The Office Mess – Part 3

As it neared 4:30 in the afternoon I walked toward my neighbor’s office. Her door was not locked so I gently pushed it open and entered. She was on the phone but motioned for me to come in. As she talked I looked at the awards and photos on her wall. Other than an occasional visit to Facebook I knew little about the social media world. But she had local, state, and national awards hung on her walls. There were also pictures of her with the mayor and governor along with business leaders in the town. How did I stumble onto this?

She finished her phone conversation and asked, “What took you so long?”

I mentioned that I tried to get some work done but my thoughts kept drifting to her. She rose from her chair, put her arms around me, and replied, “You will not be thinking about anything but me for a while.”

She took my hand and led me over to her desk. Her office desk was massive. It was made of solid oak and had a roll top. She kept it very neat and there was not a single paper out of place.

“Wait here,” she went and locked her front door.

She returned, immediately unbuttoned her skirt, and let it fall to the ground. She turned, faced away from me, and bent over the desk. This lady wasted no time. She knew what she wanted, and she took it.

I scrambled to get my pants unzipped and I let them fall to the floor also. She was standing in front of me, bent over the desk, with her ass in the air. I moved closer and placed my finger on her. She was already wet and ready. I gently placed the head of my cock near her opening and she pushed her ass back to meet me.

I grabbed her around the waist to assist with the thrusts, but she needed no help. She moved in perfect rhythm with every push. She reached her first orgasm very quickly and she let me know not to stop. “You have kept me wet and horny for two days. Now fuck me until I say stop.”

I continued to pound her from behind. She moaned and screamed several times and I could feel her pussy flexing and contracting. Every thrust was bringing me closer to a climax. I wanted to completely satisfy her before I stopped but I was getting so close. She must have sensed it as she screamed, “Dump your cum into my pussy, now!” And I did.

The pulses were incredible as I could feel it leaving my body and going into hers. I slowed down the rhythm and gradually could move no more. I pulled out of her and could see our mixed juices inside her still opened pussy. I sat down in a chair behind me and she turned to face me. She dropped to her knees and began to suck and lick our cum from my cock. She knew exactly how to use her tongue. It was gentle but also torture following my cum.

We both put our clothes back on and sat down.

She looked intently at me and said, “We need to talk. The last two days have been incredible. But I am looking for something more. Can we go to dinner tomorrow night and I will tell you exactly what I want?”

“Sure, but can you give me a hint?”

“You will learn everything tomorrow night.”

To Be Continued

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Sitting there stirring her soy-milk latte, brunette-bob cut, and the ‘librarian’ glasses. A black dress, up to the collarbone – nothing to tease. Beyond the lenses though, her soft green eyes are on me. Moving down a little, the nose piercings, another just above and below her mouth, Those soft lips, natural filler-free, and the corners up-turned into a warm smile. It had been a few years since we’d last caught up at her wedding, but even longer since we’d spent any time alone together. 

Thinking back to…

New school, time to get my head back together after five uncomfortable years at the previous. I barely know anyone anymore, I’d moved away some time ago but I’m near where I grew up. Going to take a little while to settle. A few weeks pass, I get along with my study group, and things going okay. None of the aggression I saw in the last school. Sixteen years old, I can handle myself. Made a new friend at the induction, and met some of his friends. The redhead smiles at me often even asked me to help with prizegiving refreshments. The other one looks shy and reserved – she’s into the goth stuff and hanging off the arm of an older student. We talk music and movies… not much else I can imagine we have in common.

1998 – my eighteenth

We’re at a Chinese restaurant for my birthday. The group of friends I’ve made plus one of my oldest all together. Always hanging out at cinemas, parks. All relaxed and restrained. The redhead at my side, but somehow I have not reciprocated. The Goth is there too, he’s there as well like a limpet. She’s in a green-mesh top through which I can see her bra and some cleavage. She’s sat across the round table, right opposite. I catch a glance, luckily he doesn’t as he’s busy boring one of the others alongside. We make our way towards the city centre, stopping for a few more drinks along the way. End up in a club, everyone else getting into it but I feel so shy and reserved now – while she’s dancing.  We’ve gotten closer in the last two years, a good solid friendship. She even asks if I’m ever going to ask the redhead out. I hesitate until the matter is taken out of my hands. The redhead is with someone now and I curse my inaction – could have at least set up some double-dates. So socially awkward. Even our plans for a group-getaway fall apart.
Back to the refuge of my bedroom and computers

1999 – The other guy is gone – now maybe me and the redhead. She invites me to a rugby game – then she meets another – like I’m just there to chaperone. I give up on this, it’s too hard and agonising. I speak to my goth friend, she sympathises and says I should move on and put it behind me. We all still hang out, a few clubs but I’m a fifth wheel and often make my excuses and trudge home alone.

2004 – I’m at the football with friends. I haven’t seen the Goth for a while, and a mutual friend tells me she split with that guy. I try to reach out to say hello but never hear back.

2007 – A couple of awkward relationships – mostly short term as there’s always a jealous ex lurking. Met someone and even look at moving to America to be with them – land of opportunity. Great outdoors – scope to explore and discover all those small New England towns I only read about or saw in movies. It’s all there. I think back to my friends but it’s been a long time since ANY of us hung out.

2012 – I’ve been in America for 2 years. Things gone to shit on job and home-life front. I’m coming back home, just enough time to spend with my maternal grandparents before the inevitable. Got a new job – doing okay. Wife gets her visa to join me but the fun of our first two years is already diminished. I need to re-form my social life.

2016 – I’m living my life through social media – reconnecting with people. The redhead pops up on there but that’s all it is. My ‘new’ friend who introduced me to the Redhead and The Goth is there – we used to go to football together until we drifted just before I emigrated. Now, The Goth is on my friends list. A few fleeting greetings and jokes. She’s been married with kids, currently in hiatus. I’m still married but frustration has set in, never any money or enjoyment of our surroundings. Wife is working and there’s a vintage fair nearby, The Goth is going. I turn up and we see each other for first time in near fifteen years. I meet her man, they’re getting remarried and we’re invited. I have always found her attractive – she’s into Rockabilly too now – I can see her dancing in the old dance halls with the American GIs in a flashback-fantasy.

2017 – we’re at the wedding. She looks great. Other friend and his wife are there too – I’ve always known my friend had a crush on The Goth for years but never did anything about it – and out of respect nor have I. She’s on some of the same private social-media as myself and I’m learning stuff about her – damning those years we didn’t catch up.

2020 – One week ago. I’ve had a week off, “relaxing” – all you can do while this pandemic goes on. Myself and The Goth, Elizabeth, are reminiscing about things and continuing friendly banter with a side of mild flirtation. Her husband into some new-age, spending his time online and pretty much ignoring her and kids. My wife doing a lot of sleeping when not working – hardly stepping outside even to get fresh groceries – waiting on me to do it all.  Me and Elizabeth are casually talking about old friends including The Redhead – I dodged a bullet there as they had kept in touch for a little while. Then she hits me with it, asking how it is WE never got together. 

Stunned, perhaps the mild anxiety I’ve been feeling for the last few years is stirring this up but no… I ask her the next day and she meant the question. We flirt a little more, keeping it light to avoid awkwardness. I admit I had thought about it years ago but it could have affected our friendship. She agrees, but there’s still a glimmer as she shares some pictures. One of two suggestive but no actual nudity. It’s almost the end of my stay-cation – I suggest we meet for a coffee when the constant madness calms down.

2020 – Present

“How’s that coffee working for you?”  she asks.

“Good,” I smile as the caffeine kicks in. “Yours?”

She nods, still smiling.

We’re in a small cafe in some little village just far enough out of our area that nobody recognises us – no chance of gossipers. Her parents looking after the kids today, hubby stuck on his laptop again. Her mother knows we’re meeting but doesn’t let slip – always liked her.

“Yes,” she says anticipating what I’m going to ask. A few old ladies in the opposite corner too busy chatting amongst themselves to eavesdrop.”I did mean it when I said it.”

I smile as we get up and put our money on the table, taking a walk through the village to work off a few calories and enjoy the idyll. A small churchyard nearby, a bundle of headstones not maintained for some time – almost buried in the long grass. My car is parked nearby as we get in. Before I can turn the key, her hand is on mine and I look to her. Her glasses now hanging from the neckline of her dress. I leave the key in the ignition as my hand reaches across to caress her face. Leaning in together, I kiss her for the first time not as just as a friend but as a true kindred spirit. She moves my hand down over her left breast, they’ve grown in our time apart – motherhood working its magic. Brushing gently as we continue to kiss, the rainclouds overhead finally breaking. Her arms around me now – the centre console slightly inhibiting us. We break, but it felt so good to finally lose that inhibition. 

I drive her home, stopping around the corner should a neighbour see us. Waiting for our next meeting, she sends me another picture later. It will be soon enough.

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Chapter Fourteen


Down the hall from us, Wayne was feeling like Goldilocks. He’d had too small; he’d had too big and now this one was just right. Whereas Darby’s monster cock was probably around 10 real (non-porn) inches long and nearly thick as a beer can, Remy’s was smaller at a little over 8 inches and just a bit thicker than the circumference of an adult toy store dildo; just enough to make Wayne feel full without the pain. Remy fucked him gently for nearly a half hour, during which Wayne almost came twice, and when he finished, Remy pulled off the condom with what looked like an ounce of creamy cum in it. Then came the part that rocked Wayne’s world, when Remy rolled a condom onto Wayne’s throbbing hot dick and climbed on it, sinking the meat deep in his guts. Remy came up on his knees and leaned up to share a kiss with Wayne, who began gentle thrusts up into the tight brown ass. Remy had brought him so close so many times he didn’t think he could last more than 5 or 6 minutes, but Remy had other ideas. Every time he sensed that Wayne was tensing up to cum, he would sit back down on the dick and stay dead still until Wayne relaxed. This went on about 20 minutes until Wayne was literally begging “Please let me cum!” Then Remy waited until he felt the tightening legs and as soon as Wayne fired his first shot, Remy rode him fast as a rodeo bull rider. Wayne came so much it was coming out around the bottom of the condom and saturating his pubes. Remy calmly lifted off the still hard cock, gently pulled the condom off and swallowed it to the root. He proceeded to vacuum up all the cum from Wayne’s pubes and then deposited the juices and his tongue in Wayne’s mouth.

In the third bedroom, the boys were on top of each other, grinding their dicks together. Lipe was on the bottom and had Randy’s tight ass in a death grip, pulling him tight to his crotch. Randy stopped moving and said “let me try something” and pressed the head of his peter tight against the end of Lipe’s and pulled Lipe’s foreskin down `til it covered his dick’s head.

“Oh my God, I wish I still had my `skin” he whispered mostly to himself. He jerked the two cocks until his orgasm caught him by surprise and he started filling up Lipe’s hot pocket. He sat there convulsing for a few minutes, then slid down and engulfed Lipe’s organ and deep-throated it until Lipe gripped his head in place and shot a massive load straight down his throat. Randy crawled back up next to Lipe, dragging his slime covered peter along Lipe’s leg.

At this point, everybody in the house was down for the count and the real siesta commenced.


Me and Luis got up about 7:30, it looked like the sun was getting ready to go down. After our latest session, we were way past due for a cleaning, so we jumped into the shower and washed each other off. We got dressed again and made our way back into the common area. A little bit later, Randy and Lipe made it out. Randy came and hugged me and said thanks for everything. I said, “you’re welcome for everything, but for now go be thankful for that shower in your room, you smell like ass.” He grabbed Lipe’s hand and they went back to shower.

Remy came out wearing a long-tailed shirt and a pair of small briefs and sat cross-legged in the chair across from Luis. Wayne came out a few minutes later; he looked different somehow. It wouldn’t have been noticeable to most people but we’ve been best friends since grade school. Luis and Remy were in a deep conversation in Spanish, the kind where they were talking so fast, I couldn’t keep up with them, so I grabbed Wayne and went out on the deck, acting like we were watching the sunset.

“What’s the matter with you” I probed.

“Nothing” he said “well…”

“Well…” I said “go on.”

“Well, I can’t exactly explain it. I mean sex is sex. Cocks, asses, blowing a load, all that. At least I thought so” he said.

“What’s different now?” I asked, though I already knew what he didn’t seem to.

“Well…you know how I threw Darby out?…well…I didn’t give a fuck whether he stayed or not. He was like a sex toy that was too big” he stumbled through, reaching for the right words. Emotions like this were new to him.

“And?…” I said, wanting him to come to his own realization.

“Well…I don’t want Remy to leave. We talked all day, Jackie. You know me. My usual amount of words in a day is under 100, but I wanted to know him. I wanted to hear him talk. I just wanted to look at him. It’s some kind of feeling like…shit! I don’t know how to explain it to you.”

“Don’t have to” I said “I live it with Luis every day. We call it `love’.”

“Oh, for God’s sake, Jax, I just met the guy today. How could I be in love?”

“I don’t know how to explain that, but I’ll tell you, when you meet your soulmate you know it. You just have to hope they feel the same way.”

“Ok, this soulmate shit is getting too Hallmark channel mushy for me” he said laughing at me. He turned to look at the sun as it set below the mountains, but I could see the deep thought behind his eyes.


It was starting to get chilly, so we went back inside. Luis, Remy and Felipe were all sitting together talking that Mexican Spanish that was even harder for me to follow. Luis saw me standing next to him.

“Hey baby, would you mind if I took mi familia on the town tonight? Kind of a Mexican’s night out thing” he said. I guess I looked kind of hurt. “Nothing against gringos, we just need to catch up, and…” whispering in my ear “Remy is having some kind of emotional breakdown or something. He’s trying to leave.”

“Sure” I said “it’s fine.” They took off in Remy’s car, headed toward town.

“So, what do you guys want to do?” I said to my fellow sad sacks.

“J-Bar?” Wayne asked.

“Randy’s too young” I said.

We ended up just riding around town for a while. We saw a place called the Aspen Tap Room that advertised pizza, so we stopped. Me and Wayne got a slice and a big mug of what they called Conundrum Red Ale; Randy had coke with his. We ate in silence, watching the big screen TV. I could tell the threat of `love’ was weighing on Wayne, I chuckled to myself.

“What?” they asked.

“Love ain’t a death sentence, Wayne” I said.

“Do what?” Randy said. Wayne shot me a look and I said “nothing”. We finished up, and since everything that was not adult natured was closed, we went back to the chalet. Our guys were still on their outing, so I decided to hit the hay, leaving Wayne and Randy alone. Shortly thereafter, I heard their doors close.

I didn’t hear them come in, but when my body woke me up at 5:30 I had to move a hairy, beefy arm from around my ribcage to get up. The room smelled like mescal and Luis. I went and took a piss, grabbed one of the big terrycloth robes from the bathroom, and padded my way out to the kitchen to start my morning coffee ritual. 5:30 `til everybody got up was my `me’ time. I’ve always loved sunrise and sunset. I plopped down on the big leather couch with my hot mug of coffee and waited for the show. The last thing I was expecting to see was Wayne. He mumbled something and went to get him a cup of coffee, then came back and sat silently beside me. I was zoned out watching the line of light play along the ridge of the mountains, just before the first rays of sun started coming over the top. When he started talking, it kind of startled me.

“Dude, I think you could be right” he said quietly. I just kept watching the sunrise, he needed to figure this shit out for himself.

“I couldn’t sleep last night until Remy came back. All I did was toss and turn. As soon as he was next to me, I was out like a light” he said. “I don’t know what to do.” I was determined to keep my mouth shut. I figured anything I said would be treated as a joke or unwanted advice, so I just kept watching the sunrise.

“Ay yi yi, my head” Luis said as he came out of the bedroom with the comforter from the bed wrapped around him. He headed to the kitchen to get a cup of my coffee, I made a mental note that we had to find a grocery store and buy some more coffee. He came back in and sat with his legs up on the loveseat, covered in the comforter and sipped his coffee.

“You two sure look serious this morning” he said. Wayne got quiet now, except to say “I gotta pee” as he walked back through the house.

“Amante, our friend there has my cousin fucked up” Luis said to me.

“Then it’s mutual, I never seen Wayne acting like this.”

“Do you believe in love at first sight?” Luis asked.

“Yes, I’m certain that it happens all the time” I sang in my best Beatles impersonation.

“No, seriously” he said.

“I don’t know. I kind of felt that way with you. It was sexual at first, I’ll admit. But I knew pretty fast you were different. I love the fuck out of you, Luis. We’ve only known each other about two months. Hell, do you NOT believe in love at first sight?” He sat and thought about that for a while.

“Shit! We still didn’t go get any food. No breakfast again!” I said. Luis laughed at how fast I went from one subject to another.

Lipe came stumbling in from the back bedroom, yawning. Luis grabbed the keys and threw them to Lipe. “My man is hungry. Go get your clothes on and find us some breakfast. Lipe looked at Luis like he was crazy, but Luis doubled down and yelled “Muévanse!” Lipe huffed and turned back to the bedroom to get dressed. Luis smiled at me, “that’s what the kids are good for” he said. Five minutes later Lipe came out again, with Randy in tow.

“Don’t take forever either” Luis said “we’re hungry!”

They were back in about 20 minutes with a McDonald’s sack full of biscuits.

Once we had eaten, we started planning our day. Not much input from Wayne and Remy; they were almost avoiding each other. It was kinda cute actually. The younger guys didn’t want to hang with us today so I let Felipe have the 4Runner and the rest of us took off in Remy’s Tahoe. We decided to do the Taylor Pass Jeep trail. We stopped and picked up some snacks and drinks, rented a Jeep and after our briefing, we took off. The views were beautiful, we took our time and just enjoyed the day. I made a point of slinging Wayne and Remy together as often as possible. We stopped at the top for a while, taking in the view and ate a snack, we all took a piss while we were stopped. After our break we went down and toured an old ghost town. It was all gorgeous, but with Wayne and Remy acting so weird, by the time we got back to town we were ready for the Jeep ride to be over.

We walked in the house and I had finally had it.

“Look, you two like each other. It’s okay. If you get together, it will not mean you are old and you can only eat at Cracker Barrel. (I was hungry) Jesus!! GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!! You don’t get that many chances to love somebody in this life and even less to have that same person love you back. Instead of shying away, you should be leaning into it hard as you can! Now, dammit! Could we please go eat! That bag of potato chips and can of Coca Cola is not holding up very well for me anymore!”

They both looked at me a minute, then at each other, then started laughing. I felt like the tension was broken.

Wayne said “Dude, have a Snickers. You’re just not yourself when you’re hungry.”


Lambodara 9/19/20 Is anybody even reading this story any more at this point?


Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2020 23:19:43 +0000 (UTC) From: Dakota Birch Subject: Ready to be Made a Man “Are you ready to be made a man, boy?” Asked Boon is in his deep manly voice. “Yes sir.” I replied nervously. “And you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make you into the ultimate man?” Boon asked. “Yes sir. Whatever it takes.” I replied again. “And you are giving over your body and will to us, to do as we see fit into making you the ultimate man you can be?” Boon asked. “Yes sir. You are in full control. I hand over 100% of myself to you and your men.” I replied. “Good.” Smiled Boon with a toothy grin from his mustached mouth. He grabbed a goblet filled with liquid and passed it to me. “Drink. Drink all of it, boy.” I took the goblet and downed the potent mixture, which tasted delicious. “What was this? It tasted amazing.” I said with a big smile. “Oh yeah?” Boon said with a wicked grin. “It’s a mixture of all of our loads and sweat.” I looked back at Boon stunned, eyes wide. As embarrassed as I was about having just vocalized my love of taste for sperm and sweat, I was oddly turned on. I’d always considered myself straight, but was starting to wonder. I quickly shook the thought, reassuring myself of my heterosexuality. I’m a man’s man. There’s no way I’m gay. Plus, this couldn’t be considered gay. This was just men being men. And most of the men in the room are straight, married with wives and kids. I gazed around the room, taking in the sight of over two dozen hairy balding men with facial hair. Every single man in here was hairy; and not just a sprinkle of chest hair, we’re talking hairy shoulders and back – a complete pelt. Every single man was balding to one degree or another, ranging from small growing bald spots to already fully developed fullblown Norwood 7s. And every single man had some type of facial hair, whether it be a beard, a mustache, a goatee, and two guys had my favorite: a thick 70s sleazy pornstar horseshoe mustache. “Get into the sling.” Instructed Boon. I obeyed and got my naked body into the sling, putting my legs up, fully exposing my vulnerable hairy hole to the group of lurking men. “The man who brought you here goes first.” Boon said, motioning to my Dad’s best friend to step forward. My Dad’s buddy’s name is John. John was an extremely hairy Armenian man, who was just slightly balding and had a thick jet black mustache that matched in color to the thick pelt of hair that covered his body from neck to toe. John had recruited me privately the week before when we were camping, after I expressed my deep desire to explore and expand my manhood and manliness to its full degree. John said he was part of a group of real manly men who could help me out with my request. I eagerly replied how badly I’d love to meet this group of masculine men John spoke about. My Dad had no clue I was here. John smiled and asked, “Ready?” To which I nodded in response. John brought his hairy penis to my puckering hole and pushed it inside; and with one swift deep thrust put his entire length and girth into my willing ass. I could feel his monster untrimmed bush rubbing against my hole. “Oh fuck, that’s a nice hole.” John said in approval, before addressing the other guys. “All of us are in for a real treat; this boy’s hairy ass feels great.” To which the other men growled and grunted in anticipation and excitement. I could feel every inch as John slid in and out of my ass, thrusting his dick into my hungry hole. I moaned and rubbed my nipples in ecstasy, enjoying the raw Cock inside my ass. “Yeah, you like that?” John asked, coaxing me. “Fuck yeah, I like that.” I replied immediately. “Yeah, you like being fucked by a real man? A real hairy balding man’s man?” John asked. “Fuck yes!” I exclaimed in glee. “That’s right, buddy. You only get fucked by real men. Men who are hairy and balding.” John reinforced sternly. “Yes sir.” I agreed. “Only men who are hairy and balding.” “I wish you were my son.” John said with a grin. “I’d love to have watched you grow and brought you here to become a man.” He fantasized. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum soon. You want my load, boy?” “Yes sir.” I begged. “Please give me your man seed.” “Yeah, you want the cum that’s gonna turn you into a man?” John teased. “I wanna hear you really beg for it. Earn my load, boy.” “Please, sir! I need your load! Give me your cum!” I pleaded desperately. It was true, I was craving his cum deep in my ass. “OH FUCK!!” John yelled. I could feel rope upon rope of jizz spraying my insides, filling me up. I looked down and saw more chest hair immediately sprout on my pecs and belly. I also saw my belly get a little bigger and fatter. I felt a cool breeze suddenly on my head, and reached up a hand to feel a small bald spot beginning to form. My upper lip tickled, and I put a hand there feeling a faint mustache beginning to grow. John pumped a few more times into me, ensuring every drop of his seed was deep inside me, before pulling out with a shudder. The next guy stepped forward. He looked like a trucker with his monster beer belly and huge bushy beard that reached past his man boobs. He didn’t ask or pause, before railing his entire furry Cock into my cum-filled ass. It was mere minutes until he warned of his impending orgasm, before growling loudly and unloading his sperm into my ass. I watched as more body hair grew immediately on me and my belly got fatter. Man after man stepped up and emptied his nuts into my asshole; with one sole mission in mind: to pleasure themself with this willing boy’s ass and make him a man. It wasn’t until somewhere after the first dozen loads that I noticed my reflection in a mirror that hung above the sling. I was stunned at the image reflected back to me. I’d gained at least 60lbs, now sporting a bloated beer belly with a thick layer of fat over it, where just a hour ago lay a perfectly sculpted 6pack. A thick horseshoe mustache had begun sprouting, perfectly highlighting my new double chin. My pubic hair – which had been already all-natural and thick – was now a dense jungle of long hairs that continued growing up more than halfway up my shaft. My once meaty defined pecs we’re now two fat moobs, with giant silver dollar-sized pink nipples. I was already a decently hairy dude when I showed up; but my pelt now was much thicker and darker, with my shoulder hair starting to look like an Afro. While before I’d worked so hard to achieve the perfect jock body, training for hours everyday at the gym; now, I was so turned on and excited by my new manlier look and craved more. “Fuck yes!” I blurted out, while the Cock of the thirteenth hairy penis belonging to a balding otter in his late 40s penetrated my ass deeply. “Make me a fucking man!” I begged. “Yeah? You like my hairy dick, boy?” The guy asked me. “Fuck yeah I do.” I winced in slight pain, as his big Cock stretched me open even more. “My wife never gives it up to me anymore, so I have a lot of pent up sexual energy.” He said to me with longing in his eyes. “Well whenever you want it, you’ve got it.” I responded. And it was true, whenever this guy wanted my ass to dump his seed into in the future, I would gladly give it up to him. “You like getting fucked by straight married men, faggot?” He yelled. “I ain’t no faggot.” I said with a frown. “This ain’t gay or straight; this is just men being men.” “Damn right, buddy!” He hollered, as he shot a massive load of spunk into my cummy leaking ass. I continued to take load after load from the hairy balding men. While most of the guys were age 48+, there were three younger gentlemen, the youngest being twenty years older than me, at 38. After the twentieth load, I caught my reflection again and almost came hands free in excitement. I’d now gained well over 100lbs, pushing close to 300lbs. My now fat frame was covered in thick hair from neck to toe; which the several gold chains around my neck rested in my thick sweater of dark body hair. I rocked a sleazy trailer trash horseshoe mustache, that made me look like a vintage pornstar out of the 1970s. I was now a full Norwood 5 and getting balder by the load. “Fuck yes!” I exclaimed happily. “Bring on the final guys.” I took the remaining seven loads; 27 in total. I lay there panting, smiling at how horny and turned on I was at my transformation. All of the guys looked on with grins of approval and nodded their heads happily. The furry 18yo boy with a 6pack and lean sculpted jock body had become a fat hairy balding hog who looked to be in his late 40s. “How do you like your new self?” Boon asked, knowing the answer already from my grin. “I’m in awe. It feels so right.” I said, running my hands over my thick hairy fattening body, placing both hands on my fat nipples, and began working my tits hungrily. “As part of the agreement, you’ve chosen to abandon your old life completely. You now will be part of this tribe and have gained entry into our brotherhood by taking each member’s load of man-juice up your ass.” “Yes sir.” “You now will lead a new life. A real man’s man life. You will have a wife; but just use her to take care of your house and other wifely duties. You will spend most of your time with us men; or with other balding hairy men. You will begin a new job as a truck driver; traveling across the country in a semi surrounded by other real men. Instead of mainstream society questioning your new look, you’ll receive approval and praise from the real masculine men you come into contact with. They’ll see your hairiness, that you’re balding, and your bloated beer belly and nod in approval at the man you are, proudly displaying his manhood amongst a sea of testosterone. You will live a new life in a trailer park, proudly exposing your masculinity. You’ll only wear the most masculine of clothes – when forced to wear clothes at all – sporting stringer tank tops, flannel cut offs, army cargo shorts, camo overalls, mechanic coveralls, dirty wifebeaters, sport jerseys that show off your hairy chest and back, and construction boots. You’ll never wear a hat again, only proudly displaying your balding head (which was now a fullblown Norwood 7). You’ll never shave your face again, only sporting a thick horseshoe mustache…which makes you look so sleazy and trashy. You understand and agree to all of this, buddy?” “Yes sir.” I said proudly, excited to show off my new man body to the world. I got dressed and left the men’s clubhouse, driving in my beat up truck to my new trailer park home. I rolled up to my trailer, which rocked a classic early 1980s vibe. I got out of the truck and gave a friendly nod to the hairy fat balding gentleman rocking in a chair on the porch of his trailer, next door. “You my new neighbor?” He asked in a deep gruff voice, as he puffed on his pipe. “Yes sir.” I said, walking over to him. He and I both wore dirty wifebeater tank tops that were too small for us, exposing at the bottom, our hairy bellies. Our fat bitch tits were on full display in the see-through material. He wore oversized jean shorts; whereas I wore oversized army cargo shorts that exposed an ample amount of pubic hair when I purposely stretched my arms upwards to show off to him. “Glad to see my new neighbor is a real man.” He said approvingly. “Pure man here.” I said with a grin. “How old are you, bud?” He asked. “You`re not gonna believe me.” I said. “But I’m 18yo. I just happen to look like I’m older.” “18yo?! And you look like that much of a man?! Damn buddy!” He said with a howl, as he rubbed his gut. “Ya know what? It’s too hot for these wifebeaters; let’s take em off.” He said, peeling his sweaty tank off his hog body, revealing full view of his moobs and massive gut. “Don’t have to ask me twice.” I said, ripping the tank top off. “Any excuse to show off my hairy man body.” I said. “That’s right, buddy!” He said with a smile. “Show off your manhood proudly.” He rubbed his belly again, looking me up and down. I also rubbed my belly and brought my hand up to my fat nipples, and absent minded began rubbing and working the tits. “That’s it, boy.” He growled, smiling behind his pipe that bellowed thick clouds of smoke. “Why don’t you grab us a couple beers and take this inside?” He asked, motioning to the small fridge on his porch. “Hell yes, sir.” I said, reaching into the fridge and retrieving four beers, two for us each. We went inside his trailer, which smelt of musk and sweat. I passed him his two beers, which he cracked open and downed both in just a few gulps. I followed suit and did the same. Our bellies now full of carbonated beer, grew to their full potential, hanging over the waistband of our shorts. “I’m so happy I became a full man’s man. This entire look is new to me.” I confided. “But you’re loving it, aren’t you?” He taunted. “Oh hell yes.” I said. Then a knock came from his front door. “Bud, you in there?” Another gruff voice asked. “Yup. We’re in here Junior.” Bud answered. Junior opened the door and walked in. He was also a fat hairy balding man, who sported a thick bushy beard that’d clearly win competitions if entered. Junior saw us shirtless and ripped his own shredder tank top off, joining the masculine energy which filled Bud’s trailer. “This here is my new neighbor.” Bud introduced me to Junior. “Nice to meet ya.” I said, firmly shaking his hand. “Damn good handshake, buddy.” Junior nodded in approval. “Junior’s as old as you look.” Bud teased me. “Yeah, I’m 45. How old are you?” He asked me interested. “You’ll never believe this. I’m 18yo.” I said proudly. “18yo?!” Junior said in amazement. “I said the same thing.” Bud commented. “Damn! Now that’s how all 18yo should be looking.” Junior said in approval. “Look at you. Only 18yo and already a full blown real man’s man.” “Damn right.” I said, slapping my gut with a loud thud. The three of us looked at one another hungrily, fueled by testosterone. It was so hot to be in the company of other fat hairy balding men; men who clearly approved of my new look and were bringing out the man in me. “I’m 71.” Bud said, growling deeply and stroking his thick white horseshoe mustache. “You could pass for a mini me.” He said to me. “Hell yeah, I could!” I responded in excitement. “I come from a place where looking like this wasn’t encouraged or praised. A place where men manscaped and sought to have a 6pack.” “Well you’ll certainly not find that here.” (To be continued…)


I bang my head against the steering wheel, not believing my luck. It really is the perfect storm. Pitch-black night. Pouring rain. Dead car. No cell service. Lost.

This sequence of events is just par for the course for me. An unfulfilling career, a string of bad relationships, the latest break-up the worst of them all, and an overwhelming feeling that I don’t belong in this world. I am a romantic at heart, yet I have felt unsatisfied with each attempt at love. There has always been something missing. I feel I have just been moving through time, achieving nothing. Moving forward, yet getting nowhere. So, I got in my car and started driving. No destination in mind, I just picked a path and drove, needing a change of scenery, I guess. And look at what happened!

Tears start to flow and I give myself a pep talk. You are fine. Everything will be fine. Just think

Okay. What is the safest thing here? Should I just stay in the car and hope if someone stops, they are not a serial killer? Or should I start walking and hopefully find a house or business with someone inside to help? Both options have risks. 

I count to ten, taking some deep breaths, trying to listen to my instincts. Then, I open my car door and start walking the dark road, looking for help. I feel a strong push to do this. And my feet pick the direction. It doesn’t take long for the pouring rain to soak my clothes. I wear them like a second skin and there is no possibility of hiding my feminine body from passersby. Much as I try to pull my top away from my breasts, it sticks to me like glue. I may as well be walking naked down the street, with my taut nipples poking at the t-shirt material screaming, “Over here! Look at me!”

Just when I think things can’t get any worse, the wind changes direction, so now, the rain continually slaps me in the face. I pick up my pace, feeling an even more urgent need to get somewhere

Anxiety creeps in as I get farther and farther from the car. My head questions my decision to leave its safety, but a stronger force keeps me on my forward path. Occasionally, I see headlights in the darkness, but each time they draw closer, my body jumps behind a tree to hide. My instincts tell me each is not my savior tonight. I just can’t get in the car with a stranger.

The chilled raindrops are pounding my body harder now and I am soaked to the bone. Thunder and lightning have joined in, further hampering my forward movement. With each roaring boom, I abruptly stop walking, standing frozen in my spot, as if the lightning can’t find me as long as I am still. All sense of reason has abandoned me. The trees seem to come to life, prickly branches taking swipes at me as I pass. My ears hear a voice in the wind calling my name. All I can do is keep moving. Hoping. Praying.

My feet are growing numb now from the cold. I am a petite stature, and although my legs can move quite quickly, I, unfortunately, don’t cover much ground. Then, I spy it – a large house in the distance. Thank you, God! I will my feet to move even faster, racing towards what my instincts tell me is my salvation from this dreadful night. Upon reaching it,  my hopes dwindle, seeing my path blocked by a large iron gate. I sigh with relief upon finding the gate unlocked and I use all my remaining strength to drag the heavy gate open, hearing it screech as if not opened in a very long time.

As the rain slams me harder than ever, I start running again, praying I have finally found a sanctuary from the storm. As I run, I look up, spying a dark, shadowy figure in the dimly lit window. Losing focus on the uneven ground, I trip, landing face-down on the rocky path. Before I can attempt to get up, a man appears out of nowhere, lifting me into his arms. He instantly moves us towards the house in a very quick fashion. I am not as jostled as if he were running. I can’t make out his face except for the bright amber eyes with flecks of fire that look down upon me. I lay my head against his shoulder and see the sky moving all too quickly as he carries me. When I fell, I was still quite a distance from the house, but somehow within mere moments, we are upon the doorstep.

After opening the door, he carries me down a long hallway and into a great room. I first spy a roaring fire inside a stone fireplace. I felt its warmth upon entry to the room. Setting me down on a large bearskin rug, concern marks his face as I shiver uncontrollably. He removes my water-logged shoes and immediately begins to free me of my sopping, wet clothes. First, he lifts my top over my head then has my bra unhooked with practiced ease before I know it. I don’t know why, but I feel no shyness in front of him. I see his eyes drift down to my full breasts and pause. An almost pained look crosses his face.

His hands quickly unbutton my jeans and he slides my pants and panties down to the ground. My hands rest on his shoulders to keep balance, as he helps me step out of my clothes. He quickly starts rubbing me dry with a soft towel. He slides it up and down my arms, breasts, tummy, then skips down to my legs and feet. He looks into my eyes and then slides the towel up my legs to my sweet spots. Gingerly, he blots my pussy dry with the towel, his eyes never leaving mine. Getting a good look at him now, I feel comforted. He has ebony, straight hair that looks like it would feel like silk to the touch. A strong jaw and narrow nose define his face. Curious, his lips are rather darkly colored. He is handsome to me – more than that actually, although I can’t put words to my attraction. He gazes intently into my discovering eyes as he dries me with a towel. Oh my, he has a towering presence.

He takes his leave for just a moment before returning with a beautiful silk ivory gown that he slips over my head. It fits my petite frame perfectly. He then wraps a fuzzy blanket around my body. I sit down on the rug, extending my hands and feet towards the fire, basking in its warmth. He kneels behind me, hand-drying my long hair with a towel. When the water is sufficiently blotted, he begins brushing my hair. Oh my goodness, it feels like heaven. The bristles massage my scalp as he gingerly drags the brush from root to tip.

Snuggling within my warm blanket, my head questions why I don’t feel afraid. I am in a strange house with an unknown man, who has just seen me naked. But, my heart quiets my head, assuring me I am cared for and safe with him.

He sets the brush down and leaves me again for the briefest of moments. Upon returning, he sets a cup of something on the table beside a fireside chair. Lifting me from the floor, he sits down in the chair, settling me in his lap. I immediately feel the hardness in his pants underneath my bottom. He moans slightly and adjusts me on his lap. His hands slide underneath my blanket, caressing up and down my exposed arms. My skin warms all the more from his touch. He lifts the mug and presses it to my lips. I look up into his glowing eyes and sip. Mmmm. I feel the soothing liquid sliding down my throat and into my tummy. His lips curve upward into a smile as I moan in pleasure with each sip.

I realize we have yet to speak to one another.

“Thank you,” I whisper.

“I have been waiting for you,” he oddly replies.

With each drink, my eyelids grow heavier and heavier. I nestle closer against his large frame, settling my head against his broad chest. One deep sigh and my eyes close…

(To be continued…)

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Tim And Abbie 26: Taking Les Out

Saturday morning is sunny and pleasant when Abbie and Tim awake and start their day. In the high seventies, it is cool enough not to be overheated as they walk through the outside market.

After a quick breakfast where Tim tells Abbie he wants to learn to do the prostate massage properly for her enjoyment, they find themselves aroused again.  They will have to put some reins on things, but for now, in the early days, it is fun giving into longings and desires.

Back upstairs, their clothes discarded, they fall together on the bed jerking each other as they kiss and kiss.  Tim is jerking Abbie in the way she showed him early on to treat it like her clit.  Abbie has a firm grasp on Tim’s shaft and is working it hard.  They are getting rather good at calisthenics.  They can shift their bodies as they play to be in a position to take each other into their mouths. 

Sucking just on the glans to start, circling the head, running their tongues back and forth over their slits.  It is like a well-choreographed dance each in perfect sync with the other.  Their mouths move down the shafts to take more in.  It is not difficult for Tim to get all of Abbie’s clit in his mouth. He can even take one or the other of her labia in to suck on too.

For Abbie, Tim’s cock is larger and thicker.  To take it all in the head is butting against her throat.  She loves this feeling knowing how well he fits in elsewhere for her also.  But this morning, there is only time for oral. 

This is more than enough fun for both of them to start the day. 

Sucking and licking each other in time, they both get to that lovely summit they are striving for.  Together Abbie and Tim let out a low wail as they both shoot out into each other’s mouths. Yes, the day ahead does look even sunnier and brighter.

They clean up each other quickly, then after a few lingering kisses, redress and are downstairs ready to go.  Tim starts the car while Abbie runs to ring Les’s doorbell.  She is also prepared, and from the look of first Abbie and then Tim, Les smiles at what the morning has brought so far.


Les’s mind wanders back to Cyn and her when they had the luxury of waking together and having a bit of a snuggle before the day began.  She misses Cyn so much still, but Les is starting to realizes that mourning over the dead is not how to keep living.

Telling all to Tim and Abbie last night did bring back so many memories of Cyn, but the one part she did not tell them was the time they shared shortly before Cyn died.  Cyn made Les promise to go on living to the fullest, find someone new who she could enjoy things with before it was too late.  Les had pledged to her but had not felt ready to do so yet.  And Les remembering it realizes that eight years is long enough to wallow.  It is time to open her eyes to the world again.


Tim tells Les he thought they would take her car, rather than the bus, if okay with her.  In case they find larger things they want to buy, it would be easier to get them back home.  Les agrees, and actually is not that fond of depending on buses when she has her car.

They are soon at the outdoor market fair and walking around.  Tim realizes this must have been where his father had seen him.  He looks questioning at Les, and she smiles and nods, confirming what he thought.

It is funny, Tim again finds himself between two women he loves.  This time he is holding each of their hands, rather than theirs around his shoulders.  How things have changed, but in some ways, stay the same.  They spend several hours looking at all the offerings.  Tim buys some more spices, saying he is going to try something special for dinner.

Abbie and Les find some lovely straw summer hats for the season ahead.  Both fit their different personalities perfectly.  One vendor has wonderful bright and different ties for sale.  Abbie spends her time over them and ends up buying six of them for Tim telling him they will go perfect with his new suits.

Tim feeling the ties he already had were enough does not stop her but does reminder she is supposed to now be on a budget.  Abbie sticks her tongue out at him in humor and tells him it doesn’t count if she is buying things for her lover.

Hearing Abbie call him her lover stirs Tim.  It is the first time she has said anything that way, and it does send a flush through his body.  Abbie giggles and tells him he is well worth what she is spending on him.

They have kept their purchases small up until they come to a booth of beautiful ottomans.  All sizes, shapes, colors, and textures are on display.  Abbie wiggles with delight, seeing them.  She thinks about the comfy couch and chair in the sitting room.  An ottoman to put their feet on as they watch tv or for one of them to sit on to lean over to pleasure the other would so add to the décor.

Abbie finds one she feels is perfect in color and size.  She tells Tim she wants it to complete the sitting room and something for her contribution to the room.  Tim shaking his head and laughing, agrees it looks perfect.  So now Tim is toting it back to the car.  It is a good thing it fits in the back of the vehicle.

Once the ottoman is tucked away, Tim asks Abbie and Les if they would like to go back to the market to find some lunch or go to the nearby Wilde Peacock for a bite to eat and drinks.

Both women vote for the Peacock.  Abbie because she likes it there so much, and Les, curious about the place from what she has heard.  They get and the car and drive over to it to have the car close when ready to leave.

It is already late afternoon, and none of the three are that hungry thinking about the special dinner Tim is planning on making.  But a drink would be good to wet their whistles.  Abbie is thrilled to see that Phoebe is behind the bar, and as they take seats there, she introduces Les and Phoebe.  Both are amicable with each other.

The bar is somewhat empty at the moment.  Probably all out at the street market or other places to enjoy the lovely day.  With just a couple down at the other end of the bar, Phoebe has time to chat with them as they enjoy their drinks.

Abbie is the one talking a mile a minute, telling Phoebe all about Tim’s house and their new relationship.  She tells Phoebe she must come over soon to see it.  Abbie goes on and on, telling her about Les some as she sits there smiling at Abbie’s account of her.

But it is not just Les who has her whole story to a degree told. Abbie does the same about Phoebe, telling Les all about her.  It is like the two women are not there to speak for themselves.  But it does lead to understanding smiles between them.

Tim finally gets Abbie to wind down, and when she does stop to breathe for a moment, Abbie begins to laugh at herself, saying she cannot believe how much she has just shared.

Both women tell her it is alright and did save awkward moments between them, trying to tell their backstories to each other.  They all laugh over this, and an incredible feeling of friendship runs over them.  Phoebe and Les do chat between themselves some, as Tim keeps Abbie occupied by stroking her thigh and whispering to her the fun he can imagine with the ottoman.

Phoebe asks Les if this was the first time she had been in the Peacock?  Les tells her that she had heard about the place for a couple of years now and had wondered what it was like, but this was her first visit.

“I thought so if I had seen you here before, I am sure I would have remembered,” Phoebe tells Les with a wink.  Both women just stare into each other’s eyes for a moment before blinking.

“I am sure I would have remembered you also,” Les replies, they both blushing some. 

Tim suggests one more round. Then they do need to head home for him to make dinner.  Abbie asks Phoebe if she has to work this evening, or does she have someone to cover the bar?  Phoebe replies that the bar is covered for the evening.

Abbie then invites her to join them for dinner too.  It would be the four of them, and Phoebe could see the house.  All agree it would be a great idea.  Phoebe goes to talk with the other bartender and is soon back without her apron, ready to go.  She had been working all afternoon, but Phoebe has a way of always looking exactly right.

The four go to the car, and Les drives with Phoebe in the front seat, Abbie and Tim in the back make the short trip home.  There once more, the car is unpacked, not anywhere as full as the last couple of days, and Tim carries the ottoman into the sitting room.  Then he heads to the kitchen to start fixing dinner.

Abbie is in her hostess mode again, this time showing the house off to Phoebe.  Les follows along, enjoying the pleasure Abbie has in giving such tours of ‘their’ home.  Phoebe is impressed and tells Abbie over and over how lucky she is to have met Tim.  Abbie, somewhat shy at such statements, quietly agrees that she is luckier than she ever could have imagined having found such a perfect man.

Les smiles at Abbie’s comments, making her happy that Abbie feels this way about Tim.  Regardless of all which was revealed last night, Les still has a maternal instinct about Tim and does not want him to be hurt.  But the better she gets to know Abbie, Les is becoming sure that Abbie would never do that to Tim.  Well, at least not intentionally.

Les and Phoebe both are spending time glancing at each other, measuring each other up to see if the attraction both are feeling could be mutual.  Abbie is jumping up and down inside as she comprehends that both women seem interested in each other.  She takes them back to the living room and tells them to relax, and she will bring them drinks while Tim is finishing their dinner.

After giving each a drink, she disappears, saying Tim needs her help.  Both women laugh as she leaves, knowing how much help Abbie could ever be in the kitchen.  They fall to talking together just about everyday things.  Enjoying each other’s company and sizing each other up.

It isn’t very long when Abbie announces that dinner is ready.  Both are a bit shocked that an hour has passed while they were chatting.  Dinner is a delicious stuffing-filled steak, which does include all different flavors and spices which mixed well together.  Some seasoned rice and gravy, and a fresh medley of vegetables. 

The dinner conversation adds to the enjoyment of the meal.  Tim and Les telling about the work which had been done on the house.  Tim gets out his tablet to show the before and after pictures, the contractor had shared with him.  Abbie was probably the one most impressed with the change that had occurred.

After dinner, Phoebe thanked them for having her over, but she needed to get back to the Peacock to oversee the closing of the Pub.  Les quickly suggested that she give Phoebe a ride back, so she did not have to call a cab.  Phoebe’s acceptance of the offer is just as swift.

In the car, it is a short drive back to the Peacock.  The women did not talk much on the ride, but when they arrived, Phoebe asks Les if she would like to come in for a nightcap.  Les replies that it would be nice.  Phoebe showed where Les could park behind the Pub near the back entrance to the bar and her apartment.

Together they walk into the Peacock from the back. Phoebe explains that for now, she is living in the apartment over the bar.  Les comments that it might be a bit noisy if the Pub is still running being up there.  Phoebe assures her that she had put in insulation, so to muffle a lot of the noise.

They chat happily for the next hour as they sit at the bar, Phoebe keeping an eye on her employees and customers.  Les tells Phoebe about Cyn, explaining that the old feeling had come back to her from yesterday’s confrontation with Tim.  Phoebe sympathizes, commenting that it must have been difficult for Tim to learn this out of the blue.

Les agrees but then shifts to telling Phoebe about the box of letters.  Les had stayed up reading them well into the night.  There are still many to sort out, and she wants to match each up to the letters she had kept from Cyn.  Les would like to get them all organized to give to Tim.  Give him a chance to understand about her and Cyn’s relationship thoroughly.

Phoebe laughs some and tells Les, “I would be careful about what is said in those letters.  You won’t want to give something to Tim that is very racy.”  This makes Les smile and laugh some too, but tears are forming in Les’s eyes.

Phoebe puts her hand on Les’s and tells her she understands the emotions going through her.  Having all these emotions churned up again after grieving in private for eight years.  Les’s eyes are blurred some from her tears.  She confides in Phoebe that it is like she is saying goodbye to Cyn finally, and now ready to open up again.

Still holding Les’s hand, Phoebe looks deep in her eyes and tells Les, “I am glad I was here when you decided to look around again.”  Les blushes, and even more so when Phoebe leans to her and brushes her lips across hers.  Not wanting to be too forward, but to let Les know she was extremely interested in getting to know her better.

Les lifts her other hand and caresses Phoebe’s cheek as she thanks her, then leans in to kiss her again.  No open mouths, no tongues yet.  Just sweet lips are touching each other, allowing the excitement to begin to rise.

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Emma's Story: Discovering Myself – Part 2

Mark suggested we should meet up to get to know each other better. Having not switched on cams at all made it even more exciting. But not only that. He also said he wanted to teach me a thing or two about confidence. I agreed to it. We lived only a 20 minute ride by scooter from each other. So Mark proposed he would come over that very moment. He totally caught me by surprise but, curious as I was, I agreed. My place was a mess. I wasn’t ready to invite him over. I tried to tell him, but he convinced me.

“That’s not what I’m coming over for.”

Then he added that he would appreciate it if I dressed up nicely. I had no idea what he meant so I asked him.

He admitted, for starters, that he had a soft spot for high heels. I told him I didn’t have any proper high heels, just ones with a low heel and a simple strap around the ankle. 

“Perfect to start off with,” was Mark’s response.

He also loved lingerie. It was essential for a girl to feel good, according to him. Lingerie was not something I was big on, but I had a simple black set. It was cheap, from H&M, and did not fit very well, but I threw it on underneath my regular dad jeans and wide sweater. Finally, he asked me to wear my hair down. It would accentuate my femininity. I found myself agreeing and did as he asked. I did want to look good for him. Mark then told me to wait as he’d come over on his scooter. He said he would be there in about thirty minutes.

It was 8.15 when we finished our Skype chat, and it seemed like an eternity before he arrived. I first did what I was asked to do. My robe pretty much covered me up completely, so I wasn’t showing a lot of myself. I then hurried to tidy up the place a bit as well. I put on my favorite Chanel perfume, put on a bit of makeup (eyeliner mostly), and decided I should send Carla a quick Whatsapp message about what was happening. 

“Mark is coming over! No idea what I’m doing, lol. Thanks a bunch I guess!? xoxo.”

She was probably awaiting my message because she replied almost immediately, “Wooo, you go girl! Have fun! X.”

9.00PM. Still no sign of Mark. I checked my makeup again. Was he going to stand me up?

9.10PM. Ding Dong.

I hurried to the buzzer. I live on the third floor of an apartment building and through the intercom my voice was halting, “Hello! Who’s there?” 

I heard in a low soft voice, “Hi there, shy girl.”

A warm feeling went through me and I buzzed Mark inside. I awaited him at the top of the stairs and listened to him climb the stairs.

Damn, this Mark was exactly how Carla had described him, possibly even better! When he reached my floor and stood in front of me he seemed a lot wider and more muscular than I had imagined. Possibly this was because of his bomber jacket that made him look extra buff. His jaw was very pronounced and smoothly shaven. His skin was very dark, almost black. He had a well groomed short afro haircut and his eyes were dark dark brown. He wasn’t as tall as I had imagined, but then again, that could be because I was on heels.

I just sort of stood there and didn’t really know what to do or say. Luckily he did.

“Hey, there shy girl,” he said, with a low, assuring voice, and he gave me a hug. I felt his big hand press against my back. A shiver ran all the way down my spine. 

I entered my own apartment, kind of ashamed I wasn’t able to make it more cozy, but he didn’t seem to care much. He calmly took in what he saw: a typical Amsterdam girlie student apartment. Small, loads of stuff, and mostly second hand or Ikea furniture. It wasn’t much, but I liked it.

He took off his jacket, walked over to my mini sofa, moved over a pile of magazines, and sat down. I took him in for a moment. His chest was wide, his shoulders were squarish and his arms were veiny. He surely worked out all right.

“How about we start this off with a drink?” he asked as he smiled at me. 

“Right, of course! Sorry, how rude of me.” I jumped up and walked over to my small kitchen corner. 

“Anything in mind?”

“You surely don’t have anything strong, do you?”

I kicked myself for not having something stronger. 

“I have white wine and I’ve got some Bacardi, if you want?”

“With some ice that’s fine, shy girl. And have one yourself as well,” he said.

I made him his drink and handed it to him. He took a sip, nodded approvingly, and leaned back on my sofa. He had this coolness about him like he knew exactly what he was doing. I for sure did not, so I leaned against the doorpost, not sure what was going to happen now. Maybe it was the fact that he was thirty-something and more experienced in life and I was just a twenty-two-year-old with no idea what I was doing?

After some small talk, he proceeded.

“Alright shy girl, thanks so much for inviting me over. Let’s see. I’d love to teach you how to get all the self confidence you could ever imagine. How to go from shygirl to flygirl! How does that sound?”

I nodded shyly and said softly, “Yeah, cool.”

“All you gotta do is follow my lead. Can you do that?”

“Yea, I guess so? Depends on what you mean?”

“I take that as a yes.”

“Very well, shygirl,” he said. “I’m going to teach you how to boost your confidence.”

He went on.

“First of all: presentation. First impressions always last. You clearly need to work on this.”

“But…,” I tried to counter him.

“No buts, just listen carefully to me. Presentation is all about showing what you got, your ‘goods’ as they say. For example, your lips! Damn girl, you have some mighty fine puffy lips. Did you know guys love puffy lips?”


“Do you have some bright red lipstick? You need to accentuate those, make them stick out!”

“Uhm.. I don’t think I have any. No.”

“Damn girl, you don’t have red lipstick around with lips like those? Such a shame! Go out and buy some tomorrow. Do you have lip gloss?”

“I have Labello,” I tried.

“Get some proper lip gloss tomorrow as well, girl.”

Mark was getting into the groove now and he was making me feel like I missed out on something all these years. I wanted more! I felt shivers running up and down my spine. And a general warmth suffused my body. Where were these feelings coming from? What was he doing to me? 

“I feel kinda stupid not having any.” 

“Don’t worry shygirl, you’re young and still learning. Last thing I’m going to say about makeup; men like it. A lot. Do you ever do smokey eyes? If not, do it from now on. Makes you look mysterious.”

“Alright, I think you get the picture. Number two: posture. Stand up in front of me.”

I stood up in front of him.

“The right posture allows you to emphasize your assets. We already spoke about those fine lips of yours. Now let’s have a closer look at your other assets.”

‘That enormous sweater is making it hard for me to see your figure. Would you mind taking it off?”

I hesitated for just a moment. ‘

“Ok,” I gulped, and pulled the sweater over my head. 

I was wearing a white tank top underneath, tucked into my jeans. I readjusted the top so it covered my cheap lingerie as I looked at Mark again.

He continued, “Can you take off the tank top as well? If you want to get confident it’s essential to judge what assets you have so I can advise you how best to use them.”

I hesitated again. Losing my footing with this unreasonable demand. But my heart was racing. And those damned shivers kept racing around inside my body. 

“Uhm, okay, makes sense,” I said, as I pulled the tank top out of my pants and over my head.

My heart was pounding as I stood there, clad scantily in my bra and jeans. My chest was heaving and I felt myself starting to lose control. His eyes roved over my body. They excited me. 

Mark frowned at me after I took it off.

“Damn girl,” he said.


I wasn’t very confident to begin with and his comment made me even more insecure.

“Your breasts! At the gym, I never noticed them. What size are they?”

“They’re 34DD.”

“Really? I swear I was convinced they were smaller from what I’d seen in the gym. You must’ve packed them in real good at the gym.”

I chuckled at his comment. But secretly I was pleased that he liked them. He paused for a moment and took a sip of his Bacardi.

“Oh, yea, a small ‘in between’ rule: when I take a sip of my drink, so do you. Got it?” 

He smiled at me and leaned back again on the couch. Did he accidentally touch his crotch just now?

“Ok, got it.”

“Cool. Now, would you mind taking off your jeans as well? I can’t judge your assets with those baggy jeans on.”

This was so entirely inappropriate. But somehow I felt my head nodding in agreement. I took off my small heels, unbuttoned my jeans gently, and fumbled them off of me. I couldn’t help feeling clumsy while I did so. Mark nodded approvingly as I stood in front of him in my H&M lingerie.

“Alright, girl please spin around for me.”

I did a quick spin on my toes.

“No no no. Spin slower, girl.”

I tiptoed in a small circle. When I faced Mark again, his eyelids were raised again.

“You really have a fine ass, shy girl. Turn around halfway for me.”

I was sure now. Mark had run his hand over his crotch again when I spun for the second time. I turned around and looked over my shoulder to see Mark’s reaction. I watched him as Mark tilted his head a bit and squeezed his eyes together.

‘Thanks. Turn sideways for me now.”

I turned ninety degrees, so he was able to see my profile.

“Very good, girl. Come a bit closer.”

I tiptoed toward him, still standing sideways, about a meter away from him. Mark sat up straight and with one hand, he reached out to touch my left ass cheek. My entire body shuddered at his touch. But it was a good shudder. I liked the feel of his strong hand on my body. 

“Do you mind?” he asked.

“No, not at all,” I said.

He gently squeezed it, put his hand under my ass, lifted it briefly, and let it go again.

“Very nice, Emma. Such a fine and firm ass. But yet, so much that can be improved!”

“What do you mean?” I questioned him. My doubts returning. Uncertainty growing stronger. 

“Well, your posture. What you need to learn, Emma is how to pose correctly. Let me explain. Rotate your hips a bit forward and push your ass back. As if you were to bend over, but keep standing up straight.”

He positioned two fingers on my hip and motioned what I had to do. I rotated my hips following his instructions. My hips shifted forwards and I felt my ass move backward.

“That’s it, there you go,” Mark commented. He leaned back. 

“Yes, that is much better.”

“Next step is to make those fine breasts stand out like they were meant to. You see, right now your shoulders are hanging forward. This is not only bad for your back, but it also makes your breasts sag. What we want to do, is make them stick out forward.”

He pointed at my shoulders.

“To do this, you need to arch your back and push your shoulders back. Try squeezing your shoulder blades together.”

I followed Mark’s instructions. I felt the tension on the front of my bra increase. As I looked down, I noticed my breasts were now pointed forward and slightly to the side.  

“There you go, girl. It’s that easy.”

I smiled at him and giggled, feeling thankful.

“One last thing. You need to tighten the straps of your bra a bit. It will help you keep the right posture. Here, let me help you out.”

He got up and adjusted my bra. I felt the added pressure squeeze on my boobs. I looked down and noticed they were slightly overflowing my bra. That couldn’t be right, could it?

Looking down, I said, “It seems kinda tight, don’t you think?”

“No, it’s perfect like this.” 

Mark went on, “Trust me, this is what is going to give you confidence.”

I looked at myself in the mirror on my door from different angles and I noticed the strap of my bra was now airborne. I also noticed my breasts were reaching sideways much further. I was still able to see them when I had my back turned to the mirror. Wow! I smiled at Mark, who smiled back.

“Told you, girl! Now, what I want you to do is show how you’d walk around at your college tomorrow, keeping in mind my tips. Remember: flaunt it if you got it!”

I took his advice to heart and walked as proudly as I could towards him and when I almost reached him I pushed my hips out a bit further backward.

“This is good shygirl, good stuff,” Mark said while observing me. “There you go! You see what you did there? How you showed off your ass? That’s what will leave an impression and what will give you the confidence you need.”

“Yay!” I said, and Mark smiled at me. He took another sip of his Bacardi and leaned back, enjoying the fruits of our effort.

Feeling more confident immediately I turned to him, put my hands on my knees, and leaned forward. I pressed my breasts together between my arms and asked, “So, what’s next?”

Mark enjoyed the view between my breasts and said, “Look at that confidence, girl!” 

Then he nodded to my ass.

“Girl, I love this site, but you’ve got to keep up you’re A-game or else we can’t move to the next phase.”

I looked at him with a questioning look, “What do you mean?”

“Girl, you gotta arch that back before your ass starts sagging.”

“Of, of course. Sorry!”

Oorspronkelijk bericht verbergen

I tilted my hips, making my ass stick out again.

“Further,” Mark said. 

I obeyed. 

Mark looked at my moves and approved. 

“Yes, that’s better. That’s what I wanna see. I want your ass to invite me,” he said and grinned. 

“I think we’re ready for the next step,” he suggested.

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My Favourite Cuddle

There’s nothing like a cuddle, to make everything alright.
They’re free and they’re available, all day and through the night.

There’s one for each occasion, however large or small.
There’s spooning or there’s cheek to cheek, I think I’ve tried them all.

If I had to choose a favourite, if push came to shove.
I’d choose the one you give me, just after making love.

That’s my ideal cuddle, in post orgasmic glow.
What better way to show my love, just thought I’d let you know?

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2020 10:20:06 -0400 From: Hank Subject: The Forgotten Love Please donate to at Your donation will allow stories such as this to be published. The Forgotten Love Prologue The two young men were racing their bikes along a jogging path in Central Park, which was nearby their home. Neither of them was wearing a helmet. They were both expert bikers, and didn’t want to wear the uncomfortable protectors. “You better speed it up, if you expect to beat me,” the man in the lead yelled. “Listen Nerd, I’m saving all my energy for a final spurt,” the other man yelled back. “I’ll beat you by a mile.” “In your dreams,” the lead biker laughed, and looked back to gauge how far behind him the other biker was. As a result, he failed to see a small tree branch on the path. There had been a blustery rain the day before. The branch had broken off a tree, and landed on the path. His bike hit the branch at great speed, and tumbled over. The biker was hurled down a steep ravine. He was tumbling in circles, and the world was spinning around him. He was trying to figure out what was happening to him, but he couldn’t think rationally. He tried to grab for some shrubbery, any kind of shrubbery, in a vain attempt to stop his fall. Suddenly, he got very cold, and he knew that he was going to die. Then everything went black. The other man got off his bike and wended his way down the muddy incline. He kept yelling at his friend, but he got no response. When he reached the unfortunate man, he was unconscious. His friend kept begging him to wake up. All the while he slobbered the unresponsive man with kisses. Finally, he reached into his pocket for his phone and called 911. -1- Marsha and Carl Gordon could not have been thinking straight when they named their first-born son, Jordan. All during his school years, he suffered ridicule from his peers, who called him Jordan Gordon, in a sing-song manner. Sometimes, as an alternative, the ridicule his tormenters chanted, was Jordie Gordie. Maybe it was because his parents weren’t thinking straight, that Jordie grew up gay. Sharon and Thomas Cook were equally as addled when they named their first-born son, Captain. Most people were unaware that his given name was Captain Cook, because he was called Cappy, from the day of his birth. As a result, he didn’t suffer the abuse that Jordan did. Jordie and Cappy met in kindergarten, and immediately developed a deep and loving friendship. They began to masturbate together when they were eleven. By twelve they were doing it to each other. In their teens, they entered into a full-blown gay love affair. They made love every chance they could, manually, orally, and anally. They just couldn’t get enough of each other. They loved each other so strongly, that they would cry when they had to separate. They swore to each other that they would die for the other. They also swore that they could not live life without each other. They roomed together in college, and lived together after college. Jordie worked for a successful import export company, and Cappy was an executive in the corporate office of a national hardware chain. They made love every night, and all weekend long. They were almost nearly late to work every day, because they clung to each other at the front door of their apartment, reluctant to let go. Their love for each other was beautiful, but at the same time, it was morbid, exclusive, and maybe even dangerous. ***** Michael Baker was the same age as Jordie and Cappy. He was also as gay as they were. Mike earned a degree in nursing, and began his career at NYU Medical Center upon his graduation. In later years, he would become head of nursing, but he was a ward nurse at the time of the accident. Jordie Gordon was admitted to the hospital with severe head injuries. The only good news that Cappy and Jordie’s parents received, was that there was no apparent brain damage. Jordie’s EEG was normal. Nonetheless, he was in a coma, and it was uncertain when, or if, he would ever awaken. Cappy never left his side except to go to work. He held Jordie’s hand and whispered to him all the time. Mostly he told him how much he loved him, and urged him to wake up. He refused to leave at night, often sitting up holding Jordie’s hand until he had to go home and get ready for work. In exasperation, one night the nurse called security, and Cappy was escorted out of the hospital. After that, he left when they told him to. Mike Baker was Jordie’s day nurse. He was struck by the beauty of both his patient and his partner. He was attracted to both of them, but especially to his patient. Because he was gay, his homosexual soul concentrated a lot of his attention on Jordie. Whenever he could, he lingered in Jordie’s room, while Jordie remained comatose. When Cappy was at work, Mike nearly ignored his other patients to stay with Jordie. On his days off, he would come to the hospital and sit with Jordie. Cappy would rush over after work. He and Mike would say hello, and Mike would leave quickly. Poor Mike was ready to admit that he was madly in love with Jordie, but he could do nothing about it. One Saturday, Mike was sitting in Jordie’s room, not as his nurse, but as a regular visitor. Cappy was there too, as he always was. He took Mike’s hand. “Please,” he said, “I have to go out of town tomorrow on business. I’ll be in Milwaukee all week. I tried to get out of it, but I couldn’t. Promise me, you’ll take good care of Jordie while I’m gone, promise me.” “I swear,” Mike said. Early the next morning, just as Mike came on duty, Jordie woke up. He was confused and disoriented, but mostly he was scared. He grabbed Mike’s hand. “Where am I? What happened?” he asked Mike. “You were in an accident. You’ve been in a coma for over six weeks. Your partner, Cappy, has been here every day.” Jordie looked confused. “I don’t know anyone named Cappy,” he said. That statement was cause for Mike to be concerned. “What’s your name?” he asked Jordie. Jordie became terrified, and even more confused. “I don’t know,” he said. A look of great fear clouded his face. His agitation was obvious. “Calm down and lie still,” Mike ordered. “I’m going to call the neurologist.” After a battery of neurological tests, the doctors determined that Jordie was suffering from global amnesia, also known as fugue amnesia. He had absolutely no recall of his life before waking up from his coma. He kept begging to get out of the hospital, but the doctors refused his request. He could not function on his own. He was told that he worked for an import-export firm, but he could not describe anything about his work. He was literally born that morning. Mike was with him constantly. He administered to Jordie’s medical needs, but was warned by the doctors not to discuss his former life. They insisted that his family should do that. They could go way back to his childhood and answer his questions. Mike could not do that. On the morning that Cappy returned, he rushed right to the hospital. He ran immediately to Jordie’s room without speaking to anyone. His heart leaped out of his chest. Jordie was sitting up in bed. Cappy wanted to cry out in joy, but his euphoria was quickly replaced by confusion. Both Dr. Bergen, the neurologist, and Mike, were in the room with Jordie. Mike was teaching him how to play Gin Rummy. Why? Jordie was an ace at the game. Dr. Bergen was monitoring the speed with which Jordie could learn the game, or not learn it. Before, he could think further on the matter, Mike spotted him. “Cappy,” he yelled. “He’s awake, but come out in the hall with us for a moment.” “Not until I get a hug,” Cappy said. “No,” Dr. Bergen said with authority, “I need to speak to you first.” Out in the hall, Cappy asked, “What’s so important that I can’t kiss my sweetie first?” “I have to warn you, that he’s not going to know you. He’s suffering from amnesia, and I don’t think his memory will ever be restored.” “That’s crazy. He’ll remember everything once he sees me.” “I hope he does, but don’t count on it,” the doctor said. “He doesn’t even know his parents. He tries to be pleasant to them, but he doesn’t know them, and he’s very cold and aloof when they visit. It’s worse when a friend comes to visit. He doesn’t know any of them, and it’s causing great frustration in him. As a result, he’s belligerent. He keeps ordering everyone to get out, and leave him alone.” Cappy could not fathom that Jordie wouldn’t know him. He pushed past the doctor and ran back to Jordie’s room. He approached Jordie with the intention of kissing him, but Jordie looked at him, and said. “Look, if you’re another doctor who wants to examine me, forget about it. I’ve had it with you doctors. I just want to get out of this prison. If you can get me discharged, I’ll be forever grateful. If not, please get out of here. I don’t need any more aggravation.” “But I love you,” Cappy sobbed. He could feel the bile rushing up to his throat. He wanted to vomit. He vaguely heard Jordie yell, “Doctor, Mike, get him out of here. I don’t want a bunch of strangers telling me that they love me or that I love them. I can’t take it anymore.” Mike put his arm around Cappy’s shoulders. Cappy was crying. “I think you should leave now,” Mike said. “Come back tomorrow. I’ll talk to him, and explain that you aren’t a stranger. He’s very agitated right now. Let’s give him a chance to calm down.” Cappy returned to the hospital early the next morning on his way to work. He ran to Jordie’s room, praying that today would be different. When he got there, Jordie’s door was open. He and Mike were holding hands, and Jordie reached over and kissed Mike on his lips. Mike reached under Jordie’s bed sheet. It was no mystery where his hand was wandering to. Cappy could not believe what he had just witnessed. He couldn’t think straight, so he ran from the hospital to try to make sense of it all. Jordie was alone in his room when Cappy returned the next day. Jordie spotted him. Cappy was literally standing in the doorway shaking like a leaf. “Are you Cappy?” Jordie asked. Cappy nodded. “That’s a funny name,” Jordie commented. “It’s a nickname.” “Mike tells me that we knew each other once, but I’m sorry I can’t remember you.” Jordie was much more relaxed than the day before, and Cappy’s hopes were renewed until Jordie said, “Look, I’m very much in love with my nurse, Mike. He’s called my boss, and he said that I could come back to work whenever I was ready, and he would retrain me. The doctor wanted to discharge me into my parents’ care, but I refused. They’re strangers to me. Instead, he’s going to discharge me into Mike’s care. I’m sorry, Cappy, but there’s no room for you in my life. I guess I’m a one-man guy. I would appreciate if you would leave now. Seeing you, doesn’t help me. In fact, it makes things worse.” Cappy could tell that Jordie was growing more agitated again. He had no intention of giving up, but for now, he decided to leave. He could see that he was disturbing the man he loved. -2- Five years later, Mike and Jordie were living together, and still very much in love. With much patience, Mike had guided Jordie into coming back to the living. He was still cold to his parents, and he told his `old’ friends to leave him alone. He would get really agitated if any of them wanted to be friendly. On the other hand, he and Mike had no trouble making a stable of new friends. Mike called them post traumatic friends. At the beginning, Cappy tried to come around to see Jordie, but his presence actually irked Jordie, and he would refuse to see him. Cappy was forced to leave. It took him a couple of years to accept the fact that he had lost the most precious thing in his life. He even contemplated suicide, but then he thought, what if Jordie regained his memory, and sought him out? He decided that until that blessed day occurred, he would just have to get on with his life. It was hard for him, but he began to see other men. He had no trouble getting laid, but he never met anyone he would want to share his life with. He doubted that he ever could or would. Jordie was the only one who had ever fulfilled him. He felt that way until he met Leo. Cappy had gotten into the habit of stopping off at his favorite bar after work. He reserved weekends for cruising, but mid-week he drank to forget. After a drink or two, the hurt he felt when Jordie rejected him was slightly eased. One day, Cappy entered the nearly deserted bar. It was a work day, and he had arrived early. Nobody was seated at tables. A few guys were seated at the bar. Cappy found a seat at the bar with a vacant stool on each side of him. He was sipping a vodka tonic, trying to make it last, when a handsome hunk of a guy sat down next to him. Cappy was not intimidated by the muscled god sitting next to him. To forget his sorrows, he spent many hours working out at his gym. He was just as muscular as the Mr. America who was sitting next to him. Much to Cappy’s surprise, the hunk held out his hand for Cappy to shake. If he was honest with himself, Cappy would have admitted to being delighted. More than that, he was flattered. “My name’s Leo Harte,” the man said, as he shook Cappy’s hand vigorously. “Cappy Cook, here.” “Cappy! That’s an interesting name.” Cappy gave Leo his standard answer. “It’s a nickname,” he said, but he didn’t offer to reveal his real name. The two men chatted animatedly for a couple of hours. They didn’t realize that the bar had filled up nicely. It was getting noisier and noisier, and it was getting harder for Cappy and Leo to hear each other. Finally, Leo said, “I live really close by. Come home with me and I’ll make us dinner.” Since he had finally accepted that he had lost Jordie, Cappy was into one-night stands, and he accepted immediately. When they entered Leo’s apartment, Leo grabbed Cappy and began to kiss him passionately. Cappy was very surprised, but he did not mind at all. Leo took out left over spaghetti with meatballs, and garlic rolls, from the freezer. He defrosted the food in the microwave oven, but he let the rolls defrost themselves. Then he transferred the spaghetti and meatballs to a sauce pan, and re-cooked them on the stove. As the meal was cooking, he broke out a bottle of red wine. “There you go,” he said. “You have a fine Italian dinner, cooked in a matter of minutes.” As he said that he kissed Cappy again. Cappy did not object. After dinner, the two men cleaned up, and the apartment was ready for captain’s inspection in no time, but Captain Cook didn’t even notice. He just wanted to get into bed and have sex with Leo. Leo took Cappy by the hand. “Come shower with me,” he said. “With pleasure,” Cappy cooed. They stood naked in the bathroom, studying each other’s bodies, while the water heated to both their satisfactions. Cappy didn’t want to do it, but he couldn’t stop himself. He did it with all his tricks. He compared Leo to Jordie. There was a strong resemblance. They were about the same height. They both had sandy blond hair and blue eyes. The resemblance ended there. Leo was much more muscular than Jordie and better endowed. Jordie was about four flaccid inches and he was cut. Leo was at least five flaccid inches, and much heftier. He was uncut. At the moment he was eight hard, pulsating inches. Cappy was an inch taller than both men, but he had a swarthy complexion, and black curly hair. His eyes were hazel. His cock was about the same size as Jordie’s but he was uncut. He too was erect, and about seven hard inches at the moment. In the shower, they bathed each other sensuously. They soaped their cocks over and over, and played with their assholes. They played so long that the water was getting cold, but they refrained from cumming. After they dried off, they lay down in bed facing each other. Their cocks were rubbing together, and Cappy’s breath was shortening. Leo rolled over on top of him, and proceeded to give him a trip around the world. Leo bathed Cappy from head to toe, but avoided his genital area. Then he turned him around, and gave equal attention to Cappy’s back side. He paid particular attention to Cappy’s ass, rimming it as sensuously as he could. “Please,” Cappy begged, “I need to cum,” and he rolled over on his back. “Be patient,” Leo said. “I want to taste you,” and he went down on Cappy, but he didn’t linger. Instead, after just a minute or two, he put a condom on Cappy, and lubed it generously. He also lubed his own asshole. With the preliminaries out of the way, he straddled Cappy, and sat down, pushing gently until Cappy was all the way in. The two men didn’t move. They just smiled at each other. Cappy had an epiphany as he entered Leo. He wasn’t having sex at all. He and Leo were making love. He was feeling emotions that had abandoned him since Jordie’s accident. Suddenly, Cappy yelled, “I’m cumming,” and he began to pump furiously. As he was cumming, Cappy began to sob. He was crying loud and bitter tears. He began to yell over and over again, “Jordie, Jordie. Why did you leave me?” When he came back to earth, he was surprised to find Leo cradling him in his arms. “You must have loved Jordie very much,” Leo said. “How did you lose him?” “It was an accident,” Cappy said simply. “I’m sorry,” Leo mumbled. “Did he die?” “No. He’s very much alive and apparently very, very happy.” “I don’t understand,” Leo said. “I never wanted to talk about it before, but let me tell you the whole story.” Cappy told Leo about their childhood, and how close they were during their growing up years. He made Leo understand how much in love, he and Jordie had been. Then he related the events of the accident. “Whenever someone from his forgotten past tried to get close to him, Jordie would become extremely agitated. He would order that person, including me and his parents, to get out of his life. I realize now that he was terribly frustrated about his condition. Even so, when he pushed me away, he put a knife in my heart.” “What happened to him?” Leo asked. “He fell in love with his male nurse. They’re married and live together now, and they seem to be very happy, at least that’s what I hear. I haven’t spoken to him since he kicked me out of his hospital room. I tried to see him a few times after that, but he wouldn’t allow it. As far as I know, he hasn’t regained his memory, and probably never will.” Leo was still hugging Cappy. “I know that I can never replace Jordie in your heart,” he said, “but is your heart big enough to let me in also?” Cappy remembered that Jordie had said that he didn’t have room for him in his life, but Jordie was wrong. Although Cappy knew that he would never stop loving Jordie, he was certain that he had room in his heart for Leo. He answered Leo’s question by kissing him passionately. Leo started to sob and laugh at the same time. For some reason, that amused Cappy. “Roll over on your back,” he ordered Leo. “It’s my turn to get you off. I think I love you.” Three months later they moved in together. A year later they got married. Cappy was finally able to put Jordie behind him, some of the time. Epilogue One day, as over-populated as New York City is, Cappy and Jordie’s paths crossed. They were both shopping in a bakery. Cappy spotted Jordie first. Without thinking, he called out, “Jordie, is that you?” Jordie looked at Cappy and asked, “Do I know you?” Cappy was brought back to reality. “Not really,” he said. “I visited you in the hospital when you woke from your coma. Actually, you asked me to get out of your room and leave you alone.” Jordie had long ago stopped getting agitated when old friends and relatives came to see him. He took it more in stride, so he said to Cappy. “My husband has told me how agitated I would get when someone from my forgotten past, would expect me to know who they were. I’m over it now, probably because nobody does that anymore. You said that you came to see me in the hospital. I suppose I knew you before the accident?” “Yes, but please don’t get agitated. I’ll leave you alone.” Cappy started to walk away. “Wait,” Jordie called after him. “I was just going next door for a cup of coffee and a donut. Please join me and tell me how we knew each other.” “There’s nothing to tell. We were just friends,” Cappy lied. “Nevertheless, I want to know. I have a secret that I’ve never told my husband. It would never change how I feel about him, but I yearn to remember my past life. I won’t feel like a complete person until I do. My parents have filled me in on my childhood, but I’m ready now to learn about my adult life from the people I shooed away. You’re the first of them to come back into my life, so to speak.” Cappy was conflicted. He was told how happy Jordie and Mike were together, and if Jordie was never going to remember him, what good would it do to tell him what they once meant to one another? Even if it jarred Jordie’s memory, he said it wouldn’t change how he felt about Mike. Cappy didn’t want to do anything to upset Jordie. He loved him too much. “Please have a cup of coffee with me,” Jordie pleaded. Cappy hoped that it was some sixth sense that Jordie wanted to be with him. Finally, he said, “Okay.” After they were served coffee and a donut, Jordie said, “Please tell me about our relationship.” Cappy smiled and lied again. “I would hardly call it a relationship. We met in college, and we remained friendly after graduation. Like you, I’m married now.” “That’s great. I don’t remember you, but if we were buddies back in the day, would you like to renew our old friendship? How about double dating sometime with our husbands?” “I don’t think that’s a good idea. Mike might get upset. He might fear that your frustration and agitation will recur.” “How did you know my husband’s name?” Jordie asked. “We met in the hospital while you were in a coma.” “You’re right,” Jordie said. “Mike tells me that I was pretty nasty to everyone when I first woke up.” They said goodbye in front of the restaurant. They didn’t even shake hands. “It was nice running into you,” Cappy said. “Seeya.” `Yeah, Seeya,” Jordie echoed. Jordie was a little sad that Cappy didn’t want to be friends, but his sadness was short lived. He forgot all about Cappy, when Mike came home from work, and they kissed. “Have we got time for a quickie before dinner?” Mike asked. “Always,” Jordie answered, as he dragged Mike into the bedroom.


Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2020 21:30:09 +0000 From: Isuccum Subject: Started at the Busstop 28 Now it’s your chance to give something back for all the free you have had from this site. Please try and make a donation to Nifty to help meet the costs of keeping this sight open. Also please give something back to me and other authors whose stories you read here. Drop us an email to let us know what you think of the story Started at the Bus Stop Chapter 28 As promised, William was at Percy’s house in time to help him with his morning needs before William had to leave for school. After school saw the three siblings visiting Percy as they had the day before. Mavis had another round of goodies for them to enjoy and clearly was enjoying making and serving them. When Mavis passed Clive his glass of blackcurrant juice, Clive said, “There’s no little bird. You just remembered.” “That’s right, Clive. I remembered because I like you,” Mavis replied. “Thank you. I like you too. And I like your food,” Clive said. “I’m glad you do. Now enjoy it,” Mavis said and left the room, once again smiling. “Bryan wasn’t at school again today. Lots of people asked how you’re doing. I told them you were as good as can be expected,” William said. “We’ll see what the hospital thinks tomorrow. I hope they can take the stuff out my nose so that I can breathe through it. My mouth gets so dry, especially during the night,” Percy complained. After Juliet had left with Clive, William and Percy went upstairs to do homework. When they got to the first landing, William stopped Percy. “Mavis is in the kitchen and won’t see anything, so strip off here and give me your clothes to carry,” he ordered. Percy obeyed and as his trousers came down his boner sprang up. He had started to stiffen up as soon as they began heading up the stairs, because he knew what was to come. Stripping off at the first landing just hastened his rise to a full-on erection. William bundled the clothes up under one arm, and with his free hand he took hold of Percy’s cock and led him the rest of the way to his bedroom. Once in the bedroom with the door closed, Percy was ordered to strip William. “Now today, I’m going to give you a blowjob first. And then you are going to let me rub my cock on your belly until I blow my load over you,” William said once they were both fully naked. William had Percy sit on the edge of the bed and then lie back. William knelt on the floor between Percy’s knees and after fondling his cock for a little bit, he sucked it into his mouth and began the blowjob. Although they had not had a lot of experience, William was able to read Percy’s groans, sighs and body movements. When Percy was getting close, William used his own spit for lube and got his finger embedded in Percy’s bum again. This time he didn’t need to search for the prostate. As he bobbed his head up and down he swirled his tongue around Percy’s cock, exciting the nerve endings in the sensitive glans, while at the same time he swirled his finger around Percy’s prostate. “Oh, shit! That feels so fucking awesome. I wish I could have that feeling all the time,” Percy said, panting and making other sounds indicating extreme pleasure. And moments later, “Yes! Oh yes! Oh fu-u-u-ck!” Percy’s hands gripped the bed covers and squeezed till his knuckles were white. His body tensed, lifting his hips off the bed a few inches, and then with a shout of, “Now!” he blasted. His first spurt splashed against the back of William’s mouth, hard enough to make him gag a little before he swallowed it down. Percy’s bum fell back onto the bed after that first shot, and his cock slipped towards the front of William’s mouth. His remaining shots gave William a good sample to taste before he swallowed them. William kept sucking for a few moments more before he lifted his head up whilst keeping the suction going. Slowly Percy’s cock slipped out William’s mouth, sucked clean and with the foreskin pulled forward. Percy lay back on the bed, panting. He hadn’t done any of the work, but he was still out of breath and had a light sheen of sweat covering his body. As he lay there, William kissed and licked up his body until he got to his nipples. After giving each of them a brief teasing with teeth and tongue, William positioned himself over Percy and began to hump his cock against Percy’s abdomen. He lowered his head and kissed Percy’s forehead before pushing himself up and sagging his back so that his cock maintained contact with Percy’s stomach, while he didn’t put any pressure on Percy’s chest. Working his hips, William kept his cock rubbing against Percy while at the same time rubbing his groin against Percy’s cock and keeping it hard. The time spent by William licking his way up Percy’s torso had given Percy’s cock sufficient time to lose its high sensitivity and begin to get soft, but now with William rubbing against him he was fully hard and already leaking some pre-cum to help lubricate things and make them feel better. Likewise, William’s cock was leaking precum and allowing his cock to slip slickly over Percy’s tummy. In the position William was holding, though, his cock was not pressed hard against Percy and the slickness reduced the movement of his ample foreskin against his cockhead and that wonderful hotspot on the fraenulum. As a result, William began to get a bit frustrated as he felt he had hit a plateau beyond which things weren’t progressing. On the other hand, Percy was getting pressure and his foreskin was not as loose. He was beginning to feel the tingles that indicated he was on his way towards his second orgasm in less than an hour of sex play. “I’m getting close again,” Percy advised. “I’m not. Can I press harder against you?” William responded. “Of course! It’s only my face that can’t take the pressure.” William lowered his body and twisted his shoulders to the side to keep his head away from Percy’s head and continued to hump his cock against Percy’s stomach. Despite there being a fair amount of pre-cum smeared across both cock and torso, the added pressure allowed the foreskin to move more and excite those all-important nerve endings. As they had been going at it for a while, once the pressures got sorted both boys began to grunt and groan. Percy began to lift his hips in time with William’s thrusts, and in just minutes they both blasted at the same time. Percy only produced a little cum, and his orgasm was not as strong as his first one, but William’s orgasm made quite a mess between them. After a short recovery period during which they exchanged several pecks on the lips, both boys padded through to the bathroom to clean each other up. They returned to the bedroom and sat down, still naked, to get through the homework that William had brought. He had been to see the teachers of the classes that Percy had apart from William and had been given a list of stuff for Percy to do on-line while he was stuck at home. The teachers had all sent their best wishes to Percy. Knowing what had happened, they had expressed their disgust at Bryan’s actions. Clearly Bryan was not going to get any sympathy from the teachers. Friday was not a great day for Percy. His mother had taken time off to take him back to the out-patients. The news was that he had to keep the stuffing in his nose and stay off school for the next week with another appointment set up for the following Friday. He texted the news to William with multiple sad and angry emojis dotted through the text. William told their group of friends at the next break and they all agreed they should try and visit Percy over the weekend. William was charged with arranging the time and permission from Percy’s family. This gave William an excuse to stay longer at Percy’s house that Friday evening. By the time he left he had arranged not just a visit, but with Mavis’s insistent agreement, another meal for the next day. Percy had suggested that they should invite Bryan so he could show Bryan that he harboured no ill feelings towards him, but Grace said that it would not be fair on either Bryan or the rest of his friends. When William texted the final arrangements to the others, he did it in one go to them as a group. Seconds later, there was a flurry of texts coming back asking why he had not included Juliet and Clive in the group and whether or not they were included in the invitation to dinner. William showed the responses to Percy and Grace with the glint of grateful tears in his eyes. Grace held out her hand for William’s phone and said, “Set it up to send it to the group and then let me give them the answer.” William did as asked, and Grace tapped out the message, `William, Juliet, and Clive are always welcome at our home and our table. They don’t need an invitation. This by order of me – Grace (Percy’s mum)’ She ended it with a smiling emoji and handed it back to William to read before he sent it. William read it, showed it to Percy and then clicked send. He put his phone down and moved around to Grace. Wrapping his arms around her in a hug, he said, “Thank you so much. That means a lot to me.” “You mean a lot to us. You’ve made our son the happiest he’s been in his whole life. You’ve stood by him and given up your time to visit him in this last trial. And you’ve accepted him as your boyfriend. We love you for that.” “Mum, you’ll have me weeping soon. Please don’t give my boyfriend a hard time,” Percy asked. Then he giggled; realising that he had referred to William as his boyfriend in front of his mother. Grace let go of William and he pulled back. His face flushed with a blush of excitement. He had really liked Percy referring to him as his boyfriend. He turned and smiled at Percy; the love between the two boys was impossible to miss. “If you two aren’t out to your friends yet, you had better be careful how you look at each other tomorrow when they’re all here. There’s no mistaking that loving expression I’ve just seen,” Grace warned. This caused some more blushing, but even greater smiles. Grace too was smiling. She hadn’t known William for very long, but seeing the love and concern he had for her son in that short time had built a strong, motherly love toward him in her. She had not exaggerated when she had told William she loved him and his siblings. It was time for William to go home, and Grace left them, to give them time for some private talk before William left. The two boys agreed that if the opportunity arose at the dinner they would come out to their friends. William had already talked to Percy about the questions that had been asked a couple of days earlier. Saturday evening their guests arrived one or two at a time, as each got dropped off by parents. Grace was present to talk to any parent who wanted to, but Elliot remained in his study and didn’t even come out to join them for the meal. Instead he had instructed Mavis to bring his food to him in his study. Percy was upset by this, but chose to deal with it after his guests had left. Each friend expressed their sympathy for what Percy had experienced and he, in turn, thanked them for coming and their support. Mavis again had pulled out the stops and produced an excellent meal, starting with BBQ chicken wings with crispy chips and finger bowls to wash up before starting the main course. Two shoulders of lamb roasted with rosemary seasoning and served with roast potatoes, peas, carrots, and roast butternut squash. The meal was completed with a pear turnover served with cream and ice-cream. Once again Mavis had remembered each person’s choice of drink and had ample available. When Nicky commented on it, Clive quickly said, “A little bird tells her,” and then giggled. The older teens all laughed and Inky, sitting next to Clive, gave him a fist bump, which got the younger boy beaming. With the meal completed the group moved to the lounge for after-dinner drinks. Some of the group chose to have tea or coffee, and the rest continued with the soft drinks they had been enjoying all evening. Grace said she was going to leave them in peace and that if she was needed, she would be in her study. She thanked them all for coming to see Percy and left the lounge, taking her coffee with her. Mavis came back with a couple of plates of biscuits. As she placed them on the coffee table Percy said “Thank you so much, Mavis. You really do spoil us. Leave everything and I’ll finish cleaning up in the kitchen before going to bed.” “No, it’s fine. There’s not a lot left to do and I’ll get it done before I leave. You all just enjoy yourselves.” Mavis replied. “Next time maybe I’ll have you help me cook.” “That might not be too wise. I’ve just got this group of friends and I really don’t want to give them all food poisoning,” Percy joked. “I’ll leave William in charge to make sure you don’t do anything wrong,” Mavis said and chuckled. “Mavis, please do go now. That was a fantastic meal which we all enjoyed very much. Thank you. We’ll all help Percy to finish cleaning up in the kitchen before we go. You go and get some rest,” Inky said. There was a chorus of agreement with more complimentary comments which got Mavis smiling. She was very pleased that she had produced a meal which got these teenagers offering to do the cleaning up. “Okay, but mind you, I’ll be checking with your mother that you left the place spic and span for her. Percy, I’ll see you on Monday, and if it wasn’t clean enough I’ll have you over my knee.” “Aghh! Now I’ll have to clean twice because I’m sure these guys will turn the place into a disaster area just to give you an excuse to do that,” Percy replied. “Or we could just do it for you now, Mavis,” Barrie said, “Come on Percy, bend over.” Which got another round of laughter and Mavis left chuckling to herself. The banter continued for a little longer with even more outrageous suggestions as to how Percy could be punished for not getting the kitchen clean enough. When they ran out of ideas the group fell into a short silence. Breaking the pause, Nicky asked, “So are you guys ready to answer my question?” “What question?” Percy asked. “Are you and William more than just friends?” Nicky asked. “Let me ask a question first. If we were to say we are more than just friends, how would you guys feel?” Percy asked. “After asking William the other day, we all talked about it. We have no problem with it. We will support you guys all the way. We also said that if you guys want to come out at school, you’ll have to do it. We will not let it out ourselves, but again, we’ve got your backs,” Barrie said. Percy looked at each of his guests. As he looked each one in the eyes, he got their confirmation that they agreed. Even Becky and Rosie indicated they would be supportive. Percy didn’t bother looking at Juliet and Clive; he already knew what their position was. When he got to the last person and received the same confirmation he smiled and said, “It’s quite a relief to be able to be open with you guys. Yes, William and I are gay, or maybe bi, and, yes, we are more than just friends.” “William is Percy’s boyfriend, but Percy is my special friend,” Clive said. His face wreathed in a very happy smile. Becky and Inky were sitting either side of Clive and they both put an arm around him and gave him a hug. Becky went one step further and kissed him on the cheek. This increased Clive’s smile and his face radiated happiness. “You guys are also all my friends.” “And you’re our friend too,” Nicky said. Martyn stood up and walked over to where William and Percy were sitting side by side. He stretched out his arms and place a hand on each of their outward shoulders. “Congratulations, guys. We love you, but maybe not quite the same as you love each other.” All the guys stood up and got to where they could put a hand on William or Percy. “We’re in this together with you. If anyone hassles you about your relationship, let us know and we’ll be there to help you sort them out. Thanks for being honest with us, too,” Barrie said. “Thank you too. Knowing you guys are okay with us being in a relationship means a hell of a lot to us. And it’s really good to not be keeping secrets from you.” William said. “I hope you do keep some secrets from us. I’m not too sure I want to know the details. But we might be asking some questions at times,” Inky said. “And we might be willing to answer some questions, but we might refuse to answer,” Percy said. “And we also reserve the right to have a private discussion on whether we’re going to answer any question,” William added. “You got it,” Inky said. “I’ve got one question,” Becky said, “You said you might be bi. Does that mean you also find girls attractive and might be interested in dating a girl sometime?” “William is the first person I’ve had a relationship with. I don’t know. I do know that it feels right to be with William, but I also enjoy looking at you girls and admire your beauty and character too,” Percy answered. “Let’s just say that while we’re together there’s little chance of us dating anyone else. Of course, I hope it stays that way, but we also know that not all first relationships stand the test of time and we could part company somewhere down the road. But right now, I’m Percy’s and not looking for a girl, or another boy,” William said. They continued their chatter while they finished their drinks and the biscuits, then they all headed into the kitchen, where they discovered that there was next to nothing left to do. After getting their cups and glasses into the dishwasher, they finished the cleaning in less than ten minutes. Martyn’s father arrived and whisked him off shortly after they got back into the lounge. Within half an hour it was just the three Chestertons and Percy. “Thanks for not mentioning what we have done together. I’m not sure I want to share that with anyone other than us,” Percy said. “Yes, well we had a discussion about that before we came up here tonight and made sure that we all knew we didn’t want to talk about it,” Juliet said. “And the guys were really kind to you, Clive,” William said. “That’s because we’re friends,” Clive observed. “And with that, I think we’d best be getting home. Come on, Clive, let’s go and get our shoes and coats on while William and Percy say goodbye to each other,” Juliet said. Ten minutes later the three siblings were walking down the road together, and Percy was in his mother’s study saying good night to her.

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