Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2020 22:41:23 +0000 (UTC) From: Subject: Aaron Masters Chapter 7 As always, if You are not of age (18 or 21 depending on where you are) to read content of a sexual nature, do please come back when You are legal! Thank you for reading the ramblings of an older guy and I do hope you enjoy what I write. Comments are welcome at I have gotten some very positive feedback so I think you for that. I still hope you enjoy and look forward to any and all feedback. Please consider supporting nifty financially if You enjoy my writing. Thank You. Here’s the link: As we walked into the warehouse i was impressed at how well all six of these Men worked together. It was also interesting to see how they had converted portions of the warehouse into different areas, different sets if you will, as if they were stages waiting for the actors to bring them to life. The first area we went to was done in only what can be called a dungeon. It had been equipped with every piece of pain inflicting device I’d ever seen and some that i had no idea what they did but knew they knew how to use them. i was told to strip and to move between two posts. Once there my wrists and ankles were quickly pulled to the max and i was soon a standing X between these posts. The nipple clamps were pulled off and my first instinct was to yell, but i held that in as best i could, only letting out a low moan. “Impressive Aaron. The last one screamed bloody murder when the clamps were taken off. Cost you some money that one did.” “As I said, this one’s experience level can work in both our favors. Just means you get to have a bit more fun with him and hopefully he’ll make up the money I lost on the last one.” With that said both the Sadists selected whips and took the place either in front or behind me. I’d never been in this type of situation before so when the first whip hit my back i let out a small yell then quickly closed my mouth. The two of them laughed and the look on Master’s face was one of disappointment. Seeing that look really hurt and i vowed to myself to do a better job. They worked their whips up and down my body, front and back. They didn’t take turns but just lashed out when they wanted to, sometimes together and sometimes one at a time. There was no real rhythm so there was no way for me to anticipate where or when the next blows would land. All i could do was endure it and keep quiet. They worked with the whips for about fifteen minutes before taking a break. My body was covered with red lines up, down, front, back and sides. When i saw them putting the whips back i thought that my pain was over for a minute, but i was wrong. They both came at me with spray bottles. As they sprayed i quickly found out that the bottles had alcohol in them. They sprayed up and down and when the liquid hit the open lash marks that brought an entirely different type of pain. Still i kept from yelling, but only barely. I’d never felt such pain before and knew this was only the start of pain. “This one is doing you proud Aaron. Remember how pretty the last one was before we started. To bad his only value was looking at him. He didn’t make it thru our entire process and you ended up losing money on that deal.” “I remember that oh to well Derrick. When he got to feeling better then I punished him. Needless to say he quickly left my employ once our arrangement was settled. I haven’t seen or heard from him since.” While they were resting the third Man came up to me and I quickly found out he was the one that enjoyed breaking down a person from the inside out. “Look at you hanging here like some piece of meat. I’d say it was pork with all the fat, not some lean side of beef that we all like. you’ve only been here for fifteen minutes and already you’re crying your little eyes out. How pathetic is that. I doubt you’ll be able to last all night or even as long as the last little boy did. Now that was pathetic. I’m sure that a weak fat old faggot like you is really going to cost Aaron some money tonight. And then when He gets you home He’ll really punish you faggot.” All the while he was saying these things he was running his hands over my body, spreading the rubbing alcohol into the wounds and causing more pain for me. He was now standing behind me, whispering into my ear and tweaking a nipple. “See those two over there queer? They are plotting what to do with you next. My money is on the canes. They really like using those canes on a fat slob like you. These canes are really stiff, and I know you usually like stiff things, but with these canes being stiff it’ll almost be like they have a metal rod hitting you. Oh don’t worry, they have those as well. I must say, they did a pretty good job with the whips, only slightly opening the skin, but enough to let air in, which is why we had to make sure they stay sterile and clean with the rubbing alcohol. Wasn’t that nice of them faggot? Now, I’m going to go over and sit with your Master while these two continue to work on you. They so enjoy making faggots like you beg for mercy. That’s all you have to do, beg them to stop. Beg for the pain to end and it will. Sure it’ll cost your Master a ton of money, but at least your pain will be over. For now. Just remember, all you have to do is use your safe word and your Master will stop everything. Have fun queer!” It was then that i realized Master and i hadn’t set up a safe word for tonight. As a guess i figured it would be the same as the previous one, but in reality i had no intention of stopping anything. These guys could do their worst to me and i’d still not have said it. Trouble is, i couldn’t remember it at the moment. As the two of them came up to me i could see the evil smirks on their faces. They went behind me and started messing with some things, just making noise was my guess. Then a collar was put around my neck and it was pulled up tight. They were tying a rope to the collar and putting it over a pulley overhead, then tied it to a ring on the back wall. At the same time the other guy was putting a parachute on my balls and then tying it to a ring on the floor. As he pulled my balls down tight the other guy pulled my neck up. Just as i thought my neck would snap he let up, but not much. So there was the next torture. Either ease down and give my balls a break, but choke myself. Or raise up to get some air and relief to my neck and pull the shit out of my balls. When i came down off my balls and choked myself i also noticed that it cut off the blood to my brain and was a little concerned about that. It was then that i noticed Master walking up to me with something in His hand. “I can see that you’ve realized the problem this arrangement could cause. While we want you to suffer immense pain we don’t want to kill you, or have you kill yourself. To that end I’m putting a toy cow bell in your hand. If you pass out your hand will relax, the bell will fall and we will check on you. Do not drop this if you feel you are passing out. If that starts to happen just go with it. That’ll make more points with these guys, if they make you pass out. The rules of this game prevent me from telling you how I feel you are doing or to give you any encouragement or warning. Just know that snuff isn’t part of this contract negotiation. Now, open your hand and take the bell faggot.” i did as told and soon Master was sitting back in front of me. The two men were still behind me and one of them leaned forward to whisper in my ear. “We are now going to cane you queer. These canes have very little flex in them so that they inflict more pain than most. Hopefully with these you’ll make the pretty music we so enjoy. Music to make us hard. Music to save us money on this silly contract. Why should you have to endure such pain just to make Him money? Beg for mercy and it’ll end right away, no more suffering.” i stayed silent now that i knew that any sound from me would cost Master money. i was determined to take it all without screaming. “Have it your way faggot.” And with that, they began to cane me. They both stayed behind me, one on each side. Their focus was my ass of course. From the base of my spine to the underside of the butt cheeks they caned me. It did indeed feel like metal rods hitting me over and over again. This explained why they didn’t use the whips on my ass as much as I thought they would. Up and down my ass they went, taking turns but those turns came quickly. i was panting thru the pain, but not screaming. Moaning yes, but i wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of screaming or begging for mercy. After double teaming my ass they went their separate ways. One started working on my arms, from the forearms down to the shoulders and all around, even the tender underside. As he started working there the other one started on my legs, especially my thighs. Now it was getting more difficult to stand and i couldn’t pull myself up either. Then the guy on my arms started working on my left bicep as the guy working my legs started working my right calf and thigh. Then they switched sides after a few minutes. The pain was intense, more than I’d ever experienced. When they hit the underside of my biceps or the inside of my thighs i almost gave in and screamed. The beating went on and on. i wanted to scream so bad the pain was building so bad, and yet they kept on going. Twenty minutes of this unrelenting pain and they finally stopped. They put away the canes and untied the rope from my collar. As soon as they did that i sagged down and just about passed out from the pain, but i wouldn’t let that happen. “Well Aaron, this one is doing a lot better than any of the others you’ve brought us to play with. I wonder how he’ll hold up against this next round.” “Time will tell, but I think he’ll do as well as possible. I know what you guys have planned and I must say I have my doubts that even he will be able to keep from yelling.” “Tell you what. As long as he screams we’ll give you this one. We just want to hear him scream. And as long as he doesn’t beg for mercy we’ll let this one pass by. There’s no way he won’t be able to scream once we start. In fact, for every minute he doesn’t scream that’ll be another thousand units we buy and another, lets say, fifty we agree to pay per unit. That means if he lasts even a minute that means you’ll make fifty thousand per minute he stays quiet. Shall we make a side bet on how long until he screams?” “That does sound like an interesting wager. However, if we are going to do that then I want to speak to the faggot first, just to let him know what’s going on.” “I have no problem with that Aaron. He’s turning out to be a very worthy opponent you might say. You’ve brought us pretty little thinks that fold up under the whip and then we don’t get this far. It’s very impressive that this one has lasted this long without making much noice. Frustrating, but impressive none the less. So yes, go ahead and talk to your faggot Aaron.” When i saw Master get up and start walking towards me i was a little nervous. Had i messed up? What had He and that guy talked about? “Well faggot, seems you are making quiet the impression on these Men so far. And frankly, I’m impressed as well. If I didn’t know better I’d think that this type of treatment was common place for you. Most of the other faggots I’ve brought here have already screamed the a couple have even begged for mercy and we had to stop.” “i am trying my best for You Sir, to make You proud and make You money Sir.” “Speaking of making me money, this next session with them is where you can do just that. They are going to use electricity on you for this round. It’s going to be very painful, I won’t lie to you about that. They are really going to try to make you scream and in time you will, no way around that fact either. But for every minute that you don’t scream you’ll make me fifty thousand dollars. That’s over and above the contract but it’ll help make the deal better for me, increase the amount they pay and buy as well. I rarely say this about queers, but I’m proud of you boy. Not only here but how you’ve served me this past week. So do your best to keep the screams inside you for as long as possible boy. Make me even prouder of you and your abilities.” Master then grabbed my head and kissed me, shoving His tongue deep into my mouth. When He broke off the kiss He just simply pulled back, turned and walked away. That’s when #3 came up to me again. “Oh this is going to be good faggot. These two Men are going to really hurt you this time. You thought the whips and canes were bad, the electricity will be even worse. It’ll hurt you deep down inside, in places you didn’t know could be hurt. I’ll bet you piss yourself when they start on you. That’ll show everyone what a pathetic old piece of shit you are. Can’t even control your bladder. I know your Master told you to be quiet but you won’t be able to. A stupid old faggot like you will be screaming your head off in no time. Oh they are going to fry those useless balls of yours. I can’t wait to hear you beg for mercy, to put an end to the pain. Once you start begging and things stop then your Master will punish you. I hope He does it here so we can all watch. Nobody expected a worthless thing like you to last this long queer. Stop putting up a false front and show us the real homo you are deep down inside yourself. Show us the little baby you are. Cry your eyes out and scream your lungs out. You are nothing compared to these Men so stop trying to act like one. Submit and suffer queer. Submit and suffer.” As he once again stepped away and the #1 and #2 came up I could see the lust and evil in their eyes. They planned on making me suffer big time, but i had to stay silent. Grunts and moans were alright, but screams, those must be kept inside. They each picked up a wand and flicked a switch. The orb at the end of the wand began to buzz and i could see the arcs of plasma running along the inside of the glass. He reached out and touched me with it. The zap wasn’t that bad and i knew it was on a very low setting. This was going to be difficult but i had to hold out. The timer had started with that first touch. i had to keep silent, not scream when they touched me. Again, one in front and the other in back. It was like lightening moving on the surface of my skin. At this low setting i was able to keep quiet but i knew i wouldn’t be able to stay that way. Slowly the plasma balls were run over my body, paying attention to my ass, pits, nipples, and then my cock and balls. my moans turned to squeals and it seemed as if these guys wanted to encourage me and pay something to Master so they moved on. At the one minute mark they turned up the intensity and started over again. This time they slowed down and even stopped moving at some points. My shoulder blades were given more attention, then up my arms to make my biceps contract and pull. The same was done on my thighs, making them twitch and contract. It was at the three minute mark that they increased their voltage to about half power. With a gleam in his eye #1 lowered the orb, not breaking eye contact, until he got just above my crotch. I was panting by this time, pleading with my eyes for him not to do it, which made him smile as he slowly lowered the orb and began to shock my cock and balls. The scream i let out surprised everyone. All the built up pain from the night escaped my lips. Both #1 and #2 laughed and really began to work on me. As one orb was held under my balls so they were constantly zapped the other orb was pressed into the center of my back. And still i screamed. Finally the orb was moved from my balls and circled my stomach. i guess the fat i carry was a conductor of the electricity as it felt like my entire lower body was on fire. i thrashed in my bonds, trying to get away from those buzzing orbs, pulling on my balls but not noticing. All i could think of was to try to get away from those damn orbs, but they followed my every move. Then the power was turned up to three quarters and i almost dislocated my shoulder when they hit me with the orbs again. i started to cry while i was yelling, the pain was so intense, but still i refused to beg for mercy. Then with a nod from Master they moved in for the final time. The orb behind me was pressed into the middle of my shoulder blades and turned up to max. The one in front was again put under my balls and the power turned up. The amount of voltage traveling thru my body was blinding me with pain. There was no way i could keep from screaming. Every breath was exhaled in a scream. They just kept their orbs in place, not moving them. The pain built and slowly things were going dark for me. I screamed, i pulled at the bonds, i cried and sobbed, but still i didn’t beg for mercy. At some point i passed out. Watching the video later i was amazed at how much i was able to take before things went completely dark. They kept the orbs in place for a bit then took them away. My body sagged but jerked every now and then from the residual voltage. They each held their orb to me one last time just to check that i was really out. “Well Aaron I must congratulate you on this one. He lasted three minutes before the first scream, getting you one hundred fifty thousand dollars. Another ten minutes before he passed out nets you two hundred and fifty thousand. All total you just earned four hundred thousand dollars from this one session of his pain and suffering. Not bad, not bad at all. At least this one didn’t cost you money. I wouldn’t mind playing with him again some time, with your permission of course.” “Thank you Dustin. I must admit that I’m surprised as well. He was untested until today and thankfully he made it worthwhile. Once we get him down I’ll let him rest for a bit before waking him up. As for you being able to play with him again, well that will take some consideration. Now about our contract. How much are you willing to increase things?” “I’m comfortable with increasing product by twenty percent and price by ten percent. That in itself will increase your contract by sixteen million dollars for the company. That’s just my share based on his performance right now, I’ll commit to that regardless of what the others say. Do we have a deal?” “That’s very generous of you Dustin. Yes, you and I do have a deal. Ah here comes Alan. So my friend, what did you think of the faggot and it’s performance?” “I can tell that the faggot thinks very highly of you Aaron. This one is different from what you’ve brought us before. If I didn’t know better I’d think that you warned him ahead of time what to expect.” “I promise you Alan, nothing of the sort was done. As per our agreement I told the faggot nothing, other than the basics about the five of you. I also told him that he would suffer more tonight than he would have suffered in his entire life. I didn’t even hint at what Phillip likes to do to faggots with his shit. So Alan, Dustin and I have come to terms with the contract. What say you?” “Dustin and I had talked about this as we finished putting things away. I’ll match the increases he’s proposed. That’ll make production one point four million pieces and a total of thirty two million extra income. That sound about right to you Aaron?” “That sounds wonderful guys! I’m just hoping that the queer keeps it together and keeps making me, and the company, money. I’ll go check on him and see how he’s doing.” “The boys have taken him down and placed him in the guest suite. They are putting salve on his wounds and keeping him hydrated. We’ll give you another hour and then we can resume. Can’t wait to see Thomas in action and make the poor faggot cry just using words. This is always hot.” And with that Chapter 7 is over. I’ve gotten a little bit of feed back and thankfully it sounds like everyone is enjoying things. If you have any ideas of what you’d like Thomas to say to our faggot friend here just let me know. It’ll take a few days to get it all together anyway so feel free to email me. Thanks again for letting me do this for you and vent it out for me!


Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 00:49:54 +0200 (CEST) From: Subject: Greenbelt Farmers Market Boy Ben Adult/Youth Chapter 06 The story you are about to read is a total fabrication. Perhaps some of the names are real but that’s because there are only so many names in the world! For those that read this, if you like it (or have some suggestions or complaints) feel free to email me. My email address is: Like most authors on here and in the outside mainstream world, feedback is important to us. If we don’t hear from people, we can’t improve! Hope you all get some enjoyment out of this, this story is about a boy from a farmer’s market over the years, how we met and the relationship that followed. If you like any of the Nifty stories, and can afford it then send it in and help sustain Nifty with your donations! If you have any ideas on how the story should progress, feel free to let me know! Greenbelt Farmers Market Boy Ben – Chapter 06 Ben and I wandered for just a bit, it was a very pretty area of Amsterdam that we started in, I decided after all the exercise that I needed a drink so we went into one of the older gay bars and sat at the bar. I ordered for the two of us, Ben really isn’t a drinker but today I thought we both had to have a nice Dutch been so we started out with Heineken. We sat and slowly drank the beer, our highs were still going strong, I leaned in and kissed Ben. You know how it goes, you can be just talking, everything is calm but then you suddenly have to feel your lover’s lips. That’s how it was. We didn’t really linger over the beers, we finished up and walked down one of the shopping streets, heading towards Dam Square. As we came into the square I pointed out the Royal Palace, it was a lot different than Buckingham Palace, that’s for sure. I really had no purpose in mind, eventually I wanted to get to Rembrandtsplein, so I could show Ben the gay clubs, hopefully I could talk him into going to some of them later tonight, or at least before we left. Ben was still a bit shy about public places, it really didn’t have anything to do with us being gay, or doing an occasional PDA, he didn’t want anyone looking at him. We had a nice walk around, then went back towards the boat and I asked Ben if we could stop at Anytime, a coffeeshop not too far from the boat. I knew if any of the old crowd was around, they’d either be there or someone would be able to tell me if they were around. I wanted to make sure that they saw Ben before he and I went back to the USA. I know, it’s like an obsession with me to show him off but it was something I enjoyed doing. There wasn’t anyone at the coffeeshop so we slowly wandered to the boat. The door was unlocked when I went to use the key so I knew someone was home. As we came into the living area I saw my son and he rushed over to me. “Hey dad” he said and we hugged tightly. “Hey Fre” I said and gave him a kiss on the forehead. “I’d like you to meet someone.” I pulled Ben to my side “This is Ben, my true love” and my son enveloped Ben in a hug and gave him the cheeks and lips kiss. “It’s good to meet you Ben, my dad has been so happy since you two got together, I’ve heard all about you from him” Fre told Ben, who smiled back. “Nice to meet you too” Ben said, shyly “Ted has told me all about you too, how proud he is of you.” and this time Fre blushed just a bit. We just sat around then, talking and when Fre’s wife got home we had to do all the introductions again. At least now we were done with those until my oldest granddaughter came around with her family tomorrow. I excused Ben and myself, it was time to get ready for dinner so we went back and washed up and changed clothes. I kinda took a look in my grandson’s room, it didn’t appear he had been back since Ben and I ravaged his bed. I had to chuckle a little to myself, thinking about his reaction when he sees what we did to it. Just before dinner time Pieter came back and I heard him laughing like he had gone crazy. I wandered back to his room and he came over and hugged me. “Sorry Pieter” I said “We just couldn’t get away from the bed. It’s your fault for getting us so high!” Pieter just hugged me tighter “It’s okay Papa, I remember how you are. When you gotta do it, you gotta do it!” and we both laughed loudly. I’m sure both of us were remembering friends of Pieters that he had brought around for me to seduce. How nice and calm things were until everyong got high, then it was like a tidal wave of sex that swept me and the friend of the day along, out of control. Dinner was great, being around my family, with my lover, nothing could be better. Even though they had just met Ben and my son and his wife seemed like old friends. Ben even got to practice his French, my son’s wife was fluent in it and there really wasn’t much call for it in Amsterdam. We sat around talking until around 2200, then I excused Ben and myself and we went back to our room. I was starting to need him, it was almost like an addiction, I wanted him in my arms, kissing me. I wanted him naked beside me, to taste him, to feel him inside me and me inside him. We took care of our evening ablutions and Pieter asked us if we needed a nightcap. I leaned over and whispered in Ben’s ear “He means do we want to get high again” and Ben grinned at me and shook his head yes. I didn’t really expect him to be so agreeable, today was his first time, I guess the sex that followed made him want to see what the next time would bring. Pieter just did us a bag each and pushed us into our bedroom, closing the door behind him. We took big hits from the bag and it hit us instantly, the heat of him next to me was incredible, I just had to touch him. I ran my hand over his cheek and softly kissed him. “I love you Ben” I whispered. “I love you Ted” he responded, with a soft kiss of his own. We took two more hits and the bags were empty. I stood Ben up and unbuttoned his shirt, then pulled it off. Ben did the same to me, our arms getting tangled together as we kept giggling while we did it. I pulled him tightly to me, feeling his chest against mine. I rubbed down his back, to his ass, and cupped a cheek in my hand and Ben moaned against my neck. We had both kicked off our shoes and we were like one mind, the same mind. We both tried to go to our knees at the same time and just fell over on the bed, laughing. “Let me undress you first” I said, grabbing the front of his pants. He laid there, staring at me as I unbuttoned the pants, then unzipped them, the noise loud in the quietness of the room. I stuck an arm under him and used my other hand to pull both his pants and underwear down and off his feet and then my breath just caught as I looked at my boy, naked and hard, looking at me with both love and need in equal measure. He wasn’t as gentle taking off my pants but finally, after what seemed hours, we were both naked, laying facing each other. I leaned over and pulled his face to mine, kissing him hard, feeling his body arch up against mine as I held him tight. I didn’t bother to close the door to the room, considering the number of times Pieter had seen me having sex with his friends there’s no need for modesty now. I didn’t see him when I took a quick glance and was a little surprised, I thought for sure he’s take me up on the invitation I left him, with the door open. I reached under Ben and felt his ass, he was hot in my hands and I felt his tongue get wilder kissing me as I ran a finger up and down his crack, toying with his hole. “Fuck me Ted, fuck me” he said, not exactly yelling but not being quiet about it either. I had put the lube on the beside table and grabbed it and lubed my dick. I took his legs and put them on my shoulders and took a finger and spread some lube on his hole, then I just leaned down and kissed him and pushed all the way inside him. He was so hot inside, being high everything felt a little different. He squeezed his ass around my dick and the grip of his inner walls felt like a really tight hand around me. I pulled out a little, softly back in, once more. “Harder Ted, fuck me hard” he moaned and the next time I pulled out almost all the way and just slammed my dick inside him. His body shook under me as I just started to pound his ass, even though we had been fucking for years the boy was still so tight. Every time felt like the first time I fucked him. I wasn’t going slow tonight, I wanted to fuck the cum right out of him and I had him in the right position. Each time I drove in my dick rubbed his prostate and Ben was leaking precum like crazy. I heard a noise in the room and saw a shadow fall over Ben’s and my face. I took a quick look and it was Pieter. He was totally naked, totally hard. His dick was uncut, 8″ and thick. I hadn’t seen his dick in over a year, it had grown a lot since the last time he jerked off watching me suck a friend’s dick. He was masturbating slowly, his eyes locked on my dick and Ben’s ass. He had precum also, it had started to drip and was just hanging there from the head of his dick, moving back and forth like a metronome. I had told Ben of the earlier exploits with Pieter’s friends and when Ben opened his eyes and saw Pieter jerking off watching me fuck him he just smiled at my grandson, then closed his eyes again, reveling in the hard fuck I was giving him. I could tell from Ben’s movements, from the way his body jerked and moved, that he was close to his own orgasm. I wanted him to cum first, before I filled him up. I wanted to smell his sperm, maybe taste it, then give him all of mine. I was kissing him and he suddenly broke his mouth away from mine. “I’m gonna cum” he wailed but I cut off the wail with a hard kiss and went into overdrive fucking him. I felt his ass tighten around my dick and then he shot, his dick was pointing off to the side and the first shot went all over Pieter’s hand, the one he was jerking off with. Ben’s dick was like a firehose, it was shooting all over the place. I think more got on Pieter and I felt myself lose it. “I’m cumming too Ben, fuck I love you so much” and I started to shoot over and over in his ass, my dick moving easier with my sperm as lube. “I’m gonna cum too” Pieter said, with that fucking cute as hell English accent and his sperm shot out like Ben’s. It was under serious pressure, it hit me in the side of the face and bounced off, landing on Ben’s face. The next shot was aimed well, it painted our lips, still kissing each other. More shots followed and I felt my grandson’s sperm all over my face and Ben’s. This was something new, in all the time before he had jerked off across the room, used a towel to catch his sperm. This time he was close up and giving us both all he had. I felt his sperm on my lips and couldn’t stop myself, I had to take a taste. Damn, he was so good tasting, I knew he liked his beer, I thought he might have been bitter but it wasn’t. It was just great teenage sperm, hot, thick, salty and sweet at the same time. I licked Ben’s lips and he opened his eyes and kissed me, sharing more of my grandson’s sperm with me. Pieter had sat down on the bed after his orgasm, his dick was just laying on Ben’s cheek, rubbing on mine. I felt my orgasm wane and slowly pulled out of Ben, he clenched his ass trying to keep me in but I was too far out, his clenching just pushed me the rest of the way out. Ben’s legs fell to the bed and I lay on him, Pieter’s dick was trapped between our faces. He was still oozing just a little sperm, I could feel his dick twitch as a last orgasmic feel washed over him. I was looking in Ben’s eyes and he smiled at me and his eyes darted to Pieter’s dick. He did the eye motion again, like he wanted us to do something. I raised up just enough that Ben, sticking his tongue towards my mouth, licked the end of Pieter’s dick. I heard my grandson moan as he felt the raspiness of Ben’s tongue. Ben made that eye motion again, now I knew what he wanted, he wanted me to do the same thing. Even though I thought it might be too much, I couldn’t resist. The smell of my grandson’s dick, his sperm, it was just too much and I stuck my tongue out and licked his dick on the way into Ben’s mouth. Pieter jumped at the touch of my tongue and his dick got harder. Ben smiled at me and motioned to both lick Pieter’s dick so I followed suit as his tongue came out and both of us licked all around Pieter’s dick, capturing the rest of the sperm he had oozed out on our faces. As we licked and kissed with Pieter’s dick between us his dick got totally hard, Ben took the head in his mouth and sucked hard, then pushed it with his lips towards me. I had no time to really think it through, I took my grandson’s dick in my mouth too and then, with Ben licking the base of his dick, I took his 8″ all the way down to meet Ben’s tongue. “Papa, Papa, yes Papa” Pieter’s moaning words weren’t making sense. Ben leaned up to me and whispered in my ear. “I think he’s wanted this his whole life. Suck him off my love” and I looked in Ben’s eyes and saw the love and acceptance. I moved Ben over and grabbed Pieter and tossed him on the bed. “Papa?” he said, questioningly. “I love you Pieter” I told him and, with those words, I swallowed his dick all the way down and started to move, sucking hard. His legs tensed up, then relaxed, each time my mouth met his pubes he tensed up again. “Ohh Papa, it’s so good. I love you” he mumbled as he started to slowly move his hips, beginning to fuck my mouth. Pieter started to say something else but his words got cut off by Ben’s kiss. The two boys made out while I kept taking my grandson’s dick in my throat. Fuck he felt so good inside me, if I had known he wanted this we could have done it years ago. I was trying to make up for lost time though, sucking him like a crazy man, slurping sounds filling the room as I heard dual moans from both Ben and Pieter. My dick was hard again and I saw Ben’s dick was hard also but right now I wanted to give my grandson the best blowjob he’d ever had, ever thought of having. He wasn’t fucking my face hard, he was so soft and easy but each time he pushed in, he made sure my lips touched his pubes. I could tell he didn’t want to cum quick but from my experiences with Ben, he was losing the battle. I wanted him to shoot in my mouth, I wanted to feel his dick throb and shoot my mouth full of his teenage sperm. I felt his hands reach down and hold my head and he started to fuck faster, then went nuts and just started to fuck my face as fast as his hips could move. I moaned around his dick, I even gagged a few times but I fucking loved him taking control. In less than a minute of this I felt his dick get harder, fatter and then I felt that throb and my mouth was full of his sperm. Another shot, then another, then he pushed down my throat and I could still feel his dick throbbing, could feel the sperm sliding directly into my stomach. He tasted incredible, I guess because I loved him, I just kept swallowing against his dick and every time I did, my throat constricted around his dick and his body shook. He finally pulled out of my throat and let his dick just rest in my mouth, soaking in his own sperm and my tongue lazily swept around his dick, avoiding the head but making sure he could feel me cleaning him off. I felt him start to pull out and I kept my lips tight, I didn’t want to lose any of his sperm. As his dick left my mouth it made almost a popping sound, I was still sucking on him. I looked up and he and Ben were just kissing lazily now, in an after fuck sort of way. I pulled Ben off him and kissed him hard, giving him some of my grandson’s sperm. As Ben tasted the sperm his tongue really snaked into my mouth, looking for more. I shared my grandson’s load with my boy, then I broke off the kiss with Ben and leaned down and kissed Pieter. His arms came up around me and he pushed his tongue towards my mouth, I had it closed since I still had some of his sperm in there but Pieter was insistent so I opened my mouth and his tongue slithered in me. I felt him shake just a bit as he tasted his sperm in my mouth but then his tongue was like Ben’s, he was searching my entire mouth for any he could get. We kissed for a long minute, slowly coming apart. I looked in his eyes and saw the love, the satisfaction. “Papa thank you and thank you Ben for letting Papa do it” Pieter said, hugging both of us. “I could tell how much you wanted it” Ben said “and I think Ted wanted it too, just didn’t ever want to ask in case you did it just because he was your Papa” “It was the best thing ever” Pieter responded. “Yeah, it was. You should have just told me what you wanted Pieter. At least now we all know” and there was another hug. “I’m gonna let you guys crash now” Pieter said “and I’m gonna go to my room and dream good dreams” and with that he smiled and left, closing the door behind him. “Are you okay with what happened?” Ben asked me. “Yeah, I’m okay” I answered, smiling. “I really never knew he wanted it, all these years he watched, I bet he’s always wished it was him with me. Are you okay with it?” “It was my idea” Ben said, with a laugh. “Of course I’m okay with it.” With that we kissed again, then fell asleep in each other’s arms. The next few days were great, I saw my grand daughter, my great grand daughter, had good family times with Ben and the rest of my family. It was unfortunately time for us to leave though, we had to get back to the USA but I knew Ben and I would be back. I knew Pieter and I would have more fun also, with Ben. So it was off to the airport, then back to DC and a quick limo ride to Ben’s house where we said hi to everyone, then unpacked our things. To be continued? Other stories by me on Nifty – Please check them out. The celebrity stories aren’t so great, in my eyes but maybe you like them if you can remember the people involved. Leo and His Boys – Incest A dad, his four sons (15,14,12,10) and their much older second cousin who teaches them all about sex. Greenbelt Farmer’s Market Boy Ben – Adult/Youth – New About a boy at the farmer’s market and the first time in bed. Benjy – Highschool I actually knew Benjy, a story from long ago. Charlotte 1977 – Adult Youth (My personal favorite) A longish story about a summer spent in Charlotte in 1977 and all the teenage and preteen boys available along with the creation of a new family. Pretty Boy – Urination A kinda real story from when I was 11 years old and up. Corey and Eddy – Celebrity Set in Amsterdam, a long story about meeting up with Corey, other boyfriends and a real depiction of the Amsterdam scene during this time. Sunday At Zach’s House – Celebrity A story with the real life actors playing the kids in the Home Improvement show. KLM Flight 651 – Adult Youth Another story based in real events but just a bit hyperbolized in the sex department! Ben’s Dream – Celebrity Ben Savage and Rider Strong have a good time! Ethan and River – Celebrity Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix from the Explorers movie timeframe. — Securely sent with Tutanota. Get your own encrypted, ad-free mailbox:

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