Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 23:10:03 +0000 (UTC) From: Subject: Bowling League. (Off League Fun (6) This is a supplement story to my Bowling League tales. Just some hot fantasies with some of the other hit guys I have seen at the bowling alley while there during league games or just there for practice on any night of the week. This is of course fiction as antone else in the bowling alley is probably NOT gay. Although I wish some were. Enjoy. Bowling League. (Off League Fun (6) “Wes seduces me … … I stopped dead in my tracks as I stood there several feet behind the huge guy in the bathroom. The huge gorgeous guy that I had been staring at just a bit ago. I had come to the bathroom to pee and he seemed to come into the place not long after me. He also parked himself pretty close to me at the urinals. I then hadn’t noticed if he had peed or was peeing or anything like that. “Had he followed me into the bathroom?” I thought “I hope not.” Or maybe I hoped so. I wasn’t sure. This huge dude was quite intimidating to say the least. His size alone was scary. And he could be here to beat me to a pulp for watching him before. And he could too. He was utterly massive. I quickly shook my dick off and went to the sink to wash my hands. I then started to wash them. But that was when I looked up and he was behind me in the mirror. This very big man standing there. And he was staring at me through the mirror. “Oooh. Excuse me” I said as I tried to move aside. But he seemed to stay back there. So I started to feel a bit uncomfortable. Was this guy going to physically assault me? It was a serious concern bouncing around in my head. That was when he grabbed my ass. So very matter of fact just reached back there and grabbed it. I did freak as he did too. “What the..?!” I blurted “Just as I figured” he then said. “Nice fucking ass” He then moved up right behind me and shoved his body against mine. Reaching around to my stomach to pull me to him. “Yeah. Will definitely fuck you” he the stated. I then felt his crotch rub against my backside. Wes then leaned in behind me. His face at the back of my head. Then he said for me to come back there after bowling. That there was a locker room next door to the bathroom we had entered. I remembered seeing them as you walked into this area. Then he leaned even closer in to my ear. I could feel the hot almost stickiness of his breath on my neck now. “I am gonna tear up your shitter gay boy” He growled “Feel this here” “I am gonna crush your guts with it” Then he pulled away and stepped back. Then the big stud left me there in the bathroom. I looked back after he left the room. I could now feel my heart as it was thumping madly in my chest. All that pent up fear of getting my ass kicked by him. That and what he actually did. Bumping up against my backside. Pushing his big hunky body against me. Pushing and grinding his crotch at me. That and his heavy breaths on me and his manly voice telling me what he planned in doing to me. All these things were exciting me. All these thing were getting to me and my dick. I could feel as it quickly hardened in my pants. “Fuck” I finally sighed. I took in a few breaths and then I finished up. I grabbed my things and headed out to my car. I saw him, Wes. He was talking with someone near his lanes. Many people were already leaving the building. And I pondered leaving myself. But the hit man Wes was looking at me. I lifted my hand to let him know I was taking these to the car. And I left the building. I stood out there for a minute or so. Considering this huge man and that which I felt against me. His hot breath again. I then felt my dick throb again. And that was it. I put my gear in the car and turned back to the building. Stepping back inside and walking over to the bathroom and the locker room he had told me about. Again excitement filled me. Was I going to do this. Was I going to hook up with this huge muscle hunk there at the bowling alley. Not that I didn’t mind a hook up. And he was a huge hot hunk at that. But to have it there in a public building. That was new. “I don’t see him” I said to myself as I walked in “Maybe he left” “No. Here!” Came the hot mans voice. I was in the empty and very unkept looking locker room. A place that didn’t appear t get very much use here. Rust in many lockers. So it didn’t seem like a very clean place. Bit then as the huge guy came in and towards me he grabbed me and pulled me deeper into the locker room. There in the back were some curtained shower stalls. He dragged me into one and closed the curtain behind us. It was actually bigger than I imagined. Definitely enough to put two people in if needed. “On yer knees” he ordered of me. “Get down there and get ready to suck my big dick” I went down to my knees. Willingly, even though he was pushing me down with his big strong arm. I was now there on my knees in the shower stall. Down there at his crotch level. There was light that came in from above. But it was not the best. So he seemed dark and almost ominous standing there above me. “Come on man” he continued “Get to it fucker” “Take out my dick and suck me off” I looked at his crotch. There was definitely signs if his growing excitement as I could see the mans dick as it pressed to the crotch of his jeans. There just to one side of his zipper. I licked at my lips and reaches for him….. More to cum Danny: short Paul looking guy. Stripe shirt

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