Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2020 17:19:51 +0000 (UTC) From: Haven Tesla Subject: Levi’s Secret > Levi’s Secret Future Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. All characters, locations and events are the products of my imagination. Any resemblance to real persons, places and incidents is unintentional. If you enjoy this and other stories on the Nifty Archives, please lend your support to keep this valuable resource for writers and readers of alternate-sexuality erotica going. Visit ******************** Levi’s Secret Future ******************** Tariq grinned upon getting the go-ahead from Mal and Jay. He liberally slathered his fist, then his forearm, with lube. If Levi had been paying attention, instead of lying semi-comatose on the bed, he might have had some inkling of what was about to happen. As it was, he only started to stir when Tariq tucked his thumb in alongside his fingers. By the time he bolted upright, half of Tariq’s fist was already in. Levi took one look and began wailing. “Oh Jesus, this can’t be happening. You guys are sick! Wasn’t triple-dicking me enough for you? This, this is too much!” “Too much and never enough,” quipped Mal. “Where have I heard that before?” “Just shut up and take it, bitch,” ordered Jay. He picked up the dildo and shoved it into Levi’s mouth. “This’ll keep you quiet.” Stuffed at both ends, Levi recognized a lost cause when he saw one. He flopped back onto the bed, moaning pathetically. His fuckers were on a roll, and his job was to lie there and simply take whatever they dished out. Tariq was truly a dreadful influence. What would the next FOUR freaking YEARS be like? “Can you get it in deeper?” asked Mal. He’d retrieved his phone and was filming a close-up of Tariq’s fist disappearing into Levi’s distended pussy. The widest part of his fist slipped in, as Levi tossed his head from side to side in silent agony and bit down on the dildo in his mouth. “Oh I plan to,” Tariq assured him. “But first let me locate his G-spot; this isn’t meant to be torture, after all.” Levi would have disputed that! Then Tariq found the little nub of Levi’s prostate and began stimulating it, and Levi’s sore cock twitched in response. He couldn’t believe it still had life left in it after everything he’d endured that evening. He cursed his lack of physiological control. He knew that Tariq, Mal and Jay would forever hold this over his head as undeniable proof of his inherent faggotry. Tariq managed to get most of his forearm inside Levi while delivering his prostate massage. Not elbow-deep, to his disappointment, but then Tariq had very long arms to go with his hulking 6’6″ frame. To the boys’ amazement, Levi’s body tensed and his cock spurted. It was a small load, to be sure – just enough jism to drench his cock – but it was still a load. “Well damn!” exclaimed Mal. “That’s SEVEN orgasms.” “Nine if you include this morning’s,” pointed out Jay. “Tell us again how much you HATE being our little boy bitch,” he added to Levi with a sneer. Of course Levi was unable to reply with his mouth full of silicone cock. In any case, he wouldn’t have had a convincing excuse. Tariq unceremoniously yanked his arm out of Levi, causing the younger boy to practically levitate off the bed. “Now you give it a try,” he told Mal, as Levi looked on in horror. “What are you staring at, bitch? I did say until your nads are empty, and I’m yet to confirm that since your cock just dribbled.” Mal would not be the last one to try his hand (pun intended) at fist-fucking their bitch. Jay wanted his turn too, although Mal’s ministrations had already produced a dry orgasm that wracked Levi’s body. Jay was the one who got in up to his elbow even as the frantically writhing Levi had to be held down by the other two. He took a few moments to enjoy the sensation of having the blond stud-muffin wrapped around his entire forearm, flexing his fingers deep inside Levi to see how he reacted (the intensity of his wriggling went up and he probably have screamed himself hoarse if not for the dildo in his mouth. Once he was satisfied that Levi would not forget his first fist-fuck anytime soon, he moved on to manipulating the jock’s much-abused prostate to a second sperm-free climax. “Definitely empty now,” affirmed Jay, as though the obvious needed to be spoken out loud. In the aftermath, Levi’s cock had shrunk to the smallest they’d ever seen it, and his balls had all but retracted into his crotch. He had never looked so pitiful: filthy, drenched in sweat and completely spent in every sense of the word. “Remind me again why we needed to drain his balls?” asked Mal. Levi, had he been following the conversation instead of being lost in a haze of misery, would have resented Mal for only questioning this AFTER they’d subjected him to two fisting-induced dry orgasms. “So that he doesn’t try any funny business at this party he’s supposed to attend,” explained Tariq. “We have the cock-cage for that,” Mal reminded him. “Right! I totally forgot about that,” Tariq said aloud, before giving him and Jay a clandestine wink. “Well, it never hurts to get a 100% guarantee.” It was easy for him to say when he wasn’t the one whose nuts felt like they’d been put in a blender! “Get up, you lazy bitch; time for you to head to Chester’s party.” There was no response from Levi. “Up, bitch,” reiterated Mal. “I think it’s all been too much for his jock brain,” observed Jay with little sympathy. “It’s scrambled.” “Oh, I think I know what’ll revive him.” Tariq rolled Levi onto his stomach and started to rain spanks down on his poor butt. Tariq’s very firm hand had its impact doubled as each smack reverberated through Levi’s battered and sore pussy. The hapless jock returned to full consciousness with a loud squeal after just one spank, but Tariq gave him a round dozen “just to be sure”. As he recovered from his ass-thrashing, Levi was startled to learn that he was still expected to attend the football team’s graduation party which should have been well underway. He glanced at the clock; it was nearly half-past eight. “I still have to go to the party? Now?” Mal, who was checking his phone, said, “Oh, you absolutely have to go to Chester’s party. Your pal Al looks to be having a grand old time, if this video’s any indication.” He turned the volume up and rotated his phone so all four of them could watch the screen. It was a poorly-filmed video that started abruptly but there was no doubt about what – and who – was going on. Levi’s teammate, Alvaro Jimenez, was dancing drunkenly on a table top to the strains of `Sexy and I Know It’. Levi recognized the backdrop as the swimming pool at the Cobb mansion. As spectators laughingly yelled encouragement, Alvaro undid the last two buttons on his dress shirt and whipped it off to bare his sweaty torso. (Mal, Jay and Tariq admired his prominent pecs with their light dusting of black hair and his well-defined abs bisected by a thick treasure trail.) “Take it off! Take it off!” The chant came through the phone speaker loud and clear, even over the background music. The cat-callers sounded mostly female but Levi was sure he heard at least a couple of male voices in there. A few comments from the audience also found their way into the audio feed. “I can’t believe Al’s doing this!” “How much has he had to drink?” “It’s barely 8pm!” “Jimenez, you dolt! Get off there!” “Take if off! Take it off!” On screen, Alvaro started to shimmy out of his jeans. Levi knew from the locker room that he was usually a boxers man but, on this occasion, he’d (unfortunately for him) opted for white boxer-briefs that were already stained with sweat. “He’s wearing tighty-whiteys!” A girl’s squeal came through the speaker. (“Those aren’t tighty-whiteys,” groused Jay.) There were a couple of naysayers in the crowd, too. “Jimenez, that’s enough!” “Come down Al. You’re embarrassing yourself!” Yet no one stepped forward to physically intervene. Everyone within camera shot had their phones out to record their own footage of Alvaro’s disgrace. He might have been a handsome football jock but his typically cutting remarks didn’t make him many true friends. The stripping stud seemed oblivious. He kicked off his jeans and started to do poses in his undies. There was a lot more laughter and the cameraman held a beer bottle out to him. “Here’s a prop for you, Al!” Levi recognized the voice of the party’s host, Chester. Alvaro took the bottle from him and dumped its contents over his head! “Oh my God! You can see EVERYTHING!” The beer- and sweat-soaked undies certainly left nothing to the imagination. The shape of Alvaro’s cock – thick and noticeably darker than the rest of his caramel skin – was perfectly outlined under the damp white fabric. More significantly, it was obvious that Alvaro was sporting a semi! “Wow, is he actually -” Another spectator didn’t hold back. “Shit, he’s got a freaking boner!” As if to emphasize his tumescent dick, Al laced his fingers behind his head and thrust his crotch at girls in the crowd. “Off! Off! Off!” Alvaro started to slip his fingers into the waistband of his briefs, teasingly revealing a dense bush of black pubes. That proved to be a step too far for one of their teammates. “Alright, that’s enough Al.” Levi recognized another teammate, Ray Dawood, who stepped into frame and tugged at Alvaro’s arm to get him to step down from the table. There were groans and boos. “Spoilsport!” “We want to see those undies come off!” “C’mon, he’s shown practically everything already!” “Al, you’re making a fool of yourself,” Ray hissed at a resisting Alvaro. “Leave it, Dawood; he obviously doesn’t want to.” It was Chester again, sounding thoroughly amused. As if to confirm Chester’s view, Al roughly pushed away Ray, who stumbled out of frame. The chant resumed. “Take it off! Take it off!” “Show us everything you’ve got!” “WHO WANTS TO SEE THESE COME OFF?” yelled Al, snapping the waistband of his undies. There was a loud cheer. If there was anybody in that crowd who didn’t want Alvaro to expose himself, their voices were drowned out. Alvaro turned around and shook his ass at the laughing crowd. Then he peeled down his briefs, revealing a tight, peachy butt. There were gasps and giggles, while Chester zoomed in, so the viewers could make out the hair in Al’s crack. “No wonder you’re our tight end,” he chuckled. (“What the fuck is Chester doing?” muttered Levi. He wasn’t a fan of Al Jimenez but this was obscene! It was Mal who replied, “God’s work.”) On screen, Al stepped out of his undies and bent down to pick them up, exposing his tight pink pucker amid a halo of black curls to Chester’s camera. (“Did that just happen?” gasped Jay. Mal told him, “Yeah, I think we just saw Al Jimenez’s hole!”) Then Al turned back around to face the audience, holding his discarded underwear in front of his crotch. “Drop those drawers!” “Off! Off! Off!” Al let the undies fall from his grip but cupped his junk in one hand. He was just about covered, but his lush pubes and the root of his thick cock were on display. “He’s never gonna live this down.” “Just do the full monty already!” “Off! Off! OFF!” Then Ray Dawood, who had obviously reached the end of his tether, tackled Al off the table. They both flew into the pool behind Al with a loud splash, and the video came to an abrupt end, amid groans of dismay. The four boys looked at each other. “What. The. Fuck. was that?” exclaimed Levi. “A prick-tease, that’s what!” grumbled Jay. “Has Al Jimenez always been an exhibitionist?” asked Mal. “NO!” replied Levi vehemently. “I don’t understand. It’s not like him at all. Jimenez can hold his alcohol.” “Well, he was definitely under the influence of something,” Tariq said pointedly. “The glassy eyes, the unsteady gait, the uncharacteristic behavior – it all fits. Trust me, I know the signs. There were enough kids using in the foster care system.” “You think he’s doing drugs? Jimenez would never; he hates the stuff. He had an uncle who overdosed.” “Then somebody drugged him,” Tariq declared matter-of-factly. “WHAT?” “A roofie is my guess. He wasn’t entirely soft during the strip. So either he’s secretly an exhibitionist, which you say he isn’t, or whatever he took was also an aphrodisiac. Maybe it was meant for someone else, and Jimenez accidentally drank it. Or maybe he was the intended target all along.” Levi stared at him in consternation. He remembered uneasily how Chester had egged Al on and discouraged Ray Dawood from intervening. Surely not? He’d defended Chester to Jimenez – he couldn’t be a secret fag! “Yeah, you need to get to that party pronto.” “I’m not dashing in there to save Jimenez from his own stupidity.” Now that he had gotten over his shock, Levi found he was rather enjoying the tables being turned on Al Jimenez. After all the locker room taunts, it would soon be Al who would have be the (literal) butt of everyone’s jokes. He just wished it had happened while they were still in school, so he could have teased Al mercilessly. “Who said anything about saving Jimenez? We don’t make a point of saving homophobes. Isn’t he the same jerk who keeps giving you a hard time for hanging around us?” asked Jay. Levi nodded. “So yeah, you’re going to the party because we want you to find out just how susceptible to suggestion Al is in his current state.” “WHAT?” yelped Levi for the second time. “You heard me, bitch. Get Jimenez alone in a room and see if you can persuade him to fuck himself with one of those beer bottles, on-camera.” Levi’s unease returned. “Oh no. No, no, no. You can’t make me do this.” Jay raised an eyebrow. “All of a sudden you have principles?” “I’m not worried about Jimenez; he deserves everything he gets,” retorted Levi vehemently. “But what’ll happen if the drugs wear off and he finds me trying to fuck him with a bottle? He’ll fucking kill me.” “First up, we said to get HIM to fuck himself with the dildo. You’re not going to be fucking anyone, bitch. In case you haven’t noticed, that part of your life is OVER. “And secondly, I think you can defend yourself just fine,” Jay told him dryly, “especially with Jimenez drugged to the eyeballs.” “You might find that you have to fight off your other teammates to get at him,” suggested Tariq. “Yeah, isn’t that like a football team tradition, a bonding exercise, where you all gang-bang a slut together?” asked Mal. “Not a MALE slut! The team isn’t a pack of homos!” spat Levi. “Like you aren’t a homo?” shot back Jay. “I’ve got tons of footage that would indicate otherwise,” pointed out Mal slyly. “I mean, what would your teammates say if they were to see you getting triple dicked while shoving your tongue down another dude’s throat and creaming yourself without even touching your cock?” “My guess? They’d bang his brains out right next to his bud,” supplied Tariq. “Side by side, bitch boys for life.” Levi squirmed, even though he knew they were being ridiculous. There was no way … not even Chester … only gay guys would fuck other dudes, right? He really wished the little flicker of doubt would go away. “And what do you plan to do with the video?” he questioned. “That one’s easy,” replied Jay brightly. “Have you forgotten where Al Jimenez is going to college?” It finally dawned on Levi. “Rutgers.” “Exactly. Right between Columbia and Princeton. It’s almost like a sign. When one door closes …” Jay left the sentence hanging. “You’re going to replace me with him? With Al Jimenez?!” Levi blurted out. “Aw, look, the bitch is upset at getting some competition,” Mal taunted him. “Are you afraid Al will be a better cock-sucker than you? That he might be able to take four cocks without flinching?” sneered Jay. “Hardly,” scoffed Levi, before realizing that he was implying that HE had superior gay sex skills. He blushed furiously as the other three chortled with amusement. “Now get yourself cleaned up. There’s work to do.” Levi reluctantly dragged himself out of bed, groaning as his feet hit the ground and pain shot through his throbbing asshole. He really wasn’t looking forward to the hour-long bus ride in his present condition. “Please,” he appealed one last time for clemency, “the bus is going to take forever to get to Chester’s at this time of night.” “Who said you had to take the bus?” Mal tossed him a key. Levi stared at him. “Your car? You’re letting me drive your car?” Mal adored his car; it had been an eighteenth birthday gift from his parents. “Don’t say we aren’t good to you,” Mal said piously. Then, in a much sterner voice, he added, “But you’re going to drive back here immediately after the party, and no drinking. If there’s so much as a scratch on my car, we’re going to take it out of your ass.” “So that in the morning,” chimed in Jay, “you can try out the present WE got you.” He twirled a flimsy scrap of fabric around his finger, revealed to be an extremely skimpy, tight pair of Speedos in white with a red lipstick-stain motif. “He’s definitely going to need some pool time to work on his tan; he has one blindingly white ass,” declared Tariq critically. Levi worried that another guest would complain if he wore such inappropriate swimwear to sunbathe at the hotel pool. A few months later, once he was accustomed to wearing even less in public, this particular bout of anxiety would seem almost quaint. “You know what, Tariq?” opined Mal. “I think we should all join Levi in the shower, to make sure he cleans himself properly.” “Yeah, it’s enormous and has all these jets pointed at you from every direction,” enthused Jay. Levi began to protest that he could manage on his own, but nobody paid him any heed. He was marched into the shower where, true to form, the other three boys gave him a thorough cleaning, both inside and out. Mostly inside – Levi lost track of whose fingers were rooting around his back canal, other than that there were way too many (six at one point!). He was being stretched wide open once more, all under the guise of washing every inch of him until he was squeaky clean. The latter, he could certainly attest to; the fingers scouring his slick anal passage actually made a squeaking noise. The only consolation was that his tormentors weren’t able to coordinate a third dry orgasm, although there were a couple of moments when he thought his semi-erect dick was ready to betray him again. Just when Levi thought he might be at the end of his ordeal, Tariq mentioned that he needed a piss. Of course, he wasn’t about to nip out to the toilet so Levi had to kneel on the floor of the shower stall and guzzle down Tariq’s steady stream of acrid urine. He didn’t know it yet but Tariq would make piss-drinking part of his morning regime once he was installed at the frat house. A naked Levi would be expected to start each day by crawling under the sheets to take care of Tariq’s morning wood and then swallow his morning piss. He’d eventually introduce piss enemas to the mix, to watch Levi squirm as he struggled to keep in a bowel full of urine until he could make it to the toilet down the hall from their room. What did occur to Levi was that he’d had no dinner, other than the chocolate-covered strawberries he’d eaten out of Jay’s ass, several loads of spunk and piss. He’d be attending a party of his peers with that foul collection of contents roiling in his stomach. As if he wasn’t already feeling like a lowly bitch. After Levi was toweled dry (whimpering as his cock and balls were roughly dried with the terry cloth), he started to limp out of the bathroom when Tariq told him to wait. “We can’t have you waddling into the party like a freshly-fucked whore,” he said, making Levi cringe. “Don’t worry; I’ve got something that will help soothe your ass muscles. Bend over and spread your cheeks.” Tariq disappeared for a few seconds and then returned with a tube of ointment in his grasp. In his position, with his back to Tariq, Levi couldn’t see what it was, but Mal and Jay could. “Hang on, isn’t that-” Mal began to utter, before Jay jostled him to be quiet. Tariq gave the couple a wink and then squeezed a good amount of the tube’s contents onto his fingers before burying them in Levi’s ass with one swift thrust (not exactly difficult given his gaping hole). At first, Levi almost cooed at the cooling sensation as Tariq worked the ointment deep into his rectum. But then within seconds the gel heated up and the wretched bitch was shrieking in agony as it felt like his insides were on fire. “Oh Jesus!” he wept, desperately begging to be allowed to douche his ass but Tariq wouldn’t let him. Instead he wriggled helplessly on the bathroom floor until the scorching sensation subsided somewhat. (Mal and Jay noted with interest that Tariq hadn’t worn a glove but remained impassive to the ointment’s effects on his hand.) “That – that wasn’t meant for internal use!” Levi panted accusingly. “Oh no?” Tariq replied innocently. “I’ve used it on a number of bitches without any adverse effects.” He grabbed Levi’s cock with his ointment-coated hand and fondled him. This brought a renewed wave of howls from the younger teen. “At this rate he’s going to need another shower,” Jay pointed out. Indeed, poor Levi was sweating again. Tariq grudgingly let go of Levi’s junk, allowing Mal to refit his shrunken dick with the chastity device. Levi slowly got to his feet, hurrying only when he received a stinging slap to his rump. He dressed in the clothes laid out for him: an almost sheer and exceedingly tight white dress-shirt that chafed his sore nipples, skimpy purple bikini briefs that really made his caged bulge stand out, and strategically ripped, skinny jeans that showed way too much bare thigh. Normally he would’ve protested this outfit but he figured a naked Al Jimenez would command the party-goers’ attention … assuming he was still there and still naked by the time Levi reached the party. He couldn’t help examining himself in the mirror, which didn’t pass unnoticed by Mal. “Yeah, you’re looking hot … so you’d better get out of here before we decide to ravish you again tonight.” Then he did something totally unexpected and pulled Levi in for a kiss. “You’ll always have a special place as our No. 1 Bitch,” he assured him. A nonplussed Levi stared at him and absently touched his lips. He’d always thought Mal didn’t like him. Nothing seemed to make sense today. “That’s not an excuse to try anything less than your best with Al Jimenez,” warned Jay before having his own make-out session with the confounded stud. Forget the triple-dicking and the fisting; the kissing was what perturbed Levi the most because he could feel his cock stirring in its cage – without any stimulation of his prostate. “Now go get `im, tiger,” encouraged Jay. Levi nodded, not trusting himself to speak, and hurried out of the suite. As soon as the door closed behind him, Jay turned to Tariq. “Alright, it’s just the three of us now. “Time to pay the piper.” ******* The End ******* This marks the end of Levi’s story. I know many of you have been keen for this story to continue and chronicle Levi’s college years under Tariq’s thumb, but I am afraid it is not on my agenda at the moment. I won’t say never, because things can (and do) change, as evidenced by all the extra chapters that turned what was meant to be a standalone short story into a 10-part saga. I have littered the last few chapters with hints of what awaits Levi at college, and it’s safe to say Tariq will be very creative in coming up with even more ways to humiliate his bitch. I am thinking of producing one more brief chapter, an epilogue of sorts, tentatively titled `Tariq’s Secret Submission’. It will close out the celebration night, but without Levi’s involvement. If this is of interest, let me know by emailing As for what happens to Al Jimenez, well, that’s a mystery. Was Chester Cobb really responsible for slipping him a roofie? Will Levi succeed in getting leverage on him, and will Al end up becoming Mal and Jay’s bitch in New Jersey? Perhaps one day there will be a sequel called Al’s Secret, but for now it is up to your imaginations. Thank you for reading, and stay safe!

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