Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2020 17:56:09 +0000 From: Jack Nifty Subject: Finding His Boy: Chapter One I’m trying to get into writing so would really love to hear your thoughts on the start to this story: both positive and negative. This first chapter is only short as I want to see what the response is in order to see whether it’s worth continuing. You can get in touch with me at: or by going to my twitter which is: ************************** Disclaimer: This story contains sex between consent adult men, all 18+. Any actors playing the roles of these fictional characters in your mind are also over the age of 18. This story will contain rough sex and interactions that explore dominance and submission as well as many fetishes and kinks. If any of this offends you, or if you are not legally allowed to read this, you should stop now. If you continue then any consequences are your own fault. This is fictional, although aspects may be informed by the real-life experiences of the author. Any similarities or resemblances are purely coincidental. ************************** Finding His Boy: Chapter One “Yes… yes… yes! Fuck me!” The cries blended into the mixture of grunts, moans and panting that filled the bedroom of the penthouse apartment. Tom looked down that the lithe, blond twink beneath him, the sweat dripping from his face and landing in the boy’s open mouth. The boy didn’t even notice: his mind was consumed by the sensations resonating throughout every single nerve of his body and he just swallowed down the salty droplets. This one was definitely a moaner, although it hadn’t surprised Tom that that was the case: most twinks struggled with both the length and girth of his cock. Once it was inside of them, they found it very difficult to stop themselves from verbalising every half-thought that they managed to grasp hold of. Still, this one had been, and was continuing to be, particularly loud. Not that he minded: he liked to know what effect he has having on a boy. In fairness to the little blond twink, he had been on the receiving end of what could only be described as a no-holds-barred pounding from the very moment that Tom had brought him back to the apartment. For the last hour, he’d had 9 solid inches of pure man buried deep within his arse or throat with virtually no let-up: only the time it took for Tom to switch the end of him that he was using. That would be enough to transform anyone into a quivering, groaning mess of a slut, no matter how cock-hungry you were to start with. And this boy had been hungry, more so than anyone Tom had fucked for quite a while. From the moment the man had walked through the doors of the bar, the twink had been all over him: a light touch here, a giggle and a blush there. There was no doubt that he wanted to be filled by Tom and his light-blue eyes had betrayed just how much he needed it. It wasn’t a particularly new game for either of them but they played their roles beautifully: Tom taking control early on and the little twink melting into him as much as possible. Before long, and with very little effort from Tom, the blond boy was in the man’s bed with his legs high in the air and his hole stretched out around a piece of meat thicker than his twinky arms. In truth, Tom had grown tired of this particular game a long time ago. At 25, he’d been the “huge-cocked Dom” for years now and had a string of one-night-stands and meaningless flings that numbered far more than even he could remember. He wanted more. He didn’t know what that would look like, exactly, but he wanted more than whatever this was. Every single time he met a new submissive boy, he hoped that there may be that spark that he was looking for: he searched for something that would interest him further than just a fuck. Any indication would have been enough but, without fail, they always disappointed. The blond beneath him was no exception. Sure, Tom had enjoyed driving his cock deep within the guts of the little slut and it wasn’t going to be long before he emptied a huge load deep into the warm and velvety embrace of the twink’s arse but this boy wasn’t the one he was looking for. That didn’t mean they couldn’t have a little fun along the way though: they were both fulfilling a need tonight. After spending the last ten minutes in this position, the boy’s legs were beginning to tire, his muscles burning, and they started to drop. Tom grabbed hold of the twink’s ankles in his rough hands and forced them backwards towards the boy’s head. The little blond groaned out but didn’t complain, the flexibility in his hips allowing Tom to pin his angles against the headboard. He’d practically folded the boy in half and opened up that tight hole around his cock even further. With a deep grunt, he powered his monster cock balls-deep into the willing slut, who cried out in pleasure as his eyes rolled back in his head. He was reaching new depths and the blond’s insides were still like a vice around his cock even after the powerful fuck the twink had endured. The moment was fast approaching: Tom had staved it off a few times during this fuck but it was time to release the load that had built up in his balls and, besides, the boy’s arse wouldn’t be able to take it for much longer. The twink knew what was happening even if he couldn’t form a fully-realised thought right at that moment: “Please… yes! Give me… give me…” The sound of Tom’s hips slamming against the boy’s arse drowned out any further words that he was trying to say. Beads of sweat were pouring down Tom’s chiselled body as he drove his cock all the way inside for one final time. The boy’s eyes darted open wide and the man knew that the twink could feel the dick inside of him pulsing and expanding, pumping what must have felt like a gallon of thick, hot cum deeper into him than any load had ever been before. Each shot seared his insides and he all he could do was moan: all words had been fucked out of him now. After emptying his balls into the boy, Tom allowed his body to fall for a moment, resting against the young twink he had pinned beneath him. His cock was still wedged inside of the little slut’s stretched-out hole, keeping every drop of spunk inside of him. He didn’t give himself long like this, aware that his muscled frame would be crushing the skinny twink and, when he pulled back, you could hear his cock leaving the boy with a quite audible pop. The blond turned as if to cuddle against the man but Tom was already up and out of bed, his body glistening with sweat in the moonlight. “Heading for a shower,” he said to the twink, his voice gruff, “You can let yourself out, yeah?” It wasn’t a question: Tom very rarely allowed a sub to cuddle with him and had never shared his bed overnight with anyone. He didn’t see the point of it if he wasn’t interested in pursuing his conquests any further. To lay there and cuddle with them or, worse, to allow them to spend the night would just send the wrong signals and Tom was nothing if not a straight shooter. He wouldn’t pretend to this twink. In fact, he wouldn’t leave any room for misunderstanding at all. “Erm… I… thought I might… stay,” the boy said, the unsurety in his voice was clear as it rose at the end of the sentence. His legs were quivering as tried to get up from the bed and holding on to the bedpost was the only thing keeping him upright. Tom, who was already at the door to his ensuite, stopped for a moment but he didn’t turn. Instead, he sighed: “Look, Chris, this was fun but we both know it isn’t going any further and I’ve got work in the morning. Get home safe: Alan at the front desk will call you a taxi.” He didn’t wait for a response and simply stepped into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. Within seconds, he had the shower running, it’s hot and soothing waters rushing over his well-built body and washing away the efforts of the day and of the fuck. That fuck had been exactly what he’d needed and the sole reason why he’d gone out that night in the first place: it had been three days since he’d last shot his load into a willing slut and that, in Tom’s book, had not been an acceptable length of time. He was feeling good: refreshed and satisfied. Inside of the bedroom, the boy was alone. His legs were still shaking as he watched the best fuck of life walk away from him and close the door. He could feel the cum inside of him starting to leak out of his gaped hole and it trickled down the back of his thighs, as it would for several hours to come given the size of the load he’d taken. After a few seconds, he found his voice but Tom was already under the cascade by then. “My name’s… Ben…” he said to an empty room. ************************** Thanks so much for reading this. If you want me to continue or you have any thoughts, please let me know. You can get in touch with me at: or by going to my twitter which is:

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