My friend's worn panties

It all happened a few years ago, my friend needed someone to help her with someone to take some photos of her in different outfits and posses. As time went on she said could I take a couple with her husband’s camera for him. Showing her panties upskirt and a couple of times she pulled her panties to the side showing her lovely pussy. She even had a polaroid camera.

Things got a bit closer than I thought it would. She said how she was turned on by me and how she wanted to thank me for the photos as it helped her with her marriage. I joked about her panties and how I had read stories about women who sold their worn ones. I found porn mags at the local common where I would go walking as growing up in a small village there wasn’t much to do. So in my teens, I had read or seen many things that I shouldn’t have.

(In fact, I hadn’t told her that I had smelt some panties of women I knew for years when I had visited.)

We went out for a meal where we enjoyed each other’s company. I had joked that she let me have her panties before she left the pub. A few minutes later she as we were leaving she put her hand in my pocket and said, “a little gift.” Then in the darkness of the car park, she pulled me towards her and we kissed. It was the first woman I had been with for a couple of years. I took a gamble and put my hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy through her leather trousers. Not long in doing this, she came. Telling me if I was going to do that she would have left the panties on until afterward.

We had more times when we had meals together and enjoyed taking photos of her more risky as time went by. As well when we were meeting up she would pass me other panties to sniff when we were phone sexing or text sex. To heat things up from time to time she took the risk of taking panties from her friend’s laundry for me to enjoy. Also telling me stories of her friends and what she knew about their sex lives. Also one day she said that she had a special pair, her mother’s. It made me so turned on by the fact that she felt that wanted me to know how her mother’s pussy smelt. I have lost count of how many panties I was able to enjoy sniffing. She seemed turned on by the fact that she was helping me out with getting the panties. She even wanted my boxers after I had cum in them during the day before the phone call.

We had sex in different ways over the few months we had the opportunity to, we would go out for a meal where we enjoyed each other’s company which often ended with us bringing the other one off. We did from time to time get a bit of fun in the woods or in the car as we lived in the countryside. Taking her in both her holes and fisting her tight pussy which caused her to cover me with her pussy juices. She would love to suck me off as I sniffed one of her friend’s worn panties. We did think about seeing if one of her friends would like to join us but it never happened. There was one of her friends who rarely wore panties and told me that and things that her friend did. She was surprised one day to find a pair and so took them for me. Knowing that she would enjoy telling me that as knew I was turned on by her friend. 

She loved the taste of my cum as we 69ed and she tasted good too as I ate her pussy and fingered her arse. I never did get to cum inside her which is one thing that I wanted to.

There were times when I visited her and her family when she knew that no one could see she pulled up her skirt showing me how her pussy was, shaved or hairy even she would go braless when she could so I could see her nipples. Always teasing me. 

After six months came to an abrupt end. It was a hard time getting over the time we had together. 

From that time I have never had any female interested in meeting up with me. So still read stories but nothing good happens for me. 

Being dyslexic it isn’t easy to write this and so it might not be the best story ever told. It is the first I’ve ever posted.

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