Bachelor Party Prostitute

You are a male prostitute, and tonight you have been bought for a bachelor party. When you arrive, all seven guys are already drunk and pulling at your clothes.

“Come on,” one of them says, “let’s see what kind of whore this is.”

They take you to the bedroom where they strip off your clothing and start kissing each other.

You take one cock in hand and stroke it while you slide your lips around another. The first guy grabs your head and starts ramming his cock into your mouth. He begins thrusting quickly as he fucks you hard.

You spread your legs, exposing your ass for someone to take care of. Someone takes you up on the offer immediately. He lubes up his fingers and starts penetrating your ass, loosening you up. He pulls out his fingers and, without warning, shoves his cock into your ass.

You moan around the cock in your mouth and continue to stroke the one in your hand. The man fucking you starts thrusting, filling you up. You let out a moan as he hits your prostate.

You switch, stroking the cock you’d been sucking and taking the one you’d had in hand in your mouth. You begin sucking hard as the man thrusts, quickly picking up the pace. The man fucking your ass starts to grunt, and you can feel his dick pulsating.

The man in your mouth comes first, followed by the one in your ass. You find yourself smiling around the dick in your mouth.

“Fuck yeah,” one of them says, “get up and bend over.”

They both pull out their dicks and you turn around, bending over and spreading your legs.

You give your ass a wiggle. “Which one of you is the lucky groom of this bachelor party?” you ask with a wink.

“I am!” one of the men says. “Come on, let’s have that ass.”

Another one leans over and spits into your ass to lube it up.

You smile and take the groom’s cock in your mouth, deepthroating him all the way and moaning around it while the other man takes his time licking the cum that leaks out of your ass. The groom grabs your hair and starts fucking your face, thrusting in and out of your throat. The man behind you finishes cleaning you up and pushes his cock into your ass.

You are bounced between them, fucked on both ends hard and rough. The men begin to speed up, and the one fucking your ass starts to grunt.

“Oh shit, here it comes,” he says, and then pulls out and starts shooting his load all over your back.

The other one grabs your hair and looks you in the eyes. “Swallow,” he commands. You nod and he starts cumming, filling your mouth and spilling out the sides.

At last he takes his dick out of your mouth and you swallow the load that’s left. “Thank you,” you say. “That was delicious.”

“You’re a whore, aren’t you?” he asks.

“The biggest,” you admit.

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