The Seminar

I watched her walk into the seminar, demur in her tardiness as she took a seat in the back of the room. I was teaching a two-day seminar and she had already missed almost half of the first morning. My first thoughts when I saw her was that she could not be taking this class seriously, coming in so late. Since she was sitting at the back of the room, I really didn’t get a chance to check her out, plus her tardiness had tinged my perspective of her and her commitment to participating in the seminar.

At the mid-morning break, Jan came up to me to apologize for being so late. It appears that she from out of town and got lost between the airport and the university. As I took in her apology, I also took in her appearance. She stood about five-foot-six, carried around a hundred and twenty pounds and had what looked like 34B breasts. She was wearing tight designer denims and a white long sleeve blouse that accentuated her breasts, and a portion of her shoulder-length blond hair was pulled up into a top knot.

She apologized and asked what she had missed, suggesting that we meet for lunch to get her caught up. I had to refuse, having already made lunch arrangements with some colleagues. She then suggested dinner, but again I was booked. Jan pouted with her plump red lips puckered out, sending a message straight from my eyes to my cock, while her pale blue eyes pleaded with me.

I quickly agreed to spend lunch with her the next day and, if necessary, time after the seminar to make sure she got caught up. We went back into the seminar room and she gathered up her belongings and moved into the front row since there were a number of front row seats available. As I continued in my presentation, Jan asked fully participated and generally looked sexy for the rest of the day.

After the seminar was finished for the day and I was walking out to my car, she called me over to her car, an upscale rental. She said that she just wanted to verify our “catch up” time tomorrow and to wish me a good evening. She was radiant with her blue eyes sparkling and her full lips enunciating each word. As we looked into each other’s eyes, I couldn’t help but wonder what those lips would feel like around my cock.

The next day, Jan was on time and back in her seat in the front row. But today she was wearing a short, mid-thigh skirt, plaid and pleated. Her white button-up blouse was like yesterday’s, but a bit tighter, emphasizing her breasts, with a couple of buttons strategically unbuttoned. Today, she had black mules and stockings with a black seam. All through the morning session she was constantly moving her legs, placing one leg over the other, teasing me with the occasional opportunity to see up her blue lace panties, relentlessly distracting and teasing me as I tried to make my presentation.

For the lunch break, we ducked off to a nearby coffee house to get Jan up to speed. We were able to get a booth towards the back. I sat down and began to pull out my notes from the previous morning. I was surprised when Jan slid in next to me. I was expecting her to side across from me in the booth.

As I began to go over my notes, I noticed two things. First, she was not taking notes and, second, she was leaning into me, her breasts rubbing against my arm and her leg against my leg. She leaned over, tilting her head to face me. Her sparkling blue eyes looking deep into mine as she ran her tongue around her full luscious lips. Needless to say, not much catching up occurred at lunch as we got to know each other.

As we talked, I placed my right hand on her left forearm and began to stroke her arm. I then dragged my finger up her arm and onto the back of her left hand, my finger stroking the white gold and pave diamond ring on her third finger. She never took her eyes off of mine and she just licked her luscious lips. Of course, that meant that we would have to try to get her caught up after the seminar.

The seminar ended early and at the end, quite a number of the participants came up to me to clarify a point that I had made, getting contact information or just to thank me and say good-bye. Jan stood back, patiently waiting for the crowd to thin. She was holding her notebook against her chest. With her short plaid skirt and white blouse and sparkling eyes, she looked like an innocent, but eager high school sophomore, not the thirty-something professional she was.

We walked out of the building together and she asked me to come to her hotel to finish her private tutorial on the missed class material. As I was driving to her hotel, my mind was playing potential scenarios, none of which involved catching up on missed class material. Her antics at lunch and her teasing me throughout today’s presentation had my mind thinking more of her body than of the seminar, plus it looked like I was going to get to take another man’s wife. I imagined a number of sexual scenarios as I drove across town.

She let me into her room, and we sat on the bed. I was going through the motions of looking for my notes, knowing that this was just a pretense. There was an unstated vibe that we were not there to go over my notes.

I looked up from the notes and Jan’s lips were about two inches from my face. I leaned forward and our lips met, her plump full lips pressed against mine for a few seconds and then she placed her hand on the back of my neck and pulled me into her, our lips crushing and our tongues exploring each other’s mouths.

My hand moved to her neck as we kissed and then down to her breast. I had my right hand on her breast when we broke the kiss and Jan leaned back onto the bed, inviting me to join her. I leaned over her and we kissed again, this time my fingers were unbuttoning her blouse. I guess I was going too slow since Jan sat up pulled her blouse over her head, unsnapped her bra and unzipped her skirt. I pulled her skirt off of her leaving her in blue lace panties.

I slid back up so I could kiss Jan some more while my hands kneaded her breasts and pinched her nipples. She moaned as I fondled her breasts with increasing intensity, twisting and pulling her nipples. My hand slid down her stomach and into her panties while my mouth moved from her luscious lips to her breasts, licking, biting and pulling her nipples.

Jan’s pussy was soaking wet and my finger entered her with no resistance. I finger fucked her for a few minutes while worshipping her breasts. Her hips were undulating, pushing against my fingers as they pumped in and out of her wet pussy. I stood up and pulled off her panties. She coyly held her knees and ankles together as her panties fell to the floor. Slowly, Jan spread her legs, revealing her flower to me. Her blond pubic hair was matted with her juices, her labia swollen and her clitoris rising like a tiny cock. She smiled, inviting me to feast on her pussy.

I quickly off my shirt and somehow got out of my shoes. Again, Jan was impatient and sat up to unbuckle my pants and with one motion had my pants and underpants on the floor.

As my pants were bunching up on the floor, my cock was bobbing in front of Jan’s face. I could feel her hot breath on my glans as she curled her fingers around my shaft. She stroked it a couple of times and wrapped her full lips around my glans. Her tongue swirled around the top of my head and she took a few short bobs down my prick.

Suddenly she took a dive down the full length of my cock, burying her face in my pubic hair. I felt my breath taken away. I could feel her throat swallowing my manhood as she scratched my balls. Jan backed off, got a new breath of air and repeated the whole process staring with her lips around my glans.

After a few minutes, I was about to cum and I had to tell her to slow down. I laid down flat on the bed and pulled her on top of me. My tongue explored her dripping lips and teased her clit. I could not get enough of Jan, sucking her juices out of her pubic hair and pussy. She continued to take my cock deep into her throat. We were in a pleasurable sixty-nine, but my desire was too great. I wanted to fuck her, to thrust my cock deep into her womb.

I rolled Jan over onto her back. Her legs spreading as she rolled over. I slid between her legs and rubbed the head of my cock up and down through her pussy lips, just touching her clit, eliciting a primal groan as my cock slowly entered her. She grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me into her to make my entrance quicker and harder. That move told me what she wanted, and it set us into a hard fuck.

We fucked hard and fast, with her hips rising to meet me with each of my thrusts. Her pussy grabbed my cock each time I drove into her. I could feel her pulling me into her, harder and harder as the sound of skin slapping filled the room along with our moans and howls.

Soon I was spent, cumming deep in her pussy. I slid down and began to clean up her cunt. Her juices and mine were mixed together and created the most wonderful taste. After cleaning her thighs and pussy and slurped all the juices out of her public hair, I kept licking, biting and tonguing her lips and clit. Suddenly her thighs clutched my head and her hands held my mouth on her pussy as she bucked and thrashed through her second orgasm.

I returned to her mouth kissing her deeply as our tongues fought for control. Once we broke our kiss, Jan curled her fingers around my cock and then slid down and took my cock into her mouth, cleaning me.

We drifted off to sleep, having such an intense sexual release and the burden of the seminar lifted from our shoulders. I woke up a bit later to the most sensual of feelings. Jan was sucking my cock and breathing life back into it. She had told me how much she liked sucking cock, so I did not try to fuck her a second time.

I just leaned back and let her do her thing. In just a few seconds she had my cock engorged and straining to reach the depths of her throat. Jan bobbed her head up and down as her hands stroked my cock. Since I had already come, it took quite a while for her to get her reward of a mouthful of cum.

As I filled her mouth with my ejaculate, she smiled and gulped it down to show me how much she liked sucking my cock and drinking my seed. I looked at the clock and jumped up. “Oh, shit, I have to go. I was supposed to meet my wife half an hour ago!”

Jan smiled and helped me get dressed.

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