Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 05:03:24 +1000 From: Maxwell Dowling Subject: Kasey with a k / chapter 10 Adam 10 “Dad said I needed a haircut badly, but I don’t want to go to my normal one, can you style it, Adam?” “Of course I can young man, my how you’ve grown, how old are you now Mitchell?” “Thirteen, and as horny as a sewer rat on heat.” I started laughing at his joke, poor fella I guess he will lose his virginity very soon. “How’s dad?” “Good, working a lot though, I hardly ever see him.” Mitchell’s dad was the well-known local comedian’s son, I guess he will take after his dad but I don’t think he will be doing it in drag. He was living on the streets when Lucy Loosebox rescued him, then she fostered him. She even hired a live-in nanny to make sure he got to school on time and ate the right meals, I suppose there’s money in comedy drag, I wouldn’t know. “So did dad send you here or did you come on your own?” I don’t want to get in-between them if I can help it, but Mitchells pretty bloody obstinate. “No, he said to come here, he said you will sort me out good and proper and he will drop the money off, he doesn’t trust me with money.” I had to stifle the laugh. We walked over to the wash trough and I got him settled. His hair was gorgeous, thick and lush and dark as midnight, we all thought he had a little Asian in him but he’s never talked about his past, to anyone. I shampooed twice then conditioned it, then wrapped it in a towel and took him to my station, of course, he moaned as I massaged his head, little pervert. “Now what kind of haircut would you like?” “I want it shaved on the sides and a big floppy top like that guy in the picture.” He pointed to one of the posters on the wall. “I see don’t you think it’s a bit too old for you?” “Nope, I have a plan and my plan includes me looking much older than I am.” “Oh dear, I hope it doesn’t involve getting some young filly pregnant?” He fished around in his back pocket and pulled out a condom, I nearly fainted. “See I’m prepared for anything, and if I know Jenny Wise, as I think I do, she will be putty in my hands.” He grinned. He was a handsome young man but give him seven or so years and he will be a god-like my Kasey. “Maybe we will just do a close cut on the sides and a little shorter on top, do you trust me?” “Yes, uncle Adam I trust you, but make me look older.” He looked deflated. I started cutting his thick locks off then I pinned the top up and clipped the sides making sure it wasn’t too short. “Hi Mitchell, good to see you again,” Anne said as she passed by. “You to aunty Anne, looking sweet my lady.” I looked over at her she had to run to the tea room she was laughing so much. “She’s got a sweet ass on her uncle Adam, I wouldn’t mind a piece of that right now.” “Why don’t you just go home and have a good pull.” “What’s a pull?” He looked up at me and stared in shock. My god, he doesn’t know about it, fuck, what do I do now. My insides were jumping up and down, he’s oblivious to sex, only that he feels randy all the time, I remember that from when I was his age. I tried to ignore him but he insisted I tell him, so I tried to explain the process to him but only little bits. His eyes were like dinner plates as he listened I’m sure he was thinking I was having a good lend of him. “Don’t you ever have sexy dreams?” “Of course I do, and I get sticky too but I don’t know why.” “When we finish here we can go into the tearoom I have buns for you to eat, and I will tell you what’s going on with your body.” I finished his hair and he looked fabulous, all he needs now is a blow-dry. I collared Eva who wasn’t busy to do that task, her boobs will entertain him to no end. I took my phone out and headed for the storeroom, then I rang Lucy. “What do I do?” I pleaded. “You tell him, I thought he knew all about sex, or that’s what he tells me anyway.” She couldn’t stop laughing down the phone. “What do I tell him?” “Just tell him how to pull himself, I will tell him the rest. Can’t have the poor little fella feeling all that pent up frustration, maybe he will enjoy it better than a root.” “I worry about damaging him.” “Honey he listens to us girls talking all the time, and he has snuck into the club to watch the shows once or twice. I think you are the right person to tell him, but please don’t show him. I trust you with our boy Adam good luck.” She had to hang up the laughing was getting louder. He did look handsome and if I was built any different I would have horned up, but I’m strictly man to man material, Lucy is going to have to reign this one in. I got him some buns then he sat and listened to me his eyes were big again. “So when you feel randy or sexy go into your room and masturbate, get a box of tissues to clean the mess up. It’s that mess that makes babies, by the way, no sticking your dick in Jenny Wises lady bits either.” “True story uncle Adam?” “True story.” He couldn’t wait to get out of the place, his hair looked beautiful and shiny in the sunlight and I didn’t want to hold him up because I think he has some tension to get rid of. My laughing wouldn’t stop, and this was one of those times I had to share the meeting with the girls and boys, everyone felt sorry for him and no one will speak of it again. Kids are so funny sometimes. Back to work and I did three more clients I didn’t know but will slowly welcome them to my list. I asked Eva what Trish was up to today but she didn’t know for sure, but it won’t be with Evans he’s out and about with Kasey. I locked up and started walking home I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was being watched all the time. Maybe Meryl’s man is still on the job maybe Kasey organized someone. I did my usual thing and dropped into the café for a glass of wine before I went up, I know Kase wasn’t home yet and I didn’t want to go up on my own. I lingered near the windows then sat at a table for two while I watched the crowd heading for the train station and commuter busses, a big black SUV pulled up and Kasey and the boys got out. The three boys headed for the lift and Kase came into the café. He spotted me sitting by the window and got himself a drink and me another wine. “I thought you would be in here baby, how was your day.” He smiled. “I didn’t want to go into the empty apartment so I was waiting for you to come home, and my day just got better.” I then proceeded to tell him about Mitch, he laughed his head off and said. “You know I was thirteen when I discovered masturbation, I was too scared to do it a lot because I thought something was wrong.” “Same here Kase, I usually gave in to it though, it felt really good.” “Me too.” “I have to give you a heads up too, Wilson saw the University online on your laptop when he called in the other day to get you.” “Really, who told you?” “Eva, I told her what was happening she will keep her mouth shut. Sorry Kase, if I could have spun her a different story I would have.””No, it’s okay I don’t want you to lie for me. I will probably tell him if he asks but for now, I want to read more, then I will know what I’m talking about.” “Sure, want to eat here or go upstairs?” His hands went for his crotch and he grinned. “Okay, we go upstairs then, want to have a bath with me?” “Yes please.” He downed his beer and I was kissing him in the lift within seconds. The next afternoon we got a call from Keith, Kasey looked at me and shrugged his shoulders, so we finished our late lunch in the tearoom and we marched up to the Federal building, taking the lift to the top floor, I say marched because that’s how Kasey walks sometimes. A smiling soldier once again was sitting at the reception desk, and let Keith know we were there. He came out and Kasey stood to attention and saluted, he made him stand at ease as he followed us into the office. We sat down and were offered coffee. He was looking very worried as he looked at both of us. “I have some bad news for you bot.” “What’s the problem?” Kasey moaned. “Lloyd has gone AWOL.” My hand shot up to my throat, and I looked at Kasey for guidance, he took my hand and squeezed it. “He’s been missing since late yesterday afternoon, we have every available man on the job looking for him, and we are confident we will find him soon. In the meantime, I want to place some men outside your apartment and the salon.” I couldn’t speak, this evil man is on the loose and I will be his prime target for sure. I didn’t know how to answer him and all I wanted to do was go home and lock myself indoors. “Deep breaths Adam, take deep breaths,” Kasey said. I did what he told me to do, but it didn’t calm me down, it got me all worked up again. The what if’s were running rampant through my head. Finally, after the commander gave me a small scotch I found my voice. “There’s nothing I can do about it, I will have to close the shop, I can’t place my staff in any more danger than they were in a few weeks ago.” 
”Let’s not be too rash Adam, we don’t even know whether he’s in the country still or not. Adam, we would like to move you to a safe house if you will agree.” “No! No, I stay in my apartment I will be safe there no one can get into it unless they climb up the side of the building. Thank you Keith, but I will stay at home.” He looked at me like he was unsure of my decision. “There’s something else I have to talk to you about, Lieutenant Kasey has an assignment in Darwin. He will have to leave with the others within two or three hours, they will be sweeping the docks for drugs, unfortunately, it’s out of my hands, and its Kasey’s job. So you won’t have him in with you for protection, will you still be okay, or will I get one of the men to stay in the unit with you?” I looked at Kasey and my world collapsed, I hated the military so much for destroying my life, so I replied. “I will cope without him Keith, do what you do best Kasey and come home to us in one piece, in the meantime I can close the salon. I don’t know what the staff will do, but better be safe than sorry.” “Don’t be so hasty Adam, it’s business as usual and in the meantime, we will place two men in the salon to watch over it. Don’t put the kids out of work they all have lives to manage and bills to pay. I doubt Lloyd will be looking at them, but you need to be watched.” Keith was very reassuring, and I trusted him. “Okay, then I will go into work too, there’s no need for me not to be there.” “With an escort Adam, you will have an escort,” Kasey said. “How long is the Darwin job commander?” “Shouldn’t take more than a few days, Lieutenant, I will look after the security surrounding the unit and shop.” He did something I wasn’t expecting, he took my hands and squeezed them. “Adam, you will be safe, upon my life I will make it safe for you, that’s a promise.” I nodded and tried to smile at him, he was a beautiful guy, but in the wrong job, and so was Kasey. We nutted out some more things like codes for the doorbell, and what the guys in the salon would be doing. I thought one at the back door and one sitting in the reception area watching people coming and going. It’s the back door that we can’t see from the front, Keith suggested we put a sign on it for the clients to use the front door, then keep it well and truly locked. I shook his hand then I looked at Kasey, Keith cleared his throat and went to see his secretary, closing the door behind him. Kasey had me in his arms in an instant and was raining kisses on my face, I was quietly weeping inside and wished he could get out of this madhouse sooner rather than later, we had such a wonderful time settling in to the apartment and now it’s all gone pear-shaped. We kissed deeply and then he had to go, I walked him out the front but not before looking up and down the street, Lloyd could be anywhere watching me. “The sergeant will escort you back to the salon Adam, tell the staff what’s going on and then he will walk you home when you’re ready. There will be police officers guarding the entrance, and they will escort you to the apartment and clear it before you go in.” “Thank you Keith, I appreciate it.” I patted his shoulder. “My pleasure Adam, tell Tim I will call him soon.” He blushed. “I’m sure he will be hanging by the phone.” I smiled at him, and he must know by now that Tim is already head over heels in love with him. I watched Kasey get into a black SUV that had pulled up, he waved then smiled, I think he was giving me his, be brave look but the smile was worrying. I was followed up to the salon by a very nice police officer in civvies, he didn’t want to get too close because that attracts suspicion. I went through the door and looked at Trish, her first words were. “What the fuck’s happened now?” “You had better come with me, I have to talk to you all.” I lowered my eyes and headed for the tea room. The busy staff had to stay at their stations but I got Tim Trish Eva and Trev, I will tell them and they can tell the others. They all agreed that the salon shouldn’t close and was grateful that two officers would be placed inside and probably a couple outside too. I had no idea how many the commander had in mind but I was comforted to know we were all being watched. The small window in the storeroom had to be secured and we checked the steel bar that went across the back door. I told Trish to let the clients know they have to use the front door due to some renovations or something. I hugged them all and she whispered to me that she could have a sleepover anytime I wanted. I so wished it was my Kasey that was sleeping over, but I thanked her and said I would think about it, she would be placing herself in real danger if anything happened there. Eva offered to come too then Trev, and of course Tim. He offered to get the gay community involved and start a picket line outside the apartment building for added security. I told him not to, it might interfere with the police that will be patrolling the building. I said my goodbye’s because I wanted to get home to check it out, I told them I was virtually in lockdown and to apologize to my clients, my shadow followed me up the street and my eyes were everywhere. When I got there I went into the café and bought a glass of wine, sitting at the big windows I surveyed the area, I could see two men loitering in the entrance hall and my shadow was talking to the janitor, John. I checked my phone, there was a message from Kasey which read. `Miss you already, love you and stay alert.’ I shot one back to say much the same, then I finished my drink and left for home. The two officers escorted me to my tower apartment and they checked everything was secure. I thanked them and went out to the balcony when they left. I checked down the side of the building there were no stairs or footholds in sight so I deemed myself safe for the time being. I ran a bath and stripped off wishing Kasey was here to have one with me. My neck was looking okay now and the pain had long left me, I will keep doing the ointment until I am satisfied its done its job. I was trying to relax by soaking in the tub, But after a few minutes I got scared someone might break into the flat, even though I knew I was safe, so I dressed in my robe and switched the TV on then picked at some leftovers. Trish rang, Trev rang and Tim rang. “Oh, by the way, Tim, the commander said he was going to ring you today, did he?” “He hasn’t as yet, but I guess he’s a little busy at the moment.” I heard a certain low tone in his voice. “Yes, he is busy, but he was adamant he will ring you. Be patient he’s one of the good guys, I think he’s hooked on you big time.” “Yeah, well I didn’t want to sound needy around him Adam, and I guessed his workload is heavy at the moment. I suppose our few nights together were one-offs” “No it wasn’t, he will call you kiddo. He’s just in one of those busy jobs, he doesn’t have much free time that’s all.” I finished my call and it was getting on to nine o clock, so I decided to lock up and go to bed, I could smell Kasey’s scent while I try to go off to sleep. In the morning it was dull and overcast, winters here and a sort of gloom was over the city skyline and my mood, as I sipped on my coffee. It’s going to be a slow day, I will stop at the bakery and get breakfast and some buns for the staff, and the men. I heard my phone ring and sure enough, Kasey’s face popped up on the screen. “Adam with an A, I’m Going crazy here, I want to be back there with you, is everything all right there?” “Yes everything’s okay, and I miss you so much, I didn’t sleep all that well.” “Me neither, did the men turn up?” “Yes baby, they swept the apartment and there two of them out the front, one is a shadow to get me to and from work. The staff is okay with it all, I guess we just have to wait and see.” “Well, don’t walk around the streets on your own, I will be home in a few days then we can maybe go somewhere, a holiday or something.” “Sounds good to me Kasey with a K. I miss you so much.” I was getting so low again, and almost crying down the phone. “You too, got to go, but if anything happens I want to be the first to know, okay?” 
”Okay Kasey, I love you.” “Love you more Adam with an A.” He hung up, the tears started again. His voice had made me feel all alone and vulnerable, and I didn’t like it one bit. I was again met out the front and escorted to work, nothing out of the ordinary happened and I had dressed down so I could go unnoticed. I was the first one there and the shadow searched around the salon before he would let me enter. When it was deemed okay, I went to do my simple chores. Tim was first to arrive and he made sure I was okay then he went about getting his work bag sorted he had to go to the theatre to check the wigs today. Trish and Anne came in, then the others shortly after. I told them all I had a good night and had heard from Kasey this morning. My first client turned up early and I started on her long tresses, she wanted her split ends cleaned up, an easy one for me. I was checking my eyebrows out while Janice washed the client’s hair, nothing was out of place and I felt fake thinking about my vanity. Two guys came in not long after, my shadow disappeared and they introduced themselves to us and we made them feel welcome and showed them where the tea room and buns were. I placed one in a chair and the other sat up the front in the waiting area. They had civvies on so I couldn’t tell whether they were police or military, but they were alert and surprisingly in good spirits. Tim left before lunchtime and everything was running smoothly. I did four more clients then I had to have a stretch, I had been working non-stop most of the day. Eva was the first to notice and after staring at me a few times came over and made me take a break. The next client will be taken by her or Anne and I was to go have some lunch. I hadn’t realized I haven’t eaten at all today, but when Janice came back with a salad roll, I was all of a sudden ravenous. The guys were kept entertained by the girls and the customers that came in, they were after all, most pleasing to look at. Tim arrived back with a good report and then he sat with me and ate his late lunch. “Are you sure you don’t want me to come and stay the night Adam?” “Yes, I’m fine and feel safe on my own. Kasey will be back in a few days and I doubt whether Lloyd would try anything while the bodyguards are around.” “Okay, but you will let me know if you want me to come over.” “I will Tim, and thank you.” I was okay on my own, at least I had some back up this time around. I didn’t feel in the mood to entertain friends, the only entertaining I will be doing hopefully soon will be with Kasey. The second night after my shower I lay on the bed and made love to my hand, I was in a good place and excited that maybe Kasey will be home tomorrow or the day after. After cleaning up the phone rang, it was him. “You just missed it, I’m cleaning it up now.” I laughed. “Shame, you should save it all up for me.” “How is it going up there?” 
”Okay, we haven’t found anything as yet, still looking.” “Good, the shadows are checking out the salon and unit before anyone enters so I feel safe at least.” “With a bit of luck, he’s escaped overseas or up the country. I doubt whether he will be watching you my Adam with an A.” “Maybe not, but it still makes me a bit nervous that he may be watching me.” “Well try to relax, hey Adam?”
 “Yes, Kasey?” “Can you talk to me while I rub one out?” 
”Of course I can, no one in the showers tonight?” 
”No, I looked but you weren’t there.” He laughed then went very quiet, all I could hear was the sound of my voice and his deep heavy breathing. I wanted to have breakfast in the café this morning, I needed to survey the area before I left. The guys are good but I think I’m more observant. After having a shower I dressed down again, and while having my coffee at the kitchen bench I looked at my phone again for the twentieth time. Kasey has sent me a photo of his junk covered in the juice after our call last night, I smiled because he’s such a kid at heart. I washed up then went out to the balcony to bring our washing in, I didn’t see it at first but when I turned around I came face to face with it. A big rope was dangling down the side of the building, it ended in a hangman’s noose. I froze, my guts nearly heaved the coffee up and my hand again went to my throat. Being panic-stricken I couldn’t move I was suddenly so bloody terrified, he could be behind me, I didn’t think to look when I opened the doors. The slight drizzle rained down as I realized I had to do something, anything. My eyes darted across the balcony and then I slowly turned around to do the other half, I couldn’t see anything only the rope. If he can do that he can get into my apartment, guards or not. I backed up to the door and quickly locked it behind me, then I dashed to the kitchen bench to get my phone. While I was speed dialing the guys downstairs I had a horrible thought and wondered if he had got into the flat and was laying low in one of the bedrooms. I ran to the security gate and slammed it behind me locking it with the heavy chain, I was now a prisoner and only had the main door to escape this place. “What’s up Adam?” Thank god he picked up.
”He’s been in my unit during the night, please can you guys come up.” “One minute, and stay away from the windows.” He hung up and I was still holding the phone to my ear when they came through the door, thank god I had given them my spare keys, otherwise, it would be off its hinges. “What happened?” I pointed to the balcony you couldn’t miss the rope it was swaying in the breeze. 
”The balcony, he’s been here I have been too scared to check the other rooms, be really careful guys he’s an absolute mad man.” He looked me up and down and he and his mate walked over to check out the balcony, I followed because I was expecting Lloyd to jump out at any minute. They searched the balcony then the flat, by the time they finished I had curled myself up in a ball as I sat down on the sofa. The doorbell was ringing and they allowed some more guys to come in, they explained to me it was just a precaution in case he has left some booby traps around the place. They swept the unit and found nothing when they checked the rope it had been tied to the upper Penthouses balcony rail, somehow he had broken into it. I didn’t have a clue who lived there, it always seemed empty. The commander arrived with some military men in tow, he surveyed the balcony and the others rechecked the apartment and took photos, he then sat with me. “Adam I’m sorry about all this, but I have to insist you move to a safe house. He’s gotten through our security here, and it’s no longer a viable option for you.” His arm went around my shoulder then I let go. I started crying into his shoulder and felt like it would never stop, will I ever get a grip of my emotions again. “Let it all out, then pack some clothes to be ready to be transported out of here.” I nodded my understanding and now my apartment has been soiled, I didn’t want to stay here anymore. While I wiped my nose and packed some clothes into an overnight bag my phone rang, it was Trish wondering why I wasn’t at work. I told her I was being shifted and she’s not to worry, I didn’t tell her about the rope. I told her I would be in tomorrow for sure. The apartment upstairs was swept and searched, it was empty, the locks had been forced and John the janitor was notified to get a locksmith in. He would also have to get a painter in because Lloyd had left a message for me on the walls ‘Die, you dog die.’ I was placed in the custody of the commander and shuffled down to the underground car park. A car took the both of us to the other side of the city, I prayed we were not being followed, Keith reassured me we weren’t. “Adam, I would like for you not to go into work at all until this is resolved. Will you have a rethink about it, for me?” “Yes.” Was all I said as I clutched my bag tightly. The house was small and there was no garden to speak of, I guess they need clearance around the property so they can see anyone that’s coming onto it. Two soldiers were in civvies and greeted me at the door, they were very pleasant and showed me to my room. I didn’t feel safe here but I suppose they know what they are doing. When they went off to have a pow-wow, I flopped on the bed and let fly with a few sobs. I was terrified and wanted my Kasey to hold me, but he couldn’t, and I felt so alone. They kept out of my way but all I did was go to the bathroom and lay on the bed, I had a lot to think about and was wondering if I should close the salon after all. I was worried about the staff and the clients, god knows what could happen. Food was delivered and I tried to eat with the guys, they were trying to entertain me but I wasn’t interested in playing cards or watching a video without my Kasey with me. I thanked them then moved back to the bedroom. After an hour or so I thought I would get ready for bed, I had nothing else to do except look at Kacey’s photos over and over. A very restless night ahead saw me getting up five or six times to check through the windows and I was disturbed when the guys would poke their heads into the room. Around five am a message beeped on my phone. `We got him.’ It was from the commander. I shot back a message. `For real?’ `For real Adam, I will ring you in an hour or so.’ Thankfully my heart settled down and my head stopped pounding so I went out into the loungeroom and the guys were smiling as I hugged both of them. They said he had been caught in an empty bottom apartment, the one opposite my new one, he had been hiding in it, no one saw him because he used the fire escape route and that wasn’t covered by the men, or security cameras, except early this morning when he tried to sneak into the building they arrested him. “We have to drive you into the head office early Adam, there are things the Commander wants to talk to you about.” One of the guys said. “Okay I will get my things together, do I have to change the bed?” “No, the cleaners will be in to sort it out as soon as we vacate.” Please consider a donation to Nifty

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