Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2020 14:33:09 -0500 From: Nate Bate Subject: The Secret Fort by the Creek 3 Gay adult youth The Secret Fort by the Creek by Brad Ironie Chapter 3 I went home for dinner and could not stop thinking about Jim. I listened to my parents’ dinner conversation half-heartedly, finished my meal, then went to my room. I played some video games and watched some TV until my parents went upstairs to bed around ten. I pulled out the magazine Jim gave me and flipped through it. My boner was getting bigger and bigger so I started to stroke my penis. It felt good, and my mind wandered to Jim. “Jim does it better” I said out loud. “Did I just say that out loud?” I was shocked, but it was the truth. “I wonder if Jim is still up… Can I just… go over there?” My brain was clearly not in control anymore, just my primal boy penis. “I’ll just go knock on his door, worse case he tells me to go back home.” So I grab some pants, tuck my raging boner under my waistband, and grab another tanktop and very, very, very quietly sneak out the front door, being extra careful to lock the door behind me and take my spare key. I walked down to the end of the street, heart racing. This was just a suburban street, with streetlights, so anyone who happened to look out their window would see me. Would they tell my parents I was out so late? Who would even be looking out their window this late anyway? Jim only lived about 6 houses away, but it felt like 10 miles. Finally, I got to his porch… the porch light was on and so were the lights inside. I swallowed hard and knocked on the door. A few seconds later, Jim opened the door, just in boxers. He looked down at me and his eyes got wide. “Hey there buddy! What are you doing? Everything ok?” “Huh? Oh yeah… yeah… Um… Jim? I just wanted to hang out.” Jim chuckled and smiled, “You are a machine, kid! Come on in!” I had never been inside Jim’s house before. It was nice! He had some cool sci-fi stuff on display that I asked him about, turns out we both love it! “Your house is so cool, Jim!” Jim chuckled again, and my boner jumped, “Thanks bud. Wanna come downstairs to my… well I guess you’d call it a movie room, or a den.” I eagerly nodded and followed him to the basement. Compared to the rest of his house, his den was not as impressive. Just a ratty old couch and a big tv. A porno was paused on screen. Jim unpaused it, turned the volume down lower, and let it play. “I pretty much stay naked at home; hope you don’t mind.” My mouth fell open slightly, but I shook my head. He grinned then stripped off his boxers and sat on the couch naked. “C’mere, bud. Sit next to me, get those clothes off!” I peeled off my shirt and shoved down my pants, revealing my little, rigid boner. Jim’s monster cock was slowly rising as his eyes moved from me to the tv and back. I sat down next to him, thigh to thigh, grabbed his arm and lifted it over my head to rest on my shoulder. Jim reached down and pinched my nipple, harder than usual, but I let out a moan instead of a yelp. That surprised me that I like it! “I remember being your age buddy. It was hard, knowing I was different, knowing I liked other guys instead of girls. I even started puberty around the same age as you… 11 right?” I nodded, “Yeah it’s tough, you stick out like a sore, hairy, tall, thumb. I laughed. He was right, “Yeah, one of the boys at school teases me, he calls me a werewolf.” Jim shook his head, “Hey bud, kids are mean. Always have been. I remember being lonely as a kid. In hindsight I made some stupid decisions just because I was so horny and didn’t know where to direct it. A few years ago I noticed you may like boys too, and thought to myself I didn’t want you to go through what I had to do. That’s why I let you and your friends play in the creek in my backyard and help you with the fort every so often. I hope you don’t mind or find that creepy.” “No way, Jim! I thought it was super cool of you. When you’d come out and help us, and you’d take off your shirt. I always got a boner.” “Oh, I noticed, and I was very flattered by the way. I tried not to stare at you too much, because I didn’t want to get a boner myself in front of your friends. By the way, have you ever seen a porn on video? I looked at the TV, I forgot it was on! A big hairy man was getting his cock sucked and licked by a smaller guy. I was a bit shocked, the magazine Jim gave me just had naked guys, “Uh… no, I haven’t. Have you done this, Jim?” “All the time, buddy. A blowjob is like a handshake among gay guys.” “Whoaa… I had no idea.” My own cock was still rigid, and now leaking clear precum, as Jim continued to play with my nipples and rub my chest. His big heavy arm weighing down on my neck felt so comforting. Without really thinking or asking permission, my hand just went to his big cock and grabbed it. Jim moaned, “Oh yeah kid, that feels good.” He moved his hand down to my cock and started to stroke it, slowly. “Be sure to tell me when it starts to feel too good, ok? I know when I was at your age, I could spurt in 5 seconds, but it takes me longer now, so I don’t want you to cum before me.” I nodded; I took the directive very seriously. I didn’t want to disappoint him, and mostly because I wanted this moment to last a long time. The two guys on screen were now sucking each other’s cocks, going back and forth, “I think I’m almost close, Jim.” Jim took his hand off my dick, stood up while still stroking and grabbed a small tub of something. He set it down on the floor between us and scooped a little glob of it on his fingertips. “It’s albolene, it’s really greasy, very slick. Perfect for long hang outs like this. Don’t lick it or eat it. Hands and cock only, ok?” I nodded as he put the little glob of goo on my shaft and started to work on it. He scooped some onto his cock too, and he was jacking both of us off now. This was a totally new sensation, it felt so good, all I could do was stare at the porn on the TV as Jim bated our cocks, up and down in unison. Every few minutes he would stop, letting our rigid cocks stand upright, almost like they were begging our hands back to them. I couldn’t resist, I grabbed our cocks and started to stroke. Jim leaned back, closed his eyes and rested his arms on the back of the couch. I caught a whiff of his dense, hairy, armpits… they smelled amazing! Sex Ed in school kept going on and on and on about how we need to wear deodorant. But Jim smells amazing! Jim opened his eyes and saw me staring at his pits. “Haven’t worn deodorant in years, bud.” He raised his elbow over his head, and then with his other hand grabbed the back of my head and gently pushed it into his underarm. “Breath it in… deep!” I did immediately. It smelled so good! I was now sniffing his pits and stroking his big cock! “Oh yeah bud, you know what to do.” I used both hands to stroke his big greasy boner until he would whisper, “Slow down,” and I’d start to play with his nipples. He looked at me and laughed, “I can’t believe this is how today would end after dropping off that porno mag for you. I just wanted to give you some porn so you could jerk to it in your bed, door locked. And now you’re here in my basement, edging my cock. Lay back, it’s your turn now.” I laid back on the couch as Jim grabbed my cock in his hand tightly. He squeezed it, but the albolene made it slide back and forth in his fist. It felt soooo good. “You like that tight pressure on your cock, bud?” I nodded and just kinda mumbled, “Yeah feelssogood,” I was in ecstasy. Jim smiled, “Lots of ways to get that tight pressure on your cock,” Jim said as he squeezed a bit harder, “We’ve been hanging out for over half an hour kid, how do your nuts feel?” I tossed my head back and kinda thrust out my hips, “Fullish? Heavy? I don’t know.” “Yeah, yeah. Good boy. You’re ready to burst. I am too,” Jim was sitting on the couch now, my legs draped over his lap, as he stroked us both, getting us on the same rhythm. I kept thrusting my hips into his hands, hoping that would make me cum faster, and Jim tightened his grip with each thrust, “Oh … oh… OH! Fuuuck,” I grunted as I shot a big watery load up my chest, hitting my shoulder, and landing on the couch, I was still spurting as Jim let out a loud grunt too, his thick creamy heavy load landed on my leg. We each had a few more spurts until we just sat there, covered in our cum, breathing heavy. His cock slowly deflating and just lying there heavy on my thigh in a pool of his cum. “I got cum on your couch, I’m sorry Jim. Should I get a towel?” Jim smiled, “Don’t be sorry! This couch has a lot of cum on it, and I’m glad your cum is on it now too. Look at us and look at the time, it’s late. Let’s shower real quick to get this cum and albo off us, then you need to get home!” “Can we shower together, Jim?” I asked eagerly. “Sure thing, buddy. Let’s go upstairs!” *** If you are enjoying this story, please consider donating to !

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