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Please send any comments or feedback to me at robertx5sf at yahoo dot com Boisynheat — 5 – “I Feel Loved” Jason returned to the clubhouse and made Cody come with him. Cody wanted to go ride the water slides some more, but Jason insisted on putting a fresh layer of sunscreen on the boy before letting him go back out into the Las Vegas summer afternoon sun. Cody said he wanted to be tan like the other boys, but Jason knew from his wife’s experience that the boy’s fair skin would burn, turn red, then peel, without ever giving the boy a nice tan. David came over and offered to help. As the two men were rubbing the sunscreen into the boy’s pale skin, Cody let out a cummy fart, depositing a decent amount of Terry and Jason’s cum into the back of his speedo. Cody’s face turned beat red as both David and Jason laughed. David reached his hand into the back of Cody’s speedo and fingered the boy’s wet sloppy hole. “Someone’s been having fun today,” he said as he grinned at Jason. Cody let out a little moan as David fingered his still horny boypussy. Jason smiled, “Yeah, its been a good day so far.” David started rubbing the cum that was leaking from Cody’s ass into the boy’s butt checks under his speedo, “Some special lotion for your butt.” “Thanks Sir,” said Cody as he pushed his butt backward. He remembered how Terry had called his Dad `Sir’ and so imitated his new friend. “You are welcome Cody,” said David. After Jason was finished with the sunscreen, David pulled his hand out of the back of Cody’s little green speedo briefs and gave the boy a light slap on his ass, “Why don’t you go back out and enjoy the water slides.” Cody gave his Dad and David hugs, then ran out the door to go find one or more of his new friends to ride on the water slides with. “So how are you two settling in, from the sounds and feel of it, it seems like you two are enjoying yourselves,” said David to Jason as Jason was putting some more sunscreen on himself. “Really well, I can’t say thank you enough for providing us this opportunity to really get to know and love each other in a deeper way. I think I feel loved.for the first time for who I really am and it’s just amazing to see how much Cody enjoys it all,” answered Jason. “Good, I’m glad to hear it. You two are going to be worn out by tonight, so I’d suggest spending a relatively quiet evening at home. You two will have plenty of time for making the rounds of the community later. You still have two more weeks before you start working, and as you can imagine, just cause you will be working doesn’t mean you still won’t have plenty of time for extracurricular activities. Speaking of which, I would like for you and Cody to join my family and some special guests I’m entertaining tomorrow at my house around two. There are still a few more company benefits I need to go over with you that you might appreciate a little more now,” said David with a big smile. “There’s more?” asked Jason incredulously. He shook his head in disbelief, but he was smiling, “Okay, we’ll be there. Anything we should bring? Swimsuits? Food? Drinks?” “No. No need to bring anything. We won’t be using the pool, we got enough of that in today. Dress is casual, shorts and t-shirts. I expect Cody will want his ass fucked, so I’d suggest cleaning his ass just before you guys arrive. It will likely be a long afternoon. Now let’s go back out to the pool and watch the boys, shall we. I do enjoy watching the boys,” said David. Jason agreed and followed him outside to a shaded area of the pool that also had a mist sprinkler running. Jason took the opportunity to ask David a couple questions that he had after some of the things he had noticed so far today. “I notice there aren’t many older teens, has the community just not been around long enough or, um,” said Jason before David interrupted him. “We sell them as slaves to rich oil sheiks when they turn sixteen,” said David, his tone serious. Jason turned and gave him a shocked look. David maintained a straight face for a couple seconds before breaking out into a smile and chuckling. “I’m just teasing you, most of the older teens go off to boarding school for their junior and senior years of high school. It gives them some experience in a more traditional classroom setting to help them prepare for college, and also gives them a broader set of life experiences than they would get if they remained here,” explained David. “Oh, I guess that makes sense. Will I be expected to send Cody away at sixteen?” Jason asked. “That is and will be entirely up to you and Cody. He is your son, you are his father, you still get to make the decisions you think are best for him, like a father should. I expect he will be like most of the boys, and be looking forward to it. The older boys still come back for holidays and breaks, so they tell their friends and brothers how much fun it is and how much they enjoy it. Also I’ll be honest, I think a lot of the older boys start getting a little jealous of how much attention they see the younger boys getting here, so it is good for them to take a break and have fun with other boys their own age at boarding school, some even start experimenting more with girls. Our drugs can delay things, but they do eventually grow up and move on,” said David. Jason sensed a little bit of sadness in David as he talked about the issue. “Hmm, I hadn’t thought about that, but I’ll keep that in mind as Cody gets older. One other question I had is I see most of the younger boys wearing blue wristbands. Is that related to the access levels?” asked Jason. “Yes, those are the boys that are too young for adults to fool around with. They can still play with some of the other boys if their families allow it. For example you or I couldn’t play with a seven-year-old, but Cody’s nine and no one is too worried if he messes around with a kid a year or two younger than him,” said David. Jason laughed, “From what I’ve learned of Cody these last few days, I don’t think he has any interest in playing around with a younger boy, older boys and men, yes.” The two men shared a laugh together over how much of a slut for cock Cody was becoming. “So have you or Cody played with anyone else yet? From the amount of cum in his ass, I’m assuming he’s been fucked by more than just you,” asked David. “Yeah, we played with Terry in one of the waterfall caves. Terry and I both shot our loads into Cody’s ass, that’s where all the cum came from,” said Jason. “So you and Terry fucked Cody. How did you feel watching someone else fuck your boy?” asked David. “Hornier than I think I’ve ever been,” answered Jason. He continued, “There was something just so fucking hot watching my little boy with his lips wrapped around someone else’s cock, and then watching Terry’s thick teen cock pounding his ass, it was hard not to just stroke it and come all over the both of them.” “That’s good to hear. Cody is likely to be a very popular boy, and a lot of men and teens are going to want to have sex with him,” said David. “Including you,” stated Jason. “Yes, including me.” acknowledged David, “Although I’ll let you be the judge of when you think he is ready for my cock. I don’t want to hurt him or do anything you don’t think he is ready for yet.” “Thank you, I appreciate that,” responded Jason, glad to hear that his boss wasn’t going to take advantage of his position of authority to take Cody before Jason felt the boy was ready. “What about you? Did you fuck Terry while you guys were in the cave? I don’t expect you’ve had much opportunity to play with any other boys yet,” asked David. “No, Terry just played with Cody,” answered Jason. “I hope you don’t mind the suggestion, but I would find a boy or teen and fuck him in front of Cody tonight, I think you need to know how Cody will react to you playing with other boys before you come over tomorrow. We need to know if he is going to get jealous and react badly. If he does, you’ll need to just focus on him while you work on reassuring him until he gets over any jealous tendencies he has. Hopefully it won’t be a problem. Just better to find out sooner in the relative privacy of your own home than in a group setting. If you need any recommendations, I can help you find a boy to sleep over tonight,” said David. “Hmm, Terry has been pretty forward about wanting to play with me, I think I will ask him,” said Jason as he started to scan the pool looking for the nerdy teen. “Terry’s a good kid. He and Riley are boyfriends. If he does stay over at your place tonight, go ahead and invite him along tomorrow. Eventually Jason spotted Terry and Riley as they came flying out of the largest water slide. The boys had gone down tandem with Terry sitting behind Riley with his arms wrapped around the younger boy. Jason waved them over. After a bit of chit chat on if the boys were having fun, which they were, Jason got to the point, “Terry, do you have any plans for tonight?” Terry broke out into a big smile, “Not yet Sir.” Jason could tell the kid was eagerly waiting for him to invite him over, so he decided to tease the boy a bit, “Oh, I wish I had known you weren’t busy before I made other plans.” Terry got a confused look on his face, and it quickly started turning into a sad one. Jason regretted teasing the boy so pulled him over for a hug. “I was just teasing you, sorry about that. I would like you to come over and spend the night with Cody and me, if that’s okay with you.” Terry immediately started hugging him back, “Yes, I’d like that Sir. Do you want me to fuck Cody again? That was hot.” “If that happens it’s okay, but I was hoping that tonight I could fuck you, if that would be okay with you,” said Jason as he ran his hand down Terry’s back and slipped his finger down between the boy’s butt checks, only the nylon of the strap of the boy’s yellow thong separated his finger from the boy’s asshole. Terry pushed his butt back against Jason’s finger, “You can do anything you want to me Sir and it would be more than okay, I’d love it.” Jason’s cock started to harden at the thought of having his way with Terry. Since the pills from the company kept Terry hairless, he was like a bigger version of a younger boy, with the main difference being the large cock that seemed to dominate his small boyish body and which was now creating an obscene bulge in his thong as the boy got hard. “So should I come over after you and Cody eat dinner? You can message me to let me know when you’re ready for me,” asked Terry as he pulled away from Jason slightly. There was something different about Terry’s tone and body language when he asked that question, almost a bit of sadness to it. Jason suspected Terry often only visited other households after family time was over and it was time for sex. “How about you grab whatever you want to bring with you when we are done here, and you can join us for dinner?,” suggested Jason. “That’d be awesome, thank you Sir!” said Terry as he leaned back into Jason and hugged him tightly. Jason kissed Terry on the top of his wet brown hair and sent him off to resume having fun with Riley. After letting the boys have some more fun on the water slides, Jason eventually collected Cody and let Terry know they were going to be leaving, so the boy was welcome to come over as soon as he was ready. Terry gave Riley a quick kiss goodbye then rushed to collect his bag from the clubhouse and head to his Russ’s house to pack an overnight bag. Jason smiled at the teen’s excitement, collected his and Cody’s bags, said his goodbyes, and walked back home, holding Cody’s hand. When they got home, Jason started preparing dinner, while Cody turned on the TV and watched some cartoons. Terry arrived a short time later, still wearing just the skimpy thong, and carrying a backpack. Jason told the teen he could hang out with Cody while he finished cooking, but Terry insisted on helping Jason with dinner and setting the table. Before and during dinner, Jason chatted with Terry and gently coaxed information out of the boy about how he liked living in Paradise Creek. Terry seemed to be happy. He lived with Russ, who was one of the first orphan boys that came to live in the community. Russ loved computers and wasn’t all that social. He didn’t play around much, spending most of his evenings programming, but Terry was learning a lot about computers and technology which he enjoyed. Terry said that Russ identified as an asexual. After dinner, Terry offered to go shower with Cody and get them both ready for the evening’s fun. Jason agreed and said he would join them up in the shower after he finished the dinner dishes. Terry told Cody to go ahead and he would be up in a second, as soon as Cody was out of the room, Terry asked Jason to see his tablet. Jason gave Terry a curious look, but grabbed his tablet and entered the passcode, then handed it to the teen. Terry was quickly able to open the proper controls and soon had a live stream of the four cameras that were in the master bathroom’s shower pulled up on the screen. He set the tablet down on the counter for Jason, smiled, said “Enjoy the show,” then ran out of the kitchen to grab his backpack and join Cody upstairs. Jason cleared the table and set the dishes by the sink, then placed the tablet where he would have a good view of the screen. He saw Terry set his backpack down on the counter then inspect the shower. The teen looked into one of the cameras and said, “I thought you might not have a hose attachment set up yet, so I brought mine.” Terry then spent a few minutes changing out the shower hardware to add a diverter that had a hose attached to it. By the time he was done with that, Jason had finished the dishes. He then fixed himself a cocktail. Jason took his vodka tonic into the living room and sat down on the couch. He watched as two naked boys finally got into the shower. With a few commands, Jason switched the broadcast of the shower from the tablet to the big screen TV in the living room, eager to see what Terry had planned. “Do you have to pee?” asked Terry to Cody as they stood in the shower, “Cause I do.” Cody shrugged his shoulders, not really understanding what Terry was getting at. The younger boy watched as Terry grabbed his dick and pointed at Cody’s chest. Terry let out a slow and steady stream of piss splashing it on Cody’s chest, stomach, and legs. “Ewww, you’re peeing on me!” exclaimed Cody. Although the boy protested he didn’t bother to get out of the way. “Yeah, it’s fun,” said Terry. “But pee’s gross,” said Cody, although he was just expressing what he felt was the opinion everyone expected of him. “Did you pee when you were in the pool at the water park today?” asked Terry. Cody blushed and giggled, “Yeah.” “Well so did I, and so did most of the kids that were there today. So we were swimming in it earlier and that didn’t hurt you. This is the same, except it’s more fun. Try it,”‘ explained Terry as he continued to direct his pee all over Cody’s upper and lower body. Cody giggled again and pointed his small flaccid cock, which was about an inch and half soft, at the older boy. After a second to overcome his pee shyness, Cody was able to relax and launch a stream of boy piss at Terry. The initial stream splashed across Terry’s groin. The boys laughed and directed their streams to cross. Terry’s stream started to die out, so he dropped to his knees and grabbed Cody’s still pissing cocklet. He pointed the little boy’s dick towards his face and opened his mouth. Jason’s eyes got large as he watched this horny teen drinking his nine-year-old son’s piss. Jason had not really thought much about watersports, but there was no denying he was getting turned on seeing the two boys pissing on each other. He reached down and groped himself as he thought about having Terry and Cody on their knees in front of him covered with his piss. When Cody’s small bladder was empty, Terry got up off his knees and turned on the water. The boys both rinsed off under the water then Terry used a washcloth and body wash to clean Cody’s entire body and then his own. Jason noticed that Cody was stiff the entire time, and Terry’s larger cock was plumb but not fully erect. After washing and conditioning their hair, they rinsed off and turned off the water. Terry reached out to his backpack and pulled out a black rubber item that looked like a cross between a dildo and a hose. It was about six inches long and had a small bump an inch and a half up from the base. It also had two tubes leading into the base. One tube was connected to a small bulb air pump, while the other tube lead to a fitting that Terry attached to the hose he had previously attached to the shower. With the water shut off, Jason could hear what the boys were saying. “What’s that?” asked Cody. “It’s a toy that helps clean out your butt, and also helps stretch it out so you can take big Daddy cocks more easily,” explained Terry. He gave the bulb a couple pumps, which caused the shaft and knot in the toy to inflate. He then turned the valve of the bulb to deflate it back to its smallest size. He grabbed a bottle of silicone lube from his backpack and lubed up the toy. “Okay, bend over,” instructed Terry as he helped position Cody so that one of the cameras had a good view of Cody’s slightly puffy nine-year-old asshole. With the lube, the toy easily slid into Cody’s ass, which was still loosened up from the earlier fucking in the cave. Terry gave the bulb a few pumps, which inflated the toy a bit. He turned the water on and used the diverter to send some water through the toy and into Cody’s butt. With the close up, Jason could see there was also a valve on the toy that could control how much water flowed through the toy. “Tell me when you feel full,” said Terry as he used one hand to gently rub Cody’s belly while he had his other hand on the water valve. Jason noticed that Terry was starting to get hard. Jason reached down and gave his own cock a rub through the nylon material of his speedo trunks, which he was still wearing. “I don’t think I can take anymore water,” whined Cody as the pressure in his butt started to build. “Okay, just a little more, one more sec, you can do it, just a little longer, okay,” said Terry as he finally closed the water valve. “Good boy, here suck on my cock. It will distract you from the feeling in your ass,” said Terry as he positioned his seven-inch teen cock in front of Cody’s face. As soon as Cody wrapped his lips around the head of his cock, Terry gave the air bulb a few more bumps to inflate the toy and make sure it formed a nice plug to keep the water in the boy’s bowels. Terry gave Cody pointers on how to suck cock and how to fit more of a thick cock into his mouth. He could tell that Cody was still inexperienced, but the boy was an eager learner. After a while, Terry deflated the toy and pulled it out so Cody could empty his bowels. They repeated the process a couple more times, with Terry letting in more water and inflating the toy a bit more each time until Cody was thoroughly clean inside and out. “Okay now its your turn to help clean me out,” said Terry. He helped show Cody how to use the valves and guided the boy through the process. Instead of sucking Cody’s dick the two boys talked more while Terry was holding in the water. “Did your Daddy teach you how to do this?” asked Cody. “No, I don’t have a Daddy,” answered Terry. “What happened to him?” asked Cody. “I don’t know, I never knew him and I don’t think he ever knew me,” said Terry. “That’s sad,” said Cody. “Meh, I guess, but I’d rather have no daddy than a bad one. Some boys have bad fathers that beat them or hurt them in not fun ways. At least I didn’t have that. You’re lucky Cody, you have a good dad that loves you a lot,” said Terry. “You can share my daddy with me if you want, and he can be your dad too,” said Cody. On the couch in the living room, Jason almost choked on his vodka tonic when he heard his son’s offer. His first thought was that he guessed he did not have to get too worried about Cody getting jealous if he played with another boy if the kid was already offering to share him with this orphan boy. “Maybe, that would be nice, but I think your dad might have a say in that,” said Terry. Then he dropped the subject by returning to the task at hand of making sure his ass was cleaned out properly. When Jason saw that Terry was clean and was wrapping up, he headed up stairs, stripping off his speedo on the way, and joined the boys in the shower. The boys helped rinse the sunscreen, chlorine, and sweat of the day off him. After they were done, they all got out and dried off. Terry reached into his backpack and pulled out a box of Boy Booty Bumps. “May I?” he asked, looking at Jason, who smiled and nodded. Terry took one out and opened it up. He then had Cody lean over. He slid the suppository between the boy’s puffy ass lips. He then took two more and slid them up his own ass. “Two?” asked Jason. “Yeah, I’m hoping for twice as much fun,” said Terry as he gave Jason a sly smile. “What else do you have that bag?” asked Jason. “You’ll see,” said Terry with a wink, “now come on let’s go have some fun.” Jason liked the teen’s eagerness and willingness to initiate. It helped Jason overcome some of the reluctance he still had to be the one driving the action, as he still had not let go of the nagging guilt that what he was doing with Cody was wrong. Terry had Jason lie down on the bed on his back. He and Cody then climbed on the bed on either side of him and Terry gave Cody lessons in how to be a better cocksucker, using Jason’s cock for demonstration purposes. They started with the fundamentals course in the basics of licking, sucking, and stroking the cock with hands while using the mouth on the head. Jason got to lie back and enjoy the lessons as the two boys took turns playing with and sucking his hard cock. Having already had two orgasms earlier in the day, Jason knew he could last a while and was not in any danger of coming too soon. Cody was glad to have the older teen instructing him. He wanted to be the best cocksucker he could be for his dad. He knew his dad loved him, and he didn’t mind sharing his dad with other boys, but he was still a little self-conscious that the other boys might be better at sex than him, and that his dad would prefer them over him. Having an older boy that was more experienced, who he liked and was comfortable with, teaching him how to better please his daddy was exactly what Cody needed. “Okay, now that you got that down, it’s time to learn how to deep throat,” said Terry. “Umm, I think he might be too small for that,” objected Jason. “No, I’m not too small. I can do it!” exclaimed Cody, eager to prove he could do what he thought all the other boys here could already do. “Don’t worry Sir, I’ll make sure he doesn’t take more than he can handle,” said Terry, trying to reassure Jason. Terry was lightly stroking Jason’s cock as he started the deep throating lesson, “Okay, watch what I do and then you will have a turn to try it. The most important thing at first is the angle. If a man’s cock is hard, it doesn’t bend easily, so you need to make your mouth and throat into as straight a line as possible. Some men have more flexible dicks, which can bend down your throat easier, so the angle won’t be as important. But as you can see, your Daddy’s cock is really hard and stiff, likely cause although he is worried about hurting you, the thought of his cock buried deep down your tight nine-year-old throat really excites him.” Jason just moaned in response to the teen’s teasing him. He knew that the last part was directed more at him than at Cody. Terry shifted position so that his legs and ass were up by Jason’s head and his head was resting on Jason’s stomach, just above his cock. “So you want to make sure the man’s dick is nice and wet with spit and pre-cum,” said Terry as he squeezed Jason’s cock a few times causing a large amount of pre-cum to leak out the slit. He then made sure he had a lot of saliva in his mouth and took the head of Jason’s seven and half inch cock into his mouth. He bobbed up and down on it a couple times then relaxed his throat and slid his mouth down the shaft of Jason’s cock. “Oh fuck,” Jason moaned as he felt the head of his cock slide into the teen’s throat. He resisted the urge to reach down and grab Terry’s head so he could fuck his throat. Terry did not stop until he had swallowed all of Jason’s cock. Jason noticed that the teen did not seem to have any gag reflex as his cock made its way down his throat. Once his lips were wrapped around the base of Jason’s cock, he just held the man’s cock in his throat, letting his throat get used to the man’s girth. After about ten seconds, Terry pulled back and released Jason’s cock. It was covered in spit, with a string of spit still connecting the head to his lips. Terry coughed up some phlegm and spit it onto Jason’s cock then used his hand to spread it around. “So at first you will gag when it hits that little thing in the back of your throat, but you’ll get used to it eventually, just try to swallow to help get through it. Also make sure you take a deep breath through your nose before it goes down your throat. It’s probably going to be pretty tight the first few times, so you’ll need to really push down on it to get it in there,” said Terry before he demonstrated deep throating again. Cody’s eyes were wide as he saw the large cock disappearing into the teen’s face and down his throat. Terry bobbed up and down a few times before he pulled off and told Cody it was his turn to try it. Terry again spread his spit and Jason’s pre-cum around his cock while Cody shifted around on the bed. Jason reached out and used his hands to fondle the two bare boy butts that were on either side of his shoulders. As the boys were fondling his cock, he slipped a finger into each of their asses causing them to moan. “Okay, your turn,” said Terry as he held Jason’s cock around its base and presented it to Cody. Cody scooted into position and grabbed the shaft of his father’s cock, putting his hand just above Terry’s. He wrapped his lips around the head of his father’s cock then opened his mouth and started to slide it inside. The head scraped a bit against his molars and then it lodged into the back of his mouth, causing him to gag. He immediately pulled off his father’s cock, coughing. “It’s okay, just try again, but sort of try to open your throat, like you do when you swallow, when you feel it back there,” instructed Terry. As Cody again attempted to swallow his father’s cock, Terry held his head and pushed the boy further down on the thick cock as he started to gag. “Open your throat, you can do it,” he said, encouraging the small boy to take more of his dad’s cock into his throat. Cody started to choke and after a few seconds, Terry released his head and let him come up for air. “Okay, again,” ordered Terry after Cody had recovered. Jason was torn between wanting Terry to stop forcing Cody to take more and more of his cock, and being extremely turned on every time his little boy choked on it. The sight and feel of his son trying to force his cock down his throat, egged on by a teenager was so erotic to Jason. The thought crossed his mind that because he was attracted to Terry, he was letting him get away with being more brutal with Cody than he would if Terry were an adult. After about ten minutes of these lessons, Terry finally called an end to the practice session. “You did good little guy, you just need to keep practicing. You can also use a dildo to practice on, I’d start with a small one to help you get rid of your gag reflex. You’ll be deep throating like a pro in no time,” he said. Cody looked back at his dad, “Did I do okay?” To Cody the only thing that mattered was if he had pleased his dad. “Yes, baby you did great. Thank you,” answered Jason. He pulled his finger out of the boy’s ass and gave it a playful slap. “As a reward I’m going fuck this hot little ass of yours.” “Yes please!” Cody said in between giggles. Terry rolled off the bed and grabbed the bottle of lube from the nightstand. He quickly lubed up Jason’s cock while Cody shifted positions and climbed up on his father’s stomach. Terry held Jason’s cock in place as Cody sat down on it, facing his father. It slid in without causing Cody any pain this time, just pure joy as it pressed into his chemed up boypussy. “Oooohhhhh yeaaaahhhh, fuck me Daddy,” moaned Cody as he started to ride his father’s cock. As Cody bounced up and down on Jason’s cock, Terry took a large eight inch dildo out of his backpack. He laid down next to Jason, lubed up the dildo, pulled his legs to his chest, and worked the dildo into his own booty bumped hole. Cody fucked himself on his father’s cock while Terry fucked himself with the dildo. Jason reached down and grabbed Cody by his waist and started to guide the boy’s motion, pulling him up and down on his cock. Cody was in heaven and started to have another boygasm. It felt like he had one long continuous series of orgasms as his father relentlessly fucked him. When he started to tire, Jason rolled them over, so Cody was on his back with his skinny legs pinned against his father’s chest. Terry was enjoying watching Jason ravage Cody’s ass. He timed his fucking himself with the dildo to the timing of Jason fucking Cody. He was not able to last as long as Jason and shot a large load of watery teen cum all over his stomach, chest, and face as he climaxed without ever touching his own cock. Jason lasted about five minutes longer before he finally reached his own orgasm, pumping his load deep in his son’s well used boypussy. He collapsed on top of his son, momentarily spent. By the time Jason rolled off of Cody, the small boy was yawning and his eyes were drooping. He was still a young boy that before all the sex started was used to going to bed early each evening. The long day of sex and water slides was finally catching up to him. Jason recognized that his son was sleepy and needed to get to bed. So he grabbed the larger of Cody’s butt plugs and slipped it into his gaping boy hole to keep his load inside, and also help keep the boy stretched out for what was likely to be a lot of fucking tomorrow afternoon. Cody stretched out on the edge of the bed looking over at his Dad and Terry. “Daddy, you need to fuck Terry now. I told him we can share you and that you’d be his daddy too, since he doesn’t have one,” said Cody. Jason tousled his son’s hair, “Sure thing sport, but I’ve come three times today. I don’t know how much more I have in me.” Terry crawled over on top of Jason and pinned the man down on his back, “You’ve been taking Daddy’s Daily Helper, haven’t you?” “Yeah,” answered Jason. “Then you got plenty left in you old man,” snickered Terry with an evil gleam in his eye. He slid down the man’s body and took his semi-hard cock into his mouth. Demonstrating what he had said earlier about semi-hard cocks being more flexible, Terry sucked down Jason’s entire cock, which was still wet from fucking Cody’s ass. Terry demonstrated the skills he had developed in six years of regularly sucking men’s cocks. He soon had Jason’s cock back to full hardness. “Can you fuck me in the missionary position?” asked Terry once he had pulled off of Jason’s hard cock. “Sure,” answered Jason. The pair shifted positions on the bed. Terry pulled his legs up and to the side so Jason could enter him. Once the man had slid his cock into Terry’s ass, the teen wrapped his legs around the man’s waist. Jason was surprised at how tight Terry’s ass was still. He had expected the teen’s ass to be looser, considering how often it was likely to have been fucked over the years. As he slowly fucked the teen, he could feel the boy’s ass muscles squeezing his cock. The boy knew how to flex and contract his ass to milk a man’s cock. Terry smiled up at Jason and wrapped his arms around the man’s neck. Jason leaned down and kissed the boy as he fucked him. The boy’s added height compared to Cody made it easier to kiss the lad as he fucked him. He could feel the teen’s hard cock pressed between their stomachs. Jason broke off the kiss after a moment and looked over towards his son. Cody was facing them, on his side, slowly sucking his thumb and watching them through half-closed sleepy eyes. When Jason turned back to Terry, he noticed the boy seemed to be in a state of bliss, staring up at him. He leaned down again and kissed the boy, their tongues dueling. The boy moaned into his mouth and Jason felt a warm wetness spread between them as the boy came. Jason continued the slow, steady, intimate fuck. Terry whimpered under him each time Jason’s cock pressed into him and stroked his prostate. They fucked for an hour, changing positions several times, until Jason finally came again. Cody had long since fallen asleep. “Wow, thank you, that was incredible, you are a hot fuck,” said Jason as he lied down next to the teen. He was spent. Terry turned towards the man and kissed him on the cheek, “Thank you.” His hard cock pressed against Jason’s hip. “How can you still be hard?” laughed Jason. “I’m fifteen, Sir,” said Terry, laughing as well. “I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to get it up for a long while, and I don’t think I could take that big cock up my ass,” said Jason. “That’s okay, I don’t want to fuck you and if you’re done for the night, I guess I can just play with my own ass, unless of course you might want to play with it with something other than your cock,” said Terry, with a slight blush and starting to get a little shy. “Something other than my cock?” asked Jason, wondering exactly what the boy was hinting at. Terry reached over and took Jason’s hand in his own. He brought the man’s hand up to his face and kissed it. “You ever fist someone, Sir?” asked Terry. “No. Have you been fisted before?” responded Jason. Terry laughed, “Maybe. Do you want to learn how to fist a boy Sir?” Jason felt a slight stir in his cock as he thought about sticking his hand inside the fifteen-year-old boy, who still looked almost prepubescent, except for the large cock that was throbbing against his hip. “Yes,” he said, the lust evident in his voice. Terry rolled over and pulled a large water bottle filled with J-Lube out of his backpack, along with a little brown bottle of poppers. He had come prepared, just in case Jason might want to try it. He knew that most of the newcomers had not yet been with boys experienced enough to take an adult fist, but Terry had been taking fists for several years. He enjoyed the way it felt to have his chemed up ass stretched and his rosebud pounded by a man’s hand. He still loved a good fucking, but to have his hole punched until he came was his favorite way to end a session. Terry lied down on his back with his butt at the edge of the bed then pulled his legs up and was able to get his arms between his legs and hook his knees behind his shoulders. With the boy’s small size, large cock and youthful flexibility, Jason had no doubt the boy could get the head of his own dick in his mouth. Jason picked up the bottle of lube and squeezed some out on this left hand. This lube had a different consistency than he was used to, it clung to itself and created long strands between his hand and the bottle. As Jason was lubing up his hand, Terry started preparing his ass by taking a couple of long huffs off the bottle of poppers. He felt his asshole relaxing even more as the poppers sent him flying. Terry guided Jason, having the man start with just a few fingers and slowly start stretching his asshole out. It didn’t take long before Jason had formed his hand into a cone with his thumb in the middle of his four fingers. “Yeah, shove your hand in, I’m ready,” said Terry. The teen took another long hit from the bottle up each nostril. “Fuck this is so hot, take my hand boy,” said Jason as he pushed his hand in, watching the teen ass lips slowly expand around his hand. Terry let out a low guttural moan as the widest part of Jason’s hand pushed past his outer ring. Jason pulled his hand out and applied more lube then pushed it in again, getting it all the way inside as Terry’s ass lips closed around his wrist. Jason rotated his hand around inside the teen’s bubble butt. He enjoyed the soft warm feel of the boy’s ass as well as the look of pure lust and horniness on Terry’s face. At Terry’s urging, Jason applied more lube and started slowly pushing and pulling his hand fully in and out of the boy’s ass. Terry kept his hole relaxed, causing it to gape whenever Jason removed his hand. Eventually Jason was able to get his arm up into the boy’s guts so that he was halfway to his elbow. Terry seemed to be constantly inhaling the poppers as Jason turned the boy’s ass into a glove. After the boy’s hole was nice and loose, he had Jason start punching in and out of it with his closed fist. Terry was in another place, a place he flew too on the poppers, where there was nothing but the sensations coming from his chemed up ass as the man’s fist dominated his boycunt. He could not take much more, so he reached down and jacked his own cock until he reached his earth shattering orgasm and spewed his load all over his own face. Watching Terry’s intense orgasm while the boy’s ass spasmed around his hand had Jason hard again. He pulled his hand out of the boy and immediately shoved his cock into the sloppy open boypussy. Terry moaned as Jason entered him and fucked him harder than he had earlier. Jason was overcome with his own lust and pounded the teen’s ass as hard as he could until he came deep in the teen’s ass. On the bed next to them, Cody quietly played with his own hard little cock watching. He had woken up a few minutes before Terry’s orgasm and watched with wide eyes the end of the evening’s festivities. It had never occurred to the little boy that a fist could fit up someone’s ass, but the sight and thought of it made his own little ass start to itch.

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