Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 14:13:21 -0600 From: Chris Lee Subject: My Khmer Nephew Part 4 My Khmer Nephew by Clee Do not read this story if you are under 18. This story is a product of the author’s imagination, any resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental. Please consider donating to Nifty, this site depends on support from its readers. My Khmer Nephew Part 4 That night I had a dream about Vinh. His beautiful face was directly in front of mine, he was exactly as I remembered him before he got sick. He spoke first, “Chris, do you miss me?” I started to cry, “Vinh, I miss you every day. I miss you so much. Why did you leave me? We’re so young.” “You know I didn’t want to leave you, but it was my time.” His voice was calm and gentle, “Chris, you have to move on. You have a long life in front of you, do you want to be alone forever?” “No, of course not, but I feel so guilty.” I knew this was going to be about Sam. “Do you love him?” he asked me, his narrow black eyes staring intently into mine. “Yes, I do. I feel like he’s my second chance at love, but I can’t shake the guilt.” “Chris, don’t feel guilty. Don’t lose him. I love you and I love Sam. Yes, he’s young, but in your heart you know how he feels. Be good to him and teach him what love is. We’ll see each other again one day, but until then always remember that I love you and I want you to be happy.” Then he was gone. I screamed out, “Vinh! Vinh don’t leave! Come back, please!” I awoke with a jolt, my room completely dark and silent. I was alone, tears streaming down my face, crying like an abandoned baby. I knew immediately what I had to do. I had to fix this before it was too late. I couldn’t let this chance pass me by. I grabbed my phone off the nightstand and sent Sam a text, “Call me when you wake up, we need to talk.” My phone rang five seconds later. “What are you doing awake?” I was so surprised. “Do you think I could sleep?” He sounded awful. Tired and cranky. “Are you crying?” “Yeah. No. Don’t worry about it. When can I see you?” I was trying to pull myself together. “I have to be at the shop at ten, can I stop by before?” The next day was Saturday, so I was off. “Yeah, sounds good. See you then.” He hung up. I tossed and turned, then forced myself to sleep for a few hours. I got up at 7:00, took a shower and made some coffee. I wanted to be ready when Sam got there. He arrived at eight o’clock, letting himself in through the kitchen door. One second I was alone, the next second he was standing in front of me in those damned sexy coveralls. “Sam,” I began, not sure exactly what to say. I didn’t have to say anything, he grabbed me and pulled me to him, holding me tightly. “Please say we can make this work,” he whispered into my ear. “Sam…I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t ask you what you were feeling. I just knew that you wanted me sexually. I shouldn’t have underestimated you.” I was talking into his shoulder, his big arms were enveloping me. He slowly released me and sat down at the table. I got us both some coffee and sat down across from him. He reached out to me and took my hands in his. “Everything I said last night is true. I’m an open book, I love you and I want you to love me. I don’t want to replace Uncle Vinh, but I want to be part of your future.” I squeezed his hands in response, “I know that now. Don’t worry about your uncle, I’m at peace with it. But I do think that maybe we jumped into bed too quickly and it messed things up.” “Yeah, probably, but it sure was fun,” he had a mischievous smile on his face. “How much time do you have?” I suddenly needed him urgently. “About an hour, why?” That’s all I needed to hear. I grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him toward the stairs, heading up to my room. “Wait, don’t you want to use the guest room?” He began to pull me in that direction. “You’re not a guest here,” I replied, my fingers already working the zipper on his coveralls. “Get naked.” Now that I knew exactly how Sam felt, I felt empowered, emboldened. Sam did as he was told and I pushed his naked body down onto my bed as I shucked my tee shirt and boxers, pouncing on him and kissing him passionately. His hands roamed my back and ass as we kissed and I started grinding my hard cock into his. Keeping our limited time in mind, I moved down as I continued to thrust onto him, moving my hardon between his legs and spreading them with mine as I continued to kiss him passionately. “Uncle, I mean Chris, what are you doing?” Sam asked, this was different and new to us. “You can call me Uncle once I’m inside you,” I whispered into his mouth, “Or better yet, call me Daddy.” He laughed nervously, “Once you’re inside me? Wow, what’s come over you?” I moved the head of my cock up and down his hairy crotch, I wanted him badly. “Now I know exactly where we stand. You’ve made me yours so many times, now I want to make you mine. All mine.” I bumped the thick head of my cock against his hole as I said this. Sam wrapped his arms around me and pulled me down onto him, “I want it, I want you. Put it inside me.” I grabbed the bottle of lube from my nightstand and began to pour it all over my erection, now so hard it was painful. Kneeling between his legs, I lowered my face to his dick and began to lick the shaft, smelling him at the same time. Sam always smells so clean, but there’s a heavier, muskier scent lingering behind it that drives me crazy. I continued to inhale him as I took his dripping tip into my mouth, tasting his salty precum before rolling his skin back with my lips, exposing his slippery, pink head. He groaned as I took the entire thick shaft into my mouth and down my throat, burying my face in his dense pubes and inhaling that hidden scent that is known to only me. While I had his cock in my mouth, I put some of the lube on my fingers and found his brown hairy hole. I began by massaging it gently, eliciting moans from Sam’s mouth. After a few minutes, I slid a finger inside, then another one. He clamped them tightly so I held them still for a moment before slowly sliding them in and out, finger fucking him and preparing his virgin hole for something much bigger. “I’m ready to try it Chris, put it in me. I’m so fucking hot for you.” Sam was almost breathless as I stimulated his hole and cock at the same time. I stopped sucking him and brought my mouth to his, kissing him deeply. “Are you sure you want this? We can always try it another time when we’re not rushed,” I really needed him to want it as much as I did. “I want it, I want it now. I want you.” He was staring directly into my eyes longingly. I turned him onto his side and bent his legs slightly so that his dark, hairy hole was exposed to me. It was slick with lube and slightly opened from my fingering. The sight of it made me want him so badly. I looked at my thick head, now dripping precum, as I placed it at his opening and slowly pushed it into him. Moving forward slowly, it popped through his muscle ring and he gasped. “Are you okay?” I looked up at him to see him wincing. I laughed to myself as the usual cocky and confident Sam now looked like a kid who was receiving a spanking. “I’m good, go slow. I want this.” He smiled up at me wanly. I continued to slide myself in slowly, marveling at the site of my pink cock as it disappeared into his darkness. Finally I was all the way inside, my brown curly pubes pressed up against the black hair that surrounds his hole. I held myself there and leaned down over him, bringing my face to his. His forehead was glistening with sweat and he was breathing quickly, this was obviously hurting him. “Sam do you want me to take it out?” I asked, kissing his cheeks, chin and finally his soft, thick lips. “Don’t take it out. I want you, all of you. It will get easier, I Googled it.” He was still wincing. I burst out laughing, “You Googled it? Oh my God you’re the cutest, sexiest thing alive.” I buried my face in his neck, still being careful to keep my dick as still as possible. “Yeah, I knew we’d do this eventually, I wanted to know what I was in for.” He managed another smile. “You can start to move now; I’ll try to relax.” “I promise if you relax it will hurt a lot less, and eventually not at all. I really want you to come to enjoy this, as much as I do when you’re on top.” I didn’t want him to get discouraged by this experience, dooming me to a life of bottom exclusivity. I picked his arm up and put it over my shoulder as I began to thrust in and out of him, slowly at first. He held me to him as I lowered my face to his chest and began sucking his hairy nipple. It became stiff in my mouth and Sam began to moan softly. I could feel him loosening slightly on my cock as he relaxed, enabling me to thrust into him more and more deeply. My movements became faster as he started to enjoy the feeling. I straightened his legs and turned him slightly so that he was on his stomach, my body on top of his. I licked his ear and panted, “You feel so good Sam, is it okay? You’re so warm inside.” He responded breathlessly, “I can feel every inch of you inside me…so deep…don’t stop…” Now that he was enjoying having my cock buried inside of his hole, I put my arms around him, holding his body to mine and began to thrust deeply and intensely into that warm, wet, amazing boy pussy. It had been a very long time since I had topped and I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I moved my face to his and kissed him, forcing my tongue into his mouth and tasting his sweetness as it wrestled with his. “I’m gonna cum Sam, I can’t hold it much longer,” I was pumping quickly in and out of him, my sweaty, hairy chest plastered to his broad, smooth back. “Cum in me Chris, I want to feel you shoot into me. Make my hole yours!” Sam was now arching his back, moving his ass up to meet my every thrust, pulling me deeper into him each time. Upon hearing his words, I held him as tightly as I could and hunched my body, rutting into him and exploding, my thick semen coating his insides and primally marking my territory. I grunted into his mouth over and over as my body spasmed with each contraction of my cock. “You’re mine Sam, this makes you mine,” I whispered breathlessly as my orgasm waned. He reached his hands behind us, grabbing my ass and holding me in place, deep inside of him. “Holy fuck, who are you?” He began to laugh into my mouth. “That was amazing! When I was younger I used to fantasize about this, but holy shit, you blew that fantasy out of the water!” I collapsed on top of him and moved my face away, suddenly embarrassed. “I’m sure of us now, I needed that so badly. I know I don’t have to hold back anymore.” “So, you were holding back on me hmm?” He suddenly turned, forcing my softening cock to pop out of him as he jumped up, pinning me on my back. “Maybe just a little…” He was straddling me now, his thick, brown cock semi-hard and dangling, a long string of precum hanging off of its tip. “I want that,” I said as I pulled his hips toward me, engulfing the pick, shiny head with my lips and greedily sucking in all of his fluid. I leaned back onto my elbows as I began sucking him, marvelling at the sheer mass of his heavy, spongy cock as it began to harden in my mouth. “Feels good, uhhh so good,” Sam whispered, looking down and watching me suck as he slid his wet, slippery cock in and out of my mouth. I reached up and held his heavy, hairy balls in my hand as they swayed back and forth with each of Sam’s thrusts. My other hand found his crotch, wet and full of matted hair from our intense love making. He groaned as I stroked it, slowly moving my finger back toward his opening. I slid my index finger up and into his hole, it was looser than before and soaking wet with lube and my cum. Sam moaned in appreciation as I slid another finger into him, hooking them and caressing his insides as I continued to suck him. His pace quickened as I found his prostate, my fingers stimulating him from the inside. He pushed his cock deeply and screamed out, suddenly ejaculating forcefully into my throat. My eyes were watering and I tried my best not to gag on him, relaxing as best I could. He unloaded powerfully, feeding me his cum. “My cum,” I thought to myself, “this is made for me.” When he was finished, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and collapsed next to me. We turned and faced each other, kissing and sharing the remnants of his seed that was still on my tongue. “You’re amazing,” he whispered, stroking the side of my face. “We’re amazing,” I said, unable to keep from smiling as I gazed into his coal-black eyes. “Chris, I…I want to live with you.” Sam looked away shyly as he said this. “I know, I know,” I put my arms around him, drawing our bodies together. “I want that too. Let’s wait until school starts for you and see what your new life is like. I’ll think of some way to bring it up with your parents.” “Okay, I’ll try to be patient,” he said, kissing my forehead tenderly. “Oh my gosh, what time is it?” Reality intruded suddenly. “9:15” I replied lazily. Sam jumped up and grabbed my wrist, “Come on, let’s take a quick shower. I’m gonna be late for work!” I followed him to the bathroom, staring at his sexy, brown ass as he walked. “I just busted that open,” I thought to myself proudly. Sam was beautiful, sexy and loving. The gears in my mind were already turning as we showered, working on a plan for us to live together. I wanted to see that face every morning when I woke up. End of part 4 If you’re enjoying My Khmer Nephew, check out my other story here: Your feedback is welcomed, email me at

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