The Girl Next Door – Four On A Bed

Kelly Simpson had now reached age twenty and what was originally planned as a birthday weekend in a hotel with her mid-fifties-aged lover Trevor Neil had Kelly’s early-forties mother Fiona and her twenty-one-year-old lover Steve Taylor also joining them at the hotel. Fiona and Steve’s involvement had become much easier because Fiona’s husband Chris had moved out of the family home to live with his married lover, Mary Longworth.

During the weekend the two couples stuck to their own pairings but on the journey home, Fiona had suggested an evening at her house involving all four of them for what, no doubt, would be a highly sexual event. Although there were slight doubts about the idea from the two males, as there had been originally about the weekend away, it was sort of taken as read that it would be happening.

Kelly and her mother were very open with each other about how much they were enjoying their sex lives and how good their respective lovers were in bed. This openness came about because one afternoon Kelly returned home unexpectedly and discovered her mother in bed with Steve. Kelly used that discovery to confess her affair with next-door-neighbour Trevor, something that Fiona would not have approved of without the knowledge that Kelly had acquired about her.

Steve’s job involved him working nights but the get-together was arranged for a Saturday night that he was not working and he told his mother, Fiona’s best friend who had no knowledge of the affair, that he was staying at a friend’s house that night.

As was the case at the start of the hotel weekend, the two females were relaxed but the two males a bit self-conscious because although they were both very much up for the sex that would undoubtedly be on offer, they were not too sure about the likelihood of it being ‘in public’.

There were plentiful supplies of alcohol available and that had started to take effect as the two pairs sat opposite each other and kissing and heavy petting had started. At this stage, all four were fully clothed but the kissing had caused the two males’ penises to harden in their trousers, and this was not helped by the fact that both Fiona and Kelly were by now massaging their lovers’ crotches.

Trevor and Steve were caressing their respective girlfriends’ breasts and things were rapidly getting to the stage that clothing would be getting loosened and removed. Fiona had the idea of putting some music on and soon the two couples were smooching as hands moved down backs and gripped buttocks.

All four were highly aroused and ready to take things to the next stage, but somebody would have to be the first to progress things. That somebody was Kelly, who got her hand into Trevor’s trousers and pulled out his erect cock, and then Fiona followed her daughter’s lead and did the same with Steve. So now each man had gotten his hard penis stroked by his lover.

More kissing and smooching followed during the course of which both Fiona and Kelly had their blouses undone and bras removed so that their erect nipples were now being played with. The men had their shirts removed so were now both bare-chested.

There had been little or no talking going on but now Fiona said, “Let’s all go upstairs.”

“Different rooms?” asked Kelly.

“No, my bed,” replied Fiona, seemingly leaving the men with no choice.

Before they went upstairs, the two men had their trousers removed so they were now down to just their underpants with their erections sticking out over the top of them. The two ladies discarded their blouses but they still were both wearing tight trousers along with whatever was under them, if anything.

Despite the alcohol, Trevor and Steve were still a bit unsure about having their hard cocks on display to another male and to a female that had not seen theirs before, although certainly neither male had anything to be ashamed of as far as the size of their prick was concerned.

The two couples made their way to Fiona’s bedroom and after more kissing, both Fiona and Kelly had their trousers removed by their lovers and both ladies were wearing very damp panties. Trevor and Steve had their underpants taken off so they were both totally naked and both females were getting their cunts fingered through their panties. The panties came off so all four were now naked as they crashed onto the bed for more kissing and caressing.

Trevor started to kiss his way down Kelly’s body and licked and sucked her tits, having her cooing before kissing her navel and then having her squirming in anticipation as his mouth got close to her cunt because she knew how he could send her wild when he licked her there.

Fiona had flipped around so that she was on top of Steve and she replicated what Trevor had done by kissing down Steve’s body until her mouth was at his throbbing cock. Just for a moment, as Trevor started to lick her cunt, Kelly thought how surreal it was with her looking at her mother’s head bobbing up and down on a young man’s cock as a middle-aged man sucked her cunt.

Any thoughts of what her mother was doing disappeared as Kelly felt herself being taken towards what would be a tremendous orgasm as Trevor’s tongue teased her cunt and clit. If Kelly had been watching her mother, she would have seen her move to lower herself onto Steve’s penis and sigh in pleasure as she slowly took it all inside her.

Fiona, with eyes closed, slowly rode up and down Steve’s rigid cock but her eyes opened as Kelly screamed, “Fuck, oh fucking shit, oh fuck!” as her anticipated orgasm arrived. Trevor wasted no time in moving up her body and sliding his member into her bubbling cunt so now in both cases cock and cunt were working together.

Whilst Steve’s recovery process was much quicker, Trevor had developed quite a lasting power over the years but each was in their own little world as Fiona twisted and writhed as she went up and down on her young lover’s cock and Trevor slid in and out of Kelly, who had her legs locked behind his back.

After a while, Fiona and Steve changed positions and she was on her back as he fucked her hard and fast whilst Trevor’s lovemaking with Kelly was much more measured. Fiona came with a load of expletives as Steve’s body slapped against hers, closely followed by her daughter’s second orgasm with Trevor taking to the heights that he usually did.

Steve was the first to release spunk as he ejaculated hard into Fiona’s cunt and Trevor’s cumming was at the same time as Kelly’s third. The two couples had not really been aware of each other for the last several minutes but now, with all satisfied, there was a bit of nervous laughter with cocks still embedded in cunts.

“Well, that was fun,” laughed Kelly.

“Wasn’t it just?” responded her mother, and neither man contradicted her.

Three sets of eyes were on Fiona’s lovely arse as she got off the bed and headed downstairs to get the wine bottle and Kelly prodded Trevor and said, “Hey, don’t you be getting ideas.”

“I wouldn’t dare, Steve might beat me up,” laughed Trevor, and Steve also laughed.

“What’s so funny?” asked the returning Fiona, whose recently fucked cunt was now being displayed.

“Oh, nothing, my Trevor was looking at your arse,” replied Kelly.

“Have another look,” said Fiona, who gigglingly turned and shook her backside, and Kelly noticed a definite twitch of Trevor’s cock, which by now had left her cunt.

“You naughty girl, you should be caned,” blurted Kelly.

“Caned?” said Fiona in response.

“Yeah, Trevor has got a cane. It stings like fuck,” said Kelly.

“I have never been caned,” confided Fiona.

“Well, maybe you should be for baring your backside to other men,” said Steve.

Steve’s cock was noticeably hardening again but Fiona found her eyes on Trevor’s rather impressive sexual organ. Although they had lived next door to each other for years, she had never thought of Trevor sexually, but seeing him naked and knowing from her daughter how good he was in bed, things jumped into her head.

“This is only a suggestion, and feel free to say forget it, but what about us swapping for the night?” asked Fiona with her eyes still on Trevor’s penis. Now although Steve and Kelly were of similar age and both very attractive, they had never thought of each other in a sexual way, but now Fiona had put the idea into their heads.

Trevor certainly fancied Fiona and had done for a while but he had always thought that her marriage to Chris was rock solid and he had never had any intention of approaching her.

“Um, what do you think, Steve, just for the night?” Kelly asked her mother’s lover.

“Well, I wouldn’t mind but what does everyone else think?” replied Steve, thinking it would be good to have mother and daughter.

“Well, if everyone is serious, then yes,” said Trevor, hoping that his answer had not upset Kelly.

Fiona looked from one to the other of the other three then said, “Well, that’s that settled then, let’s drink to it.”

“Only if you take a caning,” said Kelly to her mum.

“I will cane you both,” said Trevor.

“Can I watch?” laughed Steve.

“Certainly, in fact, I will put some clothes on and go and get my cane now,” said Trevor.

“Yeah, I don’t mind bending over again,” said Kelly, who found punishment of her bottom to be very stimulating.

Fiona was not too sure that she fancied having her arse caned, but as her daughter was apparently not averse to receiving another caning, she was not going to argue.

Trevor returned with the cane, by which time the other three were downstairs still naked, a state to which Trevor rapidly returned.

“I should warn you that I get extra horny after I have been caned,” laughed Kelly to Steve as she looked at his semi-erect cock.

“Fucking great,” replied Steve, who was thinking that Kelly was actually gorgeous.

Fiona’s eyes were alternating between Trevor’s large penis and the cane that he was bending with his hands.

“Right, which of you ladies wants to bend over first?” asked Trevor.

Kelly looked at her mum, who was still not all that enthusiastic, and replied, “I will.”

“Over the back of the settee, young lady, six strokes,” instructed Trevor, whose cock was visibly stiffening.

Kelly bent over, giving Trevor a pre-caning view that he had had twice before, and her bending over caused Steve to become fully erect.

Trevor decided to put on a show for the soon-to-be-caned Fiona and her young lover and slashed the cane through the air a few times before tapping Kelly’s bottom with it.

Kelly stiffened in anticipation of the first stroke, which duly arrived  SWISH THWACK

Both Kelly and Fiona reacted with a gasp and Fiona got more and more nervous as Trevor proceeded to put six red lines across her daughter’s backside, culminating with a lowish strike that caused Kelly to yell, “Fuck, shit!”

On being told to get up, Kelly put her hands to her arse cheeks but managed to smile slightly when she saw Steve’s rigid prick.

“Bend over,” Trevor said to Fiona who, after a moment’s delay, did as she was told.

Both men and the recently caned Kelly admired Fiona’s arse for the second time in the space of not many minutes as she bent over the settee, wondering quite what she had agreed to.

SWISH THWACK  lashed against her buttocks and she shrieked.

Trevor decided that he would deliver her six strokes swiftly and she jumped up and grabbed her arse after the fourth one but eventually she took all six so both Simpson women now had their backsides decorated with cane marks.

Fiona was not yet convinced about the erotic element of being caned because at the moment all it meant to her was a very sore arse which she was rubbing as she muttered swear words under her breath.

Steve had found watching the two women get caned very exciting and probably only two or three jerks of his cock would make him cum but he knew that he would be coming inside Kelly Simpson in the not too distant future.

Kelly watched her mother over the next few minutes and soon she could tell by Fiona’s facial expression that she was starting to feel the sensual element of receiving a caning, “Getting turned on, aren’t you?” asked Kelly knowingly.

“Yeah, it fucking hurts but I must admit my pussy is tingling,” replied her mother.

“Might be a good time for us to all go back upstairs,” suggested Trevor, whose cock was every bit as hard as Steve’s.

Nobody contradicted him, so the two caned arses led the two erect penises back up the stairs.

“Separate rooms this time,” said Fiona, partly as a question but more as a statement.

There was no argument, so she and Trevor went into her room and Kelly took Steve into hers.

At this moment, nobody was thinking about what the interaction that was about to happen might do to the existing sexual partnerships because all four were looking forward to sex with a new lover.

Fiona and Trevor kissed as she stroked his cock and he fondled her breasts, “So, Mister Neil, my daughter tells me that you are an amazing lover, so shall we put it to the test?” said Fiona with her eyes blazing.

“I have always fancied you, Mrs Simpson, so I will do my best,” replied Trevor before kissing her again.

In Kelly’s room, Steve asked, “So has the caning made you extra horny?”

“Fuck yes,” she replied as she dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth.

Trevor first took Fiona to orgasm with his head between her legs before he slowly slid his rock hard cock into her soaking cunt and equally slowly rocked backwards and forwards as she groaned in ecstasy. He made love to her as he best liked making love to a woman, slowly and gently, and Fiona found that everything her daughter had said about him as a lover was true. She was losing count of the number of times that she had cum, her orgasms helped by the tingling in her arse, when Trevor quickened his pace and then groaned as stream after stream of spunk shot into her.

In the other room, Kelly had her cane marked backside pointing at Steve as he slid into her wet gash and he gave her a long fucking taking her to multiple orgasms before he ejaculated into her. Kelly now knew why her mother always looked so well fucked after she had had a session with Steve.

The two couples spent the remainder of the night where they were and in the morning at breakfast, with both women reluctant to sit down, everyone was in a good mood although nobody actually talked about what they had done a few hours earlier.

They all agreed that they would have a foursome again soon, although nobody was thinking of what the sleeping arrangements would be next time. Steve went home mid-morning after kissing first Fiona and then Kelly very passionately, and after Trevor had kissed both women with a similar amount of passion he went home too, taking his cane with him.

“Well, what did you think?” Kelly asked her mother when the women were alone.

“Everything you said he was, fucking amazing, what did you think of Steve?” said Fiona.

“Yes, fucking amazing, I can see why you glow after he has shagged you,” replied Kelly.

The unanswered question now was just who would be fucking who in the future.

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Cause and Effect

These words were inspired by the picture. It was so innocent, beautiful, and a bit naughty, that I had to give it a story… -LL

First, you undress for me. You ponder what I am going to do, your body throbs with desire.

I blindfold you. You hear me moving around the room, your anticipation abounds.

I kiss you on the lips. The touch fuels your burning need, you desire compounded.

The gag replaces my lips.

Sudden recognition of what was now buckled snugly, a nervousness burgeoning within.

I take your hands in mine, kissing your forehead. A relaxing exhalation, shifting slightly, wet folds sliding.

Both hands together, I lovingly bind them. Goosebumps swell, your skin set aflame.

“You’re mine,” I whisper into your ear.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Nice Spread

Shaking my head as we head toward the elevator in my apartment building, I laugh telling my cocky friend, “You must have one hell of a high opinion of yourself, Danny, nobody’s that lucky with women.”

Looking slightly offended, he stares me down.  “What?  You don’t think I can get lucky tonight?  Well, I’ve got news for you, pal, I’ve never had a problem with the ladies.  I can walk into any bar and within a half an hour I usually have some willing little honey ready for the ride for of her life on my amazing cock.”

That only makes me laugh harder, as I glance across the hallway at him.  “Amazing, huh?”

“Yeah, damn straight — nine solid inches of man meat that no chick can resist.  I’ve even taken the odd virgin, and left all of them with big fucking smile on their faces, at least the ones that could still walk.”

Rolling my eyes, I notice something strange as we walk past one particular apartment door, and that’s the fact that its wide open and good lord, my eyes shoot open even wider, as I notice that’s not the only thing that’s open wide.  Incredibly, just inside the door is a woman on what looks like a massage table, her long luscious legs spread wide, her fingers buried deep in a very slick pussy.  Even from the door, I can see those parted lips are wet and swollen, and just begging to be fucked. 

I elbow Danny, who’s still blabbing away about his stupid cock.  “God, would you look at that!  Talk about a nice spread.  You ever see anything like that before in your life — just hanging open out there like that for anybody to see?”

Curious, anxious and suddenly so fucking horny I can barely walk, I don’t wait for an invite.  And when I get into the apartment, I walk straight to the end of the table to take a look at her pretty face and all that long blonde hair curled around it, realizing that I’ve never seen her before. She must be new to the building.  But who the hell does something like this — spreading herself wide for anyone passing to see?

Not that I’m complaining, because holy fuck, I can’t believe I’ve walked in on this. 

Confused at her boldness, my brow puckers.  Huh.  Could be she’s a nympho.  Although I’ve never been fortunate enough to come across one before, this looks like something a highly sexed woman would be into, openly displaying her cunt.  And I quickly notice, on closer inspection, that her tits are nice and big and quite perky, too, and now my mouth’s really beginning to water. 

“Uh, you okay, lady?” I decide I should ask her. 

Not really sure what to do in a situation like this – but my hardening cock’s already got a pretty good idea.

When her pretty blue eyes slowly come open, her little pink tongue lashing out to lick her lips as she slowly nods her head to the affirmative.  Then I watch intrigued as she lets out a deep throaty moan as she pushes her fingers even deeper into her pussy.  Unable to resist, I hear myself groaning, too. 

I look around this strange woman’s apartment.  It looks like she’s barely moved in.  There are a lot of boxes lining the walls, still unpacked.  But then it could be I’m dreaming up this whole thing.  Not every day you get a real live cunt show like this.  But since I haven’t even had a drink yet, I can’t figure out if this is real or not. But damn I hope so.

Still, I have to clear my throat before I can tell her, “You know anybody passing by can see you like this, right?”

All she does is smile coyly, nodding her head again.  Her eyes locked on mine as she seductively begins to slide one hand over her mound, up over her flat little tummy and up to her chest where she roughly twists one very erect rosy nipple between her fingers, making my eager cock actually jump in my pants. 

Now I want to play, too – so fucking badly.  But I know I have to ask if she’d be okay with it, despite the highly erotic show she’s putting on.

Finally finding my voice I tell her, “You know, a guy could come in here and think you wanted him to play with you, fuck you even.  So is that what you want?  Is that what you’re trying to tell us?”

When she just smirks, cocking an eyebrow, like a challenge, before I notice she starts to moan even louder, her hips now shifting right off the fucking table. I watch spellbound as she begins to pleasure herself even more vigorously, her fingers rapidly pistoning in and out of her, just that much harder.  I decide to take that as a big fat yes, since I know my steely cock will never forgive me if I don’t let him have at her.  And I can smell her essence filling my senses, just begging me to take her.  So who am I to argue?

Taking a look over at my buddy Danny, I can’t help myself from barking out a laugh.  The guy couldn’t look more stunned if he’d been zapped with a freaking stun gun.  The so-called stud is just standing there staring at her working her snatch with his mouth hanging open and hasn’t moved a muscle since we first walked in the door.  I glance down at the naked woman and ask, just to be sure, “So… you’re really okay with the two of us, uh, having at you?”

When she just nods in again, closing her eyes, moaning deep as she now buries three of her long fingers deep into her cunt, I make up my mind and start pulling down my fly, taking that as a definite yes, too. Then I look over at Danny, still frozen and want to smack him in the back of the head.  Not every day a guy stumbles onto a golden opportunity like this.  “Hey, Danny, if you want a piece of this, you better get your fucking cock out, asshole.”

Finally he seems to snap out of it, and finally begins to fish his deal out of his pants.  I decide to just go full-monty and drop trou, kicking aside my loafers along with my jeans.  Sure that I’m gonna need some ball room with this incredible chick. 

Nostrils flaring as I inhale her amazingly addictive scent, I just can’t wait to eat, suck, fuck and plunder every fucking thing she’s offering.  Stepping to the end of the table, getting rid of my shirt and boxers as I go, quickly picking up both her long silky legs, I slide them over my shoulders. My eyes lock on the incredible sight of those busy fingers, creating squelching sounds now, she’s gotten her cunt so fucking juicy and wet.  Eyes pinched closed, lost in the pleasure of finger fucking herself to climax. I groan as her big tits heave, her breath hitching in her chest as she gets ready to come, and pretty fucking hard by the looks of her. 

But before that happens, I decide I want my face buried deep in her hot little snatch for a ringside seat, so to speak.  So, carefully I extricate her fingers from her dripping cunt, sucking them into my mouth, savoring them with hungry lashes of my tongue. My eyes roll back in my head as I devour the amazingly addictive taste of her, before inhaling her deep as I bury my face into the hottest, wettest, pussy I’ve ever encountered.  Her slick juices painting my face in her erotic essence, I snake out my tongue for my first taste of her delectable dripping pie, groaning so deep my throat aches.

Lifting just my gaze, I notice that Danny has finally gotten with the program.  He’s started to play with her tits, twisting and pulling hard on her big pink nipples, making her arch her back and groan even as he’s pressing his big, stiff cock invitingly against her open mouth, her body trembling as I begin to seriously eat her out. Slightly envious, I watch as she turns her head and eagerly sucks him back into the depths of her mouth with no hesitation, nearly swallowing his entire cock whole with one go.  But my own dick is so hard now I wonder how it’s not putting den in the fucking table.  Pushing two fingers into the snugness of her hot, wet hole, I groan deep in my chest, imagining how incredible it’s going to feel with my cock buried balls deep inside this piece of heaven. 

I notice that Danny’s turned her head more and is really beginning to fuck her mouth hard now. I can feel her body rocking as she edges closer to her release, but still she’s deep throating him like a pro, and now I know what I need to do. 

Holding her slick, swollen cunt open wide with my thumbs, my eyes locked on her inviting pink quivering flesh, unable to wait another second, I slide the tip of my cock between her folds, rock my hips hard, slamming into her with all I’ve got, instantly burying my cock to the hilt.  And fuck does she feel good, so fucking tight as she starts to contract around me, eager to milk to my cock.

Seems the lady likes it hard and rough, and I figure, who I am to deny her?  Clutching her amazingly tight ass cheeks in my hands I begin to pound her cunt at a punishing pace, like a damn jockey racing to the finish line.  I watch as my cock slides out of her hot, gushing pussy only so far then I slam right back in, over and over, faster and harder with each thrust.  All while staring wide eyed at the amazing sight of Danny’s thick cock slipping in and out of her mouth, those lush lips stretched tight around him while my cock pounds into her in tandem, sliding in and out of her hot, wet, tight little cunt.  I’m sure I’m going to lose my load any second it all just feels so fucking amazing.  And kind of crazy too, I’m going to be honest.

Turning my head at the sound of a slight gasping sound behind me, I notice another guy from down the hall is standing in the doorway, and his eyes are as big as fucking moons as he watches us take her naked body like our damned lives depend on it, sweat pouring off of us, muscles straining.  Striding into the room, sounding incredulous, he asks us, “What the fuck are you guys doing?”

“What the fuck does it look like?” I snap back.  “She had her door wide open, exposing herself, finger fucking her cunt, practically begging us to take her.  So, you want in, asshole, you can wait your fucking turn, unless you can figure out a way to get a piece of her, then help yourself.”

Swallowing hard, he watches for only a moment, probably to be sure she’s actually into it.  Then when he seems to decide that’s she’s every bit as into it as my friend and I sure as hell are, his jeans come off, too and I can’t help but notice his unbelievably long, thick cock is damn hard for a guy who just walked in on this kinky little set up. 

Quickly, he goes on the other side of her, and wastes no time covering one of her big girls with his mouth, instantly devouring one big plush tit as he clutches his cock in his hand and starts furiously beating his meat.  Then I almost laugh as his eyes shoot open wide when she surprises him, pushing his hand away, wrapping her own little hand around his girth, so she can take over jacking him off. 

Fuck.  And I thought it was hot with just Danny and me going to town on her.

I wonder if anyone outside can hear us.  Cause now the four of us are making the hottest fucking noises I’ve ever heard, groaning and moaning and grunting as we work our kinky little fuck toy into a frenzy.  When out of the corner of my eye, I notice my next door neighbor Ricky walking in on our little manage a quatre. 

“What the fuck is this?” he asks, sounding decidedly freaked out.  He’s the nervous type, and I don’t think he gets much pussy.

But still, I have to wonder, are these guys actually as dumb as they sound?  They have to know what the fuck is going on, unless of course they’ve never been laid.  So I just tell him straight, “Just get your fucking dick out if you want in on this, Ricky, or you can get your ass the fuck out of here, if you don’t.”

He doesn’t hesitate for long, and then I notice his pants are off, too, and like most the rest of us, he’s now naked from the waist down and fully erect in a heartbeat.  Quick to catch on, Ricky gets on the other side of her head, pulls down on her chin, and pushes his cock into her mouth, too.  And I can’t believe my ears when she happily moans with two big fat cocks packed in her mouth, one in filling her hand and me stuffed deep in her pussy.  Now I just hope no one else wanders in, or we’re soon going to be out of options. 

Angrily pulling out of her mouth, now that Ricky’s cock’s nudged it’s way in there too, Danny comes up beside me, and actually tries to work his cock into her pussy beside mine. 

“Hey, what the fuck are you trying to do?” I ask him, doing my best to elbow him out, until I glance up and notice the blissed out look on her face.  I can see that she’s groaning even harder as somehow he manages to squeeze that long, thick monster of his in beside mine.  I figure her cunt’s gotta be stretched like it’s never been stretched before, but from her ecstatic little whimpers and moans, no doubt about it, she’s loving every fucking minute of what we’re doing to her.

Then my cousin Joey, who was supposed to meet us at the bar, walks in wide-eyed.  Now really starting to get really pissed off, I holler, “Will somebody shut that fucking door?”

How many guys do they expect her to take?  Poor woman’s only got one cunt.

But looking up at her, I can’t believe it.  The little honey’s already got two of us slamming her pussy, one in her mouth and one she’s jerking off in her hand.  No, I take that back, the guy she was jacking off, has taken Danny’s place and is now also partaking in a double blow job, his long, meaty member deep in her throat from what I can tell. 

Fuck me!  I can’t believe how she’s taking them both, and still moaning like she’s in heaven.

“Hey, what the fuck are you guys doing to her?” Joey asks, sounding shocked.

My cock straining hard from the nut-clenchingly tight fit with Danny’s long, thick girth packed in tight beside me, I clench my jaw and manage to mutter, “Look, Joey, believe it or not, she wants this okay?  The woman’s insatiable.  You don’t believe me, go ahead and ask her?”

Already yanking off his clothes, his cock in hand, Joey strides up to her head and asks, “Hey, lady, you really okay with this?” 

When she tries to reassure him, but fails, only able to slightly nod her head, with her mouth packed so full of cock, he seems to shrug his acceptance of the situation.  Because really, what red-blooded guy in his right mind is going to turn a chance like this down?

Then I watch intrigued as he spits into his hand, using it to lube his already fully erect cock, before he carefully lifts her shoulders off the bed. Somehow he manages to slide his thin frame down beneath her and starts to work his cock along her ass crack, slowly sinking into her tight little ass from behind.  And all she does is deliriously moan again, like it’s the most natural thing in the world, to be completely airtight, and jam packed full of cock.

Between thrusts, stealing a peek at the craziest, most erotic sight I’ve ever seen in my entire freaking life, with all of us taking this incredibly generous woman in every way imaginable, I wonder where the hell the record book people are when you need them.  Five big, hard guys, buried deep and tight in every fucking hole in her body!  I figured it’s got to be a record that someone needs to record.

Somehow, incredibly, though, she’s actually managing to take us all at once.  And I’m sure that we’re working her over like we’ve never worked a woman before – since no one’s going easy on her with every last one of us, furiously pounding and thrusting into her, like she’s the last action our cocks will ever see.   And yet, despite how little mercy we’ve shown her, she’s in fucking heaven if the blissed out look on her face is anything to go by.  With two of us slamming her cunt, two plowing her into mouth, and one buried deep in her ass, where I can actually feel Joey’s steely rod prodding at my cock through the thin membrane that separates her cunt and her asshole. 

Un-fucking-believable, now I think I’m in love.

Any woman this insanely horny, willing to take on this many guys, has earned my undying respect. 

Still, I have no idea why she’s even doing this, what’s motivating her.  Is she really a nymphomaniac, just plain crazy, or simply insatiable.

But as I feel the warning signs of a climax racing through my veins, harder than I’ve ever felt it blasting through me before, I forget about all that.  I shut my eyes and slam into her deep and hard, one last time, surprised when my friend’s cock loses it right alongside me, filling up her cunt with one helluva massive load of hot trickling cum. Then one by one I notice the rest of them panting and groaning as they join us, until Joey is the only one left, still pounding her ass mercilessly hard from behind.  But after a few good hard, deep strokes, clutching her hips in his hands, he throws back his head, shouts and comes, too, filling up her ass with his seed. 

Sighing contentedly, her eyes begin to peel open and she slowly begins to smile at us standing around her, all naked, and totally in awe of her.

Finally, she decides to enlighten us.  “I guess I should thank all of you.  You see, I just left my husband, once I discovered that he’d been cheating on me for years, while I’d only ever been with him.  So, I thought it was time I evened the score.”  She grins at us coyly.  “Now thanks to all of you, I think I’ve more than done that.”

What can I say, sometimes when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.  In her case she got her wish and in the process, made five guys happier than we’ll probably ever be again.  And I’ve got to say, I can kind of understand her motivation.  Promising to love one guy for her entire life, when the bastard had no intention of ever being faithful to her? 

Understanding how she feels now, I can’t resist bending over her, and pressing my lips to hers, quietly murmuring, “Thank you, sweetheart.  That was amazing – and you were incredible.” 

One by one, before they leave everyone one takes a moment to kiss her goodbye, and thank her for her generosity for so selflessly sharing herself with us. 

Even if this is just a one-time thing – which I pray like hell it isn’t, I know I’ll never forget the time I helped her get her revenge, while getting off five very happy, grateful mind-blown men who will undoubtedly never forget this night for as long as we live.

Fuck.  And as I try to walk out, I wince, realizing that I can barely move after going at it like that.  But, I’m even more certain, that neither can she — after being worked over by all of us as hard as that. 

Smirking, I head back to my place. I hope now Danny will finally shut up about his stupid lame sexual conquests, since we both know we hit the fucking motherlode with my delightfully kinky new neighbor. 

Once I’ve turned the lock, I look back over my shoulder before I walk into my apartment. I wonder what she’d think about taking me on, just on my own – and any damn way she wants me of course…

Funny thing is my cock’s already hard for her, when I thought it would take at least a week to get over a crazy ride like that.  But, who am I to argue?  If a woman as amazing as she is would be game to take me on, I’d be more than ready for her, anytime at all.  

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Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll

“So I get one wish, and it only lasts twenty-four hours?” I was having trouble wrapping my head around this. “That is correct.” “If I wish to win the lottery?” “You will be wealthy for only one day. It will be twenty-four hours just for you, but real time will be one second. You will return to the exact spot you started at almost instantaneously.” “If I die or get killed or hurt.” “You

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Casanova Wanted by FBI, Charged With Racketeering and More

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is currently searching for Casanova, who’s facing heavy time behind bars following an 18-person gang sting.

On Tuesday afternoon (Dec. 1), the New York sector of the FBI posted a tweet detailing the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation gang being charged with racketeering among other crimes as well as another tweet seeking the public’s help in locating the Brooklyn rapper, born Caswell Senior.

“18 Members Of The “Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation” Gang Charged With Racketeering, Murder, Narcotics, Firearms, And Fraud Offenses ADIC Sweeney: “Gorilla Stone is actually not ‘untouchable.'” Full statement below,” the initial tweet reads.

“We are still looking for Caswell Senior, aka Casanova, in connection with this case,” the second tweet adds, along with a photo of the rapper. “He has connections to both NY and NJ. If you have information about his whereabouts, please call us at 1-800-CALL-FBI.”

The FBI is looking for Cas in connection to 17 other Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation gang members being taken into custody for racketeering, murder, narcotics and firearms charges, as well as fraud offenses. Seventeen of the 18 defendants are in custody, with Cas being on the run.

According to The United States Attorney’s Office Southern District of New York, the 34-year-old rhymer has been hit with charges of conspiracy to commit racketeering (which carries a sentence of life in prison for all defendants except for an outlaw—or a person who is a habitual criminal—for whom the maximum term is 20 years in prison), conspiracy to distribute controlled substances (life in prison; a mandatory minimum of 10 years in prison) and possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime (life in prison; a mandatory minimum of five years in prison that’ll run consecutively with any other sentence imposed).

“As the indictment alleges, the violence and drug activity committed by these gang members threatened the safety of our communities and placed innocent lives at risk,” FBI Assistant Director William F. Sweeney Jr. said in a statement. “Their unabashed criminal behavior, as alleged, included the murder of a 15-year-old and even extended to defrauding programs meant for people suffering economic hardship due to the pandemic.  But thanks to the partnership and hard work of all law enforcement agencies involved in this investigation, we were able to stop this violent criminal organization—and show that Gorilla Stone is actually not ‘untouchable.’”

The indictment contains 16 charges for crimes committed from Poughkeepsie, N.Y. to Peekskill, N.Y. to New York City. Among the 18 individuals, a man named Brandon Soto is charged in connection with the Sept. 21, 2020 murder of a minor in Poughkeepsie.

The FBI document also notes that fraud has taken place within the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation gang by way of the coronavirus relief programs offered by the government.

“As alleged in the Indictment, members of Gorilla Stone committed terrible acts of violence, trafficked in narcotics, and even engaged in brazen fraud by exploiting benefits programs meant to provide assistance in response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” acting U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss said in part.

The indictment was unsealed today.

XXL has reached out to a rep for Casanova for a comment on this matter.

These Managers, an A&R, Touring Rep, Video Director and Publicist Explain How Coronavirus Changed Hip-Hop

Urban Legends Part 1

Ralph smirked as he walked into Sally’s apartment. Today he knew he had an Ace up his sleeve that might break the ice between them.

Ralph and Sally were both in their fifties. Ralph was not off the charts and fine lines of time had embedded themselves around his eyes. Too much sun and smiling perhaps. Sally was a few inches shorter and he surmised standing behind her, his crotch would rest snugly in the upper part of her butt cleft. She was quite attractive, a ready smile and lively – sometimes naughty – eyes.

They had known each other for the best part of ten years. While staying close to each other in an apartment complex, they always greeted in passing until that night with the HOA Annual Meeting. She simply walked into him and greeted with a hug and their friendship was formed.

Over time inuendoes were subtly offered but he only realised it when the moment had passed. No matter how he tried nothing ever progressed out of his advances.

Today however, was a different story; Sally was dressed in loose fitting white shorts and you know what they say – the urban legends?

Ralph wondered if she even knew about such legends. She had previously admitted reading matter of erotic nature, but her taste was more ‘supernatural’ stuff. The other thing he considered was, she had never married and thus not had any children. Thus, she wasn’t a MILF by those standards. So maybe his focus was a bit… off?

As they relaxed, each with a glass of cold soda and seated across from each other in her lounge, conversation flowed easily. They spoke about work, Covid, the seasons changing and other contemporary things.

She sat in her usual position allowing Ralph, as he often did, toying a fingertip on the soft skin of her ankle. She seemed unfettered about it. Perhaps she was so used to his touch already that it was the norm rather than Ralph trying his luck… again.

It was in moments like these that she dared leaving a door slightly ajar; doors he mostly missed. She was barefooted today, relaxed and wearing a delicate purple top that, he observed, also appeared to be somewhat flimsy; he could see the contours of her lace bra contrasted against her fair skin.

She had so many times mentioned her taste in Lingerie, but he seldom had the opportunity to witness any of the sort.

In a brief lull in their conversation (which often was the case but never that uncomfortable silence) he looked her over and as his eyes met hers, that naughty expression lingered in her eyes. He took the chance.

Looking her over again, this time explicitly, he smiled and said, “You know, there’s and urban legend about women wearing white pants?”

“These are shorts, not pants,” she fired back, smirking.

“Same thing. Shorts, pants, doesn’t matter, same legend.”

“So what’s the legend then?”

“The first legend they say, women who wear shorts like yours, never wear panties with it,” he smiled.

Sally blushed visibly but kept her cool. “What makes you think the ‘legend’ is applicable to me?”

“Well, only one way to tell,” Ralph answered as he leaned toward her.

She gasped as his warm hand gently touched the skin above her knee. She looked at him hard as his hand softly caressed her leg.

“We…” she started but gasped as his hand slipped just inside the leg of her shorts. As she seemed reluctant, he kept his hand right there, his fingertips softly sweeping to and fro like the windscreen wipers of a car.

“We what? What was it you wanted to say?” he asked softy.

She did not answer but her eyes slowly closed in submission to his caressing fingertips. He watched her closely as her breathing became noticeably deeper at his touch.

He inched up her leg another inch, observing her closely. “You okay?” he asked softly. Her nod was barely noticeable as he waited, fingers softly stroking.

Like a cat he moved to her side of the couch, his one knee slightly under the leg he was petting, the other just behind her hip. As his hand progressed another slow, soft inch, he leaned in and softly kissed her mouth. Her lips moved tentatively against is as he softly probed with his wet tongue.

As his hand moved a confident further two inches up the leg of her pants, her mouth opened, and she played her warm, wet tongue against his. The kiss remained soft, gentle, and soothing; he did not want to spook her. Not now, when he could sense the warmth of her loins shrouding his fingers.

She gasped deeply and a soft whimper escaped into his mouth as his fingertips reached the soft warm skin of her crotch. Her pelvic area was already damp, perspiration form her own need moistening her skin. Not far to go but already proving the point of the urban legend.

Her pussy was bare beneath the shorts, void of any form of textile protecting her delicate sex. No soft, frilly garment present to soak the wetness already seeping out and adding flavour to the perspiration of her desire.

As his fingertip softly grazed her labia, she broke the kiss but softly bit his lower lip, a gasp escaping between her teeth.

His other hand slowly slid over her shoulder, breasts, abdomen, deftly slipping the button of her shorts through its hole. Her pants loose, he gently took the zipper and moved. Just a slight ‘trrr’ before he stopped.

“This okay?” he asked softly. She looked at him dreamily for a moment before she nodded. Sally wasn’t trusting herself to speak when all she could do was whimper.

Her shorts soon slipped over her smooth legs and was tossed on the soft carpet.

Sweeping his hand back up from her ankle, Ralph relished the warm and softness of her skin before gently cupping her now exposed sex. She seemed to be one to keep it neat around her sex., short cropped pubic hair with smoothly shaved labia glistening with her wetness

While his mouth seeked hers again, he firmly massaged her mound, eliciting a contented moan form Sally.

“Feels so good,” she whispered into his mouth, the fingers of one hand upsetting his hair, the other holding onto his back for dear life.

As his two fingers slipped inside her warm wetness, her hand contracted, and he could feel her fingernails attempting a grip through his shirt. He gently started plunging his fingers inside her wet pussy, her muscles starting to grip his fingers at the onset of her first orgasm. Curling his fingers against the roof of her pussy, finally set her off and she groaned her release into the confines of the lounge.

She smiled faintly at him, eyes not open though not closed either. “That was so good, so unexpected. Thanks.” she breathed at him.

He smiled back, “We’re not done yet,” he murmured between kisses on her collarbone, her tits and on the way down, her neat navel.

She tried to pull him back up as she giggled, “What do you mean?”

“I’m not done unless I’ve eaten this delightfully wet pussy of yours.”

She hesitated, “Ralph, you know I have not done stuff like this in years?”

“I know. So, trust me, please.”

“Ok, but first come here then?”

As he stood, Sally undressed him and caught her breath as his hard cock bounced from his underwear. She looked up hesitantly before she slowly reached out and folded her small hand around his girth.

“You’re bigger than I thought.”

“What do you mean,” he asked.

“Just wondered sometimes what you were packing in your pants. I am still a woman, I have needs… sometimes.”

She cupped his balls, causing him to gasp. She looked at his cock closely, inspecting it, relishing its feel, the weight of it and his testes in her hand. As he arched his hips toward her, she looked up briefly before she planted a tentative kiss on his purplish head.

“Suck my cock,” he demanded to which she slowly open her lips around the head and slipping it into her oral cavity. The moment was so intense that it took only a minute or a bit more for Ralph to pull back. “You’re going to make me loose my nut if you carry on like that.”

Sally giggled as he reached over and started slipping her top over her shoulders. “This needs to go before we can continue.”

He deftly undid the clasp of her bra before pushing her down again and taking his place between her legs. Slowly and with the greatest of care, Ralph started eating Sally. Her legs fell open brazenly as her first orgasm approached her.

“FUCK!” was her response as Ralph continued to plunge her drenched sex.

While she still rode the ecstasy of her orgasm, Ralph mounted her small frame and slowly pushed inside her.

“Oh Fuck! Slowly please, you’re a bit big,” she pleaded as he slipped inside her slick sheath. As he bottomed out, Sally’s abs tensed as her third orgasm ripped through her.

“AWWW, GAWD! Fuck, Oh Yesss, Fuck, So Good!” Sally moaned as he continued shafting inside her. His girth was now comfortable inside her and her pleasure caused her to start creaming on his shaft.

Sally started sobbing. “Please, Please, I’m going to cum again. Fuck me, don’t stop please? Oh Yes!! Fuck me deep and hard!”

Ralph knew he wasn’t going to last long. “Gonna cum soon Sal, where do you want it?”

“Inside me!! Do not pull out, cum in me, fill me up, cum with me. OHHHHH! YESSS!” she screamed and then Ralph started shooting strings of hot cum inside his closest friend.

Both panting with exertion, he lowered himself on top of her and searched for her mouth with his. Her hands rubbed all over his back in satisfaction.

“I should have allowed you closer to me much sooner, but I always hesitated. And you missed all the signals I gave you.”

“Sorry,” he smiled down at her and leaned in to peck her on the lips.

She seemed deep in thought for a few moments before she asked, “What’s the other urban legend?”

“Girls wearing white pants like yours, like it up the ass,” he smirked.

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New Life

The universe is a mysterious place, and it seems, the more we learn about it, the more we realise how much our eyes are still veiled in ignorance. The fathomless expanses of space are a vast waste and our fragile Earth seems a lone oasis in an overwhelming and unrelenting desert.

Yet I know, in my heart of hearts, that somewhere in the dark immensities of space and time, there are other minds and hearts than ours, other companions in the journey that life takes through countless aeons and through countless incarnations.


My name is Sebastian de la Reynie and this is an account of a singular experience that I had towards the end of 1905, at the close of my twenty-fifth year. Early in November of that year I was fortunate enough to secure employment with the prestigious London firm of Arundel & Hoxton of Westminster, jewellers to the crown. My family are of old Huguenot stock and we have always been of an artistic bent. I am a graduate of the London School of Art, so rather than having to spend long years as a lowly apprentice, I was given a junior supervisory position at Arundel & Hoxton. I was immensely happy and with a generous advance on my salary, I was able to rent comfortable rooms in the vicinity of the firm’s offices and workshops. My lodgings were far more salubrious than any I had ever inhabited, complete with a spacious studio room, equipt with large ceiling windows. On clear winter nights, when in a meditative mood, I found myself often laying upon my bed and watching the moon through those windows, in all her luminous majesty.

One night, at the end of the first week in my new lodgings, an unprecedented event occurred for which I was not prepared and which has since given me much cause for wild speculation.

It was a cold, clear Friday night and, at around 11pm, I lay in bed watching the fire in the grate and half dosing. I had spent several pleasant hours that evening drafting designs for silverware and I was tired but content with what work I had done. By my bedside lay a volume of Swinburne’s poetry from which I had, for several evenings, been reading. As I dosed and watched the fire, some poignant lines from the book entered my mind,

The delight that his doom is forever

To seek and desire and rejoice,

And the sense that eternity never

Shall silence his voice……..”

At that moment, as I shut my eyes, I was filled with a great yearning, an earnest and commanding passion to seek and to discover some secret of the universe, some sublime truth that has resonated throughout eternity but has hitherto lain beyond the feeble comprehension of man. I did not frame this wish with the selfish intentions of the alchemist, whose lust for gold is ultimately his undoing nor with the rebellious inclinations of the necromancer who vainly searches the darkness for forbidden lore. No, it was with the sincere desire to know something more about the great unknown in which our fragile sphere resides. This wish I made to the universe, only praying that she grant it before eternity shall silence my voice…..

After that my memory is somewhat hazy, until I heard what I imagined was the sound of the wind and, what I took to be, the distant chime of many bells. I remember opening my eyes and looking about for an open window through which the wind might be coming. But there was nothing. I was no longer in my bed nor was I in my rooms, nor was I, I believe, upon this very Earth.

The sight that greeted me was a quiet rocky beach. But it was a beach the like of which I could never have imagined. It was bordered by a strange, almost inert sea; more akin to a lake of pale honey than an ordinary body of water. Bordering the beach were a profusion of dark plants whose nature I could not begin to guess at. Here and there were boulders of what seemed to be onyx or obsidian; worn smooth by the passage of countless aeons. I picked up a handful of pebbles and inspected them closely with a jeweller’s eye. They were minerals totally unknown to me, most were dark but some displayed a weird translucence and still others, a rich iridescence in blues, violets, and greens. Any jeweller would have prized them but on that beach they were as common as quartz. I chose one of the translucent stones and held it up to the sun. Then, a shocking realisation struck me. The light all around me was violet in tone and where mighty Sol reigns in the terrestrial sky, there was another star altogether.

The pebble fell, forgotten, from my hand as I stared at the sky in awe . It was undoubtedly a sun that shone above me and try as I might, I could not stare at it for long. It was a sun, but not of yellow and red. This was a sun of deep bluish violet. I shut my eyes in pain after several seconds, only opening them once I had turned away from the dazzling orb. Slowly I became aware of other natural satellites in that unknown sky; three moons of varying size and of surpassing beauty.

Astounded as I was, I had enough presence of mind to walk along the beach for the better part what seemed an hour, until I saw a relatively steep natural pathway leading to higher ground. The violet light from the sun was bright enough and I even began to feel its feeble heat. I climbed the path until I stood on a flat rocky rise overlooking the beach. Before me, an even more astonishing sight awaited. It was a vast, spired city. A city as silent and still as it was beautiful.

It was only then that the notion came to me that I was experiencing the phenomenon known as lucid dreaming. I had read about this but until that instant I had never experienced anything like it. With this thought in my mind, I walked towards the city with something like renewed confidence; slowly learning to enjoy the incredibly beautiful sights before my eyes. Nothing stirred in that city of lofty spires and delicately conceived buildings; whose sheer variety and aesthetic accomplishment spoke of a sophisticated and audacious culture. No trees lined the wide streets, no birds swarmed in the elegant squares, no dust and debris marred the perfect, gleaming surfaces; like polished silver, emerald, labradorite, turquoise and amethyst. The deeper into the metropolis I penetrated, the more I became aware of a variety of exotic sweet aromas; not unlike those one would find in a Mediterranean garden in high summer. Stopping before the entrance to one building, I took a deep draught of these fine scents. Truly, it was as though someone had presented me at that instant with a bunch of fragrant blooms.

It was at that instant too that I became conscious of something else; a succession of high, icy voices, deep in my mind. They were gentle and seemed to speak with a benign earnestness; full of encouragement and reassurance; much as a kindly parent would speak to a child. Instinctively I knew from which direction they came. It was a fine low building, rather more ornate than the rest ,whose walls seemed to be inscribed with row upon row of intricate and arcane glyphs. My eyes scanned these with considerable interest as I approached the building, but soon my attention shifted to the ornate curtained portal that rose enticingly before me. Now the profusion of voices resolved themselves into four clearly discernible but strangely accented syllables, syllables that were well known to me.


It was almost as though they were singing in my ancestral French, a Capella.

Standing upon the threshold, I looked through the gaps in the curtains. There was dim light beyond but the chamber was not sufficiently illuminated for me to make out many details. What I beheld was a large and lofty room. The voices renewed their chanting of my name as I stepped into the chamber then they gradually faded away. I advanced slowly until I stood in, what I took to be, the very centre of the room. It was hung with elegant draperies of cool, sea hues in a variety of intricate designs and the furniture seemed to have been conceived with the utmost comfort and beauty in mind. Sweet smelling incense rose in languorous curls from a pair of covered urns and I noticed a table covered with a profusion of food and drink all; contained in elegant vessels.

For several, long moments, I took all this in, relishing the sheer beauty of it and recalling the utter astonishment that I felt at having found myself in such a place. But a far greater surprise awaited me. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, the delicate hangings in the room stirred as though disturbed by a slight breeze. Next, I once again heard the soft cadence of many small bells and I looked around me to see where this sound might have originated. I was never to know, for at that moment I found myself surrounded by the reclining forms of several smiling women. I say women for they were clearly female, all were nearly nude save for a few discreet items of jewellery and some wore loose diaphanous garments. Naturally, I was surprised by their sudden appearance and something instinctively told me that these ladies were the source of the mysterious voices that had led me here knew too that they meant me no harm. I returned their smiles and I found their appearance most welcome and agreeable.

Three of them rose to their feet and approached me, raising their hands in what I took to be a humble form of greeting. I reciprocated and I was then able to see them properly. They were all remarkably beautiful, with pointed chins and slightly aquiline noses, and long, delicately lobes ears. They had high cheekbones and long straight black hair such as one might see in Japan. Arched brows with long lashes and sensuous full lips. But there, I am not sad to say, their resemblance with human faces ended. I marvelled at smooth, seemingly faultless skin of violet hue and fathomless, totally black eyes that reminded me of the obsidian pebbles on the beach; such was their unearthly lustre. Behind their sweet smiles I caught a glimpse of wickedly pointed teeth in perfect white rows. Later, more surprises awaited me.

Now the three ladies were joined by several others; all equally beautiful. They too smiled good naturedly at me and struck up a variety of elegant poses. I did not know what to make of this and feelings of embarrassment began to stir within me until I heard a single icy voice in my mind,

Se-ba-sti-en, do not fear us. We wish only to please you. You are our salvation and you are most welcome.”

I found the voice utterly soothing and I soon realised that one of the women, slightly taller than the rest, was speaking to me and making eye contact. I must have tried to speak but I was met with a volley of smiles and high pitched, icy laughter which I heard in my mind. I felt foolish, but at the same time I was beginning to lose my innate inhibitions. Now long, supple fingers clasped my hands and guided me towards the lavishly laden table. I was invited to sit on a seat that somehow moulded itself to my body and I was handed a cup of intricate and amazing design. It was filled with a silvery liquid which I sipped tentatively and found delicious. I drained it and was promptly offered another. The three original ladies now knelt before me and I could not help admire the sensuous curves of their perfect bodies. I saw pert rose bud capped breasts and slender hips, flat bellies and athletic limbs; all sheathed in skin of lavender or violet hue. My eyes travelled to their buttocks and to their nether regions. Once my attention was drawn hither I was again met with smiles and strange giggles. I was then informed by the woman who had spoken to me earlier that,

We call it a pussy Sebasti-en….and we call what you have…. a cock…”

This was greeted with much mirth on the part of all the ladies, whereupon I smiled and repeated the words ‘pussy’ and ‘cock’ in my mind. There followed an unanimous chorus of approval. Time seemed to stand still in that room as the ladies clustered around me, competing with each other to offer me morsels of delicious food, sweet meats and delicacies, such as I had never imagined. I was given many cups of fine beverages too, none of which I could compare to anything that I was familiar with. But it all tasted wonderful. As I ate, some of the younger ladies took it upon themselves to divest me of my clothing so that before long, I was as nude as they were. The sight of my naked body caused them great interest and soon every inch of me was being rubbed, stroked and fondled. The ladies were gentle at first but when they saw that I was enjoying their attentions they grew bolder. One of them lay beside me and kissed me tenderly on the lips. On the other side, I felt supple hands grasp my cock and begin to rub it’s shaft. My neighbouring nymph now kissed me passionately and I felt a strong sharp tongue tap my teeth and work its way from her jaw into my mouth. It was like no human tongue; long, sharply tapering and forked but soft and smooth. The forks were a remarkable adaptation and could move independently to great effect. I was once again surprised but now my attention shifted to my cock which was being treated to the attentions of two of the ladies. They licked it, massaging it with the forked ends of their tongues in unison and liberally coating it with smoothly sensual saliva. Up and down their tongues worked on my shaft until I was rigid. They both smiled and looked at me; clearly pleased with themselves.

Now the tall woman approached me and I again marvelled at her regal dignity, her naked splendour and her ethereal beauty. She had been watching her sisters work on me from the sidelines and now she stood over me and gracefully, lowered her body onto my cock. I slid into her with one perfect stroke and she rested her knees on either side of my hips. From that position she proceeded to grind her moist pussy into my loins. Long, clean stroke after stroke met by thrust after powerful thrust from me, soon saw us working together in perfect harmony. She moved her arms and swung her head and tossed her long black hair in what I took to be a ritualised dance and indeed several of the other women sang and chanted as our love making progressed. My hands were not idle either and I savoured her smooth, cool violet skin and fondled her magnificent breasts. She seemed to appreciate this and soon she thrust her body back onto my cock with growing force. It was then that the expression on her face changed; she growled and snarled, showing perfect rows of dangerously pointed teeth and bending down several times to flick my chest with her long forked tongue. The forks were like two extra fingers and with these she traced intricate lines and shapes in saliva onto my skin; strangely reminding me of the arcane hieroglyphs on the walls outside. But through all of this, her reassuring smile always returned and she uttered a few encouraging words.

We worship pleasure in all its forms Sebastian. Enjoy what we offer. Although our ways must seem strange to you, to us you are a blessing foretold, a wish long held and longed for…. “

Again, her lips did not move but her enigmatic words resonated deep in my mind. I thanked her and reached up to hold her close as I felt my loins increasingly succumbing to her magnificent skills in love making. Now she thrust her head back and arched her spine, letting out a veritable howl from the very core of her being. In that magical instant I shot rope after rope of my come deep into the heart of her magnificent pussy. Her beautiful body shook with pleasure and she continued to thrust down onto me, several more times until the fury of her passion subsided. Bending down to kiss me, I felt the slightly unsettling sensation of her tongue forks upon my lips and then she rose and departed as regally as she had arrived. Throughout the next several hours I was treated to the amorous attentions of all the other ladies. Remarkably, my stamina and strength were undiminished and I suspect that might have had something to do with the delicious silver hued drink that I was frequently offered and that I never refused. Besides that, these violet tinted beauties were so skilled in love-craft that I found myself in a constantly renewed state of arousal. One after the other, they kissed me and explored my mouth and body with delicate fingers and forked, prehensile tongues. A few of them were so skilled that they were able to wrap their tongues two or three times around the width of my shaft whereupon they proceeded to stimulate it all over at once ! As the pleasant hours passed that night, I savoured pussy after succulent pussy and delighted as these same pussies then took it in turn to impale themselves upon my ravenous cock. It was intoxicating.

Some of the younger ladies then began to make polite enquiries; I learnt to relish a word that was rare in my vocabulary; fuck.

– “Please, please fuck me.”

– “Fuck me after you fuck her but I want your cock in my mouth first.”

– “Fuck me hard, like you fucked our lady the Priestess.”

– “I have a sweet, tasty pussy, fuck me and you will see.”

– “Please fuck me on my back with my tongue down your throat…..”

I was in no position to refuse. Their voices in my brain were so sweet and enticing, their candour so endearing.

Much later, although I could not see the violet tinted sun, I guessed that it’s light must be fading. By this time I had satisfied all the ladies in the shrine, for that is what it was, as one of them informed me. We were in a temple dedicated to love! I was offered more delicious food but the mysterious silver potion had unaccountably vanished. I was eating and drinking, still surrounded by all my fair companions. I accepted yet another mouthful of food and a casual thought entered my mind,

From where I hail, this is what we call debauchery. It is a sin.”

Unsurprisingly, I was met with universal laughter and benign condescension.

Sometime long into the cool night I fell asleep with at least two of the ladies still in my arms. When I awoke they were all gone and I saw the perfectly glorious face of the Priestess looking down at me. Unaccountably I was also dressed. She beamed a smile at me and offered her delicate hand. She was unexpectedly strong as she easily helped me to rise.

“Sadly we must now bid you goodbye Sebastian. I must return you to the shore of the Jewelled Sea. We have calibrated the portal to return you to your own dimension and to approximately the correct time.”

I nodded and uttered a few words of thanks but the significance of her words were largely lost on me. We stepped out of the building and there I was greeted by a solemn row of the Priestess’ beauteous sisters. She gently took my hand and placed it on the navel of each woman in turn. There I felt a pleasant tingling and heard a whispered thanks and a fond farewell from each of them. The import of this ceremony was not lost on me. We left the silent city behind and walked hand in hand to the beach to stand by the obsidian boulder. I turned to the Priestess and asked,

What became of all the men of your world?”

They were all lost years ago in a war not of our making. Though they saved us, we are left to mourn them.”

Will I remember this?”

Yes, indeed.”

And then she took my hand and placed it on her navel where I felt the pleasant tingle of new life.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

The Ghost of Resurrection Mary

The story of Resurrection Mary was told around Chicago for so many years that it became legendary. But, back in the thirties when a pretty young girl was killed by a hit-and-run driver, it was heartbreaking. Mary had been with her boyfriend at a dance hall when a fight began and she ran out into the dark night and was killed. In the year nineteen-thirty-four, she was buried in Resurrection Cemetery in an unmarked grave. That’s when the sightings began.

People, mostly men, swore they’d seen her. She’d show up wanting a ride on Archer Avenue — but disappear as soon as the unsuspecting driver got close to the cemetery. Cab drivers reported a girl disappearing out of their taxi when they approached the graveyard gates.

In the seventies, there came reports of handprints burned into those iron entrance gates. Some claimed they were Mary’s but cemetery officials said the prints appeared after an accident when a truck ran into the gates. Even so, many people said they’d seen her ghost and sightings were reported all the way up to nineteen-eighty-nine…


Jessie was nervous, scared even. In the week leading up to Halloween, her boyfriend Luke and their best friends, Becky and Pete, had been trying to persuade Jessie to go along with their plan to spend a night in the cemetery and look out for the ghost of Resurrection Mary. 

Down the years of her young life, Jessie had heard many accounts about the sightings of Mary’s ghost and she wanted no part of Luke’s scheme. But he was adamant — “It’ll be fun,” he kept saying, always smiling — and he outlined how they would hide in the dark behind tall tombstones and wait until the cemetery was closed.

Luke was extremely persistent and persuasive and, between hugs and kisses, Jessie eventually relented. She wasn’t convinced but, at the same time, she really didn’t want Becky and Pete to think she was frightened. Anyway, the four confidantes shared so much it didn’t seem right to be the odd one out.

So, under pale moonlight on the night before Halloween, the foursome huddled together on a blanket behind towering tombstones and silently waited for the watchman to pass and lock the gates. It really wasn’t Jessie’s idea of fun and she couldn’t stop trembling. 

“Come here,” Luke whispered and wrapped Jessie in his arms. “Everything will be fine,” he said, planting kisses on her forehead and rubbing a warming hand up and down her spine. And, despite her fears, Jessie gradually relaxed in his comforting embrace. 

Listening to the breeze in the trees, owls hooting in the distance, and insects rustling in the undergrowth, they saw the watchman sauntering along the path toward the gates. They waited a few minutes, neither moving nor talking, before Pete eventually said, “I think he’s gone; we should move. It’s time to explore.” 

Reluctantly, Jessie stood while Becky rolled up the blanket and tucked it under an arm. “Okay,” she said, “I’m ready.” 

Under dim beams of their flashlights, the friends stealthily roamed the cemetery. Jessie kept close to Luke as he led the way, guiding the group between graves and tombstones. Suddenly, a luminous shape rushed past them. There was no noise, just a breeze in the wake of the hurrying figure.

Startled, the group stood still. Jessie frantically clung to Luke’s arm, closed her eyes, and pressed her head on his chest. Her legs felt weak.

“Wow,” Luke whispered, “did you all see that?”

“Yeah…yeah, man,” Pete murmured, his eyes wide and staring at the ghostly apparition heading toward the gates. “It’s Mary, isn’t it?”

“Must be,” said Becky, hugging the blanket to her chest. ”Did anyone see her face?”

They shook their heads, Jessie included, before Luke and Pete silently high-fived each other. “We’ve done it, seen a ghost. C’mon, let’s follow her,” said Luke.

Treading carefully and as quietly as possible, they slowly tracked the almost-transparent figure until… she vanished.

“What?” Becky gasped. ”What’s happened?”

“She disappeared,” said Jessie, “just like everyone has said she does.” Taking a deep breath and exhaling quickly, she added, “We’ve seen her. Can we go now?”

Everyone looked at Jessie. “Hmm,” said Luke, “but she might come back. We could get a better look now we know what to expect. Let’s find a spot to keep watching.”

Again, Jessie reluctantly went along with Luke’s suggestion and they tip-toed around in the dark until settling on a position among rugged headstones sheltered by a tree line within sight of the gate. Becky unfurled the blanket and sat down with Pete while Jessie, still trembling, stared at Luke.

“Oh, Jessie, relax,” he said, reaching to rub her shoulders. He smiled, his perfectly white teeth glowing in the dark, and he kissed Jessie’s tight lips. “Don’t worry, nothing’s going to happen to you. Sit down, everything’s okay.” 

Sharing the blanket, they peered around in the gloom. Would Mary reappear? Pete left his flashlight on, the tiny beam barely illuminating the ground. Anyway, there was nothing to be seen. Then, a sudden screech filled the night air and they all turned their heads in the same direction. There, away in the distance, they saw Mary running from a cab towards the gate with the driver in pursuit. Then she again disappeared. The cabbie stopped in his tracks, obviously bewildered. He glanced rapidly around before rushing to his car and driving off into the night.

Somehow, this adventure didn’t seem fun anymore. The four friends knew everything about the legend but what they actually witnessed made them feel sad. “You know,” whispered Jessie, “she walks around, never at peace, not like she should be.” Jessie shook her head. “ All these years and her spirit isn’t at rest. She still disappears near the cemetery, just like we’ve seen.”

Luke hugged Jessie and she looked up into his face, tears in her eyes. Luke nodded, kissed the top of her head, and said, “I don’t think we should tonight. We should go.”

“Yeah, right,” Pete agreed. “It was cool seeing her but now it all feels so sad.”

They got to their feet and Becky, bending to roll up the blanket, suddenly straightened up and pointed. “Look…”

Mary was coming toward them, floating, not saying a word but gesturing for them to stay. To sit.

Transfixed, they gazed at this vision, thinking they could see tears. Slowly they sat and listened to her. She wasn’t speaking aloud but her voice was in their heads, telling them she was lonely and wanted them to stay with her. Nodding, they relaxed on the blanket and Mary smiled at them. A ghostly but beautiful smile.

Jessie remembered being told that Mary had loved her boyfriend and that she missed him and the closeness and intimacy they’d shared. Jessie kissed Luke. “She wants to watch us,” she whispered.

“What?” Luke could hardly believe what Jessie had suggested. “You mean this ghost girl wants to watch us make out?”

“Hmm, she does. All of us.”

Luke was beyond horny and didn’t need any persuasion. “Well, okay then,” he grinned and lifted off Jessie’s top, hungrily falling upon her breasts. While Luke sucked her aroused nipples, Jessie glanced across at her friends and watched Pete follow suit, feeding on Becky’s hard nubs.

Both girls lay on their back and, breathing heavily, Becky leaned across to place a hand on Jessie’s cheek and kiss her full lips. While the girls kissed deeply, Luke eased between Jessie’s open thighs and licked along her slit. Pete wasted no time poking his tongue into Becky’s wet entrance. 

Still kissing and murmuring in delight, Becky pinched Jessie’s extremely rigid nipples and the guys, now rock hard, noticed that Mary’s ghostly vision had turned into a more human form. As she surveyed all the action, Mary rubbed between her legs and Pete was tempted to move to suck her nipples. But Mary backed away, almost floating, still watching the girls. 

After a few more minutes, with the guys stroking their erections in anticipation, Jessie and Becky stopped kissing, looked into each other’s eyes and nodded, They got onto her hands and knees.

Luke briefly fingered Jessie’s soaking pussy, then plunged his erection very deep into her. Pete felt Becky’s hole but slapped her ass hard before delving into her wet depths. The girls resumed kissing and sucking each other’s tongue while the guys grunted loudly as they pounded their lovers under the watchful eyes of Mary, a ghostly voyeur. She firmly massaged her pussy, fingers driving in an out until she squirted… and vanished.

Engrossed, the friends hadn’t noticed Mary’s disappearance. Instead, Luke and Pete continued fucking and slapping the girl’s asses. Even in the pale moonlight, they could see the girls’ cheeks were bright red, and Pete spanked Becky harder until she shuddered, squealed, and squirted. Jessie had never realised that Luke wanted to slap her ass like this but she was so turned on by it, she also squirted.

In turn, the guys grunted, groaned, and moaned as they spurted into the soaked, quivering pussies. Loud moans were also heard from far off and the lovers guessed Mary had still been watching them. Unexpectedly, they heard the gates creaking open.

“Quick, it must be the nightwatchman,” Luke said. ”We’ve got to hide.” 

Naked, they gathered their clothes and the blanket and ran off toward the opposite side of the cemetery. Eventually, breathing heavily, they dropped down onto the dark earth and they all chuckled in excited relief. Within seconds, they were stunned when Mary reappeared and sat on the blanket with them. Her body seemed even more human and she didn’t move away or flinch when the girls kissed her. 

After a few minutes, Mary pulled down her dress, revealing firm tits and offering them to the girls. Jessie and Becky eagerly sucked and nibbled the milky-white breasts and Mary pulled them in closer, all the time grinning at the guys as they furiously stroked their cocks.

Mary resumed fingering her pussy and it wasn’t long before she shuddered and her long, pale legs twitched during an obvious orgasm. But she didn’t make a sound. Instead, she eased the girls off her tits, and crawled to the guys.

Pete, already on the verge of ejaculating, gasped, “I don’t believe it,” as Mary took his cock into her mouth. Luke was equally astounded — “A blowjob from a ghost,” he said, shaking his head. Mary proved very skilful and both guys shot large loads into her mouth before, grinning, she yet again vanished into the darkness.


For several years, the four friends went to the cemetery in the week before Halloween. Sometimes they saw Resurrection Mary, other times not. But they never experienced another night like that… it remains something between them and not part of the legend.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © copyright@2020…Don’t steal any of my writing it’s not cool and yes someone always gets hurt. You never ever want to make a dragonfly mad!

A Hot Wife In The Making – Part Four

Anne slept for almost a day after having her foursome.  Jacob made sure she was okay and continually checked on her.  He loved his wife and hoped when she did wake up that she would be more inclined to let him watch her while she made love.

His cock was too small to give her pleasure.  Her body made Jacob hard all the time.  She would let him make love to her but always would read or do her nails.  She never paid attention and never kissed him while they did it.

Jacob knew this his dick was not satisfying to her in anyway.  She even would allow him to cum in her mouth sometimes.  Although, she told him they would not be making love anymore.  He told her she could find a more permanent man to have sex with when they got home.

They were still enjoying their honeymoon.  While Jacob was staring at his wife’s body, he took off his pants and stroked his finger-like cock.  He pulled it up and down and sprinkled his cum on her leg.  He wiped it into her skin.  She did not move at all.

Jacob could not believe what a gorgeous wife he married.  She was beautiful in every way.  Her body was amazing, and she was truly kind.  He just wished he could please her sexually.  He was amazing at oral sex and made his wife cum daily.  She liked when he would lick her pussy and make her cum.  She would demand that Jacob fist her pussy.  He did not like doing that much, but his wife came like a faucet, which excited Jacob.

She claimed it was their way to make love.  Jacob liked cleaning her up and tickling her clit with his tongue.  His wife was especially juicy during oral sex.  He continued to stroke his finger-like cock while his wife started to wake up from her sleeping coma.

“Babe, are you up?  You slept nearly a day.  You must have been really tired.”

“I was Jacob.  My body needed the rest.  What day of the week is it?”

“It is Friday.  We have just the weekend and then we go home.  Are you going to meet up with your friends again?”

“I don’t know.  Jacob!   I feel like a whore.  I just wanted to be married to you.  I feel like a complete slut having sex with strange men.  I have now been with four men.  How many men will I sleep with?  I don’t really like this arrangement.”

“Baby.  Maybe you should find a woman.  You love oral sex and I hear lesbians are good in the sack.  Would you be interested in that?”

“Maybe.  Maybe it would feel better to be with a woman.  This way it would be more kissing and oral sex only.  Perhaps, I will look for a lady to be with.”

“While you were sleeping, I met the nicest gal.  Her name is Kimberly.   She is a bit older than you and I showed her your picture and she was excited to meet you.  Babe, does that sound interesting to you?”

“I guess so Jacob.  I am just needing some cuddling and love.  Having foursomes with a group of guys is not what I was looking for.  Maybe a woman would be incredible.  I would even let you watch that.”

“Really?  I could watch you guys make love.  Babe, that is amazing.  Did I tell you lately you are the greatest wife on the planet?”

Anne giggled and took off her nightgown and her panties.  She opened her legs wide and pointed down at her pussy.

“Why don’t you lick my pussy.  I am wanting to cum.”

“At your service pretty lady.”

Jacob was already naked and went down on the floor on his knees.  He pulled his wife’s legs to the edge of the bed.  Her pussy looked amazing while his tongue explored her folds.  Her pussy was beautiful, and he spent time sucking on her clit.  Anne squirmed on the bed when his tongue tickled her clit.

“Jacob!  You are so good at this.  Fucking hell!”

“Baby.  Your pussy tastes amazing.  I will drink your honey all day if you like.”

“I would like that.”

Jacob continued to lick his wife’s pussy.  He explored all her folds and lightly chewed on her pussy lips.  Her juices poured out of her pussy while he assaulted her cunt.  He sucked on her hard button and pushed his long tongue into her pussy.  His tongue was longer than his cock.  Anne loved how he enjoyed giving her pleasure. 

“Fucking hell!  Yes.  Right there.  Yes.  Fuck!”

Anne was loving the oral pleasure Jacob was giving to his wife.  Her pussy was a sloppy mess.  She was ready for some real action now.

“Jacob!  Push your fist into my sloppy wet pussy.  Now!  Do it!”

Jacob pushed his finger in first.  He pushed more of his fingers in and finally pushed his fist up into her gorgeous vagina.   He could feel her wet mess on his fist.

“Fucking hell!  I am going to explode.  Fuck me with your fist!”

Anne’s whole body tensed up while Jacob continued to ram his fist into her delicate flower.  It was not that delicate with a man’s fist high in her vagina.  Anne was thrashing on the bed.  Her moans turned into screams while Jacob fisted her.  He found the sight so arousing.  His small cock was growing while he fisted his sexy wife.

“Jacob!  Pull your fist out!  I’m going to cum!”

Jacob pulled his fist out and Anne’s screams sounded like a murder was happening.  Her orgasm exploded like a bomb.  It was very arousing seeing his wife orgasm like that.

“Wow!  Baby, that was so hot.  Could I put my cock into you?  I want to cum too.  Please?”

“Okay!  Jacob!   I though we were worrying about my pleasure.”

“I have been eating your pussy for over an hour.  Baby, please may I put my cock into you?  I’ll be quick!”


Jacob climbed onto the bed and pushed his finger-like cock into his wife’s pussy.  He fucked her for like a minute and collapsed onto her breasts.  He kissed her passionately on her lips.  He liked kissing his wife, but she rarely kissed him back.

“Baby, I came buckets!  Did you feel it?  You are so hot!”

“I’m glad to help.  You know I never feel your cock.”

“It’s okay.  I came like a gallon.  Maybe you will get pregnant.”

“I hope not.  I don’t want a baby yet.”

Anne did not want a baby yet.  She was still wrapping her mind around being Jacob’s wife.  She was hoping that a woman would make her feel better.  She did not want to be with any more men until she found her somebody special when they went home.  At this point, she was not even sure she wanted to be married to Jacob.

“Anne lets take a shower together.”

“I already let you cum today.  When we take a shower, you always get horny.”

“I wish I had a big cock.  We would be in bed all day.  We need to make you look extra pretty for your meeting with Kimberly.  I’ll text her and tell her we will meet her at the pool.”


Jacob sent a text to Kimberly and joined his wife in the shower.  He washed her body and her hair and tried hard not to get an erection.  Anne was so beautiful, and the sight of her body made Jacob instantly hard.  He tried not to get indulged by her curvy body.

They washed up and Anne put on her white bikini which Jacob knew made her super sexy.  She put on some lipstick and pulled her hair into a ponytail.  Jacob threw on a bathing suit and a shirt and the couple went downstairs to the pool.

Jacob ordered some food and drinks.  Kimberly texted Jacob back and said she would meet them at the pool.

“Babe, Kimberly is coming down to meet you.  She is going to go crazy looking at you in that hot bikini.”

“Sure. Jacob.  Hopefully, she won’t want to jump my bones.”

“She will doll.  You are super sexy.  Your breasts look amazing in your suit.”

“Jacob!  When we were dating you never seemed interested in my body.  Now you are the horniest man alive.”

“I was always jacking off after our dates.  You always made me cum.  You are so fucking hot.  I bet every man at the pool wants you.  Look at them staring at you.  They all want you babe.”

“Jacob!  That is ridiculous.  They see I am with you.”

“I bet your bartending friends told them about us.  They all want your pussy baby.  They all want you.  You are the sexiest woman here.”

“Jacob!  That is crude.  I do not want to have sex with any more men.  I will think about being with a woman.”

“Okay.  Here is Kimberly now.”

“Hi. Jacob.  Is this your wife Anne?  I am Kimberly.  So nice to make your acquaintance.”

“Nice to meet you.”

Kimberly licked her lips looking at Anne.  Anne was a complete knockout.  Kimberly’s mouth was watering looking at Anne’s body.  She looked amazing in her white bikini.  She could see her hard nipples poking into the material.  She also noticed she had a bare pussy.  Her body was simply amazing.

“Isn’t my wife gorgeous?”

“She is indeed.”

Anne giggled and drank her drink.  Kimberly sat next to Anne and Jacob was on the other side of his wife.  Jacob ordered drinks and they all had a wonderful time getting to know each other.

Kimberly was about thirty and was not involved.   She came on vacation to get away from her job.  She was an average sized woman.  She had blonde short hair and blue eyes.  She had an athletic body.  She looked to have a small bust.  But she was quite pretty.

“Anne would you like to join me in the pool?”


Kimberly and Anne went into the pool.  They swam up to the bar and ordered drinks.  Kimberly made Anne giggle and they seemed to get along. 

“You are a looker.  Your husband told me a little about your marriage.  It must be hard.”

“It is.  I never thought I would be looking for ways to have sex.  I thought I would get married and just be in love forever.”

“You can love your husband and just be in love with somebody else.  Have you ever been with a woman?”

“No.  But I have been thinking about it.  I like how woman are more caring and loving.  I think I would like to be with a woman.”

“I would love to be your first.  Would you like to come back to my room?”

“I would love that.”

Kimberly took Anne by the hand and they started to walk out of the pool area.

“Do you want your husband to come too?  It would be fine with me.”

“No.  I want to be alone with you.  Let me tell him though.  I will be right back.”

Anne walked back to where Jacob was. 

“Kimberly asked me to her room.  I probably will spend the night too.”

“Babe, you said I could watch you guys.”

“Not the first time.  Jacob.   Please do not embarrass me.  I want to have a moment with Kimberly.  Why don’t you golf.”

“You said I could watch.  Remember, if I can’t watch you are cheating.”

“We can get a divorce too.  I told you I like to be with my lovers alone.  If you start trouble, I will contact a lawyer.”

“No problem.  I will golf.”

Jacob took his drink and walked away.  Anne knew he was upset but she did not care.  She did not want to be a freak on display.  She wanted to be with Kimberly and explore her alone. 

“Everything okay?”

“Yes.  I am ready.  Take me to your room.”

Kimberly took Anne’s hand and they walked to her room.  Kimberly was excited to be alone with Anne.  Anne was incredibly gorgeous, and Kimberly planned on showing her what love from a woman could be like.


Kimberly and Anne arrived at her suite.  Kimberly’s room was fantastic and even had a private plunge pool. 

“We should celebrate.  Do you like champagne and strawberries?”

“I love them both.”

Kimberly called down to the kitchen and ordered champagne, strawberries, and chocolate.  She smiled at Anne and hung up the phone.  She walked over and they both sat down.

“It will be up soon.  Do you want to go into the pool?”

“Sure.  That would be great.”

Kimberly and Anne slipped into the plunge pool.  The water was warm while they stood up against the wall.  Kimberly stood in front of Anne and placed a soft kiss on her lips.  She held Anne in her arms, and they shared passionate kisses.  Their tongues were busy inside each of their mouths.

Anne felt dizzy and enjoyed kissing Kimberly.  They French-kissed a while and Anne was enjoying her sweet and passionate lips.

“You are a great kisser,”  Kimberly said to Anne.

“You are not too bad yourself.”

Kimberly continued to kiss Anne but eventually helped her off with her bikini top.  She held Anne’s glorious breasts in her hands.  They were quite full and exceptionally large.  She held them while continuing to kiss Anne.  Their kisses were deeply passionate, and Anne felt dizzy and content with Kimberly guiding her.

“We should go onto the bed.  I want to devour your body.”

Anne giggled and almost felt high with Kimberly’s advances.  Before they went to the bed, room service was banging on the door.  Kimberly let them in, and they brought the champagne in an ice bucket with two glasses, a plate of fresh strawberries and whip cream, and many pieces of chocolate.

Kimberly tipped the man and hurried him out of the room.  Anne was on the bed without her top on.  She smiled at the man and Kimberly graciously showed him to the door.

Kimberly went over to Anne and pulled her bikini bottom down.  She arranged Anne on the bed.  She dove into her sweet pussy and got to work.  Her tongue worshipped every fold and expertly played with her clit with her tongue.  She blew air over her pussy and gently pushed her tongue up high into her vagina.

Anne was moaning and squirming on the bed while Kimberly made love to her pussy.  She kissed her inner thighs and sucked and lightly chewed on her pussy lips.  Anne was thrashing on the bed and her honey pot was exploding with her juices.

“Yes!  Oh God!  Right there.  Please do not stop.  Oh God!”

Kimberly was hitting all the right spots with her tongue.  Anne moaned while her pussy sprayed her hot juices.  Kimberly loved that she was a squirter.  She continued to push her tongue further and further into her vagina.  Anne was playing with her huge breasts while having the most pleasure of her life.

She had multiple orgasms and her legs were soaking wet from all the pleasure Kimberly was doing to her. 

“Oh my god.  Fucking hell!”

Kimberly was sucking hard on her clit.  She wanted more from Anne.

“I could put something onto myself and we could really make love.”

“Do it.  Fuck!”

Kimberly took her bathing suit off and grabbed a strap-on cock.  She attached it to her body.

“Anne, why don’t you go on your hands and knees.  I want to play with your breasts while we make love.”


Anne got on her hands and knees.  Kimberly had attached a strap-on cock which was quite large and thick.  She pulled apart Anne’s buttocks and licked at her ass and pussy.  Her pussy was quite wet and pushing her fake cock into her pussy was a breeze.

Once she was inside, she began to ride Anne.  She was watching her huge breasts swing while she pushed her fake cock deep inside of her pussy.  Anne was moaning and groaning, and her pussy was making all kinds of squishy noises while they made love.

Kimberly sucked on her finger and pushed it up inside of her butt.  She was ramming the fake cock up into her vagina while arousing her butt with her finger.

“Put it into my butt.  Fucking hell.”

Kimberly pulled out of her pussy and pushed the fake cock into her butt.  She continued to finger her while fucking her buttocks.  Kimberly was thrusting into her butt fast. 

“Fucking hell!”

Anne screamed in pleasure and pain and had a drippy and quite messy orgasm.  Kimberly pulled out of her and rolled her onto her back.  She climbed on top of her and they passionately kissed. 

Kimberly pushed the cock back inside of her pussy and fucked her slowly while they kissed passionately on their mouths.  The best part was, there was no waiting to get hard.  The cock was fake and always ready-to-go.  Anne was sure she liked the love of a woman.

Kimberly took off the cock and they passionately held each other in their arms.  Anne wanted to pleasure Kimberly and she kissed and played with Kimberly’s breasts.  They were much smaller than hers.  Probably just a mouthful.  She sucked on her nipples and fingered her till she came.  Her pussy was incredibly wet, and she wanted to taste her and make her cum.

Kimberly lay on the bed with her legs spread.  Anne moved her tongue over her pussy and made sure to explore her pussy folds.  She found her clit and sucked and teased it with the rough part of her tongue.  Kimberly moaned while Anne pleasured her.

“Oh Anne.  You are a pro.  Fucking hell!”

Anne liked the taste of her pussy and continued to pleasure her.  She pushed her tongue high into her vagina and Kimberly began to squirm on the bed.  She was moaning and cursing and screaming while Anne tongue fucked her.  Anne just did what she knew she liked.  Kimberly was moaning uncontrollably and came on Anne’s tongue.  Her orgasm was explosive.

“Come up here and kiss me,”  Kimberly said to Anne.

Anne went next to Kimberly and they held each other and kissed passionately.  They both held the other’s breasts in their hands while passionately showing love.

Anne was quite sure she enjoyed women.  She liked how gentle and loving it was with a woman.  She planned on spending the rest of her trip with Kimberly.  She would have to tell Jacob so he would not worry about her.

“Anne you are something.  I want to see you again.  I really could fall in love with you.”

“I feel the same way.  I think this is what I want too.  I do not want to be a hot wife.  I just want to be a wife.  I want to be married and just be with my lover.  I think you could easily be that person.”

Kimberly continued to hold and passionately kiss Anne. 

“How about some champagne?”

“That would be awesome.”

Kimberly got up and popped the cork and filled the flutes with champagne.  She handed Anne a flute and they toasted to each other.  They drank the champagne and enjoyed each other some more.

Anne was not looking forward to seeing Jacob.  She decided she would spend the night with Kimberly.  She texted Jacob who was hurt that she wanted to spend the night with Kimberly.  He sent her a sad face and Anne continued flirting with Kimberly.

They made love several times that night.  Anne even strapped the fake cock on and fucked Kimberly.  She was high on love and liked making love to a woman.  Kimberly was so sweet and caring to Anne.  Anne was in complete bliss.

She was planning on ending things with Jacob.  She would call a lawyer when they got home.  She did not want to be a hot wife or be a wife to Jacob.  She did not like his cock and did not want to look for a bull when they got home.

Anne was in bliss with Kimberly and knew she wanted to start a new journey with her.  Now she had to think of a way to explain things to Jacob.  She knew it would be difficult, but it needed to be done.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

This work and any audio recordings may not be copied, transmitted or used in any way, either in part or in full, without the author (Mysteria27) expressed written permission.

Open post

Mulatto Denies She Ever Said Colorism Doesn't Exist

Mulatto is defending herself against claims that she said colorism isn’t real.

On Tuesday afternoon (Dec. 1), the Atlanta rapper, who is half Black and half White, hopped on Twitter to denounce chatter that she said colorism doesn’t exist while on Clubhouse, an invite-only, voice-based app that allows users to go into different rooms based on varying subjects and hold discussions with other users.

“I WOULD NEVER SAY NO SHIT LIKE COLORISM DOESN’T EXIST!,” Big Latto tweeted. In a follow-up post, she wrote, “Please stop with the false narrative!.”

While the audio of Mulatto making this statement doesn’t appear to be circulating online, a tweet that seems to have sparked the conversation is.

“Why would mulatto go on clubhouse and say colorism isn’t real??????? ughhh,” a user by the name of @kissmeriver typed on Monday evening (Nov. 30).

Shortly after, people’s Twitter fingers went to work to share their thoughts on the claims against the Queen of Da Souf rhymer.

“Someone tried to do some PR for mulatto by highlighting that there are dark skin women in her videos and someone on her ownnnnn team said summ like “I disagree. We didn’t ask for dark skin women they just happened to be there”, why would u do that,” one person said.

Another user tweeted, “i mean the girl’s name is MULATTO, what were y’all expecting her to do??? end colorism and incite the class revolution????.”

A third tweet said, “Did it not occur that somebody who *voluntarily* chose the stage name “Mulatto” has malformed opinions on Blackness, or…..?.”

In addition to people bashing the 2020 XXL Freshman for the supposed comments, her choice of rap moniker was criticized during the social media conversation as well.

“Ofc its UK folk on Clubhouse not understanding what’s problematic about the stage name “Mulatto.” No brains, just pip pip cheerio, innit, melted lace and vibes smh,” one tweet said.

Another tweet read, “Do you really expect better from someone who actively chose the name mulatto?.”

The term “mulatto” refers to a person who is of both Black and White ancestry. However, historically, the word has been deemed offensive due to its use during slavery.

See more reactions to claims that Mulatto said colorism doesn’t exist below.

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