Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 14:19:45 +0000 (UTC) From: Subject: Chapter 57, “The Fireman’s Son” Archive “The Fireman’s Son, Chapter 57” {Rob} Incest (MBs oral anal) More of Steve’s adventures at the hotel after the meet. More to come before the night is over. Hope you enjoy. Take note of Kevin Jones, the trainee assistant manager, who had a romp with Steve, the Captain and the Coach Friday night after they checked in. He’s a very needy young man. Would love to hear from old and/or new readers. Rob ( Copy rights 2020 mine If you too young to be reading this, please leave. Remember, this is just a fantasy. In your life Take Care, Be Safe and Don’t DO Anything You Don’t Want to Do and PLEASE DONATE TO NIFTY! The Fireman’s Son Chapter Fifty-Seven The bus arrived at the hotel and the team got off. As Steve looked around before going in, he noticed there was another bus disgorging a load of jocks just ahead. ‘Must be one of the other teams,’ he thought. As he was looking, he recognized his first opponent, the big-cocked, hairy teen who had taunted him about there being a cock-sucker on his team. He was talking to another teenager as they approached the hotel entrance. The three boys reached the door at the same time, and Steve stopped to let the other two go in ahead of him. Their eyes met and the boy Steve had wrestled grinned and gave his crotch a quick grope. Steve had been one of the last to get off his bus, and when he got into the hotel and looked around all his teammates seemed to have passed through the lobby. There were a number of boys he didn’t recognize 0n his way to the elevator. As he stepped in, two boys followed behind him. When he turned around he was face-to-face with Harry, the wrestler he had beaten in his first bout. At the door, he could see the other boy facing his teammates and stopping anyone else from getting in while pressing the “Close” button. Steve heard him say an authoritative voice, “This elevator is taken, get the other one.” The boys on the outside stepped back and the doors closed, leaving Steve alone with the two jocks as the other one turned so they were both facing him. “This him?” asked the boy who had kept their teammates from entering the elevator, who Steve recognized as the team captain. “Yeah. This is him! You the team cocksucker?” Harry said as he groped his full crotch. Steve didn’t say anything, but his gaze was riveted on the two big hands as both his aggressors’ groped their hardening crotches. Harry reached down with his free hand and squeezed the hard cock inside Steve’s pants. “Yeah. He’s the cocksucker. His dick’s hard he wants ours so bad,” he said with a sneer. Just then the elevator door opened with a bing. “Here’s our floor,” the other guy said. “Out we go! Get the room door open, Joe!” Harry ordered as he pulled Steve out of the elevator. The other boy slid his key-card in and opened the door to the room across from the elevator, and Steve was pushed inside and the door closed. He stumbled as he entered and fell on the floor. He looked up at his aggresors and watched as they stripped off their shirts and pants, kicking out of their shoes as they did so. They stood against the door in just the mini-briefs that were bulging and barely holding in the massive lumps in them. Harry was, as had been evident when he was in his singlet, very hairy. His muscular chest was covered with a mat of dark hair that swrilled up toward his throat and across in to his armpits before it moved down onto his hard belly. His dark nipples would have beenn hidden except for their large size. After spreading out around his navel, the thick hair disappeared into his briefs. His buddy Joe was of the same size, but his body was comparatively hairless, making his hard muscles more visible. A fine mist of blond hairs spread across the flat plains of his broad chest with its two pinky-brown nipples standing out prominently in the center of each pec. The fine mist of hair continued down the center of his six-pack abs before widening and, like Harry’s, being hidden by his briefs “Strip cocksucker!” Steve, still on the floor, scrambled to get out of his clothes. He was a little afraid, but excited too. His cock was hard and standing straight out from his crotch. “Look at the little fag, cock’s all hard, ready for what we got for him.” Naked and on his knees, Steve stared up at the two muscular wrestlers as they pushed their briefs down and began stroking their huge hard cocks. Harry’s trail of hair continued, spreading out to cover his crotch and down onto his thighs. The base of his huge cock was hidden in the forest of his pubic hairs. Joe’s widened out into a blond thicket around his equally large cock and balls. Steve unconciously licked his lips, wetting them in anticipation of sucking the thick poles. “Look at the fag licking his lips! You want these cocks, slut? You wanna suck on our big cocks and swallow our cum? That what you do for your teammates? You suck all their cocks?” “Just the seniors,” Steve mumbled. “Just the seniors! Ha! He’s just the seniors’ pussy-boy! Good thing we’re both seniors ain’t it, Harry?” Joe said with a sneer. “Yeah, if he went to Franklin he’d have to take care of the whole team.” “Fuck yeah! He’d have to put out for everybody.” “Get on these big cocks, fucker. We don’t have all night to fool around!” Steve eagerly crawled forward and took the dark-haired stud’s big hardon in his mouth. He worked his lips and tongue all the way down the thick shaft until his face was buried in Harry’s thick bush. He had no trouble deep-throating the big meat. His throat was relaxed and open from the fuckings it had gotten from the eight senior wrestlers in the showers. As he fucked the big head in and out of his throat, swallowing and massaging it with the walls of his gullet while caressing the thick shaft with his slippery tongue, the hairy stud groaned, “Fuuucck! This cocksucker knows what to do with a guy’s cock! Choke on that cock cocksucker!” he commanded as he rammed in and out of the mouth of the boy kneeling before him. After a few minutes, he pushed Steve off his cock saying, “Get on my buddy’s cock!” as he pushed his head toward the blond’s crotch. Steve knew he was going to get gangbanged by all the seniors later, but all the teen meat inside the singlets of all the studs he had wrestled during the day’s meet that had rubbed over his body, pressed into his face and against his ass had really heated him up. Yeah, he had gotten lots of teen cock fucking his throat in the showers, but he had hoped for more. He had wanted to get fucked in the showers. His ass hadn’t been fucked since he had been pounded last night by his dad, Coach and Kevin, the 24-year-old trainee manager, and right now his asshole was wanting to get it from these two hunky Franklin High wrestlers. As he was pushed toward the blond crotch, the kneeling boy asked, “Are you gonna fuck me with your big cocks. My ass needs to get fucked! Please!” “You want us to fuck you up the ass, slut?” “Yes please! I haven’t been fucked since last night! Please fuck me with your big cocks.” “You got it, bitch. Get on the bed, on your knees and show me that ass-pussy. Joe, go around to the other side and shove your cock in the bitch’s mouth while I check out his pussy.” Steve quickly did as ordered, knees spread, ass offered. The hard-cocked blond muscle-jock walked around to the other side of the bed. He grabbed Steve by the hair and pulled his head up, shoving his big cock into his mouth and straight down his throat. “Fuck! This mouth is just like fucking a pussy. My cock went all the way in in one shove!” Joe exclaimed as he started forcefully fucking Steve’s mouth-pussy while Harry was exploring his rearend. He was so turned on watching his buddy getting Steve’s ass ready to get fucked that it didn’t take the blond stud long to shoot his spunk down into Steve’s belly. Seeing his friend pull his softening cock out of Steve’s mouth and rub it around on his face, Harry said,”Hold his head, bro!. Reach around and pull your ass open if you want this cock, bitch! I wanta see that pussy.” Steve pulled his ass open for Harry’s inspection while Joe held his head and shoulders up. “This is one sweet-looking pussy,” Harry said as he drooled spit down into the hairless crack and ran his big finger up and down, causing the boy to moan as he raised his ass up to meet the pressure. “You like having your ass played with,don’t you, slut?” he said as he placed the blunt tip of his finger in the center of the younger boy’s little rosebud and pressed against it. Steve’s moans grew louder and more intense as the big finger forced its way through the tight guarding muscle all the way in and stirred around in the warm, soft rectum. “Ohhh yeees! Put it in! Stick your big finger in my asshole and get it ready for your cock!” Steve begged as he felt another glob of saliva fall in to lubricate his tight entrance as the invader pulled out before the thick finger pressed down to reenter him forcefully. “Oh yes! Yes! Please! Give me your cock! I need to get fucked! They wouldn’t fuck me after the meet! I was so horney! I need cock in my ass! Yes! Yes!” he cried as he felt the finger pull out to be replaced Harry’s thick hard cock. “Ohhh Yeess! So good! Fuck me! Stick your cock all the way in and fuck me hard! I need a hard fuck!” “Shit! This whore’s got a tight pussy! Tighter’n any of the sluts I’ve fucked at Franklin,” Harry said as he plunged his big cock all the way into the depths of Steve’s hungry asshole, pulled it out and rammed it back in, quickly establishing a forceful fuck rythm in and out of the moaning boy’s ass-pussy.” “Whatta ya expect. All those cheerleader sluts you been fucking are gettin’ it from every other jock dick in the school. By the time they get around to us wrestlers, they been dicked and used by every other team in the place. That Sammie Sue I was fucking last weekent keeps count. She’s sucked and been fucked by over a hundred cocks, taken ’em in her pussy and up her ass just since school started. She’s had all the young coaches and, with five of her girlfriends, was was ganged by the whole football team after their first practice” “The guys who told me about this slut said she’s been gettin’ fucked all summer at the pool and in the park by anybody that wants her, down in the barrio by street punks and mechanics in some Mexican garage. Half the Madison basketball team ganged her in some old restroom in the woods. She got fucked by Josh and Roger, those two crazy fuckers on our baseball team before they both fucked her on that freak Noah’s mule cock, and she came back to them begging for more. They picked her up in the park and took her into the woods to fuck her pussies three more times before school started. And they all swear her pussy stays as tight as a virgin’s.” All this time Steve was moaning and begging to the fucked harder and faster. “Oh yeah! That Noah’s was the biggest dick I’ve ever taken! It was soooo gooood, but so is your big cock, Harry! Fuck me you stud! Fuck me! I need cock sooo baaad! And Joe, you’re next. I want your big cock fucking my pussy. It was sooo gooood in my mouth and throat. God! I need cock!” “Let’s turn him over on his back so you can see that big cock of yours goin’ in and out of his slutty hole, and I can fuck his face again while I wait to fuck his asshole. How long you gonna be?” The two muscular wrestlers easily lifted Steve and flipped him onto his back. The younger boy was laid out like a sacrificial victim ready to be ripped open to satisfy the hunger of the gods. Harry grabbed his legs and pushed them apart and back as he rammed his thick pole deep into the boy’s guts while Joe grabbed his head, positioned it the way he wanted and plowed into his mouth. “Oh Yeah! Fuck! This is the way to go,” he groaned as he begain raping the supine boy’s throat with his big jock cock, so that his constant moans and pleas for more cock! more cock! came out as unintelligible whimpers. “Fuck! This is good! Except for that useless cock and balls it looks like a pussy I’m fuckin,” Harry said as he pumped his hard cock in and out of Steve’s ass. “Too bad she don’t have more meat on these titties so I could get a hold of ’em,” he laughed as he reached down and tried to fondle Steve’s hard pecs, then squeezing his nipples, pulling them roughly out from his muscular chest and making him whimper even more loudly. “Shit! I can’t believe I’m about to come again so soon! You about ready, bro!” Joe groaned as he rammed his hard cock more and more forcfully into Steve’s throat. I’m about to fill the little slut’s belly with my second load! Fuck! Fuck!” “I’m right with you, bro. Let’s fill the little slut at both ends! Uggh! Ugggh! Fuck I’m coming!” “Me too! Take it, whore! Take my jock load! Swallow all that jock load, sucker!” At the same time Steve’s cock, which had gone hard as soon as he knelt down in front of the two stud wrestlers and hadn’t gone down since began spurting onto his flat abs. Spurt after spurt shot up between his pecs and pumped out of his cumhole to puddle in the valleys dividing his six-pack. “Ohhh God! Ohhh Fuck!” he yelled as his two fuckers, having pulled their still-pumping cocks out of his holes sprayed the remains of their loads over his face and crotch. As the three calmed down and gradually relaxed, Harry asked his buddy. “You gonna fuck her pussy?” “Naw. My balls are empty. But I’m gonna get you another time, slut, and fuck that nasty hole. I know where you live.” “Okay, whore, get your clothes on and get out of here,” Harry ordered. We gotta clean up and get out to dinner.” Steve hauled himself off the bed, pulled on his clothes and quickly left the other boys’ room, checking first to be sure no one was in the hall, he headed towards the stairs to get to his floor. He had almost made it when a good-looking, young man dressed in loose nylon shorts and a tank top came out of the ice machine alcove carrying a full bucket. Steve slowed down as his eyes ran over the thirty-something man’s hard, muscular body, especially noting the thick brown hair showing where his chest and armpits were not covered by the tanktop and the long bulge the was flopping under the thin material of the shorts as he walked. The guy stopped and said, “Hey, kid! Aren’t you Steve Anderson from Madison?” Steve stopped and replied, “Yes, sir.” “You beat one of my best wrestlers, Harry Martin. I’m the coach at Franklin, Buck Morris. How long you been wrestling?” “This is my first year. Harry was my first. He’s really good. I had to work hard to beat him, Coach Morris.” “My guys just call me Buck,” the coach said. “Yeah, he was really pissed you beat him. He was griping and cussing to his best buddy Joe, the team captain.” While he was saying this, he absentmindedly ran his free hand across his chest and down his flat stomach. “I couldn’t hear clearly, but I think he was mad and muttering about gettin’ beat by a “little faggot…a cocksucking queer team whore.” As he said this, he ran his hand down into his shorts and gave his long cock a couple of tugs. “You the cocksucker, Steve? You the faggot Harry and Joe kidnapped in the elevator?” When Steve didn’t answer, just stared at the hot young coach, Buck said in a sexy, low voice, “You want to come into my room? It’s right here,” he said as he pulled his hand out of his shorts and opened the door, stepping inside. “You can show me what you can do. I’m here all alone. My wife’s at home, and I’m really horney. All my guys have gone out to eat where ever they want.” Steve figured he had enough time for a quick blowjob or maybe a fuck before he had to be down in the dining room to eat with the team, so he followed the sexy coach into the room. Buck pulled the tanktop over his head and pushed his shorts to the floor. Steve quickly got out of his clothes. “You want me to suck your cock or you want to fuck my ass,” he said as he reached out pull on the young coach’s big, almost hard thick cock and feel up his ball bag. “I hope these big balls are full. I want your cock in my mouth and up my ass. Your guys have already fucked me at both ends, but I want it from their sexy coach,” he said as he dropped to his knees and started chowing down on the now fully-hard eight-inch coach cock. When he bottomed out with the bulbous head in his throat and his lips and nose buried in the thick pubic forest, he began milking it with the muscles he had been trained by so many men to use to make them happy. “Oh! My god! How’d a kid like you learn to take cock like that?” Steve slowly pulled up, sucking and licking the thick meat as he backed off until only the big glans was in his mouth. After caressing the spongy mushroom head with his soft tongue, teasing with it into the gaping hole that was pumping out the jock coach’s sweet, slimy precum, he pulled off alltogether and gasped, “I’ve had lots of practice,” and immediately went back down fucking into his throat. After a few plunges, Buck took charge, holding onto Steve’s head and pulling it forward into his hairy crotch and holding him there before pushing him off. His fucking quickly became hard and rough, fucking hard in and out of the open mouth and throat with his thick manrammer, powerfully raping the willing young wrestler with his pile-driver. The only sounds were Steve’s moans of pleasure and the coach’s grunts as he fucked harder and faster into the welcoming hole. “Fuck! You like it this way! You like it hard and rough don’t you, you little slut! Fuck! If we had you at Franklin we’d give it to you every day. I train my boys to be men. Teenaged jocks need a cumdump to keep ’em happy. Iy’s not just the jocks! Their coaches need someplace to dump their loads! Fuck! Me and my assistant could fuck this pussy every day! Fuck! Take that mancock! Take my load, faggot! Take it down your faggot throat!” he shouted as he pummelled his hard, cum-spewing battering ram deep into Steve’s welcoming throat. Finished, he ripped his still-hard cock out and pushed Steve sprawling to the floor at his feet. Steve, slightly stunned, raised up on his elbows and smiled up at the bull-man standing astride him. Arms crossed over his powerful, hairy chest, thick cock standing out straight from his hairy crotch, balls dangling between his spread muscled thighs, he looked like a satyr out of a book of Greek mythology. Steve spread his legs, reached down and gave his hard cock a couple of swipes before moving down to gather his balls in both hands. Spreading his legs off the floor so his butt opened and raised up to show his pink asspussy, still slightly puffy from Harry’s rough fuck. “Oh, fuck! Fuck my pussy, Coach! I bet you can fuck me harder than Harry!” “I told you I was horney! I got plenty more in these balls! That what you want? You like to be fucked rough! To be used like a whore! Your pussy fucked with big stud cocks and filled with hot manseed?” “Oh god yes! I love cock! I need cock anyway you want to give it to me! Please! Please! Harry was great! My teammates are all gonna fuck me tonight, but please, Coach, please fuck me now!” “You got it, whore!” Buck, growled as he went to his knees, grabbed Steve’s legs and pulled them apart and down toward the boy’s chest. Pressing his big cockhead against he pink rosebud, he rammed his whole thick meat into the boy’s guts. “Fuck! Fuck! This is a tight asshole! Take it! Take my big cock, in your faggot cunt! I don’t know how, but I’m gonna be fucking this tight hole a lot!” he growled as he began pummeling his thick meat in and out of the moaning boy’s hole. “Uhggg! Ahhhh fuck me, Coach. Oh god yes! Fuck me hard! Oh! Yes! Yes!” Steve moaned constantly as his insides were pounded roughly by the man on top of him. It didn’t take long before the coach was pumping him full of his second load. “Shit! Take it, whore! Take that load! Take it! Take it, you little cum whore!” Buck growled as he rammed himself deep into Steve’s guts, filling them with his hot jism. Finished, he dropped down panting on top of the supine boy. When he stopped panting, he stood up and ordered, “Get dressed and get out, whore. Steve quickly dressed. Before he left, Buck demanded, “Give me your phone!” He took it and punched in some numbers. “I just called my phone. I have your number and you have mine. I’m gonnsa be gettin’ more of that hot pussy. Now, go!” When he got to his room, he was glad to see the connecting door between his and the coach’s and his dad’s room was closed and jumped in the shower. He quickly washed himself off and used one of the douches he had brought with him to clean out as much of Harry’s and Buck’s cum as he could. After drying off and putting on clean clothes, he left to go down to the dining room. Arriving, he spotted a table over to the side with all the senior members of his team. In the middle was Mark Deacon with an empty chair next to him. He stood up and waved Steve over. As the two boys sat down, Steve felt Mark’s hand on his thigh as the older boy asked, “Where’ve you been, buddy,” he asked as he gave Steve’s leg a possessive squeeze before running his hand up to cup the boy’s crotch. “Uh,” he hesitated as he felt the hand begin the fondle his cock and balls. “I was a little tired and went up to lie down. I guess I fell asleep.” “That’s good ’cause you’re gonna need all you energy tonight,” Mark said as he as he moved his hand off Steve and took the boy’s hand to move it under the tablecloth onto his own crotch. Steve was surprised when he felt his hand pressed against Mark’s bare cock and hairy balls beneath the thick pole. “I’m hard for you right now, and so are the rest of the guys. We’re all gonna fuck that pretty ass of yours and give you a night to remember, like the coach says you like.” As he was saying this, Steve’s other hand was taken by Mannie Lopez who was sitting on the other side of him and pressed down into his bare crotch! “We’re all bare and hard for you, puta. I bet you’d love to get under the table and get a nutty-tasting appetitizer from each one of us, wouldn’t you?” Steve didn’t know what to say. He just looked up at the sexy Latino hunk as he stroked the two hard cocks in his hands. Just then Kevin Jones, the cute young trainee manager Steve had had sex with in his dad’s and the coach’s room the night before, came up to stand across the table between Jack Smalley and Peter Russell. He was dressed in a blue blazer, tie and a pair of fairly snug khaki trousers that showed he was “dressed” to the right. Steve remembered he had a nice-sized cock and figured he was wearing boxers and was half hard judging from the bulge showing along the inside of his right thigh. He was standing across from Steve close in to the two jocks, just barely touching their shoulders. Steve saw Peter turn his head and Steve was sure he noticed the cock-bulge. He gave Jack a nudge and nodded his head down. Both boys looked up as the young man said, “Good evening, gentlemen, I’m Kevin Jones, the assistant manager. We’re pretty full tonight so I’ll be happy to take your orders. As the young man took the orders from the boys beginning at the end of the table, Steve, despite his preoccupation with stroking his neighbors’ hard cocks, kept an attentive eye on the three across from him. He noticed that as Kevin got closer to asking for the two wrestlers orders, both jocks’ hands disappeared into their laps and there was some movement evident. As Kevin looked down at Peter to ask for his order, Steve noticed a slight pause and a look of surprise. In the moment of hesitation, Steve also noticed Kevin’s eyes, still directed downward, dart over to Jack. He quickly regained his composure and asked for and took down Peter’s order before turning with a slightly crooked smile on his lips to take Jack’s. He quickly moved on the the boys at the other end of the table and then to Steve’s side. While taking the other orders, he continued standing between the two friends, and Steve continued to watch closely. He was sure he saw both Jack and Peter surreptiously running their hands up Kevin’s legs and into his crotch. Steve was pretty sure he saw Peter’s fingers mementarily stroke the young man’s cock, which had moved further down his thigh. Having taken everyone’s orders, he took one more quick look down to his right and to his left and went away. Shortly, their appetizers were brought out and served to them by two waiters in white jackets. Kevin came to the table with them and said, “Unfortunately, I’m going off duty now. However, the rush is over and Walter and Henry, two of our best waiters, will be able to take care of your needs now.” Neither Jack nor Peter had taken their napkins off the table. Kevin bent down and picked them up, placing them in each of the boy’s lap. Steve who was paying close attention heard him whisper as he did so, “I’ll be back on duty at 5:30 tomorrow morning. If there is anything you need after that, please do not hesitate to call the front desk. I’ll be happy to serve you.” The boys enjoyed their meals. There was an undercurrent of excitement at the table over their wins and a recklessness among the seniors as they thought of what they were going to do with Steve during the evening. However, they were reasonably well behaved even though the coach and Captain Andrews were not eating with them. Only Steve knew they were dining with the cute trainee manager and planning on spending the night using him. As the boys left the table, Mark said to Steve, “See you in my room in thirty minutes. Hope you’re ready to be used.” “Can’t wait,” Steve replied as he noticed Jack and Peter head toward the hall that led to the restrooms. He thought about following them until he saw Walter and Henry, the college boy waiters who had served them after Kevin left, headed in the same direction.

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