Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 12:41:51 -0500 From: L Stone Subject: Leo Gives 14 Thank you for reading my stories. Questions and comments are always welcome at This is a fictional story, any similarities are purely coincidence. The story does involve intimate relations between men over the age of 18. Nifty has been able to provide this service for us to read and share our stories. Please consider donating below. Thanks! Levi Leo Gives Chapter 14 Leo awoke to flickers of the first light in the morning coming in through the window and the feeling of a tight, wet mouth on his morning wood. Leo let out a low moan as his hand reached down to feel the young athlete’s hair, looking down he saw the blond Ian working magic on Leo’s cock. Spreading his legs to let Ian get better access, he noticed that Russ was moving over to swallow his roommate Ian’s throbbing cock. Ian shared a similar moan when Russ’ lips touched down to Ian’s trimmed pubes. Leo laid his head back and just caressed Ian’s head and face while he was being serviced. Leo opened his eyes as he heard more moaning, looking down it appeared that the other trio in the large California king bed were now awake as well. Dan had moved between Russ’ legs and was bobbing his head up and down on the redhead’s cock. Thomas had his lips wrapped around Dan’s cock while Dan’s brother Mike was slurping on Thomas’ prong. � Shifting a little, Leo reached over and pulled Mike’s lower body closer to him. Mike felt the hand and shuffled over closer to Leo. Mike moaned around Thomas’ cock, when Leo licked the brown haired skier’s cock before sliding his lips down the hard shaft, sucking as he went. The sounds of slurping, moaning, and groaning were coming from the group’s impromptu circle suck. Hips were flexing, hands were teasing, balls were being stretched and played with. The sucking was not a feverish pace, but a slow, sensual rhythm. Ian’s body started to stiffen when Russ’ cock work pushed Ian over the edge. As Ian started to unload down his roommate’s throat, it started a chain reaction. Soon Leo was tasting Mike’s morning load pump down his throat. Leo gripped the skier’s tight body close and sucked the hard cock deeper. Leo began to feel his climax building, as Ian was the first to shoot he was recovering and had slipped a finger under Leo’s balls and was tracing the former model’s hole. Leo started to unload his load into Ian’s waiting mouth, Ian thrust a finger into Leo’s pucker and was tickling Leo’s gland. When Leo came back down he felt more than heard the circle had broken up. Leo opened his arms as Ian and Russ came back into his embrace, hugging them close. He gave each skier a deep kiss, sharing his tongue with each, tasting residual cum from each in turn. With a deep sigh, “I know of four guys who need to get ready to hit the slopes. I would imagine that you should hit the shower before breakfast.” Leo said as he surveyed all the guys in bed. “Yea, we should.” Ian replied, “Come on guys, let’s get started.” This was greeted with fake grumbling as the competitive skiers started to get up from the bed, leaving with kisses to both Leo and Thomas before going into the bathroom. Leo slapped both on the ass as they got up. “Why don’t we go down and start some breakfast?” Leo inquired as he looked over at Thomas, who had a smile on his face. Leo knew that the brothers can be a sensual workout, one which Thomas must have enjoyed a great deal. “That will be nice. Let me get my clothes and I can head down.” Thomas said. “Do not worry about your clothes. If I send you into that bathroom, those boys will have you with them in an instant. I will never get any help.” Leo laughed, then smiling, “We can go natural this morning.” Thomas grinned even more with that and got out of bed and nude as Leo was. Together they started downstairs. The pair paused at the door to the bathroom. Leo called in, “Breakfast in about 15 minutes guys!” As Leo and Thomas went down the stairs, they guys gave a cheer. College boys and food, a combination that never fails. Leo noticed that the door to the guest bedroom was still closed, a smile spread across his face. “There is some cut up fruit and bottles of juice and milk in the fridge. If you can grab those out, I will get started on some eggs.” Leo instructed. “Sure. I will make some coffee as well.” Thomas answered. “Great!” Leo said as he pulled out the eggs and put a large skillet on the stove. Out of a drawer he pulled an apron out for him and Thomas. He put his on and tossed the other to Thomas. “Hot Cooks! Watch out world.” Thomas joked as he turned to show his pert ass peeking out of the apron. Leo chuckled as he pulled out a bowl and began to mix up the eggs he was cracking and seasoning with salt and pepper. He added a touch of the milk that Thomas had pulled out as well, he liked his eggs a bit fluffy. When he put the egg mixture in the preheated skillet he saw that Thomas had made coffee and was bringing him a cup. “Thanks, that is what I needed.” Leo said. Looking at the guest room door that was still closed. “Why don’t you take a couple of cups in for Paul and Scott?” “Great idea, Leo.” Thomas said as he filled two cups and then headed to the guest room. Leo saw him knock and then slip into the room, closing the door behind him. � Leo smiled again as he returned his attention to the eggs cooking. Leo took a moment and pulled out some fresh bran muffins and set them out. He was starting to pull out the plates, silverware and cups when he felt a pair of arms reach around him and a kiss on his neck. “Ummm, smells good and looks better.” Russ said as he kissed Leo’s turned cheek. “Let me help.” � “Thanks, Russ!” Leo answered, “Would you get the rest of the plates and glasses down.” “Sure thing.” Russ replied, “I thought that Thomas came down to help.” “He did.” Leo said, casting his eyes at the closed guestroom door, “I sent him in to help with coffee to Coach and the Chef. I would imagine that he is being ‘helpful’ with other things too.” Russ started chuckling over that as he finished getting the needed dishware and silverware. He looked over and decided to make some more coffee as well. That earned him a kiss from Leo who was plating the eggs. They looked over the breakfast spread and were satisfied that it should take care of the skier’s needs this morning. � The other guys started coming downstairs. They were freshly showered and dressed. Russ started around and loaded his plate with food and filled his cup with some juice. The others started in as well. Leo was enjoying the coffee and watching the guys. “Nice apron Leo!” Dan said. “Even better is what is under it” Mike replied. “Just the way I like to have my breakfast! With a hot stud!!” Ian finished with a full kiss from Leo as he gave Leo a slap on the naked butt. “Yea, Yea!” Leo started, “You guys need to eat up so you are ready to hit the slopes today.” “Thanks Leo, the food is great.” Ian said, then asked. “Did the coach already head out?” “No, the Coach is waiting for you to move over so he can get some food as well.” answered Coach Scott. “Sorry Coach. I just did not see you out here.” replied Ian, who then leaned his head over to see Chef Paul and Thomas file out of the guest bedroom. He turned to see Coach turn a little pink. “No problem Ian.” Coach replied, “I have already had my coffee with a little sweet cream, I might add.” This caused both Thomas and Paul to blush a bit as well, but no more was said. Thomas came over to where Leo was standing in the kitchen and they watched the boys and Coach finish up the food. Paul came and put an arm over each Leo and Thomas. “Are you trying to make me change my dress code for serving breakfast now?” Paul chided as he lowered his arms down to pinch them on the naked butt cheeks poking out from behind the aprons. Laughing he continued, “I think we could charge extra for a brunch special.” “We’d pay extra for that” was the response from the table, followed by some good laughs. The guys finished eating and brought up their plates to the sink. Then they grabbed some of the snacks Leo had set out for them to take. “That was wonderful. Thank you for a great evening and breakfast, but I have to get these guys out to start training for the competition this weekend.” Coach said as he came and got hugs from the trio in the kitchen. With marching orders from the coach, the skiers got ready to head out. They all got a kiss and hug from Leo and Thomas. Paul headed back into the guest bedroom to get ready as he had to head over to the cafe to oversee the prep for the day. In short order the skiers had filed out and Paul hugged them a quick bye as he left as well. That just left Leo and Thomas filling the dishwasher and putting away a few items that were not eaten. Leo was just about to take his apron off when Thomas stopped him. “Let me.” Thomas said as he turned Leo around, running his hands down Leo’s nake back down to his ass. Thomas stopped a moment to undo the string before running his hands back up Leo’s body to grab and lift off the apron. The sensuality of his touch was making Leo’s body respond, his cock was starting to plump and rise. Thomas had stepped forward and closed in on the backside of Leo. Thomas rested his lips on the base of Leo’s neck with a kiss as his hands reached around and pulled Leo’s chest back towards him. Leo could feel that Thomas had removed his apron as well and that Thomas’ cock was waking up, as the hard member was pressing against his legs. Leo let out a moan when Thomas moved his hands up to rub Leo’s nipples and continued to kiss Leo’s neck and shoulders. Thomas ground his hips against Leo, rubbing his swiftly hardening cock against the former model. Leo felt a flush of desire as Thomas caressed his body. Leo turned around and held Thomas in a deep hug, lowering his head to kiss. When their lips met, their tongues started to dart and play. Both were letting hands move, rub and play with backs, necks and asses. Leo was grinding his hips into Thomas, as Thomas had gripped Leo’s ass and pulled them closer together. Both were moaning in each other’s mouths. Thomas broke the kiss and started to slide his body down Leo’s, kissing the smooth skin as he did. Thomas flicked both of Leo’s nipples briefly before licking around and in Leo’s navel. By the time Thomas was on his knees, Leo’s cock was pointing straight out and starting to leak pre-cum. Thomas kissed down Leo’s shaft, moving down to the head. Thomas’ tongue lapped around Leo’s corona collecting the sweet nectar, swallowing it before he placed his lips around the cock head and sucked. Leo dropped a hand down to rest on Thomas’ sandy blond hair, as Thomas slid Leo’s cock in and out of his mouth. A glottal moan came out of Leo’s lips as Thomas pushed his head deeper and Leo’s cock pushed into Thomas’ throat. Thomas began to knead and play with Leo’s balls as he pushed Leo’s cock in and out of his throat. Leo held Thomas’ head steady as he began to thrust in and out, brushing in and out of Thomas’ throat. Thomas moved his hands to pull Leo’s ass tight, forcing Leo’s thrusts deeper still. Leo began to feel a building climax. Thomas still had his hands on Leo’s ass cheeks, but had slid his hands in closer and was brushing into Leo’s crack. Leo moaned, but pulled Thomas up to his feet and pushed his tongue in Thomas’ mouth. They kissed while pressing their hard cocks together. “Come upstairs with me.” Leo said as they took a brief break in kissing. Thomas smiled and took Leo’s pre-offered hand. The naked pair walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs in the great room, up to the master suite. Leo pulled Thomas on the large California king that they had shared last night with the skiers. Leo flipped around and began licking towards Thomas’ hard cock. Thomas settled in and sealed his mouth again around Leo’s cock. Each was moaning around the cock in each mouth. Leo could feel that Thomas was getting close, but he wanted to extend the pleasure for the younger man. Leo pulled off Thomas’ throbbing member, using his grip on Thomas hips Leo pushed Thomas down a bit and opened the tight ass cheeks. Driving his head forward, Leo began to lick and kiss Thomas’ crack and pucker. Thomas slowed the speed of his oral skills on Leo’s cock while Leo was tongue fucking his pucker. Thomas moaned while he thrust his hips back into Leo’s tongue trying to get it deeper in him. Thomas started to get Leo’s cock sloppy wet when he felt Leo thrust two fingers in his pucker. Thomas’ body shivered when Leo’s fingers brushed his gland, his cock dripped pre-cum onto Leo’s chest. Thomas was focusing on getting Leo’s cock fully lubed, he knew he wanted to ride the former model hard. Leo had slipped a third finger in and was stretching Thomas’ as he could. Thomas pulled up onto his knees, he turned and straddled Leo on the bed. Scooting back, Thomas reached around and took Leo’s slicked cock and lined it up at his entrance. Thomas lifted up on his knees slightly and pushed back and down. The stretching from the rimming had prepared Thomas well enough that it was easy for Leo’s engorged cock head to slide into Thomas’ chute. With a hand on Leo’s chest, Thomas worked his body lower until his ass lips were touching Leo’s trimmed pubes. Leo laid back and moaned as he felt the hot, tight insides pulse around his cock like a glove. Thomas had lifted his chest up and was using the additional weight as he ground his hips, burying Leo’s cock deeper still. Thomas ground down and around until he felt himself loosen up some more. Thomas then started to lift up and push back down slowly, riding Leo’s hard cock. Thomas worked higher each time before sliding back down. He continued until just the tip of Leo’s cock was still in him, when he slid back down, he reached forward and grabbed Leo’s hands. With the new stability in their joined hands grip, Thomas shifted into a squatting position with his legs. Now he was able to move up and down more quickly and with more force. Leo held on to Thomas’ hands as the younger man was lifting and pounding on his cock. Sweat was flinging from Thomas as he bounced on Leo’s fuck stick. Leo began to thrust up as Thomas was dropping down, their bodies slapping together in loud, wet noise. The men were grunting from the workout. Thomas’ cock was flapping up and down, stringing pre-cum all around, as the hard thrusting was pummeling his gland almost every time. Thomas started to feel his climax build from the soles of his feet, like a tidal wave of fire. His body flushed as his breathing began to get short. Thomas shouted wordlessly as his cock started to shoot ropes of cum. The first jet went past Leo’s head, the next few hit his face and the rest coated his chest and abs. Thomas continued to bounce but the rhythm was now erratic. Leo was surprised to feel Thomas’ load spray on him, he blinked when the cum hit his forehead and then lip. Leo was close to his climax before Thomas shot, but the tight grip on Leo’s cock from Thomas release, pushed his past the boiling point. Leo released Thomas’ hands and gripped the man’s waist as he began to thrust up hard into Thomas’ wildly moving ass. “I’m Cumming!!” Leo yelled as he let loose volleys of boiling cum deep in Thomas’ ass. Leo continued to thrust hard as he shot more cum in Thomas’ quaking chute. Thomas was flailing like a ragdoll from pounding, whipping his body to and fro. With a final hard thrust, Leo buried himself as deep as he could go for the last few pulses of cum spewed in the younger man. Thomas collapsed down on Leo when the thrusting stopped, his breathing was heavy, his body twitching. Leo gathered Thomas in his arms, even though his cock was still deep in Thomas’ ass. Thomas laid his head on Leo’s chest and just breathed in raggedly. Thomas’ breaths finally evened out and Leo looked down to find the man asleep in his arms. An exhausted smile was stretched across the slumbering man’s face. Shortly Thomas had started to snore lightly. Leo pulled his arms tighter around Thomas and closed his eyes as well.

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