Massage Meltown

As a twenty-six year old, Rory needed multiple streams of income so she could retire early. Already making six-figures for a big corporation and making money on the side from webcams, Rory started to give massages to certain clients at her place. People of varying genders and backgrounds got massages from Rory, not to mention different age groups too.

Given that she was five-foot-ten, skinny, had light blonde hair, and looked exactly like porn legend Cassie Young; it was easy to fall in love with Rory. Rory often received a lot of clients given that she was certified and since the lockdown had happened, she received a lot of business. Given that Rory lived in Nevada, the lockdown was not taken as seriously. The salary Rory had, gave her a nice affordable apartment which was a full luxury.

At her apartment, Rory set up a comfortable massage bed and had all needed to massage her clients who often tipped. Due to her beauty and the temperature in the room being higher than normal, the body massage made the men who were Rory’s clients cum without her even getting sexual. Most of the time, the towels were the ones that needed cleaning from Rory who often laughed off how easily men came.

On a hot and humid summer afternoon, Rory was seeing a higher demand than usual. Rory massaged about five people with three being older women and two being younger men. In total, Rory had cleared close to $3,000 but she had five more to go. Rory braved through as her body started to sweat from the hours in high temperature of the room along with the work she had to put in for her massage. Rory’s ninth client took a while to massage which left her with only an hour before her final client came.

“Yeah, I am spent!” said Rory, to a friend on the phone.

“Well, it is almost eight, get some dinner,” said the voice on the phone.

“No no, I mean I am easily clearing over ten thousand once this night is over,” said Rory.

“Well, just remember, give your body a rest,” said the voice.

“I know I know, just one more, plus I have had some water,” said Rory, her clothes and body covered in sweat.

Rory got off the phone and sat on the couch, the high temperature and sweat made her so aroused that she stuffed a hand in her short shorts and fingered herself. The blonde bit down on her lips, wearing nothing but a tank top and short shorts as she waited for her final client. Not long after, Rory heard a knock on the door, it seemed louder than usual which frightened her.

“Fucking shit!” said Rory, pulling her wet hand out of her panties as she wiped it off with a napkin and went to the door.

“Hel…” said Rory, as she answered the door to see a tall muscular dark-haired man with exotic looks. The man looked to be of Middle Eastern or Indian background, he looked exactly like fitness champion Ako Rahim. Rory looked at the man’s massive biceps as her legs started to slowly shake.

“Yes, I am Asam, it says I am here at nine?” said the man, as Rory tried to collect her thoughts.

“Yeah yeah, this is Rory,” said Rory.

“Yes, I come see you?” asked the man.

“Yes, come on in,” said Rory, welcoming the man in.

“So, I will be with you shortly, you will need to go into the room to the left. I mean it is the massage room so you can’t miss it. Make yourself comfortable and grab a towel to cover up,” said Rory, laughing as the man smile back and went inside. As soon as the men left her sight, Rory sat on the couch and started to aggressively finger herself.

“Fuck, had to be a bull,” whispered Rory, fingering herself even more before being met with a surprise.

“Excuse me, ma’am, no towel,” said Asam, walking out as Rory got shocked.

“Fuck! Dude, find one!” shouted Rory, taking a deep breath.

“There are none,” replied Asam, in a calm voice.

“There are, I mean how complicated can it be,” said Rory, getting up to go to the room. Asam peeked down to see the sweaty shorts and glowing skin, smiling at the view. Rory arrived in the room to find the towels gone.

“Fuck,” said Rory, shaking her head.

“I can use my shirt,” replied Asam.

“Brilliant,” replied Rory, sarcastically, her body still covered in sweat as her legs shook.

“I will put the shirt over where it needs to be, you can go out there to relax,” said Asam.

“No, actually, dude, you are my last client, let’s get this over with,” said Rory.

“Okay,” replied the willing Asam.

Asam took off his shirt as Rory observed, her mouth almost dropping as she shook her head at the amount of muscle on the handsome man. As Asam stripped down nude, Rory saw the muscular butt and rubbed her legs together in arousal. What Rory could not ignore was the dark, long, and thick cock that hung from Asam’s body which made her breaths deeper.

“Hey, so lay face down,” said Rory, taking a deep breath as she walked over to Asam and put some of the lotion on her hands.

Rory immediately began putting lotion over the man’s back, the muscles aroused her as she pressed down on them. The blonde bit her lip, aggressively pressing down on the muscular body as her legs shook in arousal. Rory’s breaths got deeper as she worked her way down, squeezing the thighs and calves on the man. Asam in the meantime started to slowly take deep breaths but Rory purposefully knocked the shirt off a couple of times, putting it back on the man.

“You could have used something a lot better than a shirt,” said Rory, shaking her head.

“You could have had towels,” replied Asam.

“Yeah, well I have clients other than you,” said Rory, talking back to the handsome man. “Could show some appreciation,” said Rory, as she squeezed on the man’s thighs. Rory used both hands at times to squeeze on one thigh due to the muscles on the man.

“Okay, turn over!” said Rory, in a demanding way as Asam complied. As soon as Asam moved, the shirt fell off and he was nude.

“Wow, oh my god, like okay,” said Rory, looking at the penis.

“I am sure you see this in your line of work,” replied Asam.

“Yeah, look, you are my last client and it is too hot in here. Sometimes to build comfort I like to get nude, are you cool with that or is that against your religion or something?” asked Rory, attempting to put the man in a tough spot.

“No no, wherever you are comfortable,” replied Asam.

“Okay,” said Rory, quickly taking her clothes off. The panties and bra were slow to come off, sticking to Rory’s body before coming off as Asam lay facing up, his cock as hard as a rock with the shirt covering it.

“Yeah, that is not working,” replied Rory, as she laughed.

“Looks like we didn’t need towels for this,” said Asam, as he smiled.

“No,” said the nude blonde, laughing as she put lotion on her hands.

Rory leaned over as Asam’s head laid in-between her legs, her hands pushing down hard on the pecs and abs on the man. The blonde squeezed the shoulders as the man started to slowly moan. Asam’s hot breaths blew in between Rory’s legs, at times even getting on her pussy, which made her get a strong urge to finger herself. The aroused blonde got more lotion, and this time, just poured it over the abs of the muscular man.

“Hey, so my hands cannot do the job anymore, I am going to get on you, alright big boy?” asked Rory, as Asam softly said yes.

Asam’s cock was rock hard and his blood also started to boil but he knew when to restrain himself and when to act. Even the hot breaths on the pussy were meant to further arouse a woman who was heavily aroused herself, forcing her hand. Rory’s legs would involuntarily split wider as the hot breaths l Asam was in love with the light-blonde haired beauty the second he stepped in the door and himself her last client for a reason, he had to fight the urge to grab her and kiss her.

Rory let out loud moans as her breaths got deeper, she was aroused with her barely nude pussy and soft-skinned body rubbing against the muscular frame. At times, when Rory’s body moved too far back, Asam grabbed the buttocks and gently pushed her forward. The powerful hard-skinned hands on the soft-skinned buttocks aroused Rory and as soon as Asam grabbed them, she could not help but grind on his abs as her eyes closed and she bit her lips. Rory’s lower body aggressively shook as she started to moan, her upper body even leaning backwards to where her face landed on the tip of the cock.

“I assume you don’t do this to clients,” said Asam, letting out a deep breath as he smiled.

“Oh, you are special,” said Rory, grabbing the cock and stroking it with both hands before gobbling as much of it as she could.

For the overworked blonde, the cock in her mouth was like a much-needed snack but what followed it was even better. Asam could no longer resist the lovely natural odor and started to lick the pussy that hovered over him, further relaxing Rory. Rory and Asam continued to lick each other as she collapsed on to his body, his muscular abs being of comfort to her soft-skinned body.

Rory’s breaths became deep with arousal as she continued to gobble the cock, deep-throating it as her eyes closed and legs slowly split from the arousal of being eaten out. One flick of the tongue was so significant that the aroused Rory sat her upper body up, her blonde hair wildly swinging as she let out a loud moan. The aroused blonde’s lower body moved like a belly dancer as Asam continue to suck and eat her pussy, soon forcing an orgasm which made her collapse on his body once again.

“Fuck,” said Rory, letting out the loud moan before getting all over Asam.

The blonde closed her eyes, put her steamy aroused arms around her lover’s neck, and locked lips with him. Bodies grinding and the blood of both lovers boiling incited sensations that bordered on ticklish and goosebumps. Asam’s arms coiled around the soft nude back of the blonde as her own arms stretched in arousal. As soon as they stopped locking lips, a calming and heavenly feeling consumed Rory whose body was calm while her breaths had that chill heat to them.

Giving a seductive yet dreary look to her lover, Rory sat up and let the cock shove right into her pussy, closing her eyes and groaning as she rode it. What initially started as the cock sliding in led to Rory carefully squatting over her lover’s dick and riding it. Rory’s tired yet seductive eyes looked at Asam as she rode his cock. The heat consuming her tired body and the arousal from his powerful hold on her kept her in place.

The seductive blonde collapsed on top of Asam and started to make out with him as his cock remained in her pussy, all raw and gently moving inside of it. Both lovers had deep fast breaths which their locked lips managed to keep in control without much issue.

“Ah!” moaned Rory in a high pitch, taking a deep breath.

What was just as arousing as the cock in her pussy was also the hold that her lover had on her. Rory felt relaxed, like stretching after a tiring day but having the right temperature and sensations touch you in the same place. The massaging relaxation from being tightly hugged by Asam as his cock crashed into her made her pulse speed up, heart violently pound, blood boil, skin burn, and body move in an aroused motion.

“Ahahaha, fuck yeah,” said Rory, an intense and psychotic look in her eye as she looked at Asam. The sensation consumed her due to Asam’s massive hands tightly grabbing her buttocks.

“Think you’re a tough guy huh, we got a tough guy over here,” said Rory in a drunk slurring voice, crashing her shoulder into Asam’s face. Asam quickly changed his arms to grab the upper back of the blonde as he pressed her body against his muscular frame, almost cooling down her sexy psychotic rage. Meanwhile, his thrusts became faster and more intense as the cock seamlessly pounded into the pussy, having no resistance going in.

“Uh!” moaned Asam, letting out a deep breath as cum shot inside of the blonde’s pussy. The two heated lovers locked lips and while Rory laid on top of Asam, smiling.

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