Marsha Joins In

As with all my stories, the people and places are real. In this one, the events are pure fantasy.

Marsha and I were sitting in the Arcade Drive-in Theater sipping our fountain drinks, cooling down from the fuck we’d just finished.  We’d rolled the windows down and it was almost too cool outside, but the interior still smelled of sweat and woman’s passion.  The remaining windows were still fogged, too.

“Bob and my mom seem to be getting along well,” she said rather matter-of-factly.  There was an odd tone to her voice, though. 

“They do.  I can’t tell you how shocked I was to find out, though.”  Hmmm.  The hairs on my neck were pricking up.

“Well, I’m just glad I don’t have to taste and smell her on you anymore.”  Again, in that unemotional, matter-of-fact voice.  Oh, fuck, I was busted.  I started to say something but couldn’t think of anything that wouldn’t sound like lying or damage control.  I flashed back to that day her mother, Mrs. D, had called me out on fucking her daughter.  Being completely open and honest had done the trick because that was also the day that she and I started our tryst.  She was at her sexual peak and romance prospects in our small town were nil.  Basically, she had me fuck her to keep her satisfied.

Okay, that sounds bad, much colder than how it really was.  It was honestly a mutual decision that either of us could have stopped at any moment.  Fortunately, I was at my sexual peak, too, and could get it up often with only short breaks.  That came in handy when I’d fuck Mrs. D in the afternoon right before going out with her daughter.  Now I realized the quick shower wasn’t sufficient.  Maybe a scrub brush and Pine-Sol under the foreskin? 

Marsha was my age, maybe a few months younger, and simply delicious.  Sweet face, awesome body, incapable of just one orgasm, and adventurous in the back seat/bedroom.  We’d even done anal at her suggestion.  Come to think of it, that was after Mrs. D and I had started.  I wondered if she was trying to one-up her mom.  Anyhow, there was nothing we hadn’t tried and through those experiences, learned there was nothing we didn’t mutually like.  I’d never considered Marsha for a long-term relationship, but that was beginning to change.  Now I wondered if we’d be together beyond tonight.  The thought of us breaking up surprisingly did not sit well with me.  I waited.

“I think I understand why you and she got together, and judging by the way you’ve treated me since, I don’t feel like it’s damaged OUR relationship.”  She put a strong emphasis on “our”.  “Steve, I like you … a lot … a whole lot, and when I first smelled her on you, it hurt.  When I could taste her, it hurt even more.  And those bites, scratches, and nail marks?  I can only imagine what you two are like together.”

Damn, I was confused.  On the one hand, the things she was saying sounded like she was maybe going to be okay with it.  I mean, we did just fuck, and she wasn’t screaming or crying or anything you’d expect considering the topic.  But there was that business-like tone with something running underneath it.  That was really throwing me off.  I still waited, hoping to be on clearer ground before saying anything.

“How did you two get together?  No, never mind, I shouldn’t know that; don’t know why I asked.”  We sat there in silence, her staring straight ahead through the windshield, me looking at … hell, I have no idea.  I was too busy waiting for the blade to fall on my neck.

A jumble of thoughts crashed around in my head.  Two emerged in dominance over the others.  First, I didn’t want this to damage Marsha’s relationship with her mother.  Second, I didn’t want this to damage Marsha’s relationship with me.  The first moved me to speak.  It was important she understood something.

“Marsha, I hope you understand that what happened between your mom and me, well, it was just a physical thing.  In fact, it was for her benefit, not mine.”  Fuck, that sounded lame.  The way she tilted her head as she continued to stare straight ahead suggested she thought so, too.  “I mean, Jesus, how do I put this?  Your mom had not had any physical contact, sexually, since she and Asshole parted ways.  How many years has that been?  Can you imagine yourself going that long?  Add to that the knowledge that her daughter was having sex, regularly, and was expecting her to support our dating.  She needed a source of relief, a safe one for both her and your sakes.  Turns out, I seemed to be that source.  Honestly, hon, I won’t say I didn’t enjoy it, but it was nothing like what we experience together.  There’s something between us that your mom and I never had that makes making love to you so much more special.” 

Whoa!  “Making love?”  Where did that come from?  And “hon?”  I’d never used any term of endearment toward her.  Well, whatever, I’d said my piece, it was as honest as it could be, now it was up to her.  I waited.

After a year’s worth of a few moments, she seemed to relax.  “I get it.” That’s all she said, but the matter-of-fact tone and the odd undercurrent were both gone.  She was back to the Marsha I knew.  “I couldn’t imagine going five years without you … um … without sex.”  I caught that slip and it did much to ease my worries.  She turned her head and looked at me questioningly, as if pondering whether or not to say something.  Then she did.

“So, she started with you, then somehow moved to Bob, but you still satisfy her from time to time.  Is that right?”  I nodded.  “Do you and Bob ever do her together?”  Shit!

“We have.  A few times.  His first time with her was that way because he interrupted us.”  Open honesty had worked with her mom all those months ago, I hoped it worked with Marsha, too.  I watched her carefully as I said that, as carefully as I could in the flickering light from the movie screen shining on the back row.  I didn’t see her flinch. 

“Tell me about it.”  Her voice was barely more than a whisper.  That set off all sorts of alarms in my head.  Nothing about answering that seemed like a good idea, but I couldn’t think of any dodge that wouldn’t smack of lying by omission.  With a strong sense of déjà vu, I forged ahead.

“Your mom and I were having sex one afternoon when Bob walked in unexpectedly.  Scared the shit out of both of us.”  I omitted that I was about to cum when it happened.  “He was so embarrassed.”  That brought a soft laugh from her.  “He was leaving when I had the idea that maybe he could take some of the load off me.  Honestly, Marsha, it was stressful satisfying her in the afternoon, then going out with you afterward, worrying that you might notice something which, as it turns out, you did.”  That last bit was said with true remorse.  The last thing I wanted was for Marsha to find out and be hurt over it.  I failed on that one. 

“I called him back and suggested he join us.  Your mom slapped me on the back and it wasn’t gentle.  She was so against the idea.  Shocked, even.  I have to say, I worked a pretty good sales job on her, showing her how including Bob would be for her benefit.  She agreed and he joined us,” I paused, considering just how much to tell her.  Something about her body language, her expression, the intent look in her eye, all told me to tell it all.  “We spit-roasted her.” 

Marsha’s eyes and mouth flew open in shock.  I wondered if I could have found a gentler way to say it.  Oh, well, cat’s out now.  “You mean her doggy, one in front, one behind, at the same time?” she asked in surprise.

“Yeah.  Bob took her from behind while I took her mouth.”  Marsha’s mouth snapped shut and she stared at me as she processed the visual.

After several moments, “Knowing you, you came in her mouth.”  I nodded.  “Does she like it?”  I nodded again.

“She swallows,” I added.  Another pause while she processed that.  I refrained from making the “like mother, like daughter” comparison. 

“And Bob?”  I almost said I didn’t know, I’d never cum in his mouth, but that didn’t seem like a proper joke at the moment and I knew what she was asking.

“She told Bob that he could cum wherever he wanted, but if she had to move to let her know.  After I came, Bob told her to roll over, he straddled her waist, I think he was headed for her mouth but didn’t make it.  The first squirt made it all the way into her mouth, the rest he slung all over her and the bed.”  I was grinning and shaking my head at the last part.  Sharing this with her was getting easier.

“Damn,” she exclaimed, the paused again to process it all.  “How often do you have threesomes?” 

Thinking that was an odd question, but the whole night had gone odd, I answered, “We’ve only done it three, maybe four other times.”

“So, about once a month,” she said, nodding thoughtfully.  My neck hairs prickled up a little again.  “Have you ever done a foursome?”  Fuck!  What??!!??

“Um, no.  Who would we do it with?”  That was intended as a rhetorical question.

Her gaze locked on mine with an uncomfortable intensity.  “Have you and Bob done anything with each other?”

Good Lord!  I think my shocked expression was probably enough, but I answered verbally anyway.  “No fucking way!  Neither of us are into guys.  There’s been only a few times we’ve even bumped into each other.  Hands or feet, that’s all.”  Oh, God, I was babbling.  OK, Steve, shut up now.

Apparently, I struck her as comical (which I probably was) because she laughed gently, not at me, but because of my flustered state.  She also seemed to relax a bit again as she nodded to herself some more.

“So, a foursome would probably have to include another woman, since there’s already an abundance of men.”  She had a thoughtful, far-away expression.

“Where is this going?” I asked. 

“Oh, nowhere.  Just following a thought train.  It’s last chance for the concession stand before the second feature comes on.  Let’s go.”  We made final adjustments on our clothes and headed over for snacks.  I have no idea what the second feature was because we spent most of it fucking and the snacks went home with us.

Since all the cats were out of the bags, Marsha and I spent the night in her bedroom.  Bob had already gone home, one of Mrs. D’s rules.  Marsha and I just went to bed and slept. The night had been quite taxing, both physically and emotionally for us both.  I don’t know about her, but I slept like a baby in her arms. 

Waking up the next morning, her being the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes, made me think I could do this more, for a long time. She was already awake and watching me.  Sounds of breakfast cooking in the kitchen and the smell of bacon and eggs urged us out of bed.  I pulled on my pants and shirt, Marsha donned her robe and we went out into the living room to the kitchen.

“Good morning, Sunshines,” her mom said as she grabbed toast from the toaster and began buttering it.  Looking at me she asked, “How’d you sleep?”  I told her I slept like a baby.  Looking at Marsha she asked, “How about you? Did you sleep through this baby’s snoring?”  What??  Me snoring? No! 

Marsha laughed at my expression.  Smiling at me she replied, “He doesn’t snore.  It’s more like very heavy breathing.”

“Huh!  Spin it however you want, sweetie, he snores.”  I started to ask Mrs. D if I’d kept her awake, but she cut me off, “Come on, kids.  Breakfast’s served.”  And a damned good breakfast it was.

After the food was all inside us and we’d cleaned and put away the dishes, we went into the living room where Marsha and I sat on the couch.  Mrs. D stood in front of us and asked, “What are you kids up to today?”

“Mom, can we talk?”  She looked at me.  “Alone, please?”  That was unexpected.  I looked from her to Mrs. D, and back.  Mrs. D’s expression was one of wariness and she looked to me as if for an explanation.  I raised my eyebrows and tilted my head toward Marsha slightly.  I hoped that served as sufficient warning because I had a feeling what was coming.

“Think I’ll take a walk,” I said, as I stood and headed for the door.

“Might want to make it a long one.  Doesn’t your car need washing?”  Oh, fuck, I’m glad I didn’t have to be there.  I nodded and left.  Geez, what to do on a Sunday morning in a small town?  Certainly not church.  Just got stuffed with breakfast so the Krystal was out.  Guess I’ll wash my car.  Ran it through the self-serve carwash, dried it, cleaned as much as I could on the interior, then drove around for a while until I was somewhere between bored out of my mind and curious out of my mind.  It had been a couple of hours.  I headed back to Marsha’s.

As I walked in, I sensed a tension, but didn’t hear any crying.  I took that as a good thing.  Marsha and her mom were on opposite ends of the couch, both facing straight ahead.  No red eyes, but some nervousness.  “Did I come back too soon?” I asked. 

“No.  We just finished up,” her mom answered.  I had not a clue what to do or say or anything, so I waited.  I was good at waiting.  I’d learned it often brought out what folks were trying to hide, but that wasn’t the intent now.  I just wanted one of them to take the lead.

“It was windy last night.  Let’s go to the park and walk through the leaves before the crews clean them up,” Marsha suggested.  Sounded like a good idea to me and we left Mrs. D sitting there on the couch.

Nothing was said on the way over to Oak Park.  We picked an area with lots of oak, hickory, and cottonwood trees.  Those made a beautiful combination of colors.  Strolling hand in hand through the crisp fall air, we kicked them as high as we could, occasionally laughing when they’d sometimes get blown back into our faces and hair.

“Mom’s story matches yours,” she said.  I was taken aback at what seemed to be distrust after I’d been so open and honest.  She caught my expression.  Stopping and turning toward me, she gripped my upper arm with both hands.  “It’s not that I didn’t believe you.  I’m sorry, I worded that badly.  I guess it just seemed so fantastical that I had a hard time accepting it but hearing it from her cemented it in my mind.”  OK, that was better.  We resumed our stroll but left the leaves alone.

“I also asked her about a foursome.”  The fuck? “She’d be open to it with a man or woman.”  That jumbled up in my head.  “Just saying that if any of you run across someone you’d like to bring in, she’s willing.  Options, you know?”

That was a bit of a blow.  Well, maybe she’s just trying to do her part to help her mom make up for the lost time in the sexual satisfaction department.  We continued to chat and stroll until early afternoon when Marsha suggested we return home.

Pulling into the parking lot, I noticed Bob’s car.  “Bob’s here.  We should stay gone until later,” I suggested.

“Don’t be silly.  Come on.”  Marsha hopped out of the car and headed for the front door.  I figured it would be locked, something we were all careful to do since Bob had walked in on Mrs. D and me months ago.  I followed her and it opened right up.  Relief washed over me.  At least they weren’t having at each other.

Walking in, we were greeted by the sounds of Mrs. D approaching climax. Whoops!  I took Marsha’s arm to guide her back outside, but she pulled away, tossing her coat onto the couch as she passed through the living room toward her mom’s bedroom.  The bedroom with the open door and the sight of Mrs. D riding Bob cowgirl fashion. As I approached, the scent of her passion became strong.  Standing in the doorway next to Marsha, I could see Mrs. D’s juices glistening on Bob’s balls and a darkness on the sheets below him.  I also could see his rather large cock sliding effortlessly in and out her womanhood.  Glancing at Marsha, I could see by her expression he was as much a surprise to her as he had been to me.  The squishy sounds of Mrs. D’s pussy didn’t quite drown out Marsha’s increased breathing.  Oh, fuck, she was getting turned on.

The gears in my head were spinning a hundred miles an hour trying to play this scenario out when Marsha cleared her throat.  The gears promptly bound up.  Bob made a sound like he’d been hit in the chest and his hand went over his heart as it did when he was startled.  Mrs. D simply turned her head toward us and smiled.  What??  Then it hit.  Fuck, this was a setup.  Oh, wicked, wicked women.  Wait.  Mother and daughter?  I think some of the gears stripped on that.  Well, my, my, Bob.  Karma’s come full circle, hasn’t it?  I almost laughed. 

Lifting up, disengaging from his cock with a slurping sound, she said, “Move over, sweetie.  Make room.  This bed’s big enough for two couples.”  Well, alrighty, then.  Marsha and I stripped down and climbed in beside them.  Mrs. D had reconnected with Bob and was bouncing on him while he stared wide-eyed at us.  Marsha lay on her back and I dropped my face to her crotch.  I couldn’t see Bob anymore.

Marsha was drenched when I got there.  I didn’t see her panties, but I bet they were soaked by her nectar.  Damn, I loved her scent and flavor.  Combined with the scent from her mom, I went to the edge quickly, but just hung there.  That had never happened before.  She and her mom were distinctly different.  Mom’s scent was muskier, stronger, her nectar was thinner, but had a … I can’t really describe it … a depth to the flavor.  Marsha’s scent and flavor were both lighter, fresher, and her nectar was thicker and had a more robust slickness to it.  Like comparing maple syrup to honey, except slippery, not sticky.

I licked Marsha to a quick climax, then knelt between her legs as she grabbed my cock and slipped it between her labia.  Teasingly, I slowly slipped into her, not stopping until I was buried to the hilt and could feel her cervix against my glans.  She closed her eyes and let a strong moan that lasted throughout the penetration.  Her legs came up and rested her ankles on my shoulders.  I began slowly pumping in and out of her, in no rush for it to end.

Now I had a clear view of Mrs. D and Bob.  Mrs. D’s eyes were closed, mouth open, head tilted back slightly as she worked her hips on Bob’s cock in a circular motion while also rising and falling.  I knew her pussy muscles were working him, too.  That combination is an awesome experience, I know. 

Both of Bob’s hands were on her breasts.  I took one and moved it to Marsha’s breast.  Bob’s wide eyes looked at me, then his hand.  Marsha turned her head, smiled at him, and placed her hand over his. As he began massaging her breast, I grabbed Mrs. D’s vacated one and began a similar action.  Watching my best friend massaging my girl’s tit made me wonder why I wasn’t jealous.  Maybe because I was deep inside her at the time.  I quickened my rhythm and her squishy sounds began to match her mom’s. 

The room was filled with female groans, moans and sighs, the liquid sounds of penetrated wet pussies, the heavy breathing of four people at the height of passion, and the bed started squeaking.  Really?  I sighed silently.  Squeaky beds annoy the fuck out of me, but I guess two couples fucking was too much for it.  Nothing to do but keep on keeping on.

Mrs. D was the first to go over.  Her hip actions became very frantic as a stream of unintelligible sounds spilled from her mouth and throat.  She leaned onto his chest with her hands, fists clenching and driving her nails into the flesh around his nipples.  With a loud sound of some mixture of a scream and a sigh, she came.  Her hip action ceased as she sat down hard on his cock and her entire body trembled and shuddered for what must have been a half minute.  His eyes were locked on her face as he lay there while she rode it out.  Marsha was watching, too, her face flushed, eyelids at half-mast, lips parted with the tip of her tongue just peeking out.  Bob’s hand tightly clenched her right breast, but I wasn’t sure she even noticed.  She was in a lust-fog on the threshold of orgasm yet transfixed by her mom’s climax.

When Mrs. D’s orgasm wound down Bob grabbed her hips and began pounding up into her, seeking his own release.  Marsha came back to reality a bit and put her hand on his stomach, pressing down.  “Wait. No.  Not yet,” she insisted.  Bob stopped his thrusting and looked at her with a confused and slightly frustrated expression.  My previously stripped gears began grinding again.  Where was THIS leading?

“Spit roast me.”  Shit, I almost came right then.  Mom smiled weakly and toppled off to the side, Bob’s cock slipping out with a slurp.  As big as he is, I kind of expected a pop, too.  Bob stared wide-eyed (there was a lot of that that day) first at Marsha, then at me.

“Sounds like an order to me,” I said, also disengaging Marsha.  She rolled over onto all fours with her butt toward me and leaned over, taking Bob’s dick into her mouth.  His dick that was still glistening with her mom’s juices.  Damn, my dick was just sticking out in the air and again I almost came. 

She just had the head in her mouth and her lips were stretching.  I repositioned myself and sank into her, not at all slowly this time.  She made an “oof” sound around his cock as I bottomed and pushed her forward, forcing his cock deeper.  Placing her hand on his exposed shaft, she began pumping it up and down.  I knew her tongue was working the head, probably teasing the slit at the end.  I pounded hard and fast into her, bringing a grunt, a moan, a squeak (not the bed, her) with each bottoming.  Those sounds, those vibrations, were probably working magic on his cock.  The way she and he were positioned now, the head of his dick rocked in her mouth rather than drove further in. 

On an upstroke of her hand, she let out a “mmm,” mixed with a giggle.  That’s the sound she made when my precum flowed onto her tongue, so I figured it was the same with him.  By my reckoning, he should be ready to blow.  I reached around and my fingers found her clit.  When she squealed around his cock, his whole body shuddered.  Mrs. D (remember Mrs. D?) was lying beside them idly stroking her slit.  With her free hand, she reached over and began pinching his nipples.  We’d talked about what “did it” for us in the past, so I knew that sent lightning bolts to his crotch.

He laced his fingers into Marsha’s hair, getting a firm grip on her head.  No, that wouldn’t do.  “Allow her to pull back if she wants to,” I told him in a gentle but firm voice.  He looked at me.  His eyes were glazed with lust (first time I’d seen that on a guy), but he nodded and relaxed his grip.  Damn, how long had he been holding at the edge of cumming?  Marsha began pumping her hips on my cock in time with my thrusting as she increased the stroking of his cock.  I was pushing closer and closer to the edge.  I locked eyes with Mrs. D.  She pulled her finger out of her pussy and sucked it clean before putting it back.  Damn!  Her daughter was tasting that pussy juice, too, I remembered.  Fuck, that put me over.

I grabbed Marsha’s hips and slammed hard and deep into her for one final thrust, just as I realized I was not wearing a condom.  Too late.  I began pumping blast after blast of semen against her cervix.  She screamed as her orgasm hit and those vibrations triggered Bob who blasted her throat just as I was blasting her vagina.  We all quaked, jerked, moaned, and cried out for the longest time.  As I was coming back down, I noticed Mrs. D shivering.  Damn, she’d cum again, too.  Remembering the lack of condom, I yanked out.  Marsha continued to milk Bob’s cock until nothing more came out, then slowly slipped her lips off it, holding them tight together to not spill a drop.  Looking at him, she swallowed and let out a satisfied, “Ahhhh.”  He wasn’t even looking, just lying there with his eyes closed.

“Oh, fuck, Marsha.  I forgot to put on a rubber.”  Mrs. D looked up with momentary concern, then her expression softened.

Marsha chuckled.  “I’m on the pill.  Mom insisted.”  Oh, Mrs. D, I love you.

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Stained Window, Stained Panties

Barely discernable movements could be detected between two houses on the cul-de-sac. Nearing midnight, the suburban streets were silent. The movements were of a slender young man on a covert mission. His target; the dark house to his right. Only one room lit. Perfect.

His gaze immediately was drawn to the light like a moth to a bug zapper. Even in this darkness on the edge of town, he knew the terrain perfectly. This wasn’t his first late-night surveillance of this particular window. Nor would it be his last.

Conditions were perfect. Nimbus clouds obscured the crescent moon. His heart was pounding and his penis was hardening like a stroke victim’s arteries. He felt small raindrops on his uncovered head but felt no concern. As long as there was no illuminating lightning he could cope. Heavy rain, however, could be detrimental. 

If the ground became soggy, his footprints might be noticeable. He didn’t want the law showing up at his door with plaster casts of his Nikes like an episode of CSI Cinderella. His name is Tom, appropriate for his voyeuristic bent. As fetishes go, it wasn’t a horrifying one. Plus it was cheap. His only requirements were Windex and Bounty paper towels.

His fetish seemed preordained since the day-long ago he uncovered a VHS copy of Michael Powell’s “Peeping Tom” lamely hidden behind his dad’s massive movie collection. His dad claimed to be a cinephile despite owning every Jim Varney movie ever unleashed on unsuspecting theaters. Still, Tom learned much from him, explaining why he grew up watching French new wave cinema sandwiched between Power Rangers and Pokemon each morning before elementary school.

Moving stealthily like a Kurosawa samurai, he crept nearer the window. He knew the view by heart. He knew her name as well, Hildie. Her indigo walls were adorned with an eclectic mix of posters. Three heartthrobs: Pitt, Leonardo, and Dr. Fauci. Finally, there she was lying exposed on her paisley comforter, wearing matching hunter-green bra and panties like a Technicolor vision. Tom was well aware of her fashion sense in undergarments. 

When the house was empty he had crept into her chambers and carefully inspected her panty drawer emporium. Her color selection rivaled Kubrick’s choices in “The Shining.”

While searching her hidden treasures, he also discovered her impressive selection of toys and immediately realized why the girl was working so many hours at Hollister. He knew it was risky but he had to pull a prank on the seventeen-year-old brunette; he switched her phone to ‘vibrate’ and her vibrator to ‘phone.’ 

She was prone on her back, legs mischievously spread,  framed perfectly in the window as if she were posing knowingly for his clandestine viewing.

Tom remained curious why Hildie apparently didn’t date. She was attractive enough although dropping ten-pounds would have yielded a pleasing effect. But, the weight would most likely only disappear from her curvy, prominent behind which would break his heart and reduce his masturbation by half.

Tom felt guilty for criticizing her appearance since he was no Clint Howard himself. He stood a slender five-eleven, insanely pale and all topped off with thick, black horn-rimmed glasses. He resembled a cross between Nosferatu and Buddy Holly. Sadly, that look was not causing village nymphomaniacs to trample his lawn for the privilege of erotic coupling.

He artfully kept his face out of the window’s light but could still see his target’s legs open wider with her hand slipping inside her panties. Tom mimicked her movement with his hand sliding inside his sweat pants then finding his erect rod, as hard as his college philosophy class. They both needed relief…and soon. The begonias beneath her window were soon to be inseminated again. 

Tom’s gaze left her hand long enough to take in her cherubic face. The ceiling fan caused her hair to flop over her eye like Veronica Lake in her prime. If he listened carefully he could hear her breathing become more labored and faster. That sound had his cock leaking like a faulty toilet so he rapidly jiggled the ‘handle’. Too rapidly perhaps since his sperm soon splattered against her window pane. On weak legs, he staggered back into the night.


Now a few words from Hildie!

She knew he was there. She always knew but kept it to herself. No need to embarrass him. He seemed nice enough. Besides, she enjoyed being watched. The voyeur/exhibitionist dynamic fit together perfectly like cream cheese frosting on a Cinnabon but with four-thousand fewer calories. And she had yet to hear of a correlation between masturbation and diabetes.

Her fingers slid between her swollen lips before locating her clit which was demanding her attention. She smiled, knowing her visitor’s penis was hard by now and being stroked like in a Billy Squier song of yore. Just once she wanted to watch him play with himself in bright sunlight but his fair skin probably burned easily. 

Opening her legs wider and pulling the silk aside, she plunged two fingers deep inside. The urgent moans outside harmonized with hers. She only hoped her parents didn’t hear the cacophony. They might not be as understanding as she. Hildie next lifted her plump derriere off the bed and began fucking herself desperately. 
Suddenly, her phone began vibrating, dancing across her dresser. Seconds after it stopped, the girl could hear her vibrator ringing from deep within her toy chest. She dismissed the interruptions as prudish poltergeists and resumed her well-practiced fingering. Her comforter was now refreshingly damp beneath her. Adding another finger, her toes curled like a parrot on its perch. With her fingers dripping, her climax struck with Sharknado ferocity. She announced her orgasm loudly in case the ghostly apparitions were still hovering nearby, “It’s here!”

After listening carefully for any sound in the house, she donned her satin mauve robe then picked up a small Walmart bag and walked toward the kitchen. Moving quietly down the long hall the girl heard the click of a lock with light coming from beneath an adjacent closed door.

Smiling impishly she silently rapped on the door, hearing the sound of stumbling followed by loud crashing like a Chevy Chase routine on SNL fifty-years ago. The door finally swung open and Tom, the blushing young man still bulging in his soiled sweatpants, fought to keep his eyes in their sockets when he recognized his visitor.

“What the fuck do you want?” he rudely asked.

“Is that any way to talk to your sister?” she giggled. “Besides, I come bearing gifts,” she continued while offering her older brother the plastic Walmart bag.

With his face now a blazing red he began extracting the gifts: a pair of Hildie’s previously worn green panties and a bottle of hand lotion.

“I thought you might need the lotion after tonight. I was afraid you might be a little chafed,” she smirked.

“How did you know it was me, sis?” He knew he was busted so it was pointless to argue. That would be as insane as debating a Trump

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Birthday Gift : Part One

I had decided to stay home, during the holidays, as mum and grandma went for a trip that week and I had some assignments to take care of, for college. It was a chilly winter morning, when I heard a knock on my door. I was in the midst of brewing some…


All done.

He pulled up her panties, as always.

A smiling yellow sponge was now covering her chubby cheeks.

With it still wrapped around, soaking in his own mess, he went for the wallet.

For tonight and for just now.

“We’ll need you on Friday.”

“Madam’s birthday, was it?”

“One evening at her favorite restaurant.”


Came out, the wrapping, by her own hands.

Enough left behind to be cleaned off.

Two chubby little things were dangling as her body bent.

“Romantic? Yes. I’m like that, sometimes…”

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Shoreline Mafia and More: New Projects This Week

Every week, hip-hop delivers new music for avid listeners or those who are looking for some new bops. This week is no different. There’s a released from a Los Angeles-based crew, a Buffalo native and and a Brooklyn drill rapper that. Take a look below to see some of the new releases below.

Shoreline Mafia, comprised of Ohgeesy, Rob Vicious, Fenix Flexin and Master Kato, are delivering their debut album, Mafia Bidness. The 12-track effort features the Wiz Khalifa-assisted “How We Do It,” which is an interpolation of Montell Jordan’s 1995 hit, “This Is How We Do It.” The LP also contains the track, “Perc Popper.” Both records were released prior to the album’s arrival. Mafia Bidness follows the quad’s Party Pack series, with the first installment dropping in 2018 and the second in 2019. And apparently, the LP will be Fenix Flexin’s last project with the group, according to a tweet he posted recently.

Griselda Records’ own Benny The Butcher is coming through with striking bars as he has teamed up with DJ Drama to release Gangsta Grillz X BSF Da Respected SopranosBenny is adding to his discography, which consists of My First Brick (2016) and Butcher on Steroids (2017) hosted by DJ Green Lantern, and bringing his BSF crew of Ricky Hyde, Loveboat Luciano, Jonesy and Heem along for the ride. Benny’s most recent effort was Tana Talk 3, which dropped in November of 2018.

Brooklyn drill has an undeniable movement and Sleepy Hallow is offering a new project that emulates that sound. Sleepy is releasing his EP The Black House, which comes nearly two months after his effort, Sleepy Hallow Presents: Sleepy for President. Known for his “Deep End Freestyle” and collabs with fellow New York rappers Sheff G (“Molly”) and Fivio Foreign (“Baddie Betty Boop”), Sleepy is back to deliver more of his rugged sound with gritty, yet fire production.

Scroll down to see more releases from Shoreline Mafia, Benny The Butcher, Sleepy Hallow,  City Morgue, Nyck Caution and more below.

  • Mafia Bidness

    Shoreline Mafia

    Atlantic Recordings

  • Gangsta Grillz X BSF Da Respected Sopranos

    Benny The Butcher & DJ Drama Presents

    Grisleda Records

  • The Black House EP

    Sleepy Hallow

    Winners Circle Entertainment Inc. / Empire

  • King Soulja 9

    Soulja Boy

    SODMG Records

  • Ain’t No Peace


    Konvict Kulture

  • Open Flame

    Nyck Caution

  • Toxic Boogaloo

    City Morgue

    Hikari-Ultra / Republic

  • Make America Shake Again

    Trap Beckham

    Stevie Stacks Entertainment

  • The Curb Commentator Channel 2 EP

    Heavy on the Grind Entertainment

Perfect Storm: Part Three

I first posted this on Lush in the winter of 2014 under the title ‘Something Strange in Iowa.’ Full disclosure: the series isn’t finished. But, I might still get around to it someday.

Ellie jumped off his lap and fumbled through her clothes on the table. She found her jacket and slipped it on. Cain watched her pretty bottom and back, the slender waist, and her long, lean legs below. She was seventeen years old and had taken dance classes for a fair number of those years. Living two thousand miles away from each other, Cain and his wife had never been to see her young cousin dance, but they had watched videos on Facebook. Cain had found her to be lovely, but so very young. Now, cozied up in a Sunday School room with the whole damn family asleep downstairs, she asked him to teach her about sex. And all of this was in the church that her family had built and grown up in for generations.

Cain felt dirty as he watched her muscles flex as the jacket came around and covered her back. His erection was still painful and was beginning to tell him to stop thinking. He started listening.

Ellie turned and posed for him with her arms out to the side, head down, and a cute pout on her face, one leg cocked in front of the other. Her breasts were peeking through the jacket. Cain wondered just how healthy his heart was, and if maybe he should take things slower. His head spun with desire and anticipation.

“My god, Ellie,” he said huskily.

She giggled and dropped her arms, embarrassed at the reaction she produced. “Tell me what to do,” she said softly.

How could he? How could he teach this young woman about sex? She wanted him to, but was that a good enough reason? He looked down at his rampant erection, straining at the front of his khakis. Ellie looked too.

“Should I start here?” she asked, stepping forward and reaching for his belt.

“No,” he managed to croak. “Start here,” he said. He stood and raised her hands to the top button of his shirt.

Slowly, with full concentration, she unbuttoned each one, finally pulling the tails from his trousers. He held each cuff out to her to unfasten. She put both hands on his flat chest and smoothed the material sideways over his shoulders. As her hands moved out and down his arms, she came closer, looking deep into his eyes, and kissed the center of his chest. The hair must have tickled her nose because she giggled and shook her head.

Cain took a deep, ragged breath and caught his shirt as it slid over his wrists. He draped it carefully over a chair. His arms went around her waist, pulling her to him. She stretched up, and he leaned down for a slow, sensuous kiss. She moaned softly as her nipples touched his chest and kept moaning as their kiss intensified.

“I understand now,” she said, pulling back and looking at him, her face serious.

“What?” he asked, smiling.

“Why people are so obsessed with sex,” she said, tears coming to her eyes. “I never understood before.”

She was so innocent. He raised a hand to the side of her face and kissed her again. His hand moved through her hair, and she clutched at his back.

As he disengaged, Ellie looked deeply into his eyes, and her expression grew mischievous. Her hands made their way to his belt. Cain could feel his heart rate increase as she began unfastening his belt and his trousers.

Her eyes never left his, but her hands were busy. She ran the zipper down, feeling his hardness pulse at the incidental contact with his erection. Cain saw her eyes narrow and her lips purse slightly. She kept his trousers from falling and ran her hands behind him, still holding on to the waistband. When she got to the back, her breasts pressed tightly to him. She lowered her hands over the curve of his buttocks and his boxers.

Ellie began bending her knees, never breaking eye contact with him as she dropped to the ground, guiding his trousers down. Her eyes narrowed, and her breath caught when his erection bumped into her descending chin. Looking deeply into Cain’s eyes, she turned her head slightly, causing his cock, still covered by his flannel boxers, to travel up the side of her cheek.

Her knees touched the floor, and finally, she looked down, sliding his shoes off and helping him out of his slacks. She draped them neatly over his shirt and turned her attention back to Cain. Her eyes found his again, and he could see the excitement and desire there.

“Finally,” she said.

I’m going to hell, he thought.

She reached up and took hold of the bottom of his boxers. She tried to pull them gently down, but his erection lodged under the elastic band. She saw his eyes widen, afraid that she would try to force them down. He began to reach in to fix the problem.

“No!” she said quickly.

“Let me,” she breathed, finally looking at the bulge in his boxers.

Cain watched her intently. He loved everything about the girl. The concentration that she showed, the way her eyes narrowed as she looked at him, her mouth opened slightly, her tongue just touching her top lip.

I won’t last ten seconds, he thought.

Ellie brought her hands to either hip, sliding her fingers just under the elastic band, and slowly brought them to the front, pulling the material slightly away from his body. When she got to the front, the sides of either index finger touched his erection. They both inhaled at the contact, equally excited.

Cain closed his eyes and moaned. Ellie pulled the material towards her and down, finally freeing his erection.

“Oh, Cain!” she said softly. “You’re beautiful, too!” she said.

His erection stood as she slid the elastic down his legs and finally dropped the boxers around his ankles. Ellie knelt and observed his body, from his feet to his muscular thighs, his penis and tight scrotum underneath, up to his abdomen, chest, and arms, and finally his eyes.

“You’re…everything is so big,” she said quietly from his feet.

Cain felt it would be rude to disagree.

Ellie straightened up on her knees and looked at his cock. She glanced up at him.

“Now?” she asked.

Oh, god! he thought.

“Hang on,” he said. He pulled a cushion off the couch and placed it in front of the upholstered chair. Then he sat down and had her kneel on it in front of him.

“Okay, listen,” he said, holding her hands. “Aunt Carolyn and I haven’t had sex in a while. You are so lovely and sexy that you’ve got me wound up like a teenager again,” he said, smiling. “I’m old enough that I can normally last quite a while before cumming, but today, I’m not so sure.”

“Okay,” she said hesitantly.

“Some women like the taste of semen,” he went on, “But honestly most don’t. It depends on the man and what he’s eaten. Apparently, fruit makes it taste better. I don’t know.”

“You’re saying that you want me to let you…cum…in my mouth?” she asked.

“I’m saying it’s a possibility. An option, I guess,” he said. “If you don’t want me to, that’s fine. I’m saying that you should make the decision, not some horny guy. Not me. I’m also saying that I’m so turned on that I might accidentally let go on accident.”

“I see,” she said. She looked down at his erection, still pointing straight up.

“What do I do?” she asked, glancing up at him and then back down.

Cain put his hands on either side of her face and leaned in to kiss her gently.

“Whatever you want,” he said.

Ellie smiled at him and reached down to take his cock in her hand as she kissed the tip. A string of pre-cum stuck to her bottom lip, and she licked it off. It was so sexy that Cain closed his eyes and moaned, laying his head back on the chair.

Ellie giggled and kissed him again, moving his penis around, kissing down the right side, over the top, and up the left side. She licked the bottom of his cock from his scrotum to the tip, causing Cain to shiver uncontrollably.

Ellie kissed the tip again, then opened her mouth. She ran her tongue over the bottom of the helmet and around and over the entire head.

“Oh my god,” Cain said.

She reached under and held his balls as she took the head of his penis into her mouth. It twitched, and he was sure that her mouth was hosting a healthy dose of pre-cum now. She grunted but didn’t spit him out. On the contrary, she began moving the head of his cock in and out of her mouth.

“Oh, Ellie,” he said, brushing the hair back from her face so that he could see her better. She looked up at him and seemed to be in a daze. She pulled back off his cock, breathing heavily, not taking her hands off his cock.

“Cain,” she said breathlessly, “This is so sexy.” She devoured him again, moving down his cock to where her hands both held the base.

“Ooohh….” he said, throwing his head back again. It was her first time, and she was doing far better than his wife ever had. Cain thought that he might be in trouble.

Ellie started sucking on his cock, pulling back and almost off, then moving back down to her hands. Back and forth, breathing through her nose, she brought him closer and closer to orgasm.

“Ellie, sweetie,” he said, trying to get her attention. “Ellie!” he called louder.

She kept up the suction, gripping the base of his cock, intent on making him cum.

She couldn’t know that her death grip on his cock was preventing him from cumming, drawing his orgasm out, and making it nearly unbearable. Her head was moving incredibly fast, her saliva coating not only his cock, but running down over her hands as well.

Strangled, pained noises were coming from Cain as his hips thrust up toward the girl’s mouth. Finally, he held her head in place and pushed up into her mouth so hard that she moved both hands to hold on to the chair for balance.

Cain’s cock erupted. He growled and thrust savagely as he held the sides of her head, his own head thrown back as he spurted time and time again. They were both making animalistic sounds, his induced by lust, hers by self-preservation.

Finally, his orgasm subsided, and he fell back into the chair. His hands fell from Ellie’s head, and his cock slipped from her mouth.

Cain’s eyes were closed, so he didn’t see her fall back on the floor, roll over onto her hands and knees and climb slowly to her feet. She walked over to a tissue box, took several, and cleaned the mess from her face. Semen, saliva, and tears all covered her face in a salty, slimy mix.

Cain opened his eyes and looked around to find Ellie. He saw her cleaning the smeared makeup off her face and was worried that he had hurt her. Cain struggled up from the chair and walked across the room to her. He gently, hesitantly put his hands on her hips under the denim jacket.

He whispered into her ear, “Are you okay?”

She nodded but said nothing.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “That was a little rougher than I planned.”

Ellie didn’t giggle. “A little?” she said.

“A lot, actually,” he said. “I’ve never lost control like that before. I’m not sure what to say.”

She turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck, mashing her breasts to his chest as she sobbed quietly into his neck. He petted her hair and tried not to think about her lithe, young body pressed into his.

She calmed down soon enough. She said something unintelligible against Cain’s neck.

“What?” he asked.

She pulled back. “How can something be incredibly scary and incredibly sexy at the same time?”

Cain chuckled.

“It’s a mystery,” he said. “I don’t have the answer.”

He stooped down and scooped behind her knees with his right arm and held her shoulders with his left. She clutched at him with both arms still around his neck and quietly shrieked.

He shushed her as he walked over to the couch and sat down, placing her on his lap, avoiding his still semi-rigid erection. She sat there and laid her head on his chest, her arms still around his neck.

“I’m sorry,” he said again.

“It’s okay,” she said. “I knew that you were going to cum, and I wanted it in my mouth to try it. I just didn’t expect it to be so…violent.”

“It’s not always like that,” he said. “Sometimes, it’s slow and gentle.” He explained to her how she clutched the base of his penis, delaying orgasm and making it more intense.

“So… I did that to you?” she asked, looking at him, eyes wide.

“Well, I’m not saying that it’s your fault,” he said, “But, yes. You absolutely did that to me. I’ve never had a more intense orgasm.”

Ellie smiled and laid her head back on his chest. Cain felt his erection growing again underneath her. He wondered if she felt it too.

Ellie heaved a contented sigh. “What are we going to do now?” she asked.

“I should probably buy you dinner at least,” he said.

She looked at him questioningly.

“Just a joke,” he said. “This is like our first date.”

Understanding dawned.

“I wish you lived closer,” she said. “It would be cool to be able to do this more often.”

“You understand about disease and pregnancy?” he asked.

Ellie rolled her eyes at him. “Yes, Dad…sheesh.”

Cain smiled. “I just don’t want to be the instigator of you ruining your life. You’ve got a lot going for you.”

She put her small hand on his face and kissed him. “You may have opened a door, but I’ll be careful,” she said.

He growled in his throat and kissed her back, pulling her into him.

She put both hands on his chest and pushed him back. “Wait a sec,” she said. She jumped down and grabbed the cushion from the floor and put it back in its proper place next to him. Then she saw his renewed erection jutting up from his lap.

“Wow,” she said, “Those things come back fast. I thought that there was a waiting period or something.”

“Usually there is,” he said. “Except when a beautiful teenager is seducing an old married man, then it doesn’t apply.”

“Oh, I’m seducing you?” she said, jumping on to the couch on her knees beside him. She leaned in and kissed him again and reached down to stroke his erection.

“Oh, god, Ellie!” he said. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“I am very sure,” she said. “You’ve been a good teacher so far, and I want to learn everything.”

Cain put his hands around her waist and pulled her over so that she was straddling his lap, kissing her the whole time. He brought her hips down and pulled forward until her pussy snuggled against the bottom of his cock.

“Oh!” she said against his mouth as her arms came around his neck. She instinctively began tilting her pelvis to bring her mound into closer contact with him. She rocked and moaned and arched her back, presenting her young breasts to him.

Groaning in surrender, Cain leaned in, supporting her back. He sucked her nipples one at a time into his mouth. Ellie cried out and hugged his head to her breast as she shuddered in a small climax.

In just a few moments, she rocked her hips against him again, and he sat up, bringing both hands under her bottom and lifted her, suspending her over his cock.

“Ready?” he asked.

“Oh god, yes!” she said, kissing him.

“Reach down and position my cock against your vagina,” he said, excited and breathing hard. She reached behind and did as he said, crying out at the feeling of him at her entrance.

“Take your weight on your knees,” he said, “And ease yourself down.”

Ellie made a high-pitched cooing sound as she descended onto his erection. Her eyes were closed as she concentrated on the feelings. Dance and gymnastics had disposed of her hymen because he felt no barriers to his entry. He was happy that she felt no pain and much pleasure at their mating.

Once she was firmly settled on his cock, he leaned in and whispered in her ear, “You don’t have to worry about me making you pregnant.”

“I know,” she said, eyes still closed. “I heard Aunt Carolyn mention that you had a vasectomy.”

“Oh,” he said, not sure how to feel about that. “Well, then.”

Ellie clutched his head in both arms as she began riding his cock. He captured a breast in his mouth, then ran his hands from her hips, up into her hair, and back down again.

He changed position, laying her back on the couch and getting on his knees between her legs. When he reentered the teen, she inhaled, and her eyes flew open.

“Oh! Cain!” she said in surprise.

“Yes,” he said. “It’s a little deeper.”

He had a harder time reaching her nipples like this, but she instinctively raised one leg over his shoulder, and he went very deep indeed.

Dancers, he thought.

Ellie began shuddering again, so he slowed his thrusting.

“Ohhh,” she whined. “That was feeling good. Why did you stop?”

He kissed her and smiled. “I want you to have a bigger one this time, maybe at the same time as me, maybe not. Let’s play a game and see how close we can get you to climaxing without going over the edge, okay?”

“That doesn’t sound like a fun game at all,” she said.

“Just wait,” he said. “You’ll see.”

Ten minutes, twenty minutes, Cain lost track of time. They had to be careful, but there was no rushing this for him. They changed positions several times. He wanted Ellie to feel comfortable with sex and experience as much as she could. Every time she approached one of her small orgasms, he slowed down or pulled out entirely, giving them both a chance to cool off.

Eventually, the time was right, and he had her climb back up on the table. She laid back with her head on her folded jeans. Cain positioned himself between her legs and slid home.

“Ooooo…” she cooed. “That feels so nice.”

“Mmmm…no argument here,” he said as he established a rhythm. He was going all the way every time and could feel the tip of his penis touching her cervix, but not ramming it. It was an intoxicating feeling and one that he seldom felt with his wife.

Especially after the children, his wife had lost the

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The anticipation of meeting someone from the internet.

I lie here alone, anxious about today. Your words are in my head as my hand holds my breast. I try to imagine what your touch will feel like as I roll, pinch, and squeeze. Your voice in my head, even though I have never heard you speak.

Fingers drag along my abdomen to where my hair starts. I pause, and with one finger, I part my lips. As your words tell me, I stroke over my button. The moisture emerges as I move lower toward my opening. One finger entering as the phone rings.

Your flight is on time.

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The Sound of Impact

The whoosh of the whip before it strikes her skin is exquisite. And the sound of the leather as it meets flesh makes his cock ache. The cry in her voice as she feels the sting makes him harder than any other type of foreplay.

The way she purrs when he bends her over his knee makes his shaft twitch. Then the sound of his bare hand striking her crimson ass makes his balls tighten.

And when her soft voice pleads, barely above a whisper, “Ten, thank you, my Sir, may I have another?” he knows he’s about to explode.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2020 23:42:42 +0000 (UTC) From: Ken James Subject: Mountain Men Ch. 08 * * * * * * * * * * “Escape From The Mountain Men” – Taken by oversexed gay outlaws. * * * * * * * * * * “So we’re lost?” Washington asked. He and Tom were standing on the bank of an overflowing creek, listening to the angry growl of the turbulent water. “Not exactly,” Tom answered. “Just a little bewildered.” “How’s that different from being lost?” Tom shrugged. “I don’t know where we are, but I know how to find our way back to civilization.” “Good!” Washington had grown up in Central City. He wasn’t used to mountains and forests. So far, he didn’t like them. “I’m ready for some civilization.” After overpowering Rev, their jailer, and locking him in the basement cell, Washington and Tom had gone through the house. They’d found boots, clothes, outdoor gear, and two packs filled with survival gear and rations. Also an ancient Cold Woodsman .22 semiautomatic pistol. It wouldn’t be much good against Caleb’s assault rifle, but it was better than nothing. Tom’s Jeep was in the barn, locked behind heavy steel doors, so they’d taken off across country, trying to parallel the rough gravel road from the farm back to the highway. The rugged terrain didn’t cooperate. It rose and fell, twisting and turning in ways shaped by gravity and flowing water, not human needs. And the endless pine trees obscured their vision and obstructed every step forward. They’d been pushed further and further south of the road and finally stopped by this creek. At least, Washington thought it was south. He wasn’t good at determining his position from the sun, even when it wasn’t hidden by the ever-present trees. Washington studied the rushing creek. “We’re not gonna try crossing THAT, are we?” “Nope,” Tom answered. “That’s too dangerous.” He looked up and down the bank, then pointed in the direction Washington thought was north. “I think that’ll take us back to the road between the highway and the farm. I remember crossing a creek like that.” “Sounds like a plan,” Washington said. He pulled on the backpack’s straps to ease the pain in his shoulders. “Ready to go?” “Let’s take a break.” Tom took his backpack off and sat on a big flat rock. “No use wearing ourselves out.” He rummaged through the backpack and took two protein bars out. He handed one to Washington and unwrapped the other. “Yeah.” Washington dropped his own backpack and sank to the ground beside it. He took a swig of water from his canteen, then unwrapped the protein bar and took a bite. It wasn’t too bad. “We’ve been hiking for hours.” “We needed to get as far away from the farm as possible,” Tom said. “You kept up all right.” “Well, I stay in shape.” It was mid-afternoon. They’d traveled fast and far in the six hours since their escape. Tom had set a brutal pace. Washington had spent most of that time staring at Tom’s butt in his too-small stolen jeans. “Very good shape.” Tom smiled at Washington and opened his legs, showing off the big bulge in his crotch. For the past hours, Washington had been putting all his energy and attention into walking across the rugged terrain without falling down. Now, he was painfully aware of his rapidly-swelling cock. “Is it weird to be super horny?” “When we’re in danger?” Tom stood up and approached Washington. “I think it’s a normal survival reaction.” He opened his fly and took his cock and balls out. “I hope so.” His rod hardened rapidly. “Because I’m just as horny as you are.” Washington rose to his knees, grabbed Tom’s stiff cock, and took it deep in his throat, bobbing up and down frantically while squeezing the other man’s balls. “Oh yeah!” Tom ran his fingers through Washington’s wild curly hair and rolled his hips, fucking the sexy black man’s face. “That’s right!” Washington pulled away when he sensed Tom was getting close. “You got any lube?” “Yeah. It’s in my backpack.” Tom laughed. “It’s part of Donny’s and Caleb’s ‘survival equipment.'” “Huh.” Washington opened his pants, freeing his hard cock. “You think they do each other?” Tom shook his head. “They’re too repressed for that.” He frowned. “The way they acted during that webcast . . . Just touching me, never each other . . .” He shook his head. “They’re such fuckin’ queers . . .” “Fucking dangerous queers.” Washington rose to his feet, then took his boots and jeans off. He faced Tom, stroking his long stiff dark chocolate dick. “I want you to pound my ass.” He grinned. “Pick up where we left off this morning.” Tom took a tube of lubricant out of the backpack. “Okay. Bend over.” “Come on.” Washington turned away from Tom and bent over, showing the big blond man his puckered hole. “I’m ready.” Tom fell to his knees and kissed Washington’s asshole, lapping it until it was slick with saliva and then teasing it open with the tip of his tongue. “I’m gonna fuck you now.” “Oh yeah!” Washington moaned. “Please!” His stiff cock jerked when Tom slipped a lubricated finger up his ass and worked it in and out. “That’s right. Now, give me your cock.” Washington had a sudden thought as Tom pulled his finger out and replaced it with his cock-head. “We need a third man.” He laughed. “So I can suck his dick while you fuck my butt.” “Well, I’m a man.” The voice came from the trees behind them. “Maybe I can help.” Tom and Washington sprang apart and turned toward the trees. The Colt Woodsman was lying beside Tom’s backpack. It was six feet away, an impossibly long distance. “Don’t worry.” A bear of a man came out of the forest. He was 6′ 6″ of muscle, with long thick shoulder-length black hair and a thick black beard flowing down his chest. “I’m harmless.” He didn’t look harmless, dressed in combat boots, camo trousers and a half-unbuttoned camo shirt displaying his hairy chest, carrying a rifle on a sling and an oversized semiautomatic pistol on his hip. He looked wild, dangerous . . . and sexy as hell. “Who are you?” Tom was startled and scared by the stranger’s appearance, but his cock was still rock hard. The man laughed. It was a deep bass rumble. “The lord of the forest.” He shrugged and smiled. “This little part of it, anyway.” “So, Tom Bombadil?” Tom asked. “Close enough.” The man laughed again. “But, they call me ‘Tiny.'” He smiled as he looked from Tom to Washington and back, taking in their muscular bodies and big hard cocks. “Not much happens round these parts that escapes me.” He unzipped his camo trousers and took his cock out. It was the biggest Tom had ever seen, uncut and already leaking precum from its tip. The man pointed at Washington. “You wanted a cock to suck?” “Uh . . .” Washington’s cock was just as hard as Tom’s. “Yeah.” Tiny looked straight at Washington. “You want MY cock.” It wasn’t a question. “In your mouth . . . and up your ass.” “Uh . . .” Washington was staring at Tiny’s massive pole with an expression of fear mixed with lust. “Yeah.” Tiny turned to Tom. “And you, too.” “Oh hell, yeah!” Tom said. For a guy who’d been straight a few weeks ago, he’d taken a lot of cocks, including some really big ones. “I want your big hard cock. In my mouth and up my ass.” “But for now . . .” He stepped behind Washington and bent him over. “You may be the lord of the forest, but I’M gonna fuck his ass.” He picked up the tube of lubricant, coated his finger, and slipped it up Washington’s butthole. “Sure.” Tiny was grinning. “Fuck him while he sucks my cock.” His grin grew wider. “But later . . .” “Later can wait.” Tom pulled his finger out of Washington’s ass, then lubricated his cock and pressed its head between the black stud’s sculpted buttocks. “Right now . . .” He gripped Washington’s hips to hold him steady and then slid his stiff rod up the bent-over man’s hot tight asshole. ALL the way up. Damn! It felt so good. It was what he’d wanted to do this morning . . . What he’d been dreaming about all day, actually . . . The vision that had kept him humping through the forest. He held still, savoring his fellow escapee’s sexy ass muscles clamping his swollen pole. * * * Washington’s stiff cock jerked as Tom’s hot rod slipped through his tight anal ring and all the way up his ass, stopping with the blond hunk’s balls pressed against his buttocks. It felt so good. A month ago, he’d been an exclusive top. Then, Donny and Caleb, those homophobic queer racists, had brutally taken his anal virginity. Tom had healed that trauma with his driving cock. Now, he couldn’t get enough dick . . . He remembered sucking Rev’s cock this morning, right before Tom had sucker-punched their jailer, while he watched Tiny approach. Even soft, the big hairy man’s dick was larger than any he’d imagined seeing in real life. And it wasn’t staying soft. It grew longer and thicker with each step Tiny took toward Washington. Tom was holding still with his cock deep in Washington’s ass. “Damn!” he said. “You’ve got a fuckin’ big cock.” “Yeah,” Tiny answered. “And your buddy’s gonna suck it.” He stopped in front of Washington. “Aren’t you?” His cock was fully hard, rising from his thick black pubic thatch, with its retracted foreskin almost unnoticeable. “Uh . . . Huh . . .” Washington wrapped both hands around Tiny’s massive shaft like he was holding a baseball bat. He couldn’t quite close his fingers around its girth. The big man’s broad plow-shaped cock-head and the last two inches of his shaft protruded from Washington’s curled fingers. Washington stared at Tiny’s giant pole. A thin line of precum was leaking from its swollen tip, running over its broad plow-shaped head, trickling down its thick shaft, and running over the big man’s hairy balls. “Go on,” Tom said from behind Washington. “Suck his cock.” He pulled his dick almost out of Washington’s ass and then pushed it back in. “I want to see you swallow that monster.” He fucked Washington slowly. Washington’s cock jerked in time with Tom’s slow thrusts as he stretched his mouth over Tiny’s giant pole. It was hard—no pun intended—but he managed to take the big man’s broad cock-head and the first inches of his shaft into his mouth. It blocked his throat and he couldn’t breathe. Lust fought with panic and lust won. He didn’t need to breathe. Not for a while, anyway. Not with this big cock completely filling his mouth, tasting of precum and raw sweaty man, while Tom’s sliding pole sent waves of pleasure through his body. He finally ran out of oxygen and pulled away. “Man!” he gasped. “You’ve got a great cock!” He took a few long gulps of air and dived back down on Tiny’s rod, taking it deeper than before. “Damn!” Tiny said. “You’re a fuckin’ good cocksucker.” “Love your cock!” Washington gasped. The tension in his balls increased as Tom fucked his ass slowly and steadily. “That’s right,” Tiny growled. “Suck my cock!” He grabbed the back of Washington’s head and rolled his hips, driving his monster cock deep into Washington’s mouth and down his throat. Washington held on, excited beyond belief, jacking and sucking Tiny’s gigantic pole, fucking his face on the big man’s driving rod. Meanwhile, Tom was pounding Washington’s back door, pulling almost out and then slamming home, bouncing his balls against Washington’s buttocks. “Fuckin’ A,” Tiny moaned. “You’re . . . I’m . . . Oh fuck—” He drove into Washington’s mouth, sending a hard hot pulse of cum down Washington’s throat. Washington almost choked. He tried to pull away and got the next blast on his tongue. Behind Washington, Tom was grunting rhythmically as he rammed the horny black stud’s ass, shooting another hard hot pulse of cum with each hammer blow. Washington continued sucking and jacking Tiny, finally milking his giant throbbing cock dry. Tom was finishing up, too. He pulled his dick out of Washington’s butt and stepped away. “Wow!” Washington straightened up. His cock was still as hard as a steel rod, aching for release. “That was wild . . .” He laughed, feeling giddy. “Way better then busting—” Tiny’s big hand closed on Washington’s crotch, his thumb and index finger circling the base of Washington’s stiff cock and his remaining fingers gripping Washington’s nuts. “You haven’t come.” He worked his circled thumb and index finger up and down Washington’s pole. “Come for me now.” “Jesus!” Washington’s cock exploded, sending long ribbons flying through the air and splashing Tiny’s hairy chest and camo trousers. “That was fun.” Tiny kissed Washington, hard and open-mouthed, while continuing to hold Washington’s cock and balls in his big hand. His giant pole was still just as hard as Tom’s and Washington’s rods. “Now, are you ready for this big cock up your ass?” “Uh . . .” Washington was looking at Tiny’s towering erection. “It’s SO big . . . I’m practically a virgin . . .” “Practice makes perfect.” Tiny turned Washington around, bent him over, and slipped a thick finger up his ass. Washington’s butthole was still slick with lube and Tom’s cum, so he took the probing digit easily. “I’M ready now.” Tom bent over, braced himself with his hands on his knees, and waved his butt seductively at Tiny. Washington’s cock jerked as Tiny fingered his asshole. “But I want . . .” Tiny began. “Hey. I don’t even know your names.” “I’m Washington,” Washington answered. “And he’s Tom.” “Well, I’m pleased to meet you, Washington and Tom.” Tiny twisted his finger as he worked it in and out. “Right now, I sorta have my heart set on Washington’s ass.” He fingered Washington’s butt more roughly. “You want it, don’t you?” “Yeah,” Washington whispered. The thought of Tiny’s immense tool invading his ass was terrifying, but he couldn’t resist the hairy giant’s overpowering masculinity. “Please.” “Oh, I’m gonna fuck you.” Tiny pulled his finger out of Washington’s butt, then turned him around and kissed him with surprising tenderness. “But, you’re not ready.” “Sure I am!” As scary as the idea was, Washington wanted it NOW! “Well, I’M not.” Tiny kissed Washington again. “There’s a time and place where I’m gonna take your butt.” His grin made Washington want the big man’s cock even more desperately. “And this ain’t the time or the place.” “Why not?” Washington demanded. “Couple reasons,” Tiny said. “First, you guys are on the run.” He cast searching looks at Washington’s and Tom’s ill-fitting clothes. “I don’t figure it’s from the law, but I know you’re not just taking a stroll in the woods.” Tom started to say something, but Tiny held up a hand to silence him. “That don’t bother me none. Second thing. This is disputed territory. Between my group and the Nazis up north.” “You know about them?” Washington asked. “Sorta,” Tiny answered. “They hold rallies with a handful of people and run around the woods, playing army.” He shook his head. “Kinda crazy, but they seem pretty harmless.” “Donny and Caleb kidnapped us,” Washington said. “They were keeping us as sex slaves.” Tiny’s eyes widened. “Jesus!” “And they’re smuggling weapons,” Tom added. “Heavy duty ones. Like for a rebellion.” “Oh fuck.” Tiny stuffed his cock and balls into his camo trousers and zipped his fly. “Those assholes are gonna end up bringing the Feds in. Messin’ in ALL our business—” He patted Washington’s butt. “Get dressed. We’ve got to get out of here.” When Washington didn’t move quickly enough, Tiny slapped his ass. It really hurt. “I mean it. Everything in this part of the forest funnels down to this stretch along the river. If your Nazis are any kind of woodsmen, they’ll be looking for you right here.” * * * * * * * * * * Welcome to the 2020s! It’s the beginning of a new decade and I have a new series of books and short stories! ========= My new books: “Mountain Men” — All-gay lust in the wilderness. The short stories on Nifty are adapted from my “Mountain Men” books. The stories contain approximately 25% of the smokin’ hot material in the book. I’ve rearranged and sometimes rewritten scenes to create a stand-alone story. If you like this story, you’ll REALLY like the book. “Rescued By The Mountain Men (Mountain Men 1)” — First-time gay sex for a straight man lost in the wilderness (Available now!). “Schooled By The Mountain Men (Mountain Men 2)” — First-time gay man is trained by two wild studs (Available now!). “Teamed By The Mountain Men (Mountain Men 3)” — Dominated by oversexed Forest Rangers (Available now!). “Ridden By The Mountain Men (Mountain Men 4)” — Ridden hard by lusty ranch hands (Available now!). “Farewell To The Mountain Men (Mountain Men 5)” — Gay sex in the city (Available now!). “Return To The Mountain Men (Mountain Men 6)” — Captured by queer Klansmen (Available now!). “Captives Of The Mountain Men (Mountain Men 7)” — Livestream gay BDSM (Available now!). “Escape From The Mountain Men (Mountain Men 8)” — Taken by oversexed gay outlaws (Available now!). “Revenge Of The Mountain Men (Mountain Men 9)” — Payback time for the queer Klansmen (Available September 1). “Reunited With The Mountain Men (Mountain Men 10)” — The hard road home (Coming soon). ========= A sexy new series: “Mr. Right Now” — I’m not looking for Mr. Right. I’m looking for Mr. Right Now. And I find him! ========= Go to for more information. * * * * * * * * * * Check out my novel “Jack Hammer: King’s Ransom,” a gay romantic thriller. Alex King has a promising life, with rich parents, an outstanding college career, and a sexy new boyfriend. That’s all shattered when a masked gunman kidnaps Alex and murders his boyfriend. Alex’s world suddenly narrows to a basement cell and repeated rapes by a vindictive killer. His only hope is to make his jailer–the killer’s straight son–fall in love with him. Go to for more information. * * * * * * * * * * Visit for ALL my free stories and extended samples from my books. * * * * * * * * * * Copyright � 2020 by Ken James This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, organizations, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, locales, organizations, or events is entirely coincidental. Website: Email: Amazon Author Page: Smashwords Author Page: Please contact me. I love getting feedback and reply to every message. Thanks to Wayde, my greatest fan, best friend, and husband, for all his love, enthusiasm, and support. * * * * * * * * * *

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