A Weekend Away With Christina – Chapter Four

Christina slipped on the white dress with nothing underneath. I had her stand on the balcony and took a picture with the light shining through. If you looked closely enough, you could tell that she was panty-less. As far as her nipples were concerned, they were hard to see. Hers are fairly small and pale pink in color. Plus, the dress had flowers strategically placed, probably since most of the dress was white.

Christina practiced bending over and asked me to take pictures at various heights. That way, she knew just how far she could get away with. While she reviewed the pics, we headed out for our very late lunch. She was showing them to me as we rode the elevator and said, “I can’t bend too far before the hem is at the base of my butt.”

“I know, and it’s sexy as hell,” I replied as I caressed one of her cheeks.

When we hit the lobby, I figured that now was as good as any time to test out her exhibitionist chops. The only person nearby was the old guy working behind the counter. So, as we passed him, I dropped my room keycard on the floor and asked Christina, “Can you please pick that up for me, baby.”

We stopped, and she dutifully bent over without bending her knees. As she descended, we both knew that this would be a full exposure. Christina fumbled with the card for a moment as if she couldn’t get a good hold on it. As she raised back up, I glanced back to see the clerk gawking. Handing me the card, she said, “Here you go, honey.”

As we passed through the doors into the parking lot, Christina asked, “Did he see me?”

“Oh, he definitely saw you! His frickin eyes were popping out of his head when I glanced back. I thought he was going to climb over the counter and attack your luscious pussy.”

“That gets me tingling in all the right places. A couple more of those, and I’ll be wet to my knees.”

“I have an idea for next time. I’ll have my phone in hand and video record people’s reactions for both of us to watch later. What do you think?”

“That sounds so fucking hot,” Christina replied as I opened her door. With no one around, she jumped in facing me and spread her legs. With her pussy completely exposed, she asked, “Would you like a little taste?”

I bent over and pushed my face into her damp box and lapped away as she came almost instantly. Cleaning her up, I mentioned, between licks, “You do know that if I do this every time you expose yourself that we’ll both probably end up in the pokey.”

Christina laughed out loud at my wording, then added, “I wouldn’t mind as long as you can poke me in the pokey.”

I cracked up at her word-play before moving in to kiss her hungrily. Pulling away, I offered, “You’re definitely a keeper!” before I closed her door and hopped into the other side.

We drove the few miles to the restaurant, before parking and heading inside. They asked us whether we’d like to sit inside or out and we chose outside. It was, after all, a beautiful summer day, and Christina’s bits would be easier to see in the sunlight.

The waitress stopped by and told us about the specials, which included their drink of the day, a Vodka Sunrise. Christina and I looked at each other, and she nodded before I said, “We’ll take two.” The waitress headed out as we perused the menu.

“Is there anything in particular that they’re really good at here?” Christina asked.

“Well, all the seafood is fresh and very tasty, but my personal favorites are the Chicken Chesapeake and Crab Cake sandwiches.”

Christina looked at a few more items while we waited on the drinks.

When the waitress reappeared, she placed our drinks on the table and asked, “Do you two have any questions about the menu?”

Christina inquired, “What is your catch of the day?”

“Flounder,” the waitress replied. “And, in my opinion, it is one of the best-tasting fish when fresh.”

“Okay, that’s what I will have with whatever vegetables you have,” Christina relayed.

“And I’ll have the Chicken Chesapeake sandwich with fries, “I added.

As the waitress scurried away, we toasted to our renewed relationship. Sipping our drinks, we both expressed, “Wow, that’s good,” simultaneously.

After the drink went down, I added, “Damn, they’re strong too. We’ll have to take it easy on these.”

Looking around the outdoor dining area, Christina mentioned, “This is a good spot for me to show off a little. Plenty of people pass by our table, but few have a line of sight on us once they’ve been seated.”

“Lift yourself up in your chair for a minute,” I suggested. When she did, I pulled her dress out from under. I kept pulling until the hem was at the top of her thighs. As she sat back down, you couldn’t see anything if you were over-top of her. But, if you were in front of her and her legs were open, you could see it all.

Christina parted her legs and mumbled, “That breeze feels marvelous against my bare pussy.”

I took another sip of my drink and realized that Christina was already halfway through hers. I’d have to keep an eye on her consumption because she always was a light-weight. I let my hand drift down to her upper thigh and traced her vulva. Her legs spread even further apart as her eyes closed.

A soft moan escaped her lips just as I noticed that the waitress was headed our way. I slowly removed my hand while saying, “The waitress is coming, so you may want to close your legs a little.”

Christina’s eyes opened slowly, and her legs closed about halfway. As the waitress placed our food before us, I think she got a glimpse of Christina’s exposed crotch. Before leaving, she asked, “Is there anything else I can get you?”

I quickly answered, “Yes. Can you grab us a couple of waters? These drinks really pack a punch.”

She smiled knowingly while answering, “Sure.”

Christina leaned over to kiss me while whispering, “Please, touch me again. I’m so close to cumming already from being exposed like this.”

“I don’t want you getting in trouble on your first exhibitionist adventure. Besides, being on edge like you are is part of the excitement. Let’s eat some food and take our time picking and choosing to whom you show off your treats.”

Christina readily agreed with an, “Okay,” while we ate our first meal of the day. As we worked our way through the late lunch, our waitress returned with our waters. She positioned herself in front of Christina as she reached across the table awkwardly, to place our waters.

Standing there silently for a moment, the waitress didn’t notice that I had positioned my phone to catch her reactions. As she began to ask, “Is there…” I pulled Christina’s thighs apart slowly. She gawked at Christina’s sublime snatch before commenting, “Your pussy is so beautiful. I’m so jealous that you have the guts to show it off to me.”

“Thank you,” Christina mumbled as she was getting seriously turned on.

“You’re welcome. I’d love to touch you if you’d let me,” the waitress queried. Christina’s eyes closed as her head shook up and down. The waitress’s hand started to move toward Christina’s leaking slit until another waitress called to her about an order being ready. She quickly withdrew, heading back inside as Christina shuddered from a mild, hands-free climax.

I released Christina’s leg as she quietly came down from her high. When her eyes opened again, she leaned into me for a deeply sensual kiss. As our saliva-coated lips separated, she begged, “Take me to the truck and fuck me right now. I need you inside me so bad.”

I did a rough estimate of the meal cost in my head and doubled it. As we headed for the exit, I saw our waitress and put the cash in her hand.

“Thanks,” I said to her as Christina pulled me toward the door with a look of pure desire.

The waitress grinned, knowing what we were going to do. As she looked down at the money, she ran to the door in pursuit and yelled, “Thanks for everything!”

We heard her as the door to the truck closed. I put the keys in the ignition to start the truck as Christina began removing my pants. Realizing that she wasn’t going to wait, I pushed them to the floor. Christina hopped on my lap and pushed my growing penis inside her and started to ride.

I wasn’t even fully hard when she came and collapsed against me. Feeling my own needs rising, I grabbed her buttocks and began lifting her up and down on my pole.

Christina released a series of, “Oh Gods,” as I pummeled her slippery snatch. With my own climax close at hand, Christina released a controlled scream onto my shoulder as her mouth clamped down hard. My ejaculations were quickly rebuffed from her violently contracting vagina. The seat and my groin were easily flooded with our combined love juices.

We both panted heavily as two couples that had been walking past stopped to applaud our show. They couldn’t see anything but were very aware of what we were doing. Christina was a little embarrassed as I waved and expressed our thanks for their applause.

With our audience dispersed, I asked, “Are you ready to do some shopping, my little orgasm, queen?”

Christina was still splayed on my lap as she softly uttered, “I have to admit that I would have loved for that waitress to touch me. Just the thought of being touched in public by a stranger gave me an orgasm. I think I’m hooked on this exhibitionism stuff. So, yes, let’s go shopping so that I can expose myself to some more strangers.”

We cleaned up and headed over to a little shop that sells high-end skimpy beach and club attire. I was hoping to get her into a thong bikini on the beach tomorrow. She could also use some more short and opaque dresses for showing off.

As we pulled into the parking lot, Christina noted the store’s motto aloud, “We make your best look better.”

“It seems like this is the right place to purchase clothing to show off my assets,” she added laughingly.

We walked in the door arm-in-arm and were greeted by Maxine, one of the salesladies. She was wearing a skin-tight floral dress that came about mid-thigh. Maxine was a thin, tanned late twenties fake blonde with a serious rack that was obviously fake. She asked, “Is there anything that I can help you find today?”

Christina responded, “Not at the moment. We just wanted to look around a little and see what you have. But we’ll grab you if we need something. Thanks!”

As Maxine wandered away, Christina asked me, “Did anything about her turn you on?”

“I’m sure that she appeals to some twenty years olds, but I wouldn’t be seen with her. Everything about her is fake.”

With our shots taken, Christina and I perused the store for sexy items. I maneuvered her toward the bathing suits and found the thongs. Christina was fair complected, so I thought that a colorful or dark suit would look better on her. The best part about this place was that they sold the bikini halves separately. That way, if you had a smaller chest and plumper ass, like Christina, you could combine two different sizes to fit perfectly.

We chose about four different colors before Christina headed off to the changing room. Maxine approached her again as she closed in on the changing room. She whispered something to Christina before not-so-discreetly handing her some throw-away panties. I found a chair to sit in about twenty feet from the changing room and waited.

Christina emerged a couple of minutes later wearing my favorite, the black bikini. The top was a perfect fit for her A-cup breasts. The material was part spandex and alluringly thin. Her small hard nipples were clearly evident to everyone. The bottoms were made of the same material, and even her modest labia were easy to make out.

But the best part was when she turned, exposing her perfectly plump rear. The back thong disappearing as it neared the base of her buttocks. My cock jumped at my shorts as I stared at that enticing sight. Christina turned her head back and noticed the lump in my shorts and knew that I approved.

While I ogled Christina’s desirable rear, Maxine appeared next to me. Not noticing Christina at first, she asked, “Do you need any assistance, or are you still good?”

Without taking my eyes off of Christina’s slowly rotating body, I replied, “As long as I’m staring at that ass, I’m good.”

Maxine turned to see what I was looking at and squeaked, “Oh my. That is one nice ass.” As her eyes were locked on Christina, her legs slowly made their way over to her. When she was within reaching distance, Maxine asked, “Is there anything that I can help you with?”

Christina had been concentrating on showing off for me and didn’t notice Maxine until she spoke. She jumped a little and blushed at being so close to a stranger while barely clothed. “No, thanks,” she spurted as she attempted to cover herself with her arms. “I’m just showing the bathing suits to my boyfriend over there,” she rambled as she headed back to the changing room.

Maxine followed her, saying, “Don’t be embarrassed about showing off your body. You have a spectacular ass, and that thong looks amazing on you.” As they both disappeared into the changing area, I stood and moved a little closer to see if I could hear their conversation.

Christina said, “If you want to find some dresses for me, that would be fine.”

Christina hesitated in removing her suit with Maxine blatantly staring at her. But the longer she stared, the hotter Christina got. She pulled off her top first, and Maxine continued to stare. When she slipped the bottoms past her hips, Maxine’s eyes went straight toward her crotch. Christina sat down on the bench to slip the bottoms past her feet.

After they were off, she spread her legs a little to give Maxine a better view. As she ogled Christina’s vagina, Maxine offered, “You have such a beautifully compact pussy. It’s too bad you have a boyfriend, I’d love to have you.”

“Thank you,” was all Christina could manage as she let her fingers wander toward her leaking lips.

Maxine watched intensely as Christina traced her labia and came softly. Maxine then suggested, “Let me have your suit for size. I have another one that I think will look amazing on you.” Maxine brought the bottoms to her nose and inhaled deeply as she headed out.

I saw Maxine exit the changing area just before Christina appeared wearing the red thong. I was only about five feet away as she did a little twirl to show off. I could tell that Christina was very excited as the thin fabric that was covering her pussy was already soaked. She confessed what happened in the changing room as she pulled the crotch of her suit aside.

My cock hardened and was clearly visible to her. Christina moved closer and let a finger slip inside herself. I reached for her slick lips as we heard Maxine say, “This is going to look amazing on you, but you may not be able to wear it on the beach.”

Christina covered up quickly as both of our hands retreated. We turned to see Maxine holding a white micro bikini made of a fine mesh. The bottoms were a tiny triangle that would barely cover even Christina’s small lips. The top was also small triangles that would just cover her small areolae. Everything was connected with a white string no more than an eighth of an inch thick.

Christina blushed as she said, “I don’t think I can wear that. Everything will be visible. I may as well walk around nude.”

“You did last night. This way, at least you’ll be slightly covered,” I mentioned.

“Just try it on and show it off to us,” Maxine suggested with a sly grin. “If it doesn’t look good, I promise I will tell you.”

Christina took the bikini from Maxine and headed back into the changing room. While she was changing, Maxine said, “Your girl really gets off on exposing herself, doesn’t she?”

“Yes, she does. In fact, we’ve been doing that all weekend,” I replied.

Maxine added, “She’s got such a perfect looking pussy. It looks so good that she could be a pussy model. You know, like a hand model,” she chuckled.

“Speaking of showing her off, are there any other employees that we could get over here real quick? She’d probably cum right in the room if there were a few more people to ogle her,” I asked.

“I was hoping that you’d ask,” Maxine said as she waved a couple of the girls over to watch.

Christina walked out to five of us, starting at her wantingly. She did blush pretty hard, but to her exhibitionist credit, she didn’t try to cover up. After a moment, Christina started to turn and gave us all a perfect view of her incredible buttocks. There were several comments including, yummy, perfect, so squeezable, so spreadable, etcetera.

As she turned back again, I approached her to get a close-up look at what was visible through the sheer netting. Christina whispered, “I’m leaking down my thigh from all this exposure.”

“I noticed,” was all I said as I let a finger move across her leg to collect some. Bringing it to my mouth and sucking it off, caused her legs to weaken. We reached for each other, and I led her back into the changing room. I helped her to the bench and then knelt before her and lapped at her soaked lips.

As I feasted on her tasty box, Maxine voiced, “Didn’t you read the sign about no sexual acts in the changing rooms?”

I mumbled a, “No,” without taking my face away from Christina’s puss.

Christina didn’t say a thing as she moaned softly with a closed mouth.

“Okay, I’ll allow it just this once. But, I’ll have to stay until the act is complete to make sure you don’t do anything else,” Maxine announced.

I lapped and sucked on Christina’s snatch, bringing her to three orgasms. All the while, Maxine stood at the open curtain and watched. After Christina’s first climax, Maxine slipped her hand into her shorts to diddle herself.

Christina watched through half-closed eyes before muttering, “Let me see.”

Maxine pushed her shorts and panties to the floor before going back to fingering herself. Christina watched intently as I brought her to her second orgasm. Shortly after Christina came, so did Maxine.

Leaning back against the wall, Maxine panted for a minute before raising her fingers to her mouth. She sucked on them as Christina watched and headed for her third and final climax in the store. I licked her clean before standing and kissing Christina passionately.

Breaking the kiss, I asked, “Did you want to look at some dresses or go back to the room and have fun?”

“Well, I think you know what I’d rather do,” Christina replied as she stood and kissed me again.

“Alright then, let’s get you dressed and buy these bathing suits before blowing this pop stand.” I helped her removed the micro bikini and then handed it and the rest to Maxine. She had just finished pulling up her panties and shorts and was ready to ring us up. Christina pulled on her dress, and we headed for the register to pay.

All of the other girls were up there and continued to compliment Christina, as I paid for her things. Maxine wrapped up the suits individually in paper, saving the micro for last. Before putting the bottoms in the paper, she brought them to her nose. After inhaling, she offered, “Don’t forget me if you decide to leave this guy. I’d love to have some fun with you!”

“Oh, I’m not leaving this one,” Christina countered as we headed out the door.

To be thrustingly continued…

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