying.

‘Off you go, Mrs Lonsdale – until we meet again!’

As I left Mrs Vero’s office, my feet wending their way towards the school exit, I found myself reflecting. Was the Governor’s meeting really only last night? It wasn’t even twenty-four hours!

Was it possible to have a day like today? I’d been made to question everything I knew about myself. Not only had I allowed myself to be spanked and punished like a naughty schoolgirl, but I’d been thoroughly dominated and humiliated in the process. And I had adored it! I had rejoiced in it and begged for more. I had behaved like a complete slut, eagerly putting my head between the thighs of two very different women, and relishing the taste of their delicious pussies. I had abased myself, and never felt more alive – more free!

And I might yet find myself between the beautiful thighs of a third…

The thought of Miss Bates, the History teacher, had my heart beating faster. I very much wanted her. I wanted to bend over for her, so she could punish me with her cane. The feelings I had for her were different to the others. And I could feel a lump in my throat start to form…

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That Time I Banged A Banshee

So there I was, roaming the Irish countryside searching for an abandoned church I heard about online, when lo-and-behold I got myself lost. This particular church was noteworthy because it still had intact stained glass windows, despite being several hundred years old.

The exact name of the church eludes me but I heard it was haunted by some sort of wailing spirit that drove everyone away. The village surrounding the church relocated and time wore it down to nothing. Only the church and its stained glass windows remained, or so the story goes.

If that was true, I wanted to find it. An empty old church with pretty windows may seem trivial to some, but I thought it would be fascinating to look at. I’d take some pictures for my social media profiles, maybe write a blog post about it, inform the locals what condition it was in, and be on my way. I had a rough idea where the church was, but had to park my rental car at the edge of a forest and finish my journey on foot.

As an experienced hiker, I didn’t think much of it, I’d mosey around the woods until I found it and retrace my steps back to the car. Like always, I got distracted along the way and veered off from my path only to forget which way I should be going in the first place.

 To make matters worse, it started raining. Normally I like rain. I find it peaceful, and it helps me sleep. But when you’re out in the wilderness without shelter, rain sucks. It’s cold, it ruins your clothes and food, makes the ground muddy and difficult to traverse, it just sucks. I had a small tarp in my kit for situations exactly like this and as I peered around the forest looking for a suitable tree to tie off to; I saw the unmistakable stony outcropping of a cave. Assuming a bear wasn’t inside, that was the safest and best form of shelter I could ask for. For once, luck was in my favor. 

With renewed vigor, I made my way toward the cave, picking up some tinder along the way before it got too wet to light. As I approached the cave with a skip in my step, I heard something odd. I slowed my pace and strained my ears to try to identify the noise. At first, I thought it was some strange whistle coming from the wind. Depending on the surrounding trees, it can sometimes create an ominous keening sound. This was different. It echoed from out of the cave and sounded like a woman crying, weeping in misery. My pulse quickened as I considered what could make that noise.

Was a woman trapped or hurt in there? Was it an animal that I didn’t know about? Perhaps an injured deer, or something? Or was I making it all up, just a figment of my imagination because I was cold and worried? Stress can do crazy things. It wouldn’t have been ridiculous for my brain to be playing tricks on me. As I approached the cave, the noise stopped. I peered in. Nothing but darkness. I stepped closer, into the mouth of the cave. Rain pattered on the stone around me. The darkness inside the cave seemed alive somehow, moving before me.

I unslung my backpack from my shoulder and reached inside to take out a flashlight. “Go away!” a shrill voice snarled. The flashlight flew into the air and landed hard on the stone beneath my feet. My first instinct was to heed the voice’s advice and run as fast as I could.

The primal part of my brain wanted nothing more than to flee and forget this ever happened. The rational side of me had a different opinion. Against my better judgment, I slowly kneeled down to pick up my flashlight. If someone was in here, they could be lost like I was. Maybe they needed my help as much as I needed theirs. 

My flashlight refused to turn on at first, but after a few whacks from my palm, it lit up. I shined the light into the cave and just about had another heart attack. The beam of light shone across the jagged stone until it illuminated the slender, pale figure of a naked woman. Well, the shape of one. She was translucent, not unlike a pane of stained glass.

I pointed my flashlight at her, trying to wrap my head around the situation, and she let out a shriek that almost burst my eardrums. “Go away or I’ll kill you!” she shouted, her voice raspy and worn. 

I believed her. Her spectral form was like nothing I’d ever seen outside of movies. Was she a ghost? Could she actually hurt me if she wasn’t solid? My understanding of physics was not enough to educate any decision in this regard. As my mind played out the possibilities of this encounter in my head, the depressing keening noise came back. The woman’s shoulders shuddered and she buried her face in her hands. Her breath came out in ragged bursts and she sniffled into her palms. She was crying.

“Is everything OK?” I asked, inching closer against my better judgment. 

“Go away, I don’t want you to die!” she sobbed. I wasn’t sure what the hell was going on, but I knew she needed help.

“What do you mean? Why would I die?” I asked, inching ever closer. As I got closer, I got a better look at her. She was small, both in height and frame. Hunched over and sobbing made it hard to tell, but if I had to guess I’d say she wasn’t much more than four feet tall. She was very thin, almost sickly, and her skin was ghastly pale. She was surprisingly clean for a seemingly feral woman, or ghost, in the woods. I came within an arm’s length away from her and she looked up at me, eyes red and puffy from crying. 

“Everyone who meets me dies. I am cursed,” she whined, staring up at me with her puffy blue eyes. Clumps of coppery red hair fell around her face and I couldn’t help but think she’d be beautiful with a shower and a good night’s sleep.

“Are you hurt?” I asked, kneeling down next to her.

“No,” she said.

“How long have you been out here?” 


“What are you doing out here?”

“What do you mean?” she asked. She rubbed her nose on her wrist.

“What brought you out here? Why haven’t you gone home?”

“This is my home. I’ve always lived out here.”

“I see. Well, what makes you think you’re cursed?” My eyes glanced down to her bare breasts, a quick and involuntary reaction because they were out. I wasn’t trying to perv on her, it’s just… there were boobs, so I looked.

“I have always been cursed, for as long as I can remember. There was a village nearby, with a beautiful church. I would watch people live their lives, day in and day out, but if I ever showed myself, they would run in fear or try to hurt me. I learned to isolate myself, only admire them from afar. But humans are so fragile. Eventually, they would die and I spent so much time watching them and their families that their deaths pained me so. I would cry for the fallen, but my sorrow only drove fear into the hearts of the villagers and eventually, they all left. Now I’m here, alone, so I don’t bother or hurt anyone.”

“You said there’s a village nearby, with a church?” I asked, suddenly excited. Perhaps I was close.

“Yes, there was. All the villagers left centuries ago and the buildings have all rotted away. All save the church.”

“Does it happen to have big stained-glass windows?” 

“Aye,” she nodded. A wave of excitement overtook me. Exciting as her information was, it paled in comparison to the see-through woman who gave it. What could she be? 

She looked human, though irregular. Being small and pale doesn’t make you a monster. Then I remembered her first shriek, the one that was so loud I thought my eardrums burst. That definitely wasn’t normal. Even if it somehow got magnified by the shape of the cave, it was still unnatural. I thought about my knowledge of Irish folklore. I wasn’t an encyclopedia or anything, but I’ve played my fair share of D&D so I had an idea as to what she might be. Couldn’t hurt to ask.

“Are you a banshee?” I asked.

“Aye,” she said, nodding again. “How did you know?”

“Lucky guess,” I said, feeling anything but lucky.

“Are you not afraid of me?” she asked.

“A couple of weeks ago I would have shit my pants, but today? I guess I’m just happy to find someone out here. I was kinda lost.”

She smiled. Her teeth were remarkably straight and clean for a creature that lived out in the woods. And for being centuries old, she looked fantastic. Maybe spirits don’t age? Or she could choose her appearance? Fascinating to think about. Not that any of that mattered. “You’re very nice,” she said.

“Thanks. You’re nice too. I’m not sure why all those villagers were so afraid of you.”

“Humans fear what they do not understand.”

“You’re not wrong there,” I said. My stomach growled. “Are you hungry?” I asked, reaching into my bag for two protein bars. I pulled one out and handed it to her, then realized how stupid that was given she wasn’t solid. She eyed the bar suspiciously. I reasoned that she probably didn’t trust humans, especially one being nice to her for no reason. It made me sad to think of how lonely she was out here. How little she thought of herself because of the abuse she’d suffered in the past. I opened the bar and took a bite out of it, in case she thought I was trying to poison her or something.

She watched me chew and swallow. Then, in the blink of an eye, she became solid and cautiously took the bar from my hand. She brought it to her lips and took a bite. Her eyes stayed locked on to me as she chewed. Her face softened. I opened my bar and ate it.

“So what do you, like, do out here?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” she asked around a mouthful of protein bar.

“Do you ever get bored? What do you do for fun?”

“Sometimes I venture out to find people to watch. Or I just pleasure myself.”

I choked on my protein bar as she said that. “I see,” I said, clearing my throat. “You mean, like, masturbate?”

She nodded. “What else am I supposed to do out here, all alone?”

“Yeah, I suppose.” Whether she felt awkward about it or not, she stayed silent for a while. “Do you think you could take me to that church you mentioned? I’d really love to see it.”

“It’s getting late, and the rain is fierce. We should wait until morning.” She was right. The rain was pouring down in sheets, I couldn’t even see passed the cave mouth. I was also bushed, so waiting till morning didn’t sound half bad. I was a little apprehensive to spend the night with a banshee, whose powers and motives I wasn’t entirely clear on, but she gave me little reason to be afraid of her. If she decided to kill me in my sleep, then I guess I’d deal with that when it happened. Or just die. Either way.

I took all the things out of my backpack that needed to dry and got myself ready for bed. Stuck in a cave in the middle of nowhere during a massive thunderstorm pretty much meant that I just put my tarp down and climbed into my sleeping bag to stay warm. I offered her my jacket, more to keep my eyes off her than because she needed the warmth. If she lived out here as long as she said, then she no doubt didn’t need my help to stay comfortable. I settled into my damp sleeping bag and curled into a little ball to try to stay warm.

The banshee looked through all the things I put out to dry, fascinated with them. If she was never allowed to spend time in civilization, they probably looked as interesting to her as an ancient artifact did to me. It didn’t bother me. She wasn’t destroying anything, just curious about all of it, and once she finally stopped asking me questions about every little thing, I nodded off to sleep. My slumber was not long-lived. A rustling sound woke me up, followed by the chill of air as my sleeping bag opened. When I opened my eyes, the banshee was busy crawling into my sleeping bag with me.  

“What are you doing?” I asked, still half-asleep.

“I’m cold,” she said. I felt her skin touch mine, and she wasn’t lying. I’d have been shivering so much my fillings would have fallen out of my teeth. She climbed in and zipped the sleeping bag around us, pushing her bare booty back into my hips. My sleeping bag was only designed to fit a single person, so despite my inclination to flip over and respect her boundaries by sleeping butt to butt, there wasn’t enough room to facilitate that. She took my arm around wrapped it around her, scooting back into me and securing our spooning position.

It was at that point I noticed she was no longer wearing my jacket. She wrapped my arm around her body and placed my hand upon her firm, supple breast that had no business being that perky for how thin and old she was. My hand recoiled as my fingers figured out what I was holding, but she pulled it back and placed hers over top to secure my grip on her breast. I tried to tell myself that maybe banshees were very… comfortable with each other. Maybe this wasn’t inherently sexual to her, even though it was stirring things up for me.

I still felt weird about it. Who wouldn’t? She was a stranger to me, and not even human. It didn’t matter that she had a slender, petite frame that was currently naked and wrapped in my arms, it still felt wrong. Maybe she’s just cold, I told myself. She just needs a warm night’s sleep and everything will be fine. So as not to offend her or make things any more uncomfortable, I left my hand on her breast and tried to fall back asleep. Once she got cozy in my arms she settled in and the sleeping bag warmed up again. 

At first, her body was tense. With my arms wrapped around her, I easily felt her rigid posture and wondered if she was uncomfortable or just bony. As the sleeping bag warmed up, she relaxed, and as she relaxed, I dozed off once more. Right as the grip of sleep was about to take hold, I heard her moan. My first thought was that she was dreaming. I’ve been told I make noises in my sleep, it’s not uncommon at all. Then I felt her hips slowly moving against me and her fingers tightened around my hand, which tightened my hand around her breast. 

She let out a lengthy breath, as if to steady herself. The movements of her hips were subtle, almost imperceptible, but in my heightened state of awareness I picked up on them easily. Her grip relaxed on my hand. I kept it there and lay perfectly still, both because I didn’t want to startle her and because I wanted her to think I was still asleep. She kept going.

Her slow, barely noticeable movements and soft moans continued with her. My brain ran through a list of things she could be doing, and based on what she told me she does for fun, the most logical was that she was masturbating.

In my sleeping bag.


With me wrapped around her.

Though awkward, I thought it would be infinitely more so if she knew I knew what she was doing. Isolated in the wilderness for that long was sure to degrade your social skills, I was willing to cut her some slack. Besides, it’s not like I haven’t jerked off in the middle of the night with other people in the room if I really needed it. Who hasn’t? I kept up the facade that I was asleep and let her do her thing. My plan was going swimmingly until my body betrayed me. Slowly, surely, I got hard.

At first, I panicked. There was no way she wouldn’t notice that if it kept growing. If she noticed it, there was no telling what could happen. Maybe it would end awesome, like my fairy encounter, or maybe she’d explode my brain with her crazy banshee howl.

I subtly adjusted my hips backward, making more room for my erection as her breathing increased. Her hip movements became more deliberate now, and it was obvious to anyone that she was nearing an orgasm. Her fingers tightened around my hand, forcing me again to clutch her breast as her passion escalated. My erection grew as I felt her slender, naked body writhing in my arms and I knew it was only a matter of seconds before it touched her and my cover was blown. Her breath quickened, her grip tightened and her hips moved of their own accord. If I could hold out just a little while longer she’d finish her business and I could calm down and go back to sleep.

Then, like someone flipped a light switch, she stopped. Her hips stilled, her grip loosened, and her breath returned to normal. If that was a banshee orgasm, I felt bad for her. It was very anticlimactic. My heart rate slowed and my erection softened. I relaxed as best I could, snuggling into her a bit to get comfy, and eventually drifted back to sleep wondering how I found myself in a position like this.

Sunlight woke me up, and the banshee was no longer in my sleeping bag. The zipped was tight and my arms were as if I was still holding her. She must have turned incorporeal to leave without disturbing me. I rolled over and looked around. My sleeping buddy was just outside the mouth of the cave, stretching naked in the morning sunlight.

It was still drizzling rain, and she was using it like a shower to clean herself. With the dirt and grime from before cleaned off and the soft morning light exposing her instead of my harsh flashlight, she looked beautiful. She rang out her long, coppery red hair and pulled it all to one side of her face as she looked at me.

“Good morning,” she said.

“Morning,” I replied as my eyes raked down her slender frame, following the curve of her breasts and hips shamelessly. I hoped that from this distance she couldn’t see me gawking, but I had more respect for her intelligence to assume she wouldn’t figure it out. 

“Are you ready to go to the church?” she asked, walking back into the cave with a confident sway to her hips.

“Let me gather my things and we can set out,” I said, doing my best to not stare. I put all my stuff back in their rightful places and exited the cave with the banshee. She sauntered out of the cave, comfortable with the fact she was naked even if I wasn’t. I offered her my jacket again, and she declined. She seemed perfectly happy to walk naked through the forest.

I supposed she had been doing it for centuries. Why stop now? I was grateful that she had to lead me, that way she wouldn’t catch my stolen glances. After what happened last night, I was pretty worked up. Having her naked in front of me all day wouldn’t help, but oh well. 

Along the way, we made small talk, mostly about me and my life. At first, she asked me basic things like where I lived and what I did for a living. She continued asking about the things in my backpack, like how my phone worked and what a GPS was. She enjoyed playing with my compass for some reason. We shared another protein bar on our trek, and after about an hour of hiking we crested a hill that opened into a meadow with a solitary church at the center. Beautiful stained glass windows shimmered in the morning sun.

We were finally there.

“No way!” I said, running ahead of her to get a closer look. I ran through the remnants of the village and dropped my backpack outside the church walls. The door had long since rotted away, but the lichen-covered stone was mostly intact and, of course, the windows. A few were cracked, all were dirty, but they were there. They didn’t depict any event or story, they were purely geometric shapes for decoration. I loved them.

“Is it what you’d hoped?” the banshee asked me.

“Way better!” I said, pulling out my phone to take pictures. I started snapping pics around the area, logging everything I found even remotely interesting. While checking the quality of one of my shots I noticed the banshee standing naked off to one side. It would probably look weird and creepy if I ever showed someone those pictures, like I was trying to perv on some nudist in the woods or something. “Come over here,” I said to her. 

She padded over, quiet as a mouse, and looked up at me. “What is it?” I went down on one knee and pressed my cheek to hers, bringing the camera out in front of us to take a quick selfie.

“Smile!” I said, snapping the shot. I turned the screen around to review it, and she looked perplexed. “Look, you gotta smile for me so the picture looks nice,” I said, showing her the photo.

“Is that me?” she asked, suddenly horrified. I supposed there weren’t a lot of mirrors when you lived out in the woods by yourself.

She probably didn’t have a good idea of what she looked like.

“Sure is. Here, let’s take another one.”

“I look hideous!” she cried, shielding her face with her hands. “No wonder you wouldn’t touch me last night!”

“Say what?” I asked as she groaned into her hands. That morose keening noise started once again. Her shoulders shuddered as she held back sniffles. “Hey, come on now, there’s no need to get upset. You’re very pretty, how could you think otherwise?”

“People always run away from me. They run and hide. An entire village left because I was so repulsive to them,” she said, sobbing louder as she spoke. As her emotions crescendoed, so did her voice, becoming so loud it almost hurt.

“It’s not like that. You said it yourself. Humans fear what they don’t understand. They were just scared because you’re different from them, it has nothing to do with how you look.”

“Then how come you wouldn’t touch me last night?” she asked, looking up from her hands with red, puffy eyes.

“I, uh…” I wasn’t entirely sure how to answer that, so I figured I should just be honest. “I was kinda scared. I wasn’t sure what you might do to me and wasn’t sure if I was supposed to react or if you were just enjoying some… alone time.”

“You find me repulsive.”

“I assure you I don’t. You’re just an unknown quantity to me. I was being careful. It sounded like you were going to take care of yourself, I didn’t want to interrupt.”

“I only did that because you weren’t touching me. It’s been so long since I’ve seen a man, felt his warmth. I wanted you to take me, and when you didn’t, I became frustrated. I touched myself, then remembered that I could kill you if I finished. Not that any of that matters. You don’t find me attractive,”

I sighed. Her self esteem was abysmal, that much was obvious, but I could hardly blame her given the centuries of fear and loathing she’d endured, not to mention loneliness. “I do find you attractive. In fact, my body was reacting to yours last night, and I did my best to hide it from you.” 

“Really?” she smiled. “How come?”

“I don’t know, I was nervous. I don’t have a lot of experience with women, especially not banshees. I just kinda panicked,” I said.

She stared up at me with her big eyes, still slightly bloodshot from crying. She leaned forward and kissed me. Though startled, it was a pleasant kiss. Her eager tongue wiggled into mine for a moment before she pulled away and stared up at me. Perhaps my horniness from last night clouded my judgment, but I leaned back in for another and before I knew it we were making out like two teenagers in a basement. Since she was already naked, my hands immediately went for her chest, which I squeezed and kneaded passionately. They were surprisingly large and firm for her tiny frame. 

Our mouths stayed locked together as her hands practically ripped my jacket off while my hands unbuckled my pants. I stood up and hopped out of them, throwing my shirt off so I was naked too, my cock throbbing and pointed right at her. “It’s so big!” she gasped, and I’ll admit my ego inflated a little. Then I remembered she was a four-foot-tall banshee, so proportionally I seemed larger than she expected. I looked down at her tiny, naked body and her womanly curves, trying to figure out the logistics of having sex with someone that much shorter than me. 

With remarkable agility, she jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist while her arms clutched the back of my neck. She gazed at me with lusty eyes for a fraction of a second before we returned to our passionate kiss with her suspended in the air by my arms. She was light enough that I could comfortably hold her with one arm long enough to line my cock up underneath her. At first, I only felt her weight pressing against the head of my cock, but once I found her vagina, the pressure lessened and she slid down.

“Ooooh!” she moaned out loud enough to make me wince. I cupped her booty with both hands, lifting her up slightly and setting her back down, working my hips slowly as I entered her. She was tight. So incredibly tight. Our size difference contributed, but even still. She playfully bit my lower lip, pulling it as I slowly penetrated her deeper and deeper. Her legs slipped down my hips and she kept squirming up my body to reset them.

Eventually, this became such a nuisance I hooked my arms underneath her legs so that my elbows were under her knees. This new position held her aloft just fine, and she was light enough that I wasn’t even tired. 

I stayed slow, so as not to hurt her, until I felt myself as deep as I thought I’d get. Her mouth eagerly explored my own, only taking breaks for air, and even then she just shifted her focus to another part of my body. With my cock fully inside her, I gave a few test pumps, lifting her with my arms slightly to see if my relative size caused her any pain. Her nails dug into the back of my head and she thrust her tongue back in my mouth, which was her way of giving me the green light. With a banshee in my arms and impaled on my cock, I stood in the dead center of that abandoned church and went to town.

She took my thrusting like a champ as I bounced her up and down on my throbbing shaft. Her oral affections were almost smothering. It became hard to breathe as she kissed and licked me all over, using her tongue to explore every inch of my mouth. I felt her breasts jiggling against my chest as I worked my cock inside her. She gripped the side of my face and pulled me in for a hard kiss, moaning into my mouth and squishing her nose against mine. She was so eager, desperate for my affection. I kept thrusting up inside her and pulled my face away from some air, but she pulled me right back.

“I need air,” I mumbled around her tongue.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” she replied, pulling my face to hers and locking our lips again. She moaned into my mouth and I felt a rough vibration, followed by soreness in my throat like I had just screamed at the top of my lungs. I wrenched my face away for a second, still pounding up into her with my hips, and stared down at her chest. It jiggled and bounced in the most enticing way, but with how hard I was pumping her, the amount of movement looked uncomfortable. 

With her legs draped over my arms, I curled my hands around her ribs to clutch her breasts, both to steady them and because I wanted to fondle. They felt amazing bouncing in my hands. I got a small sample last night while we were trying to sleep, but this was something else. I held them firmly and even played with her nipples when the opportunity arose, which only drove her more wild. She gripped my hair and pulled me in for another make-out session, smothering me with her lips and tongue while I held nothing back with my thrusts.

I was so horny from last night and from being teased watching her bathe this morning, staring at her lithe, naked form all day and now finally getting to enjoy it as I saw fit. A rush of vigor filled me. My hips sped up and my balls slapped against her booty as I thrust my cock fast and hard inside her. She let out a surprised moan that shook the stonework around us as I sped up. The all too familiar tingle of an imminent orgasm rose from between my legs and before I knew it I was cumming inside her. I let out a low moan, almost a growl, as I bounced this hot banshee up and down my cock and enjoyed her impossibly tight vagina.

Spurt after spurt of hot sperm shot inside her, and she shrieked in delight as my load lubricated her further and helped my last burst of energy speed up even more. My cock bucked and twitched, releasing its pent-up load while she bounced up and down my shaft, tight lips milking it empty. My breath came out in heavy pants as my energy levels dropped. She wasn’t that heavy, but it still took a lot of effort to hold her in the air like that and bang her till I reached my orgasm. I huffed and puffed and slowed down.

“Don’t stop!” the banshee ordered, once again almost splitting my eardrums. I didn’t have much more left in me, but I didn’t want to incite her wrath either. I took in a deep breath, hoping for a second wind, and continued to pump myself deep within her. I felt cum dripping down my balls as she bounced up and down my still-hard shaft, and she yanked my face forward for another passionate kiss. Her curious tongue was pleasant, and definitely fun under normal circumstances, but I was so tired and out of breath I thought she would suffocate me. 

But I refused to stop. I kept pumping my hypersensitive cock inside her, kissing her back with as much passion as I could muster. Her kiss became sloppy and her breath quickened. She pulled away from our kiss and held me tight for a moment, staring me in the eyes as something swelled up inside her. Her hands shot to the side of my face, covering my ears tight as she threw her head back and let out an orgasmic scream so loud it felt like I was at a Metallica concert.

Stained glass shattered all around us. Tiny shards of colored glass flew out and away from the church and I felt the banshee’s vagina spasm around my cock. She held the sides of my head tight, careful not to leave any gaps for her scream to penetrate. At this point, I was near the brink of exhaustion. The second her scream stopped, she returned to kissing me and I collapsed to the ground.

I fell on my back, and she landed on top of me, never letting our mouths part. I let go of her breasts and unhooked my arms from under her legs, splayed out on the ground like a dead fish while she continued to grind her hips on my shaft.

Waves of too-intense pleasure and complete numbness switched back and forth while she moved on top of me. She released her grip on my head and stopped kissing me. Her lips were puckered and pink from all the kissing. I assumed mine were as well. “Thank you. It’s been a long time since I’ve had one that good,” she said. I grunted in response, and she laughed at how spent I was. She bent down for another kiss, a softer, delicate one. I mustered what little strength I had left to pucker up and kiss her back when I heard the unmistakable sound of a car door slamming.

Her head shot up, and her eyes bugged in fear. She quickly dismounted, letting my cum-slicked cock slap down and rest on my thigh as she stood up. “Come visit me sometime. Don’t forget about me!” she whispered. Then in an instant, she was gone, vanished into thin air.

“I’m sorry folks, it looks like the stained glass windows have finally fallen to the rigors of nature after all these years,” a voice said as it approached. “We can still enter the church for photos if you’d like, just follow me this w… Oh, my goodness!”

I looked up and saw a man leading a tour group into the church. I was still naked and dripping with my own sperm, too tired to get up.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © Copyright © Vivica Snow, 2020. All rights reserved.

Susie Is Naughty – Part Two

Susie woke up the next day and was sandwiched between her grandmother and grandfather.  They’d had sex all night long.  Susie’s pussy was sore from having sex with her grandfather.  His cock was as long as her arm and quite thick.

Her grandmother ate Susie’s pussy all night long.  The sheets were soaked from the cum that dripped from their bodies.  Susie was exhausted and just thinking about the naughty night they had.  Grandmother woke up and smiled at her granddaughter.

“Hi sweetie, granny is really hungry.  Open up your legs and let grandmother taste your tangy pussy.”

“Morning grandma.  Aren’t you tired?”

“Nope.  I can smell your pussy and want more.  Open those sexy legs.  Grandpa will want to make love to you when he wakes up.  We must get you creamed up for his big cock.”


Susie opened her legs and her grandmother moved down to the floor and pulled Susan to the edge of the bed.  She kissed her legs and her thighs.  She sniffed at Susan’s pussy and began tasting her smooth pussy.  She could taste her husband’s dried up cum in her pussy, which made her hornier.

She found her clitoris and sucked on her hard button.  Susie’s legs were shaking while her grandmother enjoyed her hard clit.  It was swelling up nicely while she sucked it.  Susie seemed to get hornier by the minute with all the attention to her clit.

Grandmother slipped her finger up into Susie’s pussy.  She was dripping from her grandmother’s efforts.  Her grandmother slurped at her hot juices while finger fucking her.  Susie’s pussy was exploding in orgasm.  Her legs were shaking while the old bird made her cum multiple times.

Her grandmother replaced her fingers with her tongue and fucked her with her tongue.  Susie was moaning more loudly which woke her grandfather up.  She noticed his cock was already hard.  He watched as his wife ate her pussy.  Grandmother Pat slurped and munched on Susie’s smooth pussy.  Susie purred like a sweet kitten.  

“Get up Joe!  Susie is ready for your massive dick!  She tastes so good.  Come help with her hot cunt!”

“Good morning, honey.  See my cock!  I’m ready to show you love, baby.”

Susie was moaning from the pleasure her grandmother was giving her.  Grandpa got out of bed and he and his wife licked her pussy until she couldn’t take much more.  Susie’s grandfather wanted her to beg for his cock, but she was still tired from their wild night.  Grandfather sucked on her clit and stroked at his hard cock. 

“Susie, beg for my dick!  Tell me how much you want me to fuck you!  Say it!”

“Grandfather, please fuck me with your big dick.  Fuck me and make me scream!”

“That’s sexy, baby.  My cock is ready to impale you.  Susie, get on your hands and knees.  Grandpa is ready to show you pleasure.  Get ready, baby!”

Susie was off balance from all the pussy licking her grandmother had just done.  She was weak from all their fucking from hours before.  She knew her grandfather wanted more.  She made sure to tell him to use lube.

“Please use lubrication jelly.  My pussy is still sore from last night.”

“Don’t worry.  We’ll give your kitten a rest.  Grandpa has his eye on your tight butt.  Pat, wipe the jelly on her butt.”

“Of course.  Her kitten needs a break.  She never had such a long dick before.  Her butt will be perfect for you, Joe.”

Pat rubbed the jelly on Susie’s butt.  She also rubbed it on her husband’s dick.  She sat next to Susie on the bed and watched her husband slowly get inside of her butt.

Joe pushed a little of his cock into his granddaughter.  Pat stroked Susie’s hair and face while Joe continued to get inside of her butt.

“Go slow!  It really hurts.”

“Don’t worry I’ll put lots of jelly on.  Pat, keep putting it on her!”

Grandmother squeezed lots of Jelly onto Susie’s butt.  She put more onto her husband’s cock.  Joe slowly pushed up into Susie.  Susie moaned while he slowly fucked her.  His cock was big, and it was impossible for him to put the whole dick inside of her butthole.

Once he got into a rhythm, Susie was smiling as he fucked her.  Grandmother played with her pussy while her grandfather fucked her butt.  It did not take too long for Grandpa to blow his load.  He pulled out of her while his cock dripped of his cum.

“Why don’t you two girls clean me up?  There’s lots of cum for the both of you.”

Susie and her grandmother licked the cream from his dick.  They took turns licking his cock.  Susie licked the one side and Grandmother did the other side.  They were both taking care not to waste a single drop.

“Susie, you are one hell of a girl.  Just like your mother.”

“I can’t believe you used to do this with my mother.”

“Oh yes!  We had fun with her too.  Only after she was legal of course.  She was a spitfire just like you.  You must tell her about our fun.”

Susie was not sure she would tell her mother.  She thought it was wicked that she and her grandparents were having sex.  She knew that her mom did too,

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HAWK – Chapter 11

This is Chapter 11 of a nineteen part series. In Chapter 10, Elizabeth and Tommy took a weekend trip to her home at Lake Whitney. The occasion gave Betts a chance to practice her exhibitionism.

Once inside the house, Elizabeth checked her cell phone. “I missed a call from the caretaker,” she told Tommy. “Beer is in the fridge. Get us a couple while I call him back.”

Her call was answered on the second ring. “Yes, Mr. Golden. Everything here is great. The house is very comfortable, and we’ve even taken a spin in the boat. Maybe later, we’ll try to jet ski.”

When Tommy touched the cold bottle against her bare behind, Betts jumped but smiled. “I know you are correct,” she said to the man on the phone. “In fact, I think we’re going to spend a lot more time here in the coming months. It’s just a shame to have such a great place and not use it.”

She listened a bit more while she watched Tommy pouring their beer into tall glasses. “Thanks again, Mr. Golden. I’ll let you know when we’re coming back.”

Putting down her phone, Elizabeth took the offered glass of cold beer. “Here’s to fun at the lake,” she said, touching her glass to his.

Thirty minutes before sunset, Elizabeth and Tommy took a bottle of wine down to the marina, deciding they wanted to be on the water to see the sun go down. As they reached the point where the dock was floating on the water, Tommy noticed something unusual.

Pointing to the corner of the dock, he asked, “What the hell happened over there. It looks like it’s been blown apart.

Betts laughed. “Exactly. It was blown up, I’ve just never bothered to repair it.”

“How did it happen?”

“Several years ago Bill and I were here and he decided to come down here to fish. He was in his electric scooter when he reached this point and saw what he described as the world’s largest cottonmouth.”

“Oh, shit!” Tommy recoiled. “I hate snakes.”

“So did Bill, but he acted like that particular snake was invading his private domain. He backed up to the house, got his shotgun, and returned to kill the beast. As Bill told the story, the snake was waiting for him and hissed at his arrival. He quickly aimed the shotgun and blew the mammoth snake into a thousand pieces. And, of course, he also blew a hole in our dock.”

Looking around, Tommy seemed to shiver. “I don’t like the idea of snakes being around.”

“Maybe the word got out that snakes weren’t appreciated here,” Elizabeth laughed. “We haven’t seen one here since that day. And fishing off the marina has been pretty good too. Bill said it was because all of the tiny pieces of snake drifted to the bottom of the cove to provide food for the fish. I guess they’re waiting for more.”

They took the boat far enough out into the lake to be able to see the sunset. Sitting together and sipping wine, they were cloaked in the moment.

“This place on the lake is heavenly,” he told her. “I hope we can spend more time here.”

“I’ve always liked it, but it somehow seems better with you.”

Tommy put his hand on her leg. “I think that any place with you is going to be heavenly, but this place will always be special.”

“While you were sleeping this afternoon, I decided to have Wi-Fi put in. Bill would never allow it. He wanted this to be a place for complete separation from the world. But, I think if we had access here, I could work from here for a week and we could be together. How does that sound?”

“I think it’s a great idea,” he said with a smile. “Can you be away from work long enough to take a trip with me?”

“Where do you want to go? How long would we be gone?”

“Oh, I don’t know how long. It’s just an idea I’ve had for a long time. A few years back, I bought airline tickets for my parents for their anniversary. They had never been out of the country, and I got them tickets to go it Italy. When they got back, I spent a couple of hours looking at their pictures and kinda got the bug to go there myself. Have you been to Europe?”

“Never,” Betts replied. “Bill always said that this was the greatest country on earth and he didn’t need to see anything else.”

“Did you travel around the country?”

“Nope,” she said with a frown. “Mostly, we worked. We took short trips to Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, but that’s about it. Bill didn’t really like to travel. He was comfortable at home.”

“That’s understandable,” Tommy said thoughtfully. “I can imagine not wanting strangers to be helping you in and out of things.”

“He absolutely hated hotel rooms for the disabled. Our home was set up for him, but it wasn’t all that obvious. He just preferred to entertain at home.” Betts smiled, “And we did lots of entertaining.” She turned to Tommy. “Would you like to help me host a party at the house?”

“Sure,” he replied, but wasn’t sure it was a great idea.

“Bill and I had a party at our home for every Dallas Cowboy football game. We had one of the first big LED flat-screen TVs so that we could watch the Cowboys with friends. He upgraded that TV every time something better came out. We had everyone in the downstairs entertainment room. Bill hired Chad, Helen’s boyfriend, to tend bar. I don’t think we ever had fewer than twelve people for a game.”

“I can see that you have the space to entertain down there.”

“Bill went to a game once when he was invited to one of the private suites. He decided that he could do the same thing at home. He always had it catered so that it was easy for everyone. I think it would be fun to do that again.”

“The season begins in just a few weeks,” Tommy pointed out.

Betts got up to turn on the boats running lights. She leaned over to throw the switches. “We need to make certain some drunken asshole running around the lake at high speed knows we’re here.”

As she bent over, Tommy looked under the long shirt she was wearing. “Do you have anything under that top?”

“Of course not,” she said with a bright smile once the lights were on. “I wanted to make it easy for you if you determined you need me while we were out here.” She pulled the shirt up to her chin, exposing her naked body. “See anything you need?”

In the faint light remaining, Tommy admired her nude body. “I can see a couple of things that might be entertaining.”

Betts quickly turned around and exposed her butt. “Don’t forget my backside. It’s available too,” she said with a chuckle.

“Trust me, sweetheart. I’m not likely to ever forget your ass.”

Sitting down beside Tommy, Betts let the shirt fall open. “Let’s finish this bottle of wine before we go home and find naughty things to do in bed.”

“What makes you think we’ll get as far as the bedroom?” he asked as he slipped his hand inside her shirt.

“Are you going to get tired of me?” Betts whispered as his warm hand held her breast.

“Probably,” he said, leaning in for a kiss. “In about forty years.”

Driving back home on Sunday afternoon, Elizabeth was wearing the same shirt she’d worn on their boat outing the previous night. With her seat reclined, she kept the shirt unbuttoned so that Tommy could touch her whenever he wished.

“Do you have anyone you’d like to invite to a football party at the house?” she asked.

“I guess that depends on who you’ll be inviting. Will it be your regular crew?”

“I’m not certain,” Elizabeth said thoughtfully. “The regular crew, as you call them, were all Bill’s choices. Not that I had any problems with the ones he chose, but they were his invitees. I might like to come up with a new group.”

“To be honest, I don’t really have a lot of what you’d call friends. Most of the people in my circle are the folks from work. I know a couple of guys from my college days that I play a round of golf with a few times a year, but I don’t really have any buddies.”

“That strikes me as a little odd,” Betts said, looking at Tommy. “You are such a warm and friendly person. I’m surprised that you don’t have a host of friends.”

“How many close friends do you have?” he returned fire. “Outside of work,” he added.

“You got me,” she said with a laugh. “None outside work.”

“As I see it, we’ve both done the same thing in our lives. We went to school, and then we went to work. Since going to work, that’s all we’ve done. Our lives have been our work. That is, except for you getting married. But even then, you were pretty much consumed with one person. It was a lot like work.”

“Should we join a wife swapping club to make new friends?” she asked with a grin.

No!” was his firm response. “I’ve already told you. I don’t share my toys.”

“Am I one of your toys?” she asked in a soft, sexy voice.

Running his hand up the inside of her thigh until he wrapped his hand around her sex, Tommy replied, “Yes, you are one of my toys. My favorite toy. The one I want to play with all the time.”

Opening her legs for him, Betts pushed her breasts together and whispered, “Want to pull the car over and play with your favorite toy right now?”

He glanced over to see his beautiful woman begging for his sexual attention.

“We’ll be home in less than an hour,” he told her. “Maybe we should wait and have some fun in the hot tub.”

“That sounds like a winner,” Elizabeth said before she put her hand over his that was between her legs. “You just keep your hand here to keep me warmed up and ready to play.”

As promised, after arriving home, Elizabeth and Tommy spent a little over an hour in the hot tub playing together. They stayed in the tub’s hot water until their fingertips looked like wrinkled prunes. They ate leftovers from the fridge, drank a bottle of wine, and curled up on the bedroom sofa to watch a movie. They both went to sleep that night thinking about friends.

Monday afternoon, Tommy was sitting in a staff meeting at his office. Dave Edwards, who worked in accounting, sat beside him, putting his hand on Tommy’s shoulder as he did.

“Hey, Thom. How you doin’? I haven’t seen you in quite a while.”

“Dave,” Tommy said as he put out his hand in greeting. “Are you going to be back attending these stupid staff meetings?”

“Looks like it. Probably for at least the next six months. I think it’s a punishment assignment.”

“How have you been? And how’s that pretty wife? Her name is Molly, right?”

“My pretty wife is still as pretty as she ever was,” Dave bragged. “She’s going back to teaching in September. It’s not like we need the money, but she feels like she wants to work again. Our daughter, Samantha, is ten now, and Molly will be working just about the same hours as Samantha will be in school. We were both concerned about having a ‘latch key’ kid.”

“I think it’s great that Molly has stayed home with your daughter for so long. I’m willing to bet you’ll always be glad that you did it that way.”

“What about you?” Dave asked. “You have any kids yet?”

“I’m not even married,” Tommy laughed.

“Hey, brother. In these times, marriage is no longer a requirement for having children.”

“Guess I’m just old fashioned,” Tommy said almost under his breath. “I think a child should have two parents living in the same house.” Opening up the notebook he’d brought to the meeting, Tommy turned back to Dave. “Are you still a rabid Cowboys fan?”

“Just as bad as ever,” Dave laughed. “It’s almost time to start the season, and I can’t wait.”

Leaning in toward Dave, Tommy said, “I’m living with my girlfriend now, and we’re thinking of having a kickoff party for the Cowboys first game. We’ll have food and a bartender. We’ll be watching the game on a new 85” big screen. Would you and Molly like to join us?”

“That sounds like an excellent idea,” Dave said with a grin. “I’d much rather suffer with fellow fans than cry in my beer alone.”

“They’re playing the Giants,” Tommy smirked. “The Boys couldn’t possibly lose. I’ll email you the details.”

Turning to begin the meeting, Tommy smiled. ‘I do have a friend,’ he thought to himself. ‘And Betts will love Molly.’

In her office, Elizabeth was going through the contacts in her computer files. “Donna Hanson!” Betts said aloud. “I haven’t talked to her since Bill’s funeral.” She remembered seeing Donna and her husband at the services. “What is her husband’s name?” she could recall the man’s face, but not his name.

Bryce walked into her office. “Elizabeth, may I interrupt?”

“Sure, Bryce. What’s up?”

“Nothing important,” he said with a smile. “I was just reading about the Boys on the internet and wondered if you might start your football parties now that you have a partner.”

“Funny you should mention the parties,” Elizabeth said. “I was talking with Tommy about how much fun they were this weekend while we were down at the cabin. I mentioned that we used to have some good football parties in the game room and asked if he’d be my co-host.”

“I hope you’ll put us on your guest list,” her friend said with a grin. “We always enjoyed them.”

Helen appeared at the door. “Did I hear someone mention a party?”

“You did,” Elizabeth laughed. “Tommy and I were discussing having a football viewing party for the first Cowboy game. I was just telling Bryce about it.”

“What’s the date?” Helen asked. “You’ll certainly want Chad to tend bar.”

“It wouldn’t be a party without Chad handling the liquor,” Bryce told them. “I’m not sure about the date, but the Boys are playing the New York Giants at home. I think it might be the second weekend in September.”

“I’ll Google it,” Helen told them. “Do you want me to see if Chad’s available?”

“Of course,” Elizabeth replied. “But I feel certain that if you tell him to be there, he’ll do as he’s told.”

Helen put a hand on her hip, taking a provocative pose. “You got that right. I have all the pussy, and I make all the rules.” She turned and left the office.

Bryce laughed. “That woman is incorrigible. She says the damnedest things.”

“She’s also candid,” Elizabeth told him. “If she says it, you can believe it’s true. And you can bet she’s the best ride in the park.”

“No doubt about that,” he grinned. “I’m going to mark my calendar.”

“Brad,” Elizabeth thundered.

“What’s Brad?” Bryce asked.

“Sorry,” Elizabeth laughed. “I was trying to remember the name of a friend’s husband. It just popped into my head. His name is Brad.”

As soon as Bryce left her office, Elizabeth began writing an email message to Donna Hanson. “Donna, it’s time for us to catch up. Pick a day for us to have lunch.”

‘I do have a friend,’ she thought to herself.

It was six weeks until the first football party. In that time, Elizabeth and Tommy spent almost every waking minute together when they weren’t at work. During the period, they had been to dinner with Dave Edwards and his wife, Molly. The next weekend they met Donna and Brad Hanson for drinks before attending a play.

By the time the party rolled around, they felt like a real couple. Tommy had been released from his apartment lease and had moved entirely into Betts’ home. By now, it felt completely comfortable. He knew he belonged there and did not feel like a guest.

The weekend before the party, they were joined at the lake house by both the Hansons and Edwards. The Edwards’ daughter spent the time with her grandparents, who lived in Ft Worth. Labor Day was on Monday, so they all had three days to kick back and relax. Their guests took the two bedrooms on the upper level and became immediate friends. The other couples were a little older than Elizabeth and Tommy, but by no more than five years.

The boat was used for skiing and fishing all weekend. One evening, Elizabeth and Tommy took them all out to their favorite spot to watch the sunset. The craft was loaded with food and wine. As they sat watching the sunset, Elizabeth thought about inviting Helen and Chad to the cabin. She smiled when she thought about sharing the end of the day with them and wondered if she would be able to keep Helen dressed.

For the entire weekend, the women were rarely dressed in anything other than bikinis. The men were delighted. While Betts had a centerfold figure, both Molly and Donna were eye candy. Tommy confided to Elizabeth that he knew both men were having exceptional sex with their wives. Both husbands had admitted to Tommy that seeing all that female flesh exposed had ramped up their sexual desires. Betts did not confide in Tommy that she knew the women were equally inspired.

On Sunday afternoon, Molly gave everyone a treat when she fell from her skis and lost the top of her bikini. Elizabeth had an extra-large t-shirt on the boat for Molly to wear, but the water caused it to be transparent, showing the woman’s lovely breasts.

Molly turned out to be a good sport and had fun with the situation, taking her husband’s hands and placing them on her breasts. “Here. Be helpful,” she told Dave. “Give me some cover!” Dave had turned to the others with a big smile. “I hate when this happens,” he snickered.

When they left on Monday afternoon, everyone expressed how much they had enjoyed the weekend and promised to do it again sometime soon. But Tommy knew that football season was just a few days away, and it would lead into winter. If they were going to get together again soon, he would have to find some way to entertain everyone indoors.

Late Friday afternoon, Tommy arrived home from work. To his surprise, he found Elizabeth’s car in the garage as he pulled in. Wondering if something was wrong, he quickly got into the house only to find Betts in the kitchen, busily moving things around.

“I thought you might be ill,” Tommy said as he dropped his car keys on the countertop.

“Nope,” she said as she came to give him a welcome home kiss. “I was just anxious to get home and make certain everything was ready for the party.”

“The party isn’t until Sunday. You’ve got plenty of time.”

“I know,” she cooed as she put her arms around her man. “I’m just apprehensive about it and want everything to go well. Bill always had a guy that did the catering who brought chicken tenders and quartered sandwiches. I’ve taken Maria’s advice and ordered from a friend of hers. We’ll have enchiladas, tamales, and Spanish rice. I have enough beer for three times as many people as are attending. And Chad has agreed to be our bartender.”

“Is Helen coming?” Tommy asked.

“Oh, sure. If Chad’s here, Helen will be around to make certain he doesn’t get too friendly with any of our female guests.”

“I take it, Chad has wandering eyes?”

“Not a chance,” Betts laughed. “Helen would castrate him in a heartbeat. Besides, she takes care of him and says a content man is very unlikely to stray. A few weeks ago, Bryce suggested that Helen would be the best ride in the park.”

“She wouldn’t be better than you,” Tommy suggested as he pulled her into a hug. “Has Maria already gone?”

“I sent her home early,” Betts said as she stood on her toes and kissed Tommy’s cheek. “Why? Did you come home horny and need to take me right here in the kitchen?”

“Your mind is never far away from sex, my little vixen.”

“Since meeting you, I’ve become a hedonist,” she said with a grin. “I’m just a normal person when I’m working. But when I get with you, my mind and body just light up the lust meter.”

“Just tell me I’m not going to have to satisfy you during the party,” he laughed.

“That will never happen,” Betts said with strength in her voice. “You haven’t seen it before, but I am a true football fan. My father vaccinated me with the football needle when I was young. The only time he didn’t want me with my nose in the books was during a football game. We watched all of the Cowboy games together. I knew all of their players and their positions, and I guess I still do.”

“Figures,” Tommy said in a grump. “I’m a baseball guy, and I catch myself a football fan.”

“No,” she said as she tightened her grip around his middle. “You’ve found a Tommy Hawk fan, who just happens to like football. I promise to watch the World Series with you and try not to say anything stupid or ask dumb questions.”

“What are you going to wear Sunday to tantalize your male guests?”

“I should probably wear my Texas flag bikini, but you’ve pulled it off of me so many times it’ll probably just fall off. I’ll probably just wear shorts and a top that shows off my cleavage.”

“A fine idea,” he said as he squeezed her butt cheeks. “But this is a time that I will encourage you to wear a bra. I don’t mind other men looking. I just don’t want them to feel the need to touch.”

“When Helen’s in the room, all male eyes will be on her. In fact, some of the women might be looking as well.”

“It’s one of the things I enjoy about living in Texas,” Tommy admitted. “It’s warm here more than it’s cold, and that means that the women are going to be exposing their bodies for a lot longer than up north.”

Betts pushed back from him and pulled her blouse off. Unclasping her bra, she tossed it onto the breakfast table. “This is the only body you need to be looking at, mister.”

“And what if I look at someone else’s tits?” he asked with a grin.

Getting down on her knees in front of him, Elizabeth unbuckled his trousers. “If I catch you looking, I’ll pull your pants off and give you a big ‘ol BJ right then and there. When you’ve got your eyes closed and hard cock surrounded by my hot mouth, you won’t be able to think of anyone but me.”

“That sounds like a proper punishment to me,” Tommy laughed as he looked down on his beautiful, topless woman. “Are you going to punish me now?”

“I think I will,” she mumbled as she pulled his pants down. “I deserve a treat, and you deserve to be punished.” Betts put her fingers into the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down. When his member jumped out at her face, Elizabeth spoke to it. “Hi. I haven’t seen you for a while. Prepare to be punished.”

“How long’s it been?” Tommy asked as she began kissing his stiffening rod. “Eight or nine hours?”

“I suffer from memory loss,” Betts said as she covered his cock with her mouth.

Putting his fingers into her hair, Tommy groaned. “That never gets old, baby. You may be the world’s best.”

Holding his stiff and shining cock, Betts looked up with a grin. “I’ve only been doing this for a few months now. Imagine how good I’ll get with some practice.”

“Practice makes perfect,” he said as she took him deep in her mouth.

Pulling away, she said, “Try not to doze off while I practice,” before plunging down on him again.

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YG Says Police Raided His House and Drew Guns on His Children

YG was arrested earlier this year at his home in California and the Compton native has shared the details of the traumatic experience.

During an appearance on The Morning Hustle radio show on Tuesday (July 28), the 4Hunnid Records founder says that police officers raided his home and drew guns on his two young daughters prior to him being taken into custody in January for a robbery charge. The raid took place just before he performed at the Grammy Awards.

“Around the Grammys, I went to jail,” YG explains. “The police came, raided my house–like my house, house with me and my family and my kids. They come through like four in the morning. We sleep, helicopter had come around and all that. So boom, I bounced up like, ‘What’s going on?’ Boom! They bang the door in trying to get in the door, so I go downstairs, I open the door–boom! They drew down on me. That’s normal, but my kids at the time were 4 years old and 6-month-year-old. They upstairs in the room with their mama.”

The rapper then says the officers went upstairs after he told them that is where his family was located in the house. “They go up in the room and they got the big AKs all in my little kids’ face like, ‘Don’t move!,'” he recounts. “I’m like bro, ‘What the fuck is y’all doing? Y’all got me fucked up!’ They doing this to my little kids! And these are little girls!”

YG adds that because of his gang affiliations, he is immune to being harassed by law enforcement. “I been through a lot of other stuff with the police, but I’m from the streets though, you feel me?” he says. “So it’s like, I got a target on my back already from that and I know that, so it ain’t really nothing to talk about. Because it’s like when you’re from a certain area, the police gon’ fuck with you.”

On Jan. 24, YG was arrested and booked at the Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles with bail set at $250,000 following the police search at his San Fernando Valley residence. He was released shortly after. The raid took place around 4 a.m. after police arrived at his home with a search warrant. YG was charged with robbery, which is considered a felony in California. The details surrounding the robbery are unclear.

However, despite the arrest and being jailed, YG was still able to perform at the Grammys for Nipsey Hussle’s posthumous tribute days later alongside Meek Mill, Roddy Ricch, DJ Khaled, John Legend and Kirk Franklin.

Check out YG discuss the incident around the 4:15-mark below.

See 22 Hip-Hop-Related Police Raids

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Future and Lil Uzi Vert Didn't Drop a Mixtape, People Are Pissed

Fans waited patiently last night for Future and Lil Uzi Vert to drop what they thought was going to be a joint mixtape—or even a new song—but the two rappers didn’t deliver.

The rumor mill has been buzzing for weeks that Hendrix and Uzi were going to be releasing some sort of new music, especially after they were spotted shooting a visual last month. Then, Future and Lil Uzi added fuel to the fire when they both promoted a Hype Williams-directed visual on their Instagram pages last week. July 31 was displayed at the end of the clip, suggesting that something would be offered today. To add to that, Uzi’s record label, Generation Now, posted the same video snippet to IG and told a fan that a project was coming. However, after fans likely rummaged through streaming services to find new music from the former XXL Freshmen, they came up empty handed and now, they’re pissed.

One Twitter user wrote, “All that promo from Future & Lil Uzi Vert and they don’t even release anything…”

Another said, “LOL im only upset with myself that I really thought Future and Uzi were gon drop today.”

A third person tweeted, “Was really hoping to wake up to that new Future x Uzi tape.”

At the moment, it’s uncertain if the song or project will drop at all, but fans are venting their frustrations about it via social media, to say the least.

Check out more reactions to Future and Lil Uzi Vert not dropping a mixtape like fans hoped they would below.

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Captured and Caged 2

Lydia knew that he was planning on using more than a vibrator tonight. He had told her to wear her short silk red dress. Lydia watched him as he came to the cage door and opened it. She felt herself getting wet at the thought of what he would do to her tonight. 

His mouth kissed her neck as his hand slid under her dress to her pussy.  He put his finger inside of her. Moving in and out until she came hard for him. Lydia watched him as he brought his finger to her open mouth.
“Taste it, baby.”

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