Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2020 17:56:09 +0000 From: Jack Nifty Subject: Finding His Boy: Chapter One I’m trying to get into writing so would really love to hear your thoughts on the start to this story: both positive and negative. This first chapter is only short as I want to see what the response is in order to see whether it’s worth continuing. You can get in touch with me at: or by going to my twitter which is: ************************** Disclaimer: This story contains sex between consent adult men, all 18+. Any actors playing the roles of these fictional characters in your mind are also over the age of 18. This story will contain rough sex and interactions that explore dominance and submission as well as many fetishes and kinks. If any of this offends you, or if you are not legally allowed to read this, you should stop now. If you continue then any consequences are your own fault. This is fictional, although aspects may be informed by the real-life experiences of the author. Any similarities or resemblances are purely coincidental. ************************** Finding His Boy: Chapter One “Yes… yes… yes! Fuck me!” The cries blended into the mixture of grunts, moans and panting that filled the bedroom of the penthouse apartment. Tom looked down that the lithe, blond twink beneath him, the sweat dripping from his face and landing in the boy’s open mouth. The boy didn’t even notice: his mind was consumed by the sensations resonating throughout every single nerve of his body and he just swallowed down the salty droplets. This one was definitely a moaner, although it hadn’t surprised Tom that that was the case: most twinks struggled with both the length and girth of his cock. Once it was inside of them, they found it very difficult to stop themselves from verbalising every half-thought that they managed to grasp hold of. Still, this one had been, and was continuing to be, particularly loud. Not that he minded: he liked to know what effect he has having on a boy. In fairness to the little blond twink, he had been on the receiving end of what could only be described as a no-holds-barred pounding from the very moment that Tom had brought him back to the apartment. For the last hour, he’d had 9 solid inches of pure man buried deep within his arse or throat with virtually no let-up: only the time it took for Tom to switch the end of him that he was using. That would be enough to transform anyone into a quivering, groaning mess of a slut, no matter how cock-hungry you were to start with. And this boy had been hungry, more so than anyone Tom had fucked for quite a while. From the moment the man had walked through the doors of the bar, the twink had been all over him: a light touch here, a giggle and a blush there. There was no doubt that he wanted to be filled by Tom and his light-blue eyes had betrayed just how much he needed it. It wasn’t a particularly new game for either of them but they played their roles beautifully: Tom taking control early on and the little twink melting into him as much as possible. Before long, and with very little effort from Tom, the blond boy was in the man’s bed with his legs high in the air and his hole stretched out around a piece of meat thicker than his twinky arms. In truth, Tom had grown tired of this particular game a long time ago. At 25, he’d been the “huge-cocked Dom” for years now and had a string of one-night-stands and meaningless flings that numbered far more than even he could remember. He wanted more. He didn’t know what that would look like, exactly, but he wanted more than whatever this was. Every single time he met a new submissive boy, he hoped that there may be that spark that he was looking for: he searched for something that would interest him further than just a fuck. Any indication would have been enough but, without fail, they always disappointed. The blond beneath him was no exception. Sure, Tom had enjoyed driving his cock deep within the guts of the little slut and it wasn’t going to be long before he emptied a huge load deep into the warm and velvety embrace of the twink’s arse but this boy wasn’t the one he was looking for. That didn’t mean they couldn’t have a little fun along the way though: they were both fulfilling a need tonight. After spending the last ten minutes in this position, the boy’s legs were beginning to tire, his muscles burning, and they started to drop. Tom grabbed hold of the twink’s ankles in his rough hands and forced them backwards towards the boy’s head. The little blond groaned out but didn’t complain, the flexibility in his hips allowing Tom to pin his angles against the headboard. He’d practically folded the boy in half and opened up that tight hole around his cock even further. With a deep grunt, he powered his monster cock balls-deep into the willing slut, who cried out in pleasure as his eyes rolled back in his head. He was reaching new depths and the blond’s insides were still like a vice around his cock even after the powerful fuck the twink had endured. The moment was fast approaching: Tom had staved it off a few times during this fuck but it was time to release the load that had built up in his balls and, besides, the boy’s arse wouldn’t be able to take it for much longer. The twink knew what was happening even if he couldn’t form a fully-realised thought right at that moment: “Please… yes! Give me… give me…” The sound of Tom’s hips slamming against the boy’s arse drowned out any further words that he was trying to say. Beads of sweat were pouring down Tom’s chiselled body as he drove his cock all the way inside for one final time. The boy’s eyes darted open wide and the man knew that the twink could feel the dick inside of him pulsing and expanding, pumping what must have felt like a gallon of thick, hot cum deeper into him than any load had ever been before. Each shot seared his insides and he all he could do was moan: all words had been fucked out of him now. After emptying his balls into the boy, Tom allowed his body to fall for a moment, resting against the young twink he had pinned beneath him. His cock was still wedged inside of the little slut’s stretched-out hole, keeping every drop of spunk inside of him. He didn’t give himself long like this, aware that his muscled frame would be crushing the skinny twink and, when he pulled back, you could hear his cock leaving the boy with a quite audible pop. The blond turned as if to cuddle against the man but Tom was already up and out of bed, his body glistening with sweat in the moonlight. “Heading for a shower,” he said to the twink, his voice gruff, “You can let yourself out, yeah?” It wasn’t a question: Tom very rarely allowed a sub to cuddle with him and had never shared his bed overnight with anyone. He didn’t see the point of it if he wasn’t interested in pursuing his conquests any further. To lay there and cuddle with them or, worse, to allow them to spend the night would just send the wrong signals and Tom was nothing if not a straight shooter. He wouldn’t pretend to this twink. In fact, he wouldn’t leave any room for misunderstanding at all. “Erm… I… thought I might… stay,” the boy said, the unsurety in his voice was clear as it rose at the end of the sentence. His legs were quivering as tried to get up from the bed and holding on to the bedpost was the only thing keeping him upright. Tom, who was already at the door to his ensuite, stopped for a moment but he didn’t turn. Instead, he sighed: “Look, Chris, this was fun but we both know it isn’t going any further and I’ve got work in the morning. Get home safe: Alan at the front desk will call you a taxi.” He didn’t wait for a response and simply stepped into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. Within seconds, he had the shower running, it’s hot and soothing waters rushing over his well-built body and washing away the efforts of the day and of the fuck. That fuck had been exactly what he’d needed and the sole reason why he’d gone out that night in the first place: it had been three days since he’d last shot his load into a willing slut and that, in Tom’s book, had not been an acceptable length of time. He was feeling good: refreshed and satisfied. Inside of the bedroom, the boy was alone. His legs were still shaking as he watched the best fuck of life walk away from him and close the door. He could feel the cum inside of him starting to leak out of his gaped hole and it trickled down the back of his thighs, as it would for several hours to come given the size of the load he’d taken. After a few seconds, he found his voice but Tom was already under the cascade by then. “My name’s… Ben…” he said to an empty room. ************************** Thanks so much for reading this. If you want me to continue or you have any thoughts, please let me know. You can get in touch with me at: or by going to my twitter which is:


Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2020 20:42:41 +0100 (BST) From: Peter Brown Subject: Last of the Line Chapter 79 Last of the Line by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. NOTE to the reader: “Peter Brown” aka badboi666 is, as you might guess, not in the first flush of youth: indeed he is well into the you’ll-die-if-you-get-this-fucking-thing age cohort. It has been his habit in all his stories published here to be two or three chapters ahead of publication. If he gets a nasty cough and a temperature he will post all outstanding chapters together with a synopsis of what is still to come. Then, if he snuffs it, you can at least have some idea of what befell Dab in the end. A bit like Edwin Dro Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. =============================================================================== Chapter 79 I don’t want to dwell too much on my 18 months with David, although the time we shared taught me two lessons I have never forgotten. He was the most considerate lover imaginable: always alert to the needs and fears of a much younger partner, albeit an experienced one. I suppose it boiled down to our being equally inventive and skilled in love-making, but our reverting to being (relatively) child and adult in our non-sexual relationship. For example he was more solicitous than I could have hoped about my distress in the face of being an outsider academically. James’s Canadian history lessons seemed absent from the curriculum, whereas basic Latin – which had not been thought important in Canada – eluded me completely. I was thus the constant butt of Latin jibes, none of which I understood (which naturally increased my woe and the pleasure of those aware of what was being said). My being almost bilingual in French, however, was seen as showing off. They are a scary bunch, the English upper classes, when baying in a pack. David held me in his arms while I lamented my fate – something I fear he was called upon to do a great deal in that first term. Miraculously the bullying stopped, or certainly reduced enormously, in the Summer term when it was discovered that I was an exceptionally sneaky bowler of leg-breaks. No-one was more startled by this than I, for cricket, like Latin, had not figured in Ottawa. In later life I have often wondered about this thitherto unexpected attribute, and can only put it down to my being twisted in so many other ways. Not that David or I would have used that word back in 1937. I think he was the first person who was actually kind to me. James cared about me, but did his caring in a somewhat distant manner – unless sex was involved, but in that context kindness (as distinct from thoughtfulness) wasn’t a major factor. Not with me anyway. David fucked me hundreds of times during those 18 months, and I can truthfully say that every occasion was magical. His cock wasn’t the biggest I’d had up me, nor were his ejaculations the most voluminous; his face wasn’t the most beautiful, nor was his body the most stunning; but David as a man, as a lover, as a friend could not have been more wonderful. That was the first lesson – that love renders some things unimportant. And kindness helps too. The holidays – when we were apart, as he lived in London and I had no means of visiting him – were hard. Being re-united at the start of the new term was tricky, because each of us had to conceal our feelings from everyone else. Our first hour together will never fade from my memory. We promised that we would find a way to meet during the long summer holiday, but weeks passed without our finding a way. Inevitably as the memory of a David-less Easter holiday faded and the daily presence of David in my heart (and my arse) filled my mind the long empty desert of July and August receded as a threat. Besides, there was my success in the taking of wickets to cheer me. We did manage to meet in the summer. I persuaded James that as I was 14 I could be trusted to go to London on my own. I had looked up trains from Stoke, and could have six hours before I would have to come back. David and I wrote to each other each week and when I told him that a meeting was possible he write back to say that he would try to find somewhere where we could spend time together. I smiled as I read that. Spending time together indeed! A letter came a few days later in which he told me that he had a plan. “I’ll meet you at Euston,” he wrote, “and we’ll have peace.” The day finally arrived. James had been amused by my ill-concealed excitement as the preceding days had dragged by. “I can only conclude that you are going to be fucked, Bertie,” he said as he drive me to Stoke. My blush confirmed his suspicion, although I couldn’t really think why I blushed at all – it wasn’t as though he and I were strangers to fucking. He then showed why he was father and I son. “Do you love him, this boy you’re going to see? It is a boy, I hope?” “Yes, Papa,” I muttered rather crossly, “he’s at school and he’s 17.” James made no reply. He had tactfully failed to notice that I had not answered the important question. “Well, enjoy yourselves, my boy,” and he smiled as I got out. “I bet there won’t be lobsters for lunch,” he said, and away he went. Those lobsters! that lunch! I’d forgotten Patrick and Tim until that moment: it had been over a year ago. David was there at Euston and, as the whole place was filled with families hugging and embracing, no-one paid the slightest attention to a big brother hugging his younger brother. “Come on,” he said, and led me to a taxi. It took us to somewhere in the West End and, though I have often racked my brains to try to remember a a land-mark or some other guide, I have never known where we were. We went to a little mews where he unlocked the door. “Come on,” he said, “this is my uncle’s place and they are away in Scotland. He lets me have a key so I can water my aunt’s bloody plants.” The plants were indeed of such quantity and luxuriance that watering was evidently a major chore for David. “Don’t worry,” he said, “I watered them this morning. Bed.” Bed was very welcome, for I had refrained from wanking for 6 days in anticipation of today. That day had remained in my memory ever since, not least because it was the day that Hutton was finally out for 364 at the Oval – a fact I discovered on seeing a newspaper placard on the way back to Euston. What passed between David and me was equally record-breaking. During the hours we spent in his uncle’s spare bed there were nine orgasms (I won 5-4). David fucked me quickly – we were both red-hot for each other after several weeks apart – and the heat of his cock inside me (I was impaled on it as that was what we’d worked out made him get it in further than any other position) made me come onto his belly even before he came, and he came fast that first time. He grinned up at me after he’d finished shooting. “That was worth waiting for, eh Bertie?” I nodded, unable to speak. I could not believe one could be so happy. He reached under the bed and produced a plate of sandwiches and two bottles of beer. “Here, these will refresh you for the next one,” he said with the grin that always made me melt. They did. It was only 20 minutes or so after our first explosive cums that I wriggled out of his arms and went down – it was far too hot for bedclothes – and, drawing his foreskin back, put my lips round his cock: the cock which had filled my arse with so much over the preceding months, and my brain and heart with so much more – and worshipped it with my tongue. David was putty in my hands when his cock was in my mouth. He knew, for we had done it countless times, that I wanted his spunk in my mouth, that being the quickest way to my soul. He knew too, as did I, that my lips and tongue would draw it out of him swiftly. My fingers stroked his balls – that always made him come more quickly – and I swirled my tongue ceaselessly over his cock-head pouring pre-cum for me to savour. He groaned, “oh Christ, Bertie, here -” but he got no further. Spunk – his spunk, the best spunk, the spunk of the boy I loved – filled my mouth, sending explosive signals of joy throughout my body. I shot up to where his lips were waiting to share my – our – mouthful of joy. It took several minutes. “I love you, Bertie,” he whispered. The words, though he had said them so often before, thrilled me. I buried my face in his neck, mumbling as I did so that I loved him too. He gently moved my head away from his neck. “I know you do, little one, now lie back and let me show you how much,” and he went down the bed to do for me what I had done for him. His lips took the tip of my cock – hard, insistent, still spunky – between them and firmly but gently drew my foreskin back. He did what he always did – blow a draught of air through pursed lips. The feel of cold air always made another drop of spunk appear and, as he always did, he drew his tongue slowly over the sensitive tip of my cock to gather it. The coldness lasted only a few seconds as a warm mouth seen had my cock – all of it – sheltered from the cold. My cock was about 6 inches long then, but David was able to take all of it. He called it ‘deep-throating’ and it was something no-one before him had ever done to me. I loved the feeling of his spunk on my tongue and the inside of my mouth when he came, but David made it clear from the earliest days of our love-making (even before it was love-making) that he wanted to feel my cock spunking in his throat, so that was what we did that August day in his uncle’s spare bed. He taught me how to fuck his throat very gently (occasionally our early attempts led to severe gagging) and by that day my cock slipped into his throat without difficulty. I held his head gently and started to fuck his throat. We had this to a fine art – longer-lasting fucks would come later – and my second orgasm went down his throat after only a few minutes. He raised his head. “Thanks, Bertie, a big one. You deserve more food and we both need a rest.” When James and I had fucked Patrick and Tim on Queen Mary two years earlier we had lunched on lobsters and strawberries. The smoked salmon and cucumber sandwiches and bottles of Bass in bed that day were just as restorative. Not for the first time I wondered what the twins were up to. More of the same probably. But without lobsters. “I need a piss,” I said, “where is it?” David got up. “Come on, I’ll show you.” This was new, I thought. Five minutes later a new frontier had been crossed. The opportunity for what David showed me in the bathroom had never existed at school. I resolved that the opportunity would have to be found somehow when school resumed. I had been about to piss when David whispered ‘stop’. I turned to see why, and he was standing in a shower cabinet. “In here,” he said softly. “But I need to piss,” I said, imagining that we were to shower together. “Yes, in here, Bertie, it’s OK. Come on.” This was interesting. I joined him in the shower and he drew the glass door closed. “You can piss now, but aim it up on me, on my belly.” This was weird, but I didn’t hesitate. Luckily my cock wasn’t hard, so I held it in my hand and aimed. A stream of piss shot out, hitting David’s belly just above his hairs. “Oh God,” he sighed. So it had that effect, had it? Maybe if I pull my foreskin back it’ll gush harder and he’ll like it more. I did; it did; he did. “Oh fuck, Bertie, yes,” and he took my cock out of my hand and aimed it at his own cock, now half-hard. Piss was running down his legs. He looked at me, his eyebrow raised in a question. Without hesitation I nodded: whatever he was questioning I was happy to go along with. He clasped me in a hug, my cock still pissing. Very soon it wasn’t alone. I felt a hot wetness on my belly. I broke out of the hug. David was immediately full of apology, “sorry, sorry.” “Don’t be daft, I love it, but I wanted to see it. Keep on, it’s really sexy.” Piss continued to fly out onto me, to flow over my cock (now hard), my balls, down my legs. A yellow pool surrounded our feet. Our cocks drained they pressed hard into our bellies as we hugged again. “Fucking hell! that was good,” I murmured, “where did you learn that?” “I didn’t learn it anywhere, Bertie, I’ve never done it before, but it seemed a fun thing to do with you. You don’t mind?” “Mind? Of course not. I want more of it, but you’ll need more beer and then you’ll be too drunk to get it up.” Luckily the glass doors prevented us from falling out as we collapsed in giggles. We showered chastely. Back in bed we lay in each other’s arms. I turned to him. “Did I tell you I loved you?” “Mmm, I think so, Bertie.” “Well, just in case you ever forget I’m going to give you something to remember. Lie still.” I went back down to where his cock – nice a clean after its shower – was lying softly against his thigh. I gave it a quick lick as I passed, just to remind it I loved it was well, and David – knowing what was coming – obligingly lifted his legs. “Arse time, is it?” I nodded, not that he could see. I liked arse time, because what I did down there gave David so much pleasure, and that gave me so much pleasure too (as well as the pleasure I would have got from any one else’s arse to which I would be doing the same things). My tongue travelled the length of his arse crack several times, lingering for longer over and around his arse lips on each pass. I blew the cold air thing and he twitched. “Mmm. There’s lube under the bed.” I reached around and found it. Two greased fingers went into him. “Mmm.” A third finger joined them and the long progress to his third orgasm began. Sometimes this way of getting David to shoot was very quick, but we’d evolved a way of making it last a lot longer, and this time I determined would be one of those. Instead of my middle finger attacking his prostate I merely reminded it that I was in the vicinity – a reminder which I would repeat every few minutes, but never lingering long enough to make him come. David groaned – a sound as delightful to me as its cause was to him. Out with the fingers and on with lips and tongue – organs which did not confine their attentions to his arsehole. His cock, his balls, his belly – all received reminders that I – Bertie Cunliffe – loved him and every part of him. The groans were constant. I kept this up for over half an hour before – on my sixth visitation to his prostate – the groans (which meant ‘I’m loving this’) stopped and a sigh (meaning ‘now, Bertie’) led me to give my lover what he needed. Index finger and fourth finger as far apart as possible for maximum stretch, and middle finger rubbing as hard and fast across his prostate – dancing with delight, or so my mind’s eye imagined it – and then … a deep growl as his cock flung spunk almost up to his chin. (Once last term it had hit his face, but on that occasion there had not been two earlier spunkings.) Fingers out as soon as his cock started to fire, Bertie up bed in time to see the full glory of Vesuvius, Bertie burying his mouth in the lava, Bertie’s tongue wasting not a speck, Bertie swallowing, Bertie’s spunky lips fastened in a forge of ecstasy to his lover’s lips, time standing still. A few minutes later Bertie kneeling between David’s legs wanking for all he’s worth and pouring spunk onto a chest so recently cleansed of lava. “God, Bertie, you’re sexy. Seeing you cum after you’ve conjured spunk out of me like that is great.” And David gathers Bertie’s spunk in his hand and transfers the lot to his lips. Like his own recent spunking this wasn’t for sharing. Bertie’s lips joined David’s spunky lips in a return match of the lengthy kiss of a few minutes earlier. It was two o’clock. My train back home was due to leave just after six. We were both exhausted and it was lovely to lie in each other’s arms again. “I’ve set the alarm for 4,” he whispered, “so it’s OK to sleep. Get your strength back for the next one.” I smiled, and snuggled closer. He smelt gorgeous. He smelt mine. We slept. Together. ***** The alarm rang insistently. Warm, contented, I wanted to stay with David for ever. David reached over me to switch it off and as he did so I felt a hard cock press into me. Suddenly all thoughts of staying there for ever left me: I was in bed with the boy I loved and in two hours I would be leaving him for – what, three whole weeks. The insistent cock had magically induced another – mine – and if we had less than 100 minutes then none must be wasted. I looked up at him. “Can I fuck you?” David smiled – I had never asked him that before. Before he could have a chance to deny me – I had no idea whether he would – I rushed on. “You make me feel so wonderful when you fuck me that I want to do the same for you. Will you let me?” “Are you sure?” I nodded. “OK, Bertie, let’s give it a try. Have you fucked anyone before?” I was stumped. Of course I had, many times, but until that moment David had been unaware of quite how considerable my experience had been. Our quiet intimate conversations had never ventured into an investigation of our sex lives before the thunderbolt had hit us – we each knew that we’d been round the track before, but the very large number of my circuits was not something he’d asked about. Honesty, Bertie. “Yes, David, lots of times in Canada, but no-one since we got back to England.” Technically true, since I’d fucked Patrick in the middle of the Atlantic. David grinned, “you’ll be out of practice then.” Mercifully, not unlike riding a bike, my fucking skills had not deserted me since I popped out of Patrick’s arse. I made David resume the position in which I had rimmed him and ran my cock head over his arse lips. “Go on,” he whispered, “I need you in me, Bertie.” To my – and David’s – intense gratification I fucked him for a good ten minutes before my balls heaved themselves out of their much-needed rest and delivered for the fourth time. God! how I ached! But God! how happy I was. “I loved that, Bertie,” he whispered as I collapsed onto his chest. “Give me a couple of minutes and I’ll suck you off,” I muttered. “Mmm.” He took ages as well, and my jaw was sore by the time he came. I was amazed either of us could produce anything, but what shot into my mouth was well worth the effort. We lay together while the minutes ticked by. I kept an eye on the clock. At 5.15 I moved off him. “We’ve got ten minutes,” I said, as brightly as I could, “and I have this terrible urge for a wank. Would you mind terribly if I had one right now?” David smiled that magic smile. “On one condition.” “Oh?” “It goes in my mouth.” “Since you insist,” and I knelt over him and began the final onslaught on my poor tender balls. As I write these words shortly after my 80th birthday in the early days of 2003 I can truthfully say that that day nearly 65 years saw two world records. Len Hutton’s is the more widely known; on no occasion since then have I come 5 times in a day. Mind you it was worth it. David poured me into a taxi – he was pretty whacked himself – and we ignored the taxi driver while we kissed madly all the way to Euston. “You’re a fucking poof,” said the driver to David. “And you’re a rich man,” was the reply as a £1 tip – a huge sum in those days – was added to the 2/6 fare. “He’s right, you know,” I said after the taxi had gone, “and I couldn’t be happier.” And do you know, we kissed again. The whole of the next year at school was spent in a haze of joy; I saw David in the holidays and we made love on several occasions; he left school in July 1939; he volunteered for the RAF almost as soon as war was declared; he was shot down in a Spitfire in August 1940 somewhere over Kent; he failed to bail out. Coping with the loss was devastating. That I could survive it to face a dead future was the second thing he taught me. God bless you, David, my very own fucking poof – the lights went out in my life the day you died. =============================================================================== The fun continues in Chapter 80 as I get ready for a new term at Fisher. Drop me a line at – that is after you’ve dropped nifty a few quid. ===============================================================================


Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2020 16:41:58 +0000 From: Jeff Ennig Subject: Beautiful Burglar Boy – Chapter 3 Please remember to support Nifty. Beautiful Burglar Boy – Ch. 3 By Jeff Ennig By the time we reached the door to my fourth-floor condo, it was only 2:30 in the afternoon. Still plenty of daylight to spend with my newly adopted teenage stray. I bought the top-floor corner unit of this prewar brownstone building, overlooking the town square below, because it felt like such a refuge from the overly social life I lived down below. Ollie wasn’t the first stray I had invited in to this refuge, and he probably wouldn’t be the last. But he was definitely the hottest. I opened the door and went through first, so as to fend off any feline escape attempts. Sure enough, Tom and Jerry must have heard us coming up the stairs, because the little stinkers were right at the door waiting. I shooed them back in with my feet and waved Ollie inside, closing the door quickly behind him. “Welcome to my humble home. This is Tom and Jerry. Since they look alike and I found them huddled together, I assume they’re probably brothers. Tom is the one here with the extra black stripes, Jerry with the extra grey stripes.” Both kittens inquisitively sniffed at Ollie’s legs, and didn’t flinch when Ollie knelt down to pet them. “They’re really cute! I haven’t been around cats in a while, so I kind of miss it.” Playing with the cats, he had the first full smile on his face that I had seen yet. Oh boy, was I in trouble. My heart leapt into my throat as I saw this troubled young kid finally show a little glimmer of happiness. I was again overcome with a desire to take this kid under my wing. And of course, keep him around for my own selfish reasons, too. “Come on, let me and the kitties give you a quick tour.” Ollie followed along, with Tom and Jerry nipping closely at his heels. I showed him the living room, where I had the television, large L-shaped sleeper sofa and easy chairs, the dining room where I only occasionally entertained, the porch overlooking the town square, the large open kitchen where I spent most of my time, the bathroom that was surprisingly spacious for a prewar building, and finally towards the two bedrooms. “Here is the room I use as a library and office, as you can see. It had also been a guest room with a futon, but Tom and Jerry completely destroyed that futon in the first couple days, so I had to throw it out. Now I’ve found I really enjoy it as just a library and office. And here is the bedroom.” I led him into my bedroom, also again surprisingly large for a prewar building. It had a large king-size bed, nightstands, and a chair in the corner, along with a large walk-in closet. “Since I get up pretty early, I’ll have you take the bed here, and I’ll be out on the sofa in the living room. I’ll just move some things around in the closet here to make room for you.” “Really? I’m okay with sleeping on the sofa.” “No, I insist. Guests take priority with me. For one, the bed is more comfortable, and for two, I don’t want to be waking you up when I get up in the morning. I won’t have it any other way. Hopefully you’ll learn that I’m pretty difficult to argue with.” “Ok, I guess so.” “Good, then that’s settled. Now, let me grab some snacks and something to drink for us, and we can relax and unwind for a bit out in the living room. Maybe stream a show or something.” “Yeah, that would be cool.” The kid looked a little tired, as though he weren’t used to working on his feet for nearly five hours straight. “What do you want to drink? I’m having a beer. I also have sodas, La Croix, lemonade, some juice of some kind, or tap water. In case you hadn’t noticed, Spartanville has great tap water.” “I’ll take a beer,” he said, trying his best to raise his shoulders, puff out his chest, and deepen his voice. Dang, this kid was cute. “Well, kiddo, I guess since you’re out on your own now, and you’ve got yourself a job and all, you should be able to drink beer. I’ve never been a fan of the backwards drinking laws in this country. I have a kolsch, which is smooth and refreshing on a summer day, an IPA which is kind of bitter and tastes a little like licorice, or I have a porter, which is heavier and a little sweet tasting. All of them are good.” I offered the beer explanations without prompting. I didn’t expect the kid to be a beer snob like me, but I wasn’t going to embarrass him by asking him if he knew what they all were. “I’ll have a kolsch.” “Man after my own heart. It’s rare I like porters, and the IPAs I really just have on hand for occasional guests who for some reason like that kind of thing.” Keeping his shoulders raised and inhaling a little bit as he kept his chest puffed out, this seemed to give him a little confidence boost, like he now belonged to some adult club where people had opinions beyond Cheap Domestic Swill #1 and Cheap Domestic Swill #2. “Cool. Thanks. Um, before we sit down, could I maybe take a shower? I woke up too late at the shelter to take one, and I think I probably need it.” “Yeah, no problem. That’ll give me time to fix up some nachos for us too.” Trying my best to sound nonchalant, I further offered, “Hey, would you maybe like me to toss your clothes in the wash while you shower? I have a few things I probably should throw in the wash anyway.” Looking slightly ashamed as he stared at his feet again, he said “Yeah, I suppose they probably need a wash.” “Ok. Let me go grab you a towel, and you can just toss your clothes out of the bathroom into the hallway, and I’ll throw them in the wash with my stuff.” Grabbing him the smallest towel I could find that would still count as a bath towel, I handed it to him as he trotted off to the bathroom. He closed the door behind him, and a few moments later, opened the door slightly to toss out his clothes. “Thanks Jeff,” he hurriedly said as he closed the door again. As I heard the water turn on in the shower, wishing I were in there with him, I gathered up his clothes along with a bundle of my own and headed for the washing machine. I held his bundle of clothes up toward my nose and breathed in the intoxicating musky scent of his teenage pheromones, as all the nerves throughout my body shivered with lust and my shorts tightened as a lightning bolt of electricity reached my groin. I could practically see stars, I was so dizzy with desire. I held his socks away from the rest of the bundle, as I’m not really a foot guy. I appreciated the beauty of a strong foot, from a distance, much like my approach to the beauty of jail-bait-aged boys. Look but don’t touch. After starting the load of laundry and finishing up prepping the nachos and pouring the beers into proper mugs, I went over to the sofa and sat to one corner of it, with the plate, napkins, and beers set on the coffee table. I flipped through the streaming options to find some mindless action film, not memorable enough for me to recall which one, and queued it up to wait for the dazzling young beauty to emerge from his shower. I heard the water shut off, and a minute later, heard the bathroom door open. Trying to remain nonchalant, I sat looking at my phone, scrolling through some article about the latest political nonsense in the world, my heart thumping in my chest in breathless anticipation. I was not disappointed. Strutting into the living room and rounding the end of the sofa was Ollie, clad only in the skimpy towel I had strategically selected for him. I looked up at him and quite possibly gave myself away by my wide-eyed, tongue-tied reaction. I looked up from his perfect bare feet, to his tanned, lightly-haired shins, knees, and smooth, sinewy lower thighs, past the bottom of the tightly wrapped towel he held pinched to one side around his narrow hips, to his crotch where I could make out the outline of a soft, plump, circumcised cockhead, up to the top line of the towel that ended just north of where I presumed his pubic bush grew. From there he had a light treasure trail leading down from his innie belly button and a perfectly-defined V lighting the way home to glory against his golden tanned youthful skin, above which I saw the outline of a lightly-defined four pack, mildly built pecs holding up two perfectly round nickel-sized nipples, topped by a set of relatively broad young shoulders, the beginnings of solid toned definition to his biceps and forearms, and a thin, velvety-smooth neck holding up a head so beautiful it would move a Renaissance sculptor to tears. All over his torso, shins, and upper arms, were more bruises, some more faded than others. I somehow managed quickly to come to my senses and gesture to the other half of the sofa by the corner where I had set the beers and nachos. “Have a seat, Ollie. How was the shower?” I focused my attention on his head, careful not to gawk any further. “That was really good. Had been a few days for me. Thanks for the beer,” he said, holding up the mug to offer a cheers. We clanked mugs and took a sip. Thinking quickly to lessen any awkwardness, or maybe just create a different avenue for awkwardness, I covered my earlier reaction with, “I don’t mean to pry, kiddo, but I notice you have quite a few bruises on you. You don’t have to say anything, I just want you to know I’m sorry you had to go through whatever it is you experienced. The most you’ll get here are a few kitten scratches.” “Yeah, um, I don’t really want to talk about that, if that’s ok.” “Absolutely no problem, Oliver. I just wanted you to know I hope you feel safe here, that’s all. Now, anyway, I’ve got this movie queued up for us. How about we sit back, enjoy some nachos and beer, and chill for a bit?” “Sounds good. I, um, I guess I appreciate you not asking a bunch of questions.” “Not my style, kiddo. Now shut up and drink,” I said with a slight chuckle. We both sat back in the sofa, sitting perpendicular to one another at the corner, our bare knees nearly touching. Fortunately for the sake of his dignity, but unfortunately for me, his towel was pinched together at his other side, thus not revealing any more than what I had already seen from this angle, but I was pretty content with things as they were. With his head turned slightly to the side and his eyes glued to the screen, I was able to steal a glance or two at his spectacular form. Not long after we were settled in, Tom and Jerry hopped up on the sofa, with Jerry curling up in the corner between Ollie and me, and Tom deciding to make Ollie’s lap his temporary new home. Cats can be such selfish jerks. There was Tom, spoiling my view. Oh well, at least maybe they helped make Ollie feel at home. Part-way through the movie, I paused it to get up and put the load of laundry into the dryer. Returning to the living room, I asked Ollie if he’d like another beer. I suggested he try the IPA in case it turned out he liked it. It was also a higher alcohol content. He agreed to try it, and to my surprise, he actually liked it. “Have you had much beer before?” “Yeah, my dad used to let me have a beer with him sometimes, so I got used to the taste. I think I like the kolsch better, but I like this okay too.” While mentioning his dad, he clenched his jaw slightly while also looking downward, almost like a mix of sadness and resentment. I didn’t push the matter further. “Well, I’m glad you like the IPA okay. Since I’m not much of a fan of it, it just takes up space until I have company that likes it.” We resumed the movie, and having a little beer in me, I started to loosen up a bit, *accidentally* brushing my knee against his a couple of times as I reached for the nachos. He didn’t flinch at my touch like he had the night before, but nor did he seem to make an effort to respond in kind. It just seemed not to faze him. At least that meant he was becoming more comfortable around me. It also hadn’t seemed to bother him terribly to be lounging around half-naked in that skimpy towel, though he did maintain a firm grip on the ends of the towel at his side. As though maybe he’d had experience at some point being scantily-clad in a locker room with fellow athletes. Now there was a fun mental image! Finally, the movie ended, shortly after I heard the buzz of the dryer. I got up and loaded the clothes into a basket to carry back to my bedroom, plucking out his items as I walked. I stopped at the sofa and tossed his freshly cleaned clothes onto the cushion next to him. “Feel free to go in the bathroom and change back into your outfit while I put these away.” “Ok, thanks.” When he emerged again from the bathroom dressed in the only clothes he owned, I showed him where the laundry hamper was for him to toss the towel into. “Now that you’re all freshened up, what say we run out real quick and get you a few more things to wear, and maybe some other supplies too?” “But I don’t have any money to buy anything.” “Don’t worry about it. We’ll do it on the cheap and just go to a thrift store and a drug store to buy a few essentials. Don’t mistake it for pity or charity. I’ll front you the cash for now, and we’ll take it out of your first paycheck. No offense, but I can’t have you showing up to work in the same outfit for the next two weeks until you get paid. Then my customers will think I abuse my employees by not paying them enough, and that makes me look bad. You don’t want me to look bad, do you?” I half-jokingly asked him with a wry smile. “No, I suppose not. Ok, fine, let’s go. We won’t be out long, right? I hate shopping.” “You and me both, kid. You and me both. In fact, let’s time ourselves. Let’s say we need five full outfits, one pair of work shoes, another pair of sneakers, a toothbrush, and deodorant, and we have 45 minutes to get it all.” “You’re on!” Being an artsy neighborhood close to a college, we had three good thrift shops within a couple blocks, plus a nearby drug store for the toiletries. We rushed through the stores, making snap purchase decisions all the way, and we made it back to my place in exactly 42 minutes. I really liked that this kid didn’t like to waste time, and I think he appreciated that about me, too. After we returned and he unpacked his new clothes into the space I had made for him in my closet, I suggested we go for a quick jog on the trails along the river in town, just a few blocks away from my building. I knew I had to get in better shape, and I figured I’d take advantage of having an athletic young teen under my roof to push me to get my butt moving. “Yeah, that sounds good.” “Want to break in your new sneakers?” “Good idea!” He ran back to the closet and quickly re-emerged donning his new kicks, leaving his trusty basketball shorts and ratty T-shirt on for the workout. I sure loved those shorts. After hydrating and doing a few stretches, I hoped I was ready to try and keep up with Ollie on our jog. We went only a couple miles before doubling back, and I was happy to see that I mostly held my own. Perhaps he was just kind enough to moderate his pace enough for his flabby jogging companion. Before long, we returned home and I again graciously allowed young Oliver to bound up the stairs in front of me, enjoying the results our sweaty workout had on my favorite basketball shorts. Heading inside, I grabbed us some water and I quickly downed mine. Looking over at Ollie, I panted, “Thanks for going easy on me, kiddo. I’m sure you could’ve gone twice as far without an old guy slowing you down.” “Haha, yeah, I guess I did a little bit. But that’s okay. It was a nice jog. I didn’t know this town had such nice trails.” “You go relax for a bit, while I throw us together a little dinner. You okay with fish?” “Yeah, that sounds ok. You mind if I hang out in your library for a bit?” “Go ahead. Should be ready in twenty minutes.” I threw the dinner together in short order, loaded up a couple plates, set the table and poured us each another beer. I walked to the library and poked my head in, finding Ollie sitting comfortably in a chair reading a book. “Dinner’s ready. You all set?” “Yeah, I was just starting to get into this book, but I can pick it up later. Evelyn is kind of a weird name for a guy.” “That’s because he’s British. They pronounce it EE-velyn. Funny people, those Brits.” Ollie had stumbled onto my cherished copy of Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh. The kid had good taste. “I read that for the first time in college, and have re-read it a couple times. It’s one of the favorites. Come on, let’s eat.” While we sat and ate, particularly now that the kid was fully dressed again, I decided it would be a good time for a little honesty. “There’s one thing I think I should tell you at this point, if you’re going to be staying here with me and working at my cafe. I don’t want it to make you feel uncomfortable or pressured to react in any particular way, it’s just something I think you should know.” “O…K… what is it? Did I do something wrong?” “No, no, you didn’t do anything wrong. I just thought it should be out in the open, that, well, in addition to thinking you’re a good and hard-working kid who I’m looking forward to having work for me, I think you are an extremely attractive young man. Just needed you to know that.” He looked up, not quite making eye contact with me, as he seemed to back up slightly in his chair. “So, you’re gay or something?” “Well, I’m not really big on labels, as then people tend to foist certain expectations upon you for how you’re supposed to act or be. You’ll come to find out I often hate being told what to do. I kind of sense the same about you. I’ve been in relationships with women before, and may again in the future. But there are just certain guys I find an intense desire to be close to. I don’t know what you call that, and I don’t really care. I just try my best to be present in the moment and to care about the people I have in my life. And look, please don’t think I’m saying I expect you to fool around with me or something just because you’re staying here and you’re working for me. I just didn’t want any uncertainty to hang in the air for you, that’s all.” “I guess that doesn’t really bother me. I’ve had gay friends and all. And I feel like I can trust you.” “Good, that’s all I want. I think I’m going to like having you around, kid. You really seem to have a good spirit. Maybe someday you’ll share more of your story, or maybe you’ll just choose to live in the present and look toward the future. Either way is fine. Just know that you are welcome here.” “Thanks. I don’t really feel like I deserve any of this, but thanks.” “The mere fact that you don’t feel entitled to anything sets you a cut above a lot of people your age, kiddo. The world can be a tough place, but I think you’ll find that with a decent attitude, many people will naturally want to associate with you.” He nodded to my paternalistic comments, and we finished eating while making light small-talk. He offered to clean up the kitchen while I went off to the bathroom to get ready for bed. It was getting a little late for me, since I had to get up at 5:30. Returning to the living room, I could see into the kitchen that Ollie had already cleaned it all up. I love to cook, but I hate the cleanup. This kid is more than just a pretty face. “Thanks for cleaning up. I really should be getting to bed. Maybe you want to grab that book and bring it with you into the bedroom? I’m assuming you’ll be up for a bit yet, since you don’t have to work until 8 o’clock.” “Yeah, of course. I don’t mind dish duty. And I think I will go grab that book.” Ollie trotted off to the library, grabbed the book, turned toward me in the living room as I set about prepping the sofa to sleep on, wished me good night, and went into the bedroom. “Good night, Ollie. Sleep well.” A few hours later, I was awoken by the sound of some drunken idiots on the street below, since I had left the windows on my porch open to let in the cool evening air. I went down the hall to the bathroom before trying to get back to sleep. Coming back out again, I thought I could hear the faint sound of whimpering. I approached the bedroom door, hearing the sounds grow clearer. I lightly tapped on the door. Hearing no response, I quietly opened the door and approached the bed. I could see Ollie, his body covered up to the neck by only a sheet, shivering slightly and whimpering in his sleep. I grabbed the blanket and pulled it over him, tucking it under his chin. He began to stir, opening his eyes groggily to see me standing beside the bed, looking down at him. “Where am I?” “You’re safe, Ollie. In your bed. You sounded like you were having a bad dream, so I came in and saw you shivering and pulled the blanket over you.” He sat up and swung his feet over the side, his bare torso exposed, nipples erect and goose bumps on his arms reacting to the cool night air. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he looked up at me, with an innocent sadness on his sweet teenage face, softly muttering, “Oh, um, thanks. It must’ve been a rough one. Would you mind, um, just sitting with me for a minute?” In that moment, he looked so unsure of himself, like a little boy calling out for help. “Of course I can.” I sat on the edge of the bed, next to him, with only a couple inches between us. We sat in comfortable silence for a couple minutes, before Ollie began to quietly sob to himself. I reached up to his upper back, gently rubbing back and forth, whispering “Hey, you’re going to be ok. You’re safe.” As if the floodgates burst, he collapsed into my side as I reached my arm around him to hold him while he began to bawl. I didn’t say another word, just continued to hold him while he continued sobbing for a few more minutes. Pulling himself together, he wiped away a final tear as he sat back up and held his head in his hands. “Oh, I feel so embarrassed, looking like such a wimp.” “Happy to pretend it didn’t happen, if that’s what you want. But you won’t get any judgment from me. Everyone has to have someone in their life they feel comfortable letting their guard down around. We can’t just walk around 24/7 looking like robots.” “Yeah, I guess not. It just all kind of hit me at once, you know?” “I get it. Or at least I think I do. Can’t imagine what you’ve been through, but I sure hope you feel safe where you are now.” He chuckled lightly between sniffles, “I know I only just met you yesterday, while I was trying to rob your shop, but yeah, I guess I do.” “Good. That makes me happy to hear. Well, I better be getting back to bed now.” As I got up to leave, Ollie looked up from his hands and softly asked, “Um, Jeff?” “Yeah?” “Would you, um, uh, do you think you could, um, well, uh, hold me while I fall asleep? I’m not gay, I just don’t want to be alone right now.” My heart beat so hard it nearly leapt out of my chest, so I took a deep breath to calm myself and try to focus on setting aside my own desires and just be there for this kid in need. “Sure, I can do that. You know, Oliver, you might not have any idea just how many guys long for more contact with each other, but act like they don’t because they’re afraid of being called gay. Pretty cool that you’re comfortable enough getting past that. Nobody likes being alone, but it takes a strong man to admit what he needs.” I reassured him of this as I crawled into bed on the other side. I scooted up next to him as he laid back down, and pulled the sheet and light blanket over us. I put one arm under his neck for him to rest his head on, with my other arm draped lightly over his chest, leaving my hand resting on the pillow. I brought my bare chest up against to his back, while leaving a respectful gap between our underwear-clad midsections. “How’s this? Comfortable enough for you?” I whispered to him. “Yeah. Thanks for not judging me.” “Right back at ya, kiddo.” I heard the bed shift slightly as Tom and Jerry both hopped up onto the foot of the bed and curled up together to sleep, taking their cues from the humans in the room. I felt Ollie’s breathing slow as he relaxed in my arms and drifted off to sleep, and I sighed contentedly at feeling his warmth next to me as I drifted off to sleep. TO BE CONTINUED…


Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2020 14:33:09 -0500 From: Nate Bate Subject: The Secret Fort by the Creek 3 Gay adult youth The Secret Fort by the Creek by Brad Ironie Chapter 3 I went home for dinner and could not stop thinking about Jim. I listened to my parents’ dinner conversation half-heartedly, finished my meal, then went to my room. I played some video games and watched some TV until my parents went upstairs to bed around ten. I pulled out the magazine Jim gave me and flipped through it. My boner was getting bigger and bigger so I started to stroke my penis. It felt good, and my mind wandered to Jim. “Jim does it better” I said out loud. “Did I just say that out loud?” I was shocked, but it was the truth. “I wonder if Jim is still up… Can I just… go over there?” My brain was clearly not in control anymore, just my primal boy penis. “I’ll just go knock on his door, worse case he tells me to go back home.” So I grab some pants, tuck my raging boner under my waistband, and grab another tanktop and very, very, very quietly sneak out the front door, being extra careful to lock the door behind me and take my spare key. I walked down to the end of the street, heart racing. This was just a suburban street, with streetlights, so anyone who happened to look out their window would see me. Would they tell my parents I was out so late? Who would even be looking out their window this late anyway? Jim only lived about 6 houses away, but it felt like 10 miles. Finally, I got to his porch… the porch light was on and so were the lights inside. I swallowed hard and knocked on the door. A few seconds later, Jim opened the door, just in boxers. He looked down at me and his eyes got wide. “Hey there buddy! What are you doing? Everything ok?” “Huh? Oh yeah… yeah… Um… Jim? I just wanted to hang out.” Jim chuckled and smiled, “You are a machine, kid! Come on in!” I had never been inside Jim’s house before. It was nice! He had some cool sci-fi stuff on display that I asked him about, turns out we both love it! “Your house is so cool, Jim!” Jim chuckled again, and my boner jumped, “Thanks bud. Wanna come downstairs to my… well I guess you’d call it a movie room, or a den.” I eagerly nodded and followed him to the basement. Compared to the rest of his house, his den was not as impressive. Just a ratty old couch and a big tv. A porno was paused on screen. Jim unpaused it, turned the volume down lower, and let it play. “I pretty much stay naked at home; hope you don’t mind.” My mouth fell open slightly, but I shook my head. He grinned then stripped off his boxers and sat on the couch naked. “C’mere, bud. Sit next to me, get those clothes off!” I peeled off my shirt and shoved down my pants, revealing my little, rigid boner. Jim’s monster cock was slowly rising as his eyes moved from me to the tv and back. I sat down next to him, thigh to thigh, grabbed his arm and lifted it over my head to rest on my shoulder. Jim reached down and pinched my nipple, harder than usual, but I let out a moan instead of a yelp. That surprised me that I like it! “I remember being your age buddy. It was hard, knowing I was different, knowing I liked other guys instead of girls. I even started puberty around the same age as you… 11 right?” I nodded, “Yeah it’s tough, you stick out like a sore, hairy, tall, thumb. I laughed. He was right, “Yeah, one of the boys at school teases me, he calls me a werewolf.” Jim shook his head, “Hey bud, kids are mean. Always have been. I remember being lonely as a kid. In hindsight I made some stupid decisions just because I was so horny and didn’t know where to direct it. A few years ago I noticed you may like boys too, and thought to myself I didn’t want you to go through what I had to do. That’s why I let you and your friends play in the creek in my backyard and help you with the fort every so often. I hope you don’t mind or find that creepy.” “No way, Jim! I thought it was super cool of you. When you’d come out and help us, and you’d take off your shirt. I always got a boner.” “Oh, I noticed, and I was very flattered by the way. I tried not to stare at you too much, because I didn’t want to get a boner myself in front of your friends. By the way, have you ever seen a porn on video? I looked at the TV, I forgot it was on! A big hairy man was getting his cock sucked and licked by a smaller guy. I was a bit shocked, the magazine Jim gave me just had naked guys, “Uh… no, I haven’t. Have you done this, Jim?” “All the time, buddy. A blowjob is like a handshake among gay guys.” “Whoaa… I had no idea.” My own cock was still rigid, and now leaking clear precum, as Jim continued to play with my nipples and rub my chest. His big heavy arm weighing down on my neck felt so comforting. Without really thinking or asking permission, my hand just went to his big cock and grabbed it. Jim moaned, “Oh yeah kid, that feels good.” He moved his hand down to my cock and started to stroke it, slowly. “Be sure to tell me when it starts to feel too good, ok? I know when I was at your age, I could spurt in 5 seconds, but it takes me longer now, so I don’t want you to cum before me.” I nodded; I took the directive very seriously. I didn’t want to disappoint him, and mostly because I wanted this moment to last a long time. The two guys on screen were now sucking each other’s cocks, going back and forth, “I think I’m almost close, Jim.” Jim took his hand off my dick, stood up while still stroking and grabbed a small tub of something. He set it down on the floor between us and scooped a little glob of it on his fingertips. “It’s albolene, it’s really greasy, very slick. Perfect for long hang outs like this. Don’t lick it or eat it. Hands and cock only, ok?” I nodded as he put the little glob of goo on my shaft and started to work on it. He scooped some onto his cock too, and he was jacking both of us off now. This was a totally new sensation, it felt so good, all I could do was stare at the porn on the TV as Jim bated our cocks, up and down in unison. Every few minutes he would stop, letting our rigid cocks stand upright, almost like they were begging our hands back to them. I couldn’t resist, I grabbed our cocks and started to stroke. Jim leaned back, closed his eyes and rested his arms on the back of the couch. I caught a whiff of his dense, hairy, armpits… they smelled amazing! Sex Ed in school kept going on and on and on about how we need to wear deodorant. But Jim smells amazing! Jim opened his eyes and saw me staring at his pits. “Haven’t worn deodorant in years, bud.” He raised his elbow over his head, and then with his other hand grabbed the back of my head and gently pushed it into his underarm. “Breath it in… deep!” I did immediately. It smelled so good! I was now sniffing his pits and stroking his big cock! “Oh yeah bud, you know what to do.” I used both hands to stroke his big greasy boner until he would whisper, “Slow down,” and I’d start to play with his nipples. He looked at me and laughed, “I can’t believe this is how today would end after dropping off that porno mag for you. I just wanted to give you some porn so you could jerk to it in your bed, door locked. And now you’re here in my basement, edging my cock. Lay back, it’s your turn now.” I laid back on the couch as Jim grabbed my cock in his hand tightly. He squeezed it, but the albolene made it slide back and forth in his fist. It felt soooo good. “You like that tight pressure on your cock, bud?” I nodded and just kinda mumbled, “Yeah feelssogood,” I was in ecstasy. Jim smiled, “Lots of ways to get that tight pressure on your cock,” Jim said as he squeezed a bit harder, “We’ve been hanging out for over half an hour kid, how do your nuts feel?” I tossed my head back and kinda thrust out my hips, “Fullish? Heavy? I don’t know.” “Yeah, yeah. Good boy. You’re ready to burst. I am too,” Jim was sitting on the couch now, my legs draped over his lap, as he stroked us both, getting us on the same rhythm. I kept thrusting my hips into his hands, hoping that would make me cum faster, and Jim tightened his grip with each thrust, “Oh … oh… OH! Fuuuck,” I grunted as I shot a big watery load up my chest, hitting my shoulder, and landing on the couch, I was still spurting as Jim let out a loud grunt too, his thick creamy heavy load landed on my leg. We each had a few more spurts until we just sat there, covered in our cum, breathing heavy. His cock slowly deflating and just lying there heavy on my thigh in a pool of his cum. “I got cum on your couch, I’m sorry Jim. Should I get a towel?” Jim smiled, “Don’t be sorry! This couch has a lot of cum on it, and I’m glad your cum is on it now too. Look at us and look at the time, it’s late. Let’s shower real quick to get this cum and albo off us, then you need to get home!” “Can we shower together, Jim?” I asked eagerly. “Sure thing, buddy. Let’s go upstairs!” *** If you are enjoying this story, please consider donating to !


Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2020 17:19:51 +0000 (UTC) From: Haven Tesla Subject: Levi’s Secret > Levi’s Secret Future Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. All characters, locations and events are the products of my imagination. Any resemblance to real persons, places and incidents is unintentional. If you enjoy this and other stories on the Nifty Archives, please lend your support to keep this valuable resource for writers and readers of alternate-sexuality erotica going. Visit ******************** Levi’s Secret Future ******************** Tariq grinned upon getting the go-ahead from Mal and Jay. He liberally slathered his fist, then his forearm, with lube. If Levi had been paying attention, instead of lying semi-comatose on the bed, he might have had some inkling of what was about to happen. As it was, he only started to stir when Tariq tucked his thumb in alongside his fingers. By the time he bolted upright, half of Tariq’s fist was already in. Levi took one look and began wailing. “Oh Jesus, this can’t be happening. You guys are sick! Wasn’t triple-dicking me enough for you? This, this is too much!” “Too much and never enough,” quipped Mal. “Where have I heard that before?” “Just shut up and take it, bitch,” ordered Jay. He picked up the dildo and shoved it into Levi’s mouth. “This’ll keep you quiet.” Stuffed at both ends, Levi recognized a lost cause when he saw one. He flopped back onto the bed, moaning pathetically. His fuckers were on a roll, and his job was to lie there and simply take whatever they dished out. Tariq was truly a dreadful influence. What would the next FOUR freaking YEARS be like? “Can you get it in deeper?” asked Mal. He’d retrieved his phone and was filming a close-up of Tariq’s fist disappearing into Levi’s distended pussy. The widest part of his fist slipped in, as Levi tossed his head from side to side in silent agony and bit down on the dildo in his mouth. “Oh I plan to,” Tariq assured him. “But first let me locate his G-spot; this isn’t meant to be torture, after all.” Levi would have disputed that! Then Tariq found the little nub of Levi’s prostate and began stimulating it, and Levi’s sore cock twitched in response. He couldn’t believe it still had life left in it after everything he’d endured that evening. He cursed his lack of physiological control. He knew that Tariq, Mal and Jay would forever hold this over his head as undeniable proof of his inherent faggotry. Tariq managed to get most of his forearm inside Levi while delivering his prostate massage. Not elbow-deep, to his disappointment, but then Tariq had very long arms to go with his hulking 6’6″ frame. To the boys’ amazement, Levi’s body tensed and his cock spurted. It was a small load, to be sure – just enough jism to drench his cock – but it was still a load. “Well damn!” exclaimed Mal. “That’s SEVEN orgasms.” “Nine if you include this morning’s,” pointed out Jay. “Tell us again how much you HATE being our little boy bitch,” he added to Levi with a sneer. Of course Levi was unable to reply with his mouth full of silicone cock. In any case, he wouldn’t have had a convincing excuse. Tariq unceremoniously yanked his arm out of Levi, causing the younger boy to practically levitate off the bed. “Now you give it a try,” he told Mal, as Levi looked on in horror. “What are you staring at, bitch? I did say until your nads are empty, and I’m yet to confirm that since your cock just dribbled.” Mal would not be the last one to try his hand (pun intended) at fist-fucking their bitch. Jay wanted his turn too, although Mal’s ministrations had already produced a dry orgasm that wracked Levi’s body. Jay was the one who got in up to his elbow even as the frantically writhing Levi had to be held down by the other two. He took a few moments to enjoy the sensation of having the blond stud-muffin wrapped around his entire forearm, flexing his fingers deep inside Levi to see how he reacted (the intensity of his wriggling went up and he probably have screamed himself hoarse if not for the dildo in his mouth. Once he was satisfied that Levi would not forget his first fist-fuck anytime soon, he moved on to manipulating the jock’s much-abused prostate to a second sperm-free climax. “Definitely empty now,” affirmed Jay, as though the obvious needed to be spoken out loud. In the aftermath, Levi’s cock had shrunk to the smallest they’d ever seen it, and his balls had all but retracted into his crotch. He had never looked so pitiful: filthy, drenched in sweat and completely spent in every sense of the word. “Remind me again why we needed to drain his balls?” asked Mal. Levi, had he been following the conversation instead of being lost in a haze of misery, would have resented Mal for only questioning this AFTER they’d subjected him to two fisting-induced dry orgasms. “So that he doesn’t try any funny business at this party he’s supposed to attend,” explained Tariq. “We have the cock-cage for that,” Mal reminded him. “Right! I totally forgot about that,” Tariq said aloud, before giving him and Jay a clandestine wink. “Well, it never hurts to get a 100% guarantee.” It was easy for him to say when he wasn’t the one whose nuts felt like they’d been put in a blender! “Get up, you lazy bitch; time for you to head to Chester’s party.” There was no response from Levi. “Up, bitch,” reiterated Mal. “I think it’s all been too much for his jock brain,” observed Jay with little sympathy. “It’s scrambled.” “Oh, I think I know what’ll revive him.” Tariq rolled Levi onto his stomach and started to rain spanks down on his poor butt. Tariq’s very firm hand had its impact doubled as each smack reverberated through Levi’s battered and sore pussy. The hapless jock returned to full consciousness with a loud squeal after just one spank, but Tariq gave him a round dozen “just to be sure”. As he recovered from his ass-thrashing, Levi was startled to learn that he was still expected to attend the football team’s graduation party which should have been well underway. He glanced at the clock; it was nearly half-past eight. “I still have to go to the party? Now?” Mal, who was checking his phone, said, “Oh, you absolutely have to go to Chester’s party. Your pal Al looks to be having a grand old time, if this video’s any indication.” He turned the volume up and rotated his phone so all four of them could watch the screen. It was a poorly-filmed video that started abruptly but there was no doubt about what – and who – was going on. Levi’s teammate, Alvaro Jimenez, was dancing drunkenly on a table top to the strains of `Sexy and I Know It’. Levi recognized the backdrop as the swimming pool at the Cobb mansion. As spectators laughingly yelled encouragement, Alvaro undid the last two buttons on his dress shirt and whipped it off to bare his sweaty torso. (Mal, Jay and Tariq admired his prominent pecs with their light dusting of black hair and his well-defined abs bisected by a thick treasure trail.) “Take it off! Take it off!” The chant came through the phone speaker loud and clear, even over the background music. The cat-callers sounded mostly female but Levi was sure he heard at least a couple of male voices in there. A few comments from the audience also found their way into the audio feed. “I can’t believe Al’s doing this!” “How much has he had to drink?” “It’s barely 8pm!” “Jimenez, you dolt! Get off there!” “Take if off! Take it off!” On screen, Alvaro started to shimmy out of his jeans. Levi knew from the locker room that he was usually a boxers man but, on this occasion, he’d (unfortunately for him) opted for white boxer-briefs that were already stained with sweat. “He’s wearing tighty-whiteys!” A girl’s squeal came through the speaker. (“Those aren’t tighty-whiteys,” groused Jay.) There were a couple of naysayers in the crowd, too. “Jimenez, that’s enough!” “Come down Al. You’re embarrassing yourself!” Yet no one stepped forward to physically intervene. Everyone within camera shot had their phones out to record their own footage of Alvaro’s disgrace. He might have been a handsome football jock but his typically cutting remarks didn’t make him many true friends. The stripping stud seemed oblivious. He kicked off his jeans and started to do poses in his undies. There was a lot more laughter and the cameraman held a beer bottle out to him. “Here’s a prop for you, Al!” Levi recognized the voice of the party’s host, Chester. Alvaro took the bottle from him and dumped its contents over his head! “Oh my God! You can see EVERYTHING!” The beer- and sweat-soaked undies certainly left nothing to the imagination. The shape of Alvaro’s cock – thick and noticeably darker than the rest of his caramel skin – was perfectly outlined under the damp white fabric. More significantly, it was obvious that Alvaro was sporting a semi! “Wow, is he actually -” Another spectator didn’t hold back. “Shit, he’s got a freaking boner!” As if to emphasize his tumescent dick, Al laced his fingers behind his head and thrust his crotch at girls in the crowd. “Off! Off! Off!” Alvaro started to slip his fingers into the waistband of his briefs, teasingly revealing a dense bush of black pubes. That proved to be a step too far for one of their teammates. “Alright, that’s enough Al.” Levi recognized another teammate, Ray Dawood, who stepped into frame and tugged at Alvaro’s arm to get him to step down from the table. There were groans and boos. “Spoilsport!” “We want to see those undies come off!” “C’mon, he’s shown practically everything already!” “Al, you’re making a fool of yourself,” Ray hissed at a resisting Alvaro. “Leave it, Dawood; he obviously doesn’t want to.” It was Chester again, sounding thoroughly amused. As if to confirm Chester’s view, Al roughly pushed away Ray, who stumbled out of frame. The chant resumed. “Take it off! Take it off!” “Show us everything you’ve got!” “WHO WANTS TO SEE THESE COME OFF?” yelled Al, snapping the waistband of his undies. There was a loud cheer. If there was anybody in that crowd who didn’t want Alvaro to expose himself, their voices were drowned out. Alvaro turned around and shook his ass at the laughing crowd. Then he peeled down his briefs, revealing a tight, peachy butt. There were gasps and giggles, while Chester zoomed in, so the viewers could make out the hair in Al’s crack. “No wonder you’re our tight end,” he chuckled. (“What the fuck is Chester doing?” muttered Levi. He wasn’t a fan of Al Jimenez but this was obscene! It was Mal who replied, “God’s work.”) On screen, Al stepped out of his undies and bent down to pick them up, exposing his tight pink pucker amid a halo of black curls to Chester’s camera. (“Did that just happen?” gasped Jay. Mal told him, “Yeah, I think we just saw Al Jimenez’s hole!”) Then Al turned back around to face the audience, holding his discarded underwear in front of his crotch. “Drop those drawers!” “Off! Off! Off!” Al let the undies fall from his grip but cupped his junk in one hand. He was just about covered, but his lush pubes and the root of his thick cock were on display. “He’s never gonna live this down.” “Just do the full monty already!” “Off! Off! OFF!” Then Ray Dawood, who had obviously reached the end of his tether, tackled Al off the table. They both flew into the pool behind Al with a loud splash, and the video came to an abrupt end, amid groans of dismay. The four boys looked at each other. “What. The. Fuck. was that?” exclaimed Levi. “A prick-tease, that’s what!” grumbled Jay. “Has Al Jimenez always been an exhibitionist?” asked Mal. “NO!” replied Levi vehemently. “I don’t understand. It’s not like him at all. Jimenez can hold his alcohol.” “Well, he was definitely under the influence of something,” Tariq said pointedly. “The glassy eyes, the unsteady gait, the uncharacteristic behavior – it all fits. Trust me, I know the signs. There were enough kids using in the foster care system.” “You think he’s doing drugs? Jimenez would never; he hates the stuff. He had an uncle who overdosed.” “Then somebody drugged him,” Tariq declared matter-of-factly. “WHAT?” “A roofie is my guess. He wasn’t entirely soft during the strip. So either he’s secretly an exhibitionist, which you say he isn’t, or whatever he took was also an aphrodisiac. Maybe it was meant for someone else, and Jimenez accidentally drank it. Or maybe he was the intended target all along.” Levi stared at him in consternation. He remembered uneasily how Chester had egged Al on and discouraged Ray Dawood from intervening. Surely not? He’d defended Chester to Jimenez – he couldn’t be a secret fag! “Yeah, you need to get to that party pronto.” “I’m not dashing in there to save Jimenez from his own stupidity.” Now that he had gotten over his shock, Levi found he was rather enjoying the tables being turned on Al Jimenez. After all the locker room taunts, it would soon be Al who would have be the (literal) butt of everyone’s jokes. He just wished it had happened while they were still in school, so he could have teased Al mercilessly. “Who said anything about saving Jimenez? We don’t make a point of saving homophobes. Isn’t he the same jerk who keeps giving you a hard time for hanging around us?” asked Jay. Levi nodded. “So yeah, you’re going to the party because we want you to find out just how susceptible to suggestion Al is in his current state.” “WHAT?” yelped Levi for the second time. “You heard me, bitch. Get Jimenez alone in a room and see if you can persuade him to fuck himself with one of those beer bottles, on-camera.” Levi’s unease returned. “Oh no. No, no, no. You can’t make me do this.” Jay raised an eyebrow. “All of a sudden you have principles?” “I’m not worried about Jimenez; he deserves everything he gets,” retorted Levi vehemently. “But what’ll happen if the drugs wear off and he finds me trying to fuck him with a bottle? He’ll fucking kill me.” “First up, we said to get HIM to fuck himself with the dildo. You’re not going to be fucking anyone, bitch. In case you haven’t noticed, that part of your life is OVER. “And secondly, I think you can defend yourself just fine,” Jay told him dryly, “especially with Jimenez drugged to the eyeballs.” “You might find that you have to fight off your other teammates to get at him,” suggested Tariq. “Yeah, isn’t that like a football team tradition, a bonding exercise, where you all gang-bang a slut together?” asked Mal. “Not a MALE slut! The team isn’t a pack of homos!” spat Levi. “Like you aren’t a homo?” shot back Jay. “I’ve got tons of footage that would indicate otherwise,” pointed out Mal slyly. “I mean, what would your teammates say if they were to see you getting triple dicked while shoving your tongue down another dude’s throat and creaming yourself without even touching your cock?” “My guess? They’d bang his brains out right next to his bud,” supplied Tariq. “Side by side, bitch boys for life.” Levi squirmed, even though he knew they were being ridiculous. There was no way … not even Chester … only gay guys would fuck other dudes, right? He really wished the little flicker of doubt would go away. “And what do you plan to do with the video?” he questioned. “That one’s easy,” replied Jay brightly. “Have you forgotten where Al Jimenez is going to college?” It finally dawned on Levi. “Rutgers.” “Exactly. Right between Columbia and Princeton. It’s almost like a sign. When one door closes …” Jay left the sentence hanging. “You’re going to replace me with him? With Al Jimenez?!” Levi blurted out. “Aw, look, the bitch is upset at getting some competition,” Mal taunted him. “Are you afraid Al will be a better cock-sucker than you? That he might be able to take four cocks without flinching?” sneered Jay. “Hardly,” scoffed Levi, before realizing that he was implying that HE had superior gay sex skills. He blushed furiously as the other three chortled with amusement. “Now get yourself cleaned up. There’s work to do.” Levi reluctantly dragged himself out of bed, groaning as his feet hit the ground and pain shot through his throbbing asshole. He really wasn’t looking forward to the hour-long bus ride in his present condition. “Please,” he appealed one last time for clemency, “the bus is going to take forever to get to Chester’s at this time of night.” “Who said you had to take the bus?” Mal tossed him a key. Levi stared at him. “Your car? You’re letting me drive your car?” Mal adored his car; it had been an eighteenth birthday gift from his parents. “Don’t say we aren’t good to you,” Mal said piously. Then, in a much sterner voice, he added, “But you’re going to drive back here immediately after the party, and no drinking. If there’s so much as a scratch on my car, we’re going to take it out of your ass.” “So that in the morning,” chimed in Jay, “you can try out the present WE got you.” He twirled a flimsy scrap of fabric around his finger, revealed to be an extremely skimpy, tight pair of Speedos in white with a red lipstick-stain motif. “He’s definitely going to need some pool time to work on his tan; he has one blindingly white ass,” declared Tariq critically. Levi worried that another guest would complain if he wore such inappropriate swimwear to sunbathe at the hotel pool. A few months later, once he was accustomed to wearing even less in public, this particular bout of anxiety would seem almost quaint. “You know what, Tariq?” opined Mal. “I think we should all join Levi in the shower, to make sure he cleans himself properly.” “Yeah, it’s enormous and has all these jets pointed at you from every direction,” enthused Jay. Levi began to protest that he could manage on his own, but nobody paid him any heed. He was marched into the shower where, true to form, the other three boys gave him a thorough cleaning, both inside and out. Mostly inside – Levi lost track of whose fingers were rooting around his back canal, other than that there were way too many (six at one point!). He was being stretched wide open once more, all under the guise of washing every inch of him until he was squeaky clean. The latter, he could certainly attest to; the fingers scouring his slick anal passage actually made a squeaking noise. The only consolation was that his tormentors weren’t able to coordinate a third dry orgasm, although there were a couple of moments when he thought his semi-erect dick was ready to betray him again. Just when Levi thought he might be at the end of his ordeal, Tariq mentioned that he needed a piss. Of course, he wasn’t about to nip out to the toilet so Levi had to kneel on the floor of the shower stall and guzzle down Tariq’s steady stream of acrid urine. He didn’t know it yet but Tariq would make piss-drinking part of his morning regime once he was installed at the frat house. A naked Levi would be expected to start each day by crawling under the sheets to take care of Tariq’s morning wood and then swallow his morning piss. He’d eventually introduce piss enemas to the mix, to watch Levi squirm as he struggled to keep in a bowel full of urine until he could make it to the toilet down the hall from their room. What did occur to Levi was that he’d had no dinner, other than the chocolate-covered strawberries he’d eaten out of Jay’s ass, several loads of spunk and piss. He’d be attending a party of his peers with that foul collection of contents roiling in his stomach. As if he wasn’t already feeling like a lowly bitch. After Levi was toweled dry (whimpering as his cock and balls were roughly dried with the terry cloth), he started to limp out of the bathroom when Tariq told him to wait. “We can’t have you waddling into the party like a freshly-fucked whore,” he said, making Levi cringe. “Don’t worry; I’ve got something that will help soothe your ass muscles. Bend over and spread your cheeks.” Tariq disappeared for a few seconds and then returned with a tube of ointment in his grasp. In his position, with his back to Tariq, Levi couldn’t see what it was, but Mal and Jay could. “Hang on, isn’t that-” Mal began to utter, before Jay jostled him to be quiet. Tariq gave the couple a wink and then squeezed a good amount of the tube’s contents onto his fingers before burying them in Levi’s ass with one swift thrust (not exactly difficult given his gaping hole). At first, Levi almost cooed at the cooling sensation as Tariq worked the ointment deep into his rectum. But then within seconds the gel heated up and the wretched bitch was shrieking in agony as it felt like his insides were on fire. “Oh Jesus!” he wept, desperately begging to be allowed to douche his ass but Tariq wouldn’t let him. Instead he wriggled helplessly on the bathroom floor until the scorching sensation subsided somewhat. (Mal and Jay noted with interest that Tariq hadn’t worn a glove but remained impassive to the ointment’s effects on his hand.) “That – that wasn’t meant for internal use!” Levi panted accusingly. “Oh no?” Tariq replied innocently. “I’ve used it on a number of bitches without any adverse effects.” He grabbed Levi’s cock with his ointment-coated hand and fondled him. This brought a renewed wave of howls from the younger teen. “At this rate he’s going to need another shower,” Jay pointed out. Indeed, poor Levi was sweating again. Tariq grudgingly let go of Levi’s junk, allowing Mal to refit his shrunken dick with the chastity device. Levi slowly got to his feet, hurrying only when he received a stinging slap to his rump. He dressed in the clothes laid out for him: an almost sheer and exceedingly tight white dress-shirt that chafed his sore nipples, skimpy purple bikini briefs that really made his caged bulge stand out, and strategically ripped, skinny jeans that showed way too much bare thigh. Normally he would’ve protested this outfit but he figured a naked Al Jimenez would command the party-goers’ attention … assuming he was still there and still naked by the time Levi reached the party. He couldn’t help examining himself in the mirror, which didn’t pass unnoticed by Mal. “Yeah, you’re looking hot … so you’d better get out of here before we decide to ravish you again tonight.” Then he did something totally unexpected and pulled Levi in for a kiss. “You’ll always have a special place as our No. 1 Bitch,” he assured him. A nonplussed Levi stared at him and absently touched his lips. He’d always thought Mal didn’t like him. Nothing seemed to make sense today. “That’s not an excuse to try anything less than your best with Al Jimenez,” warned Jay before having his own make-out session with the confounded stud. Forget the triple-dicking and the fisting; the kissing was what perturbed Levi the most because he could feel his cock stirring in its cage – without any stimulation of his prostate. “Now go get `im, tiger,” encouraged Jay. Levi nodded, not trusting himself to speak, and hurried out of the suite. As soon as the door closed behind him, Jay turned to Tariq. “Alright, it’s just the three of us now. “Time to pay the piper.” ******* The End ******* This marks the end of Levi’s story. I know many of you have been keen for this story to continue and chronicle Levi’s college years under Tariq’s thumb, but I am afraid it is not on my agenda at the moment. I won’t say never, because things can (and do) change, as evidenced by all the extra chapters that turned what was meant to be a standalone short story into a 10-part saga. I have littered the last few chapters with hints of what awaits Levi at college, and it’s safe to say Tariq will be very creative in coming up with even more ways to humiliate his bitch. I am thinking of producing one more brief chapter, an epilogue of sorts, tentatively titled `Tariq’s Secret Submission’. It will close out the celebration night, but without Levi’s involvement. If this is of interest, let me know by emailing As for what happens to Al Jimenez, well, that’s a mystery. Was Chester Cobb really responsible for slipping him a roofie? Will Levi succeed in getting leverage on him, and will Al end up becoming Mal and Jay’s bitch in New Jersey? Perhaps one day there will be a sequel called Al’s Secret, but for now it is up to your imaginations. Thank you for reading, and stay safe!


Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 05:03:24 +1000 From: Maxwell Dowling Subject: Kasey with a k / chapter 10 Adam 10 “Dad said I needed a haircut badly, but I don’t want to go to my normal one, can you style it, Adam?” “Of course I can young man, my how you’ve grown, how old are you now Mitchell?” “Thirteen, and as horny as a sewer rat on heat.” I started laughing at his joke, poor fella I guess he will lose his virginity very soon. “How’s dad?” “Good, working a lot though, I hardly ever see him.” Mitchell’s dad was the well-known local comedian’s son, I guess he will take after his dad but I don’t think he will be doing it in drag. He was living on the streets when Lucy Loosebox rescued him, then she fostered him. She even hired a live-in nanny to make sure he got to school on time and ate the right meals, I suppose there’s money in comedy drag, I wouldn’t know. “So did dad send you here or did you come on your own?” I don’t want to get in-between them if I can help it, but Mitchells pretty bloody obstinate. “No, he said to come here, he said you will sort me out good and proper and he will drop the money off, he doesn’t trust me with money.” I had to stifle the laugh. We walked over to the wash trough and I got him settled. His hair was gorgeous, thick and lush and dark as midnight, we all thought he had a little Asian in him but he’s never talked about his past, to anyone. I shampooed twice then conditioned it, then wrapped it in a towel and took him to my station, of course, he moaned as I massaged his head, little pervert. “Now what kind of haircut would you like?” “I want it shaved on the sides and a big floppy top like that guy in the picture.” He pointed to one of the posters on the wall. “I see don’t you think it’s a bit too old for you?” “Nope, I have a plan and my plan includes me looking much older than I am.” “Oh dear, I hope it doesn’t involve getting some young filly pregnant?” He fished around in his back pocket and pulled out a condom, I nearly fainted. “See I’m prepared for anything, and if I know Jenny Wise, as I think I do, she will be putty in my hands.” He grinned. He was a handsome young man but give him seven or so years and he will be a god-like my Kasey. “Maybe we will just do a close cut on the sides and a little shorter on top, do you trust me?” “Yes, uncle Adam I trust you, but make me look older.” He looked deflated. I started cutting his thick locks off then I pinned the top up and clipped the sides making sure it wasn’t too short. “Hi Mitchell, good to see you again,” Anne said as she passed by. “You to aunty Anne, looking sweet my lady.” I looked over at her she had to run to the tea room she was laughing so much. “She’s got a sweet ass on her uncle Adam, I wouldn’t mind a piece of that right now.” “Why don’t you just go home and have a good pull.” “What’s a pull?” He looked up at me and stared in shock. My god, he doesn’t know about it, fuck, what do I do now. My insides were jumping up and down, he’s oblivious to sex, only that he feels randy all the time, I remember that from when I was his age. I tried to ignore him but he insisted I tell him, so I tried to explain the process to him but only little bits. His eyes were like dinner plates as he listened I’m sure he was thinking I was having a good lend of him. “Don’t you ever have sexy dreams?” “Of course I do, and I get sticky too but I don’t know why.” “When we finish here we can go into the tearoom I have buns for you to eat, and I will tell you what’s going on with your body.” I finished his hair and he looked fabulous, all he needs now is a blow-dry. I collared Eva who wasn’t busy to do that task, her boobs will entertain him to no end. I took my phone out and headed for the storeroom, then I rang Lucy. “What do I do?” I pleaded. “You tell him, I thought he knew all about sex, or that’s what he tells me anyway.” She couldn’t stop laughing down the phone. “What do I tell him?” “Just tell him how to pull himself, I will tell him the rest. Can’t have the poor little fella feeling all that pent up frustration, maybe he will enjoy it better than a root.” “I worry about damaging him.” “Honey he listens to us girls talking all the time, and he has snuck into the club to watch the shows once or twice. I think you are the right person to tell him, but please don’t show him. I trust you with our boy Adam good luck.” She had to hang up the laughing was getting louder. He did look handsome and if I was built any different I would have horned up, but I’m strictly man to man material, Lucy is going to have to reign this one in. I got him some buns then he sat and listened to me his eyes were big again. “So when you feel randy or sexy go into your room and masturbate, get a box of tissues to clean the mess up. It’s that mess that makes babies, by the way, no sticking your dick in Jenny Wises lady bits either.” “True story uncle Adam?” “True story.” He couldn’t wait to get out of the place, his hair looked beautiful and shiny in the sunlight and I didn’t want to hold him up because I think he has some tension to get rid of. My laughing wouldn’t stop, and this was one of those times I had to share the meeting with the girls and boys, everyone felt sorry for him and no one will speak of it again. Kids are so funny sometimes. Back to work and I did three more clients I didn’t know but will slowly welcome them to my list. I asked Eva what Trish was up to today but she didn’t know for sure, but it won’t be with Evans he’s out and about with Kasey. I locked up and started walking home I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was being watched all the time. Maybe Meryl’s man is still on the job maybe Kasey organized someone. I did my usual thing and dropped into the café for a glass of wine before I went up, I know Kase wasn’t home yet and I didn’t want to go up on my own. I lingered near the windows then sat at a table for two while I watched the crowd heading for the train station and commuter busses, a big black SUV pulled up and Kasey and the boys got out. The three boys headed for the lift and Kase came into the café. He spotted me sitting by the window and got himself a drink and me another wine. “I thought you would be in here baby, how was your day.” He smiled. “I didn’t want to go into the empty apartment so I was waiting for you to come home, and my day just got better.” I then proceeded to tell him about Mitch, he laughed his head off and said. “You know I was thirteen when I discovered masturbation, I was too scared to do it a lot because I thought something was wrong.” “Same here Kase, I usually gave in to it though, it felt really good.” “Me too.” “I have to give you a heads up too, Wilson saw the University online on your laptop when he called in the other day to get you.” “Really, who told you?” “Eva, I told her what was happening she will keep her mouth shut. Sorry Kase, if I could have spun her a different story I would have.””No, it’s okay I don’t want you to lie for me. I will probably tell him if he asks but for now, I want to read more, then I will know what I’m talking about.” “Sure, want to eat here or go upstairs?” His hands went for his crotch and he grinned. “Okay, we go upstairs then, want to have a bath with me?” “Yes please.” He downed his beer and I was kissing him in the lift within seconds. The next afternoon we got a call from Keith, Kasey looked at me and shrugged his shoulders, so we finished our late lunch in the tearoom and we marched up to the Federal building, taking the lift to the top floor, I say marched because that’s how Kasey walks sometimes. A smiling soldier once again was sitting at the reception desk, and let Keith know we were there. He came out and Kasey stood to attention and saluted, he made him stand at ease as he followed us into the office. We sat down and were offered coffee. He was looking very worried as he looked at both of us. “I have some bad news for you bot.” “What’s the problem?” Kasey moaned. “Lloyd has gone AWOL.” My hand shot up to my throat, and I looked at Kasey for guidance, he took my hand and squeezed it. “He’s been missing since late yesterday afternoon, we have every available man on the job looking for him, and we are confident we will find him soon. In the meantime, I want to place some men outside your apartment and the salon.” I couldn’t speak, this evil man is on the loose and I will be his prime target for sure. I didn’t know how to answer him and all I wanted to do was go home and lock myself indoors. “Deep breaths Adam, take deep breaths,” Kasey said. I did what he told me to do, but it didn’t calm me down, it got me all worked up again. The what if’s were running rampant through my head. Finally, after the commander gave me a small scotch I found my voice. “There’s nothing I can do about it, I will have to close the shop, I can’t place my staff in any more danger than they were in a few weeks ago.” 
”Let’s not be too rash Adam, we don’t even know whether he’s in the country still or not. Adam, we would like to move you to a safe house if you will agree.” “No! No, I stay in my apartment I will be safe there no one can get into it unless they climb up the side of the building. Thank you Keith, but I will stay at home.” He looked at me like he was unsure of my decision. “There’s something else I have to talk to you about, Lieutenant Kasey has an assignment in Darwin. He will have to leave with the others within two or three hours, they will be sweeping the docks for drugs, unfortunately, it’s out of my hands, and its Kasey’s job. So you won’t have him in with you for protection, will you still be okay, or will I get one of the men to stay in the unit with you?” I looked at Kasey and my world collapsed, I hated the military so much for destroying my life, so I replied. “I will cope without him Keith, do what you do best Kasey and come home to us in one piece, in the meantime I can close the salon. I don’t know what the staff will do, but better be safe than sorry.” “Don’t be so hasty Adam, it’s business as usual and in the meantime, we will place two men in the salon to watch over it. Don’t put the kids out of work they all have lives to manage and bills to pay. I doubt Lloyd will be looking at them, but you need to be watched.” Keith was very reassuring, and I trusted him. “Okay, then I will go into work too, there’s no need for me not to be there.” “With an escort Adam, you will have an escort,” Kasey said. “How long is the Darwin job commander?” “Shouldn’t take more than a few days, Lieutenant, I will look after the security surrounding the unit and shop.” He did something I wasn’t expecting, he took my hands and squeezed them. “Adam, you will be safe, upon my life I will make it safe for you, that’s a promise.” I nodded and tried to smile at him, he was a beautiful guy, but in the wrong job, and so was Kasey. We nutted out some more things like codes for the doorbell, and what the guys in the salon would be doing. I thought one at the back door and one sitting in the reception area watching people coming and going. It’s the back door that we can’t see from the front, Keith suggested we put a sign on it for the clients to use the front door, then keep it well and truly locked. I shook his hand then I looked at Kasey, Keith cleared his throat and went to see his secretary, closing the door behind him. Kasey had me in his arms in an instant and was raining kisses on my face, I was quietly weeping inside and wished he could get out of this madhouse sooner rather than later, we had such a wonderful time settling in to the apartment and now it’s all gone pear-shaped. We kissed deeply and then he had to go, I walked him out the front but not before looking up and down the street, Lloyd could be anywhere watching me. “The sergeant will escort you back to the salon Adam, tell the staff what’s going on and then he will walk you home when you’re ready. There will be police officers guarding the entrance, and they will escort you to the apartment and clear it before you go in.” “Thank you Keith, I appreciate it.” I patted his shoulder. “My pleasure Adam, tell Tim I will call him soon.” He blushed. “I’m sure he will be hanging by the phone.” I smiled at him, and he must know by now that Tim is already head over heels in love with him. I watched Kasey get into a black SUV that had pulled up, he waved then smiled, I think he was giving me his, be brave look but the smile was worrying. I was followed up to the salon by a very nice police officer in civvies, he didn’t want to get too close because that attracts suspicion. I went through the door and looked at Trish, her first words were. “What the fuck’s happened now?” “You had better come with me, I have to talk to you all.” I lowered my eyes and headed for the tea room. The busy staff had to stay at their stations but I got Tim Trish Eva and Trev, I will tell them and they can tell the others. They all agreed that the salon shouldn’t close and was grateful that two officers would be placed inside and probably a couple outside too. I had no idea how many the commander had in mind but I was comforted to know we were all being watched. The small window in the storeroom had to be secured and we checked the steel bar that went across the back door. I told Trish to let the clients know they have to use the front door due to some renovations or something. I hugged them all and she whispered to me that she could have a sleepover anytime I wanted. I so wished it was my Kasey that was sleeping over, but I thanked her and said I would think about it, she would be placing herself in real danger if anything happened there. Eva offered to come too then Trev, and of course Tim. He offered to get the gay community involved and start a picket line outside the apartment building for added security. I told him not to, it might interfere with the police that will be patrolling the building. I said my goodbye’s because I wanted to get home to check it out, I told them I was virtually in lockdown and to apologize to my clients, my shadow followed me up the street and my eyes were everywhere. When I got there I went into the café and bought a glass of wine, sitting at the big windows I surveyed the area, I could see two men loitering in the entrance hall and my shadow was talking to the janitor, John. I checked my phone, there was a message from Kasey which read. `Miss you already, love you and stay alert.’ I shot one back to say much the same, then I finished my drink and left for home. The two officers escorted me to my tower apartment and they checked everything was secure. I thanked them and went out to the balcony when they left. I checked down the side of the building there were no stairs or footholds in sight so I deemed myself safe for the time being. I ran a bath and stripped off wishing Kasey was here to have one with me. My neck was looking okay now and the pain had long left me, I will keep doing the ointment until I am satisfied its done its job. I was trying to relax by soaking in the tub, But after a few minutes I got scared someone might break into the flat, even though I knew I was safe, so I dressed in my robe and switched the TV on then picked at some leftovers. Trish rang, Trev rang and Tim rang. “Oh, by the way, Tim, the commander said he was going to ring you today, did he?” “He hasn’t as yet, but I guess he’s a little busy at the moment.” I heard a certain low tone in his voice. “Yes, he is busy, but he was adamant he will ring you. Be patient he’s one of the good guys, I think he’s hooked on you big time.” “Yeah, well I didn’t want to sound needy around him Adam, and I guessed his workload is heavy at the moment. I suppose our few nights together were one-offs” “No it wasn’t, he will call you kiddo. He’s just in one of those busy jobs, he doesn’t have much free time that’s all.” I finished my call and it was getting on to nine o clock, so I decided to lock up and go to bed, I could smell Kasey’s scent while I try to go off to sleep. In the morning it was dull and overcast, winters here and a sort of gloom was over the city skyline and my mood, as I sipped on my coffee. It’s going to be a slow day, I will stop at the bakery and get breakfast and some buns for the staff, and the men. I heard my phone ring and sure enough, Kasey’s face popped up on the screen. “Adam with an A, I’m Going crazy here, I want to be back there with you, is everything all right there?” “Yes everything’s okay, and I miss you so much, I didn’t sleep all that well.” “Me neither, did the men turn up?” “Yes baby, they swept the apartment and there two of them out the front, one is a shadow to get me to and from work. The staff is okay with it all, I guess we just have to wait and see.” “Well, don’t walk around the streets on your own, I will be home in a few days then we can maybe go somewhere, a holiday or something.” “Sounds good to me Kasey with a K. I miss you so much.” I was getting so low again, and almost crying down the phone. “You too, got to go, but if anything happens I want to be the first to know, okay?” 
”Okay Kasey, I love you.” “Love you more Adam with an A.” He hung up, the tears started again. His voice had made me feel all alone and vulnerable, and I didn’t like it one bit. I was again met out the front and escorted to work, nothing out of the ordinary happened and I had dressed down so I could go unnoticed. I was the first one there and the shadow searched around the salon before he would let me enter. When it was deemed okay, I went to do my simple chores. Tim was first to arrive and he made sure I was okay then he went about getting his work bag sorted he had to go to the theatre to check the wigs today. Trish and Anne came in, then the others shortly after. I told them all I had a good night and had heard from Kasey this morning. My first client turned up early and I started on her long tresses, she wanted her split ends cleaned up, an easy one for me. I was checking my eyebrows out while Janice washed the client’s hair, nothing was out of place and I felt fake thinking about my vanity. Two guys came in not long after, my shadow disappeared and they introduced themselves to us and we made them feel welcome and showed them where the tea room and buns were. I placed one in a chair and the other sat up the front in the waiting area. They had civvies on so I couldn’t tell whether they were police or military, but they were alert and surprisingly in good spirits. Tim left before lunchtime and everything was running smoothly. I did four more clients then I had to have a stretch, I had been working non-stop most of the day. Eva was the first to notice and after staring at me a few times came over and made me take a break. The next client will be taken by her or Anne and I was to go have some lunch. I hadn’t realized I haven’t eaten at all today, but when Janice came back with a salad roll, I was all of a sudden ravenous. The guys were kept entertained by the girls and the customers that came in, they were after all, most pleasing to look at. Tim arrived back with a good report and then he sat with me and ate his late lunch. “Are you sure you don’t want me to come and stay the night Adam?” “Yes, I’m fine and feel safe on my own. Kasey will be back in a few days and I doubt whether Lloyd would try anything while the bodyguards are around.” “Okay, but you will let me know if you want me to come over.” “I will Tim, and thank you.” I was okay on my own, at least I had some back up this time around. I didn’t feel in the mood to entertain friends, the only entertaining I will be doing hopefully soon will be with Kasey. The second night after my shower I lay on the bed and made love to my hand, I was in a good place and excited that maybe Kasey will be home tomorrow or the day after. After cleaning up the phone rang, it was him. “You just missed it, I’m cleaning it up now.” I laughed. “Shame, you should save it all up for me.” “How is it going up there?” 
”Okay, we haven’t found anything as yet, still looking.” “Good, the shadows are checking out the salon and unit before anyone enters so I feel safe at least.” “With a bit of luck, he’s escaped overseas or up the country. I doubt whether he will be watching you my Adam with an A.” “Maybe not, but it still makes me a bit nervous that he may be watching me.” “Well try to relax, hey Adam?”
 “Yes, Kasey?” “Can you talk to me while I rub one out?” 
”Of course I can, no one in the showers tonight?” 
”No, I looked but you weren’t there.” He laughed then went very quiet, all I could hear was the sound of my voice and his deep heavy breathing. I wanted to have breakfast in the café this morning, I needed to survey the area before I left. The guys are good but I think I’m more observant. After having a shower I dressed down again, and while having my coffee at the kitchen bench I looked at my phone again for the twentieth time. Kasey has sent me a photo of his junk covered in the juice after our call last night, I smiled because he’s such a kid at heart. I washed up then went out to the balcony to bring our washing in, I didn’t see it at first but when I turned around I came face to face with it. A big rope was dangling down the side of the building, it ended in a hangman’s noose. I froze, my guts nearly heaved the coffee up and my hand again went to my throat. Being panic-stricken I couldn’t move I was suddenly so bloody terrified, he could be behind me, I didn’t think to look when I opened the doors. The slight drizzle rained down as I realized I had to do something, anything. My eyes darted across the balcony and then I slowly turned around to do the other half, I couldn’t see anything only the rope. If he can do that he can get into my apartment, guards or not. I backed up to the door and quickly locked it behind me, then I dashed to the kitchen bench to get my phone. While I was speed dialing the guys downstairs I had a horrible thought and wondered if he had got into the flat and was laying low in one of the bedrooms. I ran to the security gate and slammed it behind me locking it with the heavy chain, I was now a prisoner and only had the main door to escape this place. “What’s up Adam?” Thank god he picked up.
”He’s been in my unit during the night, please can you guys come up.” “One minute, and stay away from the windows.” He hung up and I was still holding the phone to my ear when they came through the door, thank god I had given them my spare keys, otherwise, it would be off its hinges. “What happened?” I pointed to the balcony you couldn’t miss the rope it was swaying in the breeze. 
”The balcony, he’s been here I have been too scared to check the other rooms, be really careful guys he’s an absolute mad man.” He looked me up and down and he and his mate walked over to check out the balcony, I followed because I was expecting Lloyd to jump out at any minute. They searched the balcony then the flat, by the time they finished I had curled myself up in a ball as I sat down on the sofa. The doorbell was ringing and they allowed some more guys to come in, they explained to me it was just a precaution in case he has left some booby traps around the place. They swept the unit and found nothing when they checked the rope it had been tied to the upper Penthouses balcony rail, somehow he had broken into it. I didn’t have a clue who lived there, it always seemed empty. The commander arrived with some military men in tow, he surveyed the balcony and the others rechecked the apartment and took photos, he then sat with me. “Adam I’m sorry about all this, but I have to insist you move to a safe house. He’s gotten through our security here, and it’s no longer a viable option for you.” His arm went around my shoulder then I let go. I started crying into his shoulder and felt like it would never stop, will I ever get a grip of my emotions again. “Let it all out, then pack some clothes to be ready to be transported out of here.” I nodded my understanding and now my apartment has been soiled, I didn’t want to stay here anymore. While I wiped my nose and packed some clothes into an overnight bag my phone rang, it was Trish wondering why I wasn’t at work. I told her I was being shifted and she’s not to worry, I didn’t tell her about the rope. I told her I would be in tomorrow for sure. The apartment upstairs was swept and searched, it was empty, the locks had been forced and John the janitor was notified to get a locksmith in. He would also have to get a painter in because Lloyd had left a message for me on the walls ‘Die, you dog die.’ I was placed in the custody of the commander and shuffled down to the underground car park. A car took the both of us to the other side of the city, I prayed we were not being followed, Keith reassured me we weren’t. “Adam, I would like for you not to go into work at all until this is resolved. Will you have a rethink about it, for me?” “Yes.” Was all I said as I clutched my bag tightly. The house was small and there was no garden to speak of, I guess they need clearance around the property so they can see anyone that’s coming onto it. Two soldiers were in civvies and greeted me at the door, they were very pleasant and showed me to my room. I didn’t feel safe here but I suppose they know what they are doing. When they went off to have a pow-wow, I flopped on the bed and let fly with a few sobs. I was terrified and wanted my Kasey to hold me, but he couldn’t, and I felt so alone. They kept out of my way but all I did was go to the bathroom and lay on the bed, I had a lot to think about and was wondering if I should close the salon after all. I was worried about the staff and the clients, god knows what could happen. Food was delivered and I tried to eat with the guys, they were trying to entertain me but I wasn’t interested in playing cards or watching a video without my Kasey with me. I thanked them then moved back to the bedroom. After an hour or so I thought I would get ready for bed, I had nothing else to do except look at Kacey’s photos over and over. A very restless night ahead saw me getting up five or six times to check through the windows and I was disturbed when the guys would poke their heads into the room. Around five am a message beeped on my phone. `We got him.’ It was from the commander. I shot back a message. `For real?’ `For real Adam, I will ring you in an hour or so.’ Thankfully my heart settled down and my head stopped pounding so I went out into the loungeroom and the guys were smiling as I hugged both of them. They said he had been caught in an empty bottom apartment, the one opposite my new one, he had been hiding in it, no one saw him because he used the fire escape route and that wasn’t covered by the men, or security cameras, except early this morning when he tried to sneak into the building they arrested him. “We have to drive you into the head office early Adam, there are things the Commander wants to talk to you about.” One of the guys said. “Okay I will get my things together, do I have to change the bed?” “No, the cleaners will be in to sort it out as soon as we vacate.” Please consider a donation to Nifty

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