Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 22:05:12 +0000 (UTC) From: Subject: Joey Schiavo – slave boy Joey – installment 15 That first day, indeed the first week , of Joey’s summer job, went by in a flash. Joey had never worked in an office before – working with his father had always been manual labor – and there were many adjustments. And, at home, Bill had begun to become a much more dominant, demanding lover. He had, truly, become the top. Joey loved it. He loved the job. Every day was something new. That first day at work, he did almost nothing productive, as he moved around with his mentor, meeting people, learning how to program the copiers, getting an email address, and then finally, at about 3 o’clock, they gave him 5 pages of Italian to translate. He looked at it. This was NOT literature. Far from it. It was a contract. He had a dictionary, and of course, he had an online dictionary, but he didn’t have a resource for Italian legal terminology. He did the best he could, and wound up being at the office past five. That turned out to be the reason he learned about one of Bill’s new rules. When he got home, he didn’t see Bill right away. He went to their bedroom and changed out of his office clothes. He hung his pants carefully, put his shirt in the hamper for laundry, and switched into a tight t shirt and some shorts. Then he called his folks to tell them about the job. “Te amo papa” was the last thing he said before he hung up. He looked up to see Bill, standing in the doorway. He held a paddle in his hand and he was slapping it in his hand. “Schiavo. You must have learned that word in first year Italian, didn’t you Joey?” “Yes sir. It means slave.” “Well, keep that in mind. I’m putting some new rules into effect here. First, when you come home, you don’t change unless I say it’s ok. Some days, I’m gonna want you as a preppy, hot young executive.” Joey smiled. “Yes sir. I understand.” “AND…” He smacked the paddle against his hand. “Sometimes you’ll be late at the office. I understand that. And you’ll understand that I’ll want to know. And if you’re one minute later than you say you’ll be..” He smacked the paddle. “Five of these. And five more for every minute more. And a minimum of 20.” Somehow, the thought of getting a spanking was getting Joey aroused. “Yes sir. It’s a fair rule. I should have told you I was gonna be late.” “You were 30 minutes late. That SHOULD mean 150, but you can’t take that. So tonight, we’re gonna start with 25.” Bill came over and sat on the corner of the bed. “Over here, handsome. Over my knees.” “Uh. Yes sir.” Joey hadn’t been spanked since he was about 9. It hadn’t been pleasant then, but now.. he was kinda looking forward to it. He lay over Bill’s knees and Bill slid down his shorts. “That ass of yours is so pretty. Let’s see how it looks.. RED.” The paddle came down. “OW,” slipped out of Joey, and he knew, right away it was the wrong thing to say. “You’ll get a freebie tonight, slave Joey, but hereafter, anything other than “Thank you Sir,” is gonna add five more.” Bill came down with the paddle again. Joey knew he could have been much tougher with the strikes, but Bill seemed to know just how to make it feel, well, good. After 15 strokes, Joey began to moan, and not out of pain. “Heh heh. I see my little angel boy is getting excited.” “Yes Sir. Thank you Sir. I was tired when I came home, and I didn’t think I’d be in the mood. I am Sir. I’m in the mood for whatever you want.” Bill said nothing, but finished the additional ten smacks. Then he pulled Joey up by the back of his neck, and stared into his eyes. “GOD you’re a beautiful boy Joey..” He kissed him hungrily, before he pushed him, face down on the bed, and pushed his reddened cheeks apart. They were still sensitive, and Joey winced. “Thank you Sir. I’m so HARD.” Bill began to rub a cooling salve on Joey’s ass, before he put his cock head at the entrance. “Handsome guys at the office, joey boy?” “Yes Sir. But I thought of you.” MMMMMMGGGGG” Bill had just pushed in, and Joey spread his legs. “Harder Sir. Please. Take your boy. FUCK ME like the slave I am..” Bill was, in fact, fucking Joey hard. REALLY hard. His plan was that if Joey were gonna stay, he’d have to step things up and satisfy some of Bill’s more kinky needs. And there was no time like the present. “Slave boy’s gonna have to do a LOT more around this house.. Now that daddy paid his tuition for next year.” It was the first time Joey knew about that. He bit his lip. He didn’t want to break up the scene, but he wanted to hug Bill, and thank him. It would have to wait. “THANK YOU SIR. FILL ME. PLEASE. FILL ME.” Joey had been taken by Bill enough times to know when he was at the edge, and Bill WAS , at the edge. He took a deep breath, and in a line he never used again, he yelled. “I’M GONNA FILL MY ITALIAN STALLION LIKE A FUCKING CANNOLO” Joey laughed a little at the line. He had heard his father refer to cocks as cannolo tubes, and he and his buddies had teased each other about who had too much cream. That night, Joey probably did.” When Bill was finished, he lay down next to Joey, put him on his side, and pulled him close. “I guess you know I missed you.” “I missed you too Sir. Know what I thought all day today?” “What , angel boy?” “I need a picture of you. Or us, for my desk. Can I take a selfie tonight?” Bill smiled. “How about tomorrow after we’re both looking more professional.” Joey smiled back. “That sounds good. I’ll keep the adult ones to myself. ” He didn’t tell Bill that one afternoon, when Bill was sleeping, naked, he had taken a picture of his lover, and every now and then, pulled it up while he played with himself. Bill had made a dinner of a roast chicken and potatoes that night. “Sorry I didn’t make a reservation to go out, angel boy. We’ll celebrate this weekend.” “Sir, it IS a celebration. I’m here with you. I have a job. Who needs a restaurant?” Bill smiled. “Well, you may be eating sausage later.” “I love pepperoni Sir.” Not that night, but we’ll get to things. When Joey woke up the next morning, he found that Bill had already picked out a blue shirt, and chinos, for his second day. “DAMN. I’m gonna be the best looking guy at the office ” Joey thought as he got dressed. He turned around, and didn’t see Bill coming up and circling his waist. “Morning angel boy. I hope you slept well.” “I was in your arms, Sir. I always sleep well there.” Bill messed his hair, and kissed him. “Now you’ll need a little more product. ” He kissed him again. “Tonight, before dinner, slave boy, you learn about laundry, but that’s after we have a little bondage fun.” “A little bondage fun.” That thought kept going through Joey’s head at the office that day. He LOVED it when Bill tied him up. He LOVED struggling and feeling helpless and controlled. “UH Joey, let’s go over this translation.” The head translation, Filippo had come to his office. ” Fliippo took him to a conference room, and began to explain some of the intricacies of legal translation. Joey smiled when he said “as a general rule, when you’re doing legal translation, pick the most boring alternative. It works better. Now, I’m gonna give you what you did yesterday, but WITHOUT my corrections. Retranslate it. Let’s see how it works.” Filippo had been with the firm for a long, long time. He thought that Joey had “potential”as the FIRST translator of documents, but he was never going to be a certified translator, and that was ok. He just reported all of that to Kevin, who had already thought about that, and called Joey to his office late in the afternoon. “JOEY. ” He reached out his hand to shake Joey’s. “I wasn’t here to greet you yesterday, and I’m sorry. Have a seat.” “Uh, yes Sir. Did I do something wrong already?” Kevin laughed. “You know, Joey? Bill told me you were gonna say that again. Trust me: around here, if someone is in trouble, I let someone else take care of it. ‘I’M THE FUCKING BOSS. I GET TO MAKE OTHER PEOPLE CLEAN UP MESSES.” And he laughed. “But seriously Joey, I wanted to talk to you about working here this summer, and who knows about the future? Billy is a good judge of character, and he wouldn’t have asked me to give you a job if he didn’t think you would work out” “BILLY?” Joey thought to himself. “I wonder what kind of discipline I’d get for using THAT at home.” “Let me tell you the news. I hope I’m not surprising you. You’re never going to have a job as a translator, and that’s a good thing.” “It IS Sir? My Italian is bad?” Kevin laughed. “No Joey, you’re Italian is good. Here’s the thing. There are a lot of people looking for work, who are better at Italian than you are. I think you know that. ” Joey blushed, and thought of his professors, and the authors he had read in class, and also , his classmates who aced every test, while Joey studied like a demon. “I guess I never thought about that, but you’re right, Sir.” Kevin laughed. “Save the Sir for Billy. I’m Kevin. ” “Ok Sir. I mean – Kevin.” “So, this is what I’d like to do, if you’re up for it. Yes, you’ll officially be a translating legal assistant. But I’ve asked the senior paralegals to start training you on things other than translation. Paralegals don’t make bad money, Joey, and if you decide you’re going to go to law school, they’ll love you having professional experience on your resume’ “LAW SCHOOL? You think I could get into law school, Kevin?” Kevin sat back. “I don’t know. I don’t really know you. But Billy thinks you’re a smart ass who also happens to be smart. He thinks that if we let you, you could get lazy, but with a lot of responsibility, you won’t be. And he thinks that your grades going up as you go through school will be seen favorably. I agree with him on that.” “I never thought about that Kevin. LAW SCHOOL? For a guy like me? I just thought I’d…” “Be a coach?” “Well, yeah.” “Joey, listen. Nothing wrong with being a coach, NOTHING. Believe me. If you went and coached and then applied to law school, they’d probably like you even more.” He smiled. “Look, take this semester to see what you like.” He smiled, and looked directly at Joey . “I think this year has been about learning that you like things you never even thought about.” Joey blushed. “Yeah, Adam is a talker. He’s headed to medical school.” He sighed. “I don’t know how I’m gonna afford that.” He rolled his eyes. ‘OF COURSE I DO. I haven’t done this shit for this long to not be able to pay for my man to go to school. Billy’ll probably want to see if you wanna hang around too. If you do, trust me – there’s your tuition.” Then he smiled. “Don’t tell him I told you that. I think you know, though, he’s head over heels for you.” “I’m head over heels for him too, Kevin.” “Yeah, I know. Another hint Joey. Don’t tell Adam too much. He’s a big mouth.” Joey smiled. “Understood Sir.” Kevin stood up. “OK. Now there’s a big project going on, and Sean is gonna get you on it, so you can learn what the legal assistants do. ” He buzzed his intercom. “Sean, Joey’s ready for you.” In walked a tall, thin, dorky guy with a bow tie and a big smile. “Hi, I’m Sean. I remember you from when you came in yesterday. Gonna be fun to work with you.” “This guy has the hots for me,” Joey thought, correctly, right away. At 5, Joey began to pack up to get home. Sean stood at his cubicle. “Hey, Joey, I was just wondering. Can I take you out for a drink or something before you go home?” Joey looked at the time. “Uh, gee, that’s kind of you Sean. Another night maybe? I promised… well… I promised my man.” He blushed. “I’d be home early tonight.” Now Sean blushed. “OH. I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were taken.” He paused. “And it’s just an invite to a drink. Anytime. ” He began to back up. “Hey, Sean.” Joey put out his hand. “Thanks for showing me around today. I really wanna be a help to you guys. And thanks. Let me talk to Bill at home. We’ll pick another night.” Sean smiled. “SURE. Maybe you can invite Bill too.” xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx When Joey came home, and came inside the house, he saw that Bill had put a bondage chair in the middle of the living room, and restraints on the table near it. Joey found his cock swelling right away. Bill wasn’t around, but Joey knew what to do, and sat in the chair, arms behind his back, chest pointed out. “You remembered a few things, angel boy.” He felt Bill tying his wrists. “Good day at work.” “Good day, Sir. Better day now.” It was the last thing he got to say, as Bill gagged him with a penis gag. “THERE’s my pretty boy. Look how HOT he is..” Bill opened a few of Joey’s shirt buttons. “Hmmmm. Chest hair is growing in. Wonder what it’s gonna look like when you have a full lawn. ” He moved his fingers over Joey’s chest, and circled his nipples. “MMPH MMMPH MMMPH.” Bill hadn’t played with Joey’s nips in a while, and he missed it. A small wet spot began to form at his crotch. Bill said nothing , but moved in and began chewing one of the nips. Joey’s moans got louder, more strident. He was plaintive, begging Bill with his eyes, to take him. But Bill had other ideas, and walked behind him and began to nibble on his neck and ears, while his hand drifted down and squeezed Joey’s crotch. “You’re gonna get FUCKED sweet boy. And fucked HARD.” Joey shook his head vigorously, up and down. He had been mildly aroused when he came home. Now he was desperate. He needed cock in the worst way. Bill took him, tied up and gagged, to the bedroom. Tonight, he pushed Joey’s legs apart, and Joey felt Bill’s expert tongue in him. “MMMMMM. MMMMM. MMMMPH. GGGGMMAMGAMAMAJ” was all that came out of Joey’s gagged mouth, as Bill began slipping in his fingers. “You wanna get a COCK in your sweet Italian ass, boy?” Joey shook his head YES again, as he moaned to try to beg “PLEASE.” Bill complied, and he felt ALL of Bill going into him, all at once. The full push was too much, and Joey shot in his pants right away. When it happened, Bill stopped, he pulled out the gag, and untied Joey, so he could hug him, because Joey had begun to cry.” “ANGEL BOY. Did I hurt you?” Joey hugged him closer. “NO Sir. NO NO NO. It’s just… well.. someone at the office came on to me today, and.. well, I said no, because there was no question. And Kevin told me you were head over heels for me. But it can’t be as much as I am for you. It CAN’T be. It just CAN’T be..” That’s when Joey broke into full tears. “Oh, Angel boy. I AM head over heels for you. Triple somersault head over heels.” Joey laughed at the gymnast joke. “You’re gonna have to get used to folks coming on to you, young man. Men and women. Both. ” He kissed Joey on his forehead. He whispered in Joey’s ear. “But you’re mine, studmuffin. You belong to ME. Clear on that?” Joey didn’t hesitate “Yes sir. Sono il loro schiavo. I’m your slave. Sono il loro schiavo d’amore. I’m your love slave.” Joey used an honorific form. Bill smiled. “Now I’m gonna get back to taking what’s mine. Te amo Joey.” Bill climbed on top of Joey again, and fucked him hard. The break didn’t seem to quench his enthusiasm, and he came, HARD into Joey. At dinner, Bill told Joey that he was going to have a photographer come over on the weekend. They’d do a set of photos, and they’d be suitable for the office – well, SOME of them would be. And he also put Joey on notice, that he was gonna be hogtied, and tickled on the weekend. From under the table, he produced a very skimpy pair of sky blue speedos. “You’ll be wearing this boy. ” “Yes sir. I feel sexy already.” “You should always feel sexy Joey. ALWAYS.” Then he paused. “Tomorrow, we have to talk about my nephew Nate. He’s gonna move in next week. I’ll fill you in.”

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