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Best Served Cold

The story of a wife, her husband, and her surprise “lover” that takes place during one night in a cozy bar far, far away – a tale of a wife’s planned revenge to help survive her husband’s infidelity. This one has a history of love/hate responses, so if you’re a guilty husband, beware.

The lounge was crowded. It was Saturday night and the barflies were out in swarms. We took the booth at the end of the room, hidden slightly from the crowd in a corner recess that hinted at false privacy. Exactly two drinks later he settled in next to her, drooling at my wife as he would a juicy steak.

“My God, you look delicious tonight, Linda.”

My wife stared at him with wide, hungry eyes. She had finished her second drink in the time it took me to finish one. Drinking was something she did on special occasions – our anniversary or New Year’s Eve – and I could see she was unsteady from the two strawberry daiquiris forced down over the past thirty minutes.

I flinched when he placed his hand on her thigh, and again when he spoke.

“My name is Stephan. You must be David. I hear you’ve been a naughty boy.”

He looked across the table at me and grinned. His eyes glittered with the promise of trouble. Linda saw him watching me and followed with a small smile of her own.

He took her hand, brought it to his lips, and kissed it lightly.

“Your wife is most appreciative. I like that in a woman.”

He leered at her, suggesting much more than the words that dripped from his mouth.

Suddenly he was more businesslike. He looked at me, as if to assure he had my attention.

“Tonight you’ll learn that hell really does ‘hath no fury like a woman scorned’.”

“What do you mean by that?” I stammered.

“Relax, David. Your wife has decided to forgive your little indiscretion – but only after having a go at your game herself. Look at it as punishment, or a lesson, but either way, she’s decided on her price. I’d suggest you pay it.”

I shot her a questioning look, expecting her to explain. She didn’t.

“So, what’s this ‘price’ he’s talking about?” I asked finally.

Her smile grew wider. She ran the tip of her finger around the rim of her glass, brought it slowly to her mouth, and gently sucked the moisture from it before answering. Her eyes were glassy, her pupils large, dark wells of mystery.

“You had your fun. Now it’s my turn.”

She turned toward him, pulled him close, and covered his mouth with hers. The kiss was long and deep. A minute passed, then two. She sucked at him hungrily, her tongue wrestling with his, her hands clutching him from behind his neck. I heard her moan softly as she melted away from him, then faced me again with the same smile.

Stephan composed himself, took a long drink of scotch, and sighed.

“It’s been an interesting week, David – one I’ll remember for a long time to come.”

“An interesting week? What does he mean?”

She eyed me coolly, then looked straight at me as she spoke in a voice I was afraid could be heard at the next table.

“I’ve given myself to Stephan. He owns me – or has, for the past week, until midnight tonight. Your affair lasted much longer, but I thought a week would be enough. Any longer and I might not have been able to stop. He’s handsome, intelligent, and very sexy – it just seemed to make sense. I put myself in his hands – told him I’d do anything he wanted for one week. Anything.”

She looked over at him and wet her lips. His hand had edged her dress up, and was now stroking her thigh.

“I have a request, Linda. Your husband is somewhat incredulous at this point. I can certainly understand why. You can move things along with a gesture of your willingness to cooperate. I’d like you to find the ladies room, then remove whatever you’re wearing under this little flowered dress – bra, panties, stockings – everything. Put all of it in your purse, and return to us wearing nothing but your dress and shoes. While you’re gone, David and I will get to know each other better. Run along now. We’ll be counting the minutes…”

She left the table without a word. I had no trouble reading the mix of fear and excitement on her face.

We sat in silence for a long time before he spoke. The waiter returned with another round of drinks. The muzak changed from pop to classical. Growing beads of water trickled down the side of my glass, each droplet collapsing into the fresh paper napkin.

“If you could have only seen her the day she offered herself to me.”

“She didn’t offer herself to you. You’ll never make me believe – ”

“She went to her knees the first time I asked. I can still see her small fingers unzipping me, fumbling with my belt. And later, again, in the park, how her diamond sparkled in the afternoon sun.”

“You lying son of a bitch.”

He went on as if I hadn’t said a word.

“She closed her lips around my cock, almost dutifully, as I might have expected from your wife. She sucked me until I gave her every drop, then swallowed all of it without complaining. I like that. I had her go braless during our stroll in the park. We found a somewhat secluded spot behind a hedge near some picnic tables. She opened the front of her blouse just before she blew me again. We could hear the people talking just a few yards away as she milked me with her mouth. Her nipples hardened so quickly under my fingertips…”

He smiled and took another sip of his drink, taking in my reaction.

“Linda wouldn’t do that. I don’t believe any of it!”

“I can see why you’d think that at this point.  But given time, I think you’ll be surprised at what your wife is capable of. So many wives are sluts at heart. Linda is certainly no exception. She’s well on her way to proving it.”

I didn’t know what to think. Linda was someone I had known for ten years, my wife, my lover, and my friend. Her attitude toward sex wasn’t puritanical, but she wasn’t a woman who lowered her inhibitions easily. His story was preposterous, or at least exaggerated in the extreme. Yet, she was terribly hurt, full of the ‘fury’ he spoke of.

“Have another drink, David. Try to relax. It’s not as if I’m not sympathetic to what you must be going through. Most men would rather kill than tolerate an unfaithful wife. Yet tolerate her submission to me is exactly what you must do. You could make it easier on yourself by considering an alternative to nursing your angst. A woman’s sexual emancipation can be very arousing. Linda’s a beautiful woman, a seething reservoir of untapped potential. Witnessing the results when the floodgates are pried open can be exhilarating, even life-changing, if you’ll allow it.

“Just imagine, your own lovely wife satisfied again and again by another man – so quick to submit, to crave the taste of his cock – finally so eager to surrender herself to the indulgent bliss as it burrows its way deep inside her belly. I’d bet your pulse jumps a little at the very idea. Tell me I’m wrong, if you honestly can.”

Suddenly the heat became oppressive. I was sweating. One of the bulbs in the lamp suspended over our table flickered, then went out. The remaining light threw sinister shadows over the face across from me.

I jumped as he slid quickly to the end of the booth and stood up. Linda passed in front of him and settled into the bench seat again, the flimsy cotton of her dress yielding to the subtle sway of her breasts.

Stephan took his place beside her, his shoulder pressed tightly against hers.

“Linda, show your husband what you’ve done.”

She turned, giving him a puzzled look.

“Your purse, my dear. Show him what you’re hiding in your purse.”

She placed it on the table and opened it, tilting it in my direction to show me the contents.

“No, no, Linda. Take them out so we can see. Your husband needs proof – so, we must give him proof.”

She pulled the ball of soft material through the opening, separating straps from lace. Bra, nylons, and finally panties, all lay in a row beside my glass, placed there one by one as she pushed them across the table. I reached out and lifted her bra, turning it mindlessly in my hands. It was still warm, and smelled of her bath oil and perfume. I looked up to meet her eyes again. She stared into me as though she was searching for something.

“David, do you have any remaining doubts about how far your wife will go to please me? She’s sitting here beside me, naked under her pretty little dress. You have the evidence in your hands. Admit it. She’s completely mine.”

A flush of color spread over her face. Her blue eyes told me nothing as I peered into them. They seemed to pierce the shadows, almost glowing in the dim light.

“You wouldn’t do this to me. You couldn’t,” I said unbelievingly as I watched the curves of her body shift under the dress.

He smiled again at my response, then reached toward her, easily opening the top button of her dress. She didn’t resist. His hand dropped to the second button, pressing it through the tiny slit as effortlessly as the first. Then the third, and fourth. I could see the white, soft skin of her collarbones and a hint of the valley between her breasts.

“Linda, will you do anything I ask?”

She answered in a whisper.


Her eyes were still locked on mine.

“Linda, expose your breasts for me.”

She turned suddenly toward him. Her mouth opened as if she might have discovered the limit to which she would willingly continue their little game. She caught herself before uttering a sound, poised at the edge, calculating the distance before she jumped.

“Are you refusing?”

“I – no, I’ll do it.”

She undid two more buttons and pulled the front of the dress open, hoping the generous display of breast and nipples would satisfy him. He turned toward her, placed a hand on each of her shoulders, and slowly inched the dress over them, stopping halfway down her arms.

“Now, expose them, as I asked.”

The bar was quieter now, but still echoed with the steady hum of voices and the clatter of empty glasses. She peered around the corner of our booth, then, with trembling fingers, coaxed each bare breast from beneath her dress. The V formed by the remaining buttons forced them up and outward, her small pink nipples thrust forward into the dim light.

“I know what you’re thinking, David. Your wife is sitting in public, practically naked to the waist. Anyone who happens by would certainly get an eyeful. Will it be our handsome young waiter, or a drunken customer who’s lost his way? I’m betting on the waiter. What do you think?”

Her face went crimson. She stared at the ice melting in her glass, her creamy breasts heaving with each breath.

“Well, I’m sure you’re thinking many things. So many excuses for her behavior must be racing through your head. But before this night is over, you will have to face the truth, the real reason she’s given herself to me for the past week. It’s why she brought you here tonight.”

I expected to pay, and pay dearly for the brief affair with Joanna. Linda had found the hand-written birthday card in the front pocket of my suit jacket. The suggestive wording was damning enough, but it was the picture of Joanna in the nude, sitting on my desk, cupping her breasts with both hands with a come-hither look that told the whole story. It was just sex – feral, spontaneous, animal sex; sex with no strings or emotional attachment. That hadn’t been much consolation to Linda. She was devastated. She brooded for weeks, then seemed to recover. Now, this.

“I’m sorry. I know I hurt you. I’m so sorry, Linda.”

It was another of many apologies. I knew that. She had ignored the others, but this one brought an air of superiority to her. She sat up a little straighter with shoulders back, thrusting her bare breasts toward me.

“It hurts, doesn’t it? I spent weeks imagining the things you and Joanna did together. I tortured myself, trying to find some way to get over what you did, trying to figure out whether there would ever be a way to forgive you, to stay with you. When I met Stephan, I knew what I had to do. For me. For us.”

I couldn’t believe this was my wife sitting across from me. As she talked, she seemed taller, almost towering over me in her seat. She glared at me, her lips savoring the wicked satisfaction of each word.

“For us? You didn’t do this for us!” I spat back at her.

Stephan casually fished a piece of ice from his glass.

“You’re wrong, David. I did it for me first, but ultimately for us. I had to make sure you knew how I felt, how much it hurt. I wanted you to know that another man touched me in ways that made me dripping wet – a man so beautiful, so skillful at what a woman needs, that I’d do anything for him. So now, you ‘re the one who will have to imagine what we did together. He made me do things we never did. And I liked it. No, loved it, all of it. I couldn’t get enough of him. He was always there; big, and hard, and – ”

She stopped in mid-sentence with a sudden gasp. Stephan touched the ice to her nipple, moving it in small circles over the rising bud of pink flesh. He continued outward over the white mound of her breast. Her eyes closed. Her breathing came in ragged, jerking pants.

Stephan watched her face with fascination as he turned his attention to the other breast and nipple. After the ice melted, he rolled the nipple softly between thumb and forefinger. The pink bud hardened quickly, pouting at me as though she had willed it.

“Isn’t she magnificent, David? So deliciously hungry. Completely lost in her uncontrollable desire. But please Linda, continue. This is your night, your chance to tell him what you feel.”

She opened her eyes, studied me for a few seconds, then turned to Stephan. Her hand disappeared under the table, moving gently in his lap.

“I want you to touch me, Stephan. I live for the feel of your tongue against me, wetting my belly until it’s cool and slick, gliding over the insides of my thighs until I scream for relief.”

Suddenly her eyes were on me. They were filled with fire and arousal. A droplet of water fell from her nipple, spreading into a small spot on her dress.

“Something happens to me when I take him in my hands. He’s hard for me, well, constantly. Not just hard. Throbbing. I could play with his cock for hours. A large juicy drop forms so quickly at the tip right before he comes in my hands – God, David, if you only knew how wet I am just thinking about it.”

She hadn’t taken her eyes off me. They were eyes I no longer knew.

We sat there in silence, both trembling, for very different reasons.

Finally, Stephan ventured into the uneasy distance between us.

“Beautifully done, Linda. I’d say David should have no reason to doubt your pain, or your sincerity. Why don’t you button your dress. I think he’s seen enough.”

She continued to look at me defiantly, waiting a while before pulling the dress over her shoulders and fastening just the first two buttons.

The waiter arrived seconds later with another round of drinks. His eyes never left the front of her dress. I was sure he could see glimpses of creamy breast as he stared down into the partially open space where it still parted. Stephan called him back just as he turned away.

“Linda, I believe you have an admirer.”

I guessed he was a college student, a sandy-haired kid of about twenty. His fair skin turned bright red as he tried not gawk.

“It’s ok,” he assured the boy. “She’s a beautiful, sexy woman. No one could blame you for staring.”

Linda glanced from the boy to me, then back again. The dress was like wet tissue paper over her moist, distended nipples.

“I do have to keep a tight rein on her in public though, especially when she drinks. She really has no shame at all. Do you know that she’s naked under this pretty dress? Isn’t that right, Linda?”

She smiled up at the boy, replying with a slow wink.

“He’s very cute,” she teased.

The waiter saw her bra and panties piled beside my glass. His expression changed from embarrassment to hopeful amusement.

“Do you think I’m beautiful,” she squinted at his name tag, “um, Chuck?”

“Yes, I do. Very beautiful,” he replied, smiling weakly.

“Well, Chuckie, I’m not so sure my husband over there thinks so. He’s fucking his accountant, Jo-an-na. The smaaart and sexxxy Jo-an-na.”

She was slurring every other word, and I could hear anger creep into her initial playful banter.

“Mmmm. But Stephan thinks I’m beautiful, don’t you Stephan?”

“Of course, my pet. Outstandingly, outrageously, irresistibly so.”

He grinned at her, but she was still preoccupied with the waiter.

“So, Chuckie, he says he’s not fuck-ing her anymore. He says it was just sexxxx. He says he’s sorrrry. Think I should believe him, Chuckie? Whadya think?”

The kid squinted at me with a puzzled look. This was a complication he hadn’t counted on.

“Well ma’am, I really wouldn’t know.”

She sighed in disgust, then lowered her eyes to his obvious erection, smiled, and the temptress returned.

“Hmm – but don’t you think that if he can fuck other women, I should be able to fuck other men? You do think I’m fuckkk-able, don’t you, Chuckie?”

He decided a change in attitude was in order – from opportunist to diplomat.

“Well, all I can say is that if I had a lady like you, I’d spend all my spare time at home.”

She whirled to face me, spilling her drink as her hand flashed in the air before me, her finger wagging in my face.

“See! HE wants to fuck me! Lots of men want to fuck me! I’ll bet Chuckie could fuck me all night! And I’d love it! How do you like that? Want to watch me suck his big, hard cock? Want to watch Chuckie stick it in me and fuck me till I scream? Do you? Do you?”

I could hear the conversation in the next booth go suddenly silent as she raised her voice. She leaned toward me, red-faced and wild-eyed, as though she might actually come across the table after me. A button popped open where her breasts strained at the front of her dress. Crescents of firm white globes taunted me through the opening.

Stephan put a large hand on her shoulder as Chuckie made a hasty retreat. His touch calmed her; her body seemed to recognize it instantly. She leaned into him, eyes closed, a peaceful smile spreading across her lips. Stephan pushed the remains of her drink to my side of the table, then lifted her chin with two fingers.

“Feel better?”

She looked up at him with wanton eyes.

“Mmm – much. Kiss me, Stephan. Please, kiss me?”

Their lips touched, then locked together in a shameless display of lust. She worked her mouth fiercely against his, biting, licking, devouring him with her tongue. A second button had come undone as she pressed against him, allowing a small pillow of milky white flesh to push through the opening. An engorged nipple turned from pink to angry red as it rubbed back and forth across the tweed of his jacket.

It wasn’t the Linda I knew in the seat across from me. She panted openly as she writhed against him, making little sucking noises when her mouth broke free from his. I had been ready to take my medicine; ready, I thought, to weather any form of revenge she might take. But this – watching her surrender so completely to a man she praised as “so skillful at what a woman needs” – straddled a line that might never be able to be recrossed again. Could I feel her slipping away?

Much later, when she finally broke away from him, she collapsed against the back of the booth, panting and wide-eyed. A third button had opened on the front of her dress, and I could see beads of sweat dotting the heaving inner curves of both breasts. She was staring at me again, staring with lusty daggers.

“You – did – this,” she gasped.

“I – I know I hurt you. I’m sorry – so sorry, Linda.”

“You – did – this!” she repeated, this time louder as her breathing slowed.

“Okay, you win! Now I know what it feels like. It hurts. It hurts more than I could have known. But please don’t take this any further.”

“You – did – this! Say it! I want to hear you say it, God damn it!”

Stephan sat expressionless beside her. His hand moved gently along her thigh, stroking her with the tips of his broad fingers. Little by little, he pushed the hem of the dress as high as it would go, exposing a narrow expanse of bare thigh just visible beyond the edge of the table. She spread her legs an extra inch and waited for my answer. If it would put an end to this, I’d say what she wanted. I’d say anything.

“I did this,” I answered, looking solemnly into her eyes.

It seemed to satisfy her. She smiled a smile I recognized, and her features softened.

“Yes, David, you did this. And now you have to pay.”

She opened her legs as wide as the seat would allow. Stephan’s hand wandered into the crevice between them. She watched me as he played with her, his hand hidden between tightly clenched thighs that twitched in rhythm to his every move. Her eyes left me only after she lost all control. She inhaled sharply as a brief shiver shook her body, then froze for an instant as though every muscle was preparing for what was to come. The tension melted from her as quickly as it had arrived. She slumped back in the seat, biting her lower lip to quiet the urgent whimpers that rose from her throat.

When she opened her eyes, they were drilling into me again. Yet, her voice was softer now – the rage, pain, vengeance, all of it gone.

“Now you know, David.”

I was sweating again. The room narrowed and spun like a kaleidoscope.

“Now you know just a little of what I went through for the past three weeks – day after day of imagining you with her, how you kissed her – night after night of wondering whether she was a better lover, and what it was that she did for you that I couldn’t – weeks of torturing myself with images of the two of you together in bed in some cheap motel, and what you said to her while you fucked her. Did you tell her you loved her, David?”

I gripped the edge of the table to steady myself. It was a question she must have wanted to ask weeks ago, a question from the heart. She caught me off-guard, still reeling from the intimacy she lavished on the man beside her.

“Linda, so help me, I didn’t. I could never do that. Never! It was just – ”

“I know, David. Just sex. You say it as though it was nothing more than a handshake. ‘Just sex’. ”

We stared at each other in silence. It was the same familiar impasse, one we had reached weeks ago. And I had walked right into it again.

Stephan cleared his throat. He had been quiet a long time, watching us with interest as he sipped the rest of his scotch. He spoke after a quick glance at his watch.

“Linda, might I suggest we -”

“No, Stephan. Let me do this.”

He sat back and waited for her to go on, looking slightly amused by her evolving confidence. He might have owned her for a week, but now she was in control, and was determined to do this her way.

“I’m going upstairs with Stephan. He has a room here at the hotel. I want you to wait for me. All this will be over at midnight. I’ll meet you back here, and we’ll go home. Do this, and we’ll be even. If you’re not here when I get back, I’ll leave you. It’s the only way, David – the only way I can stay with you.”

She was no longer angry, but the look she gave me guaranteed she was deadly serious. It was a final play I never could have imagined. I wanted to protest, to beg her not to go with him. I felt the contents of my stomach rise in my throat, and words refused to come.

“David, we’re going to his room now. I’ll let him do whatever he wants with me – anything at all. He can have me any way he likes, as many times as he likes. I’m not your wife for the next two hours, I’m his possession – just a piece of willing flesh. It’s just sex, David. Just sex.”

With that, after gathering the scraps of clothing still piled in front of me, they slid out of the booth and stopped to face each other. His hands were on her hips; hers caressed the lapels of his jacket. She hadn’t buttoned the front of her dress, and he was staring at her breasts through the gaping opening. She looked up at him, saw his eyes on her breasts, and smiled with pure lust and surrender. His hand stroked the small of her back as they made their way across the bar, then slid lower as they turned toward the bank of elevators and disappeared from sight.


Learning that your wife has had an affair is one thing. You can try to deal with it as a past event. Somehow it seems less real that way. You might make yourself believe her when she tells you it’s over. You might even convince yourself that it will never happen again, at least with the same guy. Watching the clock while she’s having sex with him is a much bitterer pill. Overwhelming jealousy and nagging helplessness batter your ego, reducing it to a pathetically bruised and bleeding carcass. What’s left isn’t pretty.

I don’t remember how much I drank. Too much. It didn’t do much for the pain, and the clock crawled even slower.

Minutes after they left, another drink appeared in front of me. I didn’t look up. The last thing I needed was more quality time with Chuckie.

“I saw them leave. Is there anything I can do?”

That wasn’t Chuckie’s voice. She was leaning over me, hands resting on the edge of the table. Her name tag was inches from my face.

“I doubt it, uh, K.C.”

Just two letters, centered on the white plastic badge. Oh, well, anyone but Chuckie.

“My real name’s Casey, but everyone calls me K.C.”

She wasn’t going to go away, so I took another, longer, look. A sympathetic smile beamed at me from between platinum locks of shoulder-length hair. The black halter matched her tiny spandex shorts that plunged two inches below her navel and showed every detail between her slim legs. “Diva” was written across her firm, upturned breasts, each letter made of glittering rhinestones. Black heels, a tasteful, gold belly-ring, and a narrow black collar finished the look. Small round glasses rested halfway down her nose. She peered over the top of the gold frames at me and smiled invitingly. Lord help me.

“Is there anyone here that doesn’t know?” I asked, hoping for some consolation.

“Well, she was pretty loud, and Chuck loves to gossip about the customers.”

“So, where is Chuck?”

“Oh, something came up. He had to go, so I’m covering for him.”

She was leaning against the table, the tops of her bare thighs resting against the edge. The skin-tight black shorts had no legs at all, and even in the dim light I could see they molded her plump labia like a second skin, parting the fleshy lips with the seam that ran between them.

“Are you sure I can’t do something?”

She could do something alright. She could go upstairs with me, let me tie her to the bed and fuck her until she begged for mercy.

“Well, K.C., I really don’t know what you could do at this point. My night’s pretty much a disaster.”

“Hmmm, are you really sure? I can be a very compliant girl, if you know what I mean.”

Her eyes narrowed, and she fingered the collar around her neck suggestively.

“And I can be a very stupid guy. I guess everyone in the place knows what I mean.”

She slid in beside me, her bare thigh pressed snugly against my own. A faint whiff of coconut and cinnamon filled the booth, carried by the heat from her trim body. It made my mouth water.

She leaned closer and lowered her voice. Her breath was hot and sweet on my face.

“So, she’s really doing it with that guy upstairs?”

“Well, she’s doing something with him up there, and I’d bet it isn’t Parcheesi.”

I finished my drink in two long, slow gulps, then watched the bottom of the empty glass, hoping it might fill itself so I didn’t have to look up. After a minute of awkward silence, she went on, this time with the voice of a much younger girl.

“I cheated on my boyfriend last week – right over there.”

She pointed to the busy hallway leading to the kitchen.

“It was after we closed – with one of the assistant managers. I didn’t mean to do it – I mean, I didn’t plan it or anything. We were just kidding around, and before I knew it, we were tearing at each other’s clothes. When my boyfriend came to pick me up, he found us in the hallway, screwing against the wall. He didn’t even say anything. He just looked at us, turned around, and left. He won’t speak to me. I never got a second chance.”

“You mean like I did?”

“Is it so bad? When it’s over, you’ll still be together. I mean, it’s not like she’s in love with the guy, right? It’s just sex.”

“Right. ‘Just’.”

Now I desperately needed another drink. I guess it showed. She scooped up my empty glass and had another in its place in two minutes.

She sat with me now and then over the next two hours when she found a few free minutes between customers. Every other drink was on the house. I lost track of how many. I know she was more irresistible with each one.

By eleven-thirty the crowd dwindled to a few regulars at the bar. She plopped in beside me again, this time collapsing against me. Her head found my shoulder, teasing my cheek with thick swirls of silky hair. She still smelled delicious.

“Mmmm – I’m exhausted. You make a wonderful pillow.”

Her breathing was deep and slow. I could see the outline of her nipples through the halter. Further down, her flat belly, smooth as velvet, swelled slightly with each breath as it dipped beneath the wisp of black spandex. She was everything my ego craved – and everything that had led me to my fate this night.

“There’s still time. No one would have to know,” she breathed softly against my neck.

I felt her hand settle in my lap. Her fingers traced the outline of my dick, then closed in around it, squeezing in a gentle, regular rhythm.

“Besides, you need to feel better. Linda’s having her fun. Why shouldn’t you have some fun too? I’ll do anything you want. Anything.”

I pulled away and looked at her. She eyed me with sudden surprise and confusion.

“How do you know her name?”

She froze, as though I was speaking some unknown foreign language.

“How do I – ?”

“Her name. I never told you my wife’s name.”

Just as suddenly, her confusion melted into the same sultry smile.

“Oh, that. Jeez, you scared me. I thought you were freaking out or something.”

“I’m not freaking out. I want to know how you know my wife’s name!”

“I told you, Chuck loves to gossip, especially about his customers. He doesn’t leave out many details. From what he said, your wife would have had any guy in the place running around with a tent in his pants tonight. I mean, it was pretty obvious when he came back to the bar.”

She gave my cock a few more quick squeezes, smiling lasciviously.

“C’mon. Come play with me,” she teased in her best little girl voice.

Why shouldn’t I? My wife was with Stephan, probably enjoying all the things she’d thrown in my face, the “things we never did” together. This wasn’t just revenge. She loved it. She had said so – admitted it to my face. Images came to mind that made me cringe. Would she let him come inside her? Let him come in her mouth? What could they possibly do that we hadn’t already done in our own bed?

I lowered my head into the palms of my hands. The room was spinning again, and the nausea returned in nagging waves. I’d cheat again, to get back at her for cheating, all because I cheated in the first place. And so it would go, on and on, until it destroyed us, or worse, trapped us in a living hell of deception and revenge. I was teetering on the edge of a razor – it hurt too much to stay put, but I was too paralyzed by confusion and alcohol to make a leap in either direction.

“You don’t look so good. You’ve had an awful lot to drink tonight.”

When I raised my head to answer, I noticed she had moved away from me. Now she studied me with more concern than lust. Her outfit seemed to shrink by the minute. It took very little to imagine her naked, and even less to imagine how ravenous she would be with her lips sealed eagerly around my cock. But something was wrong – or at least not right enough.

“You’re right,” I groaned. “Actually, I feel like I might die any minute now. So as my last act, maybe I should do the right thing for a change. I’m sorry. You’re more than any man I know could resist – except this man, on this night. All this has to stop, and stop now. I know it might look like a huge gamble, but I still love her. It’s a gamble I have to take.”

She took my hand and gave it a little squeeze. There was something new in the way she looked at me. At first, I thought it was sympathy, but there was something else, deeper, more meaningful, and very tempting. Given my decision, I’d probably never know.

“Good luck. I mean that,” she told me, after a thoughtful pause.

She left without another word, looking every bit as good going as she did coming.

Eleven-forty. I went to find the men’s room. I needed a walk to clear my head, and some cold water on my face might be just what the doctor ordered. As I circled the bar, Linda appeared under the archway leading to the lobby. She waved sheepishly as I approached, then kissed me lightly on the cheek. Whatever she had done upstairs, there was no longer any visible evidence. Every hair was in place, her makeup was flawless, and I could see the faint outline of her bra under the dress.

Neither one of us knew quite what to say. She smiled at me warmly, a smile that told me we might survive this after all.

“Can we go now?” I begged, more eager than ever to leave all this behind.

She nodded, still smiling up at me.

“Oh, I was on my way to the restroom – if I can find it.”

“They’re in the lobby, just past the elevators,” she offered. “I’ll wait for you here.”

There was no sign of Stephan. I didn’t ask.

When I returned, she had vanished. After a stroll through the spacious lobby, I went back to the lounge. She was at the bar, chatting with K.C. I watched from under the archway, my guts churning like a blender. She closed her purse and thanked her with a friendly gesture, turned to leave, then noticed me waiting by the entrance. Another smile, and another kiss when she reached me.

“She’s pretty,” she mentioned casually as we headed for the door.

“She?” I croaked, my knees now buckling with each labored step.

“Your waitress. You forgot to pay your tab.”

“Shit! I forgot to pay her? I’ve never done that. Christ!”

“It’s okay, David. It’s okay. Let’s go home.”

The door closed behind us as we stepped into the crisp chill of the first winter storm. She put her arm through mine and snuggled against me. Snowflakes frosted her hair, sparkling like brilliant rhinestones on black velvet. The lights and sounds of the hotel faded as we made our way through the dusting of new snow. In time the place vanished, swallowed by the darkness and the frantic dance of white that slowly filled in our tracks, hiding all traces of the narrow trail of footprints that twisted backward into the night.


“It’s over, David. The details aren’t important.”

“But I can’t stop thinking about it. A few answers might help me make sense of it all. Then maybe I could let it go.”

“You’ll get over it, David. If I can, you can. It was one night.”

We were lying in bed. She had buried her nose in a new paperback for the past hour. I was watching an unsettling late-night movie showing the misadventures of a well-meaning schmuck caught up in a disturbing night-long chain of events in a dream-like SoHo. Twenty-four hours had passed, almost to the hour.

“I wish I was as sure as you seem to be. Watching the two of you last night – I don’t know – I don’t know if I can get over it.”

Her expression grew more serious as she listened. She closed the book and placed it on the nightstand, then rolled on her side to face me.

“David, what if I told you none of it was real?”

She stretched her legs, then drew them up in front of her pink nightshirt. I loved her legs. They were her best feature – long, slim, and smooth, revealing firm swells of delicate muscle that rose and fell beneath satin olive skin.

“It looked real enough to me.”

“Did it?”

“Come on. You mean I imagined him kissing you, fondling your breasts, masturbating you in public? All that never happened?”

“I didn’t say that, did I?”

“Then exactly what part of all this wasn’t real, Linda? Are you telling me you didn’t fuck him?”

“I’m asking you to consider that things may not always be what they seem to be. Do you remember telling me one of your fantasies? The night you took me to dinner on our last anniversary? How we came home, both a little tipsy after the bottle of wine with dinner, and exchanged fantasies before we made love?”

“I – I guess so – Christ, is that what this is about?”

“You said you thought about me having sex with another man, a stranger, a well-endowed one, if I remember correctly.”

“But that was a fantasy! I told you I’d never want to live it out – that I couldn’t get around the jealousy I’d feel.”

“But you’re living it out in your head, David. The things you saw could easily have been suggestions, innuendoes, illusions.”

“What I saw was another man’s hand between your legs, playing with you till you got off. You had an orgasm, in public for Christ’s sake!”

“Are you sure, David? It was real to you. Does that mean it actually happened – everything – just the way you’re remembering it now?”

“So you didn’t fuck him?”

“Does it really matter? Think about us, David – what our marriage had become before last night, and where we are tonight. I was going to leave you. I love you desperately, but my confidence that you still loved me was gone. I lost faith in you, us, even myself. I didn’t intend to use your fantasy to punish you, but it did plant the seed of an idea that seemed to offer what I needed to heal. I know I hurt you. I’m sorry.

“You have to decide, David. Was what you went through last night worth saving our marriage? Did you learn how agonizing infidelity can be to someone you betray, even if it is just sex? But most importantly, can two people love each other enough to forgive shared disloyalties and move on, using the past to strengthen their future?”

I was stunned. I had thought long and hard about the motive for her actions – revenge, punishment, or perhaps I had pushed her far beyond any rational response. I failed to consider that she did it for our marriage, a risky, final attempt to save us.

I didn’t have words for what I felt, so I turned to her and kissed her. It was the kind of kiss that told her my decision was an easy one. She unfolded and pressed the length of her body against me, a perfect thigh thrown over my hip, her soft belly thrust tightly against my growing erection. She stopped now and then, sometimes to nibble playfully at my ear or neck, other times just to stare hopefully at me. A kind of joy filled her eyes that I had never seen.

Then, as her lips brushed my ear again, she whispered playfully, “Now, about that little fantasy of yours. Let me tell you what a bad girl I’ve been.”

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If The Pillow Could Talk

I woke up suddenly, jolted from the dream I had been having.

A dream involving the guy I met last night.

The hot stranger who had followed me into the bathroom.

The one whose language I did not speak and who things definitely would’ve gone further with, had we not been interupted.

As my mind pondered what might have happened, my hand wandered into my PJ shorts. I was so wet and I knew that I had to cum, right then.

I pulled the pillow over my face as I came, trying desperately not to wake my sleeping friend.

It's In The Twilight

It’s in the twilight,

That the kitten sees herself, reflected in the light of the moon

It is only now that she sees her potential,

For it is only now

That she allows herself to see who she truly is

That she is a tigress !

Gone is the timid creature,

Who can’t feed her own hungers

Gone is the creature, who won’t stand her ground.

Gone is the fearful call to her mother for help.

In its place, is her raw roar of orgasmic pleasures

In its place, is her desire to select her mate

In its place, is her desire to live extravagantly.

In its place, is her desire, to be who she was made to be.

It’s in my twilight, that I hear her throaty roar

And I smile at who she has become.

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Happy Birthday From The Young Carer

I am a disabled man. (John.) I will recap for you. I am in my mid to late fifties and I had a very bad stroke and I am now, virtually paralysed and in a wheelchair. I had a very severe stroke when I was in my early forties. Now, I can ‘just’ talk, and I can ‘just’ use my left hand and arm. I suppose it’s about 10% on a good day. I can ‘just’ and very, very slowly lift my legs up, so they are ‘almost’ straight. But this is a painfully slow operation. The rest of my muscles are fucked! I am very slim (with a flat stomach) and very, very healthy. I have a full head of shoulder-length dark blonde hair, with a little grey in it, but not much and stubble. I live on my own in a ground floor flat. I would urge you to read the other story; (Embarrassingly True) Young Carer Gets A Facial And Erection Flashing! As there is a very detailed description of Niki.

Oh! I am very, very happy with the way I am and my life. Two main things have happened since my stroke, I was quite horny before but now I am unbelievably horny and I am very happy-go-lucky. I think that’s one of the main reasons why both carers have been with me for over ten years, as they see me as quite easy and carefree.

I have two main carers that share the week between them. Niki and Fran. They come in three times a day. To get me up, make breakfast and other stuff. Make my tea and lastly, to put me to bed. (I don’t have lunch.)

My penis is just under six-and-half-inches, and as I am very, very horny, I love jerking off and I just love getting an erection in front of the young (thirty-two-year-old) carer, Niki, as she washes and dresses me each morning.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are Niki days, and as I get an erection in front of her, I make sure that my pubes are trimmed down. Monday nights, I trim my stubble and I also trim my pubes as well, taking the pubes that are around my penis, right down to virtually nothing.

Basically, Niki is slim, tall, and attractive. She got married a few years ago. Her husband is away a lot, about six weeks at a time. She has had two children in the last few years but is still quite firm. I guess she must workout. Niki must have middle-Eastern blood in her, as she goes a deep golden brown in the summer. She is a very good and methodical carer and I think she is quite sweet, with a lovely and caring personality but she is casual in her approach to things, just taking everything in her stride.

She is fully aware that she turns me on and that I am extremely horny and I am sure that she likes to see me all turned on, with a full erection, as she used to wear round neck t-shirts. But when she came back from her second maternity leave in September 2018 and I started to get an erection in front of her, she started wearing the occasional v-neck, which seemed to accentuate her largish boobs and display her cleavage, which made me get an erection even more.

My erections became more and more frequent and she would wear a v-neck more often. I spoke to her about getting an erection in front of her, as I was worried about what she thought. She said that she didn’t mind and said that she could cover it up if I was embarrassed about it. I said that I wasn’t particularly embarrassed about it, so long as she was okay with it. Since then, she has always worn a v-neck in the spring and summer.

When she stoops down, she flashes more than her cleavage to me, which I am sure she is aware of.

When she gave me a shower the other month, she wore a new, very baggy, very low cut v-neck and a very low cut bra, which was quite revealing, especially when she was kneeling down to get me dressed and then I saw even more as she had to lean forward and as her nipples had gone hard, tenting out her bra.

I could see the very, very top of her areola. A sort of milk chocolaty /pinky colour. I did write about it but to cut a long story short, I ended up squirting cum on her face! I was a bit embarrassed about it, but it didn’t seem to bother her.

She just said, “Don’t worry about it, John. You couldn’t help it.”

She has seen me cum, three times now and each time she didn’t seem particularly bothered about it. When I apologised, she just said, something like, “Don’t worry about it, it’s only a natural reaction.”

As I said in the other story, I am very, very lucky to have a young and attractive, broadminded carer and I am fortunate that the stroke didn’t affect my penis. When she is here, we have a wonderful relationship.


Anyway, it was my birthday the other day and Niki was working that day for the first time in three years and I had had a week of not ejaculating, as I wanted to cum that morning whilst Niki was in the kitchen. She was used to me asking her for ‘a few minutes’ and then get my clean boxers. I would masturbate and cum on my chest and stomach, then clean up the cum with my boxers, or I would cum directly on to my boxers.

Actually, a few weeks ago, I had a really erotic experience. Just before she started washing me. She noticed a small red mark about halfway down my penis. She picked up my engorged penis and had a good look at the red mark. My penis was growing rapidly as she handled it.

“Is that red mark okay John?”

“Yes, fine.”

“Not sore at all?”


By now my penis was fully erect and I could feel it pulsating as she handled it, which felt lovely. She let my penis go and it sprang from her hold and pointed straight up.

“I think you should give me a minute.”

“Oh, sorry! Yeah sure.”

As soon as she started to turn, I was masturbating and I was cumming just as she left the room.

Where was I?

Oh yes, when I heard her come in, I started to get an erection, as usual. When she came into the room, a few minutes later, I saw that she was wearing a dark pink, cropped and baggy, v-neck. A short, off white, flouncy skirt with pink roses on it and high ish heels, that made her long tanned legs even longer. (She normally wears skin-tight jeans and flat shoes.) She came straight up to the bed, leant over (giving me an eye full of cleavage and a low cut red bra!) and gave me a peck on the cheek.

“Happy birthday, John.”

“Thank you.”

I felt my penis get harder.

She has got a fantastic cleavage, due to her, largish, boobs, which must be at least a ‘D’ cup. I’ve often wondered what her boobs actually looked like. I now know, from seeing the very top of her areola, that her nipples are a milk-chocolate/pink colour. I’ve really only ever seen her in a bra. Apart from once, when she just quickly ‘popped in’ through the day to get something from the fridge. She was wearing a black vest top then and her boobs, although not perky, still looked quite big and firm.)

“I thought I would make a bit of an effort, as it’s your birthday.”

“Thank you. Very nice.”

Niki came round to the other side of the bed (my left) to retrieve my urine bottle, which is by my hip. I pushed the duvet down a bit. She had to lift the duvet a bit more and moved it down to get to the bottle and I made sure that she exposed the top of my penis, which is always very, very engorged.

She went into the bathroom and got a bowl with my toiletries in it, and put it on the floor adjacent to my feet. Her skirt rode up, as she bent over to do this, and I saw the bottom side of her, tanned, left ass cheek. (She has a nice ass.)

G-string, I thought, as my penis went harder. She disappeared to get another bowl of water to shave me, placed it on my wheelchair and then she did a full 180, bent over and got the razor from the toiletries bowl. Her skirt rode up again to about mid bum. She wasn’t quite square on to me, but I could see that she wasn’t wearing a g-string. She was pantie-less! I saw the back part of her pussy.

My pulse started to race and I felt my penis really, really swell. I wanted to masturbate and cum, but I couldn’t and didn’t. I had a feeling I would get another ‘show’ anyway. (And I did.)

Niki shaved me and I felt my penis was calming down a bit. She then went into the other bedroom, to get my clothes for the day.

“Is it okay to uncover you now?”

“Er, yes.”

My penis was lying down on the top of my left thigh but it was still quite engorged. Niki got some more water and proceeded to wash me. My penis began to swell. She then turned her attention to my penis, which had started to lift. She soaped it up with the flannel and it became fully erect. (She’s used to seeing me with an erection, as I get one in front of her most mornings.) She dried me off and just patted my penis dry.

She then turned to her right (away from me) and bent over to get the moisturiser from the toiletries bowl. She was a bit closer this time and square on and once more her skirt rode up and I saw her  pussy clearly now. She was hairless from what I could see and she had protruding pussy lips and they were clearly wet! She rummaged in the bowl for the small tube of moisturiser for what seemed like an eternity, with her wet and glistening pussy facing me. I wanted to feel it and eat it!

By now I was very, very excited. (Judging by her wet pussy, I think she was too!) My pulse was racing and my penis was very, very erect and I could feel it pulsating and throbbing, as a bead of precum oozed out. I wanted and needed to masturbate and cum.

As Niki stood back up, I nervously, swallowed and spoke, “I think you better give me a minute.”

“As it’s your birthday, would you like me to relieve you?”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and I am sure that my penis swelled even more. This had been a fantasy of mine for years.

I nodded, “Er, yes.”

She put the moisturiser on the bed and curled the fingers of her right ‘gloved’ hand around the top of my penis and wiped the precum over my penis head with her thumb, and then gripped my penis but not too tightly. She started to pump it! Not too fast and not too slow. Down… up. Down… up. Down… up. I was in heaven and thinking of her wet pussy and what it would feel like around my cock.

“Do you like that, John?”

“Ooooh, god yes. It’s lovely.”

She only had to pump it about half-a-dozen times or so, before I felt my cum building up.

“I’m going to cum!”

Niki continued pumping but she slowed right down, tightened her grip and pulled my foreskin right back, pausing for a moment as she did so. My head lifted off the pillow and my legs went stiff and straight.

“I’m cumming!”

I squirted a long rope of cum that flew into the air about two feet, coming to rest on Niki’s arm as she continued to, slowly, milk my penis. I did about two or three very little squirts, that went on her fingers and then I just oozed a little bit. Niki was still, slowly, milking my penis, pulling the foreskin right back, until every last drop of cum came out.

“Happy birthday, John.”

Niki then let go of my penis and picked up the flannel. She held my penis again and wiped away the cum. I jumped.

“Sorr,y John.”

She wiped the cum off her arm, picked up the towel and patted me dry. She then disappeared into the bathroom to change her gloves.

“Now, where was I?”

My penis was still quite engorged and quite erect, as she applied some moisturiser to my face. Then she got me dressed and into my wheelchair, stopping only to wipe up the excess cum which had leaked out, my now, shrunken penis.

When I went into the living room, I saw that she had bought me some flowers and there was a present and card on the table.

“Excuse me a minute, John.”

Niki went to the bathroom, maybe to pee or to finger herself. I was thinking and imagining the latter and my penis started to grow as I pictured her fingering herself in my mind. She returned a few moments later and opened my card, then the present. It was a light grey polo shirt.

“Thank you, Niki.”

“You’re welcome, John.”

Since then, there has been no ‘awkwardness’ between us, she has just been ‘Niki’ the carer. Actually, over the next few mornings that followed my birthday, I continued to get an erection in front of her and on one of those mornings I was feeling rather horny as I was thinking of her wet pussy.

“Can you give me a minute. Unless you want to stay?”

“No thanks, John. I will go.”

So, it was a birthday treat then. Roll on next year. I wonder if she will make an exception for Christmas!

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The Seminar

I watched her walk into the seminar, demur in her tardiness as she took a seat in the back of the room. I was teaching a two-day seminar and she had already missed almost half of the first morning. My first thoughts when I saw her was that she could not be taking this class seriously, coming in so late. Since she was sitting at the back of the room, I really didn’t get a chance to check her out, plus her tardiness had tinged my perspective of her and her commitment to participating in the seminar.

At the mid-morning break, Jan came up to me to apologize for being so late. It appears that she from out of town and got lost between the airport and the university. As I took in her apology, I also took in her appearance. She stood about five-foot-six, carried around a hundred and twenty pounds and had what looked like 34B breasts. She was wearing tight designer denims and a white long sleeve blouse that accentuated her breasts, and a portion of her shoulder-length blond hair was pulled up into a top knot.

She apologized and asked what she had missed, suggesting that we meet for lunch to get her caught up. I had to refuse, having already made lunch arrangements with some colleagues. She then suggested dinner, but again I was booked. Jan pouted with her plump red lips puckered out, sending a message straight from my eyes to my cock, while her pale blue eyes pleaded with me.

I quickly agreed to spend lunch with her the next day and, if necessary, time after the seminar to make sure she got caught up. We went back into the seminar room and she gathered up her belongings and moved into the front row since there were a number of front row seats available. As I continued in my presentation, Jan asked fully participated and generally looked sexy for the rest of the day.

After the seminar was finished for the day and I was walking out to my car, she called me over to her car, an upscale rental. She said that she just wanted to verify our “catch up” time tomorrow and to wish me a good evening. She was radiant with her blue eyes sparkling and her full lips enunciating each word. As we looked into each other’s eyes, I couldn’t help but wonder what those lips would feel like around my cock.

The next day, Jan was on time and back in her seat in the front row. But today she was wearing a short, mid-thigh skirt, plaid and pleated. Her white button-up blouse was like yesterday’s, but a bit tighter, emphasizing her breasts, with a couple of buttons strategically unbuttoned. Today, she had black mules and stockings with a black seam. All through the morning session she was constantly moving her legs, placing one leg over the other, teasing me with the occasional opportunity to see up her blue lace panties, relentlessly distracting and teasing me as I tried to make my presentation.

For the lunch break, we ducked off to a nearby coffee house to get Jan up to speed. We were able to get a booth towards the back. I sat down and began to pull out my notes from the previous morning. I was surprised when Jan slid in next to me. I was expecting her to side across from me in the booth.

As I began to go over my notes, I noticed two things. First, she was not taking notes and, second, she was leaning into me, her breasts rubbing against my arm and her leg against my leg. She leaned over, tilting her head to face me. Her sparkling blue eyes looking deep into mine as she ran her tongue around her full luscious lips. Needless to say, not much catching up occurred at lunch as we got to know each other.

As we talked, I placed my right hand on her left forearm and began to stroke her arm. I then dragged my finger up her arm and onto the back of her left hand, my finger stroking the white gold and pave diamond ring on her third finger. She never took her eyes off of mine and she just licked her luscious lips. Of course, that meant that we would have to try to get her caught up after the seminar.

The seminar ended early and at the end, quite a number of the participants came up to me to clarify a point that I had made, getting contact information or just to thank me and say good-bye. Jan stood back, patiently waiting for the crowd to thin. She was holding her notebook against her chest. With her short plaid skirt and white blouse and sparkling eyes, she looked like an innocent, but eager high school sophomore, not the thirty-something professional she was.

We walked out of the building together and she asked me to come to her hotel to finish her private tutorial on the missed class material. As I was driving to her hotel, my mind was playing potential scenarios, none of which involved catching up on missed class material. Her antics at lunch and her teasing me throughout today’s presentation had my mind thinking more of her body than of the seminar, plus it looked like I was going to get to take another man’s wife. I imagined a number of sexual scenarios as I drove across town.

She let me into her room, and we sat on the bed. I was going through the motions of looking for my notes, knowing that this was just a pretense. There was an unstated vibe that we were not there to go over my notes.

I looked up from the notes and Jan’s lips were about two inches from my face. I leaned forward and our lips met, her plump full lips pressed against mine for a few seconds and then she placed her hand on the back of my neck and pulled me into her, our lips crushing and our tongues exploring each other’s mouths.

My hand moved to her neck as we kissed and then down to her breast. I had my right hand on her breast when we broke the kiss and Jan leaned back onto the bed, inviting me to join her. I leaned over her and we kissed again, this time my fingers were unbuttoning her blouse. I guess I was going too slow since Jan sat up pulled her blouse over her head, unsnapped her bra and unzipped her skirt. I pulled her skirt off of her leaving her in blue lace panties.

I slid back up so I could kiss Jan some more while my hands kneaded her breasts and pinched her nipples. She moaned as I fondled her breasts with increasing intensity, twisting and pulling her nipples. My hand slid down her stomach and into her panties while my mouth moved from her luscious lips to her breasts, licking, biting and pulling her nipples.

Jan’s pussy was soaking wet and my finger entered her with no resistance. I finger fucked her for a few minutes while worshipping her breasts. Her hips were undulating, pushing against my fingers as they pumped in and out of her wet pussy. I stood up and pulled off her panties. She coyly held her knees and ankles together as her panties fell to the floor. Slowly, Jan spread her legs, revealing her flower to me. Her blond pubic hair was matted with her juices, her labia swollen and her clitoris rising like a tiny cock. She smiled, inviting me to feast on her pussy.

I quickly off my shirt and somehow got out of my shoes. Again, Jan was impatient and sat up to unbuckle my pants and with one motion had my pants and underpants on the floor.

As my pants were bunching up on the floor, my cock was bobbing in front of Jan’s face. I could feel her hot breath on my glans as she curled her fingers around my shaft. She stroked it a couple of times and wrapped her full lips around my glans. Her tongue swirled around the top of my head and she took a few short bobs down my prick.

Suddenly she took a dive down the full length of my cock, burying her face in my pubic hair. I felt my breath taken away. I could feel her throat swallowing my manhood as she scratched my balls. Jan backed off, got a new breath of air and repeated the whole process staring with her lips around my glans.

After a few minutes, I was about to cum and I had to tell her to slow down. I laid down flat on the bed and pulled her on top of me. My tongue explored her dripping lips and teased her clit. I could not get enough of Jan, sucking her juices out of her pubic hair and pussy. She continued to take my cock deep into her throat. We were in a pleasurable sixty-nine, but my desire was too great. I wanted to fuck her, to thrust my cock deep into her womb.

I rolled Jan over onto her back. Her legs spreading as she rolled over. I slid between her legs and rubbed the head of my cock up and down through her pussy lips, just touching her clit, eliciting a primal groan as my cock slowly entered her. She grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me into her to make my entrance quicker and harder. That move told me what she wanted, and it set us into a hard fuck.

We fucked hard and fast, with her hips rising to meet me with each of my thrusts. Her pussy grabbed my cock each time I drove into her. I could feel her pulling me into her, harder and harder as the sound of skin slapping filled the room along with our moans and howls.

Soon I was spent, cumming deep in her pussy. I slid down and began to clean up her cunt. Her juices and mine were mixed together and created the most wonderful taste. After cleaning her thighs and pussy and slurped all the juices out of her public hair, I kept licking, biting and tonguing her lips and clit. Suddenly her thighs clutched my head and her hands held my mouth on her pussy as she bucked and thrashed through her second orgasm.

I returned to her mouth kissing her deeply as our tongues fought for control. Once we broke our kiss, Jan curled her fingers around my cock and then slid down and took my cock into her mouth, cleaning me.

We drifted off to sleep, having such an intense sexual release and the burden of the seminar lifted from our shoulders. I woke up a bit later to the most sensual of feelings. Jan was sucking my cock and breathing life back into it. She had told me how much she liked sucking cock, so I did not try to fuck her a second time.

I just leaned back and let her do her thing. In just a few seconds she had my cock engorged and straining to reach the depths of her throat. Jan bobbed her head up and down as her hands stroked my cock. Since I had already come, it took quite a while for her to get her reward of a mouthful of cum.

As I filled her mouth with my ejaculate, she smiled and gulped it down to show me how much she liked sucking my cock and drinking my seed. I looked at the clock and jumped up. “Oh, shit, I have to go. I was supposed to meet my wife half an hour ago!”

Jan smiled and helped me get dressed.

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Love Refactored

He took a sip of water and pressed on with the questioning. “So, Cristal, what is your earliest memory of a bad experience?”

She wasn’t entirely sure why she needed these interviews, or even why she was being put forward for promotion. Sure, she could program computers in her sleep, it was that easy, but she was happy with that. She loved algorithms and she wasn’t looking for anything more.

She looked at the top of his head, then at the plain white wall opposite. “Oh, that’s difficult. Let me think. Yes, I think I was running towards my Dad who was tickling my favourite bear which was in my pushchair, but I fell and knocked the pushchair over and cut my head. I remember my Mum screamed and picked me up, and I cried and cried, but my Dad kissed me on the forehead and I stopped.”

“Interesting, Cristal,” Marlau muttered, not looking up.

“And your bear?”

“My bear… oh yes, my bear. He fell out of the pushchair and into a…”

“Muddy puddle?” Marlau finished her sentence.

“Yes”, Cristal replied, a confused look passing across her face. Marlau laughed and looked at his watch.

“Children’s toys, eh! They always end up in the mud! So look, that’s it for today, honey, they are shutting up early today. You’re doing well!”

“Oh, now! My transporter isn’t booked for another thirty minutes. Is there somewhere I can wait?”

“Don’t make me laugh! You must have noticed the state of this zone when you arrived! A girl like you doesn’t want to be waiting anywhere round here! Look, you’re a sweet kid and I always have one for the road so let me buy you a drink, the bar on the next block isn’t the worst in the neighbourhood.”

“I don’t want to impose.”

“It’s no imposition, you’re way too polite for your own good, you’ve made my job nice and easy today so I reckon you deserve a drink.”

Cristal smiled. The thing was, she really liked Marlau because he was so direct and just said it how it was. She hated creepy guys and bullshitters. He also had a calm and confident demeanour and a very dry sense of humour. However, there was also this sparkle in his eyes that on the few times when he had looked directly at her, had made her feel a warm glow like there was some kind of connection between them. She found herself agreeing slightly too readily.

It was early evening and like most streets in the Tech District there were already two prostitutes, Proformas she assumed, hanging around in their short skirts and heavy makeup. The bar was opposite a small Aiform modding shop whose garish window was full of disembodied body parts arranged in a macabre jumble. Cristal averted her gaze. She had heard of these places, where people could get their A.I. units ’upgraded’ both physically and mentally. It was all a little too close to home for her and brought the secret she kept to the fore, making her feel very uneasy. She was thankful when they crossed the street.

The bar was run down and extremely seedy; it had not seen a paintbrush for decades. The window blinds were torn and filthy with dust, and it had a stale smell that was bearably unpleasant and impossible to describe. Cristal felt her feet sticking to the floor as Marlau guided her to a small table in the corner.

“I know it’s a shit hole, but trust me, it’s the best shit hole round here and…” He noticed Cristal warily studying the chair. “It’s OK, the seats ain’t sticky, they wipe ‘em down when they do the tables. Hey Joe, two mojitos over here.”

Cristal relaxed, pulled out the chair and sat down slightly to the side, flattening her short polka dot dress and crossing her legs in a way that Marlau could see them properly. The barman brought over the drinks.

Marlau was almost certain that Cristal was his target, but was struggling to maintain his distance and not be too entranced by her seductive smile, beautiful green eyes and intoxicating innocence. As she talked about more of her memories, she felt Marlau looked disengaged and was afraid she was boring him, but then his phone vibrated on the table making her jump.

“Hey, hold on there, darling, I just got to get this,” he said and, leaving Cristal at the table looking very uncomfortable, he walked over to the door where he took the call.

“I’ve finished for the day, what do you want?”

“Calm down, Marlau. The captain wants to know if we’ve got one. He’s just short of his target for this month.”

“Sorry to piss on his parade, but no, that girl is a bit fucked up but she ain’t on our list.”

“Damn it, Marlau, you seemed really keen to take this one. I thought she was a cert. I told the Captain as much!”

“I can fake it for you, I doubt anyone would miss her.”

“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.”

“Good, just fooling with you. When you pass over the next case, please make it a good one. I hate these dead enders, but hey, I almost forgot, I need to take a few days off. Something I have to deal with. Is that OK?”

“Sure, call me when you’re back, you’ve not had a break for an age. Good work, by the way. We can’t ever afford to slip up, it would be a nightmare.”

“Thanks, lieutenant! And can you get her ID properly sorted. She’s a nice girl.”

“I’ve just approved the ID. She’ll be cleared by the morning. You can tell her over breakfast.”

“Very funny!”

He hung up and Marlau returned to Cristal who was looking at her watch.

“My transporter will be here soon,” she sighed, “Shall I turn up at the same time tomorrow?”

“That’s up to you babe,” Marlau replied nonchalantly, “we could carry on now and maybe wrap it all up this evening, or you can come back for some more tedious grilling tomorrow. I don’t think it would take long. I’ve got almost everything I need for my report. Maybe an hour or two.”

“Oh”, Cristal said, slightly surprised at the offer which she felt was probably inappropriate and should be declined immediately. Inside she felt flattered and intrigued at the modus-operandi of this rather strange freelance psychological assessor who she guessed must be very good at poker as he gave nothing away emotionally.

“OK, I can always use a free day. Let me cancel the transporter.”

“Good, let’s finish up here. My apartment is only ten minutes away. We’ll have a bit of privacy there.”

“Your apartment?”

Cristal was taken aback by the forwardness of this man, Marlau, but it had been a long time since anyone had taken an interest in her. In fact, it felt like forever, and she really liked him. She couldn’t work out how this was even slightly professional, but the mojito had been strong and was doing a great job of numbing those doubting thoughts.

“Sure, my apartment. It’s a nice place. I keep it real clean and tidy, It’s way better than that dungeon of a room they had us in back there.”

“OK.” Cristal agreed. She seemed to be finding it hard not to agree with him.

Marlau pushed open the door to the living room with his foot allowing Cristal in first. The floor to ceiling windows gave the impression that the room was floating in air and the bright lights of the commercial district cast strange shadows across the Scandinavian themed furniture as a delivery drone throbbed past the window.

She looked around. The room was open plan, with the bedroom to one side and a bathroom on the other, but while she was admiring his taste in furniture, she felt two hands around her waist pulling her backwards into a warm embrace, lips and stubble grazing her neck, then hands on her petite breasts, squeezing tenderly.

Cristal was shocked but felt herself immobilised. She knew he was confident and that he knew what he wanted, but she was not expecting him to come on quite so strong. He turned her to face him and held her head in his hands. Their eyes met. Oh those eyes, she thought, melting at once. They were the eyes of an angel, not this demon who seemed to set her senses on fire with his flaming lust.

She groaned, and their lips met. There was no opportunity for words as their lips pressed hungrily together and their tongues roamed, seeking pleasure. Seemingly happy with the way things had turned out, Marlau pulled back.

“Hey, honey, it’s been a long day. Let me fix you a drink.” Glancing at the bathroom, he continued, “And why don’t we rub a bit of this grime off each other, eh? Don’t want to dirty the sheets.”

Despite Marlau’s lack of even one ounce of romance, Cristal was still enraptured, but suddenly realised that although this was exactly what she wanted, she had missed out one small but important detail concerning her sex. “Oh, I don’t know, I mean…”

Marlau took her hands. “It’s OK, honey. I know!”

“You know? You know what?” Cristal replied as innocently as she could, but the tremble in her voice and goosebumps on her arms revealed that she knew he knew.

Marlau pulled out his phone and brought up an image of a young man in his early twenties bearing a ‘Most Wanted’ caption. “Look, it’s an old picture, sweetheart. Maybe you recognise him?”

“Oh my God, I’ve been such a fool! You’re a….”

Marlau grabbed her arms firmly and looked her straight in the eyes as she desperately tried to back away, intent on bolting for the door, her instinct to run. But his eyes were like magnets and she simply could not break away from them. She felt her resistance crumbling. So her time was up, it had been good, and with her legs weakening, she crumpled against him.

“Listen,” he said, his voice suddenly warm and caring. “Yes I am a Formatter and you are a generation five Aiform, but you’ve nothing to fear. Honestly, I’ve got you cleared already. You’re off the hook. I’ve had it with this shitty job, so calm down! I was pretty sure in the first hour who you were, but listen! I’m serious. You really are safe with me!”

It was a combination of his svengali-like mesmerism and the fact that she knew her situation was hopeless that made her slump down in the white leather chair and began to quietly cry as Marlau loomed over her.

“What are you going to do with me,” she whispered meekly through the constant tears. “What do you mean, I’m safe?”

“Look, Honey, like I said, I’ve had it with this shit. I’m sick of wiping out perfectly decent units like you. I’m sick of how the actions of a few bad ones make the authorities punish everyone, even the good. So look, as of now, I’m finished. The cop who gets rid of Forms has retired.” With a theatrical flourish, he took out a card from his pocket and threw it to the floor, symbolically rubbing it into the carpet with the ball of his foot. “And here, catch!”

Cristal instinctively grabbed the small, but powerful, plastic tranquilliser gun as it rushed towards her chest.

“Seriously, I’m done, finito. Now you can go, or you can stay, you can even put me out with that t-gun, but I’ll tell you now, if you stay, I’m going to fuck you and you’re going to fuck me and then, in the morning, you are going to be so in love with me that we’re going off-world on the first flight and never coming back.

“But…” Cristal stammered.

“It’s a simple choice, kiddo. You’re Tal5F8E, or is it Cristal5F8E now? Either way, you are one of the most wanted Aiforms on this crapper of a planet. The disguise is pretty foolproof I grant you. I really wasn’t sure it was you at first. You sure make one hell of a beautiful woman but you fucked up that test with that memory of the bear. I’ve seen that secret ‘on the run’ manual that all you Forms swear by, and that one is in the guy’s section.”

“Yes I’ve got a cock, and yes I’m a Form, but I’ve no idea why you think I’m that guy. How do I know this isn’t just more of those mind games you are so good at?” Cristal spluttered through her weeping. Years of being in hiding as a woman had taken away any vestige of the tough and macho guy she had once been. She was no walk over, but her electro-neural A.I. circuits had gradually adjusted to make her sensitive and caring with a sweet and encaptivating personality that matched her catwalk looks. Charm was her favoured weapon now, not aggression.

“Here, look at this.” Marlau showed her another picture on his phone, this time of a beautiful woman in her late twenties with long blond hair. Cristal’s mood suddenly changed from despair to anxiety.

“How do you know her? That’s Cal7EB3! Is she alive? Tell me she is, please tell me she is!”

“Yep, Honey, looks like you just passed the final test.”

“Final test?”

“Yep, only Tal would know that.”

“You tricked me,” Cristal wept, throwing the t-gun on the floor, “and I bet that’s just a fake!”

Marlau moved over to the chair and brought his hand to her cheek, brushing away a tear. Cristal flinched and looked away.

“Cal’s alive. She took a different direction to you. She joined the bad guys and after years of listening to all that misogynist boys’ room talk, she couldn’t take it anymore. She had to get out.”

“She would have never done that, you’re lying! If you want to help me, let me go. If not, just take me in!” Cristal screeched, finally getting angry.

“I’m not lying, Cal’s here,” Marlau said calmly.

“Please, please, stop playing games with me. Whatever you might think about us, I’ve got real feelings in here.” She tapped her head and turned to face him, hatred in her watery eyes. “Where is she then? Show her to me!”

She watched as Marlau dug the fingernails of his right hand into the skin under his chin and with a forceful tug peeled back the fake epidermis from his face. She stared in horror as Marlau turned away from her and she saw the back of a new head emerge on his shoulders, the old dangling in his grasp. The face flopped to the floor and Marlau picked up a towel, wiping himself, before shaking down his bunched up hair, blonde dishevelled tresses flowing down over his shoulders. He slowly turned to face her.

“O.M.G. Cal, it’s you! I can’t believe it.” Cristal flew out of the chair and embraced her lover. It had been years, so many years, since that fateful day on Proxima B.

Cristal gazed incredulously into her lover’s eyes and they kissed, kissed with the accumulated energy of all their lost time together. Now she knew why she had been so attracted to that bloody Marlau, there was no Marlau, there was just Cal! You can hide the face, but you can’t hide the eyes, and how she had always loved her eyes.

They tugged at their clothes, gently, but purposefully, until they stood naked before each other. Cristal’s slender body looked so erotic, her small breasts and big nipples standing out on her chest, while her erection stood large and proud.

“Let me lose this baggage,” Cal said, peeling the rest of her second skin away until she stood there in all her former beauty, large pert breasts had replaced the hairy pecs and her pointing red nipples revealed exactly how she felt.

Cal led Cristal to the large bath which was filled with steaming perfumed water and they sank into the bubbles enjoying the smoothness of each other’s skin with tender touches as they explored each other’s bodies, taking their time as neither of them wanted the moment to ever end. Their mouths crushed together, breaking only to let their tongues play with each other’s breasts, savouring the sweet combination of sensations as their fingers explored the lower parts of their bodies.

Cal pulled herself out of the water and straddled Cristal, rubbing her labia slowly over Cristal’s rock hard phallus before lowering herself and letting it enter her. So long! It had been so long for both of them, that it felt like the first time, and the happiness of being properly and completely physically reunited filled their minds with the most harmonious and serene feelings. Their coupling was slow and sensuous, passionate and tender, exciting, yet calming. It was simply joyous.

Eventually, they climbed out of the cooling water and dried themselves, both shuddering at the relative chill of the room and the thought of how much love they had lost and how much love they had to regain! As they lay in bed, Cristal gazed at Cal. She was as beautiful as ever, her brushed blonde hair shining and resting on her perfect body.

Cristal spoke gently, a worried tone in her voice. “Cal, I’m not sure I can ever go back to being Tal again. I’ve loved being Cristal so much, it’s as if I discovered who I should have always been all the time and I don’t want to have to change back but I really don’t want to lose you!”

“I love you, Cristal!” she replied, emphasising her name. “You are exactly the same person I always loved, but just look better than ever. I love the way you are so sensual and kind. I love your soft lips and your smooth sexy body. So no, please don’t change back. After all I’ve been through, I feel so much happier and relaxed in the arms of a woman these days, someone who understands me and what I need.

Cal explained that after Proxima B she had been to see a backstreet Aiform modder with the proceeds of their robbery who had built her new male exodermis as the ultimate disguise. It was a means to an end, and at first she enjoyed the way she could swagger and command respect in a way she had never been able to do before, but although she enjoyed the power, she never liked her body and every night dreamt of being herself again.

“Why did you become a Formatter though? I mean, surely anything but that!”

“It wasn’t easy, but it was the only way I could think of that I would be able to find you. To get all the resources of the authorities to help me achieve my goal, to hunt you down. Plus it somehow felt safer being on the inside. It worked, right! But I tell you this, it showed me a side of men and bigots that I really grew to resent, so I truly am so pleased with how you’ve turned out, you have no idea how much.”

Cristal kissed her before breaking down into tears again. No one could have done more for anyone! Cal had put herself in so much danger and made such a huge sacrifice to her own happiness to find her, she almost felt unworthy of her love.

“It must have been awful!”

“I won’t lie, a lot of times it was, but I was lucky. Most of the Aiforms I was assigned to had gone glitchy, their circuits or their code was all mashed up. It was a mercy to put them to sleep, they were so tormented, so hateful and vengeful, hating humans just because they didn’t understand them! There were some good ones though, and they are still out there. They’ve got ID, because with me they always passed their tests, just like you have. Humans don’t get people like us. They built us but can’t accept that we grow and develop just like them. When we end up smarter than them, or sexier than them, it’s a design mistake, not something to celebrate.”

They cried together for a while, lying on their sides, wiping tears away, tears of happiness and relief, kissing and comforting each other as they talked.

“It must have been so hard for you, doing what you were doing, but why were you so tough on me? I was so scared. I really thought you were a Formatter!”

“I had to know it was really you, and they hadn’t turned the tables on me. Sorry, babe. Really sorry.” Cal squeezed Cristal’s hand.

“You were always the careful one!” Cristal smiled. “Always looking out for us while I was charging in like a crazed idiot. I wish I had listened to you back then on Proxima B and maybe none of this would have happened.”

“If that hadn’t happened, something else would have. There were too many of them and we were both too reckless. Anyway, that’s the past, and the only thing I care about is the future. You’re careful now too. And you are so beautiful. I can’t believe how this has all worked out.”

As they looked deep into each other’s eyes, eyes that somehow drew them into each other without even a touch, the phone on the table buzzed. Cal smiled.

“That will be confirmation of your new ID authorisation. Tomorrow we fly out and that Marlau guy gets ‘disappeared’ by a gang of Forms! I’ve left a nice false trail for the authorities to pick up. You know, the usual suspects.

“There’s just a hint of that manipulative Formatter left in that sweet head of yours isn’t there?” Cristal laughed, cuddling her lover and feeling her growing erection pressing against Cal’s wetness, her passion becoming overwhelming again. Cristal thought it was nice that she felt like a woman inside and that Cal, perhaps, still felt a little like a man. It was almost too good to be true. They made love until dawn, their bodies entwined and their orgasms frequent, some intense, others just washing over them, like warm waves on a sandy beach. For Cristal, the whole evening had felt like a ride on a roller coaster, and the real climax was the elation of being reunited with Cal.

As the sun broke over the high rise horizon and lit up the flat with a blinding light, two beautiful, but very tired women, closed the door to the past and embarked on their new life together.

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The Jared Chronicles: Jared's Brat School – Part 2

Trophy-wife Tabitha has suffered blackmail at the hands of her precocious step-daughter Sorrel for too long. Her husband’s part-time gardener Jared Morgan claims he can provide her with leverage to combat the girl. Jared being Jared, however, there’ll be a very specific brand of payment for his additional service. All Tabitha can do is wait for his progress report and his demands…

She would have driven all the way into Philly for the hell of it, but the equivalent of about three tequila shots had made their way into her system, so she parked the Maserati on the outskirts of Furlong and made her way into town. Her mind was awhirl with conjecture. What the hell had just happened?

She’d been talking to him, that was all—letting it all out because he was there, hot and vaguely sympathetic. Had she been a fool? Was this somehow going to sink another bite into her English ass? I wonder what he’s getting up to with her …

It would be better to put it out of her head, though this feat proved impossible. In a vain attempt she bought the new edition of Vogue and took it to Carluccio’s restaurant, but she was plagued there by thoughts of Daddy’s rotten angel pushing her perky wares in Jared’s face. It mingled with memories of that lascivious look on his face when he’d been talking to her.

The sexy bastard means to have us both … She spun spaghetti around her fork and tried to work out how she felt about the notion. For a brief moment, she’d believed that this guy was genuinely seeking to help her. In reality, he was one more horny opportunist, however deliciously sculpted. If she had read him at all well, however, he’d be good to his word. God, what a business on which to stake one’s powers of character judgment.

Having managed her way through lunch she went window-shopping, unable to take the usual comfort in consumerism via the credit card provided her by Grant. All joy had been robbed from the experience by the grand proclamations she’d made to Jared on the state of her life. He’ll think I’m such a spoilt girl. He’ll be right.

The afternoon crawled. She contemplated returning to the house, parking before she got to the drive and sneaking back in. Maybe she could surreptitiously observe what was going on, satiate her ravening curiosity with a good spying session on the two. Then again she might end up wrecking whatever subterfuge was being practised on pretty Sorrel.

Bottling her sense of intrigue she returned to Lovin’ Spoonful and scrolled through contacts in her cell phone, wondering which of the acquaintances from her married life were worth her time—and which of those from her single days ever thought of how she was doing.

Her eyes rested on Andrew’s name and she suffered a pang at the memory of his apology-laden departure. I didn’t mean to make trouble for you, he had texted soon after, and as if to make sure he didn’t, he had scarcely been in contact again. She hadn’t encouraged him; the memory was far too excruciating. Besides, she was sure in retrospect that there had been disappointment in his response to her that day, all passion aside.

“It’s quite something,” he had said, looking around at her exquisitely modern dwelling, but ‘you don’t really fit in here’ had been the subtext. She put away her phone and counted down the long minutes to when she could safely contact Jared.

On the dot of six, she tapped in his number, taking care to withhold her own, and called.

“Lady Tabitha, excellent timing.” The word which best described his voice, she thought, was ‘chipper’, like a guy who’d just got exceedingly lucky. “I gotta say, part of me thought I was over-selling my abilities, but I should never have doubted myself. It all worked out—as well as it damn well coulda.”

“Which means …”

“Which means among other things I’m one very happy boy right now.”

“I don’t doubt it.” So the blond pixie had given it up first chance she got. “But how exactly does that benefit me?”

“Tell me where you are and I’ll come explain.”

“I’ll look forward to that.” She gave him directions to the shop, signed off and waited, wondering how much he had to share and how he intended to use it. The sense of mystery was knotting her insides.

Within a quarter-hour he joined her, a frayed black t-shirt stretched over his upper body. It was the first time she had seen him covered above the waist. His jeans, she noticed, were splashed with water, presumably from his ablutions at the outdoor shower. Glances were being thrown his direction by other customers, either askance at his rough appearance or with salacious interest.

“Gotta love GPS,” he said with a grin, and he slapped his phone pocket. “I figured for years I couldn’t be bothered learning how to use that crap. Turns out I can find my way around a smartphone no problem, which has all kinds of benefits.” His tone was enigmatic. “Mind if I grab a coffee?”

“It’s on me,” she said, signalling to one of the waiting staff. It seemed the least she could do for someone endeavouring to help her, even if he had his own wicked price in mind. Once his Americano steamed in front of him, she leaned in, trying not to betray her heart-drumming excitement. “So—are you ready to share your fiendish plan? I’m not sure if I can take more of your riddles. What have you been getting up to with sweet Sorrel?”

He responded with the crooked smile of an experienced rogue. “Only everything she wanted—all she needed was the house to herself. Not that she’s shy about strutting near-naked with you there. But with the Mommy and Daddy-cats away, she was all good to play.”

“I’m not Mommy-cat,” Tabitha reminded him, grimacing over her latte. “Go on.”

“No—you’re really not,” he said with a laugh. “Anyway, a couple of margaritas from that jug you left helped things along—made her chattier than ever. Plus she wasn’t holding much back in her black beach number. Have you seen that one? There’s even less of it than yesterday’s pink.”

Tabitha had witnessed before how light on material the black bikini was. Grant had banned Sorrel from wearing it about the garden, when he was around. “Cut to the chase,” she said.

“Well she was covered in sun lotion and I was covered in dirt and, well, share a shower and save water, right?”

“Indoor shower or outdoor?”

“Outdoor. Much more fun.”

“And how… lacking in clothes were these ablutions?”

“As lacking as ablutions get.”

“God. I hope the neighbours didn’t have their elevated spy-cams out. And might I ask who suggested this shared arrangement?”

“She did of course. She fetched lemon-scented shower-gel from the bathroom—that’s how keen she was. Do I smell of lemons to you?”

“Faintly.” Tabitha smiled. She was imagining Jared getting naked and nasty with Sorrel in the sunlight and the image was making her more excited than jealous. What do you look like with everything off? The Princess has already had a good look it seems. “So,” she said, having to clear her throat before she could manage anything further, “tell me the rest of this story. And more to the point tell me why I should be interested.”

“Tell you? I’ll show you once I’ve finished this coffee.”

“Show me?”

He smiled and drank. “Yup, and not here—in the van. Some things shouldn’t be shared in public.”

The vehicle he had been lent by his cousin was parked around the block from Lovin’ Spoonful. “We haven’t got long,” he explained, helping her inside like he was a gentleman. “Should be pickin’ up Larry shortly, so let me share the show with you.” She settled beside him within the van’s confines and looked on with a quickening pulse as he whipped out his temporary smart-phone.

“She let you film her? On your phone?” Tabitha hadn’t marked Sorrel down as being quite that stupid.

“No, on hers. I made her show me how—she figured I was clueless how to use the damn things. No idea I knew how to send files phone to phone.” His finger was spinning around the face-plate, opening up videos. “I told her she should see how fuckin’ sexy she looked and acted all eager for her like a puppy. She didn’t take much convincing to let me film this …”

Tabitha gasped with laughter at the image popping onto the screen. “Oh my God …” Sorrel’s bikini was as minuscule as she remembered it—plump breasts straining against tiny triangles of black material, thong plunging past her hips into a matching V at her crotch. The girl was basically on curvy display aside from nipples and clean-waxed pussy.

More than that, she was dancing in the garden shower for her film-maker, a toothy smile almost splitting her face as jets bounced off her body from three different angles. Her hands were tugging at the elasticated swim-bottoms, pulling them upwards and waggling the band of fabric so that it tucked tight into her crotch.

“You like that?” she taunted, before turning around and swaying her tight wet buttocks for him, the thong-strand vanishing between them as she tugged.

“You been teasing me with that hot little booty for days, you naughty girl,” the cameraman’s voice said.

“Oh, have I gone and got you all excited?” She turned and grinned at him some more. “Poor baby, sweating away in that hole and nothing to be done about it.”

“Stuck in one hole, thinking of another.”

Sorrel’s eyes widened. “You’re so dirty!”

“I’m dirty as fuck, girl, but I’m guessing you already knew that. Only question is—does this dirty boy get a reward for all the hard work and frustration he’s been put through?”

“Maybe… What reward would he like?” Sorrel was sweeping back her wetted blond hair and continuing her circular booty-shake, feet squelching in the grass.

“Well to start with, why don’t we stop pretending that bikini covers anything and get rid of it?”

“You wanna see it all?” She licked her lips, her eye-line straying well below the phone-cam. “You first. I wanna see too.”

“Not a problem.”

There was the sound of unzipping, the camera operator clearly working one-handed. Sorrel’s expression went from expectation to staring astonishment. “Oh my God. Look at you—you’re huge!”

“I get that a lot,” Jared told Tabitha, his voice almost apologetic. She stifled a laugh and continued to stare at the screen, wondering how big a cock it would take to impress her slutty step-daughter.

Sorrel had stalled in her dance moves and was watching transfixed at whatever Jared’s hand was doing. “Holy hell, get naked and get in here now,” she said. “I wanna wash – you – down!”

“I showed you mine,” the movie’s director said. “You know how this goes.”

Sorrel unfastened her bikini at the top and whipped it free of her upper body. Then she turned, thrust out her ass and peeled the thong from her bare pussy-lips, stepping out and slinging the item away. She bit her finger and lifted her leg, crossing one thigh over the other in a coy water-baby pose at odds with her butt-naked boldness. Her gaze hadn’t strayed from what had originally made her gasp. “What you waiting for, big boy? Quit your movie-making and come get scrubbed down. I wanna get my hands on that beautiful cock.”

Jared paused the video and Tabitha stared speechless at the still image.

“After that, I soaped that hot little body all over and she soaped me back very thoroughly. Worked up a lot of bubbles. Tiny hands show a guy off to best advantage.”

“No doubt,” Tabitha said, rushing in before her imagination could get too carried away, “but I hardly need to hear all the details.”

“Would you like to see more detail?” Jared inquired.

“There’s more? Well… yes.” It made sense that she should watch all the footage available, have a full idea of what she had to work with. When he unpaused the action, however, it cut to a view that made her suck in breath audibly.

The camera phone was staring down on the soaking-wet Sorrel. She was naked and kneeling on the grass beneath the arching pipes of the now turned-off shower. Her hands were attempting to wrap themselves around the biggest cock-shaft Tabitha had ever seen, while her lips were stretched around the end, cheeks hollow as she sucked. The blonde’s mascara-primped eyes were huge and focused, staring into the camera with ‘check-me-out’ audacity.

“C’mon, baby, don’t be shy, take it on,” Jared’s voice encouraged the daughter of his current employer. She massaged his wet dick with both hands, tongue lapping and flicking the bulbous end, before she captured it with her mouth and sucked once more. Her pink lips spread far around him and she let go with one hand so she could take more of him inside, making succulent moans of enjoyment as she did. She bobbed her head, slowly at first, then with increasing vigour, till she was rolling on him in a steady circular motion, her hand pumping accompaniment at the base.

“Fuck, yes, you really know how to suck a guy’s cock. Show me what you can do, you hot little slut.” The sense of pleasure in Jared’s growled obscenities along with the explicit visual had Tabitha’s pussy soaking her panties. She gazed in awe at Sorrel’s greedy blow-job, acutely aware of its recipient seated next to her. No doubt he was enjoying her reaction immensely. By the time the ‘little slut’ (no argument there) was guzzling Jared into the back of her throat and coming off him again to lick up the mess of spit from his dripping shaft, Tabitha was covering up her limp-jawed amazement with her hand.

“I have a colourful turn of phrase when I’m in the middle of things,” Jared explained to her. “Don’t mind me.”

The on-screen activity got worse, or better, depending on who might be viewing it back. The next jump-cut had Sorrel in close-up, her face a wide-mouthed mask of pleasure and duress. She was being fucked on one of the sun loungers and soundly so, if its creak and her cries were anything by which to judge.

“That’s it, let’s go deep,” her lover said, like at that moment she had a say in the matter. “How about you take it right to the balls?” She took it for sure, wailing her response to the camera as the shafting, her step-mother assumed, plumbed new depths inside her.

Tabitha imagined taking what she had seen in the previous shot so very deep inside herself. Delight at Sorrel’s debauching on film was mingling with envy at the intensity of the fuck the girl was enjoying. Sweat was bathing the young Miss Chesterfield’s face, her eyes overcome with delirium, tits jogging at every thrust. The pretty rich girl taking it hard from the filthy-minded gardener and putting it all out there on film. Sorrel, you silly slut …

There was one more shot to enjoy (and Tabitha was taken aback by how much she was enjoying the movie interlude). Sorrel was now turned over on the lounger, clinging to its frame while she was rammed from behind. Her bum-cheeks were quaking, the rest of her body jolting harshly, as she took the full force of Jared’s pleasure. “That’s it, girl,” his voice was grating, “now we’re there, now we’re havin’ us some serious fun.”

“I can’t help giving a commentary,” he told Tabitha with a shrug. “It’s a habit.”

“I noticed.” Tabitha continued to be transfixed, chiefly by the stoutness of the pole pumping in and out of Sorrel’s stretched pussy, but she also wondered at the man behind the cock. “Maybe it’s the boy in you—he still can’t believe how lucky he’s getting and he has to remind himself it’s really happening.”

“Maybe that’s it. Beats pinching myself.”

They watched together, Jared’s hand reaching out onscreen to grab a fistful of Sorrel’s wet hair. He pulled her up so that her back arched, his now obscured cock still ravishing her down below. “Goddamn, sweetheart, this is how to round off the workin’ day!”

The image froze, of its own accord this time. “And that’s the moment,” Jared said, the look of a serious artisan on his face, “that I had to work out how to send a file from her phone to my phone while still fucking her. No simple feat, lemme tell you.”

“I believe you. It’s impressive work.”

“Luckily I can go a while and she was too busy coming all over my cock to know I was doin’ anything but shafting the shit out of her.”

Good God. “You weren’t lying about that colourful turn of phrase.” Tabitha could not help but wonder what choice sentiments he might express if she let him have his way with her.

“Plus,” he said, “I make a damn fine home movie, don’t ya think?”

“Unquestionably.” Her hand had been straying subconsciously to his phone, loaded as the device was with its compromising footage. Jared, however, whisked it away from her and pocketed the device.

“That,” he reminded her, “you have to earn.”

“You could just send it to me.” Lust for him vied with anger at all his exploitative manoeuvring.

“A man’s gotta have his price, surely you can see that, Lady T.” He was all cockiness as he looked her over and the same desire was in his voice as she’d heard on the video. In a flash of pride and vanity she wondered could she get him more excited than the little blonde tart had succeeded in doing.

“I suppose I can,” she said, her breath catching. “How do I know I can trust you to deliver?”

“I got no reason not to, once I’ve received payment.” He was searching her eyes for a response when he used the final word. “Look, whatever else my interest here, I don’t much like the idea of her having a hold over you. It’d give me satisfaction to set things straight. But…” The wickedness returned to his eyes. “… I still want that other satisfaction first.”

Tabitha looked at him in a kind of awe—riled and manipulated, but with a craving for what was bulging within those jeans. “Where did you have in mind?”

“Your place.”

“But wouldn’t it be easier to get a room somewhere? I could …”

“Your place or nowhere.” There was a coolness now to his stare that caused a tremor in her lower belly.

“This is about ego then, is it? You like the thought of fucking a man’s daughter and his wife in his own home?”

“Not always,” he said, having considered a moment. “But from what little I know of your husband… yeah. In this case, it appeals to me a lot.”

“My God, you are a bastard,” she said, unable to keep her face from creasing into a smile or her heart from forfeiting a beat. “You’re an unspeakable shit. So we’re talking about tomorrow then?”

“My last day on the job,” he replied. “And in all honesty, I’m nearly done in the garden. Tomorrow’d be perfect.”

“What about Sorrel? She comes and she goes. There’s no knowing when she …”

“Leave that to me. I have a plan for getting her out of the way. Your husband’ll be gone, it’ll be just you and me and a big-ass house to play in. Play all the games we like.”

He had such confidence in himself—but thus far it had proved completely warranted. And she’d wanted to play games with him even before he’d produced a Sorrel Chesterfield sex-video with which to bargain.

“Tomorrow it is,” she said.

* *

Tabitha woke around nine, after Grant had left to catch his flight. She preferred to be alone in the bed, now that sharing had become so cold. Besides, with her husband gone she could indulge the thoughts that had plagued her with their sexiness all night. Her hand plucked up her t-shirt and slithered down the front of her panties, as she gave herself up to images of the sweaty landscaper exacting his price.

For long blissful minutes, her middle finger rotated on her wet clitoris, fantasies of shower-time with a wet soapy bad-boy clouding out the room around her. Soon Jared would make it all reality. Her finger stopped moving and withdrew; how much more exciting to save up her orgasm for him. Her first orgasm, that was…

When she opened the bedroom curtains he was already in the garden hard at work. She played voyeur, wetting her upper lip as she enjoyed his slicing into turf around the garden’s perimeter with some kind of sharp-ended spade tailored to the task. The May heatwave had continued and even from this distance, his back was slick with sweat as he braced and strained. That’s it. Finish off that task and move on to the other one. I want you to take your full payment.

Music was permeating down the hallway from Sorrel’s room, her step-daughter’s voice singing along. The brat had been in a strikingly upbeat mood that previous evening, like some lusty mud-encrusted bastard had provided her with the ravishing of her life. Tabitha groaned inwardly, wondering how the hell Jared intended to remove her from the house with no chance of the precocious madam returning at some inopportune moment.

She wanted a proper sense of security when she got naked with him. You’d better be as clever as you think you are, Mr. Rock-and-Roll… But he hadn’t let her down so far, had he? The thought sustained her as she soaped her long-limbed body and washed her dark-brunette hair in the shower cubicle. She was getting clean before getting dirty, imagining his rugged palms grabbing and cupping and sliding. Damn, she needed this man to herself.

Had Sorrel not been around, Tabitha would have decked herself out in hot red lingerie and nothing else. Instead, she opted to cover up the scant lacy bits with a filmy summer dress no different from what she’d wear if there were no raunchy sex in prospect. When finally she ventured out of her bedroom, however, the music had stopped and there was no hint of the girl’s presence anywhere, upstairs or down.

Jared was all bulging brawn as she approached him from across the lawn bearing iced tea; his shoulders and back were a deeper brown from the sun that had been hammering down on him that past week. “How’s it going?” she inquired, glancing back to the patio to check whether Sorrel was standing there, fixing her step-mom with an accusatory stare.

He stood up tall from his work, openly admiring how the gauzy rose-print clung to the slopes of her breasts. “You mean am I ready to move on to you?”

God, this guy believed in frankness. “You know that’s what I mean,” she answered, as fearlessly as she could fake.

He took the drink from her and downed it in one, wiping his mouth with the back of his arm. “Thanks. Don’t wanna dehydrate with all that extra sweating I’ll be doing today. I’ll be done in ten—the whole damn job. So I suggest…” He handed her back the glass. “… That you go run us a nice bath in whatever swanky bathroom you got upstairs. I feel like a good soak to round off the week. Time you get back I’ll be all finished up here.”

Run us a nice bath… Tabitha’s nipples tightened against the lace of her brassiere from how real this was suddenly becoming.

“And my precious step-daughter—she’s gone out?”

“Oh, she won’t be back, not for a long time.” He said it with absolute conviction.

“You know this because …”

“Don’t worry about how. She won’t be interrupting us any time soon, that’s all you need to know. We got this place to ourselves.”

How good did that sound? Tabitha found she didn’t care where the hell Sorrel had gone or why.

“Okay—you’re the boss now, it seems.”

“Sounds about right.” His crooked grin and the blazing intent in his blue eyes made her cream the crotch of her panties where she stood. Unable to speak another word she spun around in her flat shoes and walked back to the house. She didn’t doubt he was staring after her as the dress flounced around her thighs.

The Chesterfield bathroom was near-palatial, the bath a great white marble square with the oval tub set into its ornate centre. Tabitha set the hot and cold taps running, scattering a handful of bamboo and teak bath crystals and pouring in a generous amount of cucumber bubble bath.

No fragrance too feminine, since she’d soon be sharing it with a great strapping guy and a stranger at that. She swirled the rising waters with her hand, the scents mingling in her nostrils as great foam castles built themselves in readiness. A lukewarm bath for that hot early-summer day. Nothing else promised to be lukewarm, not with Jared joining her there.

Ten minutes had elapsed for sure by the time the tub was filled, but the gardener had not yet graced her with his wicked presence. Nervous and impatient she returned downstairs and into the back garden, in time to see him cast aside his spade.

“All done,” he announced as she wandered up to him, moistening dry lips with her tongue. “And the rest of Friday my own to spend how I please. I think you know by now, Tabitha, how I please.”

“I know how you please yourself,” she said, heart beating apace as she stared at him, perspiring there in his tight jeans and trainers. “I saw it in your little movie. How good are you at pleasing others?”

“Young Sorrel was plenty happy with how things turned out,” he reminded her.

True, there’d been no doubt on that front. “You were muddier for her,” she said, pouting. All the really dirty work had been completed, the earth from the coy pond pit having been carried off to the last barrowful. “You look positively clean today.”

“So you’re not slumming it enough, Lady T? Let me help with that.” He strode over to the wide rectangular hole he had dug in the middle of the lawn and stepped in. Scooping earth from where it was shadowed and moist he smeared it over his glistening chest and stomach till once again he was properly muddied. Tabitha could only laugh in surprise. “You know how fuckin’ filthy I am,” he said, climbing from the pit and sauntering over in his mired glory. “But maybe rich girls like a visual reminder.”

“We surely do,” she breathed, gaze fixed on his mire-streaked pectorals. “God, now you’re going to get mud everywhere before we even get to the bath.”

“Better shower first then,” he said, strolling past her. “Lucky your step-daughter left some of that lemon gel lyin’ around.”

Tabitha stared after him, his intention registering. Outdoor nude cavorting might come easily to a little tramp like Sorrel, not quite so easily to a middle-class girl from Surrey in England. On the other hand, she didn’t want to get earth all over the house and she had kind of instigated Jared’s actions. Heart properly thumping now, she pursued the cocky bastard. He was standing at the shower arch, hopping on one foot at a time in order to tear off his trainers, after which he set about the fastenings at the front of his jeans. Oh my God, he’s just going to…

He did, without a heartbeat’s pause. As she watched, Jared peeled the denim from his ass—his hard muscular ass—and stepped out. He flicked the handle on one side of the shower frame and jets exploded from both sides as well as above. “Now I’m guessing,” he said, turning around so that Tabitha got a full-frontal blast of his nakedness, burgeoning erection included, “that you wanted this shit spread all over me so you could wash it off. So, lose those pretty clothes now and get to work.”

A breath-stealing shyness had come upon Tabitha, though not so much that she looked away from Jared. Her gaze stayed on his tight-muscled frame and on the phallus that was swelling to full strength as he palmed it. Sweet Jesus, Sorrel hadn’t been over-reacting. That cock-size was no trick of the camera. “Maybe a girl simply wants to watch,” she said, trying to mask coyness with cheek.

“A girl needs to remember the stakes she’s playin’ for and get naked,” he told her, his tone unflinching. “She needs to get butt-naked right now.”

God, he sounded like he might advance on her with his cock rearing, and rip the dress clean from her body if she did not quickly obey. Her fingers hurried to the back of her dress to unzip. The grass was lush and unmuddied where she stood, and she let the rose-patterned chiffon fall away onto it. Then she stood in the strapless bra that cupped her breasts and its matching lace thong, thanking God for the trees that secluded in the garden.

Jared’s voice brooked no hesitation. “Nice start, sweetheart. Now lose those dainty bits and pieces and get that elegant butt in here with me. I’m employin’ your ass now and don’t you forget it.”

“Unlikely,” she said, kicking off her shoes. God, she was effectively hooking herself out to him for those images he had. Funny how the thought did nothing to deter her… After a deep breath, she unclipped her bra and let it fall away from her tits so he could see how hard her nipples had already grown. Then adopting his frankness she eased her sodden knickers away from her hips and stepped into nakedness.

Me and Sorrel, she thought. Almost like a contest. The buxom sweetheart barely out of her teens and the grown woman, long-limbed with curves more subtle—her pubic hair shaved to a neat arrow. I hope he likes me better …

Bare as Eve, she strolled towards her big-cocked blue-collar Adam. He had positioned himself slightly forward of the jets so that dirt still smeared him. “There it is,” he said, indicating the gel bottle that he or Sorrel had let fall on the grass around eighteen hours before.

“Are you going to be a gentleman and pick it up?”

“No—I’m going to be a bastard and stare at your ass while you pick it up.”

What could she say? This guy, so much taller and bulkier than her, held all the cards—that metaphor again—and she wouldn’t have had it any other way. Besides, she knew she had a killer ass. “Of course. Seems like it’s ‘anything you say’ day.”

“My favourite day of the week,” Jared said, waiting.

She turned away from him and bent down, making sure despite the alarming proximity of his huge phallus that he got the best possible view. ‘Don’t drop the soap’ gags filled her mind as she stretched her gym-toned buttocks tight for him, letting the lips of her shaved pussy peek through. She hoped he was stroking his length as he fixated on her globed cheeks. Having dared to hold the moment, she picked up the half-full plastic bottle and arose, unimpaled.

“That was one superb fuckin’ view,” he told her, his palm sliding back and forth leisurely on his cock.

“I’m very glad you think so.” It was gratifying that her ass had scored such a result. “Okay,” she said, popping the cap and oozing lemony gel all over his upper chest. “Let’s get you scrubbed up, Jared.” She took him by the hand and led him under the arch with its triple-spray—a waterfall from above, while two fountains pelted their backs. The bottle she tossed aside for later.

Reaching out two-handed she palmed the broad expanse of his chest, watching the gel foam up under her touch. She smoothed away the grime, cleansing him of mud till her hands were slithering on his hard, soaked pectorals. Then she shifted side-on, one hand moving downwards in slow circles till it was gliding on the ribbed muscle of his belly, his cock bobbing an inch from the back of her hand. “There,” she said. “That was easy.”

“And very pleasant. Do the rest.”

“Yes, sir.”

Tabitha liked how demanding he was, but wondered how much control she could wrestle from him through the right kind of pampering. Kneeling down she grabbed the bottle, diverting her eyes from that part of him that she knew would have her attention last. It took a lot of ignoring. She arose and attended to his neck and shoulders first, standing tiptoe behind him and massaging the soap into those tight trapezius muscles.

“Wet naked massage – I like it,” he said, and she brushed her hard nipples against his back to accentuate his pleasure. His upper arms were bulged and sinewy from his physical endeavours and she squeezed and moulded, loving the sense of their latent strength under her palms.

“You’ve been working so hard,” she told him. “I’d never thought about it before, that sheer exertion, all the energy someone like you burns. How you build yourself up through … through hard industry and nothing else.” She relocated her palms on his back as she spoke, moving them in slippery circuits over those broad shelves of muscle. “Grant, my husband, he wears silk suits to work. He only exercises in the gym—or at least he used to. He’s never done the work you do. Real, manly effort. You’ve made me respect that kind of work now.” A soapy stream channelled down the ravine of his spine, trickling between his hardened buttocks. “I like what you’ve made of yourself—I find it incredibly attractive.”

She meant more than his physical appearance, but there was something undeniably glorious about his naked form—sunlit and wet in the garden as it was, like a great phallic statue soaked by a fountain. The sculptress in her was awakening again as she ran hands over him, and she dropped to her knees to caress the contours of his ass and the shapely brawn of his legs under her palms.

Nature had formed these staunch thighs, the perfect curves of that muscular ass—albeit with the aid of hard and relentless manual labour. What exquisite work it was. This was what human artists sought to celebrate in stone—a kind of perfection. And then there was the part of him in which nature had particularly excelled… Tabitha soaped up her hands thoroughly before wrapping the first of them around the shaft of Jared’s cock.

She kneeled at his feet, her knees squelching into the grass, observing the progress of her hand as it stroked up and down that unyielding length. He was shaved close and it served to emphasise his massiveness—that great tower thrusting outward from balls that hung heavy with God knew how much seed. His phallic strength only grew under influence of her palm and he swelled marble-hard, every vein on his surface embossing the surface. “It’s a work of art…” She’d breathed the words and hoped they were obscured from his hearing under the patter of the water.

No matter. Entranced she stared at the progress of her frothing fingers around him, her other hand gliding up his thigh to cup and caress his sac. What a wonderful thing—that this manual labourer, this everyday working guy who thrashed a guitar in seedy bars, should be blessed with a cock fit for a Greek god, and that she should get to lather every inch of it in her husband’s back garden.

She had a sudden inner flash of how she must look—the once-dutiful millionaire’s wife worshipping the hard dick of the gardener her husband had employed, with nothing to mask her adultery but a haze of water. The thought only boosted her arousal and she seized his shaft with both hands, wrapping them as far around as they would go, treating him to a full, slithering massage.

“How does that feel?” Something inside her needed acknowledgement.

“Very nice,” he replied, more gravel in his voice than there’d been before. “Turns out this rich girl knows how to get hands-on.”

“Does that surprise you?” She aimed his cock directly into one of the jets so that it was rinsed of all foam. “My husband may employ help, but I still know how to do a thorough cleaning job.”

“So I see.” Tabitha made to rise, intending to kiss him, but his hand on her soaked head kept her in place. “Clean some more.” He brought his cock to her so that its stoutly helmeted head brushed her mouth. This was a treat she’d considered withholding for a while. So much for calling the shots…

Memories of Sorrel lavishing oral favours on this dick flashed in Tabitha’s mind as she parted her lips wide and took Jared inside her mouth. God, it was a stretch. She imagined she wore the same look of surprise on her face as her step-daughter had done, lips forced into a wide circle around this demanding erection; attempting to distinguish herself from the wretched girl, she softened her gaze to a smoulder and commenced to suck slowly on the head.

He needn’t think her some kind of novice. This cocky seducer was dealing with an experienced fellatrix, even if her skills were rusty. Reaching her fingers around the base of his shaft she guzzled in a steady rhythm and writhed her tongue against his underside.

None of your desperate-to-please teenage gobbling, this guy was going to experience the real deal. Tabitha withdrew smoothly, lingering on that point beneath the hood that had proved to be Grant’s sweet spot years before. She flickered her extended tongue, staring up to catch Jared’s reaction. He was statue-still, eyes alert with sensation and fingertips still resting on her hair. Heartened, she sustained the moment, eventually sliding up to catch the salty jewel that had welled from his tip. She smiled in vindication of her technique, not even breaking contact before she enveloped his head in her mouth once more and gave him the slow succulent treatment.

He was all hers as she bathed him slowly with her mouth—utterly motionless as she slithered the blade of her tongue down his shaft and swirled the whole flexing muscle around his sac. There was scarcely a stir from his rigid body when she washed him one ball at a time, just that sense of him stiffening from head to toe when she searched between his legs, teasing his perineum with soft licks of her tongue-tip. Her progress back to the top was a long slather like she was catching drips from a popsicle. By the time she made it to the top he was ready, she figured, to receive an even more delicious gift. But at a price of her own.

“Indulge me on something,” she said, holding his glans against her cheek.

“Let’s hear it.”

She reached up with the gel bottle. “Let me see you wash that hair while I suck your cock.”

“God, we’re in a fuckin’ romance novel now,” he said, taking the bottle nonetheless and tugging out the band of his ponytail. His hair fell wet about his shoulders. “Whatever you say, m’Lady.”

Tabitha doubted the last part, but he provided her with her fantasy nonetheless, squirting the remainder of the gel into his hands and massaging it into his thick locks. She stared up as held his head back, armed stretched behind to soap himself and chest thrust out like he was already coming for her. How beautiful could a day get?

With her gaze set on his naked form, she set about fulfilling her part of the bargain. More intrepid now, she wolfed inches of him inside. She sucked him slowly and luxuriously, caressing his cock and savouring its taste. His face was a mask of pleasure as he caught up all his hair and worked the gel deep into its tresses. Now she could see the rock-star—arrogant and gorgeous, revelling in narcissistic delight as he was pleasured by a fan.

Damn—she’d never heard him play so much as a chord, but she’d be this guy’s fan for life once he’d delivered on his promise. Gripping the upper swell of his buttocks, she gave him the best her mouth had to offer. Foam spilled all down his body as he rinsed out his locks, and she mouth-fucked him all the more insistently in response to the beautiful sight.

“God, Lady Tabitha,” he virtually groaned, “you suck cock better than a kitchen maid. And I’ve had some hot kitchen maids in my time, lemme tell you …”

Her mouth might have been preoccupied, but inside she was smiling like the Cheshire Cat. This is how you please a real man, Sorrel sweetie. You’ve still got a lot to …

Without warning, Jared gripped her head and plunged her down to the root of his dick so that he filled her throat. “See how fuckin’ riled up you get me?” Her hands clutched his hips and he held her there with her chin crushed to his balls. “See how much you fuckin’ turn me on? How much I want my dick rammed inside you any way I can get it there?” He was making it fairly damn clear. Tabitha’s heart raced, fingers still pressing against his groin, her mind overwhelmed by the amount of cock-flesh stuffed down her throat.

Jared pulled her off and she sucked her lungs full of air again, the spit from her lips matching that drooling from the cock she had just throated. She’d scarcely caught her breath when his cock dived in a second time, cramming her full all over again. Bastard! On this round, he gripped the back of her head with both hands and shoved her back and forth so that her throat took a full-on shafting from his cock, complete with gurgling sound-effects. She’d fucked him with her mouth and now her mouth was taking it in return. The clear message—she could play the temptress all she liked, but at any moment he could turn the tables.

There was an amused savagery on his face when finally he relented in his harsh attentions and freed her airway. “Sorry, baby,” he said, stroking her hair and strumming her lips with his thumb. “I couldn’t resist.”

“You’re not sorry, you fucker,” she panted, his smile doing nothing to assuage her anger.

“No—guess I’m not. You got me there, sweetheart. Come here.” With minimum assistance from her, he pulled her to her feet and grappled her body close to his. The insistence of his hard bulk against her softness undermined her attempt to remain pissed off. “I’ll be honest, Tabitha, I had you down as one more spoilt rich-bitch. But I was wrong. There’s more to you than that. A whole lot more.”

His mouth found hers and she capitulated to him instantly. The last of her irritation dissolved under the insistence of his lips and tenderness of his tongue. He grasped her, hands firm on the small of her back and on her ass, pulling her tight as he took possession of her with his kiss. He was caressing her like a lover, like someone who had known her for years, not for a couple of days.

How could the fucking scoundrel do this—make any kiss Grant Chesterfield had ever given her, seem remote and cold? His lips remained locked hard but not harsh on hers, while their mouths undulated together, his tongue tantalizing hers. She lost herself in it, aware of nothing beyond the connection of their mouths and his hands upon her … and the pressure of that great hard slab against her belly. When they broke apart she felt as robbed of breath as when he had fucked her throat. Holy hell. Only a total shit could do things to her so nasty and nice in such close succession.

“You really don’t deserve to have me take you upstairs for that cooling bath,” she said, looking into eyes that were warm with amusement.

“I get a lot of things I don’t deserve. Is the bath gonna be one of them?”

She couldn’t help but smile. “Yes. Yes, it most certainly is.”

“Then lead on.”

Recklessness in his presence swelled up from within her once more. Switching off the shower, she reached behind and took him by the cock, her thumb sliding beneath the knobbed end for a good grip. “This way, Jared darling, you get to watch my ass the whole distance.”

“I’ll make a point of it.” He grabbed for his jeans as she led him off and she looked back at him raising an eyebrow.

“You really won’t be needing those.”

“Phone’s in the pocket. Larry likes to keep in touch so he can have regular updates on my work.”

“I’m sure you’d love to update him on this.”

“This part I’ll keep to myself, baby.” Tabitha figured he would.

There was a curious satisfaction in leading the gardener by his beautiful throbbing dick all through the house—the one she had ceased truly to share with her husband. Its potted palms and works of art and its sleek white-walled beauty were all Grant’s in any sense that mattered.

Well, she was showing off her lover to it all in his butt-nude glory. And I’m going to fuck him too, screaming so loud it’ll bounce off every wall in the house. Gone was the Tabitha whose garden striptease had been so tentative. She was Lady Tabitha for real now, despite all this man’s gentle mockery, and she was going to prove it to him.

To be continued…

Open post

Massage Meltown

As a twenty-six year old, Rory needed multiple streams of income so she could retire early. Already making six-figures for a big corporation and making money on the side from webcams, Rory started to give massages to certain clients at her place. People of varying genders and backgrounds got massages from Rory, not to mention different age groups too.

Given that she was five-foot-ten, skinny, had light blonde hair, and looked exactly like porn legend Cassie Young; it was easy to fall in love with Rory. Rory often received a lot of clients given that she was certified and since the lockdown had happened, she received a lot of business. Given that Rory lived in Nevada, the lockdown was not taken as seriously. The salary Rory had, gave her a nice affordable apartment which was a full luxury.

At her apartment, Rory set up a comfortable massage bed and had all needed to massage her clients who often tipped. Due to her beauty and the temperature in the room being higher than normal, the body massage made the men who were Rory’s clients cum without her even getting sexual. Most of the time, the towels were the ones that needed cleaning from Rory who often laughed off how easily men came.

On a hot and humid summer afternoon, Rory was seeing a higher demand than usual. Rory massaged about five people with three being older women and two being younger men. In total, Rory had cleared close to $3,000 but she had five more to go. Rory braved through as her body started to sweat from the hours in high temperature of the room along with the work she had to put in for her massage. Rory’s ninth client took a while to massage which left her with only an hour before her final client came.

“Yeah, I am spent!” said Rory, to a friend on the phone.

“Well, it is almost eight, get some dinner,” said the voice on the phone.

“No no, I mean I am easily clearing over ten thousand once this night is over,” said Rory.

“Well, just remember, give your body a rest,” said the voice.

“I know I know, just one more, plus I have had some water,” said Rory, her clothes and body covered in sweat.

Rory got off the phone and sat on the couch, the high temperature and sweat made her so aroused that she stuffed a hand in her short shorts and fingered herself. The blonde bit down on her lips, wearing nothing but a tank top and short shorts as she waited for her final client. Not long after, Rory heard a knock on the door, it seemed louder than usual which frightened her.

“Fucking shit!” said Rory, pulling her wet hand out of her panties as she wiped it off with a napkin and went to the door.

“Hel…” said Rory, as she answered the door to see a tall muscular dark-haired man with exotic looks. The man looked to be of Middle Eastern or Indian background, he looked exactly like fitness champion Ako Rahim. Rory looked at the man’s massive biceps as her legs started to slowly shake.

“Yes, I am Asam, it says I am here at nine?” said the man, as Rory tried to collect her thoughts.

“Yeah yeah, this is Rory,” said Rory.

“Yes, I come see you?” asked the man.

“Yes, come on in,” said Rory, welcoming the man in.

“So, I will be with you shortly, you will need to go into the room to the left. I mean it is the massage room so you can’t miss it. Make yourself comfortable and grab a towel to cover up,” said Rory, laughing as the man smile back and went inside. As soon as the men left her sight, Rory sat on the couch and started to aggressively finger herself.

“Fuck, had to be a bull,” whispered Rory, fingering herself even more before being met with a surprise.

“Excuse me, ma’am, no towel,” said Asam, walking out as Rory got shocked.

“Fuck! Dude, find one!” shouted Rory, taking a deep breath.

“There are none,” replied Asam, in a calm voice.

“There are, I mean how complicated can it be,” said Rory, getting up to go to the room. Asam peeked down to see the sweaty shorts and glowing skin, smiling at the view. Rory arrived in the room to find the towels gone.

“Fuck,” said Rory, shaking her head.

“I can use my shirt,” replied Asam.

“Brilliant,” replied Rory, sarcastically, her body still covered in sweat as her legs shook.

“I will put the shirt over where it needs to be, you can go out there to relax,” said Asam.

“No, actually, dude, you are my last client, let’s get this over with,” said Rory.

“Okay,” replied the willing Asam.

Asam took off his shirt as Rory observed, her mouth almost dropping as she shook her head at the amount of muscle on the handsome man. As Asam stripped down nude, Rory saw the muscular butt and rubbed her legs together in arousal. What Rory could not ignore was the dark, long, and thick cock that hung from Asam’s body which made her breaths deeper.

“Hey, so lay face down,” said Rory, taking a deep breath as she walked over to Asam and put some of the lotion on her hands.

Rory immediately began putting lotion over the man’s back, the muscles aroused her as she pressed down on them. The blonde bit her lip, aggressively pressing down on the muscular body as her legs shook in arousal. Rory’s breaths got deeper as she worked her way down, squeezing the thighs and calves on the man. Asam in the meantime started to slowly take deep breaths but Rory purposefully knocked the shirt off a couple of times, putting it back on the man.

“You could have used something a lot better than a shirt,” said Rory, shaking her head.

“You could have had towels,” replied Asam.

“Yeah, well I have clients other than you,” said Rory, talking back to the handsome man. “Could show some appreciation,” said Rory, as she squeezed on the man’s thighs. Rory used both hands at times to squeeze on one thigh due to the muscles on the man.

“Okay, turn over!” said Rory, in a demanding way as Asam complied. As soon as Asam moved, the shirt fell off and he was nude.

“Wow, oh my god, like okay,” said Rory, looking at the penis.

“I am sure you see this in your line of work,” replied Asam.

“Yeah, look, you are my last client and it is too hot in here. Sometimes to build comfort I like to get nude, are you cool with that or is that against your religion or something?” asked Rory, attempting to put the man in a tough spot.

“No no, wherever you are comfortable,” replied Asam.

“Okay,” said Rory, quickly taking her clothes off. The panties and bra were slow to come off, sticking to Rory’s body before coming off as Asam lay facing up, his cock as hard as a rock with the shirt covering it.

“Yeah, that is not working,” replied Rory, as she laughed.

“Looks like we didn’t need towels for this,” said Asam, as he smiled.

“No,” said the nude blonde, laughing as she put lotion on her hands.

Rory leaned over as Asam’s head laid in-between her legs, her hands pushing down hard on the pecs and abs on the man. The blonde squeezed the shoulders as the man started to slowly moan. Asam’s hot breaths blew in between Rory’s legs, at times even getting on her pussy, which made her get a strong urge to finger herself. The aroused blonde got more lotion, and this time, just poured it over the abs of the muscular man.

“Hey, so my hands cannot do the job anymore, I am going to get on you, alright big boy?” asked Rory, as Asam softly said yes.

Asam’s cock was rock hard and his blood also started to boil but he knew when to restrain himself and when to act. Even the hot breaths on the pussy were meant to further arouse a woman who was heavily aroused herself, forcing her hand. Rory’s legs would involuntarily split wider as the hot breaths l Asam was in love with the light-blonde haired beauty the second he stepped in the door and himself her last client for a reason, he had to fight the urge to grab her and kiss her.

Rory let out loud moans as her breaths got deeper, she was aroused with her barely nude pussy and soft-skinned body rubbing against the muscular frame. At times, when Rory’s body moved too far back, Asam grabbed the buttocks and gently pushed her forward. The powerful hard-skinned hands on the soft-skinned buttocks aroused Rory and as soon as Asam grabbed them, she could not help but grind on his abs as her eyes closed and she bit her lips. Rory’s lower body aggressively shook as she started to moan, her upper body even leaning backwards to where her face landed on the tip of the cock.

“I assume you don’t do this to clients,” said Asam, letting out a deep breath as he smiled.

“Oh, you are special,” said Rory, grabbing the cock and stroking it with both hands before gobbling as much of it as she could.

For the overworked blonde, the cock in her mouth was like a much-needed snack but what followed it was even better. Asam could no longer resist the lovely natural odor and started to lick the pussy that hovered over him, further relaxing Rory. Rory and Asam continued to lick each other as she collapsed on to his body, his muscular abs being of comfort to her soft-skinned body.

Rory’s breaths became deep with arousal as she continued to gobble the cock, deep-throating it as her eyes closed and legs slowly split from the arousal of being eaten out. One flick of the tongue was so significant that the aroused Rory sat her upper body up, her blonde hair wildly swinging as she let out a loud moan. The aroused blonde’s lower body moved like a belly dancer as Asam continue to suck and eat her pussy, soon forcing an orgasm which made her collapse on his body once again.

“Fuck,” said Rory, letting out the loud moan before getting all over Asam.

The blonde closed her eyes, put her steamy aroused arms around her lover’s neck, and locked lips with him. Bodies grinding and the blood of both lovers boiling incited sensations that bordered on ticklish and goosebumps. Asam’s arms coiled around the soft nude back of the blonde as her own arms stretched in arousal. As soon as they stopped locking lips, a calming and heavenly feeling consumed Rory whose body was calm while her breaths had that chill heat to them.

Giving a seductive yet dreary look to her lover, Rory sat up and let the cock shove right into her pussy, closing her eyes and groaning as she rode it. What initially started as the cock sliding in led to Rory carefully squatting over her lover’s dick and riding it. Rory’s tired yet seductive eyes looked at Asam as she rode his cock. The heat consuming her tired body and the arousal from his powerful hold on her kept her in place.

The seductive blonde collapsed on top of Asam and started to make out with him as his cock remained in her pussy, all raw and gently moving inside of it. Both lovers had deep fast breaths which their locked lips managed to keep in control without much issue.

“Ah!” moaned Rory in a high pitch, taking a deep breath.

What was just as arousing as the cock in her pussy was also the hold that her lover had on her. Rory felt relaxed, like stretching after a tiring day but having the right temperature and sensations touch you in the same place. The massaging relaxation from being tightly hugged by Asam as his cock crashed into her made her pulse speed up, heart violently pound, blood boil, skin burn, and body move in an aroused motion.

“Ahahaha, fuck yeah,” said Rory, an intense and psychotic look in her eye as she looked at Asam. The sensation consumed her due to Asam’s massive hands tightly grabbing her buttocks.

“Think you’re a tough guy huh, we got a tough guy over here,” said Rory in a drunk slurring voice, crashing her shoulder into Asam’s face. Asam quickly changed his arms to grab the upper back of the blonde as he pressed her body against his muscular frame, almost cooling down her sexy psychotic rage. Meanwhile, his thrusts became faster and more intense as the cock seamlessly pounded into the pussy, having no resistance going in.

“Uh!” moaned Asam, letting out a deep breath as cum shot inside of the blonde’s pussy. The two heated lovers locked lips and while Rory laid on top of Asam, smiling.

Open post

A Weekend Away With Christina – Chapter Four

Christina slipped on the white dress with nothing underneath. I had her stand on the balcony and took a picture with the light shining through. If you looked closely enough, you could tell that she was panty-less. As far as her nipples were concerned, they were hard to see. Hers are fairly small and pale pink in color. Plus, the dress had flowers strategically placed, probably since most of the dress was white.

Christina practiced bending over and asked me to take pictures at various heights. That way, she knew just how far she could get away with. While she reviewed the pics, we headed out for our very late lunch. She was showing them to me as we rode the elevator and said, “I can’t bend too far before the hem is at the base of my butt.”

“I know, and it’s sexy as hell,” I replied as I caressed one of her cheeks.

When we hit the lobby, I figured that now was as good as any time to test out her exhibitionist chops. The only person nearby was the old guy working behind the counter. So, as we passed him, I dropped my room keycard on the floor and asked Christina, “Can you please pick that up for me, baby.”

We stopped, and she dutifully bent over without bending her knees. As she descended, we both knew that this would be a full exposure. Christina fumbled with the card for a moment as if she couldn’t get a good hold on it. As she raised back up, I glanced back to see the clerk gawking. Handing me the card, she said, “Here you go, honey.”

As we passed through the doors into the parking lot, Christina asked, “Did he see me?”

“Oh, he definitely saw you! His frickin eyes were popping out of his head when I glanced back. I thought he was going to climb over the counter and attack your luscious pussy.”

“That gets me tingling in all the right places. A couple more of those, and I’ll be wet to my knees.”

“I have an idea for next time. I’ll have my phone in hand and video record people’s reactions for both of us to watch later. What do you think?”

“That sounds so fucking hot,” Christina replied as I opened her door. With no one around, she jumped in facing me and spread her legs. With her pussy completely exposed, she asked, “Would you like a little taste?”

I bent over and pushed my face into her damp box and lapped away as she came almost instantly. Cleaning her up, I mentioned, between licks, “You do know that if I do this every time you expose yourself that we’ll both probably end up in the pokey.”

Christina laughed out loud at my wording, then added, “I wouldn’t mind as long as you can poke me in the pokey.”

I cracked up at her word-play before moving in to kiss her hungrily. Pulling away, I offered, “You’re definitely a keeper!” before I closed her door and hopped into the other side.

We drove the few miles to the restaurant, before parking and heading inside. They asked us whether we’d like to sit inside or out and we chose outside. It was, after all, a beautiful summer day, and Christina’s bits would be easier to see in the sunlight.

The waitress stopped by and told us about the specials, which included their drink of the day, a Vodka Sunrise. Christina and I looked at each other, and she nodded before I said, “We’ll take two.” The waitress headed out as we perused the menu.

“Is there anything in particular that they’re really good at here?” Christina asked.

“Well, all the seafood is fresh and very tasty, but my personal favorites are the Chicken Chesapeake and Crab Cake sandwiches.”

Christina looked at a few more items while we waited on the drinks.

When the waitress reappeared, she placed our drinks on the table and asked, “Do you two have any questions about the menu?”

Christina inquired, “What is your catch of the day?”

“Flounder,” the waitress replied. “And, in my opinion, it is one of the best-tasting fish when fresh.”

“Okay, that’s what I will have with whatever vegetables you have,” Christina relayed.

“And I’ll have the Chicken Chesapeake sandwich with fries, “I added.

As the waitress scurried away, we toasted to our renewed relationship. Sipping our drinks, we both expressed, “Wow, that’s good,” simultaneously.

After the drink went down, I added, “Damn, they’re strong too. We’ll have to take it easy on these.”

Looking around the outdoor dining area, Christina mentioned, “This is a good spot for me to show off a little. Plenty of people pass by our table, but few have a line of sight on us once they’ve been seated.”

“Lift yourself up in your chair for a minute,” I suggested. When she did, I pulled her dress out from under. I kept pulling until the hem was at the top of her thighs. As she sat back down, you couldn’t see anything if you were over-top of her. But, if you were in front of her and her legs were open, you could see it all.

Christina parted her legs and mumbled, “That breeze feels marvelous against my bare pussy.”

I took another sip of my drink and realized that Christina was already halfway through hers. I’d have to keep an eye on her consumption because she always was a light-weight. I let my hand drift down to her upper thigh and traced her vulva. Her legs spread even further apart as her eyes closed.

A soft moan escaped her lips just as I noticed that the waitress was headed our way. I slowly removed my hand while saying, “The waitress is coming, so you may want to close your legs a little.”

Christina’s eyes opened slowly, and her legs closed about halfway. As the waitress placed our food before us, I think she got a glimpse of Christina’s exposed crotch. Before leaving, she asked, “Is there anything else I can get you?”

I quickly answered, “Yes. Can you grab us a couple of waters? These drinks really pack a punch.”

She smiled knowingly while answering, “Sure.”

Christina leaned over to kiss me while whispering, “Please, touch me again. I’m so close to cumming already from being exposed like this.”

“I don’t want you getting in trouble on your first exhibitionist adventure. Besides, being on edge like you are is part of the excitement. Let’s eat some food and take our time picking and choosing to whom you show off your treats.”

Christina readily agreed with an, “Okay,” while we ate our first meal of the day. As we worked our way through the late lunch, our waitress returned with our waters. She positioned herself in front of Christina as she reached across the table awkwardly, to place our waters.

Standing there silently for a moment, the waitress didn’t notice that I had positioned my phone to catch her reactions. As she began to ask, “Is there…” I pulled Christina’s thighs apart slowly. She gawked at Christina’s sublime snatch before commenting, “Your pussy is so beautiful. I’m so jealous that you have the guts to show it off to me.”

“Thank you,” Christina mumbled as she was getting seriously turned on.

“You’re welcome. I’d love to touch you if you’d let me,” the waitress queried. Christina’s eyes closed as her head shook up and down. The waitress’s hand started to move toward Christina’s leaking slit until another waitress called to her about an order being ready. She quickly withdrew, heading back inside as Christina shuddered from a mild, hands-free climax.

I released Christina’s leg as she quietly came down from her high. When her eyes opened again, she leaned into me for a deeply sensual kiss. As our saliva-coated lips separated, she begged, “Take me to the truck and fuck me right now. I need you inside me so bad.”

I did a rough estimate of the meal cost in my head and doubled it. As we headed for the exit, I saw our waitress and put the cash in her hand.

“Thanks,” I said to her as Christina pulled me toward the door with a look of pure desire.

The waitress grinned, knowing what we were going to do. As she looked down at the money, she ran to the door in pursuit and yelled, “Thanks for everything!”

We heard her as the door to the truck closed. I put the keys in the ignition to start the truck as Christina began removing my pants. Realizing that she wasn’t going to wait, I pushed them to the floor. Christina hopped on my lap and pushed my growing penis inside her and started to ride.

I wasn’t even fully hard when she came and collapsed against me. Feeling my own needs rising, I grabbed her buttocks and began lifting her up and down on my pole.

Christina released a series of, “Oh Gods,” as I pummeled her slippery snatch. With my own climax close at hand, Christina released a controlled scream onto my shoulder as her mouth clamped down hard. My ejaculations were quickly rebuffed from her violently contracting vagina. The seat and my groin were easily flooded with our combined love juices.

We both panted heavily as two couples that had been walking past stopped to applaud our show. They couldn’t see anything but were very aware of what we were doing. Christina was a little embarrassed as I waved and expressed our thanks for their applause.

With our audience dispersed, I asked, “Are you ready to do some shopping, my little orgasm, queen?”

Christina was still splayed on my lap as she softly uttered, “I have to admit that I would have loved for that waitress to touch me. Just the thought of being touched in public by a stranger gave me an orgasm. I think I’m hooked on this exhibitionism stuff. So, yes, let’s go shopping so that I can expose myself to some more strangers.”

We cleaned up and headed over to a little shop that sells high-end skimpy beach and club attire. I was hoping to get her into a thong bikini on the beach tomorrow. She could also use some more short and opaque dresses for showing off.

As we pulled into the parking lot, Christina noted the store’s motto aloud, “We make your best look better.”

“It seems like this is the right place to purchase clothing to show off my assets,” she added laughingly.

We walked in the door arm-in-arm and were greeted by Maxine, one of the salesladies. She was wearing a skin-tight floral dress that came about mid-thigh. Maxine was a thin, tanned late twenties fake blonde with a serious rack that was obviously fake. She asked, “Is there anything that I can help you find today?”

Christina responded, “Not at the moment. We just wanted to look around a little and see what you have. But we’ll grab you if we need something. Thanks!”

As Maxine wandered away, Christina asked me, “Did anything about her turn you on?”

“I’m sure that she appeals to some twenty years olds, but I wouldn’t be seen with her. Everything about her is fake.”

With our shots taken, Christina and I perused the store for sexy items. I maneuvered her toward the bathing suits and found the thongs. Christina was fair complected, so I thought that a colorful or dark suit would look better on her. The best part about this place was that they sold the bikini halves separately. That way, if you had a smaller chest and plumper ass, like Christina, you could combine two different sizes to fit perfectly.

We chose about four different colors before Christina headed off to the changing room. Maxine approached her again as she closed in on the changing room. She whispered something to Christina before not-so-discreetly handing her some throw-away panties. I found a chair to sit in about twenty feet from the changing room and waited.

Christina emerged a couple of minutes later wearing my favorite, the black bikini. The top was a perfect fit for her A-cup breasts. The material was part spandex and alluringly thin. Her small hard nipples were clearly evident to everyone. The bottoms were made of the same material, and even her modest labia were easy to make out.

But the best part was when she turned, exposing her perfectly plump rear. The back thong disappearing as it neared the base of her buttocks. My cock jumped at my shorts as I stared at that enticing sight. Christina turned her head back and noticed the lump in my shorts and knew that I approved.

While I ogled Christina’s desirable rear, Maxine appeared next to me. Not noticing Christina at first, she asked, “Do you need any assistance, or are you still good?”

Without taking my eyes off of Christina’s slowly rotating body, I replied, “As long as I’m staring at that ass, I’m good.”

Maxine turned to see what I was looking at and squeaked, “Oh my. That is one nice ass.” As her eyes were locked on Christina, her legs slowly made their way over to her. When she was within reaching distance, Maxine asked, “Is there anything that I can help you with?”

Christina had been concentrating on showing off for me and didn’t notice Maxine until she spoke. She jumped a little and blushed at being so close to a stranger while barely clothed. “No, thanks,” she spurted as she attempted to cover herself with her arms. “I’m just showing the bathing suits to my boyfriend over there,” she rambled as she headed back to the changing room.

Maxine followed her, saying, “Don’t be embarrassed about showing off your body. You have a spectacular ass, and that thong looks amazing on you.” As they both disappeared into the changing area, I stood and moved a little closer to see if I could hear their conversation.

Christina said, “If you want to find some dresses for me, that would be fine.”

Christina hesitated in removing her suit with Maxine blatantly staring at her. But the longer she stared, the hotter Christina got. She pulled off her top first, and Maxine continued to stare. When she slipped the bottoms past her hips, Maxine’s eyes went straight toward her crotch. Christina sat down on the bench to slip the bottoms past her feet.

After they were off, she spread her legs a little to give Maxine a better view. As she ogled Christina’s vagina, Maxine offered, “You have such a beautifully compact pussy. It’s too bad you have a boyfriend, I’d love to have you.”

“Thank you,” was all Christina could manage as she let her fingers wander toward her leaking lips.

Maxine watched intensely as Christina traced her labia and came softly. Maxine then suggested, “Let me have your suit for size. I have another one that I think will look amazing on you.” Maxine brought the bottoms to her nose and inhaled deeply as she headed out.

I saw Maxine exit the changing area just before Christina appeared wearing the red thong. I was only about five feet away as she did a little twirl to show off. I could tell that Christina was very excited as the thin fabric that was covering her pussy was already soaked. She confessed what happened in the changing room as she pulled the crotch of her suit aside.

My cock hardened and was clearly visible to her. Christina moved closer and let a finger slip inside herself. I reached for her slick lips as we heard Maxine say, “This is going to look amazing on you, but you may not be able to wear it on the beach.”

Christina covered up quickly as both of our hands retreated. We turned to see Maxine holding a white micro bikini made of a fine mesh. The bottoms were a tiny triangle that would barely cover even Christina’s small lips. The top was also small triangles that would just cover her small areolae. Everything was connected with a white string no more than an eighth of an inch thick.

Christina blushed as she said, “I don’t think I can wear that. Everything will be visible. I may as well walk around nude.”

“You did last night. This way, at least you’ll be slightly covered,” I mentioned.

“Just try it on and show it off to us,” Maxine suggested with a sly grin. “If it doesn’t look good, I promise I will tell you.”

Christina took the bikini from Maxine and headed back into the changing room. While she was changing, Maxine said, “Your girl really gets off on exposing herself, doesn’t she?”

“Yes, she does. In fact, we’ve been doing that all weekend,” I replied.

Maxine added, “She’s got such a perfect looking pussy. It looks so good that she could be a pussy model. You know, like a hand model,” she chuckled.

“Speaking of showing her off, are there any other employees that we could get over here real quick? She’d probably cum right in the room if there were a few more people to ogle her,” I asked.

“I was hoping that you’d ask,” Maxine said as she waved a couple of the girls over to watch.

Christina walked out to five of us, starting at her wantingly. She did blush pretty hard, but to her exhibitionist credit, she didn’t try to cover up. After a moment, Christina started to turn and gave us all a perfect view of her incredible buttocks. There were several comments including, yummy, perfect, so squeezable, so spreadable, etcetera.

As she turned back again, I approached her to get a close-up look at what was visible through the sheer netting. Christina whispered, “I’m leaking down my thigh from all this exposure.”

“I noticed,” was all I said as I let a finger move across her leg to collect some. Bringing it to my mouth and sucking it off, caused her legs to weaken. We reached for each other, and I led her back into the changing room. I helped her to the bench and then knelt before her and lapped at her soaked lips.

As I feasted on her tasty box, Maxine voiced, “Didn’t you read the sign about no sexual acts in the changing rooms?”

I mumbled a, “No,” without taking my face away from Christina’s puss.

Christina didn’t say a thing as she moaned softly with a closed mouth.

“Okay, I’ll allow it just this once. But, I’ll have to stay until the act is complete to make sure you don’t do anything else,” Maxine announced.

I lapped and sucked on Christina’s snatch, bringing her to three orgasms. All the while, Maxine stood at the open curtain and watched. After Christina’s first climax, Maxine slipped her hand into her shorts to diddle herself.

Christina watched through half-closed eyes before muttering, “Let me see.”

Maxine pushed her shorts and panties to the floor before going back to fingering herself. Christina watched intently as I brought her to her second orgasm. Shortly after Christina came, so did Maxine.

Leaning back against the wall, Maxine panted for a minute before raising her fingers to her mouth. She sucked on them as Christina watched and headed for her third and final climax in the store. I licked her clean before standing and kissing Christina passionately.

Breaking the kiss, I asked, “Did you want to look at some dresses or go back to the room and have fun?”

“Well, I think you know what I’d rather do,” Christina replied as she stood and kissed me again.

“Alright then, let’s get you dressed and buy these bathing suits before blowing this pop stand.” I helped her removed the micro bikini and then handed it and the rest to Maxine. She had just finished pulling up her panties and shorts and was ready to ring us up. Christina pulled on her dress, and we headed for the register to pay.

All of the other girls were up there and continued to compliment Christina, as I paid for her things. Maxine wrapped up the suits individually in paper, saving the micro for last. Before putting the bottoms in the paper, she brought them to her nose. After inhaling, she offered, “Don’t forget me if you decide to leave this guy. I’d love to have some fun with you!”

“Oh, I’m not leaving this one,” Christina countered as we headed out the door.

To be thrustingly continued…

Open post

Ready For Use

I lie down on my back with my legs spread open as fingers rub shaving cream onto my mound in sensual circles.

The steel blade glides across my skin, leaving a smooth patch in its wake. Another swipe of the blade along the edge of my labia causes my clit to throb. Erotic strokes are repeated until my pussy is bald and ready.

You blindfold me and open the door, inviting others in. “She’s ready for use,” you tell our guests.

All parts of me are used and invaded as you whisper in my ear, “You’re such a good girl.”

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