Someone's Watching

“He is so damn wrong about me, he has no idea. I am not a prude, he is just too pushy for me. I just asked him to slow down a little and not rush it and he huffed off like a child.”

Sara slams the door behind her and enters her apartment. Finally safe, no more prying eyes, no one judging her. She starts a kettle for tea and begins to make a cup. Sitting near the window to the courtyard and enjoying her tea as the phone rings.


“How are you, so how was it?” Sara’s friend Lilly asked on the other end.

“It was OK, nothing special, he seemed nice. Then in the car, he got a little handsy. Why are they always in such a hurry?” sighed Sara.

“You know they think with the little head, sweet girl. They are not used to waiting for anything,” Lilly quips back.

Sara laughs nervously, “If they weren’t running a race I could get comfortable, but you know, after the incident, I am very wary of them.”

“Well, you have to realize they are not all bad, some can even be decent if you let them,” Lilly snickers.

“Still, if they would just be more patient, I mean I want to be a bad girl, a free spirit, but I need to get past the fear. I am so tired of being the church mouse, the ‘good little girl’. If they would just …” Sara glances out the window and something catches her eye.

She can’t quite make it out but then it is suddenly in focus. It’s an eye. Someone across the courtyard is looking out their window through a small split in the drapes. She can just make out his eye and cheek. He appears to be standing at the window. She jumps up and jerks the curtains closed and practically runs into the kitchen away from the window in the living room. Leaning against the wall she gasps for air and slyly peeks around the corner at the closed curtain and lets out, “DEAR GOD.”

“SARA, what is going on? Are you ok, talk to me dammit,“ comes from the phone in her hand filling the room with her pleas? “SARAAA”.

“I am so sorry. I have a peeping tom. I just caught him. Someone across the courtyard is watching me in the dark,” leaps from Sara’s mouth and into the phone. “Scared the hell outta me,”

“Damn, you should call the law. That is so creepy,” Lilly says with a shaky tremor to her voice. “Do you want me to come over?”

Sara laughs, again with that nervous chuckle, “Not at all. I am sure he is harmless, he was probably just looking out the window and I happened to look over. I’ll be OK. Call me tomorrow, please?”

Hanging up sends a chill of alone up her spine. She should have told Lilly to come over because she is now starting to think of all the possibilities. What if he was watching her and knows she is alone. He could figure out what apartment she is in by counting the windows.

Oh My GOD, she thinks out loud, “Did I lock the door? Should I check? Of course, I should, why am I falling apart? I am safe in my own apartment.”

Moving quickly to the door. It is locked. She glances out the window in the door. Nothing to see outside, she starts to calm down, she even laughs a little, “You are the only person I know that can scare the shit out of yourself just by thinking.”

Moving back into the living room, she picks up her things and takes them to the kitchen. Washing the cup and placing it in the drain, she turns, leans back against the counter, and wonders.

“Did he leave, is he waiting for me to come back, does he watch for me or was it just chance?” the questions flow as the panic begins to return. She slowly moves back to the window and stands at the curtain seams. Gently, she pulls back one curtain just a tiny bit and peers across the courtyard. Focusing on the window across the way she sees the eye and jumps like she is electrocuted.

Looking at him, he does not move, he stares straight ahead as though if he moves, it will be the moment she returns and he will miss it. Suddenly, she feels a rush, a flooding of the blood in her ears, she is flush and so warm… OMG, she is turned on. What the hell. This guy is turning me on.

Deciding to take advantage of this new feeling, she takes off her sweater and just stands in her bra in front of the curtained window.

“That’s it,” she almost shouts. She begins to picture what he must be doing. I mean, he is the one watching. What is he doing? Is he naked, or just no pants, is he stroking or just a light tease? She feels her insides start to knot. She begins to feel a need she has not had for a long time. starting to enjoy the taboo act she is starting with her new friend. She opens the curtain and stands in her bra, begins to massage her breasts, still looking at the spot where she knows him to be. Her vision now blurred by the blood pounding in her head. She bends and slides off her pants and is now just in bra and panties.

Watching the shadow across the courtyard, she begins to open up for her new voyeuristic lover. At least, she hopes he will be. Her hands pull over a chair from the table and she sits down facing the window. Sara slowly slides off the straps to her bra and they hang down her arms. The pounding in her head is now being replaced by a throbbing in her pussy that gets hotter every second. No stopping now, she has to finish this, she has to prove she is a bad girl.

She unhooks and removes her bra, her nipples look like pencil erasers. As her bra hits the floor she moans, her fingers sliding across her mound and just giving a tiny bit of pressure. Her panties soaked already. She wonders, can he see them, does he know. As she thinks about it she pulls the leg opening to the side and uncovers her pussy to this stranger that has taken her over. She can not stop herself.

She raises her hips and off the panties slide. They end up in a tiny pile at her feet and she pulls open her lips, letting the nectar pour out over the chair she is sitting in and covering her fingers. Licking them and sucking deep she slides them back inside and begins to pump.

Back and forth she moves, pumping hard and deep then fanning across her clit with her fingertips. She has no idea what has gotten into her but she suddenly slaps her clitty hard and lets out a yelp … And then again. With the second slap, she falls over the edge and cums. Screaming out as she begins to squirt so much the glass gets a dose.

When the orgasms finally subside, reality hits her and she remembers she is sitting in front of an uncovered window looking into her courtyard, where her neighbors can all see and she is acting like a party slut on holiday. She is thrilled.

Just as quickly, pride turns to panic as she jumps up and jerks the curtain closed. She flips off the lights and runs to bed.

First thing in the morning, Sara wakes to the awful screech of her alarm and slaps it. She rolls over and slowly gets up. Walking down the hall to the kitchen she glances in the living room and stops.

“Oh My GOD, it wasn’t a dream,” she spits out as she sees the chair still in front of the covered window. She walks over to the curtain and slowly pulls it back to look outside. She closes it as quickly, he is still there.

She again opens the curtain and stands in the window, waves, and smiles. At about the same time, the curtains are pulled open by a man on one side pulling the rope. As the curtains open, Sara can see the room and there are people walking around and what looks like small cases on the floor. She looks up to where her new friend had been and she sees a man, hanging from the chandelier. The others in the apartment are now obviously police and crime scene types. She jerks her curtain closed, sits down in the chair as her phone rings, Lilly is calling.

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