Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 22:56:27 +0000 (UTC) From: David Auslander Subject: Tim’s Summer Vacation – Part 3 TIM’S SUMMER VACATION PART 3 Tim’s chance came the very next day. First thing in the morning, Mr. Johnson gave him the car keys and a list of things to get at the Hardware store. Tim drove into town in the camp station wagon, and got the things on the list. He then pulled out his cell phone and called the In-town house. After a few rings the phone was answered, and a voice said: “Coach Mitchel’s House, Mitch speaking. How may I help you?” Tim was greatly relieved to hear his lovers voice, said: “Coach, this is Tim; I can’t stay here and don’t have enough cash to buy a bus ticket home. I don’t know what to do?” At first the Coach thought he was dealing with a boy on his first trip away from home, and Poo-Pooed the homesickness. Then, a tearful Tim related what had happened the two previous days and nights, and his fears if he stayed. The Coach’s attitude immediately changed. He realized that Tim could not stay there, it was not a question of homesickness, but an unacceptable situation. He did some rapid thinking and said: “Do you have the camp phone number on you?” Tim answered: “Yes!” The Coach answered: “Call the camp and tell them that some of the things on the list would be delivered later that day. Tell them you thought it best to wait until the needed stuff was delivered rather than make another trip tomorrow. Wait for two hours and call me back. I will make arrangements from this end.” Tim called the camp and told them the problem and suggested solution. When he was told to wait, he did not know what to do for two hours. Two hours later. He called the Coach who said: “Here is what you are going to do. You will go to the bus line ticket booth, identify yourself, and explain that a ticket for you was purchased at the other end. Have him check his Email for confirmation, if necessary. He will give you tickets. Park the camp car behind the bus stop with the keys behind the visor.’ “You will get on the bus for New York City. There you will change buses for New Orleans. Use what money you have for food on the trip. Also don’t worry about your clothes left at camp; we will get you more. “In New Orleans you will be met at the bus stop by a car service. They will take you to the harbor and a ship. You will board that ship and ask for my cousin Roger whom you have met. He will take care of you and explain what is going on.” There was a pause, then the Coach said: “I think that is all. In the meantime, I will have a talk with my connection at the YMCA! Don’t worry about anything, Roger will take care of you.” The Coach hung up. Tim did with the camp car as instructed. He then went to the ticket both and explained the ticket situation. The man in the ticket booth punched some buttons, examined a computer monitor and a whole bunch of tickets came pouring out of a ticket machine. The ticket booth operator gave the tickets to Tim and said the bus for New York City would be in in about 45 minutes. Tim took the tickets and went into the waiting room. 45 minutes later, he boarded a bus, and began the next chapter of his adventure!

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