Be Safe!

This Coronavirus has caught us all by surprise and I know I’m suffering from Cabin Fever. My sexual appetite seems to have increased, but my participation has definitely decreased. Before the pandemic; I was a risk taker by not turning down a good piece of pussy.

Unprotected sex has always been a risky business, but the Coronavirus is no ffucking joke. To be honest, I’m frighten to the core about meeting someone new. I work in a hospital, so I gotta practice safe social distancing.

I love getting my dick sucked or eating high quality pussy. I love fucking a female in her ass, because the ass is so fucking tight and wonderful. I’m an ole ass freak. In addition to fucking an ass; I also prefer to literally eat the shit out of a perfectly rounded ass. Sometimes I question my morals and wonder why the fuck I’m here. 90% of my life is spent thinking about fucking; I have no age limit, no racial preference, no weight limit, no income limits, just want something to fuck. Don’t get me wrong; I do have a ceiling. My mom and sisters are definitely off limit, cousins, I’ve already fucked a couple of them.

I might fuck my grandmother if she’s willing to go there, because I’ve fucked several elderly babes. My point in writing this post is to bring awareness of the safety precautions we must adhere too. I love pussy, I’m in love with pussy, and I want more pussy. Text me a beautiful pussy at

Science is in the initial stages of unmasking the truth behind the virus, let’s play it safe and not stick our dicks in every hole. Unless we know it’s sate. Ladies, a pussy it a beautiful thing, especially if it’s alive.

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