Girl Scout Nookie

Girl Scout Nookie

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Gerald flashes teenager Casey his huge black cock but gets the tables turned on him.

Gerald was a semi-retired 54-year-old, dark-skinned black man. During an otherwise unremarkable weekday, he was in the shower when he heard a knock on his front door.

“Fuck.” He shut off the water, donned a white towelling robe, tied the sash, slung a towel over his shoulder and walked towards the door.

He peered through the peephole to see Casey, a local teenager, in her girl scout’s uniform biting her bottom lip while looking furtively up and down the street. She held a small stack of pink boxes in her hands.

He opened the door, “Hi Casey.” She gave him a quick once over nervously.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Is this a bad time, Mr Gerald?”

Not for me show you my cock, Princess, No, it’s not a bad time at all.

“No, no. Come on in. You don’t mind, do you?” he said indicating his robe.

“No, not really.” She walked in quickly as he closed the door behind them admiring her skinny body as he followed her. Although she was 18 years old, she hadn’t yet developed the fuller shape of other girls her age.

“Isn’t she too old to be a girl scout? Fuck I don’t know,” thought Gerald.

She sat down on the sofa that he pointed to and she proceeded to lay out her boxes on the table between them. He sat on a low, leather sofa directly across from her. The white robe just reaching his knees.

She stole glances at his thick hairy legs and bare feet.

“Look, my mom said I shouldn’t be alone with the older men that live by themselves but I need to make my sales target…”

“I don’t blame her. You can’t be too careful these days.”

You never know who’s waiting to expose their cock to you.

“So, what can I do for you, princess?”

She freckled face broke into a huge smile as she toyed with her short dirty blond hair and she explained the price of the cookies gesturing to the boxes every now and then.

As she spoke, he rubbed his hair vigorously with the towel and opened his legs just enough for his black thick cock to become discernible in the shadow between his thighs.

She gaze darted to the opening in his robe and she paused, unsure.

“Yes, yes. Go on. You were saying about the coconut ones?”

Hiding his eyes with the towel drying his hair, he watched her reaction as he slowly opened his legs a little more.

Her interest piqued, she leaned forward as her short brown scout’s skirt rode over her skinny freckled knees. Her eyes stayed locked on his dick as she opened her mouth.

“Ok, so how much for a box of coconut ones? And do I get a discount if I buy more?”

He sat back and opened his legs as his long cock thickened and lengthened into the light its languid eye looking at her from under the thick foreskin.

Decision time, princess.

She froze, her gaze fixated on his cock and tried to get back on script.

“Like I was saying – the coconut ones-.”

“Bring those samples over here, gorgeous!” His loud bark snapped her out of her reverie.

She stood up quickly, grabbed some boxes and scurried around the coffee table between them never losing sight of his cock including the massive balls covered in frizzy grey pubic hair which had become visible as the robe parted.

He patted the sofa next to him and he turned towards her as she sat down.

She handed him a box which he placed on the couch away from her and pretended to inspect its contents.

“Can I taste it? Can I smell?” he turned to look her directly in the eye.

He watched her as his cock continued to wake up as if it had detected pussy in the air. Her eyes and mouth grew wider still as the blood flowed to his cock expanding as it hardened fully.

She licked her lips mesmerized as it raised off the leather surface trailing a string of precum. She watched in awe as the head emerged from the heavy foreskin and stuck above the opening in his robe. Its bulbous head glinting with precum in the morning light.

They’d both stopped speaking and he splayed his legs completely.

Another crossroads, princess. Decide.

She continued looking at his cock, moved closer still then hesitantly, reached for it. She paused midway, hand in the air as if mustering up the courage. Then she quickly closed her hand around it and he marvelled at the sight of her small, pasty white freckled hand on his midnight black monster.

She gently stroked the foreskin up and down while cupping the heavy head in the upstroke. She squeezed and twisted the tick shaft watching as this action forced more precum out into the head. With her free hand she toyed with his huge hairy old balls. Slowly. Expertly.

Princess has done this before. Fucking kids nowadays.

As she stroked him, she opened the sash of the robe leaned closer, kissed him on his chest, licking and biting his nipples. All the while pumping and twisting his full length gauging its thickness, its length, hardness.

Never taking her eyes off his manhood, she lowered her head, stuck out a tentative tongue and licked the precum from the head and the underside of the oversized helmet. She licked him from ball to tip, ball to tip. She sucked in a hairy ball while stroking him before moving up and engulfing the whole head in her wet mouth.

He sat back and enjoyed this unplanned fuck as his most ambitious expectations had already been met.

Her cheeks bulged with his wet cock as she slurped and bobbed up and down on never losing suction. Her small, soft hands and expert stroking combined with the wet suction continued until he knew that he would come soon. Not having planned this far, he was unsure as to what to do. Warn her, come in her mouth, maybe try to fuck her?

He needn’t have worried.

She finally lifted her mouth off his dick after giving it a wet almost loving kiss. She started fiddling with her clothes and he watched fascinated as she suddenly stood up, lifted her skirt, spread her legs, moved her pink, flowery panties to the side and took a firm hold of his cock, rubbed it around until she found her opening and then slowly began to straddle him. With a steadying hand on his shoulder, she lowered herself, eyes clenched shut breathing deeply as she went.

“So. Big. Aagh,” she said to the universe.

He felt his cock surrounded by an almost painfully tight, wet pussy.

I’d love to taste that sometime.

She moved gingerly up and down as her twitching body adjusted to an inch at a time.

Before she had accepted his full length and without any warning, he felt her body suddenly stiffen and her pussy cream on his cock as she came powerfully falling onto his chest with her mouth open.

Without skipping a beat and using her additional lubrication, she quickly got into a slow steady rhythm as she raised and lowered her little body on his engorged penis. He unbuttoned her shirt, lifted her small bra and found two tiny breasts with bullet hard nipples waiting for attention. He leaned in and kissed them one a time then licked each wetly in turn. He felt her pussy spasm at this, and he continued with a smile.

He sucked each nipple hard until they were red. He nibbled them with his teeth and she gasped loudly at each new assault as she fucked herself up and down, up and down.

He cupped her small firm ass as it rose and fell while he continued to mix it up, licking one nipple, nibbling another, pinching, sucking, biting in sync with her gyrating body.

Then she came again. Suddenly. Strongly. Grunting loudly. Painfully clenching along his length as she continued to fuck him through her orgasm. She wiped the drool from the side of her mouth onto his cheek glancing at him with a sly smile. With two arms firmly over his shoulder and around his neck, she increased the pace. He braced himself for the ride. And ride him she did. Faster and faster, then a random slow downstroke, her pussy feeling every vein along his old shaft, then fast then again dragging her sopping pussy along his length in an extremely long, slow stroke. All the way up then halfway and then down and then a little movement and then the full length.

He loved the delicious frustration of not knowing her next move. He’d never been ridden like this even by older women.

She resumed the faster, regular pace.

“Fuck me, Mr Gerald. Fuck me with that black monster!”

Her loud guttural grunting accompanied each powerful downstroke and soon they were in sync. As she began to tire, he helped lift her petite body with his hands on each upstroke as he met her strokes with powerful thrusts from below.

As the intensity of her contractions increased around his sore cock he got ready and waited, timing himself and then when he felt her coming he joined her with blast after blast of hot thick sperm.

She fell fully forward onto him with her head buried in his chest as she continued to gyrate her little tight ass in small movements from side-to-side as her tiny hole spasmed with aftershocks on his long-suffering hardness. He caressed her sweaty ass as he was engulfed in the aroma of girly perfume, flowery shampoo, sweat and young pussy in heat.

As they both came down from their orgasms, she leaned in, bit his earlobe and whispered, “I lied about what my mother said earlier. I’m not a girl scout anymore. Luckily my old uniform still fits. I overheard Mom talking to Mrs Thomas about old man Gerald’s monster black cock. I decided to try it out for myself.”

Smiling at his open mouthed-surprise, she continued, “I’m going to suck this beast hard again while you explain to me how my married church-going mother is so familiar with your cock.”

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