Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2021 17:54:55 -0700 From: J D Subject: Exhibitionist Dad – Chapter 3 Please consider making a donation to Nifty to support this incredible archive. This story is completely fictional. Please do not read if you are not of age in your jurisdiction. I love to hear from my readers. You can reach me at Exhibitionist Dad: Chapter 3 I had introduced my boys to anal pleasure and they had really taken to it. After I came a second time from their digital ministrations, we sat down for a family dinner and had a relaxing rest of the evening, but the boys wouldn’t go to bed until after I had given them another prostate massage and milking. The next morning, when I walked into their room to wake them up, I found them already awake, with Alex’s finger deep inside his brother as Kyle furiously masturbated his penis. “Well this is a nice morning scene to walk into,” I said, alerting them to my presence. They both looked at me and smiled, but didn’t slow down or stop. I walked over to the bed to get a closer look. Kyle’s penis was glistening with precum and looked so tasty. “You guys wanna see something fun you can do that feels really good?” I asked them. Both boys were too into their action to do any more than nod, but with that I stopped Kyle’s hand and removed it from his penis. I brought my head down to his tip and in one quick motion swallowed his entire cock to the base. `Whoa!” Kyle yelped. “Dad, that’s so good, what are you doing?” “I’m sucking your penis son, you taste incredible. Just lay back and enjoy it.” And with that I started a blow job in earnest. I couldn’t forget that Alex was also watching me suck his brother while he played with Kyle’s hole, just making the whole scene even hotter. This being his first blowjob, coupled with the ass work he was receiving from Alex, it wasn’t long before Kyle was warning me he was about to cum. “Dad, dad, ughhh, I’m getting close,” Kyle panted. I didn’t slow down, just kept right on sucking. I could feel Kyle’s penis expand in my mouth and was soon rewarded with several spurts of juicy boy cream. Kyle squirmed while I cleaned his penis with my tongue, sensitive after his intense orgasm. I pulled off of him, licked my lips and turned to Alex. “Your turn buddy,” I told him. Alex and Kyle switched spots, with Alex laying back across the bed. “Dad it was so hot to watch you and Kyle, I’m pretty close already,” Alex warned. “Don’t worry son, as I told your brother, just lay back and relax.” I knew this wasn’t going to take long, but wanted to prolong it a bit, so rather than take his penis in my mouth immediately, I slowly licked up Alex’s shaft a few times, allowing the tip of my tongue to tickle the sensitive spot below the head of his penis. Kyle watched intently as I serviced his twin, giving me encouragement to show him what a good cocksucker their dad could be. I finally took Alex’s penis in my mouth and he let out a low moan. I kept my pace deliciously slow, teasing and edging my boy, until he was begging me to make him cum. I wanted to taste his seed, and couldn’t hold back any longer, so I started to really work his tool and within seconds I was rewarded with Alex’s warm sperm. “Mmm, you taste just like your brother,” I commented after pulling away from his crotch. Both boys were spent, and despite my own erection calling for attention, I suggested we head to the kitchen for some breakfast. As we were sitting at the table eating, I decided it was time to come clean with my boys. “Guys, do you know what exhibitionism is?” Both of them shook their heads and gave me a quizzical look. “Well being an exhibitionist means someone who likes to show off, to have others watch them in sexual situations. Does that make sense?” This time I got a pair of nods. “Good, well you may have figured this out already, but your dad is a big exhibitionist. I like to be seen naked and have others watch me. I hope you’re ok with that.” “Duh, of course we are Dad,” Alex replied. “You’ve already taught us so much about sex, I think it’s really hot to watch you too.” “Yeah Dad, I think I may be an exhibitionist too,” Kyle said. “It makes me feel hotter when I know you and Alex are seeing me cum.” “Well that’s a huge relief guys, thanks for understanding. You see, there’s something I want to try, but only if you agree. My friend Dan told me he wanted to join us for some playtime and I would really like you guys to watch me have sex with Dan.” “You mean sex like what we’re doing together?” Kyle asked. “Yes, but also, I want you to watch Dan fuck me with his penis, put his penis up my butt. Would you be interested in watching that?” “Hell yeah,” Alex said. “That sounds awesome, I definitely want to see that!” Kyle nodded in agreement. With that settled we finished up our breakfast and I sent the boys on their way to soccer camp. I called up Dan and told him the good news and we arranged for him to come over that evening for our show. When the boys returned home that afternoon from camp, they were buzzing with excitement. They got naked and told me they were going to practice sucking each other. I was only too happy to watch as Kyle got on his knees to take his brother’s penis in his mouth. I offered some pointers and was careful to monitor them to avoid cumming too soon. I knew my boys could recharge quickly, the joys of being a teen, but I wanted them nice and horny when Dan arrived. I had just moved the boys into a 69 position when I heard a knock on the door. I answered and was happy to greet Dan with the sight of my two sons eagerly sucking each other on the living room floor. “I wasn’t expecting this, but I’m not complaining,” Dan greeted us. Alex and Kyle stopped their blowjobs and stood up to say hello. Rather than shake their hands, Dan reached out and took their erections in his hands. The boys giggled and then moaned as Dan gave them a couple of quick strokes. “Nice to meet you guys. Your dad tells me you all had a conversation about exhibitionism and that he wanted you to watch him get fucked. How about I get comfortable?” Dan started to get naked and my hole was practically twitching. Dan was a bit older and his chest hair had already turned salt and pepper, but his body was still firm and lithe. He slid down his pants to reveal he wasn’t wearing underwear so we were confronted with the sight of his rapidly growing penis. While not particularly thick, Dan’s penis was long and firm, with a slight upward bend that helped him hit my prostate just right. Once we were all naked I wasted no time in dropping to my knees in front of Dan and taking his penis in my mouth. Dan loved to be my voyeur but he would be the first to admit he’s a show off too, and he wanted to make sure my boys got a show. “See guys how eager your dad is to suck my cock? He really has no gag reflex and is so good at taking it all in. Mmm, he’s running his tongue along the underside of my penis, he knows that makes me feel really good.” Having Dan describe my blowjob technique to my sons was turning me on beyond belief. Dan wasn’t going to let me forget for one second that we had an audience and that the audience was my twin boys. Dan withdrew his penis from my mouth and had me get on all fours in front of him. He brought his head to my hole and started a deep rim job while I pushed back against his invading tongue. Alex and Kyle were slowly stroking themselves while taking in this hot scene. Dan wasn’t going to wait too long though, and after a couple of minutes was pressing his dick head against my opening. This was it, my sons were actually going to watch me get penetrated by an adult penis. I felt Dan’s penis pop past my sphincter and start sliding into me. While Alex was transfixed staring at my hole, Kyle was looking me in the eyes, seeing my reactions. Dan had bottomed out in me and was giving me a second to get used to his dick. “Boys, why don’t you take a feel of your dad’s hole while I start to pull out?” Dan instructed my sons. They each started feeling around where Dan’s penis was sliding out of my anus and the sensation was making me tingle. Dan started to really fuck in earnest, pistoning in and out of my ass. After several minutes in doggie, he flipped me on my side with one leg over his shoulder so he could get even deeper. This also gave my boys easy access to my body and they took full advantage, with Alex tweaking my nipples while Kyle stroked my penis. I was letting out animalistic grunts every time Dan slid into me. It was incredible having my sons watch, and I wanted them to know how much I loved having a penis in my ass. Dan slowed to a stop and I was curious why, until he said, “So, do one of you want a try?” I was a bit taken aback, we hadn’t discussed having my boys fuck me, but I was so turned on I was ready to take that next step. “Oh yeah,” Alex was quick to respond. Dan slipped his dick out of me and moved aside, making room for Alex to assume the position. In one quick thrust Alex was buried inside me, after the pounding Dan had been giving me I was pretty loose. “Dad, it’s so warm, and tight, you feel amazing.” “Now you can go ahead and start thrusting,” Dan instructed. Dan was telling Alex how to move his hips to get the best leverage, but I was just lost in the sensation of my son inside me. There was something extra special about offering myself to Alex this way and I never wanted it to end. Of course, this being his first time fucking, it ended all too quickly. Alex warned us he was about to cum and Dan told him just to cum in my ass. Alex didn’t need to be told twice, with one final thrust he buried himself inside and I could feel his cum shoot out of his penis. He spasmed above me a few times and then collapsed onto my chest. I hugged him into me and he continued to shiver. Alex pulled himself together and withdrew from my hole, but was quickly replaced by Kyle, who had been anxiously awaiting his own turn. Kyle had already confessed to being an exhibitionist himself, so I knew with Dan and his brother watching he wasn’t going to last long inside me. Kyle looked into my eyes as he entered me and then started fucking. Dan was rubbing his butt and his brother had taken over stroking my penis. Like his brother before him, Kyle gave a shout and started to unload, pumping his sperm deep in me. The boys were spent but Dan and I were still hard, so while the twins sat on either side of me, Dan got back to fucking me hard and deep. Knowing he was getting my sons’ sloppy seconds had us both turned on, and it didn’t take long before Dan was adding his own cum to the mix. Dan’s contracting penis inside my ass set off a chain reaction and I started to cum as well, the first shot flying over my shoulder and the rest pooling on my stomach. As we caught our breath all four of us smiled and started to laugh. We couldn’t believe what a hot, horny time we had all just had. Afterwards we sat around naked with each other talking about the experience. We all grew hard again and were engaged in a relaxed circle jerk, just enjoying our boners and being naked together. Before he left, Dan had blown both boys to completion, savored the taste of their cum, and promised to come back again soon for more fun. The boys and I decided to cuddle together in my bed and watch a movie and that’s how we fell asleep, naked and entwined and very, very happy.

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