Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 05:02:24 -0400 From: Hank Subject: Private Lessons Please donate to at Your donation will allow stories such as this to be published. Private Lessons Prologue Sam Atkins was a best-selling author, and he was gay. He didn’t talk about it, nor did he advertise it. Most people were not aware of his sexual orientation, and nobody asked. He kept himself in the closet, and practically a virgin. He had been mildly successful in the past. The few books he wrote paid for his needs, and nothing more. He kept praying for the one book that would soar to the top of The New York Times best seller list, and make him rich and famous, but he hadn’t reached his goal yet, and he was thirty-nine years old. Then Sam published “Souls in Anguish.” He had no reason to believe that it would have great success. Although it was a main stream novel, as were all his previous books, it was gay themed. The plot concerned two closeted gay men who fell in love. One of them was married with children, and the thrust of the book was the anguish these two men endured every day. Although the story was full of angst, it was also very romantic. There was no explicit sex in the book, and it could pass the scrutiny of any censor. Because it was gay themed, Sam believed he would have a limited readership. Not only that, but the book did not have a happy ending. Given the theme, how could it have? How wrong he was about the success of the book. He got his wish, and “Souls in Anguish” remained on the best seller list for over a year. During many of those weeks, it was at the top. If it wasn’t at the top, it was high up the list. Not only did Sam become famous, he became wealthy. He lived a solitary life, and he wasn’t great in the kitchen. There was a posh country club not far from his home in West Palm Beach, Florida. He decided to join, so he could eat at the club, and have a good dinner at least a couple of times a week. He could now afford to cut his working hours, so he thought that maybe he would take up golf and tennis as well. He applied for membership, and the Board overlooked the fact that he had no sponsor. They were glad to welcome a famous author into their ranks. -1- The first week that Sam belonged to the club, he took advantage of everything. He had a drink at the bar every evening, followed by dinner in the dining room. Occasionally, a diner asked for his autograph. He really did feel like a celebrity. He sought out the golf pro to arrange for lessons, and he decided to hold off on tennis until he achieved some proficiency at golf. Will Barnes, the golf pro, was a hunk. He was about forty-one or two years old, tall, very good looking, brown curly hair, and brown eyes. He wore shorts, that were too tight, and left nothing to Sam’s imagination. He also had a wedding ring on his left hand. Sam’s libido and his horniness slipped into high gear. All his life, he had learned to hide these emotions, and this time was no exception. Without his pushing any buttons, his body automatically slipped into cover-up mode. Will looked hard at his prospective student, and concluded that he was one good-looking guy. Most of his students were retired, balding and had been around the block too many times. He was glad to take Sam on as a student. “You have options regarding your lessons,” Will said. “I could give you private lessons, as many a week as you’d like, but my recommendation is that you take my clinic every Saturday morning. There will be other students in the class. After the clinic we can have lunch, and then I’ll take you out on the golf course to play a real round of golf. That way, I can instruct you in actual playing situations. That beats a flat driving range by a country mile. Sometimes we’ll be alone and sometimes we’ll be a foursome. You don’t have to make a decision right now. You can call me.” Will had no intention of booking anyone other than Sam for this special private lesson. Sam pictured himself alone in a golf cart with this Adonis. “I don’t have to think about it,” he said. “I’ll go for the lessons on the course. After golf, I can shower and have dinner here.” “Yes, you can,” Will smiled at Sam. “We’re all set then,” Will said. “I’ll see you for the clinic at 10 o’clock Saturday.” “I’m looking forward to it,” Sam said, and flashed what he hoped was his most endearing smile. When Sam showed up for the clinic, he was disappointed. Will was wearing loose fitting, long golf trousers. Sam missed the pleasure of eying the bulge in Will’s shorts. The first game they played on the golf course was an eye opener. They both learned a lot about each other. Sam told Will about his struggles to write a best seller and how lucky he was to have achieved his goal. He told his teacher little amusing secrets about himself, but held back that he was gay. He preferred not to tell, if not asked. “I’m married,” Will said with a deep sigh. “I’ve got five kid, all boys. As you can imagine there’s always bedlam at my house. I love to come to work for a little peace and quiet. After my wife gave birth to the last boy, I got a vasectomy with my wife’s overwhelming approval. She knows that I give private golf lessons on the golf course every Saturday. Sometimes I lie and call her to say that the lessons ran late and I’m eating at the club. She doesn’t seem to care.” “I told you,” Sam said, “I’ll be having dinner at the club after our lesson every Saturday. I’d love for you to join me.” Sam’s cover-up gear was slipping into first, maybe even second, and he didn’t realize it. After their second lesson on the golf course, and every lesson after that, Will and Sam had a drink at the nineteenth hole. Then they went to the locker room to shower and change. At last they got to see themselves in all their glory. They were both six feet tall. Their cocks were uncut and about four and a half inches flaccid. They admitted to each other that they grew to seven inches. Sam’s hair and eye color were the same as Will’s, except that Sam’s hair was straight, and Will’s was curly. Sam possessed a seductive smile, not that he used it often. After the shower, they had another drink at the bar, and then had dinner together. The two men were becoming especially good friends. One day during a game, Will said, “Sam, you’re doing great. There’s not much more I can instruct you in. All you have to do is to keep playing and you’ll get better and better. Just sign up for a tee off time, and I’ll match you up in a foursome. Most of the guys in the club are really nice company.” “Can I hire you to play golf with me and give me advice on the golf course from time to time? I enjoy playing with you,” Sam admitted. “Me too. I enjoy playing with you. We’ll work it out.” “I also feel that we’ve become good friends,” Sam said. “Perhaps we can continue to have lunch and dinner together when it’s convenient for you.” “I’d like that. I’d like that a lot,” Will said, smiling an ingratiating smile at Sam. -2- Late in May, the two men were playing a round of golf. “Will was giving Sam sound advice regarding his game, but he was prompted to say, “I hate to charge you, Sam. It’s like I’m playing with a buddy.” “I feel the same way,” Sam said, “but you have to make a living, so forget about it.” “I have to tell you something,” Will said. “School lets out this Friday, and my wife is going up north to Albany to visit her folks. She’ll be gone all summer. I’ll be a bachelor, like you, until school begins again late in August. Let’s hang out together. We can go to a real bar on the outside, and tie one on occasionally. Frankly, I married too young, and I missed out on all that.” “Will,” Sam said, “I can’t think of anyone I’d rather hang out with more than with you.” Without conscious thought, Sam took hold of Will’s hand. Neither man noticed. The following Saturday as the two men played golf, Will was exulting in the fact that he was a free man. He didn’t have to hurry home or make excuses. “After dinner tonight,” he said, “I know a great bar downtown. It’s quiet and we can talk away the whole night, until 2 AM anyway. Would you like to go with me?” “Sure, I’d love to, but you’re married. What’ll you do if some woman comes on to you?” Sam asked. “I’d fuck her. Why not? I can’t get her pregnant so I don’t have to worry.” He got hysterical with laughter. “Tell you what,” Sam said, “we have to pass right by my house going down town. Follow me home after dinner, and leave your car at my place. Then I can drive you back at the end of the evening, and you can pick up your car.” Will just nodded, and smiled. They entered the bar that evening, and it was just as Will said it would be, dark and quiet. They found a table in a corner, and Sam said, “If you wanted to have a quiet conversation with me, this location is perfect.” There was no table service, so Will said, “I’ll go to the bar and get us a couple of drinks. The first one’s on me. Some rich dude paid me big bucks for a lesson today.” Once again, he broke out laughing. They sat quietly together for a while. Neither of them spoke. Finally, Will said, “I read your book, `Souls in Anguish.'” Sam smiled. “Did you like it?” he asked. “I loved it, but I have to ask. You’re the single gay guy, aren’t you?” Sam was stunned. He was so good at covering up that he couldn’t believe Will was outing him. “I’m not the guy in the book,” Sam asserted, “but I am gay. Do you still want to be my friend?” “I’d want to be more than that. I’d want to be your married lover.” Will lowered his head as if he was afraid of Sam’s reaction. He needn’t have been. Sam took his hand and said, “I want that more than you, but as you know, the story doesn’t have a happy ending.” “I know,” Will said, “but it’s okay. I will never leave my wife and sons. I’ll be grateful for whatever you give me.” “Right now, I’d like to give you a slobbery kiss,” Sam said, “but we’re in a straight bar.” “There’s a gay bar not far away. I’ve scoped it out often, but I’ve been afraid to go in alone. Do you wanna go there?” “Next time maybe,” Sam answered. “Right now, all I want to do is go home and nail you to my bed, so I can make love to you all night.” Will grabbed Sam’s hand and they ran out of the bar. They left their almost untouched drinks on the table. As soon as they got into Sam’s car, they began to kiss, and fondle each other. Finally, Will pulled away. “Let’s get this show on the road,” he said. When the car started to move, Sam asked, “I gotta know, Will, have you ever had sex with a man before?” “Sure, in college. I was on the golf team, and every time we went out of town for a competition, I roomed with a guy named Jim Murphy. The two of us had no trouble making each other happy. The difference is that Jim settled down with a guy, and I got married to a woman.” “Do you regret it?” Sam asked. “Of course, I do, but if I hadn’t married, I wouldn’t have my five sons. I’m really glad about that. I have a request, Sam,” Will said. “I don’t want us to have sex tonight. I want us to make love with each other.” “There was never a doubt,” Sam assured Will. Will never went home that night. They skipped the pre-love shower because they had showered after their round of golf. Will took the lead. He actually had more experience than Sam. He gave Sam a long and sensuous trip around the world. When he was satisfied that his tongue had bathed every part of Sam’s anatomy, he turned the reins over to Sam, who did the same to Will. When they were finally satisfied, they fell into a sixty-nine position. They were both too hot to stop themselves, and they came in each other’s mouths. They both swallowed. They lay side by side catching their breaths, and fondling each other. “Let’s fuck next time,” Sam said. “You bet,” Will mumbled, and they fell asleep in each other’s arms. The two men slept together almost every night until Will’s family returned. -3- Will resumed living at home. The anguish Sam described in his book, became the way they lived their lives. They did all sorts of crazy things. Will told his wife that he was going to keep the pro shop open an hour longer every day so that he could have additional income. Instead, he left earlier, and stopped at Sam’s on his way home. They made love quickly, and it wasn’t satisfactory for either of them. They suffered the anguish because they knew, from the time they began their relationship, that this would be the best they could expect. Will also told his wife that he was extending his teaching hours to accommodate working men. Of course, he spent the extra time with Sam. One time, Will was even bold enough to tell his wife that he had entered a golf competition and would be away for a few days. The problem these men had was that they weren’t fuck buddies, they had fallen deeply in love. Every time they had to separate, the anguish ate at their souls like the two men in the book. They knew they had to do something. They either had to stop seeing each other, or Will had to leave his wife. He didn’t care about that. His concern was for his children. The married lover in Sam’s book was faced with the same dilemma, and he chose to stay with his family. In the book, the lovers stopped seeing each other. One Saturday, Sam and Will were having a before dinner drink at the nineteenth hole. Very casually, Sam said, “I’m writing a sequel to `Souls in Anguish.’ I haven’t given it a title yet.” “How does it come out?” Will asked. “I don’t know, I’m waiting to see.” Will stifled a sob. He knew that Sam was telling him that it was decision time, and the decision was all his. “Let’s not see each other for a few days,” Will said. “I’ll spend as much time as I can with my family, and I’ll think long and hard about your sequel. As soon as I know, I’ll tell you how I think it should end.” Sam didn’t even try to stifle his sobs. All he could say was, “Okay, but try not to be influenced by the decision in the book.” They didn’t see each other until the following Saturday. After the clinic, Sam went to Will’s office at the country club. Will locked the door and they grabbed each other, holding as tightly as possible. “Well?” Sam asked. “I missed you so much, I could barely get through the week,” Will said with a slight whimper. “I mean, have you figured out how the sequel should end?” Sam persisted. “I have two endings,” Will finally smiled. “The first requires compromise from both of us. Let me explain, and if you don’t like that ending, I’ll give you the other one.” “I’m listening,” Sam said. “My boys range in age from fifteen to twenty” Will explained. “The two eldest are in college, and are not likely to live at home again. The third one starts his freshman year at Florida State this September. The fourth one has already informed us that right after high school graduation, he’s going to New York to pursue a career in the theater. He’s been in all the high school musicals, and he’s really very talented. The fifth one goes off to college in two years.” “Very interesting,” Sam said, “but I knew all that.” “Hear me out, my love. I figure we can go on for another two years like we are doing now. When the last of the kids goes off to college, I’ll leave Candice, divorce her, and move in with you. So, what do you think?” “I think it’s too pat and too sappy. That ending could be in a Hallmark movie,” Sam sniggered. “Okay then, here’s the alternate ending to the sequel,” Will sighed. “The next time we make love, let’s set up a camcorder in the room. I’ll send the video to Candice, claiming to be an anonymous friend warning her about her husband’s infidelity. She’ll kick me out immediately, for sure.” “Now, that I like,” Sam smiled. “It has drama. I’d have pages and pages to write describing the emotions of the wife and the two protagonists. I’d also spend a few pages on the wife trying to figure out who the anonymous friend is. I could also write more than a few paragraphs on how the men planned to set up the camera. It’s a really daring ending, and I think it might work.” “I’m glad you like it, because those are the only two scenarios that make any sense, and that I can see would get us together,” Will said. “I can get hold of all the camera equipment by next Saturday,” Sam said confidently. “Let’s do the deed in a motel. It will add a certain sleaziness to the whole adventure.” “That’s all well and good,” Will agreed, “but for now could we skip the golf game and go to your house instead?” -4- The next Saturday, as soon as the clinic was over, Will and Sam went to Will’s office again and locked the door. They kissed and fondled each other for a few minutes, then Sam said, “I have us booked at a motel up the road.” He reached into his pocket and took out a crumpled piece of paper. “Here’s a draft of the letter that I’ve typed to give to Candice with the tape,” Sam said. “Read it and make any suggestions you want to.” Dear Candice, Your husband has been cuckolding both of us. Let me explain why I said both of us. He and I have been lovers for more than eight years. Recently, I found out that he has been fucking someone besides the two of us. His lover is a guy. They do it every Saturday in a cheap motel. I know that he tells you that he’s giving golf lessons, but that’s a lie. Last Saturday morning, I bribed the desk clerk. He let me into the room he had booked for them. He told me that they always booked the same room. I set up the camcorder so that it was hidden, but it was aimed directly at the bed. You can clearly see the results of my efforts. After they checked out, the desk clerk let me back in to retrieve the camcorder. The reason I sent you this tape is to warn you that your husband is a bleeding faggot. I’d kick him out if I were you, but don’t worry, I won’t let him back in my life either. Your husband’s very angry, other gay lover, or more correctly, former gay lover. “It’s perfect,” Will said. “Let’s get to the hotel to set up the equipment, but more importantly, I want to make love.” “We’re not making love today,” Sam said adamantly. “We’re going to fuck lustily, and use gutter language. I want the tape to disgust Candice.” ***** Candice received the tape on Wednesday morning via UPS. She read the letter and slumped in a chair. She was more than shocked until she thought about it for a while. For some time now, Will had been avoiding making love to her. He always had some lame excuse. Now it made sense. Fortunately, she and Will still had a dual VCR and DVD player. She inserted the tape and pushed the play button. In seconds she was appalled, but she didn’t have the strength to eject the tape. She saw her husband rush into the room with some guy. They undressed rapidly and fell into a sixty-nine position on the bed. She could see that both men were hard and dripping pre-cum. Suddenly, Will pulled away. “I’m cumming,” he announced. He crouched on all fours and the other man began to suck his ass. Candice wanted to vomit. All the while the man sucked her husband’s ass, Will was yelling profanities. Finally, the other guy stopped sucking, and he fucked her husband doggie style. He did not protect himself, and he spilled his seed inside her husband’s ass. Since his vasectomy, Will had not used protection with her. It occurred to her that he could give her an STD, or maybe he already had. Then, they switched positions, and when Will started to suck the other guy’s ass, she finally had it. She gathered up her strength, and ejected the tape. ***** Will got home that evening, and found Candice sitting calmly on a kitchen chair. Her hands were folded on her lap. There was no hint that she had cooked dinner. He knew that the package had arrived, but he asked innocently, “What’s wrong?” “I think you can figure out what’s wrong.” She waved the cassette in the air. “I received this tape this morning, and it clearly shows you having sex with a man. It’s bad enough that you’ve been cheating on me, but with a man? That’s revolting.” “How could you have such a tape?” Will asked in shock. “We were always so discreet. Who could have photographed us, and why?” “All I know is that it’s another guy who got jealous because you were cheating on him too.” “I’ll pack a bag and get right out of the house,” Will said, acting stunned, “It’s for the best.” “You better believe I’m going to use this tape when I sue for divorce. I’ll take you for everything you have.” “Don’t do that,” Will pleaded. “It’ll traumatize the boys. I swear, I’ll give you everything you want.” “If I’m satisfied that I have everything I want, I won’t use this tape, but be warned, it’s my secret weapon.” A couple of hours later, Will arrived at Sam’s door. He looked frightened. “Our scheme worked,” he informed Sam. “Why do you look so apprehensive?” “I’ve still got to pay the mortgage, pay child support, and alimony. I don’t know if I can make it. I’ll do the best I can, but will you help me?” “Oh, so that’s it? You’re after my money.” Of course, Sam was joking, but Will took him seriously. “No,” he sobbed, “I swear, I love you.” Sam wrapped Will up in his arms. “I know you do, you big oaf. I was just kidding. You’ll manage just fine. You’re going to live with me rent free. That’ll help with your expenses. Have you had dinner yet?” “No, not yet.” “Let’s have dinner out to celebrate, and not eat at the club. Eat well, because I intend making love to you all night, and you’ll need all your strength,” Sam advised Will. Will smiled at last. “So, what are you going to name your sequel?” he asked. “I never intended to write a sequel, but if I did, I’d call it `Soul’s United,'” Sam laughed. One year later, Will’s divorce became final. With that behind them, Sam and Will settled into their very own domestic scene. Even if Sam never wrote the sequel to his best seller, they were still souls united. One evening, Sam decided to tease Will. “What does the tennis pro look like?” he asked. “I’m thinking of taking tennis lessons.” “You should take tennis lessons,” Will agreed. “Then you can take advantage of all that the club has to offer. As to what she looks like, she’s about twenty-seven and drop dead gorgeous, if you’re into that sort of thing.” “I think I’ll take lessons, even if I’m not into that sort of thing, so you and I are stuck with each other forever. We’ve already established that we’re soul mates.” Their love making that night was way more passionate than usual. From the day they met, both their lives changed dramatically. They both knew that, and each silently thanked their guardian angels for their wonderful gift.

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