Steel & Thunder: Chapter 5

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After a rough day and rougher night, David wakes up next to his not-so-favorite captor and gets ready for his first day in this new city full of orcs.

Chapter 5

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I wake up gently, barely hanging on to the threads of a dream. Something about eagles and a storm? I snuggle into my pillow. Man, this bed is warm. I haven’t been this comfortable in months. I wonder if I can convince Adam that we should stay in town another night…

My eyes shoot open when I feel the arm around my waist tighten, and I remember I’m not sleeping in an inn with my teammates. A glance down at the green, hairy, muscular limb confirms that, yep, I’m still in Captain Ironstorm’s bed in the middle of…wherever we are. I should probably ask about that when he wakes up.

I guess at some point in the night we both migrated to the center of the bed. Or, seeing as I’m still tied up, he probably grabbed me once I was asleep and pulled me here himself. Whatever. The sun is up and I’m awake now, and I can’t exactly go anywhere thanks to these cuffs. Some quiet time to think would be nice.

I run through the events of yesterday in my head. Everything started so normally. Had a shitty breakfast of beans and jerky by the campfire, then we packed up and started looking for that stupid cave. And then everything went to hell. That shitty jail cell, the fight in the arena…what happened right after the fight. What was that? Not what we did, I know what sex is, I mean my reaction to it. I was hard before he even had all my clothes off. Not to mention the complete lack of fighting I did after I was naked. Pretty much the exact opposite. Why did I do that?

Look, maybe there’s been a time or two in the past where I’ve looked at a guy a little differently than you’re supposed to, but it was never like that. I never imagined getting tied up, or stripped or…fucked out in the open like that. And certainly not by a stranger, an orc. But even thinking about it now, I want to do nothing more than grind my morning wood into the bed until I blow.

Some movement behind me serves as a good reminder for why I’m not going to be doing that. Ironstorm shifts in his sleep, his arm tightening around my waist again as he pushes one of his legs forward, between mine. I can feel his own hard cock grinding against me, and I bite my tongue to hold in a hiss at the contact with my sore ass. Fuck.

The spanking… That is something I would like to forget. I haven’t been spanked since I was like nine years old. Maybe longer. And it was never like that! He’s some kind of ass-slapping expert. Fuck, if I had been spanked like that as a kid I’m not sure I’d even be alive right now. Sitting down today was going to be a pain in the ass. Ha. See what I did there?

“Mmmf.” My own stupid joke distracts me, and I fail to hold in a whimper when there’s another shift behind me.

I go stone still, nearly forgetting to breathe before realizing that would be even more suspicious. There’s more movement, and the arm around me goes slack. There’s no other movement at first, until I soon feel his hand drifting up and softly rubbing my stomach. Then he dips down, carding his fingers through my pubic hair before wrapping them lightly around my shaft.

I can’t help but hump forward a little at the contact, biting my lip and hoping to pass the movement off as involuntary. If he notices, he doesn’t say anything, but his fingers are still wrapped around my dick, stroking softly, slowly against the smooth skin. His touches are light, almost too light, bordering on ticklish. Probably would be if they were on any other part of my body. But he seems to be content to keep his playtime relegated to my cock, and I’m finding myself surprisingly okay with that.

“You know, some people would consider rude to make me do all the work.” I jump when I hear the voice whispering in my ear, immediately batting his hand away from my dick and rolling forward and off the bed. I stand at the bedside, unable to do much more than glare thanks to the chain still connecting me to the headboard. None of that seems to have phased him, lying there in all his glory with a shit-eating on his face. Stupid sexy orc. No, not sexy! Asshole!

“I am hungry. Do you like eggs? I think I want eggs for breakfast.” He scoots on the mattress towards me and stands, acting like none of that just happened and like our two hard dicks aren’t pointing at each other. He reaches down and unlocks the chain from my cuffs, ruffling my hair and walking out of the room. What the hell was that?

I hear the telltale sounds of someone peeing, and when he doesn’t come back in the room, I figure I should follow him. After waiting for my hard-on to go down. I follow his lead, relieving myself before padding out to the living room. I think about grabbing a sheet to wrap myself in, but what would even be the point?

The stove is already lit and I can see the captain with a large bowl in his hands, mixing something. Presumably eggs, since I see a number of broken shells on the counter. My stomach growls. I like eggs. So do my teammates, I bet. What am I doing thinking about breakfast? I need to get out of here. I look down at my still cuffed wrists. My last two escape attempts didn’t exactly work out. I need to bide my time and wait for the opportunity to present itself. And I guess in the meantime, I can try to learn more about where we are exactly.

“Can I… Can I ask you some questions?” My request has him poking his head up.

“I do not see why not.” He steps over to the stove and pours the eggs into the heated skillet.

“Where are we?” This is mostly just curiosity, it’s not like I can write to someone for help. “Like, what’s the name of this city?”

V’rok’sh Tah’lj,” is what I think he says, “Though you may find that hard to pronounce. It translates to ‘Home Among the Trees’ in Common.”

“Vorekish Talj?” I do my best to repeat that back.

“Close enough.” He responds without looking up.

“What about your name?” I know ‘Ironstorm’ can’t be his first name. At least I hope not.

“What about yours?” Touché.

“Cerano.” It’s not like holding onto it was doing me any good. “David Cerano.”

“Cerano. I like that.” My name rolls off his tongue easily. “My name is Khazak Uzi’gar.”

Yeah I’m gonna butcher that. “Can I just call you Zak instead?”

“No, you will refer to me as Sir, or Captain.” His tone leaves me little room to argue.

“I thought your name was Ironstorm?” Just gonna blow past that sir nonsense for now.

“A rough translation of my last name.” He looks over his shoulder at me. “Human tongues seem to have problems with Orcish, at least from your part of the world.”

“Human tongues are just fine.” I narrow my eyes at him. “Maybe your language is just overly complicated.”

“Yes, perhaps.” Sarcasm. “Anything else?”

“What happens now?” I wrap my arms around myself suddenly feeling a chill. “Like, is this it? Am I just yours forever now?” Stuck in this town in the middle of nowhere for the rest of my life.

“More or less.” As he speaks he takes the pan off the stove. “You are mine until I decide to release you.”

“And I’m guessing you’re not planning on doing that anytime soon.” I sigh, mostly to myself.

“Do you have somewhere to be?” He jokes as he empties the pan onto a plate. Again only one.

“My friends–“

“Are still in jail.” He moves to the table and takes the same seat he did last night, pushed away from the table, leaving his lap open. “Come eat breakfast.”

“I’m not sitting on your lap again.” I eye him warily.

“No, I suppose your ass is a little too tender for that right now.” Hadn’t actually thought about my sore ass until he mentioned it.

“I more meant because I’m a grown man.” Why can’t I just have my own seat?

“You’re free to kneel on the floor instead.” He spreads his legs and gestures to the spot between them.

“Seriously?” I grit my teeth. “Fuck off then, I’m not hungry.”

He cocks an eyebrow and taps his fingers on the tabletop, reminding me a lot of my last sergeant. “I am fairly certain the entire city could hear your stomach when you walked in, so I know that is a lie. I was happy to let us sleep in a little today, but we do still have some things to take care of before it gets late. So, you can either take a seat where I have told you, or you can spend another day with your arms bound. One that will start with you being force-fed a plate of cold eggs.”

I squeeze my hands into fists and think about fighting him. Then my stomach growls again. With a sigh, I step into his space, lowering myself to my knees in front of him. I figure this will be less humiliating and save my sore ass from some pain. When Ironstorm adjusts his seat and I look up, I see I’m only half right.

The first thing I notice is my proximity to his dick. Is he always this naked at home, or is it because I’m here? His legs are spread wide, soft green cock splayed over one of his thighs. It would be really easy for him to grab my head and… Maybe I should have gone with the lap. Oh fuck, how long have I been staring at his dick? My eyes shoot to the floor.

“Maybe I can feed you some of that later,” the orc laughs and takes a bite while my cheeks burn red. Lifting my head to retort, I am greeted with my own forkful of scrambled eggs. With a sigh, I allow myself to be fed. Fuck, those are good though. Seasoned and everything. He can cook. I wonder if he’ll ever let me…

Why am I thinking like I’m going to be here long enough for that to happen?

The rest of breakfast is eaten in relative silence, and finishes rather quickly since there’s not much to it. Once we finish, he helps me to my feet and guides me by the shoulder to the bathroom to clean up. Still can’t get over the fact that orcs actually brush their teeth. I guess when you have tusks dental care is pretty important. Before we exit, the captain grabs a small jar and pushes me towards the bedroom.

“I’ll show you later where the well for drawing water is. Now lay on your stomach.” My hackles are raised instantly.

“What? Why?” I turn to face him. He’s not about to beat my ass again for not sitting in his lap or something, is he?

“Calm down.” He holds both his hands up in front of them, one of them holding the jar. “I just want to put some of this on you. It will help with the soreness.”

I eye the small container warily but allow myself to be turned around and bent over the bed. I prop myself up on my elbows, looking behind me as Ironstorm opens the lid, using two fingers to scoop out a glob of white cream. Lotion or something I guess. I hiss at the coolness as it touches my inflamed skin, then mostly just try not to whimper as he spreads it around with both hands. He seems like he’s trying to be gentle, at least.

“Just lay there for a minute while it dries.” He rubs his hands together as he steps around the bed.

“What are we doing today?” I ask as he starts to rifle through one of his chests.

“First thing is to get you some clothes since I don’t have much that will fit you.” He pulls out a long-sleeved shirt and holds it aloft. “I think this belong to my brother. Or maybe my sister?”

Good, he can replace what he tore off me yesterday. “Then what?”

“Then there is some paperwork we need to fill out in regards to our current situation and our battle yesterday, and then we just need to make one last stop at a shop run by a friend of mine.” He holds up a pair of shorts big enough that I could stand in one leg.

“Is there a word in Orcish for paperwork?” I’m very impressed with his Common.

“Hr’klor.” He tosses the clothes in front of me on the bed. “Which directly translated means ‘sad wood’.”

I bark a laugh. “Sad wood?” I can’t tell if he’s kidding but I really hope he’s not.

“Poetic, yes?” He deadpans and bends over, finally unlocking my cuffs and starting to dress himself. “Okay, I know these will not fit well, but I promise it is only for the next hour.”

I push myself up with a sigh, grabbing the shorts first and pulling them on. I’m swimming in them, and if it weren’t for the rope belt around the waist, there’s no way these would hold up on their own. The fabric is a little rough on my ass, though I’m not sure how I’d feel about wearing underwear right now to be honest. The shirt fits a little better, but the arms are a bit too long, and I have to pull them up at my wrists to stop them from covering my hands.

“Probably need to get you some new shoes as well.” He examines the worn-down sole of one of my boots before handing it to me with some oversized socks. I’m not gonna complain about some new shoes.

“Do I get to use my hands today?” I ask, probably a little too smartly, as I tie my laces.

“Are you going to behave today?” He asks as he buttons his shirt.

“Yes.” There’s that eyebrow again. “Sir.”

He smiles at the appellation. “As long as you do not give me a reason otherwise, your arms may remain free today.” He grabs the discarded cuffs from the bed and puts them in a small leather pouch slung over a corner of the bed. “These will be coming with us, so that can change at any time.”

“…Yessir.” I try not to glare daggers at the bag. The threat is clear enough.

I watch as he finishes straightening his clothes, and I attempt to do the same with mine. I feel absolutely ridiculous in these, I really hope he’s not lying when he says I’m getting new clothes. Satisfied, he grabs the bag and slings it over his shoulder and we head into the living room. I move towards the door, but he aims for the kitchen counter – and the damn leash.

“Oh come on.” I whine as soon as he walks towards me with it in his hand. “Why do I have to wear that?”

“We are going to be walking around the city a lot today, I do not want you getting lost.” To his credit, he doesn’t sound like he’s fucking with me.

“I’m not going to get lost.” Why does he insist on treating me like a child? “Everyone will be staring at the human on a leash.”

I will feel better if you are wearing this.” He crowds me against the door and clips the leash to my collar before I can fight him. “Besides, I think everyone will be staring at you for entirely different reasons.” He steps back to look over my ‘outfit’ for emphasis.

I glare, seeing as the only reason I have to wear this oversized bullshit is because of him. Then he pulls me away from the door so he can open it, and we walk outside. He takes a right once we hit the road, and I have no choice but to follow. He’s not moving fast, but I kind of wish he was so I could hurry up and get out of this fucking get up. The rope belt is doing a really shitty job of keeping my pants up and I have to pull them up more than once.

Between the distraction of my pants and me not wanting to make eye contact with any passersby, I don’t do a great job of paying attention to where we are or where we’re going. I just focus on Ironstorm (Khazak? Sir? Asshole?) in front of me and making sure my pants stay up.

At some point, I notice that the amount of people around us growing, and a quick look around reveals a street full of carts and stalls selling all sorts of things. Fruits, vegetables, even weapons – it’s a large open-air market. There’s a lot of people around us talking, all of it Orcish, so I don’t really notice when one orc in particular calls out to the Captain.

He walks up and they greet each other loudly, like old friends. Can’t understand a word of what they’re saying though. It’s all smiles until the new orc notices me and what I’m wearing, and I wish the ground would just swallow me up right here. He says something – about me, I think – to Ironstorm, who turns to look at me in response. I just stare at my feet. Why did he have to run into a friend here?

I hear Ironstorm say something in response, and then I’m being tugged along again. I look up and after passing a few more stalls, he enters a building with me right behind him. As we stand in the entrance, I immediately notice two very detailed wooden mannequins to our left. It’s a clothing store. Thank gods. I let out a sigh of relief.

“I apologize for that,” he turns to face me and clasps my shoulder. “I did not expect to see anyone I knew here. I also apologize again for the clothing. I assure you, I did not choose this outfit intentionally to humiliate you.”

“…Thank you.” I’m uncomfortable with the sincerity and eye contact, so I turn to look at the rest of the shop.

It’s not too large, there are a few tables with folded clothing on top, some shelves with more of the same, and a few more mannequins. They all seem to be of different builds and genders, all with the same level detail. It’s not their faces, those are all blank, it’s the rest of them. Their bodies, the proportions, the musculature, it’s all very lifelike. Whoever carved these is very talented.

A clerk behind the counter notices us and walks over, speaking animatedly at the two of us. She does a double-take when she sees my outfit and then says something else.

“Do you speak Common?” Ironstorm asks before responding, gesturing to me as he does.

“Oh, yes. How can I help you?” She asks as if it isn’t obvious.

“As you indicated, we are in need of some new clothing for this one.” He clasps a hand on the back of my neck. “Some shirts and trousers.”

“Was there anything in particular you are looking for?” She looks me over as she asks. “Any colors in mind?” She’s speaking Common but both questions are directed at the orc. I guess the collar and leash clued her in.

“Hmm.” Ironstorm turns to look me over. “Blue would go well with your hair, but green would match your eyes.” I shift uncomfortably at the comments about my appearance.

“I think I have a few options you may like.” She turns and walks towards some of the clothing and begins to pull different articles from different shelves. “Could you bring him over here?”

The Captain turns to me and unhooks the leash before walking me over to the clerk. She holds up a few different shirts in front of my body, each a shade of blue, green, or tan. The first few seem oversized, but she seems to figure it out. She puts the shirts down and from a pocket on her hip, pulls out what I’m guessing is measuring tape. She quickly wraps it around my waist, before dropping down to measure the length of the outside of my leg. Thankfully she doesn’t check the inseam, just turns to grab a few pairs of pants, browns and tans. She stacks some of the shirts on top before handing me the pile.

“There is a changing area right over there.” She points at a wooden divider against one wall, her voice still directed at Ironstorm and not me. “Please let me know if anything does not fit well.”

“Thank you.” The Captain gives her a nod of appreciation before guiding me towards where she pointed, clothes in hand. Unsurprisingly, he follows me behind the divider and takes the clothes from my hands. There’s a large mirror against the wall.

“Go ahead and get undressed.” He nods to me with his arms full.

“Come on, I can ge–” A raised eyebrow cuts me off, and with a sigh, I pull my shirt over my head. I throw it over a chair to my right, before kicking off my shoes and bending over and following suit with my pants. No reason to fight something I know I won’t get out of anyway. Standing as nonchalant as I can, I hold one hand out for the first item, which ends up being a pair of pants.

“Uh, we didn’t get any underwear.” I point out, holding them in front of me but not stepping into them.

“We will be taking care of that later.” He nods at me to continue. I feel kinda weird about my dick flopping around in pants that aren’t actually mine yet, but I don’t really have a say in the matter.

After the pants comes a dark green shirt, with buttons down the middle. I pull it on and start to button it up, and Ironstorm sets the clothes down on the same chair. He looks me over as I finish adjusting, before turning to check for myself in the mirror – not bad, honestly. Then I see his figure stepping behind me and turn.

“It looks good on you.” He reaches forward to fix a button I missed on my collar bone. “I was right about your eyes.” He runs his thumb down the side of my face.

I’m blushing more now than when I was naked.

This process repeats with another five shirts and three pairs of pants, all of varying shades and cuts. There’s even a couple of pants that are cut off at the knee that feel kinda nice, leaving my legs open to the air. Wouldn’t mind if the shirts could do something to hide this collar, though. The Captain seems to like everything, or at least doesn’t have anything negative to say. When I hand him back the last set, he rehands me the first.

“Go ahead and change into those.” He picks up the clown clothes I walked in here wearing. “I am not going to force you to wear these the rest of the day.”

“Thanks.” I give a genuine smile as I redress for the final time.

Gathering the clothes together, Ironstorm leads the way out of the changing room, moving towards the counter the shop keeper had returned to, placing them all on top.

“Everything he tried on was perfect. We will take them all.” I see him reach into his leather pouch, producing a smaller pouch.

“Very happy to hear that, sir.” She looks and points at me, then sorts through the clothes on the counter, before she begins folding them. “How about twenty-five talj for everything?”

“Seems more than fair.” I watch as he produces two golden coins and five silver ones and drops them in her hand. They are all inscribed with symbols I can’t make out from here but it’s not like I don’t know how money works. She deposits the coins in her own pouch and gives her fellow orc a small bow.

Ironstorm returns her bow and gathers up the folded pile of clothes, stuffing them and his pouch into the larger satchel. She must have been good at folding them, the bag doesn’t seem to be bulging out like I would expect. Throwing it over his shoulder, he makes his way towards the exit. I try to follow his lead, giving the woman an awkward wave before chasing after him.

I guess I have a sugar orc now.

Yay, new clothes! How long til he gets them all stripped off?

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