Academic Specializations

“I tell ya, if we play our cards right, we can nail’em.”

Rob shook his head, “Japanese women are very traditional. And there’s a real prejudice against it. With us. Black guys.”

Cal snorted, “Bullshit. I’ve seen what they do.”

“You watch too much porn. Porn is its own world. Doesn’t tell you anything.”

“Well, if you don’t wanna, if you’re too fucking chicken, tell ya what, I’ll do’em both and send ya a postcard.”

“Ain’t chicken, just realistic. Test the water, play it by ear, see how far I get.”

“Okay, that’s what I’m talkin’ about. Some sweet loving would be damn good right about now.”

Rob whispered, “Shh, here they come.”

Their faculty guides during orientation week, Fumiko and Naomi, smiled as they sat down with their breakfast plates, and they greeted each other in Japanese, the women switching to a less formal level of speech now that their jobs as hostesses had relaxed into being colleagues.

Rob glanced repeatedly at Naomi when she looked toward Fumiko as Cal flirted with her, a slight smile on her high-boned face and an unreadable expression in her eyes, and he noted with approval that she had lost the forbidding business suit that completely covered high, firm breasts that he now saw were perhaps larger than a handful each and untethered by any bra.

Finally, she turned her attention completely to Rob. “It’s always a pleasure to be able to speak to an intelligent foreign man in my own language,” she smiled.

“You do a superb job in my language as well. It’s only fair.”

She shrugged. “Everyone in academia has to learn your language. It’s much rarer the other way round,” she said, the first sentence in Japanese, the second in English. “And how did you become interested in Japanese history?”

He told her briefly and asked back, “How did you become interested in environmental history?”

“I used to love hiking when I was a girl. All through the forests. Plants always interested me, and then I studied about plants in school, and fungi were [switching from Japanese to English] so damn cool.”

They laughed and he asked, “Are there any forests around here?”

“Not right around here, no, but about an hour north of here, yes.”

Fumiko smiled, “Which brings us…” She and Naomi laughed, and she continued, “We do hope you’re not planning on just going off and getting drunk like all our other new visiting scholars?”

Cal grinned, “Depends who we’d be drinking with.”

Naomi said, “We thought you might like a personalized tour of some of our more unspoiled nature.”


Funiko looked at her watch dramatically and said, “Seventeen minutes from now.”

“Oh, hell yeah.”

They all laughed and Naomi said, “We’ll all pile into Fumi’s car and go see the forest. Get back when we get back.”

Fumiko added, “So eat up. I’m starving and I get really cranky if I have to drive on an empty stomach.”

As they ate quickly, Rob glanced at Fumiko’s plump body, pleasingly round and comfortable, and smiled at the thought that if his tastes ran rounder he’d be fighting Cal for her favors. As it was, the slim elegance of Naomi yet again set him pondering how to make a move that wouldn’t shock her; while he had learned much about Japan, the subtle cues of women’s interest and the steps they preferred a man to take around them were a mystery he knew he’d have to solve by himself soon and on the fly.

Cal, of course, seemed to have no such problem. It was clear within their first hour at the greeting ceremony after meeting their faculty guides for the week that he fully intended to use Fumiko in every way she’d allow him, and it was clear after the second day that she was not offended by his attentions; but whether she was actually amenable to anything in Cal’s clever repartee was another matter Cal constantly asked him before they went their separate ways to their lonely, lonely beds. Naomi was a different matter, cool and distant, friendly and fascinating, a charming colleague with an ironic sense of humor and a manner that kept you at exactly the distance she chose. Rob couldn’t imagine even a flicker of sexual interest crossing her face, but suspected that a man who evoked it would have to be hardy indeed to weather her passion.

Fumiko finished quickly and went to the door to the kitchen, returning with four boxes. “You two get a box lunch! Yay!” They laughed and Rob wondered if she intended the sexual connotations; she was an expert in the history of English, so the answer could go either way. As they washed up in the bathroom before leaving, Cal grinned and whispered, “In like Flynn.”

“Don’t count your chick before you’re in her snatch.”

Cal laughed happily, “Now that’s my man. Let’s go do this.”

They filed out to Fumiko’s car, chatting happily as Cal carried the lunches and walked too close to Fumiko, who seemed not to mind in the least. Naomi also seemed to have thawed a little without her business suit, her light green short sleeves delicious in the sun against the almost Caucasian white of her arms, or so Rob put it to himself, her white skirt fitting loosely around a taut, small ass whose form held no interest for Cal but set Rob afire. She still had her hair up in a shapely bundle of curls, tendrils framing her cheeks and slender neck, and looked up at him with an open smile as they walked.

“It’s not our best forest, but Hokkaido is really far,” she grinned.

“You’ve hiked there?”

“And worked there.”

“Did you hang out in the hot springs with the snow monkeys?”

She laughed, “We waited until they left.”

“Meet many Ainu?”

She smiled more widely, “Yes, actually. A couple of my colleagues. They didn’t speak the language though.” After a brief sad look, she smiled, “But they knew the plants like they were born there.”

Rob laughed, “Which they were.”

They reached the car and Fumiko opened her door and got behind the wheel. She pointed for Cal to sit on her left and Rob behind her; Naomi sat happily on the left. Fumiko said in English, “Buckle up. Ignition in ten… nine…” They laughed.

Rob enjoyed the thought that he had a full view of a beautiful woman and was close to another and could concentrate on them without having to listen to Cal’s running commentary in undertone. He asked, “Fumiko, why did you go into…”

“History of English? Because I’m a fucking goddess, that’s why.”

They laughed at her sudden change of character and chatted happily for twenty minutes about their lives as grad students. Suddenly, Naomi challenged him on an interpretation he offered of an event during the Muromachi Shogunate, and their argument was off and running.

After fifteen minutes, Rob and Naomi suddenly stopped as they heard Fumiko and Cal chuckling; Cal said, “I think we should change the topic for a while.”

Rob and Naomi both looked as if they were about to protest, but Fumiko said, “Quite. So, Rob, tell me about your girlfriend.”

“I don’t have one.”

“A handsome man like you, no female companionship?”

“Well, no girlfriend in particular. All women like me.”

“I’m sure,” Fumiko smiled.

“And you?”

“Oh, I have no girlfriend either.”

Everybody laughed, and Fumiko said, “We’re getting close. Here, let me show you something.” She turned right onto a small road that wandered through a small wooded area up and down low hills, until after ten minutes she pulled down a side road that ran parallel behind some trees and came to a stop in a hollow.

“I love this place.”

“Me too,” said Naomi. “It’s gorgeous up on the hill, though.”

In the silence and the heat of the sun, conversation died for a second as Cal watched Fumiko as she watched him, and Rob and Naomi stared at each other in an odd apprehension.

Cal broke the silence, “I dunno, I think it’s pretty damn gorgeous right here.”

Fumiko looked long and deeply into Cal’s eyes and finally said, “It is.” She suddenly reached down, lifted her blouse, and let Rob and Naomi see her swollen breasts for the split second it took for Cal to grasp them. As he hefted them, she reached down to his pants and expertly and swiftly unbuckled and unzipped him, and as all three stared in surprise, she immediately extracted his throbbing cock, eight inches of pulsing brown velvet, and stroked him for a minute as she examined it clinically. She finally smiled, “Perfect,” and lowered her head and licked all around the head as Cal moaned.

After several licks, she looked up at him and said, “Let’s not disappoint our audience,” and rolled her hips so that she faced the back seat. She lifted her skirt to her waist, no panties in sight, and spread her thighs so that Rob could see her lips nestled within their frame of sodden hairs, a thick bush above her thighs and a glistening of juices as she let her hips circle beguilingly.

As the circling of her hips worked her glistening lips, she returned to the cock straining upwards for her touch, and, over the next four minutes, worked half of his length into her mouth. She let him thrust lightly up into her as she stroked his shaft vigorously, posed so that Naomi could see every detail of her sucking and Rob could see every stage of her arousal.

It was hard for Rob to remember he was seated next to an even more alluring woman until she said, “Fumi really is talented, isn’t she?”


Naomi smiled, “Cal is quite taken with his new friend.”

“I’d say the feeling is mutual.”

Naomi glanced down at Fumiko’s splayed-open cunt, now reacting vigorously to Cal’s searching fingers, the squishing of her juices around them as she fucked hard against their pressure filling the car with her sound and scent, and said, “I never knew she was so passionate! So lustful she is.”

Finally, Rob tore his eyes away from the sight in front of him to look up and see Fumiko staring raggedly at the two of them watching her as she worked Cal in her hand and mouth. Her right hand snaked up to Cal’s neck and suddenly pulled fast and hard. Cal took the message and leaned down to start sucking at her with gusto, and they posed so that Rob and Naomi could look left and see the shaft of Cal’s cock nestled between her upper lips, then look right and see his lips playing with her lower lips as if tantalizing an oyster as he sought its pearl.

Naomi said, “Cal is quite talented as well. See how he licks into her tunnel, then sucks on her lips?”

Rob stared from one visual delight to the other, most of his blood having rushed to his other head, and looked over to see Naomi’s eyes bright as they devoured the scene spread out before them. Realizing he was being tested, he answered, “I’m glad he knows what he’s doing. A woman needs to be treated with skill.”

Naomi smiled and said, “Especially when she does such a good job with a mast like that. Most women would be a bit afraid of something so large.”

At that moment, Fumiko shifted into overdrive, her regular circlings of the hips replaced by a ragged random thrusting as she sought release in the talented mouth sucking her lips as two fingers speared her cunt. Cal’s cock throbbed on the edge of release in the air two inches above Fumiko’s face as it twisted into a grimacing mask. She screamed as wave after wave washed over her, squeezing Cal’s head tight between her plump thighs as his fingers fucked her mercilessly as he reached around her left leg.

After a minute, she released his head and pulled his cock to her mouth, rolling back over so Rob and Naomi could watch in awe as she effortlessly rode out Cal’s loss of control. Rob could see her cheeks bulging as her tongue circled Cal’s thick head as it advanced and retreated, and after twenty seconds, she winked at them as Cal screamed and thrust hard up toward her, the pulses as his seed launched up his cock indicating that his pleasure had finally come. Fumiko’s eyes widened as a thin ring of white showed at the join of her lips and his shaft, and with each pulse, the sound of her swallow filled their ears in the same way Cal’s seed filled her mouth.

Suddenly, he realized Naomi was counting under her breath. He glanced at her as she rested her head on her hands on the back of the car seat as she watched them like a lover of drama seeing Shakespeare, and she glanced quickly back at him before returning her attention to the stage, and she said aloud for all to hear, “Eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve.”

As if with regret Fumiko finally released Cal’s softening cock and sat up proudly as Cal leaned against her in exhaustion. Naomi asked, “Tasty?”

“Delicious. Maybe a little stale. I think he saved up for me the last few days.”

“How is your clam?”

“She’s never had it so good, even from my own fingers.”

Naomi looked over at Rob and said, “And did you enjoy the show?”

“It was incredible.”

Naomi reached to her waist and as she pulled her shirt over her head to expose her braless chest, nipples erect and breasts firm and beautiful, she said, “I think we can do better.”

Rob caressed her breasts and squeezed her nipples as she undid his belt and pants, and as he pulled them off with one hand, she caressed his cock lightly with one hand as the other cupped his balls. He looked up to see Fumiko and Cal staring at them, and then looked down as Naomi smiled up at him before lowering her head. At the same time, she rolled to lean back against the back of the seat and raised her left thigh as her right thigh lay along the seat, exposing herself to Cal’s greedy eyes.

Rob looked down to see that she too had long since ditched any panties, her trimmed thick bush angled toward him as she rolled her hips so that her vulva was fully exposed to her audience. To his surprise and hot pride, she announced, “Beautiful! Better than any of my dildos.” Rob’s eyes then closed as she took him deep within her mouth, his head penetrating into the back of her throat after a dozen bobs of her head, and he heard Fumiko say, “I didn’t know she was such an expert! Look at her!”

Cal groaned and Fumiko said, “Ooh, good, I was afraid I sucked all your cum out!” As Rob’s fingers reached down to lightly caress Naomi’s eager lips, he heard movements in the front seat and looked up to see Fumiko leaning over the back of the seat, her large breasts swaying above them, as Cal took up position behind her. She giggled as he moved her around, and then gasped as he pushed home. From the first stroke, the car made slight grunting sounds as Cal thrust hard into Fumiko, staring over her shoulder as they continued watching.

Naomi continued pleasuring him, her head posed so that Fumiko and Cal could watch her in profile, and Fumiko said, “Look! Her throat is bulging!” Other than those words, Rob could sense nothing but the entirety of his cock inside Naomi’s greedy mouth and throat as she worked him into paradise. He held his fingers rigid as she fucked up and around them, following a solid controlled rhythm as she focused on his pleasure.

He lasted about three minutes; her skill and his week-long drought left him with little endurance however hard he tried not to erupt just yet, and looked down into Naomi’s eyes as the first spurt shot up and out into her throat. The swallowing of her throat around the head of his cock was beyond any experience he had had, and her eyes only trembled slightly as she took each pulse with alacrity; he heard Fumiko screaming as an orgasm swept over her, the car rocking hard as Cal fucked her mercilessly. He realized toward the end that Naomi tapped his side with each pulse, and after she swallowed for the last time and slowly suckled the last drops out of him, she pulled back and said quietly, “Fifteen.”

He looked happily at Naomi, amazed at the change she had undergone, or rather the side she finally revealed, and as he pushed her thighs apart and crouched over her, he heard Fumiko say as she built to another climax, “Show us good.” He winked at her and lowered his head, keeping Naomi’s hips angled so that Cal and Fumiko could watch, and licked deep into Naomi’s folds. They were hot and slick and velvety, and as she thrust up hard against his face he kept his hands on her knees to expose her innermost secrets to the three of them.

He had her right leg back toward her chest and the left he pushed against the back of the seat; her hips were tilted so that her lips were almost horizontal. He heard Fumiko say, “He does know his business!” as Cal sped up and started groaning. As he settled into a fast rhythm of his tongue on her lips and down to her clit, Naomi circled fast and hard for him. For a week, he had dreamed of seducing her and had fantasized every square inch of her body, yet his imaginings had fallen short.

Suddenly, Naomi’s legs broke free of his hands and she crushed his head between them, holding his face in place so that he sucked deeply on her cunt. He heard her moans rising to a crescendo as Fumiko and Cal both screamed in a draining pleasure, and he worked two fingers into her to help her along. In less than a minute, she pounded hard against his face as she screamed, and he tapped a finger with each pulse he felt deep inside her as he kept sucking and rubbing.

After most of a minute, she pushed his face away and said, “Hurts.”

He said back, “Fifty-seven.”

She giggled, “Mine was four times better than yours.”

“It was incredible.”

“So was yours.”

“So were you.”

She curled up in his arms as he resettled himself beside her, and they looked up at Fumiko resting her head on her arms watching them as Cal sucked on her neck. Fumiko asked, “Is she your first Japanese girl?”


“You two are our first black men. Even better than our movies.”


“You watch lots of Japanese porn, I’ll bet.”

Cal nodded, “Lots, but none as good as you,” and Rob said, “Some.”

“But you have a thing for us, right?”

“I wouldn’t say a thing. A weakness, maybe.”

Fumiko smiled and nodded. “We have our movies too. And our weaknesses. You loved watching us, right?”

“God, yes.”

She smiled. “I loved watching both of you too. It was better than any movie. It was so real, both hot and sweet.”

Naomi added, “I mean, I really like you, but it was such a wet dream for both of us seeing two big black cocks pummeling two sweet Japanese pussies. It was… it should have been filmed.”

They all laughed and Fumiko said, “But don’t think we’re easy or that you can just toss us aside. We’re not actresses. You can’t just shut off the computer and go away.”

Naomi added, “On the other hand, you can always watch.” She stroked Rob’s resurgent cock and said, “Showtime for our friends.” She pushed Rob back against the car door and straddled him in reverse, eager for Cal and Fumiko to see her. She lowered herself slowly until he was at her lips, and then she leaned back onto him and said, “Hold me open. Let them see everything.” Fumiko stared raptly as his cock slowly entered Naomi, his hands holding her knees up and back so that her cock-impaled cunt was fully exposed to view, and he thrust deeply into her, filling her completely as she moaned directions in Japanese. He stared at Fumiko’s eyes as they wandered from cunt to breast to face to cunt, devouring the scene before her, while Cal stared fixedly at the joining of their flesh.

He thrust up into her as she held herself open for all to see, and Fumiko said quietly to Cal, “I wonder if my clam’s that beautiful wrapped around your big black cock. Look at how it slides on him.”

“We’ll have to find out.”

“Many times.”


This time, Naomi ended quickly. Her cunt tightened around him as she screamed, pushing him over the edge and balls-deep inside her as her contractions drained him. She relaxed and lay back against him, thighs still splayed open until his cock softened enough to pop out. Fumiko said, “Well, I think that was a brilliant idea. Shall we?”

Cal nodded and leaned back as she took the reverse cowgirl position. Rob and Naomi sat up and leaned over the front seat, backs opposite them as Fumiko settled down crouching forward until Cal was buried inside her. He then helped her lean back comfortably and held her tightly by the waist as she spread her thighs and angled her hips to let them see her pink lips wrapped around the base of his cock. She stared into Rob’s eyes as he watched her plump body, white and soft, shaking like jelly as Cal began thrusting up into her squishing cunt. Naomi said, “Such a beautiful scene. I love watching a man and woman cook chowder for us like this.”

Despite having already come twice, Cal came quickly after that, bellowing as Fumiko leaned forward and ground down fast and hard, holding onto the seat as her face twisted in orgasm. After a minute, they collapsed and Fumiko wiggled over to sit in the driver’s seat. “Give me my clothes.”

They all dressed quickly then, and Fumiko said, “Just a few minutes to our little cottage.”

“Who’s ‘you’?” Cal asked.

“Us, me and Naomi. There’s lots of empty houses in the countryside, you know. We bought it for weekends. Made one or two important improvements.”

They arrived about ten minutes later at a small older house; the women washed up and then helped the men do the same in a bathroom at least that had been nicely furnished with a jacuzzi, then Fumiko and Naomi had them sit naked and erect facing each other. Suddenly, to Rob’s surprise, Fumiko faced away from him and settled herself on him as Naomi said, “Mix and match! What fun!”

Fumiko added, “Now my man can see what it looks like when he takes me.” The two women settled happily to their task, spreading their thighs to let their men see every second and millimeter of the act. Staring happily at the scene before him, Rob delighted in the soft plumpness in his arms as he plunged rhythmically into her pulsating belly, and when she climaxed three minutes later, she lifted herself off him and collapsed on her side to watch as Naomi leaned forward and opened wide. He looked up to see Cal rise to his knees and grab Naomi’s hips, plunging madly into her as she worked Rob fully into her mouth, her tan skin perfectly matching his dark brown.

Jealousy and lust combined to push him over the edge as Naomi and Cal climaxed simultaneously. Naomi took both loads equally skillfully and then they collapsed in a heap. Fumiko waded back onto the field of battle and stroked Rob to hardness before impaling herself on him and leaning down to suck Rob. Their recent orgasms let them last much longer while, in her excited state, Fumiko climaxed repeatedly, thrusting back fast and hard onto Rob as she let Cal ream her throat, and when the three finally climaxed together, they looked over to see Naomi watching them, four fingers buried inside herself to the last knuckle as her thumb rubbed her button raw, thighs spread for all to see. Cal and Rob leaned over to suck on her nipples, and less than a minute later she screamed as climax washed over her.

They finally caught their breath and sat against the wall, the women between the men, and Fumiko said, “So, let’s see, that covered three and twelve.”

Naomi replied, “And fifteen, four, six, and… sevevn.”

Rob said, “Huh?”

Naomi said, “Our favorite series of porn. Japanese women and black men, the best production quality, showing everything, and the guys are so smart and the women so sexy, and so hot and sweet.”

Fumiko added, “We used to trade our favorites, and sometimes we’d watch together. Rubbing ourselves next to each other. We always wondered if we’d get to act any of them out.”

Cal said, “Just rubbing yourselves?”

Fumiko laughed, “Yeah, I thought that was your porn of choice. Just ourselves. We’re both allergic to clams, you know.”

Naomi added, “The thought makes me break out in hives.”

“Projectile vomiting,” Fumiko giggled.

Naomi winked and said, “Sorry, you won’t get to see any of your favorite Japanese porn with us.”

Fumiko added, “As beautiful as that would be. Sorry, not sorry.”

They all laughed and Naomi said, “I think they’re ready again. How about nine?”

Fumiko grinned, “Most certainly! Let the circle be unbroken!”

They positioned Cal and Rob head to foot a bit over a meter and a half apart and settled down so that Rob sucked Fumiko as she sucked Cal, and similarly with Naomi. They lasted a long time, tired yet thirsty, exploring each other at their leisure, and when each had drained her man, they took each other’s place and each ministered to her friend’s.

Finally, all four were temporarily sated. Naomi yawned and said, “I think we made the right choice initially. Rob’s my special friend.”

Fumiko giggled, “Yeah, all yours. He tastes sourer than Cal. Cal’s got no aftertaste.”

They laughed and Naomi added, “But we’ll all get to mix and match every weekend until we decide if we’re going to keep you.”

Rob and Cal chortled, and Rob said, “You two are cold.”

Naomi shrugged, “You know how hot we are. And don’t worry, if we throw you back, there’s any number of Japanese women who’ll act out every scene for you from your favorite film. We’ll even help you find them.”

Cal laughed, “That’s even colder.”

Naomi swatted him lightly and said, “Why? You helped us act out every porn scene we wanted to do. We’d just be returning the favor.”

They rustled up dinner and ate ravenously, and after a while tried out the jacuzzi en masse. Cal and Fumiko cuddled and said dirty nothings and sweet somethings to each other while Rob and Naomi continued their argument over medieval Japanese history. Finally, Fumiko said, “You’ll never convince her, you know. Just give it up and enjoy yourself.”

Rob retorted, irritated at the interruption, “I am enjoying myself.”

To Fumiko’s raised eyebrow, Naomi smiled, “Me too. Even when I fuck and suck the cum completely out of him, he doesn’t give up the ship just to thank me for draining him.”

The discussion continued until they finally pulled themselves out of the warmth, dried off, and retired to the bedroom, each pair taking a lush western-style bed, and having recovered, Rob and Cal were soon deep inside Naomi and Fumiko, competing with each other to see who could last longer as the women competed, it seemed, to see who could come faster and more times. Twenty minutes later, Cal bellowed as the bed protested and Fumiko reveled in his climax, and they collapsed in exhaustion as Rob ensured Naomi’s last orgasm before the contractions deep inside her welcomed his cum into her belly.

They lay there holding each other as Fumiko started snoring in time with Cal, and Naomi chuckled quietly; she put her finger over her smiling lips and led him into the living room. They sat nude on the couch facing each other, and Naomi yawned and said, “This trip’s going better than I ever dreamed.”

“When did you two plan to bring us…”

“And take you?” They laughed quietly and she said, “Probably three days ago. We were sure by then we were as interested in you as you clearly were in us. Because, you know, given our tastes, we’d be too easy, all… lubed up and ready to slip and slide into a disaster.”

“How did you get interested in that? In us?”

She thought for a second. “One of my history classes. American social history. Purely academic interest at first, then as I read novels, watched movies, not the mainstream stuff… I don’t know, it just seemed natural. And then it became intriguing. And then I discovered Fumiko was interested too. We were drinking one night and I was telling her about the latest movies I’d seen, not sex, mind you, just a film festival of non-mainstream American films with a special selection of movies by black directors. She mentioned her strong interest, first in the culture, then she bit the bullet and said the men, and then when I nodded and agreed, she mentioned her porn collection. She lent me some and I thought it was perfect.” She shrugged. “We’d been friends since elementary school, but I’d never realized that. She’s had so many men, none black, so I guess it never came up.” She shrugged again.

“It’s curious that you two ended up as our faculty guides.”

She smiled at the implied question. “No, not at all. We volunteered. Finally had the chance to find men to our tastes who we knew were also intelligent enough to keep up with us and appreciate us as fine women.”

“And have you had many men?”

“Fifteen or so. Japanese, white, Filipino when I studied English there…” She shrugged yet again and said, “This was best. Not just because of realizing my fantasies. You’re talented. Both skilled and driven. Compulsive. As compulsive for me as I am for you.” They chuckled and she asked, “And when did you develop a taste for us?”

Rob thought a minute and said, “Probably in Japanese class. Our teacher was gorgeous and really lively. Elegant and beautiful.”

“And when did you start watching movies starring us?”

“A year later, I guess. I thought it was disrespectful before then.”

She laughed and said, “Because…?”

“Because everybody figured I was studying Japanese to get Japanese pussy. Actually, I was studying Japanese to become a historian. So I was very irritated by that, and that makes me contrary. Downright fucking ornery. But it also made me more and more intrigued, like fruit I was forbidding myself to eat because everyone else thought it was what I wanted. I didn’t, then, not specially. So one night…”

“Were you hooked right away?”

“No. Still not hooked, not till today…” They laughed and he continued, “But I really wanted to… study that aspect of my chosen field in-depth and with great vigor.”

They laughed and she teased him, “Learn more about some unknown other, mysterious and alluring?”

They laughed and he said, “There’s a bit of that, I guess.”

“I’ll let you in on a closely guarded secret.” She paused with a smile.


“We’re just women, you know.” They laughed and she continued, “And we love sex just as much as other women do. Or as little. That is, just the same range as any population of women. Some are like Fumiko, others are nuns, and most of us are in the middle.”

“You do like being in the middle.”

She laughed quietly but for a long time and finally shook her finger at him. “Between you two, yes. Especially if Fumi’s watching. That really turns me on. Like we’re making the porn we use. Letting her see me in every detail, then her letting me see every detail, as clear as the best of our porn. Producers instead of consumers, and advertisers to boot.”

“Did you ever feel embarrassed or worried, you know, that you were getting addicted?”

“At times, but then I’d pop my favorite disc in and know why I liked it so much. Everyone has something that makes her purr. If it’s harmless, why not indulge in it? If I can’t have it, at least I can see it. And now I can show it to you. And you can show it to me.”

She sat back and spread her thighs, and as Rob hardened and stared, she watched him forthrightly, no trace of shame or false bravado, as she caressed herself lightly for him and came alive. As her lips reddened and flushed and her tunnel moistened and then flowed, she showed him every millimeter of herself and smiled and nodded as he stroked his resurgent cock in harmony.

He watched as her face glistened and flushed, the squishing of her fingers in rhythm with the faps of his fist, and as she built to climax he stared at the lips open and purple for him, the tendons from her thighs framing them like a secret treasure open only to him, and when she groaned and thrust hard up against her fingers, his loins clenched and his seed sprayed onto her thighs and belly and hand, onto the couch, and onto his own hand.

Naomi squealed as her last pulses washed through her, and then lay back smiling at him as she rubbed her fingertips through his juice. As he tried to wipe up the drops on the couch, they heard Cal and Fumiko in the last thrusts and groans before climaxing, and he smiled at Naomi. “Let’s hit the jacuzzi before they hog it.”

She laughed. They washed off quickly with a pail, and as they settled in the water, she asked, “You’re not jealous when Cal’s with me?”

“A little, but since I get to watch exactly what he’s doing, I don’t mind.”

“I like watching Fumi with you because she’s my friend. I like sharing with her. And I like seeing just what it must look like when you take me. A beautiful black cock buried inside a beautiful Japanese woman as they make each other very happy.”

“It’s odd to think…”

She cocked her head in puzzlement. “What?”

“That I found a woman like that. Two, in fact. So easily, even with your machinations.”

“A woman like how?” She smiled dangerously. “Like, say, white women?”

Rob grimaced and grinned. “So non-traditional.”

She smiled even more dangerously. “So, not Japanese, you mean?”

He laughed. “Not like I learned about Japanese women.”

“So a real woman instead of some abstracted scheme with all the individual features filed off?” After a pause, he chuckled and nodded. She smiled less dangerously, “You know what I told you. We’re just women. And as a historian, you should know as well as anyone that Japan has changed drastically just in your lifetime. And what Japanese women did in the past is, I assure you, probably the same range of behavior as what women did everywhere at every time; we just have many more choices and nobody cares so much what we do now.”

“True. I’m just…”

“Getting used to a new world. As are we.”

“And what would people think of us?”

She thought for a second. “Fuck them, that’s what.” They laughed and she said, “Some might be shocked, some intrigued. Most won’t care too much, I think. This isn’t 1960, you know. Much less 1945. You speak Japanese fluently with a charming accent; you’re not the stereotypical soldier on the make.” She shrugged. “If I ever even tell anyone, I’ll probably get pestered with questions from my girlfriends. Are you really that long? Like that. For maybe five minutes, then they’ll ask me about you instead of their old stories or the occasional porn flick. And I’ll have to tell them that despite being a historian, you don’t know shit about Nobunaga.”

They laughed and started arguing again.

The rest of the weekend was largely spent in the house, Rob and Naomi continuing their never-ending discussion between the many bouts of sex and occasional breaks for food. Sunday after lunch, the women made them all pack the car before a last enactment that weekend of number nine, and as Fumiko and Cal relaxed in the jacuzzi, Naomi invited Rob for a walk.

Atop the low hill nearby, she finally said, “No, that’s just not right.”

“Do you want me to point out all the passages in the sources?”

“No, you’d just embarrass yourself.”

They laughed and Naomi said, “A friend who can argue as well as he can fuck. Treats my mind as well as he does my body! Truly, a blessed week this has been.”

They started down the hill and reached a small stand of trees between it and the house, and they stopped in the shade to cool off.  However, as Rob watched her in the dappled shade, patches of light dancing across her face, he felt renewed passion that the sudden biting of her lower lip showed she felt as well. She laughed lightly as he pushed her against a tree, and as he pushed against her, she lifted her thigh to his side and her light cotton dress to her waist, and pushing aside her panties welcomed him inside the Japanese cunt that his years of studies and assiduous porn viewing had elevated to the pinnacle of paradise, smiling as the massive black cock her years of studies and intensive porn viewing had elevated to the pinnacle of paradise, and as both of them took almost superhuman pleasure in yet again fucking what they needed most of all, he asked her, “And when we get back to the city, should I move in with you?”

She smiled, “Tell me, in your culture, does winning a woman’s cunt win her heart as well? You won my cunt the first day I saw you. My heart is much harder to gain.”

He looked fixedly at the beautiful Japanese face reveling in his thrusts, the height of elegance even to men not fascinated with that look, as desire and the flush of passion spread over it from the beautiful black man making all her deepest fantasies yet again come true, and as his sudden fountain of squirts mingled with the sudden squirts fountaining from her well, he smiled; even if her heart was forever beyond him, striving for it was the greatest adventure he could imagine.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Life Changing Road Trip Part III The End

This is the final chapter of this story. It is fiction. I hope you enjoy it.

Rick had just left to go hang out with my wife Stacy at the creek. I was in the motor home making dinner.  Five minutes earlier, I just had my mouth around Rick’s enormous cock.  I sucked him until he came in my mouth and on my face.  As he stepped out of the RV to go see Stacy, he casually told me to make dinner.  I’m not sure who I hated more at that moment, Rick, for telling me to suck his cock and then make him dinner, or me, for sucking him and now standing here making dinner for Stacy, myself, and for Rick.

After sliding the chicken into the oven and cutting up some vegetables I would have about 45 minutes until the chicken was ready.  I decided to go and, for lack of a better way of putting it, spy on Rick and Stacy.  

I managed to get within maybe 20-25 feet of them.  There was enough shrubs and wild grass to hide me as long as I stayed down low.  

When I first peered through the high grass I could see them standing in the shallow creek.  The water came up to their calves.  Well, to Rick’s calves and to Stacy’s knees.  As I mentioned earlier,  Rick was around 6’5  and Stacy is 5’1.

They were facing each other and they were kissing.  I realized seeing Stacy kissing him was more painful than hearing them having sex.  It seemed more intimate, seeing her willingly standing there returning his kiss, their tongues swirling in each other’s mouth. Rick’s huge hand was gripping her little butt. Squeezing it.  

They looked so sexy and perfect. The perfect male and the perfect female. I felt sick, aroused, weak, and as if my manhood had been taken away from me. Was it Stacy or Rick that was taking it from me?

As they kissed I could clearly see Stacy’s hand as it slithered inside Rick’s boxer briefs and began to stroke him.  Her tiny hand gripped his powerful cucumber size cock.  After a few moments of her rubbing his big dick they broke their kiss.  I could see them talking. It was Stacy that was doing most of the talking. I couldn’t hear the conversation but Stacy seemed to be pleading with Rick as if trying to plead her case for something. He was smiling smugly.  She even playfully punched his steel chest.  He must have given in because she jumped up into his arms and wrapped her legs around his waist and he carried her a few feet over to the large boulder at the water’s edge.

He let her down and she kissed him and turned away from him.  His hand gently pushed on her back.  guiding her to bend forward. Stacy rested her forearms against the boulder.  She had her legs standing straight, and was bent at the waist. That perfect ass sticking out for him.  He just reached down and slipped her knitted bikini bottom aside and slowly began working his large cock head into her awaiting tight pussy. Stacy must have been trying to convince Rick to fuck her again. It was Stacy begging HIM for it. Instantly her head snapped upward to the heavens. In no time he was working into her pretty hard. In and out. In and out. In and out.  He was really pounding her.  His huge body slamming violently into her little body.  Rick’s huge hands gripping her waist like a little rag doll. Within minutes she was climaxing for him.  I could see her teeth gritting. She turned her head downward as she began to convulse.  Eyes closed, she was trying to not fall. Her legs were giving out as she spasmed.  Rick was basically holding her up as he fucked her continually through her climax. He was relentless on her body. Stacy was literally bucking against the boulder.  She seemed to cum so quickly for Rick, and often.

I felt disgusted with myself. I hated him. I loved Stacy, and yet, here I was hard as a rock watching my wife getting pounded by this giant.  

I stayed hunkered down in the grass long enough to see that Stacy allowed Rick to cum deep inside her pussy, gripping her waist as he exploded his seed deep into her.  

Before we took this summer trip Stacy and I had discussed possibly starting a family, and that maybe we might just begin that effort while on the trip. Stacy wasn’t on any form of birth control.  Even by conservative accounts, Rick had cum in Stacy’s pussy at least four times over these couple of days. And I was intimately aware that this man could cum enough to put out a brush fire. Surely Stacy was aware of this fact.

I carefully and quietly backed away and headed back to the motor home.  

The dinner was good and I was even complimented on it by Rick. I hate to admit it,  but I felt a twisted inner satisfaction when Rick was pleased with me, even as I felt hatred towards him.  I was definitely confused and dealing with numerous emotions all at once.

After dinner, Stacy said she was tired and was going to lie down in the bedroom for a while.  I was seated in the booth table and she kissed me on the forehead as she headed to the bedroom.  I did see her glance back at Rick.  I think I saw her smile.

As I cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes, Rick drank a beer and mentioned that the RV was now running well enough that Stacy and I could leave in the morning if we wanted to.  I offered a sincere thanks for being able to fix the RV.  I am truly grateful to anyone that can fix or repair motors.  It’s all beyond me.  

I finished cleaning and grabbed a fresh beer for Rick and myself.  Did I just bring him a beer? The confusion running through me was dizzying. I sat back in the dining booth and Rick sat in the small love seat between the kitchen and the driver’s cab. There was a portable radio that came with the RV and Rick had managed to find a station that came in pretty clear.  We sat there in silence for a bit sipping our beer and listening to a 70s AM pop station.  I can recall hearing a Glen Campbell song. It was warm and beautiful outside. I wondered what Rick was thinking. Had he done this sort of thing to other married couples?  Were Stacy and I headed for divorce?  Would she allow me to have sex with her at some point in the future?

As the sun was setting over the hills, the interior of the RV was bathed in colors. A mixture of gold, red, and purple light shone through the front windshield. The last magical rays of light from the day before night fall. It was a beautiful warm summer evening.

It was at this very moment that Stacy came out from the bedroom. Her brief nap refreshing her.  But what she was wearing made me both horrified and aroused.  She walked out of the bedroom as if everything was as normal as any other day in her life.  She walked towards us in her black thong underwear, and nothing else!  She was completely topless.  Her perfect firm tits stood up proud and magnificent.  They almost jiggled ever so slightly as she walked.  She got to me and once again kissed me on the forehead as her right hand slid briefly through my hair.  She then moved past me and plopped down on the cozy love seat next to Rick. The left side of her back rested against his chest.  She was facing mostly towards me.

She sat down so relaxed and carefree.  She eventually put her little feet up on the arm of the love seat closest to me.  Her back now resting against Rick. Rick placed his beer in his left hand and placed his right arm around Stacy’s shoulder and his hand lay on her tummy.  I watched his hand gently caressing her tummy as the three of us sat silently as the radio played. Slowly his hand moved up to her bare tits. He cupped them, squeezed them, caressed them. He rolled her nipples between his fingers. Rick was massaging her perfect tits. Stacy laid there completely at ease as if we were three siblings just watching TV.  

Stacy had clearly been ignited by Rick. She was a sensual blaze now. While the days were hot, and the nights were warm, I don’t think it was the weather that was causing Stacy to walk around in almost no clothing. Rick was clearly keeping her in a sweltering state around the clock now.  He was the only one that could give her what she needed.  

Rick, for his part, had seemed to chill out a little, as if he knew he was the Master over Stacy and I.  The three of us actually discussed plans for the next day. Stacy and I agreed that we would begin our trip back from where we started. Stacy was still coy and vague on where our marriage was. She gave no indication that she was unhappy or happy with me. Perhaps strangely, I did feel as if she still loved me.  We had no issues between us, other than what had happened on this trip. The main difference now was could she ever go back to having sex with me?  Could she ever give up the big cock pounding that Rick was giving her?

One thing I had learned over these few days was that no matter how close and happy a woman appears to be in her marriage, there is still another level of intimacy and communication between a woman and a man that can sexually satisfy her the way Rick did. It’s a level guys like me would never know.  None of us would ever have to mention it. But, as we sat there, all three of us knew without any doubt, Stacy’s pussy belonged to Rick. It was his property now. It was as if nature had intervened, and a girl built like Stacy was getting the physical mate she deserved. The superior Alpha Male was getting what he wanted.

It was only 9pm when Stacy got up. She yawned and stretched her arms up.  Her perfect breasts standing up so proud. She didn’t speak to Rick. She walked over to me and I could see Rick sitting there watching her ass.

“Do you need any help setting up your bed tonight, honey?  I can help you if you want.”

I wasn’t shocked by her statement. While it was a kind offering to help with my bedding, it was also a clear sign made by Stacy that I would be sleeping once again out here while she and Rick would be sleeping in the bedroom. This was not from Rick’s mouth. This decision was coming directly from my wife. I was hurt by it, but my place had been gently pointed out to me by the woman I love.

“Umm, no. I… I can manage.”

“OK then, I will see you in the morning and we can have some breakfast.  Goodnight, honey.”  She called me ‘honey’. That meant a lot to me.

I nodded yes as I looked up at her.  I wanted to tell her I loved her. But, the words didn’t come.

She leaned down and kissed my cheek. She gave me a look as if to say “you are such a sweet man.”

With that, she turned and walked towards the bedroom.  Rick and I both not missing a step of her walk. That little perfect ass, small and tight, yet a nice little firm bubble. Those lean shapely legs.  How could any man not pursue her.  And just like that, she was gone. The bedroom door softly closed.

It wasn’t even 9:30 when Rick stood up and set his beer can on the table and turned to face me as I sat with my feet in the aisle.  He looked down at me. He didn’t speak.  He just waited. It took me a full minute before I realized what he was waiting for. When it dawned on me, I just slowly slid off the seat and onto my knees.  I just had no way of denying him.  As much as I hated him, I knew that if he asked me to, I’d pay him to allow me to suck his cock.

I slid his boxer briefs down and grabbed his cock and brought it to my lips. I kissed the head and as my lips slid across the head I looked up at him. In that moment, I wanted him to see that I knew my place.  I sucked him so good. I made love to his cock with my mouth. I got him rock hard. His cock was pulsating. He was hard and easily over eight inches.

Suddenly he stepped back and pulled his underwear down. He stepped out of them and picked them up from the floor.  He looked down at me and said

“OK, that’s enough wimp. There are some things I have to save up for our little girl tonight.”   

He winked at me as he turned and headed for the bedroom. The door closed.

I could clearly hear them talking in intimate tones.  Between only them. Then the sound of kissing. It was always so impassioned, like her life depended on being fucked by Rick.  It was 9:43 when it began. That familiar rhythm. Slow at first.  Stacy already moaning and groaning. This time though she was making no effort to hide or suppress her noises.  As Rick’s pace picked up so did Stacy’s response to him.  The sounds she made were like life itself was being taken out of her and then slammed back into her. Tonight, Rick was going to take her to an even higher place. His pace became faster.  It sounded like he was angry. The bed was creaking and squeaking loudly. The entire RV began to rock back and forth.  Suddenly Stacy began to scream.

“AHHHH..AHHH..AHHHHH!”   She was screaming almost non stop.  It honestly sounded like an exorcism was taking place.  

“Oh My God! Oh My God! Please, please, please, fuck me Rick!  Don’t stop fucking me. Never Stop. Never Stop. Never Stop!”  

She would then trail straight into literally crying in an overwhelmed pleasure.  It must have felt so amazing, her little body couldn’t handle it or comprehend this level of pleasure and physical satisfaction.

“Ahhhhh…Ahhhhh…Ahhhh!”  It was an erotic mix of screaming, wailing, and crying.

She was out of her mind. Out of control. The RV was rocking non-stop. He was fucking the life out of her.  She could only lay there and scream to him.

“Ahhhh…Ahhh…Ahhhh…Ahhhh. God. God. Jesus. God. Fuck. Fuck!”

About every two minutes it would happen.  She would almost be able to announce that she was cumming.  But could only get the first part of the statement out of her mouth before she would go into this other world silence as she was actually climaxing.

“Oh God. I’m gonna…I cum…!”  

And then, half way through her sentence, as her orgasm washed over her entire body, she went silent. The screaming would stop. Even from the next room I could feel her body tensing up and clenching in deep orgasm. Sometimes, during her long and lengthy life changing orgasms she would have a long guttural moan.


I clearly heard her reach peak climax four times. Once about every two minutes.  During the time between her orgasms she would be screaming and wailing almost non-stop. But when she would go into orgasm, she would go silent again. Her little body trying to handle the level of sexual satisfaction Rick was giving her.

He just pummeled her like a jack hammer. The RV was shaking now. The coffee cups were rattling around in the cupboards. The TV remote fell off the counter onto the floor.  It had started at 9:43pm.  It was now 10:33pm. Rick’s giant cock was pumping in and out of my wife non stop for fifty minutes !  

Then as Rick fucked Stacy I could hear him,

“Tell me where you want it, slut.”

Initially I heard no reply.  He said it again.

“Tell me where you want my cum, Stacy!”

“Ohh Gaaaawd…Cum inside me.  Cum inside me.  Please cum inside me, please. Please.  Please.  Please.  Inside me.  Inside me.  Cum inside me!”

“That’s what I thought,” he growled to her.

And within maybe ten seconds of his statement, Rick let out a deafening roar.  He began convulsing deep into her womb.  Rope after powerful rope of his seed was firing deep inside her body. I had just heard the most powerful sexual experience of Stacy’s life.


He growled for what seemed like twenty-five seconds as he came inside her.

I held my stomach.  I felt cramps.  I was sweating.  My head hurt.  I was devastated. I felt defeat. Loss. The warm evening air was once again quiet and still. I heard nothing more from the room. I got up and turned on the tap at the kitchen sink. I splashed some water on my face.  My legs felt weak.  I opened the fridge and grabbed a beer and sat back down.  I believed with all my heart that I had lost Stacy forever.

I sat there drinking my beer and looking down the hall at the bedroom door.  Closed.  Quiet.  Off limits to me.  I don’t know how to explain it but nothing could make me stop loving Stacy.  I sat there, still in love with her.  Wanting to be close to her. Wishing it was me in that bed with her right now.

Then, an entirely unforeseen thing happened.  It was around 11:15 and the bedroom door opened. It was Rick. Fully dressed, boots and all.  He opened the fridge and took two beers out.  He walked over to me.

“Hey Timmy, you take care of our girl now, you hear?”  He gave me a playful slap on my face.

And with that he stepped down out of the RV and into his truck.  He started it up and made a quick u-turn and was gone.  Just like that.

I sat there in shock. Things were happening so fast.  The bully had suddenly left the school yard.  I was free of him!  I turned and looked towards the bedroom. I grabbed my beer and walked quietly to the door and opened it gently.  There was Stacy on the middle of the bed.  On her back.  Knees still up.  Legs still apart.  The room was dark except for a dim night light to the right side of the bed.  She had her right hand resting between her legs.  Her hand seemed to be covering her pussy. I walked over to the right side of the bed and sat on the edge near her head. We just sat in silence for a bit.  I wasn’t sure she even knew I was in the room. Finally, Stacy spoke in a soft tone.  She was clearly exhausted.

“Did Rick leave?” she asked, as if she wasn’t aware of her surroundings for a brief time.

I nodded yes.

She turned her head towards me and I looked her in the eye and watched as tears began running down her cheeks.  Her right hand stayed between her legs.  I reached down and clasped her left hand to mine.  She squeezed it and held my hand tight.  We sat quietly for a few minutes.

“I’m….sorry”  she whispered.

“I know.”

“I understand if you want to leave me.”  She said it so sincerely.

“Somehow, I think you already know that I never could leave you.”

A partial smile that I’m sure she wasn’t expecting formed on her face.  A smile, as tears still slowly ran down her cheeks. She lay there naked. Still sweaty. She watched my eyes gaze over her body. She took my hand and placed it on her tummy.  Her knees still up. She let go of my hand.  I caressed her tummy. The circles I traced on her tummy eventually grew wider until my fingertips got closer and closer to her pussy.  And when my finger tips barely grazed her mound just above her pussy, she gently put her hand on my wrist and placed my hand back on her tummy.  All this time her right hand had remained over her pussy as if to cover up her nudity.

I sat a little closer to her on the bed.  She rested her head against my chest.  I brushed her hair from her face and settled it behind her ear.  I softly wiped the sweat from her forehead.  She was slowly coming out of the fog. It was still less than thirty minutes since she had been fucked beyond anything she could ever imagine. It had rendered her unable to move.  

I finally mentioned to Stacy that she didn’t have to cover her pussy from me.  She didn’t respond.  I asked why she was covering it.  Her head was resting against my chest.  I could feel her silently start to cry a little more.  I held her.  

“What’s wrong, baby?  You can tell me.  I love you so much. I never want to be away from you.  We can get past this, OK?”

She leaned into me and held onto me.

There was silence for about two minutes.  Then she spoke.

“I know it must be hard for you to believe right now, Tim, but I swear to you I do love you and I know you are so good with me, and I know you are the man I want to spend my life with.”  

“But?” I said, expecting there to be a ‘but’.

“When Rick and I were, you know?”   I nodded yes. “Well, I…I realized I wanted him to…to…”   She trailed off again.

She sat up a little bit.  She held onto me tight.  Maybe I was naive, but I wasn’t prepared for what she told me.

“Tim, you are the man I want to spend my life with. I love you more than any man I’ve ever known. But I swear to you, when Rick was… um, fucking me, I could not help myself. I wanted him to get me pregnant more than anything I’ve ever wanted.”

We held each other in silence.  I was in shock.  I tried to understand it from her perspective. I know I had heard them fucking. I could easily imagine the sensory overload of emotions that must have shot through Stacy’s brain as Rick fucked her to a level I would never know.  I knew that if I was a woman in her place I probably would have had the same feeling or desire.  Rick was the pure Alpha Male.  

Finally I spoke.  I was as gentle and kind as I could be.

“Baby, do you still feel that same way now? Do you still want to have his…?”

She tilted her head up to me.  Her eyes were pleading for my understanding and patience.  We looked at each other for maybe twenty seconds.

As Stacy stared up at me she slowly nodded yes.  She then turned back and leaned her cheek against my chest again as we held onto each other.  

We slept that last night of our trip in the bed she and Rick had shared the last two nights.  Stacy slept like a baby.  I slept a little, but mostly I lay awake pondering what had just happened to us and what our future would be.

We decided that with everything that happened we would head back home.  We drove back the next day and returned the motor home to the rental place.  We flew home and were back with five days of vacation still remaining.  Stacy and I barely left the house those five days.  Stacy was likely either too sore or too embarrassed for sex.  She gently turned down any of my advances.  I realized it was probably too soon.  She was however very loving to me and things almost seemed as if we were closer.  Maybe because we had gone through a storm together and survived.  I know it probably sounds pathetic to some, but I was still madly in love with Stacy.  

About a week later, on a Friday evening, I came home from work, and Stacy greeted me at the door.  She seemed kind of shy.  She walked me over to the couch in our living room.  She took my hand and we sat down.  She faced me and looked peacefully into my eyes.  Stacy announced she was pregnant.  Nine months later she gave birth to a very healthy baby boy.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

A TRANS Formation – Chapter 1 – Bleak Beginnings

It’s a cold, rainy northern Iowa afternoon in 1973. Twenty-three-year-old Jerry Jansen sits in the living room of his parents’ house. There was sad apprehension in the room as he sits there with his mom, dad, brothers and sisters. He was leaving soon to start a new life in Des Moines.

Jerry was discharged from the Army three months earlier. He planned to come back to his hometown and finally begin his life like everyone else did. After three months of unsuccessfully searching for a job, Jerry realized there was no future for him here. So he started searching the job market in the Des Moines newspaper. He saw an opening at the printing company he had worked at before joining the Army. He applied and was hired to start the following Monday. 

The sadness in the room increases as the time grows near for him to leave. Knowing the longer he stayed, the sadder everyone would get, Jerry stands up and says, “Well, I think I better get going. January rainstorms have a way of turning into snowstorms, and I have to drive 100 miles tonight.” After going around the room giving everyone a hug, he picks up a small suitcase with some clothes for the week and walks to the door followed by his mom and dad. A handshake from his dad, a final hug and kiss from his teary-eyed mom and he is out the door. 

Starting the car engine, he knows he is beginning the next chapter of his life, a chapter into a future he has no idea where it would go. He is leaving his family which he loves, but more importantly, he is leaving that town, which he hates. The town has never been good to him. 

Growing up, he was always a weak, skinny kid. He has a massive burn scar covering most of his left arm from a terrible accident when he was a baby. He was so young at the time he never had a conscious recollection of the event. The scar was the subject of constant ridicule from the other kids, and being a weakling on top of it, he was always the victim of intense bullying most of his childhood and his self-esteem was nonexistent by the time he graduated from high school. 

He hoped things would be different when he returned from the Army, but it was clear they never would be; people seldom change in small towns. In that town, he had been branded a loser and a wimp at an early age, and that would never change. He isn’t sad to be leaving that town. 

As he puts the car in gear and heads down the road, his mind turns to the happy last two years he had spent stationed in California. How he misses California on this dreary night in Iowa. It has been an escape from the dismal days of his childhood. He enlisted instead of waiting to be drafted, so he was able to choose what his Army job would be and where he would be stationed. He learned how to play the drums in a youth band growing up and was elated when the recruiter told him he could play in an Army band rather than fight in a combat unit. He chose to be stationed in California. It was a great choice. 

For the first time in his life, he was able to make some great friends. His new friends introduced him to the world of getting high. Mostly marijuana, and a few times, they played with psychedelic drugs like acid (LSD) and mescaline. The drugs opened his mind to a whole new level of consciousness he had never known. He learned to relax with his friends and they enjoyed a lot of great times getting high and listening to music together. He still kept in touch by mail with a couple of his friends who lived in California. God, he misses California on this dreary night. He misses the friends he had made, and he really misses getting high.

His mind stops wandering when the sound of rain on the windshield gets louder and he realizes the rain has turned to sleet. His attention focuses on the deteriorating road conditions. He is relieved when he sees the next road sign that says Des Moines is only 10 miles ahead. He has to decide where he is going to stay for the night. Not having a lot of cash, he decides a hotel in the downtown area would be cheaper than a motel. He finds a section downtown with several older hotel buildings close together so he randomly picks one and finds a spot to park the car. Walking thru the cold and windy sleet he opens the door to the hotel. 

The warm air feels good as he walks to the desk clerk to check in. He pays for five nights, hoping he’ll be able to find an apartment before the week is over. The musty smell of carpet that should have been replaced twenty years ago filled his nostrils as he walks down the hall to his room. A gush of cold air hits his face as he opens the door to his room. “It’s cold as shit in here,” he thinks. “Where’s the fucking thermostat?” He goes over to the heating unit by the window and turns the temperature up to high. He looks around the dingy room. 

There isn’t much to see. Besides the bed, there is a small dresser with a small TV sitting on it, a chair, a lamp, and a small bathroom area with a shower. It isn’t much but it’s only going to be for a week, so it would have to do for now. It is going to be a while before the room warmed up so he turns on the TV, takes off his clothes and gets under the covers of the bed, hoping the room warms up soon. 

As he lays under the covers, his mind is not on the TV. Walking down the hallway to his room triggered a memory from Jerry’s first job as a bellhop in a hotel almost as run down as the one he is in now.

A salesman had just checked in at the front desk. Jerry grabbed his suitcase and escorted the older gentleman to his room. After putting the suitcase on the luggage rack, Jerry handed the key to him, expecting to get his tip. 

The salesman smiled and said, “How old are you?” 


“Man, I bet you’re fucking every girl in school, aren’t you?” the man said as he reached out and ran his finger in between Jerry’s crotch up along his zipper.

Taken a bit back by this Jerry shyly replied, “Um… no, not really”

“Then I bet you’re jacking off every day, aren’t you?” 

He started rubbing harder along Jerry’s growing bulge.

“Why, when I was your age, when I wasn’t jacking off, I was thinking about jacking off” 

Jerry just stood there frozen, not knowing what to say or do, realizing his cock was getting hard inside his tight jeans. Before he knew it, the man had his zipper down and running his thumb against Jerry’s hardening cock, only the cloth of his underwear stood in the way.

“Have you ever used a rubber?” The man said as he pulled Jerry’s cock out and held it in his bare hand. 

“No, Ummm… I’ve never seen a rubber.” 

Hearing that, the man reached in his suit coat pocket and handed Jerry a condom, which he eagerly accepted and put in his own pocket. 

“Oh man, you’ve got a nice cock. I bet it’s bigger than mine,” he said as he unzipped his own pants and pulled out his hard cock. 

“What do you think? Is mine as big as yours?” 

Jerry didn’t know what to do. “Ummm… I dunno”

The man took Jerry’s hand and put it around his cock. 

“How does that feel? I think your cock is bigger than mine, but I’ve got some big balls. Feel ’em.”

He pulled Jerry’s hand inside his pants until he was holding the guy’s scrotum in his hand. The man then started stroking Jerry’s rock hard cock and asks him,

“You should come down to my room when you get off work tonight.”

Jerry didn’t say no, but replied, “Well, not in THIS hotel, but I better get back to the desk before the desk clerk starts wondering what I’m doing.”

With that, the man nodded in agreement and released Jerry’s cock.

Jerry somehow got his hard cock back in his pants and left the room. He hoped the desk clerk wouldn’t notice the huge bulge that wouldn’t go away. If she noticed it, she didn’t say anything. Jerry couldn’t get the picture of what had just happened out of his mind. 

When his break time came, he ran into a bathroom and locked the door. He took out the condom he had been given and slipped it over his hard cock. The feeling of latex rubber over his cock for the first time and the image of the cock he had held earlier made him stroke his cock and in less than a minute erupted his load and he watched the cum filling up the condom. His release calmed him down and he was able walk back from his break without the huge bulge in his pants. 

He never saw that man again, and he had forgotten all about it until just now. Walking down the hotel hallway has triggered that memory. Jerry is stroking his cock as he recalls the experience and his mind comes back to the present when he shoots a load of cum all over his tummy. The room has now warmed up and it is getting late, so he sets his alarm clock and rolls over to get some sleep. 

Jerry wakes up the next morning, eager to start working at his old job again and find an apartment before the week is up. He doesn’t want to stay in that dingy hotel any longer than he has to. The first day at work goes ok, meeting his new workmates and getting into a new routine. The day goes by quickly as he anticipates quitting time so he can begin his search for an apartment. After work, he buys a copy of the day’s paper, grabs a quick burger and heads to the hotel to relax and search the want ads for apartments. 

He is greeted again by a rush of cold air when he opens the door to his room. The maids have turned off the heat. He’s cold, tired, and feeling a bit grubby with printer’s ink he can’t get off his hands at work. He turns the heat back on and decides a hot shower is what he needs right now. 

Jumping in the shower feels great as he turns the water as hot as he can stand. He always loved hot showers. He enjoys running his soapy hands all over his body. His fingers linger over his nipples as he caresses them and squeezes them with little pinches. His hands soon find their way down between his legs. Running his hands and fingers around and over his hardening cock, thoughts always fill his head with fantasies of being with the women he’d never had and had no idea of how to get, but a guy can always imagine. 

Stroking his cock and fondling his balls, his hands work their way around to the crack of his ass. He never wondered why, but he’s always been fascinated by how good his asshole felt when he played with it. Running his soapy fingers around it and poking inside it as far as he can seems so perverted and so pleasurable at the same time. 

He starts feeling dizzy as the hot water raises his body temp above a comfortable level. He turns off the water and steps out of the shower. Steam fogs the entire room as he stumbles his way to the bed and collapses down on it. Pleasurable feelings overwhelm him as he lay there wet, naked, and stroking his hard cock. It doesn’t take long before his load shoots onto his stomach. 

He lays there and begins to run his fingers into his cum, spreading it all over himself.  Many times, he’d run his fingers through his fresh cum and touched his cum covered finger on the tip of his tongue. He never likes it but always tries it. His curiosity to taste his cum is always overcome by the thought of how perverted it is, so it never goes further than that. 

He cools down, gets dressed, and starts to search the want ads for apartments to rent. There aren’t as many options in his price range as he expected but he does find three possibilities and makes a list for him to check out tomorrow after work. 

The next day at work goes by quickly. He is enthused about finding a place to live. His enthusiasm does not bear fruit when he finds out that two of the places on his list have already been rented and there was no answer for the third one he called. He doesn’t have any luck the next day either and he was getting a bit depressed, thinking he might have to spend another week in that depressing hotel room. On Thursday, his hopes are raised when he sees a new listing for a furnished studio apartment in his price range at $105 a month. 

The next day being Friday, he checks out of the hotel. He doesn’t want to have to check back in next week, so during his lunch period, he calls the number listed for the apartment from work. On the second ring, a woman’s voiced answers, “R&D Furniture.”

“Uuummm yes,” Jerry says, “I’m calling about the apartment for rent?”

“Which one?”

“The address listed is 1910 1st Street, is it still available?”

“I think so. You’ll have to come into the store.”

“What are your hours? I don’t get off work until 4:30.”

“We’re usually here till 6.”

“What’s the address?”

“3579 University.”

“Oh great. I work on University. I think I can find you.”

“OK. We’ll see you then.”

A smile comes to Jerry’s face as he hangs up the phone. His first success all week. He is going to actually look at an apartment.

4:30 comes quickly as Jerry punches out with his first paycheck in his hand. He easily finds the furniture store located in a not very fancy part of University Avenue. Jerry walks up to the run-down storefront. He opens the door and sees rows packed with average-looking furniture. Near the center of the store, he sees a middle-aged lady working at a desk.

“Can I help you?” she says as she looks up from her work.

“Yes, ma’am. I called earlier about the apartment on 1st Street?”

“Oh yes, I remember.”

She rolls her chair around and shouts to the back of the store,

“Dennis, somebody wants to see the apartment on 1st Street.”

A few seconds later, a head pops out from one of the rows of furniture. The man was clearly busy and didn’t appreciate the interruption.

“Hi, I’m Dennis. I’m in the middle of something right now. Can you hold on about twenty minutes?”

“Sure, no problem.”

At that momen,t he hears a voice coming from the back of the store.

“I can take him over.” 

Jerry sees a friendly, well-dressed man walk up to him offering a big smile and a handshake.

“Hi! I’m Roger Drennon. That’s my brother Dennis and this is his wife, Becky”

“Nice to meet you, Roger, I’m Jerry Jansen”

“Which apartment do you want to see?”

Becky interrupts and says “He likes the one on 1st Street.”

“Sure thing, let’s go out the back door where my car is parked and I’ll drive you over there.”

Jerry follows Roger out to the back and over to a very nice new Cadillac parked near the door. Roger unlocks the passenger door and holds it open as Jerry gets in. He is immediately impressed with the feel of the luxurious leather seats and interior of the finest automobile he’d ever been in before. 

Roger gets in with a big smile on his face and starts the engine. 

“So, Jerry… are you from the Des Moines area?”

“No, not really. I was born and raised in Storm Lake.”

“So what brings you to Des Moines?”

“Well I had a job here before I joined the Army and couldn’t find a job in Storm Lake when I got out, so I came back down here to get my old job back.”

“How long were you in the Army?”

“Three years.”

Roger reaches his hand over and puts it on Jerry’s leg,

“Man, this sure isn’t an easy time to be in the military. I can appreciate how hard it must be for you young guys to have to put your future on hold because of this god damned war.”

“Yeah, but I was lucky and didn’t have to go out of the country.” 

Jerry moves his leg as a signal to Roger that his hand shouldn’t be there. Roger quickly moves his hand back to himself and continues with small talk. 

In a few minutes, he pulls up next to a tall brick building with the numbers 1910 above the door. It is one of many buildings just like it in the area. As they get out and start walking up to the door, Roger stops and starts pointing at different buildings, “We own that one over there, these two on the left and another one half a block down.” 

Jerry, obviously impressed, says ” Wow, that’s quite a few buildings.”

“My brother and I have been in the rental business for over twenty years now, so we’ve accumulated a few during that time.”

Roger takes Jerry through the front door and down a long hallway. Although the building is old, it’s clean and seems well maintained. Halfway down the hall, they come to an elevator. They get in and Roger pushes the button to the seventh floor. As the elevator starts its ascent Roger tells Jerry, “This is a nice apartment and there is a larger freight elevator in the back where you can move your furniture up.” 

Jerry interrupts, “Ummm, I don’t have any furniture, I thought this was a furnished apartment.”

“Oh No! I’m so sorry,” says Roger.  He laughs and puts his arm around Jerry’s waist.

“You wanted the furnished one, my mistake,” and he quickly removes his arm. “Let me show you a furnished one.” He stops the elevator and takes it back down to the first floor. 

Once off the elevator Roger takes Jerry down to the end of the hall and opens the door to the last apartment in the hall. Once inside, Jerry sees a sizeable living room, with a hide-a-bed couch, coffee table, small easy chair, and a lamp. Off to the left is a small but efficient kitchen with a table and chair set. To the right a short hallway to a bathroom on the right and a large walk-in closet on the left. Everything looks OK except the bathroom only has a tub, no shower. It is enough to get by for now; it’s clean and it’s available. Jerry thinks about it for a moment. “It’s nothing fancy, but it’ll do for now.”

Delighted, Roger says, “Great! Do you want to move in right away?”

“Yeah, I’ve stayed in a hotel all week, so right away would be great.”

Roger puts his hand on Jerry’s back just above his belt.

“Well let’s go back to the store and do the paperwork and get you your key. I think you’re really going to like it here in Des Moines.”

They head back to the store, fill out the paperwork and Jerry walks out the door with a key in his pocket and a good feeling as he gets back in his car and heads home for the weekend. After a week in that depressing hotel, he is more than anxious to get the rest of his belongings and move into his new apartment!!

To be continued…….

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And Our Journey Begins

It’s not my sort of party, but I’ve had a long dry spell.

I jimmy some daddy’s lock and find a bottle of ’97 Stony Mountain cab. I pour a glass and claim a corner of the leather couch.

“This is so fuckin’ awesome!” blondie burbles, plopping down beside. “Just did some dude’s snake! So fuckin’ big!”

“Still a bit on your cheek.”

She wipes and licks it clean.

As she prattles on, I look across. There. Pallid, withdrawn, alone.

I thread through the groping, dancing couples to her.

“Waiting for me?”

She looks up, cheeks pinking.

“All my life.”

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Which One?

“Is it c-o-m-e or c-u-m?”

“I’m old-school, so I go with the first one, but nowadays? Probably don’t matter that much.”

“I feel like c-u-m is too nasty, but c-o-m-e sounds too fucking polite. Know what I mean?”

“Does it matter? Both mean yer shooting a wad, right?”

“I mean, yeah, but you still wanna get it right, ya know?”

“Right? Hey, fuck that. And why you wanna know anyway?”

“You don’t worry about alla that, aight?”


The first gentleman retrieved his phone from his pocket, selected Maria and typed:

“Sorry for cumming/coming in your eye last night.”

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All My Love to You

I saw her again today and my heart leapt into my chest. 

I need to know that she’ll be a safe place to land when I fall to pieces and that I’m not wasting my time and energy on her because I don’t give out my heart freely anymore. She’s been there when I have needed her the most, and all I want and need is to be able to do the same for her. I know that loving her is unconventional and, to most people, an impossible dream, but the heart wants what it wants and I cannot change that. I want to be her last love; the one she can truly be herself around without judgment or fear of abandonment. 

I have never loved another woman this deeply and I will wait for her if it means we can be together. She’s my safe place, my happy spot, and everything in between and then some. I will never be able to thank her for the endless laughs she has given me, the everyday kindness she gives out so freely, or the winks that make my heart flutter. I am here today because of her and, although I’d like to, I will never be able to repay her.

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Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2021 12:30:17 -0500 From: Scott Davis Subject: Mr. Shepherd’s Friends 1 – Sean This is a side story to one I have posted in the Adult Friends and College section called Mr. Shepherd’s Summer Vacation and Go GV. This is a bit more information about Sean. This story contains gay sex between consenting adults. If this story offends you or it is illegal for you, please leave this site. If not..enjoy and let me know what you think! Most of the characters and events in this story are fictional. The story may portray some real people, events, or places. Remember Nifty relies and survives on generosity of people like you for donations. Please be generous. Sean Sean took his seat on the plane and looked at the empty seat next to him. The guys had left Sean alone on the drive to the airport. Sean told them all he was ok and happy for Thomas. Sean truly was. He would miss his friend, especially his cock, but knew he really wasn’t a relationship kind of guy. Not yet anyway. Once the plane reached its altitude and the seatbelt light turned off Patrick came and sat next to Sean. Sean smiled and assured Patrick that he was doing alright. He had some ideas for when he got home and was ready to make some changes in his life. Patrick took Sean’s hand and gave it a squeeze. Sean pulled Patrick’s hand into his lap and Patrick gave Sean’s bulge a squeeze. Patrick smiled, you’ll be fine! The men all said their goodbyes and as Sean walked out of the airport he was greeted by his dad. Jerry asked where Thomas was. Sean said he would fill him in on the drive home. Jerry said it sounded like everything worked out the way it should and asked Sean what his plans were for the next semester. Sean looked at his dad and told him he thought he wanted to be a porn star. His dad swerved to the side of the road and hit his brakes. Jerry asked Sean to explain. Sean reminded his dad about his chat website and that many of the men wanted to see me get fucked more. Plus, Austin said he would help me get started and that my special talent of getting double penetrated is in high demand. He went on to explain that he knew this wouldn’t be forever, but wanted to pursue this sexual way of life. His dad shook his head, but knew he wouldn’t be able to talk Sean out of it. How about we don’t mention this to your mother. Don’t want to lie to her, but not sure she would want to know her son is doing porn. They arrived back at their house and Sean got to fill his mom in with all the happenings. She gave her son a big hug and said they would turn the workout room back into his bedroom. Sean shook his head and said he thought he would head back to college early and get an apartment. He mentioned he knew a guy who was looking for a roommate so would reach out to him and probably head out in a few days. His mom was sad, but understood her son was an adult living his own life. Sean sat on the couch and pulled out his phone. He texted Vic and asked about rooming together. Vic immediately agreed and said it has been a struggle since Alex had left. Sean said he would Venmo him some money and be at the apartment by the end of the week. Vic said he had seen his posts and was sorry Thomas would not be coming back. Sean told Vic that it was obvious that Thomas needed to stay with Erik. It was ok and Sean explained what his plans were and asked Vic for some help getting a few things set up. Vic happily agreed. Sean said he needed to make a few more phone calls and would see Vic soon. Sean called Austin next. He asked if the porn offer was still on the table. Austin said he was happy to hear from him and said he could definitely get Sean started. Austin said he would need a few days to get things set up, but should be ready by the following week. Sean made sure to ask Austin for XL cocks. He was ready to get fucked and wanted to be stuffed full! Austin laughed and said he already had a couple actors in mind and Sean would be pleased. Sean spent the next few days getting his belongings packed up. He found a small truck to buy and was loaded up and ready to head out Friday. He hugged his mom and dad. His dad told Sean to be safe and to let him know if he needed anything and gave him an extra squeeze during their hug. Sean was sure he could feel his dad’s cock pressing against his crotch. Sean drove back to GV and Vic welcomed him into his new apartment. Vic said he moved into this three bedroom unit, really two bedroom and small office, so they could still have a room set up for the videoing. The rent was only a few dollars more and he thought they could make that up with an extra video a month. They spent the next couple hours unpacking and getting Sean set up. When they were finished they grabbed some beers and sat on the couch. Sean asked Vic if he was able to get things set up. Vic nodded and said Sean should get ready as his guests would be arriving soon. Sean chugged the rest of his beer and headed to the shower. Sean spent his time showering. He smiled with his anticipation of the evening. He wondered what Vic had been able to arrange. When he finished showering he dried himself off and wrapped the towel around his waist. He walked out to get another beer and found Vic talking with two guys who he recognized from the football team. They were HUGE men and compared to Sean’s size looked like giants. Sean hoped everything was proportionate. Sean grabbed himself a beer and Vic introduced Matt and Andy. They are straight, but love anal sex and have no issue with who’s ass they fuck and the thought of double fucking really turned them on. Sean reached out and shook their hands. Sean laughed to himself at the introduction and that in moments these men would be fucking him. There was a knock on the door and there stood Travis. Sean smiled and gave him a huge hug! He pulled Travis inside the apartment and told Vic he was ready. The men walked down the hall to the video room. They all stripped and Sean smiled at the cocks in front of him. Matt and Andy gasped a bit as they looked at Travis’ huge cock. Sean masked up and took his seat. Vic started the live stream and there were over 200 men waiting for a show to start. Sean apologized for being gone so long and said he would make it up to everyone tonight. Sean motioned for the three masked men to approach him. The three stepped into the view of the camera and each had begun to sprout. Matt and Andy were proportional and sported very beefy 8″ cocks. The donations had been coming in and Sean started sucking the three men. He proved he had mastered deepthroating as he took each cock down his throat. The chat was blowing up with requests to get to the fucking. They wanted to see these cocks up Sean’s ass. Vic nodded, indicating the financial goal had been met, and Sean got on his hands and knees. He pointed to Andy to get on his back. Sean straddled him and pointed to the lube bottle beside Matt. Matt began to hand it to Sean. Sean shook his head and pointed to Andy’s dick. Matt was taken back a bit. He didn’t mind double fucking with his friend but hadn’t planned on actually touching his dick. Sean snapped his fingers and Matt poured the lube all over Andy’s throbbing cock and rubbed it all around it. Andy groaned as he felt his friend stroke his cock. Matt’s cock pulsed up some precum as he felt his friend’s cock in his hand. Sean took his place and began to lower himself onto Andy’s cock. Sean hadn’t been fucked in a week and was ready to make up for lost time. He nodded his head towards Travis who stepped in front of him. Sean sucked in Travis’ cock as he began to bounce on Andy’s dick. This went on for several minutes and then Sean pulled off Travis’ cock and looked at Matt. MORE he grunted as he leaned forward exposing his cock filled ass. Matt lubed himself up and stepped forward. Vic switched cameras and they all looked at the monitor to see Matt’s cock join Andy’s in Sean’s ass. Matt used his hand as he entered Sean and let it linger around Andy’s balls a bit after he began fucking. He had never felt another man’s balls and enjoyed rolling them between his fingers. Sean was moaning on Travis’ dick as the two thick cocks started fucking him. The comments were coming in like crazy and Vic kept the viewers engaged. That’s 30″ of cock in his body, Vic typed. Sean’s moans increased as he felt the thrusts pistoning in and out of his ass. He swallowed Travis’ cock to the base. Travis grabbed Sean’s hair and released his balls into his throat. Vic made sure he got a close up of Sean’s throat as Travis’ cock pulsed. Matt and Andy began moaning and Matt thrust hard as he shot his load into Sean’s ass. When he pulled his cock out Andy slipped out also. Sean was about to reach back and put it back inside him when Matt grabbed it and heard Andy grunt as he shot his load onto Sean’s hole and it oozed down over Matt’s hand. Sean grabbed Matt’s hand and licked the cum off of it. The four men collapsed next to each other on the mattress. The viewers went wild and stated that they wanted to see more. Matt and Andy looked at their limp dicks and shook their heads. Travis flopped his back and forth and shook his head. Vic typed a message in and then opened the office door. The camera showed two very tall and naked black men standing in the doorway. Travis, Matt and Andy got up off the couch and were quickly replaced with the black men. Travis waved goodbye to the camera along with Sean and Vic. Matt and Andy stood by the door and watched as the black men laid down next to Sean. The men kissed for a few seconds, but then he positioned the men so their crotches were touching and he could squeeze their two cocks together. He poured lube over the two cocks and soaked their long lean shafts. The cocks were easily 9″, but not nearly as thick as Sean liked. Sean squeezed the cocks together and hovered over them. Vic made sure a camera had the shot and the viewers watched as Sean lowered himself down on the two black poles. Matt had become hard again watching the action in front of him. He was stroking his cock and Andy noticed how his friend was engaged in what was happening. Andy liked fucking Sean’s ass, but watching him get fucked wasn’t a huge turn on for him. He wondered why Matt was so interested in what was happening. Matt was in a trance and wasn’t even aware that Andy was watching him stroke himself. Matt watched as Sean bounced up and down. Sean’s head was rolled back and he was obviously enjoying the black cocks in his ass. Sean stared at the camera and down to his cock. Vic zoomed in and caught the action as Sean moaned loudly and his cock erupted in front of him. He loved cumming hands free. It was such a different experience than when he jacked off. The pulsing from his ass also caused the two black men to start shooting into Sean’s wet ass. Their cum oozed out of Sean’s ass as they overflowed him with their loads. Matt had increased his stroking and couldn’t stop himself as he shot his load on the floor in front of him. As he finished shooting he glanced over and noticed Andy watching him. He felt his face flush and turned and left the room. Andy followed him and Matt was quickly getting dressed. He joked about he really wanted to fuck Sean again and must have gotten carried away. Andy didn’t want to push the issue and got dressed. The two men left and walked back to their apartment. Matt said he needed a shower and quickly left Andy in the living room. Sean was lifting off the two black men and cum coated both of their cocks. Sean moved over and cleaned both cocks off with his mouth. He smiled up at the camera and opened his mouth letting the cum slide off his tongue onto his mask. The two black men got off the mattress and when they opened the door there were two more men naked, hard and waiting for their turn fucking Sean. Sean smiled at Vic and motioned for the two men to join him. These men were hispanic and had very muscular legs and girthy uncut cocks growing in front of them. Sean had the first one lay on the mattress and straddled him like he had done to Andy earlier. The other man moved quickly behind Sean and the three were fucking in seconds. These men got more into the passion of it and the man behind him pushed him down and the bottom man took his face and kissed him deeply. He felt the man on top lay down on him and soon all their mouths and tongues were mixing together. The men pounded Sean hard and released their loads quickly. Sean had the two men stand in front of him so he could show the viewers their uncut cocks get thoroughly cleaned. The men made their way to the door and Sean found two more men waiting. By the time all was said and done Sean had been fucked by twelve different men. His hole was swollen and he was content. He waved to his viewers and Vic turned off the camera. Vic came over and took Sean’s cock in his mouth. Sean blasted his load in seconds and Vic milked every drop from Sean’s cock. Sean had been so wrapped up in getting fucked he didn’t pay any attention to his own cock. Vic helped Sean to his feet and they headed to the bathroom and Sean slid into a warm bath. Vic pulled up the app on his phone and showed Sean the dollar amount. Sean smiled. Think rent is covered. Vic went and got Sean a beer. They sat together and talked about Sean’s plan to become a porn star. He explained that he had a meeting with Austin next week and thought he would be making his first video. Vic asked if he could tag along. He would love to see how movies are made. Sean said he would ask Austin, but he didn’t think it would be an issue. Maybe you could be a fluffer Sean said with a sly smile. Sean told Vic he thought he was done soaking and Vic helped Sean to his feet. Vic asked if he would like to sleep together tonight. Sean smiled and nodded and they went to Vic’s bedroom and slid under the covers. Sean felt Vic’s erection and realized that he hadn’t seen Vic get off during the entire evening. Sean didn’t think his ass could take another cock, but his mouth sure could. Vic resisted at first, but gave up once he felt Sean’s wet tongue wrap around the head of his dick. Sean was rewarded quickly with a huge load from Vic’s cock. Sean snuggled up to Vic and told him thank you for an awesome night. Vic said he enjoyed it as well and was looking forward to the upcoming school year. Sean laid his arm across Vic’s torso and they fell asleep next to each other. The next morning boys awoke with throbbing cocks. Sean flipped around and they sixty-nined each other until their balls were drained. Now, coffee Vic stated. The two walked naked to the kitchen and made coffee. Vic mentioned that a grocery store run was in order and they would definitely need to swing by the adult bookstore to pick up an industrial size bottle of lube. Sean smiled and wondered who Austin orders his supply from. When they were almost done shopping Sean noticed Matt and Andy in the beer aisle. He pointed them out to Vic and they walked over to say hello. Andy thanked Vic for the invite and told Sean he would love to fuck him again some time. Matt blushed and said he would like that as well. Andy said they were just headed back to their place with some beers and invited them over. Vic said they needed to drop off their groceries, but then would stop by. Sean got an excited look from Matt. As they were driving home Sean asked Vic about the two football players. Vic said he had posted about the DP session and these two guys said they were friends and wanted to see what it would be like to fuck someone like that. They said they were roommates and on the football team so needed to be very discreet. Vic asked if they were roommates or “roommates”. Andy said they were just roommates and neither had played with a guy before other than a circle jerk one night they were camping with some other friends. Sean mentioned that he got a vibe from Matt and felt like he was more into it than just wanting to DP. Vic shrugged his shoulders and said maybe we can find out more tonight. They finished putting their groceries away and were headed over to Matt and Andy’s. The set up was pretty much the same as Vic’s old apartment with the exception they had a patio that faced a wooded area and a privacy fence from their neighbors instead of a balcony. Matt and Andy were sitting outside when Sean and Vic arrived. They had a few lawn chairs set up and handed out the beers. Andy was bold and asked Sean how he can take two dicks up his ass. Matt spit his beer out of his mouth. Sean and Vic laughed. Sean said it took some time, but it was something that he liked doing. His ass felt great when it was really stretched. Some guys like blowjobs, some like eating pussy or sucking a dick, I like getting my ass stretched. Andy nodded and they clinked their beers. Sean looked at Matt and asked him what he liked. Matt stammered a bit and said he liked getting blowjobs. Sean pressed him a bit and asked how he likes his blowjobs. Matt’s face turned a bit red. Sean continued. Do you like it slow and gentle or hard and fast? Do you want the person to swallow or do you want to shoot it on their face? Do you like your balls sucked? Matt took a big swig of his beer. Uh, umm, all the above? Sean smiled and wondered how many blow jobs this guy had received. Andy said he liked blowjobs, but really liked eating pussy. Especially when the girl really gets into it begging me to fuck her. Vic didn’t wait to be asked and said he loves eating ass. Pretty much for the same reason Andy liked eating pussy. The two football players made a face. Vic laughed and said that guys know how to keep it clean back there so it’s not gross. Remember a girl pisses out of her pussy, so it’s not much different. Besides, until you feel how good it is you shouldn’t judge! The guys drank a few more beers and Matt excused himself to use the bathroom. Sean waited a moment and then said he needed to relieve himself also. He was standing outside the bathroom door when Matt opened it, startling him a bit. Sean smiled and apologized and stepped past Matt up to the toilet. Sean pulled out his dick and let his stream flow. Matt was still standing in the doorway staring at Sean’s dick. Sean laughed to himself. Sean asked Matt if he liked what he saw. Matt snapped out of his trance and apologized for staring. Sean told him he didn’t mind. It’s not like you haven’t seen it before. Sean shook the last of his piss out and turned to face Matt. Take a look, touch it if you want. Sean fluffed his dick a bit. Matt was reaching out when he heard Andy yelling to bring more beers out. Matt turned quickly and left the bathroom. Sean pulled up his shorts and walked out to the patio. He moved his chair to face Matt and as he sat down he made sure his dick was visible to Matt. Vic noticed and smiled at Sean. They continued to talk about school and the football team. Sean asked which player had the biggest dick. Matt and Andy both said Jason the QB. He is not as big as that guy you had over with us, but he is pretty close. Sean smiled and wiped his lips. Matt’s phone went off and he looked down. DAMN! I had a date just cancel on me. BITCH! This was supposed to be the night we fuck! Sean smiled and said he could still fuck someone. Andy rubbed his crotch and finished his beer. Hold that thought Andy said and got up to take a piss. Sean pulled his cock out a bit more for Matt to see. He rubbed the bit of precum that had escaped and then licked his finger. Matt was obviously hard and when Andy came back out moved to cover his bulge. Andy asked if it would be another DP fuck or could it just be one on one? Sean said it could be whatever they wanted. Vic offered up his ass as well, so there was plenty to go around. Sean said they should all be in the same room so they could switch partners if they wanted. Andy agreed and they all headed to Andy’s bedroom. Andy had a larger bed so it just made sense. Sean grabbed Vic by the arm and whispered in his ear. Follow my lead. They guys all started to strip and Matt and Andy sat on opposite sides of the bed. Sean smiled and suggested that Matt and Andy be blindfolded and see if they can figure out who is taking care of their cock. If they guessed correctly they could fuck that guy. They both agreed and Sean handed Vic a T-shirt that they used to cover the guys eyes. Sean said they would start by jacking them off. Sean took Andy’s dick into his hand while Vic took Matt’s. Their cocks began to plump a bit. They stopped and stepped back. Sean asked Andy who he thought stroked his dick. He guessed wrong. Let’s try again. Sean and Vic switched and as Vic started stroking Andy, Sean pulled off Matt’s t-shirt and put his finger to his lips telling Matt to be quiet. Vic stopped stroking and Sean asked Andy who he thought that was. He guessed wrong again. Sean said they would try one more time. Matt seemed a bit confused until Sean took his hand and brought him around in front of Andy. Ok, Sean said. If you guess this one correctly you’ll be fucking soon. Andy’s cock twitched a bit and some precum oozed from the slit. Sean nodded to Andy’s dick and Matt shook his head. Sean gave him a mean look and then Matt knelt down and reached out to stroke his roommates cock. He wrapped his fingers around the shaft and rubbed his thumb across the wet head. Andy moaned quietly and shouted out Sean’s name. Matt pulled his hand away and Sean told Andy he was wrong again. Sean motioned for Matt to return to his side of the bed. Sean said they would try one more time, but if he gets it wrong this time he would be jacking off instead of fucking. Vic wrapped his hand around Andy’s dick and this time Andy guessed correctly. Andy yanked the t-shirt off his head and looked down at Vic stroking his cock. Andy looked behind him and saw Sean lean down and take Matt’s cock into his mouth. When he turned back towards Vic he watched his cock disappear into Vic’s mouth. The guys were all getting into it when Andy said he really wanted to fuck. Vic pushed Andy back on the bed and climbed on top of him. Sean laid next to Andy and pulled his legs up in the air offering his ass to Matt. The way the men were all positioned Andy could only see Travis, but Matt could see Andy’s dick and balls and watched as Vic reached back and positioned the dick at his hole and slid down the length. Matt felt Sean stroke his dick and position it at his entrance. Matt pressed forward and felt him enter Sean. Matt was looking at Sean as he fucked him, but Sean looked over and Vic and Andy and nodded at Matt. Matt looked up and watched as Andy’s cock went in and out of Vic’s hole. Vic turned and saw Matt staring. Vic reached out to Matt’s hand and pulled it down between Andy’s legs. Matt gently rolled Andy’s balls in his hands. Andy moaned and said he liked that. He sped up his thrusts and Matt continued playing with his roommates balls. Sean moved his hips a bit and Matt began moving in and out of his ass. Matt couldn’t believe he was fucking a guy while playing with his roommates balls. Matt heard Andy groaning and watched as he thrust up into Vic. He felt his balls tense and then pulse as Andy came in Vic’s ass. This was enough and Matt tensed as he released his own load into Sean. Andy told Vic he loved having his balls played with and he didn’t remember ever cumming so hard. Matt smiled a bit knowing it was him that did that. The men all pulled apart and Andy noticed that Sean and Vic were still hard. Sean told him not to worry about it, that they could take care of each other later. But, if you ever want to try it we would both be happy to let you. Andy laughed and said he didn’t think he would ever suck a cock, let alone take one up the ass. Matt faked a laugh but kept staring at Sean’s boner. The guys pulled themselves back together and said their goodnights. As Sean drove them back home Vic said he was amazed to see Matt’s interest in his roommates balls. Sean smiled. I think Matt wants to be more than just roommates. Once Vic and Andy were home they stripped and sucked each other off. Nice to have a friend that won’t leave ya with blue balls. Sean said. Monday Sean received a text from Austin asking him to be at the warehouse at 10:00am. Sean asked if Vic could join him and Austin said it would be ok. They arrived on time and Austin took Sean to a dressing room and told him to strip. When he was naked a man came in and looked Sean up and down. He nodded and then grabbed a pair of clippers and cleaned up Sean’s pubes and pit hair. The man then rubbed some lotion all over Sean’s body which gave Sean a very hard erection. Good, the man said, nice to see you have no problem getting an erection! We’ll see if that is still the case in front of the cameras. The man finished and handed Sean some clothes. Once you are dressed you can head out to the set. Sean and Vic walked to a scene that looked like a classroom. Austin explained that this would be a teacher/student fantasy. Sean laughed and asked if he could call the teacher Mr. Shepherd? Austin had heard of Mr. Shepherd from Thomas and thought it was a great idea. The other actors started to arrive and Sean really liked what he saw. They were all dressed the same as Sean in some school uniform, except for an older guy in a tie. Sean figured out that he must be the teacher. Austin called them all together and explained the scene. Austin explained that this was Sean’s first scene on a set and first without wearing a mask. This was going to be the unveiling of a chatroom superstar with a DP scene at the end. Austin pointed to the teacher and a very muscular student as the two that would be fucking Sean. The scene was going great. Soon the actors were all naked and performing oral sex on each other and eating ass. Sean finally got to see the hard cocks of the men who would be fucking him and got a huge smile on his face. When it was time he found himself on top of the teacher’s desk with the teacher underneath him and a 9″ cock in his ass. He turned to the camera and said. MORE. This was the word that Sean had become famous for during his DP scenes in his chatroom. The muscular student stepped up behind Sean and pressed in his 10″ cock. The three men fucked on the teacher’s desk until the student pulled out and shot his load all over Sean’s back. The teacher pulled out next and shot his load up Sean’s ass crack and then pressed his dick back into Sean’s ass and finished shooting his load inside Sean. The other actors were standing around the trio and ended up jacking off onto Sean’s and the teacher’s face. The scene ended with Sean looking in the camera. We should chat sometime because I want more! Scene, CUT, PRINT. Austin said that was awesome and this was going to make Sean an instant porn star. The guys all headed over to a communal shower and introduced themselves to Sean. It cracked Sean up that they had all just had sex and now they were talking about getting some lunch. Austin came to the shower and told the guys to finish up and that they would shoot the next scene in a few hours. Sean looked forward to another scene and heard it was going to be a game of truth or dare. Sean rubbed his ass and felt his dick twitch as he looked around the room of swinging cocks. Vic joined the crew and they asked if he would be joining in on any fun? Vic shook his head and said his 6″ dick was not porn worthy. The guys gave him a hard time and Vic seemed to fit right in. After lunch Austin explained that they had two scenes to do this afternoon. The first would be Sean doing a solo scene in front of his computer. He would use Billy and it would include his Chaturbate account. The second scene is your move to a new school. You will meet your dorm mates and there will be a group scene. It starts with you getting caught doing your video chat. Sean liked Austin’s ideas. Austin asked Vic if he would like to help out with some directing. Vic smiled and Austin told him to think about what he likes and dislikes about porn and guide the conversations the guys have. Vic loved porn. He liked reality based porn. He knew most porn was just sex scenes, but he liked a story line. Someone knocking on the door with a “delivery” and two seconds later the guys are fucking isn’t any form of reality. He liked it when there was some build up to the sex scene. Call him a romantic, but he liked thinking there was some kind of connection between the actors. Vic guided Sean and his “dorm mates” through a game of Truth or Dare with the final dare being Sean getting DP’d. Vic was surprised how open the actors were to some of the truth questions. Vic loved seeing these guys naked, especially how hung they were, and how much they made having sex fun. They were totally comfortable with their bodies and sexuality. Vic realized how many hang ups he had. The rest of the afternoon the guys took direction from Vic well and Sean was well fucked! Vic even got to fluff Austin called the day a wrap and said they should have enough footage to put together an AVN Award winning movie! Austin handed each guy their check for the day and even included one for Vic. The guys said they were going to get a drink and asked if Vic and Sean would like to go too. The guys nodded and Sean thought this felt normal. Sex then go out for drinks. Sean heard back from Austin the next week and he sent a link for Sean to view the final cut of the video. Sean loved how he looked and the flow of the video. Austin said he was sending it off to a few people he knew and would see what happens. Austin said the collaboration between Chaturbate and this video has the potential to make this very lucrative for everyone involved and Austin suggested making a mold of Sean’s ass and they could sell a combo kit of his ass along with “Billy” the dildo so guys could DP you along with Thomas. Sean loved what he was hearing and said he was up for anything and everything. Austin told Sean to lay low on the Chaturbate sight and let some momentum build. Two weeks later Sean got a message from Austin. $$$$ The movie was a huge hit and Sean should check his Chaturbate account. When Sean looked he had over 200K followers and his balance had doubled. He sent a quick text to Thomas and told him to do something frivolous with the money! Thomas replied that the money was all Sean’s. From what Thomas saw in the video he had earned it. And, Erik said thanks for the shout out during the movie! Sean thanked Thomas and told him to be on the lookout for a gift in the near future! Sean and Vic went out to celebrate and Sean asked Vic if he would be interested in making more pornos. Austin mentioned he needed someone with a good eye and liked how you worked with the actors. The money would be pretty good and you could put to use some of your AV skills you have learned doing the Chaturbate site. Vic was all in and asked when they could start. Sean texted Austin and said he and Vic were both in and what was the next step. Austin set up a time to get the mold of Sean’s ass and told Sean to post something on his website asking what the viewers would like to see in your next video. Austin went on to tell Sean that he was going to be very popular and in high demand. The actors all said they loved working with you and really loved your ass! Sean, Vic and Austin worked closely together the next few weeks managing the Chaturbate account and orders for the, soon to be released, combo pack of Sean’s ass and Thomas’ dick. Sean had sent Thomas the first edition kit along with a Rolex Cosmograph Dayton as a thank you for signing over his portion of the profits from the website. Sean received a picture from Thomas with both him and Erik inside Sean’s “ass” and a message that the real thing is 1,000 times better! The next several months flew by and Sean had made his name in the porn industry. He traveled to Porn Shows across the country, and danced in clubs in Toronto, LA and Dallas to promote his newest videos. He started mentoring younger porn stars and helped Austin out with the Sex Toy part of the business. Sean enjoyed every day on set, but enjoyed every night when he and Vic headed home together. Sean thought back to that fateful day when he rear ended Mr. Shepherd and looked at where his life was now. He missed Thomas and Erik, but loved his life and loved Vic. This was exactly where he was supposed to be and what he was supposed to be doing.


Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2021 11:36:58 +0000 From: J a skehan Subject: swim lesson -student turns teacher Swim lesson-student becomes the teacher Cajuncock If you’ve gotten this far you know the drill. This is a work of gay fiction with sex between consenting males. If you enjoy this please contribute to this site Here I was in the pool in the middle of a swim class for adults surrounded by 6 other adult students and being watched by two lifeguards on the sidelines of the pool. My hands were holding a 45 year old man’s stomach as I demonstrated technique to the class. My hands were slowly moving to his waist as he floated. The problem was that this man was my former teacher, a man I’d once had a crush on. I wanted to touch lower, to feel his cloth covered cock. My own cock was stiff, trying to rip through the thin fabric of my regulation speedos. I knew that if I let John go he just might float on his own. But there was a change that he would sink. I could only imagine having to give him mouth to mouth. I knew that my tongue would slip into his mouth seeking to imprint on my brain the feel of a kiss. One of the lifeguards knew that there had once been a connection between John and I, a simple teen crush of a boy for his teacher. Jaz had been a friend since junior high. We shared secrets, including my crush. Now he watched intently as I held my former teacher and long time crush so close. If my hand had slipped another 4 inches I’d be holding his cock. Calmy, I explained to the class the basic idea of free floating. It was meant to be a relaxing exercise to get used to the pool. The YMCA offered adult swim lessons on the weekend. Normally, one of the other lifeguards would teach the class. But as luck would have it, I was up on the duty roster now. I let go of John slightly keeping my hand under his both but inches from contact with it. He held on to the side of the pool and his body floated easily. I breathed a sigh of relief silently praying that he’s be ok by himself. But he panicked as he let go. I dipped down to steady him as he splashed. I put a hand under his chest to keep his upper body on the surface. My other hand reached for his middle. But somehow I had grabbed on his crotch. I felt his cock stiffen in my hand. He regained his control and floated alone for a few minutes, Then he stood and winked at me saying “Thanks, maybe I should practice that again.” This time he managed to float on his back successfully. But now the other problem became public- his hard cock was apparent. I stared for a minute thinking of the many ways I might use his hardness to satisfy my own carnal desires. I ducked under water swimming over to the other students to continue the lesson. By now Jaz had jumped into the pool. He swam laps as the lesson finished. Out of the corner of my vision I saw Jaz swim over to John and work with him on floating. The rest of the adults went to the locker room to dress. I pulled myself out of the pool as I watched Jaz hold John’s body up in the water. A sting of jealousy sprang up in me. Jaz was not known to be gay. Yet now he was horning in on the man I wanted. He knew what he was doing. As I stared, he put his hand under John, holding him up by his crotch. All the time he was joking with the man I wanted so much. I blew my whistle for the other swimmers to get into the pool. Jaz guided John into some basic strokes to get to the shallow end and then out. John grabbed his towel and stood drying off as Jaz continued talking to him. By this point I was livid! John started off to the showers and the locker room. Jaz just stood smiling at his wet ass in his swim trunks. I went up to Jaz, by this time furious. I stood in front of him, silent but obviously upset. Jaz looked at me with his usual cocky smirk saying “I think if you hurry you can catch him in the showers. I’ve primed him for you. He’s hot and very horny. Go get him!” I didn’t know how to respond. But somehow my legs took off for the locker room. Once inside, I stripped off my speedo and walked into the gang showers. John was still there soaping the pool chemicals from his body. I noticed that his cock was somewhat engorged. I don’t think he noticed me. I took a position next to him and said “Hi, nice lesson. Sorry about the accidental grab of your junk.” He shook the soap from his hair and face looking at me with a smile. I blushed as he looked over my body. Seeing him naked in front of me made me hard again. He smiled saying “No big deal, but down there tells me a lot.” He nodded to my erection standing straight out from my body. I stuttered “I bet you don’t remember me but you taught me six years ago. I was in your senior English class.” He smiled “OH, yes, I remember. You always sat in the front row. You were a very handsome boy.” I blushed at the compliment and nodded. He continued his shower. When he turned to rinse his face I was entranced looking at the most perfect butt I’d ever seen in my short life. My cock grew harder as the temptation to touch it grew. I let out a sudden “Oh, my GOD!” He turned to see what was wrong. He had a view of my hard cock and muscled body. He reached out to steady my shaking body asking, “Are you OK?” I slumped slightly towards him. He used both hands to steady me as I pushed towards him. I reached out to hold myself up and I held his shoulder. I looked into his eyes and saw lust. Lust for me, need for me! We stood for a few seconds touching each other. I glanced down to see his own stiffness with a clear drop on the tip. He whispered “Maybe we should get out of the shower and talk. Let’s grab a coffee?” I nodded my agreement. We both dried off and dressed. I was in a daze at the sudden turn of events. We sat for a few minutes over the steaming cups of coffee. Finally, I broke. I told him that those years ago I’d had a deep crush on him. I admitted that many a night I’d jerked off wishing he was laying next to me naked in my bed. He reached out his hand and placed it over my own. I looked up at him. He was smiling and explained that he had similar thoughts. “Now,” he went on “It’s been years and you’re still just as handsome . But now I’m no longer your teacher. Time and circumstances are different. We can both give in to what we want. I can’t promise you anything. You are an adult now, not a school boy with a crush. You can make up your mind what you want, what you need.” I hesitated. There was so much that I wanted. I wanted him to take me, to make love to me. I needed to feel this man enter me, claim me as his own. I wanted to be his sex slave, to obey him, to satisfy his every carnal need. Finally, I just burst out saying “Please, take me home and use me?” He smiled across the table at me and nodded that he understood. I was waiting for his answer, afraid he’d reject me. He had that stern teacher look on his face. It was one that I remembered from school. He looked at me and whispered “You know that I’m large? It will hurt at first. Pain and more pain will you suffer. Once I start I will not be able to stop no matter how much you beg, no matter how much you hurt. Is that what you want?” I looked at him and digested his words before speaking “Any pain I take, any you will inflict will be worth it just knowing that you are taking pleasure using my body.” He nodded and smiled at me then said “You tempted me so much sitting there in front of the class. I could make out your hardness in those flimsy shorts. I saw your hard nipples in the open shirt. I wanted to take you right there in that room in front of everyone.” I shook at those words remembering how much I needed to be his those many years ago. I’d imagined that I saw the outline of his cock in his summer slacks. I imagined his hairy, muscled chest covered in that light shirt he wore that warm day. Today, all of those imagined images would be revealed for me. I nodded that I understood and accepted his terms. We both stood and left the café for his place. I followed him to his car. He opened the door for me as if I were a date. I could see the shape of his stiff member as I went to sit inside. We drove for 20 minutes. The entire time I stared at his crotch knowing that soon I’d get what I had long wanted. I was nervous but not with fear. I was too excited to be afraid. I felt my own cock dripping in my shorts. The entire trip we talked of our lives. He’d planned on taking a trip to Europe over the summer. He wanted to learn to swim so that he could fully enjoy the nudist culture of Europe. He told me of the places where nudist gathered to relax and enjoy the sun, of the beaches, of the nudist resort camps. I told him that someday I’d like to see those also. I also told him about my few gay friends in the area. I explained that I’d avoided sex with them from fear. He asked where I went to meet them. He also asked if I’d ever thought of group sexual encounters and sex with more than one man? I marveled at the idea that a man could enjoy it with multiple partners. His description of how group sexual encounters work had me wanting to throw my meager clothing out of the car window to feel the freedom of nudity. We arrived at his house. It was typical suburban home. The well-tended lawns, the hidden back yards behind the tall fences and hedges made me wonder what life behind those barriers was really like? He pulled up to the garage door and flicked a switch on the dashboard to open them. Once securely inside, he began to remove his few cloths. His hard cock stood straight out from his body. I too removed what I wore. My own cock was ready and hard. He reached out to stroke me saying “Welcome to my world, here we can do as we please. The yard is screened from all prying eyes.” He ushered me into the house. The shirt hallway led to a smartly outfitted kitchen with a sliding door overlooking the garden. As I stood naked looking out, he walked up behind me and held my waist close to his naked body. I felt that cock that I’d yearned for so often as it rubbed my ass crack. He was a bit taller, so the cock fit just right at the top of my ass crack. I stood there looking out as he brought his right hand around to hold my flat stomach against his body. His left hand reached around to pinch my nipple. I shivered at the new sensation. He leaned in whispering “Soon, my boy, soon.” He nibbled at my exposed neck and kissed my ear. I shivered again at his touch. I felt the wet tip of his cock rub up and down my ass crack. I knew that soon that cock would find my entrance and open up my world. He again whispered ” Soon all of your young dreams will be met, your desires fulfilled. I promise you that you will be happy beyond your wildest dreams.” I twisted my head around so that my lips could meet his. The kiss was deep, passionate and made me want him even more. His hands left my body and he turned me around by my shoulders to face him. Looking me in the eyes he asked “Do your freely surrender your body, yourself to me?” I whispered “Yes, always.” He guided me back into the house to his bedroom. It was large with mirrors everywhere. I could see our reflection all around us. He held me tight as he moved us to his large bed. I lay back seeing my body in the mirrors on the ceiling. I looked down at him as he moved to the side of the bed. He grabbed two things from the table. Raising a small, brown bottle, poppers, he explained this will relax you making for less pain as I enter you. The other is the lube to make that entry smooth.” He unscrewed the bottle and held it under my nose telling me to inhale deeply. I did as instructed as I watched him inhale too. He then squirted some of the lube on his cock. The cock glistened in the lights making it look even more fearsome in size. I raised my legs up to offer him my hole. He let some of the lube drop to my crack. Using his moist cock he rubbed the lube all around my opening. I squirmed with anticipation of his entry. I knew that there would be some pain. He again offered the small bottle for me to inhale. As I inhaled I felt my muscles relax. He felt it too. He leaned over to kiss me. As his tongue entered my mouth, I felt the first inches of his 9 inch cock bust past the first muscles of my hole. The pain was sharp and sudden. I felt as if my body would be split in two. Held still giving me another hit of the poppers. My relaxed body accepted the invader now. Inch by inch pushed into my love channel. My muscles gripped him tight not wanting him to stop. I reached up to his shoulders holding him tight. I moaned out “Please make me yours!” I felt that first pain fade into a feeling of fullness. I wanted him never to leave my body. I yelled out “Your have taken me fully now. Fill me with your babies. I want all of them inside me!” He looked down smiling with a lust in his eyes saying “You feel so good wrapped around my cock. I want to fill you many times today. You will forever need this cock inside your body. You will beg for cocks from this day on.” I knew he was right I would always need cocks to make me whole. He slowly, painfully slowly began to pump in and out of my body. Each withdrawal made me want more. My own stiff cock untouched began to spurt my pre-cum across my body. Each time he plunged in he touched that spot that made me want more cock. I moaned my need for him. He slowed when he felt my muscles grab him tight. “OH! OH! He moaned “You feel so good. I want to fill you. But I also don’t want this to end.” I responded that I too did not want this to end. I wanted, no needed to be plowed over and over again. He continued to ravage my hole increasing the pressure with each thrust. Finally, we both yelled out. My cock exploded just as I felt his twitch inside me filling me with his nectar. He held still inside me as more and more of his love juice emptied into my willing body. At last he fell forward on my body, his cock still buried in me. We lay there for a long time. I felt that his cock had not gone soft. He dipped that hard tool slowly in and out of my now wet hole. I wrapped my legs around his hips to hold him in place. He leaned up smiling and asked “You want more don’t you” I think that I’ve awakened the beast in you.” I agreed by pulling him down for a passionate kiss. As we kissed I humped up against him. Slowly, he began again. He joked that it we kept this up he’d have to call in help to satisfy my needy ass. I moaned at the suggestion. He stopped, looking down at me to ask “You’d like that? You want men and their mighty cocks to penetrate your hole don’t you?” I nodded saying “As long as you are there too. I’ll do what you command.” This idea set him off into a frantic fucking of my wet hole. He came suddenly without warning. We slept for a few hours waking spooned together in his bed. He pulled me tight against his body, kissing my neck. I moaned and he asked ” Now that you’ve taken my load twice, what else would you like to experience?” I mumbled “everything I can get.” We showered and still naked went into the kitchen to find something to eat. While I fixed eggs and bacon he was on his cell. At one point he turned the phone around to get a picture of my naked ass. I set the table and we sat eating. As we ate he asked “Would you like us to entertain this evening? I have some buddies who might want to stop by? They liked the ass shot I took of you.” I thought for a minute and asked “Are they as horny as you seem to be ?” He answered “Probably more than ever after seeing that ass.” He smiled and touched my nipple. I said “Ok, so it’s a party tonight! Do I need to do anything?” He laughed saying “Leave it all up to me. You’d better plan on an all night party and get some rest.” Later that day he left to get some supplies. He stopped at the adult book store for lube, poppers, and assorted toys. He picked up some gay porn magazines and a few DVDs too. I took a nap after making some calls to cancel my other plans. Before his guests arrived he gave me a good cleaning in and out. He promised that he would open me up again in front of his guests, a group of very important local men who’d want to sample my body. I was excited at the prospect. The first guests arrive shortly. I recognized one of the police officers from the school patrol. Matt was handsome, in his mid-thirties with a buzz cut and displaying his muscled torso in a tank top. More noticeable was the bulge in his cargo shorts. He looked surprised to see me at first. Then a broad smile opened on his face. Shortly after, a second guest arrived. It was Jaz with his usual smirk. He nodded in greeting. He was accompanied by a well known member of the city council. They made an odd pair- older and younger. Soon the house began to be filled with different men, all horny and ready to play. John introduced me to the group. I was wearing just a towel having just showered. Cloths flew off in record time. The smell of masculine desire filled the room. Drinks and food were ignored as pairs of men turned in larger groups. Kissing then touching commenced at once. John pulled me into a deep kiss and let my towel fall to the floor. His hands reached around to grab my butt. He pulled my cheeks apart revealing my hole. I moaned at the touch of my most hidden asset. Jaz walked up behind me. His stiff cock grazed my ass crack as he whispered “I knew that one day you’d join us. My lover can hardly wait to get to you.” John moved down to lick my neck. His fingers twisted my nipples causing me to gasp. All the men watched with their stiffness a sign of approval. Jaz moved in front of me giving his lover access to my needy ass. He was not a patient man. He positioned his well lubed cock at my entrance and pushed in to the root. I felt the first inches and some pain. Then John and Jaz began nibbling at my neck and shoulders. The cock inside me set up a steady pace of in and out motions. I heard his gasp as my tight ass muscles held him inside my needy body. He stiffened and shot the first of many loads that night into my body. This was the beginning of a wild night of sex. I lost track of how many men left loads in my ass and my mouth. I knew that at some point John added his own to my filled hole. It seemed as if each man had some sort of super energy. The poppers were brought out. I inhaled and was overtaken with a need for cocks. I knelt on the floor, ass in the air begging to be fucked again by any and all of the men there. Jaz knelt behind my over filled ass saying “Time to clean you out and to have my own treat.” He rimmed for what seemed like hours sucking out all of the deposited loads of cum. John announced a break to let me get cleaned for the next round. Someone produced a pipe and a bag of weed. The pipe was passed around. When I came back from a shower the room reeked of the smell of the weed. The pipe was handed to me and I took a toke or two. Then the poppers were passed around again. Now stoned and high from the weed and poppers the crowd decided that I was in need of a gang bang. Each one assaulted me at both ends. My mouth and ass were again filled with horny cocks. With twelve men to satisfy and a good buzz on I lay over a chair gladly offering myself up. Jaz was the first. Although we had been friends since junior high, we’d never had sex. He often said that it would be like fucking his own sister. But tonight, that idea flew out the window. Jax mounted me with renewed vigor. He was merciless in his assault of my ass. I yelled telling how much I needed his seed in me. The excitement soon overcame him and he filled my ass with his load. The sun was peaking over the horizon when the party ended at last. One by one the guests left for home and well deserved sleep. John and I managed to clean up before we hit the shower to remove the last remnants of the cum that have covered our bodies. He had also given into the need to share the men with me and been taken by more than a few of his guests. We lay in bed wrapped in each other’s arms sleeping. Before he drifted off he whispered “I do love you. ” Deep inside my tired body I knew that I felt the same. And then for the party to begin! Comments welcomed — jaskejr@hotmail


Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2021 17:54:56 +0000 From: Phoenix Subject: Glory Home: Chapter 1 (Category: Gay Incest) Chapter 1: “Public Cum Receptacle”This story, which can be read by itself, takes place in the same universe as An American Dad in London and A Martinez Family Thanksgiving, both of them available here on Nifty in the Incest section. If you’ve read these stories you will stumble upon familiar characters. All my stories take place in the same universe and can be found at: VICTOR: “Ready when you are,” the text said. I smiled, put my phone down, and headed to the garage. There, I was treated to the sight of a hard dick pulsing and waiting for me to take it in my mouth. I walked up to it and dropped to my knees, before wrapping my fingers around its shaft and licking my lips. I had no idea who the cock belonged to, not even now. The oval-shaped hole it was poking through was 10 inches in height and 6 inches wide. I know, because I’d cut it out of the plywood myself, carefully sandpapering it until I was certain it was fully smooth. Generally, I thought it was safe to assume that most men would appreciate not getting splinters in their balls, even if some might enjoy it. It was this visitor’s first time here. This morning, we’d exchanged precisely three messages each before he arrived. I never saw a picture of him, nor did I care to. Now, as I knelt in front of his cock and stroked it, I took a few seconds to observe and analyze. A white guy, probably. Cut dick, with a very visible circ scar. Shorter than average, maybe 4.5″, but nice girth. His cock was surrounded by a forest of long, unruly pubes in black and gray. Likely in his 50s, if not older. A large gut was hanging above his cock. Just as I wrapped my lips around the aroused cockhead, the man’s left hand reached down to adjust his low-hanging balls. And there it was. A wedding ring on his hairy finger. Although possible that he had a husband, I was willing to bet anything he had a wife and several kids at home, waiting for him right now. I started to suck the stranger’s cockhead while stroking his shaft. I heard him let out a loud exhale on the other side of the plywood wall. I wondered when was the last time he got his dick sucked. Days, months, years? There was a TV set to play porn on his side of the divider, but he either hadn’t bothered to switch it on or he left it on mute. I unwrapped my right hand from around his cock and used it to play with his balls instead, as I moved my face forward and started to deep-throat him. It wasn’t hard; he didn’t even hit the back of my throat. I went fast; one of his three texts had said he didn’t have much time. Maybe the missus wanted to go visit her parents, or his kids needed someone to drive them to soccer practice. I wanted a cock up my ass, but this man had said he wasn’t “into that,” besides, I doubt he would’ve been able to last more than a couple of minutes anyway. Indeed, a few moments later and he was already shooting his jizz down my throat. I didn’t mind; sometimes I even preferred men who came quickly, if I was on a quest to take as many loads as possible. He may not have a big dick, but he shot out a HUGE load! As used as I was to swallowing, it still took me by surprise and I struggled to take all of it down, as the horny stranger kept shooting load after load after load of his cum down my gullet, his balls contracting in my hand. After guzzling all the sperm, I waited a few seconds before slowly pulling back. With nothing but the tip of the unknown man’s dick in my mouth, I sucked on it a few more times just to make sure he was all dry. He was barely out of my mouth when he started putting up his jeans and buckling up. “Thanks,” was the one word I heard his husky voice say, before he let himself out without me laying eyes on him. I heard his car start in my driveway, and he was off. I walked a few feet to a door that led to the other side of the plywood wall. I always checked out the place after a visitor, to see what state they’d left it in. The TV was on, but there was no movie playing, it was just the start-up screen. The TV had a USB drive in it, full of pirated movies organized in four folders: STRAIGHT, GAY, BI, and TRANS. I wanted to cater to as wide of an audience as possible. I switched off the screen and looked around. The man hadn’t touched any of the other stuff. The poppers were all still closed, as were the bottles of lube and water I left for people to use. No used tissues, either. I used to stock Viagra here as well, but some guys would steal it so I stopped doing that. At times I found tips here that people would leave me, even though that’s definitely notwhat I was after and I never asked for it. Still, it was kinda nice and flattering to have someone do it. The most I got was a $100 bill, from a guy who fucked me through the gloryhole for over two hours. I made a donation to charity that week; I didn’t need the money anyway. I left the garage and went back up to my room. In the short while that I was gone, I’d received over a dozen messages. It was a Saturday, so lots of men were looking for release today. I advertised my gloryhole on multiple sites and apps that allowed that kind of stuff, and even though it occasionally had its slow days, I usually had no problem finding someone who wanted to unload. Some of them were regulars, and had been for years now. Some fucked me through the hole, others got an invitation to come up to my bedroom after. I’d made a surprising amount of friends this way, including other bottoms who occasionally joined me on my side of the wall, servicing a cock together with me. Alas, I had a busy weekend ahead, so I wouldn’t be getting nearly as many loads as I wanted to. Next week was my best friend Kris’s bachelor party, and as his best man I was the one in charge of it. I wasn’t thrilled about throwing a straight bachelor party, but I was determined to make it the hottest thing Kris has even been to. Strippers, booze, cocaine; I went the whole nine yards. In a while, Kris would be coming over to my place to go through some things for the wedding. His fiancée and their wedding planner were handling most of it, but my buddy needed to make some decisions as well, which is when he turned to me. “So what’ve you been up to this morning?” Kris asked an hour later, sitting in my kitchen and having coffee with me. “Not much,” I replied. “Gave this guy a quick blowjob and sorta just putzed around until you got here.” “What guy, anyone you know? Anyone I know?” Kris chuckled. “Nah, some random man online. A quick blow-and-go. Tasted good, though. Huuuge load.” Kris knew all about my gloryhole. All of my closest friends did, but Kris was the only straight one. He’d seen my garage and was amazed by my dedication to it all. “I still think you should be careful about letting strangers in your house,” my friend cautioned me for the umpteenth time. “Look at you, you’re a catch! You ain’t gotta hide behind a wall in order to score.” “The anonymity is such a turn on, though,” I said. “And it’s so much easier to get guys to come when they know no one’s gonna see them, not even me. Straight married men are by far my biggest demo.” “Really?!” he asked, surprised. “Yeah. I mean, this is San Francisco, openly gay men have plenty of places to go. Straight and closeted guys on the other hand, guys on the DL, they love shit like this.” “Well if they’re getting sucked by you, or fucking you, they’re not really straight, are they?” was Kris’s reaction. “Maybe, maybe not. For most of them, I’m just a hole to unload in, and I love that. Being a public cum receptacle,” I added, getting a little turned on to be talking like this to my best friend. Kris just shook his head and laughed. He was used to explicit sex talk, both coming from me as well as others. Kris’s dad and older brother were both notorious playboys who loved talking about tits and pussies, so there wasn’t much Kris hadn’t heard before. Kris’s family was our next topic of conversation. He confirmed that his older brother Josh was flying over from London for the bachelor party. “Good, cuz it’s gonna be insane! I’m flying some of the girls out all the way from New York and Vegas,” I teased, and watched my buddy’s hand casually land between his legs. Kris ended up spending the rest of the day at my place. After we were done with the wedding planning, we played some video games and had a few beers, which led to ordering pizza and acting like two teenagers all evening. I’d recently turned 25 and Kris was about to follow suit soon, so it felt nice to experience a throwback moment of adolescence before losing my friend to married life. After switching from beer to scotch, our conversations started to get even raunchier than usual. Kris kept making jokes about my gloryhole, something he often did when he was drunk. He tried playing it off as banter, but a part of me wondered if he might be interested in it more than he normally let on. With his inhibitions down, maybe he was revealing something that he normally tried to suppress? I decided to prod and see if I could get my buddy to come out of his shell. “C’mon, admit it, you’d use a gloryhole yourself, wouldn’t you?” I asked shortly after midnight. “What, as the one getting my cock sucked? Nah.” Oh! Interesting. “How bout the one doing the sucking?” I said. “I don’t know… Maybe,” my friend replied and suddenly started to blush. I was shocked, but I didn’t want to show it and scare him off. Instead, I just went to sit on the floor next to him and put my arm around his shoulder. As far as I knew, my friend had never had a sexual experience with another male, not since… that time. Kris and I were both 12. I’d been watching gay porn for a couple of years by that point and I knew what I wanted. I knew I was gay. I wanted to try a cock, and who better to ask than my best friend? Kris had let me do it. Since we were kids and it was our first time, it was gonna be awkward no matter what, but I enjoyed it. Kris tried to be cool, but he was probably freaked out by it. Soon afterwards, he started dating girls, and we never spoke of the blowjob again. I was just glad that I didn’t lose my best friend over it. Now, to hear him say this all these years later… “Are you tryna tell me what you’d be open to sucking a cock?” I asked, my arm still around my buddy’s shoulder. “Possibly,” he admitted. “I mean, you DO make it sound fun.” “Well maybe you should! And hey, the gloryhole might be the perfect solution. The anonymity might make it easier. And I’ll be there to coach you, if you want me to.” “Oh my god, you’re serious?” Kris tried to feign a laugh, but I could tell you he was interested as well. “I dunno man, I’m getting married.” “Which is precisely why you should do it before the wedding! Isn’t it better for everyone for you to go into married life knowing as much about your sexuality as possible?” Frankly, I only half-meant what I said. The other half was my horny, pervy side, getting turned on by the idea of teaching my best friend how to suck a cock. “You’re crazy, man! Time to go to sleep,” Kris said and patted my bare knee. He got up and I heard him taking a piss with the door open before going to my guest room and passing out. All my stories and illustrations: — The next day, Kris slept in and I didn’t want to wake him up, so I had breakfast alone. Like every Sunday, I was inundated with messages from prospective gloryhole users who needed their balls drained. I wasn’t interested in inviting anyone over, not with Kris in the house, until I got a text from one of my favorite regulars. M had been coming to (and cumming in) my garage for three years now, almost every Sunday. He’d lost his wife and two young kids in a car crash a few years back, and he drove past my house on his way back from the cemetery. I only ever knew him by his first initial. I’d never seen his face, but I’d heard a lot of his voice. After fucking a few times while barely exchanging any words, we started to chat more and more through the gloryhole. Sometimes, I would leave a bottle of wine on his side of the plywood wall. I would have one on my side as well, and we’d spend a couple of hours, post-coitally, just talking and connecting and laughing together. It made for the weirdest dates I’d ever been on, but I loved it. M was driving by my house today as well, and texted to see if I was free. With Kris still asleep, I figured I might as well. Fifteen minutes later, I was in my garage with M’s cock buried balls-deep in my ass. He had a skinny but long cock, and he knew just how to use it! I moaned out loudly as he drilled my ass, hitting my prostate with each thrust. My yells probably echoed around the entire house, possibly even waking Kris up, but I didn’t care about that right now. I was too far gone. I wanted to make M cum and give him the “highlight of his week,” as he often put it. After a while, M pulled out of my ass and used a tissue to wipe the lube and ass juices off his dick. I knew that this was a sign for me to go back down on my knees and suck him off some more. We often went back and forth like this. I took that beautiful hard dick in my mouth again, gently holding his smooth-shaved ball sack. And then… “Hey,” the door behind me opened and a voice said softly, almost whispering. It turned to see Kris, in nothing but the gray boxer briefs he wore to sleep, pitching a tent with his morning erection. For the first time in over ten years, I had my best friend standing with a boner in front of me. “Hey,” I smiled, M’s cock still half in my mouth. “Wanna join?” I knew Kris wasn’t here to ask where I kept the cereal. He’d probably heard my moans of ecstasy and thought back of last night’s conversation. Maybe he was even a little drunk, still. On the other side of the wall, M shifted suddenly, probably surprised to hear another person walking in here. “Hey, I got my buddy here. Do you mind if he joins us?” I asked M. “Sure,” he replied briefly through the gloryhole. Slowly, Kris moved closer to me. “Don’t be nervous,” I encouraged him, and a couple of seconds later Kris was on his knees on my right, watching me suck a cock up close. “Wanna try?” I pulled the cock out of my mouth with my right hand and offered it to my friend, as if offering him to share a popsicle. For some reason — maybe because of our history — Kris made me feel like a playful child again. “Okay,” Kris’s eyes seemed to say. He reached over with one hand and wrapped it around the hilt of M’s dick. “It’s my friend’s first time, so I’m gonna be coaching him,” I said to M before speaking to Kris again. “Now, the most important thing is to watch your teeth. Make sure you use your lips to cover them.” My buddy looked both nervous and excited. He took half of the cock in his mouth and started sucking on it. I realized that just moments before, M’s dick had been up my ass, and now it was my best friend who was tasting it. For an amateur, Kris wasn’t bad. He sucked M’s cockhead while stroking his shaft, before taking more and more in his mouth, almost burying his nose in M’s neatly trimmed pubes. I put my right hand in my buddy’s hair and stroked it, like praising a puppy who was doing a good job. When I thought he could take more, I gently pushed Kris in until he gagged on the dick, and then I let him come up for air. We did this several times, each time going deeper, until Kris was getting his throat properly fucked by M. “Mmmm!” M moaned in pleasure on the other side, and I saw Kris crack a smile. M started to thrust more aggressively, and I held Kris’s head back, pushing him in. He would occasionally gag and drool all over himself, but it was nothing he couldn’t handle. I was proud of my friend. So proud, in fact, that I was even willing to let him have M’s sperm, which I normally looked forward to taking up my ass or down my throat every Sunday. M started to hump faster, and I could tell he was getting close. Kris gagged, saliva and precum running down his chin. “You gonna swallow?” I asked, still holding his head, and he nodded. “Good boy.” M fucked Kris’s face faster, and when he started to moan out loud I knew he was shooting his load down my friend’s throat. “There you go! Swallow those babies,” I whispered in my buddy’s ear while running my fingers through his hair. “Taste all that sperm and feel it go down to your stomach.” While listening to me talk, Kris reached down between his own legs and grabbed his bulge. Just one squeeze, and I could tell that he was cumming inside his gray underwear. The load made its way through the fabric and started dripping on my garage floor. “Good job, buddy!” I congratulated Kris after he was done, talking M’s cock out of his mouth a few seconds later. “Thanks, guys,” M said from the other side. He was less verbose than usual, probably because there was another person here. He got dressed in silence, and a few seconds later he was out of the garage, leaving just Kris and me. “Well, first blowjob done,” I said, patting my friend’s sweaty back. “Wanna try it again someday?” “Yeah, maybe,” he smiled and nodded, smacking his lips. “This… this is the first time I’ve tasted another guy’s spunk,” my buddy said. “Tastes good!” — That Friday was Kris’s bachelor party. After weeks of planning, I would be happy to get it over with. It was a pretty big event for a bachelor party, with around 50 guys invited, most of which I didn’t even know. It included Kris’s dad and his older brother, as well as some cousins and uncles. The two dozen strippers would be getting fully naked, but bachelor parties seemed to be that kind of “anything goes” events where apparently it wasn’t weird to have a woman’s tits all up in your face right in front of your father. I was the first to arrive at the private club, and walked around with a checklist on my phone. I chatted with the girls and bartenders, and an hour later some of the guests started to arrive. I recognized a couple of them, guys that Kris and I went to school with. Kris himself arrived soon thereafter, accompanied by his family. I went to say hi to Kris’s dad and brother. I noticed one guy in their party who was exceptionally handsome — tall, with a beautiful smile surrounded by a trimmed beard, wearing a dapper suit. Kris showed up a few moments later and went to introduce me to the handsome stranger. “This is my cousin Matthew,” he said. “Matt, this is my friend Victor, the one who organized all this. So if you need anything he’s the one to ask.” “Nice to meet you, Victor,” the gorgeous cousin said while shaking my hand. “Thanks for organizing everything. The place looks great!” As I shook his hand, I got the weirdest sensation of deja-vu. Did I know this man?! Impossible, I wouldn’t forget a face like that. No, it wasn’t his face… IT WAS HIS VOICE! This was M! The man who I’d been fucking with for three years now. The guy whose sperm Kris swallowed just a few days ago… Sign up for story notifications: Don’t forget to support Nifty:


Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2021 17:22:17 +0000 (UTC) From: Terry Green Subject: Daddy Takes Bryan Camping in Wilderness Please support nifty all you can. Thanks to nifty, those of us in the LGBT place we can call home. Thank you for reading and here’s to you all remaining safe. All the best, Terry Wilderness Campgrounds are close, to the almost hauntingly scary civil war battlefields of Fredericksburg, Virginia. As I cooked more breakfast for Bryan, who just arrived from his college dorm, I couldn’t help but laugh. As a man in his forties, I was double his age, and he absolutely had the energy guys my bracket lacked in the sack. We had had multiple sexual liaisons, which started with our meeting each other at civil war historical events, and had grown in intensity every time. He looked good with his emo look, the dyed black hair, and at 5’7 or so, his thin build made me very horny indeed. We kissed and hugged our greetings as he stepped in the RV. Those green eyes of almost serene Caribbean colors got me hard, and Bryan teased me by touching my crotch. Even with jeans on, I could feel his hands on my penis, and this made me more excited for the inevitable. Yet we had to have a quick breakfast. Our tour guide would be meeting us and other history fans in thirty minutes. It was hard to fight off the passionate urges, the primal response to him being so kinetic and close to what I wanted. Pancakes were decent, the bacon was crisp, and we both downed a strong cup of coffee. He had his usual menthol cigarette, and I liked that he had more colored bracelets on his wrists. Bryan definitely was cute, as his lips so kissable. Yet those eyes kept getting me really horny, as I so wanted to be lost in them, lingering for what felt like days as two became one. “Over there is where the battle grew intense, after the second wave of blues and greys showed up. The amount of firepower and blood was staggering!” Bryan and I, along with everyone else in our group smiled. The older gentleman who was the tour guide was talented. He did walk slowly, yet his mind was fast, and we all learned a lot about this rugged campaign in the 1860’s. Bryan and I were surprised, by how many casualties there were by disease, when compared to the fighting with muskets and the like. Fredericksburg residents who lived here at the time, certainly endured a lot of heartache, as they basically were caught between the two forces ready for aggression. After lunch and walking the grounds, everyone in our group dispersed, I quickly grabbed Bryan’s ass in the bathroom, reminding him to be ready for later. Lunch was a quick fast food bite, and then it was off to historic Fredericksburg. For its relatively small population, it looked like a lot of development had taken place, and more was on the way. I admit to having to put my hands down Bryan’s pants at a stoplight that took forever, stroking his warm cock that soon I’d be all over. He moaned and we laughed, as the lady next to us saw what was going on. She smiled as did we, although ours was a sheepish grin. Caught in the act. Bryan and I toured a few historic houses, but it was time to return to the RV. We loved the civil war, and learning, but we both were pent up from a week of not seeing each other. The door to the RV was locked. Bryan knew what to do. I did too, as both of us removed our clothing down to our underwear. Bryan called it “gift wrapping,” and his rather large penis was prominent in his pink tight briefs. The sounds of our lips and tongues touching was loud, and it felt so good, as already I looked into his green eyes sending a surge through every nerve ending. Oh yes I wanted him, and as we kissed, our hands touched each other’s chests. Oh yes the nipple play was intense, and Bryan melted, as I did figure 8’s on his neck with my fingers. Precum leaked out of his pink, and I took them off, to be rewarded with his shaved penis and balls. Oh yes he was smooth. I touched his shaft and testes first, as he lay on the bed. Playing with his cock felt amazing, and soon he was massaging penis through my boxer shorts. His soft hands created bigger balls as cum now was filling them up, and I started to lick his shaft side to side. Going up and down his sexual organ, I heard the clicking noise, and tasted the musky sweetness of his precum. Although I’d love his thick sperm in my mouth so we could snowball, my plans were to fuck him until he exploded everywhere. Both of us were completely nude which was liberating, as I continued soaking his hardness, licking his balls that filled my mouth, and edging him so gently. To be in control of him was exhilarating, and watching his green eyes roll, his mouth open in pure glory, it made me even hotter. I deepthroated him as much as I could, almost gagging on his large size, and was presented with more warm precum in my mouth. Soon he was down on me. I looked up and saw his green eyes permeate my soul, as he sucked the life out of me. His thick lips tightened, as he jiggled my hard penis back and forth in his cheeks. Seeing my penis imprint in his mouth made me almost rabid, and I wanted him right there and then. Yet then I felt his tongue ring go right around my penis head, and I was paralyzed by pure pleasure. The feeling was better than any high of any drug. Bryan truly knew how to please a man, as his mouth sent signals to my brain that screamed glory of the highest order. As my fingers dug into the mattress, my breathing increased. “Fuck me,” he said smiling with that mischievous smile of his that always raised my temperature. First I took him from behind. Fingering and lubing his tight hole, my balls were hurting with anticipation, desire, flat out lust. Bryan started to moan. I knew it was time. My penis gently inserted in him, I pushed gently, and my eyes rolled up as the warmth tight feeling made me lose the idea of consciousness I was under. Grabbing his rear end, he whimpered as my cock went in all the way. I owned him now, as he was going to bottom for me, and take the aggression doled out. He smiled as I took him standing up, his legs and feet on my shoulder blades. Riding me we kissed with vigor, zest, and embracing each other I felt his penis explode all over me. His climax was intense. I continued to pummel him, kissing, and the warmth was incredible. Soon the signal from down below registered, as I came in his ass. This was the best feeling, and as we watched my seed roll out of him kissing, this was going to be another great camping trip.

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